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3:00 PM
hmm I suppose, like the generic D&D tag
I feel like the wiki should say that, though. I think I have permissions to do that. is that just something I do and it gets reviewed? or do I have to have some kind of approval?
I'd say try?
do it
ok. I'll model it after the generic D&D tag
3:01 PM
Worst thing that would happen is someone rolls back your edit, probably?
> You don't notice it at first, but as you strain your hearing, you slowly hear a whisper over the wind, saying faintly but distinctly: "..........."
idk how that works
Tag Groups are a theoretical feature of Stack Exchange that for some reason the development team won't add, even though they would fix tons of problems with how tags work.
ah I see. OK I'll work on this throughout the day. Have to get some real work done, too, I suppose
3:04 PM
You are able to edit tag wikis without review only at 20k rep: rpg.stackexchange.com/help/privileges/trusted-user
Suggested wiki tag edits go through the regular suggested edit review so you don't have to worry about nobody seeing them
Unlike, say, tag synonym suggestions
ugh there are issues with the whole warhammer collection of tags
@G.Moylan if it makes you feel better, I assume that half of our tags site wide have issues
there are bout 10 different games in the 40k universe, alone
@G.Moylan I played the 40k wargame about 25 years ago. Been a looong time. One of my coworkers plays now (and he paints minis really well, so is now hired by my group to paint our D&D minis)
Remember mostly playing Eldar and having a really hard time against the orcs/space marines.
Just the sheer volume difference made it hard.
3:18 PM
@NautArch I kinda want to get figurines just to paint them.
@Yuuki the figurines and vehicles were super cool
Had a blast playing it (as I remember)
I'm not particularly interested in the actual gaming aspect but the idea of painting minis is pretty cool to me, tbh.
@NautArch Orcs are known for their battle cries
@SirCinnamon :D
I've never used minis, even in D&D. Always used coins or other tokens.
3:20 PM
@Yuuki I'm considering buying a 3d pen so that I can make my own minis
@Yuuki *cough* dice and bottle caps*cough*
@Yuuki I like the lego option, but minis and custom minis of your character do add another dimension for me.
*for me?
or is there some word that is "forme"?
@goodguy5 ye olde government acquisitione forme
@goodguy5 You gotta get a nice one. I've got an older lolzbot and it doesn't do much detail. Was disappointed when I tried it out with a mini STL.
@Yuuki i'm old, what can I say?
@NautArch olde*
3:22 PM
@NautArch I mean, I'd probably buy some sort of heat sculptor to go along with it for fine detail.
There's a really interesting channel of this guy who does 3d stuff.

He did Deathwing, for example
@goodguy5 It was fine for generic prints, but for my own personal mini I wanted that finer detail.
I experienced that answer that you can't see in situ, as it was being revised.
It went to a place that was kinda weird, and then it attracted flags ... and then it was shut down.
@KorvinStarmast I'm not currently religious, but some of the content in that answer absolutely offended me.
Wouldn't you be worried about fumes with 3D pens?
At least with a printer you can fire it up and leave the room.
3:29 PM
@BlackSpike I love your orc carryng that missile. Love. It.
@Yuuki theoretically, there shouldn't be many fumes because you're just heating the filament enough to be soft, not fully melted/burnt
@NautArch If I'd not been on the cusp of "OK, back to RL" I might have seen more clearly what Seven, and Rubik, and you saw. I might have gotten upset, and possibly have said something nasty, which would nt have helped. I am glad that I was called away when I was.
@KorvinStarmast sometimes life works out :)
can someone link me what you're talking about?
Q: How to address undue criticism that targets diverse answers?

Amethyst WizardI find that my opinions are being unfairly targeted by high ranking members. How can we keep the quality of the answers if diverse or taboo opinions are targeted? Two examples: How can I help our ranger feel special about her beast companion?: Player asks for help about what to do, his wife i...

