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12:02 AM
Hats have arrived
Oh I must have the ain't easy being cheesy hat
That is my goal this time
Too bad all those others aren't easy to get
And I guess I need 6 other hats for it
@trogdor That is my rate reducing step as well
I liked last year where there were some new ways of getting hats
This year they didn't come up with too many
Seems like
Not that a few predictable and site participation ones are bad
But I wish they weren't mostly that
Maybe there will be easy secret hats I hardly have to try for again
Also I don't know how I'm supposed to get a new user hat,... When I'm not one?
I don't really want to just make a new account just to have a hat not on this account
12:18 AM
@trogdor If you join a new (to you) stack it counts.
That is how I am rocking my single hat
I did not know it could work like that
Course that means I have to find a stack I could actually answer something on
So I join a new stack, and I get a hat that shows up on all stacks?
Well you need to gain rep too right?
Not much but still
M'rr. None of these hats are speaking to me.
Secret hats maybe though
12:24 AM
@trogdor Network association bonus counts I think
@GreySage It does, yeah
Wow ok
I still gotta wait till after work either way I guess
I can earn the hat on my phone but I can't wear it till later
@MikeQ I just did it, and have gotten no hat as yet.
I suspect there's proooobably caching involved, or a script needs to run, or someone needs to wave the magic hat wand
[refreshes] Aww, still in Memphis.
....I don't get a lot of these hats' references.
What's "still fresh" about?
12:34 AM
I don't get many of them ever
I was shocked to learn that the one that looked like a raindeer harness was actually a hat a real person wore
...okay, now I just want to run a Honey Heist variant where everybody's a TF2 guy heisting hard from MannCon2018.
...hats. Heisting hats. Dang autocorrect.
Erg just gimme the hats
Hooray I got one. 150 more to go.
Just all the hats now XD
@BESW I rarely get them, they usually remind me how weirdly out of touch I am :P
12:37 AM
@Ash Eh, if you were making hats they'd be all trains and musicals and romance references and none of the Stack team would get them.
@BESW good idea
Let them take the hit, go go Ash hats
Viva la revolution
Can I get an upvote on this answer, if anybody thinks it's worthy?
Thank you.
I think you got more than one there
Next hat check I should have three.
Rest assured I read the question and your answer first
12:42 AM
Just needed one.
I'm aware
But it was still a good enough answer for an upvote and I was looking at it anyway
Thank you.
Appoaches are in fact best if,... Approached that way
@BESW But they would be GREAT hats.
Saying every time you shoot you do it quickly is,... Missing the point
12:44 AM
@Ash They would be excellent, and I would rather have them than these.
These hats are not the best
I did like some last year though
I'm hoping we get some easy secret hats again
@BESW Aww yay!
Last year I didn't even need to look for any and I got like, 4 or 5 or something
Maybe not quite that many I don't remember
I am a little worried about the hat that involves chat stars
At least 2 or 3
12:46 AM
(its on a specific day, I believe, but I feel like that might be...chaotic)
@Ash I didn't get the equivalent last year
I more mean I can see people just like starring ALL THE THINGS
And yeah I hope people aren't pushing too hard for it
That would be bad
yeah, doesn't seem like it's going to promote desired behavior.
Some hats just don't seem like that
I always worry about the ones that want you to close edit and re-open stuff
Or delete 5 comments after an edit
12:49 AM
I think that one is intended to be "the person improved the thing so my comment is useless" but I can see it...not going that way
Yes that could be done in a normal way but I bet a bunch of people will make 5 comments they wouldn't have and then delete them later
@Ash exactly
It's partly because it says 5
If it were one I'm sure most active users will do that accidentally anyway
Observation: Hats are svg overlays on top of your user avatar, and don't act as links to your user page, so they effectively block the link
Nice hat though
Why am I not getting these hats.
12:53 AM
@MikeQ Wait is that a secret hat already?
Try voting on an old post
Oooh, the Merlin looks promising.
Try being a campy yet underrated tv show
Yeah I can't even seem to check to see if I got the hats I tried for yet on my phone
I feel very impatient right now
1:07 AM
@trogdor You should be able to see them here; if you have them they're colored in.
I guess I don't
Oh wait yep
I have 2 hats
I wasn't logged in there
1:45 AM
Hmm... got a hat on a site I didn't even know I belonged to. Merry Hatmas!!!
Do we have a photo album yet?
Or a catchy name? (@doppelgreener?)
We don't seem to currently
Hatocalypse (2016), Hatmas (2017), Winterbash/Hatmas (2015) are used. Is it time for "The Hattening"?
(Keep "Hatnarok" in the back pocket for if they ever announce "this is the last hatmas"?)
May i humbly submit "Big Wooly"?
2:02 AM
For those who don't know what's going on:
Q: The Winterbash 2015 Hatmas "Photo" Album (& maybe embarrassing yearbook)

