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12:00 AM
They went to the crashed ship immediately and TASed all over it and didn't need the tech
Kinda destroyed the enjoyment of the speedrun overall
So maybe WIZ 8 is a better choice
Wiz 8 is almost always the superior choice. ....What are we talking about?
Watching a speedrun of a game you've played before
Especially older games
And or ones you played as a kid
And that Star Control II one was extremely disappointing
And mini was talking earlier about a Wiz 8 speedrun
Or possibly multiple
It's quite possible that Star Control II is just an extremely poor choice for me to watch speedruns of
there are two on Speedrun.com, an hour ten and an hour thirty.
If only I could watch them right now :P
Watched the first four minutes of the fastest one. Faerie Mage, Dracon Fighter, everyone else is an Elf Alchemist, and there's a LOT of running.
The fighter's con means they can just outrun any fight that's not strictly necessary.
12:10 AM
Weirdly they don't seem to be using the hotkeys very much. That'd probably reduce combat time even further.
I'm a little surprised you can speedrun it
Because the endgame had some pretty hard seemingly necessary fights
But maybe those scale to level
Yeah, they're probably using the level-locking exploit: for most zones, all its fight difficulties are locked to the level you were at the first time you enter it.
That's kinda weird too
Because I definitely ran into fights that were way too strong for me
You would think that would mean those didn't happen
Also, fun combat exploit: if you start combat rather than waiting for the enemies to engage, and you get to move first every round, and you always end your movement in a position where the enemies wouldn't engage if you weren't already in combat (like hidden behind a rock), you can disengage from combat at any time because the enemies never actually notice you despite you walking right past them.
So if you've got the right hiding places, you can run through big encounters and not even get chased.
12:17 AM
Wish I knew that in the Rapax fort
Or the camp
Or anything to do with those ridiculous jerks
Not every fight with them was difficult but all of them took too long
"Was that a six-headed ball of flesh brandishing improbable weapons?"
"It was probably just a shadow."
"Oh, okay then."
"Wait ! I saw it again, it has 8 now and one is completely robotic!"
"Dude you need to lay off those mushrooms"
Somehow the multibear being the sneakiest creature in the universe fills me with ridiculous joy
an animation made by someone that shared it on the /r/dndnext server:
lulwut :P
12:31 AM
We decided a nasty trap, but it lead to a difficult question I hesitate to post as a question. What happens if you put a bag of holding inside itself?
@Joshua you get a giant illusory modal error dialog saying "Physics Says No"?
How's that different from turning it inside out?
It's nothing like turning it inside out.
It's clearly possible because of RaT and a long spell sequence
The bag is inside itself in possession of the caster of planeshift who is also inside it
@Joshua so you plane shift'ed to the inside of your own Bag of Holding....
@Joshua RaT?
Then you've put a Bag of Holding inside a Bag of Holding, yes?
@Shalvenay Also, yes, RaT?
12:37 AM
A Jeremie tweet. You can create a permanent teleportation circle on the deck of a ship.
That's debatable. The spell says it has to be on the ground.
The trap involved if you do this with another BoH you get dumped onto the astral plane.
s/with/while holding
But sure, for the sake of argument assume you can put a teleportation circle on a ship.
Ship in a bottle that ship, put bottle in BoH, true polymorph into pixie, planeshift to that teleportation circle
If a druid could use a scroll while wildshaped it can be done at a lower level
That's supposed to be a trap? Surely if you can both True Polymorph and Plane Shift someone, there are easier ways to mess with them.
12:50 AM
The trap involved convincing the character to cast the spells to get some booty.
@MarkWells I think that the "has to be on the ground" interpretation is kinda nonsense myself
then again, the only attempt at a justification for it is "ships aren't big enough to house a teleportation circle", which I can tell you is flat-out wrong, especially if you ever tried arguing that in a d20 Modern game ;P
If your d20 modern game results in the players using nukes you're doing it right.
@Shalvenay I'd probably rule that putting it on a ship is allowed, but if I did it by making the argument that's in that answer, I'd hope everyone else at the table would throw dice at my head.