3:32 PM
@BlackSpike I got it. (Maggie again ...)
thanks, boo
@Ben Virginia, USA, was so named in honor of "the virgin queen" Elizabeth I, not the Virgin Mary. Or so we were trauht in 4th grade.
@KorvinStarmast I also hope they can improve, but based on their last edit to the recent question, I'm not so sure.
@NautArch If you go deep into some of my old answers, I've had some harsh language, or at least some harsh tone, in no few of them. People can adapt, is what I'm saying. (and it's likely not worth your while to spend that kind of time thumbing through edit histories)
@KorvinStarmast Heh :) I do hope they improve, though. It's better for the site.
3:44 PM
yeah, fewer negative waves.
@Catar4 I have done it a few times; basically, answer both sides of a question when "yes" or "no" is unclear in a rules question. There are some cases where it works.
@KorvinStarmast Wait, what did I see?
I vaguely recall seeing an answer on that question that I thought was shockingly rude but I wasn't in the flagging mindset at the time. I'm trying to be better about flagging things lately and I think I've made good progress.
but at the time I do vaguely recall thinking "wow that's rude," downvoting, and then moving on
I don't think I gave those two questions much of a look
@goodguy5 c'mon mang. You know even a joke-comment as answer is still an answer in comments!
/s obvs
3:54 PM
maybe a dime, tho
@NautArch I debated ending it with /s
at least one person saw (and I assume was amused by), so idc if it gets deleted.
@goodguy5 I was amused :D
reminds of the dr. who episode with the giant maggots
Also, a question for my fellow mammals (I assume mostly men, but if women have experience, I accept that).

How often do you get hair splinters (mine come from my beard) and do you have a method of preventing it?
@sevenbrokenbricks SOrry, I was referring to sevensideddie, who engaged early with the troubling answer and I think was the first to call out "wait, we don't do that here" in comments before it got deleted.
3:59 PM
All the damn time, and no, unless you count "shave" or "don't touch your beard"
@goodguy5 I don't grow a beard, and I shave the limbs. I've never had a problem with splinters.
@KorvinStarmast ahh, wrong seven! XD
I specifically bought a pair of precision tweezers for work to deal with my beard-splinters
@goodguy5 huh. had to look that up. I don't think I've ever gotten one.I mean,I've picked at acne that then got 'ingrown'.
Heh, our firewall now blocks enworld.
4:02 PM
@KorvinStarmast mine has for a while. the same time that discord got blocked
@goodguy5 I've never had that happen. I didn't even know that was a thing
@KorvinStarmast lol you generating too much traffic?
yea, I'll scritch my goattee and all of a sudden "poke" "ah wtfork"
@goodguy5 One of our local instructors recommends a beard butter for that. And just as an aside, beard butter is one of the strangest terms I've ever heard.
@goodguy5 Oh! Yeah, i've done that. But never deep enough to requires a tweezer to remove.
@JohnP I actually use a beard oil when I think of it.
4:05 PM
@goodguy5 Just brainstorming, possibly also wash face with cold water before trimming? That will help close the pores down, I don't know if that would make a difference or not.
@JohnP If you butter your beard with weed butter does it relax your hair?
@JohnP no, the splinters go into my finger. no issue with my face
@G.Moylan yesnomaybetryitandtellus
@G.Moylan no, a security patch went in last week and I am one by one discovering sites that are no longer able to get through.
@KorvinStarmast discord or slack?
4:10 PM
@JohnP I'm not your guy. Was just trying to make a joke. may or may not have landed. They can't all be winners :P
would "Do parasites count as a disease in 5e" be a decent stack question? It's come up a couple times now.
@goodguy5 why wouldn't it be?
I don't know if there is RAW precedent for it. The Disease section seems pretty open-ended
perhaps one fo the published adventures has a parasitic disease?
I know something like that has come up before, in re paladin immunity to disease
4:12 PM
I'd say go for it. if it turns out to be "ask your dm" then that's what it is
@sevenbrokenbricks yea, kyuss worms. I answered that
@G.Moylan :)
do we handle wargame questions? I wouldn't think so but the way some of these warhammer tags read it seems like we might
It seems like we shouldn't....