doppelgreenerThis album is for 2015. Check out the 2016 album here: Hatocalypse 2016 Survivors' Photo Album Every year, there are beautiful fantastic displays with hats and avatars. We see others with avatars we love, or we get that perfect dapper combination and enjoy it to bits. They get boxed up and di...

Q: Hatocalypse 2016 Survivors' Photo Album

doppelgreener This album is for 2016. Check out the 2017 album here: The Hatmas Interdimensional Breach 2017 Photo Album As prophecy foretold, the Hatocalypse is upon us. Some of us may survive. Some may only be uncovered later under the debris of so many hats; rest assured our thoughts will be with you. ...

Q: The Hatmas Interdimensional Breach 2017 Photo Album

doppelgreenerIt's that time of year we fear every year: the interdimensional barriers between the dimension of hats and our own has broken down to critical and inevitable degrees. The rifts are open. The hats are upon us, here to consume us and preoccupy us like so many intellect devourers and to compel us to...

@Glazius probably good to also drop that as a comment on greener's 2017 album post.
not sure why I don't see a hat, but on the other hand I am not a follower of fashion
@KorvinStarmast You probably see two faces, instead. It's a gestalt thing =)
So my potential co-gm for a CP2020 campaign and I were getting pretty excited at lunch over our ideas for a campaign pitch. And I spent some time last night working on a MGT2 pitch last night that's got me smiling. Which, if experience is any guide, means that people will vote for the "vanilla" third option.
@BESW It does go high up and a little tilted....
@doppelgreener What are the rules for hatmas? Do they have to use our own avatar? Can image editors be used, and if so, can we include hats we don't have?
...Wait, should this be a question for the meta?
2:13 AM
The only rule is to have fun. And not to go too too crazy vandalizing the site while doing so.
(Been there, done that. Chasing the gold-badge hat by going for editor was... not a good choice.)
Whoa... Mike and BESW in the room. We're in the presence of royalty!
Hatters gonna hat.
I think we've found the album title =)
wHAT are those!?
2:18 AM
Haha @BESW is in the same category as me
NonempHATic Album.
Hat leads to suffering.
2:34 AM
The choice is up to you, 'cos they come into classes, redblind shades and cheap sun glasses
That's weird, my sunglasses don't show up in chat. Hmm. Maybe it's because I (don't) wear my sunglasses at night.
@KorvinStarmast I see them on your chat avatar.
@MikeQ good, even if I don't, I guess I can't see the top of my head. :)
@nitsua60 yay I'm number 4, too bad that won't last long
3:01 AM
Q: What are the rules for Hatmas photo albums?

Mike QOver the past few years, RPG.SE has celebrated surviving the chaos of Hatmas by posting photo albums to the meta. Previous years: The Hatmas Interdimensional Breach 2017 Photo Album Hatocalypse 2016 Survivors' Photo Album The Winterbash 2015 Hatmas “Photo” Album (& maybe embarrassing yearbook)...

3:46 AM
@Rubiksmoose FYI, other than myself, I've seen more than one [high-rep] person specifically claim that this stack has a suggested 24hr grace period on accepting answers, so if no such policy exists, we might need a Meta to make that explicit.
@Xirema definitely no such policy exists.
Q: I've noticed that new users tend to accept questions within only a few hours; should we update the tour?

