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12:19 AM
hey as well @RyanVeeder, welcome to the RPG.SE lair :)
1:10 AM
Oh hey... just got the Necromancer badge (and subsequent hat) on an answer I posted over a year ago... Lol!
@Ben nice indeed
over here, I'm getting the problem of tumbleweed answers on DIY
Is there a Tumbleweed hat? Lol
@Ben there's a Tumbleweed badge, but that's for questions, lol, and I've earned a couple of those myself
Crawford already stated this, but he reiterated it here:
To copy a spell into your spellbook or ritual book, you need a written version of the spell. You need to see the magical writing and transcribe it. That said, a DM might allow you to write a spell in your book that you learned some other way. #DnD https://twitter.com/CraigBCBrown/status/1073306364674420741
Might be useful in supporting answers to relevant questions
too many relevant questions to link here, and it's not strictly necessary to do, just a useful reference
1:23 AM
How would you word this - when you're doing death saves, and then someone stabilises you, or for some reason ends the "cycle", you no longer need to make the saving throws?
You know, you could make a killing as a player character by selling copies of your own spellbook, couldn't you?
@Axoren Wizards need their own spellbook. Magic isn't the same as English, each caster translates it their own way
yeah, spellbooks are only of any use to those who can copy the spells into their own spellbooks (or ritual books/Books of Shadows)
There was a question related to that - about multiple casters (wizards) using the same spellbook, and the answer was (basically) "That's going to make your Wizards OP AF"
regarding death saves... are you asking how to word it? the rule says: https://www.dndbeyond.com/compendium/rules/basic-rules/combat#StabilizingaCreature
"A stable creature doesn't make death saving throws, even though it has 0 hit points, but it does remain unconscious. The creature stops being stable, and must start making death saving throws again, if it takes any damage. A stable creature that isn't healed regains 1 hit point after 1d4 hours."
1:26 AM
You sell a copy of your spellbook which costs 10gp per SL to reproduce, a customer buys it for 20gp per SL, then THEY spend 50gp per SL to copy it into their own books
You're selling catalogs instead of working booklets
Pretty sure people would prefer that over the cost of spell scrolls
@V2Blast No, I'm writing this for my Corruption rules. Basically like, when you meet a certain condition, you only need one "success" roll, and automatically pass (or "stabilize" using the death save rules)
Per 1st Level Spell Scroll, Xanthar's lists them at 25gp, and 2nd level spell scrolls cost 250gp, which is WAY higher than 20gp per level already.
People would be coming far and wide to buy your criminally cheap "Novice Book of Spells" even as a Level 1 wizard.
Regardless of how many rolls you have already made
So like, "The next success the player makes ends the spiral" or some such.
"Spiral" is ok, but probably not the best word to use. "Cycle" isn't either...
@Ben If you're going to use it for some sort of corruption mechanic, calling it something might make wording it easier.
@Axoren where does that 50gp per SL go?
1:36 AM
@Axoren Honestly don't have too much experience with the official rules on all of that, but I personally probably wouldn't allow it. You'd end up with the world full of Wizards all capable of casting all the spells in the PHB, and an insanely rich PC.
@Shalvenay Failed attempts to study, I guess.
What you can do, vs what you should do.
@Ben and copycat wizards XD
@Ben You'd end up with just as many wizards as you had before. Most commoners don't have 20 gp in savings, let alone 20 gp per SL
who knows, maybe grimoires are a common trade good?
1:37 AM
@Axoren Calling the corruption system something? I have lol. It's called "Corruption" :P Unless you mean the actual "Cycle"?
@Ben "When the player is stabilized, they are stop accruing corruption.
@Axoren I mean, as in who receives those coins?
@Shalvenay They're used for materials, like inks and vellum
I'd also avoid calling it "stabilized" since that already means something different in 5e... or is this a mechanic that's working alongside death saves and stabilization, and affects things when death saves are made?
@Axoren aah I see
1:40 AM
I feel like we're missing context
The context only seems like it would get more complicated. It sounds like making homebrew, where the rules don't matter and the points don't mean anything.
@V2Blast It works the same way as death saves - 3 success vs 3 fails. It's different in that it is affected by overall corruption levels. DC 10 modified by points over/under 40. So a player with 42 points needs to make a DC12 check. When it drops below 40, the DC changes to match. I.e. 38 = DC8.