4:20 PM
Q: Are questions about role-playing derivative board games on topic?

Brisbe42Wizards of the Coast, the same company that publishes DnD, has created a board game called Castle Ravenloft. It uses rules that are derived partially from DnD 4.0. In the future, they also plan to come out with another board game using the same system. On the one hand, the rules are derived fr...

so it looks like general consensus is no, with some minor disagreement
that makes these tags a little easier.
At what level can I create tags? I'm unsure how to see what unlocks when
Create tags is at 300
ding! thank you
@goodguy5 I think it's ultimately going to come down to "what creature are you asking about?"
4:40 PM
@JohnP I thought it was weird when I started seeing "body butter" as a marketing label on soap, but "beard butter" might be even weirder.
@MarkWells butter makes everything better
@NautArch I don't think buttered people will ever really catch on. Coppertone ads notwithstanding.
4:57 PM
I don't have ghosts of saltmarsh, but i'd think disintegrating a hull would lead to immediate sinking.
I mean, i'm no nautical archaelogist...wait. Yes, yes I am.
@NautArch Lemon butter seems like it'd be a bad idea.
> This spell automatically disintegrates a Large or smaller nonmagical object or a Creation of magical force. If the target is a Huge or larger object or Creation of force, this spell disintegrates a 10-foot-cube portion of it. A magic item is unaffected by this spell.
I imagine a ship is bigger than Huge.
Well, depends on the ship, I guess.
@Yuuki ah, that makes sense.
But a ship big enough for a party to board and then continue fighting on is probably bigger than Huge.
@Yuuki lemon butter makes an awesome chicken marinade, actually.
So it just punches a 10' hole. I'm guessing (but not expecting) there are rules around what happens when the hull is destroyed?
4:59 PM
@JohnP I figured the acidity of the lemon would cause problems with the dairy in the butter.
Similar to why you shouldn't drink lemonade or orange juice shortly before or after drinking milk.
@Yuuki I'm looking at the UA article on ships and there are some things that need to be considered it seems (ship type, material construction).
Not sure how disintegrate works with damage thresholds (and if damage thresholds are a thing in saltmarsh that carried over from the UA)
@NautArch don't we have Saltmarsh in the DDB campaign?
@G.Moylan oof nope, we don't
5:20 PM
Saltmarsh does have rules for if specific parts of a ship break
i believe for the hull it does instantly trigger sinking
"Alright, roll the ships Fort (ress) save against the Iceberg. DC 25.
5:44 PM
@goodguy5 But my heart will go on and on
thank you
5:59 PM
@JohnP Looks like something the missus and I might cook.
1 hour later…
7:04 PM
Can we translate something from a book/movie into gamplay and count that as subjective support for an answer? asking for a friend? :D
@NautArch Sure, if the point being made is how well it works narratively. Fun comes in a lot of shapes and forms.
I feel like it depends on the aspect of gameplay it is being applied to
@KorvinStarmast I just wasn't sure because that is still not actually done. Being successful in a movie/book is very different than successful at a table.
It also seems not very different than just an idea when it hasn't been played.
maybe I should put this onmeta? Or is this just another duplicate of what's good subjective?
"Here is an idea and look how it worked in this book/movie"?
@NautArch I see your point; unless you can take the narrative element from the movie and show how it made a narrative satisfying, maybe it won't pass muster.
7:11 PM
@KorvinStarmast Exactly. I may put in a comment on Mxy's answer to my question and see what he does.
Satisfying in a book/movie seems like it could be very different than satisfying at a table.
It depends. stealing themes and tropes is something a lot of dungeon masters do. I made that point in an early answer: if you are gonna steal ideas, steal from the best.
@NautArch your question on meta or on main?
@KorvinStarmast my meta question on how to appropriately support subjective answers.
OK, anyway this is a place where I advocate stealing themes from successful stories because it saves a DM work.