NathanSAs the title says: I've noticed over the past month or so that a lot of new users tend to accept questions after only a couple of hours. I know that it isn't mandatory for users to wait 24h to accept answers (like it is with accepting self-answers, I think it's 48h for those), and I have accept...

Not that there is an agreement saying that we shouldn't wait 24 hours, but to my knowledge there is no community consensus behind the idea that we should either.
4:05 AM
I think part of the issue is that people who think that 24 hour period should be observed are vocal whereas the people who don't or who don't care don't really have a place to vocalize that.
4:17 AM
I mean, the people who are strongly opposed to it have places to bring it up... They just don't. So I imagine that those who are opposed to it are only mildly opposed, or at least not strongly enough to push back that strongly against the idea of waiting to accept an answer. (Not that it comes up that often anyway.)
I personally think it's a good idea to wait but also don't think it should be enforced
I mean, someone said "Hey, try to wait 24 hours before accepting an answer" when I first became active here, and having spent some time on the other stacks prior, my first instinct was "yeah, that seems reasonable", and didn't dig any further.
Besides, sometimes the person asking the question wants an answer quickly
If they get one that fully satisfied them in the time they needed it it's probably more than acceptable to accept the answer quickly
I mean, I'd oppose a blanket prohibition. Because there's a lot of situations where "hey, there's this weird thing I can't figure out, what do I do?" needs a pretty specific answer.
No need to wait 24 hours for 10 people to individually check the specific rule that confirms or denies your question.
That too
I just mean, there are plenty of times it should probably be up to the question poster if they want to wait that long
But as a default I do think it's good to give people a chance to answer with the hope of being the accepted one
I don't think there's anything wrong with either waiting or accepting quickly
It's dependant on circumstances that only the OP would know
5:08 AM
Afternoon all
1 hour later…
6:25 AM
So... anyone else seen the news?
6:51 AM
not until you linked it
7:03 AM
So, for my hatmas theme this year, I'm thinking about using the Retro Fan glasses and every day putting them on the original version of a different character there's been many versions of.
Original Godzilla, original Joker, original Coke...
sounds interesting
I admit you don't have a lot you can work with this year
that sounds like a great idea rising out of the ashes to me
7:22 AM
Okay! Suggestions, please.
When wearing a long sleeved shirt, rolling up your sleeves can give a "professional, yet casual" look.
Not sure that's gonna go well on a gravatar.
8:00 AM
@BESW April O'Neil
tons of different versions of her now
how many different versions qualifies?
At least three; two if the second one is super well-known right now.
She Ra count then?
oh and any of the ninja turtles I think
Preferably one character per franchise. I had already thought of TMNT but I like using April instead of a turtle.
She-Ra... I'd do that, but there's been a lot of stupid "which is better" arguing and I don't want to imply anything about that by putting up the original character.
that makes sense
April has changed more than them
Original April was Baxter Stockman's computer programmer.
8:13 AM
well also
it's not hard to change more than them
they got some changes to their artstyle but that is about it
she has changed ages, occupations, and race
they are always still teenaged ninja turtles
also fair enough on She Ra
I wish she wasn't a controversial character
2 hours later…
10:45 AM
@Glazius I am intrigued! What is big wooly about?
Be,.... hold
11:00 AM
I couldn't get this football helmetey thing to fit his huge head very well
so I opted for comically small but still visible
it's perfect
11:22 AM
it's most certainly not perfect
@trogdor and somehow they also managed to give Donatello a crush for her.
look I don't want to have to comment on how a mutant turtle likes a human lady
but anyway, thanks for giving me the beholder idea @Derpy
however strangely random the suggestion was
11:45 AM
Q: The Large Hatron Collider Experimental Hatastrophe 2018: Winterbash Photo Album

doppelgreenerThe physicists have done it again! They know no limits in meddling with the fabric of reality, and now the large hatron collider has exploded and there are hats everywhere. How irresponsible! Well, let's take some photos while we're here. Every Hatmas, we wear and see fun and dapper combinati...