Additionally, the next success they make automatically "stabilizes" them.
Ah, okay. But it is a different mechanic, unrelated to actual death saves, right?
I.e., no more rolls
@V2Blast Yes. This is not tied to hp in any way
1:44 AM
One thing I'm working on for one of my upcoming campaigns, is replacing Death Saves with Gaming Checks against the Reaper
Where you essentially play rounds of a game of your choice with the Grim Reaper, and if you win, you get to stay among the living
@Ben You might want to check at the suggested "additional ability scores" mentioned in the DMG
They've got things like Honor and Sanity in there, and it might give you an idea of how to handle a Corruption/Insanity style effect
@Axoren Yeah this system is pretty different to that
There's Tiers and modifications based on overall degree and type of corruption.
With no rolls involved in accruing/removing it
2:12 AM
Does anyone know of any tool better than AnyDice at doing dice analytics? I'm constantly getting pissed at how crappy its syntax is flexibility is.
@Ben Did you know that chat magically handles xkcd addresses? I.e. www.xkcd.com/1234 alone on a line will fetch the image, onebox it as a chat message, show the alt-text on mouseover, and link back to the site?
That's too big, @nitsua60
I don't like it when it's that big
How do I make it smolr
@Axoren To make it smaller you have to go grab the image yourself. Magic links just do their thing one way.
Not really quite sure how it decides on size....
@nitsua60 I did not. Lol I just copied the image address haha
I''l remember thatfor next time :)
A happy little easter egg from SE =)
Here's the full list:
Q: Which links and sites are handled specially in chat?

Juha SyrjäläThere is a special linking to some sites in chat, also known as "onebox". What is the full list of supported and integrated sites? Return to FAQ index

2:24 AM
"You are forever more, an eternal servant." I don't like it. "You are now a yellow banana"
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3:55 AM
4:19 AM
It hurts because it's true....
"Copper isn't a color."
Oh, word. I just got the 5e copper badge.
4:40 AM
A D&D campaigne wher all the charactirs are named aftir fonts.
Holiday Boardgames, a recommendation list by Rob Donoghue.
The Time's New Roman
and the Bard, Comical San
4:54 AM
Sans Comicles, the Bard who can't tell a damn joke.
@BESW You changed your profile picture. I haven't seen you with a different one ever until now
I'm running a little behind right now because I've been busy.
But I always keep the avatar sepia-toned, to reduce confusion, and at the end I go back to my regular one that I've had since the first day.
That's pretty neat.
Suggestions are welcomed, it's always hard to find enough good ideas to fill the whole Winterbash.
Make WinterBash an actual Bash with Sepia Barbarians
5:10 AM
Raaaar I'm expendable!
@trogdor I hadn't thought of that joke in years!
May 1 '14 at 3:18, by BESW
The party is huddled outside a closed door in a dungeon. Behind the door are an uncountable number of goblins. A quick strategy session is held.
Gnome: "Send the minotaur in first! He's expendable!"
Minotaur: What does 'expendable' mean?"
Gnome: "Ummmm... It means 'very brave.'"
Minotaur: "Oh, okay!"
A short time later, a minotaur bursts through the door into the roomful of goblins, poses dramatically with his weapon raised, and shouts, "FIGHT ME! I'M EXPENDABLE!"
It sticks in my head
So almost half the time anyone mentions a barbarian I remember it
@BESW The original Marvin from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
BTW, @trogdor:
I saw, and even commented in the new Winterbash post
It's marvelous
5:33 AM
@BESW I'm sure there's plenty of comic book superfolks that you could use for the photos
Oh, yeah, but I don't want to dominate with mainstream comics.
This is about sharing stuff I like and making people smile. That often means digging a bit deeper than "the first Spider-Man." Gwen Dylan, maybe, or the original April O'Neil who was Baxter Stockman's computer programmer.
(I used Godzilla because I knew Troggy would get a kick out of it.)
How about Dracula or Frankenstein's monster
Frank's good.
5:53 AM
@BESW How about Ian Fleming's original sketch of 007 ?
nice find.
Or the first onscreen depiction of 007, before Dr. No
The sketch would be better, I think.
Ah ok. Technically the made-for-tv was James Bond but not explicitly 007, they seem to have fudged the character to fit into some other show
I also like to prioritize women and non-white figures whenever possible, in large part because it's easier to forget them because they have such a relatively small presence in the pop culture landscape.