7:31 PM
@KorvinStarmast heh I'm doing some of that right now.
well, not RIGHT now.
@NautArch If I were a better writer or had more time, I'd not have to borrow so many ideas ...
@KorvinStarmast hehe :) THere aren't original ideas anymore anyway :D
I get a lot of my ideas from just reading.
I get a lot of ideas when going to the bathroom
Very soon, my players world view will be turned upside down as they discover a means to travel to a parallel world.
and how different that world is going to be.
but I inevitably never have anything to write with, and by the time I get back to my desk/phone/whatever, I've forgotten
7:44 PM
a world i haven't really started to develop....ruhroh.
@NautArch it's just like here... but different!
user image
@Yuuki aww :(
@Yuuki also BOOOOOOOO
"Soon"™ I'm going give my party a gun of sorts that I expect to basically be used as a magic weapon.

I want it to be feel impactful , but not create headaches for me down the line.
I'm thinking some number of d6 radiant damage 1-2 times per short rest.
7:59 PM
@goodguy5 is it Checkov's Gun?
not necessarily, other than an indicator of ancient (and possibly modern) gnome-fel technology
@goodguy5 what type of action to use?
@NautArch That's all part of what I'm trying to figure out.
Take a spell, reskin with radiant damage, look at a magic item for how many casts of that level per day it should give
bing bang boom
8:02 PM
@goodguy5 my first thought was wand of magic missiles
Yea, I think making it a staff in stats makes the most sense.
Hi all
@SouthpawHare howdy!
@SouthpawHare o/
light cantrip at will (self only and must have at least one charge remaining)
some sort of single target damage for 1 charge
some sort of aoe damage for 3 charges
If it drops to zero charges, roll a d20, etc
8:09 PM
So I'm happy to report to people I might know that I've finally gotten a very satisfying campaign going with some friends
We've been trying literally dozens of systems over the course of 2 years, and none of them have stuck
Finally, we've gone back to my old favorite, Anima: Beyond Fantasy, which seems to have some special something
I really went through a phase where I thought that rules-lite systems were the way to go, but they never panned out. Now I'm thinking that complex systems really do have virtue after all.
@SouthpawHare Yay, grats!
Does anyone have any thoughts on that topic, broadly speaking?
@NautArch is that question really a duplicate, though?
the answer is the same, but this question specifically asks about a key to Sigil. I flagged with custom because it felt weird calling it a true dupe
8:26 PM
Yeah, I thought the same thing, but I can see why it was closed as well. I'm hoping the chat will have some better answers for me.
What question are you guys referring to?
D&D Beyond's active character limit of 12 characters per campaign has been replaced by a limit of 12 active players per campaign with up to 99 active characters in the campaign. The DM does not count against the 12 player limit. (I recall @NautArch had an issue with this on the D&D Beyond campaign page for ToA it was preventing anyone from joining his campaign because he also had an active character.)
@G.Moylan it's a general version of it
I hadn't gotten to the point where I was worried about figuring out Strahd's reasons for bringing these particular characters to Barovia, but then while we were brainstorming the tiefling's backstory we did the whole thing with her ending up in Sigil and I was like "Hmm...idea!"
but i'm totally open to reopening and duplicating an answer.
8:30 PM
Nah, leave it closed @NautArch. I'm happy to just discuss it in the chat.
I was going to do that in the first place but I forgot the link for it. :P
I totally lucked out with one of the PCs being a silver dragonborn; that motivation just wrote itself once I read about Argynvost.
@JohnClifford The link to chats are in the upper-right of the site, with the speech-bubble icon
Ahh, handy for future reference, thanks.
I mean as I said, as the DM I can basically justify it by simply saying it's a thing he's going to do and it works, but I hate cheap deus ex machina and want to find a way to mechanically make it viable.
My current plan is that if the druid accepts the offer, he'll essentially spend a good portion of the time he would have been terrorising and messing with them trying to figure out how to engineer the key to make it circumvent the Dark Powers' caveat, and in the final battle if it looks like he's going to lose or die he's going to try opening a portal to Sigil and escaping instead.