Q: The Lord of the Hats: The Return of the Chicken 🐔

SPArchaeologist...Also known as "The Quest for the Winter Chicken of the Bash, Part 3" (part 2 here. So, winter has come again. As every year, the staff members try their best to hide some funny Easter eggs, hoping no one would notice them too soon. And as every year, they attempts are fooled by a single medd...

12:07 PM
Oh, brilliant
Omg, that easter egg this year is fantastic
@doppelgreener is the video the real end, though?
@trogdor follow the white rabbit cow
@Derpy that's a good question... :O
12:40 PM
Q: The Large Hatron Collider Experimental Hatastrophe 2018: Winterbash Photo Album

doppelgreenerThe physicists have done it again! They know no limits in meddling with the fabric of reality, and now the large hatron collider has exploded and there are hats everywhere. How irresponsible! Well, let's take some photos while we're here. Every Hatmas, we wear and see fun and dapper combinati...

1:03 PM
^ someone did an userscript to try to add more colors to the knitting tool
Wow, I didn't notice the knitting thing!
Yessss, more colorssss
1:42 PM
[[knitting] needle drop]
@nitsua60 amazing!!!
i love it.
Hard part was finding the right color skeins in my wife's knitting bag =)
2:01 PM
@nitsua60 .Love it!
Well I have posted my essay on JC vs RAW for all to read.
It probably definitely needs a liposuction, but I can't figure out where exactly.
2:39 PM
@doppelgreener Just riffing on the, well, knitted woolen look this year, nothing huge.
@Glazius Oh got it :)
worldbuilding question....
What effect would time-lapsed flora have on local fauna in a forest?
so imagine a forest where all the plants and stuff grow at like 100X speed.
@Rubiksmoose Where?
@goodguy5 I suspect population growth but probably not much else for herbivores. Higher population of herbivores might lead to weaker predators who work less to hunt?
2:52 PM
Would it affect the ability of birds to nest?
@goodguy5 I would expect fewer animals, but more insects.
I did my best lol. Knitting with hooves is hard.
@goodguy5 Depends how the growth happens I guess. Are you imagining the tree is shifting too violently to be nested of safely?
@SirCinnamon Not "violently", but rapidly.I suppose that the lower 3rd (or even half) of a tree doesn't shift much
I was thinking about the ones that are out on branches.
2:55 PM
A: Why do Crawford's tweets seem to be treated on par with the actual rules?

RubiksmooseSome people (incorrectly) conflate Jeremy Crawford's rulings with the rules because he is empowered to make official rulings Crawford can make official rulings Jeremy Crawford is, according to his Twitter bio: Lead rules designer of Dungeons & Dragons, lead designer of the Player's Handbook...

and grown nesting birds might be overgrown too quickly
@goodguy5 Maybe thats a nice ecological niche though - if you can nest safely in the higher branches you're safer. Some kind of super woodpecker?
@SirCinnamon A symbiotic relationship between spiders and birds where nests are hung underneath branches.
@goodguy5 But what does the spider get out of it?
@SirCinnamon bugs and stuff
2:58 PM
Yeah, I suppose. And I agree with Colin saying there would be a lot of bugs
@Rubiksmoose I feel like these should go in the photo album as well.
I'm trying to decide if trees would be less vulnerable to bugs....
@Rubiksmoose The end of the post cites a bunch of sources that say, the DM has the final say in various different ways. I feel like that could be consolidated down to a section with the title, "DM has final say" and a bullet list of the citations with a brief phrase succinctly summarizing each source's gist.
Q: Should we encourage users to wait 24 hours before accepting an answer?

RubiksmooseI've noticed recently that there are those who encourage users not to accept answers before waiting at least 24 hours. Most of the time it is presented as something that "we" recommend or encourage. Some even refer to it as our policy. Yet I can find no record of any such consensus (in fact I hav...

