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12:32 AM
@DanielZastoupil It's not a matter of boredom or disinterest. Right now, this homebrew content isn't at a stage where I can give meaningful input.
If someone asks me for input to make "versatile magic barbarian" or "support rogue" then I'll say "great" and suggest like 100 different ideas
1:02 AM
@mikeQ how's it going
Been better, been worse. What's up?
Not much. Doing bit of work on my game. One of the main issues is that all the monsters in the game are fairly unique, so at the very least, I have o do a lot of "re-skinning" haha
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4:41 AM
Q: Should closed questions be edited without fixing the question?

LukeThis question was recently edited to add italics to a link to a spell. This edit was done after the question was already closed due to being a duplicate, and therefore put the question into the 'vote for reopen' queue. Should we be editing closed questions that are closed for styling updates if...

...oh, I think I just realized something. Can you only participate in Hatmas if you've uploaded an avatar?
Huh, I'm not sure?
Why do you ask?
Because I was active this time last year but still had the polygons and there was no indication of hats.
Oh no I saw people with those who had hats
Not sure why you didn't see any on yourself
@DanielZastoupil Here's a homebrew spellcasting barbarian, is it close to what you had in mind?
4:55 AM
I do know there are some weird interactions though
Like on my phone, I can't change what hat I have on
Or wear one if I don't have one or wtv
So maybe something else is different between this year and last year?
No, this was on a full browser. Maybe I just didn't pay enough attention?
We're you trying to get any hats in particular?
Hatmas can be sneaky
Or had you maybe accidentally hit the button to hide hats?
No, I had no idea hats existed as a thing.
4:57 AM
Like, to personally have.
Was the snowflake icon in the top bar there last year?
Yeah if you weren't gunning for any and or didn't know they existed they aren't that easy to get all the time
I mean
Usually some are really easy
But if you don't even know to look for them you can even miss those ones
Must need to wait for it to load
Yeah it will probably be a minute or so
Mine took a little to load in
4:59 AM
@trogdor Yeah I just popped over to Arqade… Surprise hat.
Even when I refreshed
Was it was your first time over there?
Going to a new stack with enough rep on your main one(s) will get you one of the hats
Specifically if you get the 100 rep for new stacks
@trogdor Me? On Arqade?
Nooooo haha. There's a reason I have 38k rep lol
Lemme guess, the green present one
You get that one for getting 25 rep "as new user" but the new user part counts for a new stack
Not the site as a whole apparently
It's practically the easiest hat for almost anyone to get
5:03 AM
@trogdor I have received that one twice, on a couple of sites I've posted on once or twice.
Which is great, I want more of those kinds of hat
@Ben fair enough
Same actually
Oh yeah I see it now
Hat! Lol
That one is also one of the relatively easy ones
So is this one
Yeah lol.
I think I only have really easy hats so far
5:06 AM
5 "large" floors, or 10 "medium" floors?
What context?
the party would level up at the end of each one/two floors respectively
If you did 10, would there be some sort of pattern for each pair?
5 floors sounds short.
5:08 AM
5 floors sounds manageable, depending on how large "large" is
@MikeQ Yeah. Each pair would share the same theme
I mean, I would usually advocate for the smaller number
It just seems more manageable on many levels
Than it would be,... With many levels :P
I was waiting for it :P
I set myself up accidentally
So I had to take it
5:14 AM
Is there such a thing as "retaliation damage" in 5e? Like, every time you hit something, you take damage?
Ok, cool
I have a monster that I want to give that ability to
When it gets hit it deals d6 lightning damage
I might need to evaluate this. Basically, this creature is using the "bat swarm" stat block. Each individual creature is weak as - a single hit will kill each creature. But, they deal lightning damage each time they're hit. But, I also want to give them the ability to teleport. Short distances only, within the swarm, for example.
Maybe just boost the AC and each time the party miss, it's because they teloprted out of the way?
So a Bat swarm is CR 1/4, if I boost the AC up to say... 15? And then the ability to deal 1d6 lightning damage on hit...
To the DMG!
5:39 AM
Ok, I'm either doing this wrong, or vastly miscalculating.
5:50 AM
What's the problem?
Well, if I pump the AC to 15, that immediately puts it in the range of CR 5.
from 1/4
It's D&D, so the math may be wrong without you being wrong.
6:06 AM
@Ben That doesn't sound right to me...
To be fair, this is my first time doing this. Not even really sure how I should be doing it
Also, @BESW is that by any chance Big Ted from Playschool?
A: The Large Hatron Collider Woolly Hatastrophe 2018: Winterbash Photo Album