Q: Do dragons smell of lilacs?

Tobias_MarcoI had an interesting thing happen in my last session of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. My players are in a dragon heavy adventure. A player tried to do a perception check to detect the scent of lilacs. Normally whenever a character wants to do a perception check I just tell them to go for it,...

Hi, dragons-smell-like-lilies question!
My new headcanon: Tiamat, but no other dragon, smells like lilacs.
12:58 AM
Oh nice
err, *attempt for a justification for it that I had heard
left out a few words
@MarkWells lol
@Akixkisu what do you mean by "ALEE 11" in this answer? It's not an acronym I'm familiar with.
@nitsua60 I'm guessing page eleven of Adventurers League Elemental Evil.
@Ben Because the cheapest way to cut IT costs is to cut the IT departments budget.
Can't take it from the people that actually make the company money.
1:12 AM
Haha. Logical :P
hey there @linksassin
@Ben My company moved Level 1 tech support overseas to "save money" but now when my computer plays up I have to wait 4 hours for them to come online. 4 hours of an engineers time would cover a weeks wages for low level techs in lost productivity.
@Shalvenay G'day. How's it going?
@linksassin wow. 4 hours? that's disastrous!
@linksassin alright here, as for you?
(at my $work, 10mins wait for first line IT support is a relatively long wait)
@linksassin I am the support team for the American company I re-sell for, to ensure they have phone assistance. Otherwise it's a next-day-response situation.
@Shalvenay Yeah, I don't think it was a good decision. The also charge so much for server storage it's cheaper for us to buy hard-drives and put them in PCs under our desks and maintain them ourselves.
@Shalvenay Yeah not too bad.
1:18 AM
(we're also odd in that $work couldn't run without the ability to run a functioning call center in-house, so we basically do all our call-center-y stuff in house, which is a Real Good Thing because I doubt outsourced call center agents would be up for what basically is a 911/000/... dispatching job)
Hey all. Sorry if I've been a bit quiet. Power supply in the old desktop died over the weekend, but I'd been saving up since it was 7 years and it was a little flaky all told. New machine's up and looking nice.
@Glazius cool, good to hear you're back up and running
Have not seen anything about a third for a Fellowship demo this Saturday morning, though.
@Glazius yeah, I am still trying to get in touch with one or two folks I know who might be interested
btw @linksassin, mind hopping on Discord? want to ask you for some feedback on smth here
Lol, so someone on another SE site just had a go at me for asking them to back up a one sentence answer.
1:25 AM
@linksassin lulz
@Shalvenay I can't at the moment. At work. Feel free to send me stuff and I'll reply when I can.
@linksassin ah, I see. I'll catch you over the weekend then I reckon
@Shalvenay Sure. I'm sure I'll find some time to be online.
@linksassin Well, you know, sometimes it's just like smbc-comics.com/comic/game
@Glazius Lol, maybe. But their answer was basically just one point of the existing answers. With no additional information or support.
1:29 AM
@BESW I've usually seen references to "EEPC" ("Elemental Evil Player's Companion" was the name of the pdf released that season) in that case.
Lol they removed it once I cited the site policy.
1:52 AM
@linksassin I feel like I'm stepping on your toes in that current newest question--I'm going to bow out. Feel free to ping me if you need anything.
@nitsua60 No stress. Thanks for closing the question. If you have any advice on how to help this user I appreciate it.
Honestly, I think they'd be best off starting in chat for half an hour. There's a lot to unpack, and comments aren't great for it. Do you want me to chatify the current thread, which would give the user write-access? (They currently can't chat here, but by default can on a thread created from their own post.)
@nitsua60 Probably a good idea.
2:19 AM
how's everyone doing this evening?
@nitsua60 my efforts to join into RPGA activities ran afoul of my commitments to various duty station changes in the 80's. And deployments at sea. By the late 80's, graduate degree pursuit took up my free time. I suspect mxy has better data on that.
@V2Blast This evening coming? Or the one that's just been?