Anyway, I've been trying the GMing style where I do more of a Living World, and I create people instead of events.
I've been finding this to be a lot more compelling than what I was doing before. Basically, I don't plan what is going to happen to the PCs, but rather, what the NPCs will do if the PCs theoretically never showed up, and then improvise the results when they do.
And I think this is why I am finding rules-heavy simulationist systems a better fit than rules-lite narrative games. Basically, the latter involves spending all your improv energy figuring out "what happens?", where as the former lets you put that energy toward RPing the NPCs and "what do they do?".
Has anyone else been through this sort of exploration?
I do something similar, where events still happen if the PCs aren't there and if they go somewhere significantly later than they should have they'll find the place in a state following the event rather than being active participants in it, and that'll shape the narrative of whatever else was meant to happen there.
8:47 PM
@SouthpawHare kinda sorta? My world's primary storyline hasn't yet begun. So I basically put the players in the world and let them interact. I've created characters as they've done so and then built encounters around those interactions. Still some railroading once they've made a decision to carry it through, but so far it's more about their interactions driving the stories.
@NautArch Do you find this easier or harder in some systems over others? Or do you find it to be a largely system-agnostic philosophy?
@SouthpawHare right now, just running 5e
we've done few sessions of iron kingdoms and paranoia, but that's it.
and my last other RPG experience was 25 years ago with aD&D
I see
I've really fallen out with modern D&D in recent years, even though 3.x is one of my most-played games ever.
@SouthpawHare I've been playing 5e for the past 5-6 years and enjoying it.
I can't find any immersion in it like I can with other systems. Other games feel like I'm actually another person, while D&D always feels like just a mechanical game.
Again, I can't exactly pinpoint why.
9:01 PM
@SouthpawHare well, to be honest, my tables focus more on combat. So we kinda like that.
I've been itching to try 13th age based on discussions here.
Paranoia is love.
After my current 5e campaign I'm going to run a Fate Core game where the PCs are costumed vigilantes.
They know that much. What they don't know is that in the first session they're going to have some kind of accident and gain actual superpowers. :D
9:34 PM
On the Wall?
Venture City?
I was just gonna make something up but that might work.
There's Fate Plus #2: Supers, and Til Dawn...
I'm kinda disillusioned with superhero stories generally (got some vague ideas bubbling in the back of my head about addressing that by applying different values to the concepts) but there's a TON of good options for people who want to do that, even just in Fate alone.
We're all massive Marvel fans so they'll dig this.
Atomic Robo and Dresden Files Accelerated have useful mechanics for supers as well, depending on the style of game.
I might actually do Roll For Shoes for the superhero one because that'll just be slapstick lunacy.
9:47 PM
That would also be amazing.
I really want to run a Misspent Youth adventure for my group at some point as well.
Oh yes, I need to run a game or two of that to familiarize myself, before I hack it to pieces for my own purposes.
I wanna mess around with the Youth Is Wasted On The Young and Outrageous Youth drifts.
There was a system some friends and I found years ago that we were going to run but it never happened and I haven't been able to find it since, nor do I remember its name. All I remember is that the PCs are toys, and you build your character using a points system and toy components.
Hm, toys... do you remember what kind of system it was? What sort of dice were used, how much it was focused on combat, anything like that?
I believe it was more narrative-driven but there were some fairly neat combat rules, and I think it was a D20 system. My memory is notoriously unreliable, though.
9:52 PM
It's definitely ringing a bell.
Yey! I was wondering if it was that, but kept looking.
There's also a PbtA drift called Threadbare.
It's D6.
Powered by the Apocalypse?
There's another PbtA toys-in-the-apocalypse game called Toypocalypse but it doesn't look quite as... polished....
And Puppetland but [shudder] that's for a very specific and macabre taste.
Hmm. I'll check them out at some point.