BESWRetro Fan: Originals In 2015 I put doctors in the Fourth Doctor's hat and scarf. In 2016, famously awful fathers got to wear Darth Vader's mask. In 2017 detectives wore Sherlock Holmes's hat. This year I'll be putting the Retro Fan glasses on original versions of characters with multiple iterat...

I think the offense rating comes from its total damage output in a round, not just per hit. Figure it's going to get in, what, two-three of those retaliation shocks?
I just used this tool, and it came out with CR 1/2. 22 hp, AC15, +4 atk bonus, and 14 dmg per round (~3 per d6)
CR 1/2 was probably closer to what I was looking for
And if that is right, I'm not sure how that calculation got there
6:14 AM
What level are your players and do they have any means to hurt the swarm without attacking it? (I assume "when hit" refers to attacks only)
Hmm. That's autohit damage. I think you might want to double it?
Regular damage has a miss chance and all that.
@Glazius Well, basing it off the Bat Swarm stat block, they deal 5 (2d4) damage as an attack, then I added the 9 damage from ~3 per ~3d6 per round
And it is a swarm...
Will need to look back on the rules, but I remember there being something about an auto-hit based on full vs half swarm, or something
Hm, there's an issue that damage-on-hit doesn't neatly map to normal damage
might be a different system though
@kviiri Just cos I'm new to this, could you help explain what exactly I'm looking at? haha
Interesting bit of Dndbeyond news: Fandom has bought Curse. reddit.com/r/dndnext/comments/a5p5e0/…
6:24 AM
I'd maybe approach it by figuring out how many hits the party needs to defeat the swarm... that tells you how many d6's the swarm's gonna dish out total.
If you want per-round for CR calculations, dividing that by the amount of turns the swarm's going to take to die seems appropriate
By "that" you're referring to your previous statement?
Sentence*. Not statment
Sorry for choppy replies, I'm switching trains
All g
4 hours later…
10:46 AM
@trogdor I have taken the liberty to redo your avatar.
free to add this one to your site archive.
also, if anyone can find me a --simple-- but cute MLP fanart (preferably Fluttershy) I can try to convert that one.
As I said yesterday, the avatar I use is probably too complex.
@Derpy pulling the wool over the eye of the beholder
11:24 AM
at least now you will have the picture stored for reference
12:04 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Url in title, bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, body starts with title and ends in url, pattern-matching product name in body, +5 more (787): doctorsupplement.com/alpha-titan-testo/ by user50687 on rpg.SE
SMASHED that spam.
Out it goes
1 hour later…
1:36 PM
@SomberRaven Pact Magic and Spell casting are different features that work together in a peculiar way. If the two answers I liked under your question don't help, please let me know
1:48 PM
attempt number one - must really work on the hair lines
@Derpy Nice!!!!
Love the beholder as well BTW
@Derpy kawaii
@Derpy that is sick
2:21 PM
howdy howdy
if only meta upvotes "counted"
We are continuing our progress to campaign end at my very long running game.
that D&D logo has gotten some positive attention
@goodguy5 Well big Meta actually does!
It is treated as a mainsite rather than like the other metas.
2:25 PM
@Rubiksmoose yea, but only towards meta points
which are definitively less worth
@goodguy5 Better than Meta.RPG though which have fake fake internet points
@NautArch I vaguely remember you thinking that this was going to end months ago. Am I misremembering?
I'm no sure. At least it's fake fake-points in a currency I care about.

