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holy shit
> Update: NHK reported at 12:17 p.m. JST that the police have confirmed multiple deaths.
terrible news :(
4:39 AM
Let's hope that nothing irreplaceable was lost.
I didn't see that update. How unfortunate.
1 hour later…
5:51 AM
> Update: This article earlier stated that the suspect allegedly used gasoline, but news reports from the sources below indicate that it was instead a "gasoline-like liquid." ANN has changed the wording to reflect this. ANN has also added that the suspect's age was only identified through an ID he was carrying, as well as a disclaimer that ANN has not independently verified the safety of Naoko Yamada.
Just now.
6:48 AM
Q: Hunter X Hunter - Kuratan eyes

Ejay M-GIf I was able to acquire one of the last 36 pairs of the Kuratan eyes that was taken from the Kuratan tribe, and then surgically replace my own eyes with them. Would I be able to have the same specialisation power under the same conditions that Kurapika must meet. Even if I am hunted by Kurapika,...

From the relevant forum thread:
> From what my friends are translating from Japanese twitter feeds, he apparently was pouring gasoline on people as well as on the building.
Jesus christ.
At least 12 dead. :/
i'd want to know the motive of the prick who would not only commit arson at a place of work but light people on fire too
7:03 AM
I can't find anything to confirm that he actually attacked people personally, so that might just be a rumor. But still, attacking an animation studio in mid day while people are working?
If he had a bone to pick with the industry, at least do it at night when folks are gone. :/
and also something something strict gun laws something be worse in the US
Most US shootings kill far less than 10 people. Fire is not to be underestimated.
Some SE sites (especially Sci-Fi.SE) have Meta posts when tragedies like this happen or when well-known actors or writers die. Would it be appropriate to have the same thing here?
I mean, 12 people dead, 30 unaccounted for is pretty extreme...
@forest well if someone well know has been confirmed affected then i wouldn't be opposed to it. not saying the other less know people aren't important but we don't really want Meta to become a News Site
@Dimitrimx ^ what do you think
@Memor-X KyoAni is one of the most important animation studios of all time.
and also @JNat since your defaco A&M Mod here
7:09 AM
This is a major blow to the entire industry, not just one studio.
And to be honest, this is the worst thing to happen to the industry in over a decade.
personally i'd like to keep it to people and not places but i haven't see Sci Fi to a post on a place. i'll defer to the mod(s)
also might want to just hold off until some of the details are confirmed too
Well people died. 12 confirmed, possibly 30 more. It's not the building that matters.
Although losing all of their most important animation papers is not a good thing...
8:08 AM
Q: Konosuba Kazuma Wierd Hand gesture

oppaiWhat is the wierd hand thing a reference to that kazuma does in konosuba? I feel I have seen that somewhere else but can't remember.

8:32 AM
@forest :(
How fitting
2 hours later…
11:00 AM
I rarely visited Reddit, but... reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/cen8q6/… (possibly second-hand/incorrect information)
11:19 AM
@AndrewT. yeh from the articles i am seeing it was a fire as opposed to an explosion. though given what some articles are saying about what caused it i don't blame them for thinking that
it was an explosion that made the fire
> The man was reportedly seen pouring a flammable liquid inside the building before it went up in flames. Witnesses also say he was heard yelling "die" in Japanese.

NHK has just obtained footage of the suspect being apprehended. He is now being treated at a nearby hospital.

The circumstances leading up to the alleged arson are still unclear. But the head of the studio said that he had recently received some threatening emails.

President of Kyoto Animation, Hideaki Hatta, said, "They were addressed to our office and sales department and told us to "die"."
you have to wonder why
I really do. It makes so little sense.
I mean, if the answer was "they made me sit through the Endless Eight"...
Wouldn't be opposed to it in events like these.
Could also be a good source of refference in this case for further questions regarding why did X abbruptly stop?
@forest ^ if you want to make the Meta
11:31 AM
25 confirmed dead... 11 on 2nd floor, and 11 on 3rd floor and staircase from 3rd floor to rooftop....
25... oh my god
> $301,706 raised of $500,000 target
Wow... last I checked it was only $20,000...
@forest how long ago was that?
Uh like... when I got online.
Earlier today.
12:01 PM
ABC News is now reporting 30 dead
This might be it for KyoAni. :(
@forest i think they have another building
Yeah but this was their primary studio building.
And 30... that's a lot of people. Plus however many are going to quit.
Do we know which series likely will be influenced by this?
I assume Tsurune and 20seiki denki mokuroku
@Dimitrimx has the hibike euphonium movie came out yet?
12:12 PM
@Memor-X Sound! Euphonium: Oath's Finale? yeah, last april
Seems the affected movies will be
Violet Evergarden Gaiden: Eien to Jidō Shuki Ningyō September 6, 2019
Violet Evergarden the Movie January 10, 2020
Untitled Free! film Q3 2020
3:30 am: An announcement scheduled tomorrow for Kyoto Animation’s new Free! movie has been canceled. [Eds Note: This update originally stated the movie had been canceled. It has not. We regret the error.]
2 hours later…
2:27 PM
Q: So my friend was at the hyper japan sent me this not so clear picture and asked what anime this character might be from?

Siggi92So this is a picture of a cosplay at hyper japan what character is he is my question?

2:42 PM
I see it's already been posted.
Aside from the atrocity itself. The thing that's really bothering me is did the building have any fire suppression at all?
2:59 PM
@Mysticial from the reports i hear the arsonist used a liquid and let it on fire. might have spread too far too quickly for fire extinguishers
@Memor-X 40 gallons of petrol some reports state. Bought at a nearby gas station
@Memor-X Which begs a second a question: How the hell does someone manage to dump 40 gallons of gas without anybody noticing?
Considering he was chased by certain employees afterwards, I doubt he managed to spread all of it.
Lighting the petrol, leading to the remainder of the petrol containers, would explain the exploding sound. As that might very well explode
Q: Why does Grisha Yeager have to love someone?

Jupiter-kunIn attack on Titan ep 58, Eren Kruger says that Grisha has to love someone inside the walls or else “history will repeat itself”. Why?

3:50 PM
@Dimitrimx Taking a page out of Anime. You could disguise yourself as a delivery man and drag the gas into the building.
3 hours later…
6:34 PM
The scary thing was, looks like the access to the rooftop was locked, trapping them on the staircase to the rooftop.
(only my personal observation though, looking from the photo/video that no-one was on the rooftop)
5 hours later…
11:25 PM
@Dimitrimx if it was petrol then it might explain the reported explosion because of the fumes
@AndrewT. Shit... You're totally right.
That makes this even more depressing.
but considering heat and smoke rises the roof might not be the best place to even go to
@Memor-X From the picture, the roof looked relatively safe unless the roof is really hot (which you can't see from the picture) or if there's some sort of thermodynamics that's removing the oxygen from the roof between the flames surrounding it.
But if you're on the 3rd floor and you see a fire coming from below you, a gut reaction is to run away from it - that means up.
@Mysticial true

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