@nitsua60 Ooo! done! I can't get over how adorable yours is though.
@ColinGross Very good point.
3:06 PM
@Rubiksmoose I like that RAW/"official" essay--+1!
@nitsua60 Thanks! :D
The specific thing that was most bothering me (that hadn't been covered by the other answer) was the whole official vs RAW thing and it took me a lot of thinking and 1200 words to get to figure out how to mesh those two ideas into something that made sense. I must say I'm pretty happy with my conclusions/logic if not how long it took me to get there lol
@Rubiksmoose I like that you define RAW. It might behoove you to define what a ruling is and briefly contrast that to rule right at the outset of the post. A rule is X. A ruling is Y. Rules come from the books. Official rulings come from JC's face.
@Rubiksmoose what text editor do you use?
@ColinGross Yeah I had a lot of problems with the flow of the answer. And I'm still kind of unhappy with it. I'll look at doing that and see how it works.
@Rubiksmoose Art is never done. It's just abandoned at some point.
@ColinGross I actually typed it in Notebook++ but was too lazy to figure out if/how to do a word count in it so pasted it to word to find out XD
Normally though I just type my answers in the answer field.
3:15 PM
ninja mask
@ColinGross I like that rules vs ruling at top suggestion.
I'll just leave this here for @BESW, even though he's probably already played it. mostlysignssomeportents.tumblr.com/post/121672693266/…
Q: How often should a party be randomly attacked while traveling?

Alex ParvanWe decided that we're going to keep traveling role-play to a minimum, meaning that unless there's a random encounter, the players will reach their destination without talking about what happened on the road. Given this, I still want my players to have the need for horses/carriages, and so, I wan...

I'm a bit sad about that question
It had the potential for thought-provoking answers... were it system-tagged.
@kviiri Indeed. :( Tough question though. No idea how I would answer it.
@Rubiksmoose mine would probably begin with "what do you actually want out of your random encounters?"
Okay, questions in answers is bad, but maybe I could enumerate the usual cases: realism, resource management, strategy or "it's just supposed to be there isn't it?"
3:24 PM
@kviiri Sounds like something that could be sorted out by a session 0 question.
Immersion, too, I guess
@kviiri nah I got what you meant.
I think one of the toughest parts of the question is that besides the goals, there are also a lot of variables I would think. Unless there is some guidance out there that is not concerned about level, terrain, travel type, etc.
@Rubiksmoose yah
Random encounters are one of my pet peeves
@kviiri Having them? Or the rules (or lack thereof) surrounding them?
I feel their main purpose is to annoy you into using fast travel
(in computer games)
3:34 PM
I'm not a huge fan of random encounters, but I don't MIND them
@Rubiksmoose As for tabletops, I don't really have a clear view on why I'd use them... I see some reasons, like introducing resource management constraints or such, but not really something that scripted wouldn't do
I certainly love the THREAT of random encounters, though
I tell my party to roll a d12 when they stop in certain places or if they're traveling long distances.