meta.se is like fake korean yen or something; I want fake USD!
this metaphor is quickly falling apart, but I think you get my point
I do :)
@Rubiksmoose nope :/
it just keeps going
Dungeons & Duracell
2:29 PM
solid joke
@NautArch what's keeping it alive?
eldritch powers?
but we're now entering the third layer of hell. Goal is fourth layer and now we know what to do once we get there. Apparently Belial has been given more power from his daughter that has basically made him invincible. And he's made a deal wtih a void creature tying their life forces together. So in order to 'kill' Belial, we have to kill his daughter first in order to weaken him. Once we do that, it'll bring Belial to us (or where he thinks where after we kill his daughter.)
THen we can kill him, at which point he reconnects with the void creature and a portal opens where they return to the void to regenerate. One (or more)o f us will need to step through and finisht he job.
@goodguy5 the DM? :D
got it. just a slog. understood
We just crossed paths with Dispater who wants us to succeed at which point he'll swoop in and take over from Belial. After he gave us the above info, he sent us on our way. We encountered an abandoned town that had lots of very large holes and piles of earth near them.
So what do we do? We fly over it and bypass the encounter :P
@NautArch heck yeah lol
2:33 PM
@Rubiksmoose It was glorious.
Worm-type creatures underground? Yeah, we can avoid that.
No resources wasted
since arriving in hell, we've generally had 4-5 deadly encounters/day.
@NautArch Hell does have a rep for being a bit of a nasty place
@kviiri imagine that!
In Dante's version, there's at least a skating rink in the middle. (Just be careful not to trip over people's heads)
@NautArch Out of curiosity, what kind of encounters has your GM thrown at you? Good ol' devils or is their version of Hell more diverse?
@kviiri there's been a mix of devils, undead, aberrations, and random stuff.
The last encounter was 4-5 failed liches and some other very very tall scary looking creature
@NautArch A failed lich being someone who started the transformation but it didn't work?
2:42 PM
@KorvinStarmast they had their licher's permit, but never took the final test to get their full lichcense
@KorvinStarmast +4 DM ire points
that's licherally the worst joke I've heard today
@goodguy5 hahaha
You all are terrible but I like you anyways.
My groan turns into a gag as I try the Heimlich maneuver ...
2:48 PM
@Rubiksmoose that's kind of my goal in lichfe
My friend from Spain's running gag is that he wants to turn his character, Jaime, into Jaime-lich ...
Smokey seems to have missed this spam. Let's kill it ourselves
@NautArch Cool
@KorvinStarmast pronounced "ha ee meh"?
I seem to remember a debate from years ago: does lich rhyme with witch, or with like? As I recall, on the UK side of the pond a lot of people used the latter pronunciation.
2:51 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in body, potentially bad keyword in body (94): I killed your parents ✏️ by MASTERdm on rpg.SE
@goodguy5 "Hi! May!" with emphasis on the first syllable
I've always heard litch
@kviiri Yeah, Belial has been working with aberrations and others and hiring help from outside.
@NautArch Evil contract work ...
@KorvinStarmast Yeah, we saw a picture of one but didn't really roll well enough to know anymore. It was a large creature with long claw like hands and a 15' reach.
2:52 PM
@Sdjz edited, and flagged
@goodguy5 loved the edit+comment you made
And the main guy kept pointing his finger at us and sending some sort of spell that on a failed wis save would give necrotic damage and then frighten and paralyze you.
@Sdjz got to go through the proper methods, even for garbage
@Sdjz done, with a flag
@goodguy5 chortle but it is still spelled wrong, I think, since my last recollection of proper spelling was "muahahahahahaha" ... though the OED is silent on that usage.
@KorvinStarmast I think that's a colloquial difference.
2:56 PM
@NautArch That sounds like something from Mord's ...
@goodguy5 Lich-ly true (if lich rhymes with pike)
@KorvinStarmast y'know, similar to how there are multiple ways to pronounce lichen on a tree
@KorvinStarmast could be, i'll have to flip through. It would have been the first time my Ring of Free Action might have been useful. But I can't be frightened, so the paralyzed effect would have ended anyway.
I just noted that the old English root of that word has a long i (pike) rather than the short i (which)
One of my allies did get paralzyed and we didn't know how long it would last so I had to stay within 30' of him to make sure he didn't re-paralyze. Limited my mobility.
Tried out my capstone, but apparently they were also immune to being frightened.
@NautArch I'd guess that a lot of things that live in the nine hells are hard to frighten; they live around scary things 24/7
Their response to a paladin ..."You aren't scary, man, you are just annoying!"
PS: is the capstone Devotion or Vengeance paladin?
3:02 PM
Spooky, scary paladins send shivers down your spine
@kviiri Divine smite is cool, so yeah. :)
great question, @Rubiksmoose
@KorvinStarmast vengeance
@goodguy5 Thanks!
I 'm thinking several ideas, but none of them answers
3:11 PM
Yeah I think this is a case of: they really didn't think this through. Though this may be the most blatant example of them doing that that I know of (if indeed it is true)
I mean, optional rules don't have to be thought out that much.
my first thought is to just multiply all of the rest logic by 8
I mean, if you put an official variant of a rule in a rule book, don't you think it should have the same quality as the original rule?
@Rubiksmoose no
I certainly think I would prefer it that way lol
now, it should be better than this
3:13 PM
I mean I think the intent would be scale the whole thing
let's assume that the original rule is 100% good. (bold assumption, but still)