Ged, Jaime Reyes, Verity Lambert...
5:59 AM
Verity Lambert had multiple iterations?
First producer on a show where "who's the producer" is definitional for each era.
How about the original cover art of the first Nancy Drew story?
Hah, my cousin had that.
Or the original Swedish cover art of the first Pippi Longstocking
Wait... it says "first edition"... unsure if that means original
Aha, that seems to be the first English printing of the cover
Ok, this one could be the earliest illustration
6:34 AM
I really feel chewing out my group for being unresponsive to attempts towards scheduling
There's that one angel who has acknowledged how it sucks how I always wind up being the one to do it
And who's actually done things to help me...
Grab a twosies campaign and run it with just them.
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10:11 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, messaging number in answer, pattern-matching email in answer, +1 more (434): How do I prevent a character from being resurrected? by Lauren Rita on rpg.SE
Dr Ogbefun should find someplace else to advertise their services
That's... the first magical contract assassin spam I've seen.
10:32 AM
But it's been a long time since they last advertised it.
1 hour later…
11:52 AM
@BESW I've seen it crop up a few times before, but that targetting was something special.
12:44 PM
Should we report those to the police? the poster is saying that they conspired to have someone murdered.
@goodguy5 given the nature of the post, I suspect that it wouldn't rise to the level of a "true threat" under Elonis
what is elonis?
How how "serious" do we want "true threats" to be here?'
I'm more of a "zero tolerance about murder" kind of guy, but If that's not rpg.se's view then fine
@goodguy5 What're we looking at?
(I'm a strong proponent of pushing the decision of how "true" a threat--to self or others--might be to those who're paid and trained to do so, the SE staff, rather than us taking it on ourselves.)
Elonis v. United States, 575 U.S. ___ (2015), was a United States Supreme Court case concerning whether conviction of threatening another person over interstate lines (under 18 U.S.C. § 875(c)) requires proof of subjective intent to threaten, or whether it is enough to show that a “reasonable person” would regard the statement as threatening. In controversy is the fact the purported threats consist of violent rap lyrics written by Anthony Douglas Elonis and posted to Facebook under a pseudonym. The ACLU filed an amicus brief in support of the petitioner. This is the first time the Court has heard...
@nitsua60 the spam bot that rolled through last night
I might be letting my general hate for spammers cloud my judgment, though.
@goodguy5 Hrm... will run it up the pole. But yeah, these are vague and undirected enough that I doubt they'll warrant any more attention than the regular spam-nuking.
12:59 PM
To be clear, I KNOW that it's a non-threat. But I also feel like bots shouldn't be able to get away with contract killer advertisment.
1:10 PM
I don't think there's any harm in reporting that to the law enforcement, but I doubt there's anything they can do regarding that doctor or the spammer
Well yeah, I use the term very loosely
My wife and I make Krieger jokes to each other a lot.
"You're a doctor"
I wonder how many of those witch doctors actually believe in their own abilities and which are just plain ol' scammers
I mean, some of the sages, shamans and witches of old would get tripped up on a variety of psychoactive substances. It's quite plausible they actually perceived speaking with nature spirits or so
I'm not 100% willing to rule out that there used to be magic.
like druidic Ireland? I could totally believe that there was real magic there.
but to your point, yea. that makes sense.
1:31 PM
@goodguy5 what about in druidic Gaul? We unfortunately did not make it as far as the old growth forest in Brittany the one time we got to visit France (with the kids) ... a lot of what is known about druids (which isn't very much) seems to have come from Roman interaction with Gaulish/Celtic culture in Gaul.
Druids didn't write blogs ...
if they had though...
1:49 PM
@goodguy5 I feel a sense of wonder and magic quite often, although it's not very flashy
Going out in the woods, strolling around, there's a weird feeling of presence.
@kviiri I finished watching season 2 of Sneaky Pete last night. It posed a similar question.
Sneaky Pete also reignited my desire to run Leverage
2:07 PM
Never heard of Sneaky Pete
@kviiri Then he's doing a good job
@kviiri Amazon Prime Video series. The premise is that a conman is released from prison, but has enemies he wants to hide from, so steals his cellmate's identity and "re"-connects with their estranged family. Then it turns into a very cleverly plotted intersection of all the different crimes that are being committed by different people. I binged two series of it while laid up with flu.