Then I make some noises as if I've taken note of the number.
I like them for story telling mechanics. "You're in a dangerous area. Without discovering or devising some way of warding off the natives, it's going to be a tough go. Stopping to rest or not traveling quickly will get you killed or at the very least things that live here will give it a best effort."
And then an encounter happens if I planned on
The big issue to overcome when doing random encounters is that every encounter is expensive in table time (the most precious resource of them all) so they have to be very well justified
3:36 PM
@kviiri I agree. When I ran pathfinder (which was the last time I ran something where it was encouraged to use them) I used to look at the table and then plan all those encounters and then drop them in in a scripted fashion.
I don't like them as a matter of course. Especially for higher level characters. Sometimes I'll just montage the travel with notes about them spotting bandits and the bandits steering clear of such an obviously well equipped and skilled party.
I never liked the idea of giving over all narrative control to the dice in that way.
@Rubiksmoose I like that.
@ColinGross I guess what I'm trying to say is, given how expensive each encounter is, I wouldn't have one that served just as an action scene without advancing the situation significantly (which is usually the exact opposite of random encounters that basically serve as "you can't proceed until you kill some orks")
yea. I don't care for this ninja mask....
now, I just need to wait for the tophat to load
3:40 PM
It's one of the reasons why I like AW so much, resolving an action scene is over in a few minutes unless people feel like prolonging it
That said, i like tactical combat too, but not when it interrupts something else without a good reason
@kviiri I loved that about Masks as well even though I was no great about cutting scenes off before they got boring.
as long as the party thinks there's risk, I'm happy.
@Rubiksmoose that's something I've tried to be decent at. "You guys finish off the remaining few guys. you take 0-X (usually 5 or 10) more damage. Let's go around and say what the last thing you did was. How did you finish the battle?"
Yep, combat is usually the most time-consuming activity in combat-centric systems
"I sneaked up and shanked one of the mooks, but not before he got a jab off, I took 3 damage.
And unless I think the combat system itself is particularly fun (which I usually don't), I see no reason to slow down the rest of the good stuff in the session with a sudden fight
3:50 PM
@Rubiksmoose @trogdor @nitsua60 You realize that there is a question on the main Meta site made just to list people knitting creations? You should post those there too :P
@MikeQ Hear hear
especially since...
@ShadowWizard There ... might be something in the works. I can not confirm nor deny any things for any things. But there might be things, or other things. But the thing is, the things are the way they are because of other things, so we'll just have to thing positively and see. — Tim Post ♦ 1 hour ago
If these systems didn't reinforce combat as the #1 way to resolve encounters (or if combat was more streamlined or diverse) then I'd be more willing to do random encounters
@goodguy5 That is very nice. I need to do that more often.
It's not always effective. sometimes there's still risk. But if the only thing stopping the game progressing is lazy dice, then....
4:06 PM
I hope you folks don't expect me to make a knitted version of MY avatar.
@Derpy We don't expect it. We require it.
I may try to do a pony at some point. May
@MikeQ That does seem to be an issue. D&D accommodates many non-combat solutions, but adjudicating them isn't as formulaic as combat. So the rules don't dwell on it as much and they're not as advertised as a result.
@goodguy5 Marvellous!!
FWIW, the photo album has been made affirmatively wool-inclusive.
4:16 PM
"Accommodates" is a bit subjective. I mean, any game with rule 0 does.
@doppelgreener We're all part of the flock herd now.
Making the combat engine the attractive part of the game, the mechanical locus and the centerpiece of each character's skillset does feel a bit like punishing the players for not using the combat engine.
Right. When the combat rules are the most designed, that means noncombat challenges are fuzzier to run. The system does not have as sophisticated mechanics to deal with them.
Which isn't necessarily a bad thing for what the system is trying to accomplish.
Like, it would be really cool if bards had some mechanic for talking their way out of a fight, or if druids/rangers could calm down hostile animals. But then, what does the rest of the party do? Sit and watch?
And as far as 5e goes, players only get XP from defeating enemies in combat. Unless the DM specifies otherwise™
The difference here is between "can theoretically accommodate", "supports", and "would work". Golden Sky Stories, a game about cute animals and spirits helping people, can theoretically accommodate mafia fights breaking out, but does not support them and it would not work because that is not congruent with the game as a whole nor in the direction the game would go in. Another concept is whether the game would resist me doing that, and it would.
Any game is open to modification (even ones that insist they are not; nobody can stop me) but if I am choosing a game I will choose one that offers thought-out support for what I want to do, or where what I want to do will actually work with the game without resistance were I to modify it.
@MikeQ My first GM did his best to accommodate those kinds of things as a part of charismatic characters' skill sets, and yep, it was terrible
The one hippie character would stop at nothing to stop any encounter involving cute animals
4:24 PM
People tend to find the effort of adding new things to be considerable. After all, you're doing game design! That's hard to do well! They also find the game to be resistant to them doing so.
@MikeQ That explicitly isn't true. The DMG calls out that bypassing any obstacle should be rewarded.
I never understood how combat-focused D&D was until I played Masks which is built from an entirely different perspective.
Regardless of what you add to the D&D engine, it remains that almost the entirety of your character sheet and your advancement features is functionally about combat, and most of the game is about combat, and people chose these combat-relevant features and have a reasonable expectation to actually use the things they chose and invested in, so combat tends to be important.
user image
@GreySage Wait, what am I talking about. I've even answered a question saying exactly what you're saying. Completely forgot about that lol
4:27 PM
A: Winter Bash 2018 Knitting

goodguy5From RPG.Stackexchange, with love.