Then official optional rules should be at least 75% as good
And I agree about full scaling.

You need 48 hours of sleep over the seven days. Perform no more than 16 hours of light activity. and less than 8 hours of strenuous activity
@KorvinStarmast yeah, kiind of a bummer, but i'll try it when I can. That battle was right before the end of a long rest where I was actually on watch. Since we were investigating a noise we heard, i brought it up as a just in case.
So my DM's first take on it was (and he readily admitted after I pointed it out) definitely not supported by the reading but seems like a good option. He read it as saying that you need 7 days of normal long rest rules to count as 1 long rest.
@Rubiksmoose what an interesting idea.
So you would just use the normal rest rules each night but not gain the benefit until after the 7th.
3:16 PM
So, after 7 successful (consecutive) short rests, you get a long rest?
@kviiri They get scared pretty quick after they encounter me. My standard attack (if it hits) delivers a minimum of 20 damage. And I swing that halberd 3 times/turn plus a potential reaction.
@goodguy5 I'm not sure about the short rest thing. That seems likely but I'll have to ask him how he reads that
and by raw elves still only need 4 hours obviously ;)
At first I paniced though since I read it as what I posed in my question: rest limitations with no scaling. Which would be impossible to pull off in a dungeon or in any place remotely dangerous.
I mean.... it's worth noting that "gritty realism" is a bad name for a variety of reasons
it's just "gritty slowness"
3:19 PM
one being it makes me think of that big orange mascot
"welp, I used one spell slot and the fighter took 10 points of damage. I guess we'd better head back to town for a week"
@goodguy5 to be fair though, part of the reason he wants to implement the rule is to prevent us from doing that. And it would totally work.
@SirCinnamon I'm a Philedelphian. <3 Gritty
@Rubiksmoose I don't understand
@goodguy5 From taking long rests after only using a small amount of resources.
@goodguy5 It's difficult to make a group take their recommended daily dose of beatings
3:21 PM
@goodguy5 I forgot you were in the philly area!
was just down there to do a FB live event for work
@Rubiksmoose It won't stop you from doing it unless you literally don't have enough money to do it.
He wants us to be more drained because we are whalloping encounters and he can't find great ways to legit keep up from resting.
@Rubiksmoose harder encounters not an option?
1. you should put that in your question.