@goodguy5 Used to be?! Are magnets not a thing anymore?! /S
nope, ISP got rid of them all
@goodguy5 hah!
2:24 PM
@Quentin Sounds like a fun premise!
@goodguy5 Verily!
2:48 PM
One of the things that makes Sneaky Pete great is that it is focused on small town still and centred on a family. It could easily be a Fiasco game. You've got the grandparents who run a bail bond business, the grandson who is a local cop, the youngest granddaughter who is in high school, the the other granddaughter who works at the bail bond business, Pete who gets roped in to help her, her ex- a lawyer, and so on and so forth.
It really gives me an urge to run a trad GM-led RPG but pull in Fiasco elements for character generation. "Here are a couple of dozen relationships such as "Cousins", "Co-workers" and so on. Allocate the ones you like best between each pair of players at the table".
It should give a bunch of material to use as a GM which involves multiple players while giving all the PCs a reason to work together.
3:14 PM
@kviiri Well, there's prior art. Zicam was a homeopathic cold remedy that contained enough zinc to a) help fight colds and b) make you deaf, though its creators didn't think it would have any effect at all. Who's to say in all the hokum someone didn't add a little sacred arsenic to someone else's coffee?
@kviiri The homeopathy people I've met seem to genuinely believe their own BS.
3:28 PM
Best twitter video ever (yes, I have a golden retriever who was once a puppy)
The @StLouisBlues had a ruff practice today 🐶 https://t.co/mEMYZfDylR
@ColinGross So here's the thing I don't quite get about the Homopathy people: I always assumed that their idea was "well, putting this stuff in your body will make you healthy, but you can't use too much of it because it's really powerful! So only use a tiny amount of it, once or twice per day!", which is like... okay, the actual "medicine" you're using is bullpoopy, but I guess that kind of makes sense?
But apparently the ACTUAL idea is "no no, this medicine, which works fine as-is, will be diluted 1000x to make it stronger!"
And like....
My doc is careful in the doses of stuff he perscribes for me... too much is bad for me. It just seems that the homeopathy approach is nearly a reducto ad absurdem? My sister in law is real big into it, and it seems to work for her. She's very healthy.
@Xirema More than 1000x. It's serially diluted until it's just water. It's just water. Sometimes, not even sterile water.
@KorvinStarmast It's definitely absurdism, and it's a kind of quackery that the practitioners seem to believe. The vendors, I'm not so sure about. Of what little of the "products" I've seen in person, my impression is that they don't take great care in the manufacture and packaging. I would bet the vendors know they're shysters.
It's not my cuppa tea; you may be right about the snake oil salesmanship ...
IIRC the fundamental principle of homeopathy is "like cures like" - you can cure a condition by introducing very small amounts of something that causes that condition
and it's ballooned out from that into a wide variety of nonsense, like the belief that diluting a solution somehow makes it stronger, and such nonsense
3:41 PM
@Carcer So they've taken the basic concept of vaccines (introduce a "dead" version of the virus/bacteria to the body so your immune system can train itself on a benign version of the virus) but reversed the order and found the dumbest possible take on its implementation.
@Carcer It was always diluted to essentially nothing. The original work ~1800's was better than the "medicine" at the time because the medical professionals at the time were prescribing treatments that were often ineffectual and toxic. So drinking water or alcohol as a treatment was actually better.
@ColinGross "Lumps under your armpits? You've got consumption, take a teaspoon of good old Arsenic and I'll visit you next week to see how you're doing!"
@Xirema There was a society in London that literally blew smoke up the asses of drowned persons.
3:56 PM
I know it was diluted - I think the belief that diluting something that might conceivably be actually medicine till it's statistically not actually present is newer, though
@ColinGross As far as I know, that was actually effective, so still better than homeopathy
@KorvinStarmast My sister-in-law is also really big into homeopathy, and it isn't working at all for her. She has so many issues, but clearly she's just not buying enough homeopathic stuff, according to her.
@GreySage Can confirm. Blowing smoke up someone's ass is effective for achieving a number of outcomes.
List questions generally get close votes here?
@ColinGross bad list questions do. I don't know enough about 3.5 to say definitively if this is one though.
@ColinGross It's an answerable list question (the list is finite and you can tell when it is complete). Personally I downvoted, but not close.