9:57 PM
d20 War of Toy; Fuzzy Heroes; Under the Bed...
@JohnClifford oh this sounds like it could be fun
The component system is fairly involved so I don't think it would work for a group that likes things quick and easy.
Hmm. [toys with ideas] [haaah]
I'm not usually a violent man but I'm so tempted to stab you in the face for that pun.
Well, if we mash together two of my favorite little games to steal mechanics from, Lasers & Feelings and Cthulhu Dark...
10:01 PM
I need to run Call of Cthulhu for my guys sometime too. So many systems, so little time.
Eh, I'm not a big fan of CoC, its system is too diffuse and tries to be suitable for anything so it's not really tailored for anything either.
If you want to run investigative dread games, I recommend Trail of Cthulhu.
Duly noted, thanks for the suggestion.
For stories that follow the structure of the inspiring material, Lovecraftesque.
Cthulhu Dark is a really solid little dread-in-a-group engine.
They're having a blast with Curse of Strahd at the moment anyway. I think we'll be on this one for a while, and then depending on how it goes the campaign will continue after they get out of Barovia.
There are a lot of places I can take it: one PC is from the Dragonlance setting, one is from Forgotten Realms and the other is from Valkana. And they don't necessarily have to end up in any of their home planes...
I kind of want to rerun Titansgrave eventually without that one guy who kept picking fights with people and trying to derail the party.
@BESW no bad BESW no cookie
10:10 PM
@KorvinStarmast Thanks!
So .. World Anvil .. anyone use it? Anyone figured how to hack the CSS for custom formatting? (Asking for a friend)
The kilts are great
@BESW lol
Seriously though I am writing this game now. WHY AM I WRITING THIS GAME NOW.
10:19 PM
Thanks :) they are stock Fantasy Ork kilts (apart from the red/blue one in the middle ... aborted attempt using green-stuff)
Green Stuff is really not what it is advertised to be haha
@BESW you just can't stop doing it to yourself can you?
@Ben haha. I got reasonably adept with it ... but it was never quite there ...
Urgh I can't decide if I want to use Honey Heist or Cthulhu Dark for the relationship moments.
@BlackSpike The first time I used it was the last time I used it. I was sealing gaps in the pewter model, and even that went south
10:25 PM
I keep meaning to build a Ride for Da Skottish Boyz. Idea was a "carnival float" that looks like "Nessie". Only under the "skirt", it has legs, and is actually a Loch Ness MOnster :)
@Ben yeah. I used it a lot for that. Takes a lot of practice ...
(I had a lot of ideas ... only a few made it to the gaming Table ...)
In other news, have you guys played Kittens Game?
@JohnClifford I've not, but I know people from Arqade/The Bridge were SUPER into it for a good while
I'm in year 122.
10:33 PM
Is that the "bloodrizer" mouse-breaker game?
Yeah, that's the one.
aha, I burned out on ClickingBad
I have Kittens Game and Cookie Clicker running right now but I just leave them to rack up resources and go in every 5-10 minutes to spend them on stuff.
@JohnClifford I have no idea what that even is
I have enough farmers that I still have enough catnip even in winter.
@trogdor It's an entirely text-based incremental game where you start as a kitten in a catnip forest and end up developing an entire civilisation of kittens.
10:36 PM
I'm currently working on inventing the printing press and have just about enough kitten manuscripts to teach them theology.
@JohnClifford I reopened your question because it's not a duplicate. You might get more helpful and specific answers to your particular question. Anyone can also cite relevant information from the answers that question in an answer to yours.
@V2Blast Thanks! Cheers for the heads up.
My main concern initially was "Could the Lady of Pain even do this? Would she?" and then I realised I'm the DM and as long as I'm not blatantly handwaving stuff out of nowhere I can do whatever I want.
Aaaah wait no this is a great place to use Basic Focus. [erases half the game]
Oh, @BESW. A Zombie Survival game where the humans have eradicated 90% of the undead, and it's down to the last few. The players are the zombies, and the goal is to survive the "hunters"
10:47 PM
@Ben Sounds like a good Psi*Run drift to me.