@Ben It's evening right now for me :P
Night is still evening
Midday here haha
I'm having trouble thinking of a way this new user's question can fit our site. If anyone wants to help you can join the chat here: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/96285/…
2:22 AM
@KorvinStarmast My early efforts to join into RPGA activities ran afoul of my mom not wanting me to bike back from New Haven at night. Or in the day. =)
hey there btw @KorvinStarmast, check The Back Room :)
@nitsua60 heh, when I lived in that part of Ct, I'd not have had my kids biking near New Haven either. :p (late 90's though) and Heaven forbid, Bridgeport ...
Oh, John Paul Stevens died. He always seemed very kindly and thoughtful.
2:42 AM
hey there @BlackSpike
@KorvinStarmast Heh, I was born and raised for the first 10 years of my life in CT :)
@V2Blast Whereabouts?
@Shalvenay hey
@BlackSpike how're things going?
@Shalvenay could be better ... I'm doing ok, but people around me are having a rough time ...
2:52 AM
@BlackSpike ooof
@Shalvenay hows you doing?
alright here
that's like, balmy? :P
2:55 AM
It's 23C here, and I'm still wearing my jacket. Lol
@ben LOL
I tend to get sick if I sleep in a house that's A/C'd that low.
My car has been like an oven recently ... I drive to clients, park in the sun, work long enough for car to heat up, then drive to next client ...
@Ben It's that "hot" here right now, and it's 11PM.
@BlackSpike Awww yes... now that is smart thinking
2:58 AM
That said, I have sympathy for those marathoners. Personally, I run best in the single-digits Celsius.
@nitsua60 I run best when the duration is in the single digits XD
I look fit... But I am not fit.
@Ben Yeah, I'm only good for a handful of marathons, too =D
3:00 AM
@BESW That stability blows my mind. Is it (probably a really stupid question) the surrounding water just pegging the temperature in place, basically?
@BESW so... is that like... a plane race?
trying to psych my self up for running ... my gf wants to ...
@Ben No, just sponsored by.
Haha ok
3:01 AM
@nitsua60 Yeah, large bodies of water are really good temperature stabilizers.
@BlackSpike running just for running, or any particular goal/reason?
And we've got [checks notes] the largest.
@BlackSpike My gf goes to the gym. I'll be joining her as an ego booster haha
@nitsua60 health/weight
@BESW lol
3:02 AM
Cool--good luck! Feel free to ping for encouragement!
(I'm bummed I only have time for a couple of more runs before hernia surgery sidelines me for a season or two.)
@nitsua60 thanks! Need all the encouragement I can get!
is both encouraging and disheartening ... got a good friend who does triathalons, cycles 20 miles to go on a run, feels sad if she's not done ALL the exercise ... I know it's not a competition, but I can't keep up with that ...
@BlackSpike It's something to work towards. No, you might not be able to keep up at the beginning, but you will be able to eventually, if you stick with it! :D
3:09 AM
All the world is at war. The microbes are attacking.
@BlackSpike Generally, fitness is a competition against yourself. All about you. Not about what others are doing. (With exceptions, like competitive bodybuilding, caber toss, or tournament arcs)
@Ben Nah, I'll never catch her! She's got she's got 20 years of solid training over me ... but yeah, it is inspiring
@Ben I played cricket on a day that was 41C last year. That was not fun.
@linksassin Sounds like a Christmas bbq hahaha
3:12 AM
@MikeQ that's what I tell my gf. She used to do Park Run, but was always at the back of the pack ... knocked her confidence ...
@Ben wait what?
@Ben We came off the field and one of the spectators was like "Did you know it hit 41 out there?" - No we didn't, competition rules say we are to leave the field at 39C
@BESW This is the most beautiful adorable thing ever.
That can't be right, that's like a normal day's temperature here
@linksassin :O whoops! Hahaha
3:16 AM
ooops .. is OMG! o'clock!