2. make it so that resting isn't an option. ez
There are monsters, hazards. shifting tectonic plates. anything
@goodguy5 Well for one thing time is a resource in our campaign so we really can't take a week off whenever. And also we are often a great distance from a town.
3:22 PM
@goodguy5 It's easier and more realistic to force an interruption on a 1week long rest than an 8 hour. not a perfect solution but shrug
@goodguy5 Normally I would, but in this case I really am interested in what people come up with (if anything) about this rule.
I'm forming an answer in my mind
It may be a tiny bit of an XY thing (not really though) but the issue of preventing resting has been addressed before in other Q&As here.
@goodguy5 Yeah but he does get tired of throwing monsters at us constantly to interrupt rest so I get that. He has tried though. It just so happens when we are in a relative place of safety we end up resting a lot and making encounters fairly trivial.
@Rubiksmoose Does your DM employ the exhaustion mechanic for missing a LR?
@NautArch Definitely. Though he hasn't really been able to interrupt us that often to the extent where we miss the rest entirely.
3:26 PM
@Rubiksmoose If a time is a resource, why are you choosing to rest so much? Isn't that creating a temporal problem?
An hours is a lot of encounters.
We often choose not to take rests (either short or even sometimes long) when moving quickly is a (perceived) requirement.
We generally police ourselves about resting more than our DM says "you can't rest"
@NautArch kind of? Right now we are in a bit of a lull so I think he sees the problem as being worse than it is. And we are in a place of relative safety so most of our encounters have been incidental as we do other non-combat things.
@NautArch oh we do too. We totally hold ourselves to (or try to) a standard of when we should rest.
@Rubiksmoose I'm going to comment "why are you considering this rule", unless you'd like to preemptively edit it in.
I think that will be a part of a good answer, is addressing your reasoning
unless you disagree
@goodguy5 Normally I totally would. However, I'm not really interested in a frame challenge for this particular question based on why we are doing it. The fact is we may end up doing it no matter and we want to know how it should work. Also, knowing how it works could end up making a difference on it's viability.
3:30 PM
also, fake comment to the Gritty realism question:

"Related: https://shawglobalnews.files.wordpress.com/2018/09/philly-gritty.gif"
I suppose I can add a line in though.
@Rubiksmoose that's enough reason not to.
oh, wait. duh
@goodguy5 I added in a small note regardless. I can always encourage answers not to frame challenge if I'm getting significant amounts of them.
Meeting. Be back in a bit.
3:56 PM
and posted
4:25 PM
@Rubiksmoose I hear ya. HOnestly, I think the easiest path is too bump up encounter difficulty. Make you spend more resources to get through.
That still doesn't address the one-fight (or two) adventuring day, which I interpreted as one of the problems.

You reach a critical mass of encounter difficulty.
I'm still very confused as to how this question isn't a dupe. It seems like the question I duped it as (now included in the body of the question) is asking exactly the same thing.
oh, the linked question
It feels good to break out the probability engine. 8)
oooh a chart. I'll look in a sec
@NautArch Well, the new question is broader. The old question is asking about pegasi, specifically
So, either the old question should be "the mounts from greater steed" or the new question should be answered and the old question marked as dupe
but the new question is definitely not a dupe
4:32 PM
@goodguy5 Right, but the specifics about Pegasi doesn't change it at all. It's the spell and how that steed interats, no?
okay, that's fine.
It MAY be a dupe of this:
Q: When can you choose to control a mount?

Dale MThe rules for mounted combat (PHB p.198) state: While you're mounted, you have two options. You can either control the mount or allow it to act independently. Intelligent creatures, such as dragons, act independently. You can control a mount only if it has been trained to accept a rider....