That sounds interesting.
Skimmed it a bit... potentially. I had a concept, and it sorta does, sorta doesn't fit...
It's a good foundation though
I think the ideas I've been having lately fit better as board games than rpgs
Okay, first pass at a super-simple toy game: Love and Loss Amidst the Kapok I have much grander plans for it, sadly.
Right now it's a mashup of Lasers & Feelings and Cthulhu Dark, but I think it'd be better with a Basic Focus foundation.
11:03 PM
New SO blog about the feedback process and the newbie experience:
Sara Chipps on July 18, 2019

“Caustic community for new users. There is no excuse for not being kind!”  – 6 years coding

“It feels too scary and unaccessible for new developers” – 3 years coding

“People could be less brutal” – 6 years coding

“The attitude is not beginner friendly. Askers are expected to have done a lot of research before asking a question (re: both question format and content), even if they are completely new to the community or topic. Not everyone can understand or even know to look for documentation when they’re completely new to programming.” – 12 years coding experience  …

> In the past, we’ve prioritized getting rid of unfriendly comments. We’ve seen improvements there, but we still hear people feel targeted even when there aren’t unfriendly comments. This problem is on us and it’s because of how we designed the question asking and closing process. People are using the product as it was designed and as a result people feel called out or, even worse, discouraged from ever asking a question again.
I have...so many feelings about that post and their plans, but...this is not the space for them, I don't think.
@Ash Read my game draft instead!
@BESW Always a good idea :)
@BESW That sounds like a better idea yes.
Oh, I seem to have also stuffed some Pilgrims of the Flying Temple in there, too.
11:08 PM
I don't know what most of those things are!
That's okay! It's just the games I'm stealing mechanics from.
"If any of the dice are exactly your number, you have a realization about your owner and/or yourself. Roleplay freaking out about this" I really liked this detail.
The freaking out, specifically
@Ash It's lifted directly from my favorite horror game!
> If you get higher than your Insight, add 1 to your Insight and roleplay your fear.
I'm also imagining scenes like the bit in Toy Story where Buzz sees the shelves of Buzz Lightyear toys.
@BESW That was what I thought of!
But also, like, there's a strong Velveteen Rabbit influence here.
@V2Blast Good Blog. My general problems are when I post (java/android), I get downvotes with no explanation. Feels like a big "NOPE!" without knowing why ... Sometimes the Formal nature of the site can feel a bit abrasive, but I can handle that.
@Ben I super appreciated that the CD re-write changed it from Insanity to Insight.
@BESW I felt that in the ending bit
@Ash Very much so! But also in the "realizing stuff" part, I think?
I dunno, I just wrote it, authors should never analyze their own work.
Yeah, in both, but the wording of the ending evoked the language AND the feels of it if that makes sense
11:21 PM
Mechanically, it's basically a Lasers & Feelings re-skin but LASER FEELINGS are replaced with a Cthulhu Dark style countdown to a Pilgrims of the Flying Temple style ending, with a few BESW flourishes here and there.
@Ash Does it seem playable, at least?
And does it seem like something somebody would want to play?
11:36 PM
Yes, it does, because I do :)
Also I am curious about the name.
The pods of the kapok tree have this amazing cotton-like fibre that's water-resistant, durable, lasts for decades, and is just so silky soft.
It was used as stuffing for bedding, furniture, life jackets, and toys for a very long time.
@BESW oh my God yes
Best part of the movie XD
"I'm,... Mass produced
@BESW oh, that is super cool. Also I just kinda want to snuggle that thing.
11:44 PM
We've got kapok trees on Guam; our particular kind isn't exactly the ones that get used for stuffing but they're pretty close, and you can identify them when their pods aren't burst by how their trunks are almost perfectly straight and their branches all come off parallel to the ground at nearly 90 degree angles from the trunk.
Those are very precise trees!
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