@trogdor To be fair, a lot of those kids of people go for a run in their shorts at -1C. You know, get the blood flowing
catch y'all on the flipside
@BlackSpike [flips a d2]
@Ben yeah,.. and I guess they aren't used to it either but I've gone hiking and not had a huge issue with the heat
And I'm not even in good shape at all
@trogdor 39C for me is toasty. I'd be happy to spend a day doing work, or playing sport in that weather. Provided the humidity was ok.
3:20 AM
All 3-dimensional shapes are good. (If you are hypercube-shaped, seek medical attention)
If it drops below 10C, the nope kicks in
@Ben yeah and that's another thing about it,... It's not as humid there as it is here I bet
Which just makes it weirder
3:34 AM
Dy days sit around 25%. Humid days get up to about 70%
@BESW This may be one of the most wholesome things I've ever read.
@nitsua60 born in Fairfield County, town I grew up in was in New London County :)
@linksassin Then you have not read Fandom for Robots.
@BESW That's kinda one of the reasons I thought you might like Mariimo, Because of stuff like that that you linked me
3:50 AM
I will get to Mariimo! Eventually! I'm currently hate-reading an Expanse novel and those things can't get interrupted or I have to start over because they're so bad at reminding me what's going on.
@BESW read it noooooowwww :P
Take your time really
This one features the Actual Sentence Written By Hugo-Nominated Authors, Which Escaped The Editing Process And Was Published By A Major Book Publisher, "It had been unthinkable right up to the moment he thought it."
I'm literally just pointing out one of the reasons I think you'll like it
I'm not trying to pressure you to start it
@BESW lol
So glad I didn't try to read those
It's a line that was unpublishable right up to the moment they published it!
I mean, the concepts are still moderately clever and I give the authors a lot of points for what they're trying to do.
But Holden is still absolutely insufferable but the authors don't seem to know it.
@BESW That too is rather wholesome.
4:17 AM
@BESW is he worse than the show version?
@trogdor [grinds teeth]
So yes then
That's kinda mind boggling
Cause he's a huge dumb.... Person in that
1 hour later…
5:43 AM
I've started using "thank the Man" when referring to technology that has saved my bacon. Rather than referring to deities or some related being/place.
Just seems more appropriate. Lol
@Ben Refusal to praise the Omnissiah is heresy
@MikeQ The Omnissiah is yet to reveal his light on humanity. I only use the phrase for the unenlightened. The Omnissiah is always praised.
@MikeQ Praising the Omnissiah is heresy. Refusal to praise the Emperor is heresy.
@Ben Similarly I thank coffee for a great deal of technology
5:59 AM
@Miniman saying the word heresy is heresy
I think the logical deduction here is that praising anything other than the Omnissiah, or the Emperor, is definitely heresy.
@GcL So we should thanks the plants for the coffee for the technology...
@trogdor That sounds like hearsay to me.
@Miniman …[squints]
@Miniman I'm very heretical
Oh lol
I didn't realize you used a different word
He done a sneaky
6:33 AM
@trogdor Everything is heresy.
yeah it seems like it
An Inquisitor with this mindset is a good Inquistor
he shouldn't be happy about it
@trogdor he shouldn't be happy about it
But if heresy is everywhere then he can find it all and put it all under Exterminatus.
6:42 AM
to be fair yes
he shouldn't be happy
but he really really shouldn't be happy about heresy
He's just thinking about cleansing it all. That's why he's happy.
Heresy heresy? Hahaha! Heresy...
2 hours later…
8:52 AM
@nitsua60 see BESW's answer. Sometimes we use AL EEPC, but that tends to shorten to ALEE. But then it gets confused with the AL EEPG, and technically those are different documents - it is messy.
So ALEE refers to the V2 document, and AL EEPG refers either to the V1 or V2 document.
1 hour later…
10:03 AM
I am the best document
10:41 AM
11:26 AM
@V2Blast which puts Shepherd Book into second place? (Firefly ref)
11:40 AM
... And now I have that theme stuck in my head :)
1 hour later…
12:51 PM
Not sure if the rich burlew question is on topic.