4:12 PM
@GreySage Is it finite? There was so much 3.5 additional content published. I swear my 3.5 books multiply when I'm not looking.
@ColinGross It certainly is finite currently. Maybe too broad if you consider every 3pp book.
@GreySage My wife has a similar approach to essential oils ... sometimes, you go along with it for the good of the marriage, and because no harm is done.
@KorvinStarmast My sister-in-law is also big into essential oils, as is her mother and her other sister. Fortunately my wife trusts me enough to look into them scientifically, and is not.
4:46 PM
@KorvinStarmast luckily enough when no harm is being done. When they're wasting shedloads of money on useless tat and snake oil I feel there's a harm happening
@Carcer That depends on the level of discretionary income. If we were on a tighter budget, I'd not be as easy on that. I get your point.
As someone with a close family member who spends lots of time and money on homeopathic stuff, the whole thing is very indicative of multi-level marketing
@MikeQ Extremely so, yes
@KorvinStarmast yeah, "shedloads" is relative - if you can readily afford to indulge an irrational desire then fair enough, but some people do drive themselves to financial meltdown this way
@Carcer Oh yeah. There's "need" versus 'want' going on a lot. Money matters can be tough on a marriage. I want a Range Rover. I don't need one, so I have a less fancy car.
4:53 PM
Q: I saw someone else ask something like it, but I got put on hold for it

JerelLightning I have a question about my Role-playing Games Stack Exchange post: How do I test my own game online I edited my question now. But why did I get my question on hold, when someone asked a question that was related to it, not the same, but related? As you can see it was the same type of idea ...

By the way, could I get feedback on this answer about roleplaying and ability scores? I've changed it to address the asker's question more directly, but I'm still getting downdoots since then.
I like it as is, except.

I'd personally be more likely to tell a character with high Int that they recall a clue, rather than a check for it.
What do we consider to be good online sources for spell descriptions? dndbeyond lists Contagion as poisoning the target, but roll20 lists it as afflicting a disease. I have not a book with me, and i'm not aware of the errata that might be behind this
@PremierBromanov As far as I know dndbeyond is up to date, but my PHB says disease.
I think D&Dbeyond is considered THE source
[New] Contagion (p. 227). The last sentence of the first paragraph now reads, “On a hit, the target is poisoned.”
The second paragraph now reads, “At the end of each of the poisoned target’s turns, the target must make a Constitution saving throw. If the target succeeds on three of these saves, it is no longer poisoned, and the spell ends. If the target fails three of these saves, the target is no longer poisoned, but choose one of the diseases below. The target is subjected to the chosen disease for the spell’s duration.”
5:09 PM
cool thank you very much
Interesting addition, but doesnt change my point while using it, so thats good.
@PremierBromanov it's the most recent errata. Changed quite a few things
I should probably read that lol
@PremierBromanov I already had to update a few of my answers here (earned some upvotes from the crowd who watches the Active tab, so no complaints here)
only if im still right :P
@PremierBromanov Contagion just got erratad as David mention. OVerall Rol20 has a lot of issues and when given a chance always use DnDB
5:17 PM
Reading this errata just makes me wish they had a diff tool like git to show me what changed
dndbeyond is generally very good about being up to date with latest errata and all that
@PremierBromanov If only
I would generally trust whatever is written there is the most recent and correct version if it disagrees with my books
@PremierBromanov I wonder if hosting something like this would get me sued :thinking:
@SirCinnamon Probably not if you're just looking at the context of what changes. You probably couldn't showcase the entire book though
Do diseases stack like spells? I'm not a big fan of my answer anymore lol. Someone make a good contender.
A: Do multiple cases of reduced HP from Harm need to be cured individually?

Premier BromanovYou need to cure each application of Harm First we'll start with effect stacking. The effects of multiple spells of the same name don't stack. However, as you've rightly pointed out, this doesn't matter. The effects of different spells add together while the durations of those spells overla...

I'd change mine, but I feel like with 12 votes already on it, it would feel scummy to flip flop
5:38 PM
@PremierBromanov That is unclear.
5:54 PM
@MikeQ I liked it the first time, and I still like it.
6:34 PM
@GreySage Or get the druid to wild shape into a pig and aggro the entire dungeon
7:24 PM
@nitsua60 is your pic a reference to polymorph, or something else?