Both questions are asking "how does the find [greater] steed spells interact with mounted rules"
@goodguy5 Exactly right. He's been buffing the heck out of encounters but still finding it very hard to drain us.
@Rubiksmoose do you guys have a bunch of magic items, or a lot of members? or just work well together mechanically?
@NautArch I would support any of the options I listed. but I don't think the new question is a dupe of the pegasus question.
If anyone has an efficient way to perform the same calculations my program is performing, I'd love someone to double-check my work.
Especially the levels 12-16 comparison between Agonizing Blast and +1 Heavy Crossbow, since that one is pretty close (and thus necessitating some additional scrutiny)
4:36 PM
what about level 17, though?
and your math looks solid
@goodguy5 Agonizing Blast comes out ahead, I mentioned that in my actual post: rpg.stackexchange.com/a/137344/42386
ah, I was looking for that
@goodguy5 Party of 5 decently optimized 12th level characters, I think we do have a lot of magic items (though honestly I'm still kind of confused how to measure how much is right or not). I don't think there is a lot of team synergy necessarily but there isn't dis-synergy either
Can we close that mount question as unclear for the moment?
I have no idea what it is asking if the linked question is not a dupe of it.
@Xirema my only other question is to what affect using a light crossbow has to get another attack
@NautArch cc
4:44 PM
@Xirema is your calculation counting the 5% fail for AC0?
@goodguy5 Yes.
@goodguy5 Well, heavy Crossbows are two-handed, so I don't think you could use the Light Crossbow consistently. You'd have to attack with it every-other turn, and not be able to use your Free Object Interaction for anything else.
@Xirema oh, sorry. meant hand crossbow.
@Xirema base eldritch blast on your chart has 11 for expected damage, but shouldn't it be 11*.95?
@Rubiksmoose I can't, I had closed it as a dupe already.
@goodguy5 Nope. Misses on a 1, but crits on a 20.
@goodguy5 So it's 11 * .95 + 11 * 0.05
4:46 PM
@Rubiksmoose Same. It very much seems that you are asking the exact same question. The only difference being you asked about the pegasus but that really has no relevance to the question.
oh, duh. right
11/*.95 + 11/.*.05
Yeah, I just noticed.
4:47 PM
@NautArch I'm legit confused actually what the question is entirely. There may even be multiple questions in there.
Would have been the ideomatic way to express that.
It's 11 * .9 + 22 * .05
Except in D&D you round down, so it's 11* 0 + 22*0 = 0
I mean I guess if I ignore most of the body and take their title as direction I can get some reading on it.
@MikeQ it turns out that it's actually just 1d4+str
4:48 PM
You can see in the AC0 detailed stats that they track the 5% failure on a nat1 though.
Stats for Roll [Crossbow vs AC0]
  0: 100 (  5.0000%) Odds to Pass: 100.0000%
 +3: 180 (  9.0000%) Odds to Pass:  95.0000%
 +4: 181 (  9.0500%) Odds to Pass:  86.0000%
 +5: 182 (  9.1000%) Odds to Pass:  76.9500%
 +6: 183 (  9.1500%) Odds to Pass:  67.8500%
 +7: 184 (  9.2000%) Odds to Pass:  58.7000%
 +8: 185 (  9.2500%) Odds to Pass:  49.5000%
 +9: 186 (  9.3000%) Odds to Pass:  40.2500%
+10: 187 (  9.3500%) Odds to Pass:  30.9500%
+11: 188 (  9.4000%) Odds to Pass:  21.6000%
+12: 189 (  9.4500%) Odds to Pass:  12.2000%
@Rubiksmoose I also don't understand how SSD's comment is different than your question.
@NautArch I think I might have a read on it and am writing up an answer to see if it helps.
It isn't very different in the case I'm reading.
@Xirema This tool you're using, is it calculating probabilities or is it doing monte carlo to calculate statistics?
so, h.xbow
8.25 with IPW
x2 for bonus action to 16.5
Thirsting blade bumps it up to 24.75

@MikeQ It's calculating probabilities. Monte Carlo is for hacks who don't know how to create models. 8)
4:54 PM
Well it says "Total Possible Rolls" so I wasn't sure. Is it iterating all the outcomes and then doing statistics on that dataset?
@goodguy5 What's the bonus action coming from?
crossbow Expert?

• When you use the Attack action and attack with a one-handed weapon, you can use a bonus action to attack with a loaded hand crossbow you are holding.
@MikeQ Fair enough. It calculates all the possible outcomes and then coagulates the ones that are functionally identical.
@Rubiksmoose if it's not different, then why put the answer up? Isn't it better to determine if it's a dupe and then link it?
@NautArch I said it is not that different. I think there are some aspects that might be different here.
4:56 PM
i.e. dealing 3 damage on the first attack and 5 on the second, and 5 on the first and 3 on the second, are just treated as 2 outcomes of +8.
I wonder if that's how anydice works under the hood
@goodguy5 Oh, okay, so both weapons are Hand crossbows?
I didn't consider that scenario, I can add that to the stats...
no. one weapon is a hand crossbow.

There's nothing that precludes the weapon you are attacking with initially to be the same hand crossbow you're holding.
@goodguy5 Oh.
That simplifies things, doesn't it?
4:58 PM
I hadn't realized that was how it worked. Hmm...
So, getting a bunch of attacks with 2x+cha is pretty sweet
@Rubiksmoose like what?
just to be whiny and needy.

No one has upvoted my answer to moose's question about gritty realism

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