@GreySage It's not about the rewards (only), it's about how satisfying the experience is
@kviiri And when the combats get very samey and repetitive, that experience becomes less satisfying
... found a new hat... not sure I like it though...
As for getting some quantitative reward after doing something slow and grindy and formulaic, I call that "work", and I'd prefer that playing TTRPGs didn't feel like a second job
4:36 PM
Huh. That's weird lore. So this thing I'm reading has a setting where the main source of energy (akin to oil) is this multi-purpose magical dust. And apparently this dust used to be people. And not in the sense that oil used to be plants and animals (mostly algae). The dust can be alive and sapient or it can be dead. And while it's alive/sapient, it can restore itself almost endlessly.
@MikeQ After reviewing the DMG (pg 260/261), I'd say 'explicitly' is probably too strong a word, but it definitely suggests awarding experience for non-combat encounters and story milestones. I think I am mis-remembering some stuff in LMoP, which says to award exp if the group bypasses an obstacle, rather than defeats it in combat.
So in the past, there were these huge technologically advanced empires fueled by clean, renewable... people.
@Yuuki Like a troll barbecue!
Of course, when your entire existence for the past several decades is basically you being an infinite battery, you tend to lose your grip on self and reality.
So the empires collapsed because their dust began to, well, die.
And when dead, dust becomes a non-renewable consumable.
I'm trying to figure out whether the author intended this to be some kind of allegory for slavery.
@Yuuki People were their most important resource.
4:39 PM
@Yuuki Seems more like an allegory for renewable energy sources
@MikeQ Every encounter needs a twist
@MikeQ Maybe, in the sense that climate change might ruin the efficiency of renewable energy that relies on said climate.
@kviiri From what I've seen as player and DM, encounter "twists" can be more easily/cohesively implemented in some systems than others
@DavidCoffron "hamdbook errata"
Mmmm, ham
4:55 PM
sanctuary ends when:

the warded creature makes an attack, casts a spell that affects an enemy, or deals damage to another creature
what limitations are on that....
like, if I set up a hunting trap days ago. and someone casts sanctuary on me. Then a rabbit triggers my trap. does the spell end?
@goodguy5 No because you did damage days ago, it's just that the rabbit didn't realize it until now. /s
Or if I have sanctuary on me. My friend is killed. I cast revivify, then my friend "affects an enemy". Does that count?
If a tree falls in a forest, and nobody hears it, does it do any damage?
@MikeQ Spells only do what they say they do and Silence doesn't mention damage mitigation from falling trees.
@MikeQ Depends, did you fail your perception check?
5:08 PM
@goodguy5 dang it!
@DavidCoffron I'd edit it for you, but there aren't enough differences for SO to let me.
@goodguy5 i got it. Thanks for the notice
@Derpy interesting. I went ahead and dropped a link in @goodguy5's meta.se answer, so as not to spam meta.
5:25 PM
@nitsua60 thanks!
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@doppelgreener I find that systems are tools and the desired gameplay is the task. And using the wrong tool for the wrong task causes problems. Haven't really tried (or seen anyone succeed at) modifying a system for a different kind of game. Do you have any success stories in this?
@MikeQ I do. I played a 0 combat D&D short campaign where we modified the combat rules for social/political encounters. Essentially we replaced weapon/armor proficiencies with proficiencies with tools related to intrique and conversation, and gomebrewed some class features that were unfit for the game. I, as the GM, set difficulty levels based on the CR system and the HP/AC was how difficult the challenge was, while the damage per round were threats to the party's success.
It required some narrative finesse, but was a lot of fun (would not recommend for a long term campaign though). I think I was inspired by someone here on the stack IIRC
6:57 PM
@DavidCoffron I wittily mock your opinion, take 6 damage!
@GreySage pretty much how it went. If you reached 0 HP you gave up the endeavor.
Looking at my answer to this question: https://rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/73457/can-level-3-faerie-fire-be-seen-in-magical-darkness

I just noticed that only opaque objects can block darkness. Darkness spills around corners like a physical object, but is not blocked by a glass bowl, which is more a property of light. Any ideas on how that makes any sense? Im having a hard time wrapping my head around it. I think it pokes holes in my answer

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