Not sure if my CoS/Vecna question is on topic
@PierreCathé that definitely is on topic
@NautArch Ok thanks, the reason I was worrying was because it might be hard to find sources to give a "no" answer
But did Random well known personality comment on a RPG...that i'm less sure about.
@PierreCathé True, but that still makes the answer either "not sure" or "yes". I don't think there will be a "no".
1:10 PM
I think the main issue with a question like that is that the answer is plausibly very, very boring and unlikely to answer the querent's intent.
@kviiri I mean, I guess it's on topic becuse it's about RPGs. But I could just as easily ask if my local senator ever commented on 5e.
i'm just not sure how relevant it really is
Also now that it's answered, the choice is basically "Okay this question is over" or "Now find all of RB's comments on 5e"
@PierreCathé Yeah, it's unclera what 'the best' answer is.
It's just...weird. Maybe this should be a meta question.
@PierreCathé and that's a heckuva easter egg if you're right!
1:57 PM
Huh... did not expect to see a 7 year old question in the Close Review queue
2:07 PM
It happens from time to time, esp. if the question in question has gotten new answers or such.
2:19 PM
Might need to keep an eye on this one: rpg.stackexchange.com/q/151938/42386
I think it counts as on topic by virtue of being a List Question with relatively well-defined criteria, but it's definitely straddling the line of being a Shopping question, might need some refinement.
@Xirema It needs an upper limit.
I've got a few dozen water borne or based adventures by third party publishers that I picked up from humble bundles.
I think the list of potential valid answers is very long and would take a long time to enumerate.
@Akixkisu On that new question, the person who suggested the edit wasn't adding the 5e tag, that was added by the original author. The edit they made was to swap out the tag with .
@Xirema Yeah, I actually voted as too broad. I don't think it's relevant to ask for any water-based adventure from any edition.
It also feels a bit like a shopping, but i wasn't sure because it's more mechanics thans hopping.
@NautArch I think it is shopping.
@NautArch I mean, I think it's fair to ask a question like "are there any [published] adventures that provide X,Y, and Z that I can use?" but this isn't quite the platonic ideal of that question.
2:33 PM
@Xirema Isn't that a shopping question? What phones have X,Y, and Z that are commercially available?
@Akixkisu Okay. Then I think that should be spelled out in the post, since there's no document whose title is represented by "ALEE".
@Xirema I'll just leave it here for what use it is; that note in the review confused me, please ignore my actions on that Q. I'm gonna step away, because I need food before I can think properly.
I also don't want to continue the tag war in this question. but why does it have dungeons-and-dragons and not new-players?
@NautArch My mistake. See right above.
@Someone_Evil so can i swap that again? or should i comment asking OP to do it and why?
2:36 PM
I just swapped it out. It seemed like an acceptable edit, just a shame the person who suggested it won't get credited for it.
@Xirema They won't? Is the rep removed if the edit is approved and then rolled back?
@Someone_Evil Not sure if it's delayed but the rep is still there
@Someone_Evil Well, it was never approved. It was suggested, rejected by a plurality of votes, and then I manually applied the change myself (and my rep is high enough my edits don't need to be approved).
Oh, actually, never mind.
I didn't check the revision history, lol
I'm counting 3, at least reasonable looking, subjective questions within 20 minutes of eachother. Is there a special going on somewhere or something?
@Someone_Evil Honestly it seems like past few days have had a lot of them, and answers that normally I have issues with. But I think I hit my limit on caring about this and I'm just going to let them go.
2:44 PM
@NautArch Also, why doesn't it have GM techniques?
It's not worth the agita.
@JohnP oooh, it should!
add it :)
it's an interesting question, but i'm not sure it's stackable.
@NautArch dun
@NautArch Given a more succinct set of considerations and concerns and what a good answer will address, I think it could have a useful answer.
> Bad things usually happen when you follow links to fanfic sites.

Very bad things.
That is my quote of the week.
Abraham Lincoln said that?
2:48 PM
@GcL No, that's in the top answer on the lilac dragon question
@GcL Yes and no. How is one answer going to necessarily apply. What's the bar for a good answer? My table and players is going to be different from another's. It feels more like idea generation/idea canvassing.