7:45 PM
So in our last D&D session, we sent our rogue into the cargo hold of a ship run by paladins so that she could pretend to steal a bag full of confiscated poisons that we had already stolen hours before so that we could hand a fake bag of poisons off to a rival rogue who asked us to steal them.
@Xirema pretty straightforward...
@Xirema I love it when a plan comes together.
@JackStout Yep. Also we almost unleashed a demon that the paladins had trapped in a cage in the cargo hold. But, you know. Emphasis on almost. 8)
i wouldn't trust paladins with a boat. then again, i wouldn't trust paladins with much of anything.
The plan was very simple. The rogue asked our rogue to steal the poisons in "several hours, after most of everyone has gone to bed". So we immediately had our Druid shapeshift into a critter, unshapeshift inside the cargo hold, grab the bag, shapeshift again, and come back.
Then, once we got the bag (and learned what was in it) my paladin borrowed some empty poison bottles from our rogue, and used some of the reserve holy water she had in reserve, along with her alchemy supplies/tools to fake the color/consistency of the poisons with her holy water. Then put the fake poison in the bag.
Then we instructed our rogue to carry out the plan.
Then, right before the plan was to begin, my paladin went to go schmooze with the guard, because "every good plan has a secret part of the plan that we don't tell the rest of the party".
7:51 PM
@xirema did the druid put the fake back or did the rogue enter the hold with it?
@JackStout The rogue was given the bag to bring with them into the hold.
The druid was out of shapeshifting uses at that point.
Our rogue snuck in and out, but got so freaked out by the demon whispering to her inside her head that when she showed up for the exchange, she could only say "spooky ghost" over and over, causing the rival rogue to simply assume the plan had failed.
So then the rival rogue snuck into the cargo hold herself, and we had to bust in and tackle her before she could open the cage, apparently failing her Wisdom check to "not open the cage, you idiot, you utter fracking grapefruit".
Jun 27 '16 at 0:06, by nitsua60
If I repcap on sheep I may have to rage-quit RPGSE. Or at least opt out of the entire reputation system.
I didn't rage-quit. But I abandoned my old Eddie avatar in favor of the sheep.
@Xirema Did anyone consider alerting the paladins about the rival rogue?
Btw @KorvinStarmast I took a crowbar to the SMT-esque elemental rogue homebrew. It relied on sneak attacks, but didn't have any special ways to get more of them, unlike other rogue archetypes. Now it's more of a planar-elements-theme. Gets an elemental companion and can quick-teleport a few times per rest.
8:15 PM
@MikeQ I mean, once the whole mess was over, I (being the only party member whose alignment is west of Chaotic) copped the whole thing to the head paladin on the ship.
He agreed to bump up the security on the cargo hold and apprehend the rogue who put us up to this.
8:32 PM
@MikeQ I guess I'll take another peak at it when time allows, currently in a small flail ...
9:00 PM
I misread "in a small flail" three times.

I kept seeing "scale mail" and I KNEW it wasn't what I was reading, but it made just enough sense here for my brain to get hung up on it.
@goodguy5 my scale mail is at the cleaners ...
9:14 PM
@KorvinStarmast a very nice package from TX arrived yesterday, btw. I and the family thank you and yours very much!
We'll see how the Long Island in-laws handle the Texas salsa at the family get-together tomorrow =)
And, of course, I lolfigsled when I opened the "explanatory note" and saw it was written on classic green engineering paper.
@nitsua60 I figured that would give you a grin. I tried to write on it with red ink, for green/red christmas, but my one red pen's ink has dried out.
9:50 PM
Grr... 90% of the way through my "why are you even using attack rolls to adjudicate harming oneself" answer I talked myself out of it. [discards answer]
@KorvinStarmast All my earliest crappy dungeons and villages and character sheets were on that paper. And my dad was always complaining about his pads disappearing =)
10:40 PM
Virgo: While exploring a newly discovered cave system you will bump into a group of men and women carrying swords and torches who will attack you screaming something about experience.
@kviiri You know, Sandman Slim goes on and on about how awful Hell is, but when we actually see Hell it's not even half that bad.
11:17 PM
ugh... I have the feeling I am talking to a troll... :(
11:32 PM
Happy, on the Stack we have no obligation to continue conversations that aren't working for us.

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