Welcome to chat, @StackLloyd
@Xirema thanks for the head-up.
The difference, IMO, is that it's better refined. They're not asking "which game should I be playing", they're asking "which modules have this thing I'm looking for?" Imagine the question is more like "I'm going to be playing in a new campaign and I really want to play a Martial Artist that can shoot fire from their hands, is there a build that would let me do that?"

And then you could easily have a direct answer of "Oh, play a Sun Soul Monk, they are a martial artist and they literally gain the ability to do exactly that."
@NautArch That's the issue for most questions here that aren't strictly mechanical or dice outcomes.
2:49 PM
@GcL I guess, but this one seems more so than others because of the feels. I dunno, but glad they hopped into chat - Hi @StackLloyd!
Having the specific concerns and criteria might elucidate what constitutes a best answer.
Hello everyone and thanks for the warm welcome
@NautArch What?! Don't they know this is a den of scum and villainy?!?
@StackLloyd So I know this is a cliche response to the topic of "how should I introduce newer players to D&D", but.... do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior, Lost Mines of Phandelver? 8)
@nitsua60 that is the actual name of the document instead of the folder name.
2:51 PM
@StackLloyd No problem. You can discuss your question her a lot easier than in comments, and we can help refine it a bit to stay open. It's a little bit too subjective in the current form, which is why you ahve all the close votes accumulating.
Oh, I didn't even notice such close votes
If it's any consolation, I voted to "leave slightly ajar" /S
@Xirema I know about that, but the party rejected it as they have some prejudice on pre-written stories
@StackLloyd Fair enough.
@StackLloyd They're....new to D&D but already have prejudice against modules?
2:54 PM
@JohnP Eh. I know that's where I was at when I first started playing.
@StackLloyd Hypothetically, if you didn't run a pre-campaign one-shot, what would be the downside or risks?
Haha yeah, they immediately rejected it. They all felt disinterested about stories and characters written by others
I will say that when I introduced my current group to LMoP a month ago, it was with the explicit proviso that if they finished the campaign and wanted to keep playing, it would be original content afterwards.
@MikeQ The pacing of the game and the immersion in the setting. If I'm continuously forced to halt the flow to explain what to do and what is actually going on, I'm afraid the experience is going to suffer from it
@Xirema Yeah, I definitely had that attitude when I started too, why would I want to play something prewritten? That seems like it's missing the point!
2:56 PM
Q: How to have a continuous player experience in a setting that's likely to favor TPKs?

ZaibisI am planning to design a Adventure which has a strong political flavor and is taking place in the Nine Hells. Its gonna be an evil campaign. I plan to let the heroes start at level 15 and require the group to be lawful, as long their Character has no background provided, that clearly prevents th...

LMoP only really lasts to level 4 or 5, so it's not like a long term commitment.
@nitsua60 Though I could change it to ALPGV2EE,EEe which would be the whole thing.
@Xirema Character level isn't an accurate measure of the RL time spent on a campaign.
@Akixkisu I'm not sure I'm following. TO be sure we're talking about the same things, there's dmsguild.com/product/145542/… and there's the ALPG circa season 2 (links to which on wizards.com now point to SKT's ALPG, links to which on DMsGuild now give a "product no longer available", link to it in my google drive are available upon request.)
Which are you talking about--or neither!--when you say ALEE?
2:57 PM
@MikeQ Yeah, but having been playing LMoP in the time since, I can tell you that if I weren't modifying the campaign, they'd be level 3 or 4 by now. The module moves pretty quickly. =O
@StackLloyd Explaining stuff to new players is typical for TTRPGs. One-shot or not, it's gonna happen. And even more so at higher levels, when the mechanics get more complex.
I was expecting to get like 3 months out of it at minimum, at this point I'm not even sure I'm going to get 2.
Granted, they've been avoiding sidequests aggressively, so maybe it's just my group. =P
There are many diffeent ways to abbreviate that, adn I don't see why the other one should be prefered because it could also refer to a different document.

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