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12:00 AM
Nice... Lol
superuser.com/questions/389439/… I wonder if accidental Drag&Drops are occuring more in windows 7 because of "full line select", makes it where accidental touches can interleave folders.
on XP, in the details view only the name was draggable, and only the same was droppable. in 7 when in details view, there isnt a whole lot of places you can even touch without selecting something.
Check out also the "folder View" in win7 (vrses xp) the whole line is active, between trying to snag the little [+] , and drag and drop being active there, one slip of the mouse and poof, takes 10 minutes to figure out where the heck things went.
12:21 AM
@Luke @JourneymanGeek @Psycogeek These universal adapters, they don't have grounding pin. Is it dangerous for electronics liek laptop?
why would it be? Grounding pins are designed to protect YOU from shorts, not the system
@Boris_yo plastic doesnt make a good conductor :-)
in addition, if you did have any issues, it would be only up to the adaptor. Your laptop takes in a 2 pin adaptor
@JourneymanGeek Can i be shorted from laptop?
@Psycogeek Yes.
@Boris_yo I agree with the people that suggested changing the wire on the adapter/power supply, as long as the power supply was a 110-220 type . but i dont travel enough to know.
12:25 AM
@Borisyo: chances are, not the sort of shock a power supply ground connection would protect you from.
@Psycogeek @JourneymanGeek But what if i connect universal UNgrounded power adapter to UPS which has plug with L,N and grounding conencted to wall outlet?
@Borisyo: If it needs ground, it will have ground.
The reason your universal power adaptor has no ground is cause its double insulated
I have ground on cables. Always.
@JourneymanGeek Why is it insulated? Is it good?
@JourneymanGeek which just means it is plastic :-)
It has surge protection.
12:26 AM
In the electrical appliance manufacturing industry, the following IEC protection classes are used to differentiate between the protective-earth connection requirements of devices. Class 0 These appliances have no protective-earth connection and feature only a single level of insulation and were intended for use in dry areas. A single fault could cause an electric shock or other dangerous occurrence. Sales of these items have been banned in the UK since 1975. Class 01 As Class 0 but appliance has an earth terminal which is unused since two core cable is used. Class I These appliances...
Does that mean the adapter will get shorted and not me?
pretty much, yes ;p
well, the point of ground is to prevent dangerous faults from frying users
I am not fryer.
and usually this means the case. The moment something has a plastic case, or is low voltage DC powered, you should be safe
Case? You mean adapter's case?
12:29 AM
well, yes
My laptop takes, maybe 60W? But i don't know how much DC.
@Boris_yo once it gets out of the dc power adapter, the voltages cannot kill you, unless you shoved metal probes into your skin to prove it possible, or lightning strikes.
@JourneymanGeek I also think that it is better to use? Original power supply or alternative power supply?
I saw alternate power supply is 2x cheaper than DELL's original.
12:32 AM
quite simply cause you know it works
@Boris_yo and they usually are , , cheaper , built
Well i now need additional power supply. I want to save.
So better take original or alternative to travel?
youtube.com/watch?v=DZDh8z9UDTo&feature=related not a PC power supply, but worth watching
@Boris_yo if the alternative works, you take the cheap one when you travel, then when you get ripped off, lose it, get your luggage lost, it hurts less :-)
^ that
12:40 AM
@Psycogeek What it has to do with luggage? I won't mind losing broken adapter but why luggage?
@JourneymanGeek Nice video :D Capacitor from WWII...
@Boris_yo When traveling by Airline , loosing your luggage happens, happens a lot more than it should.
@Psycogeek Never heard of that company.
@Psycogeek Thanks for honest review.
12:56 AM
Who wants to hear about my legal battle with my ex? She's hitting up the duty council every day so I don't get free representation in our case
$10,000 bucks to have a wedding 20,000 to undo it :-)
No wedding... It's about our son
@Luke ok i got my popcorn, nothing else in the chat to interfere with.
1:12 AM
@Psycogeek leave him be... I'm sure he doesn't want to share all the details
I just tried both hacks to disable "full row select" in windows 7 , and neither worked.
One was apprentally only for vista, the other installs as an active BHO for the explorer itself, but also does nothing :-(
Come to think of it , i cant remember the last time anything i got from microsoft answers forum actually worked :-) answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-files/…
1:34 AM
finnaly winhelponline.com/blog/… this one works , to disable full row select, with only 2 issues from its use.
but it still doesnt fix the worst of the problem, the folderview area, where more damage can occur in a single touch.
@TomWijsman what the?
Anyone that has a less high image for me? :(
2:53 AM
@studiohack: Also have a version for a comment. :P
ahhh! :P
@studiohack: I wonder what his inbox looks like though... >_<
@TomWijsman scary :P
Actually, updated it again just now. ^^
But well, if I figured out all the different <kbd> overflows as well as how to overflow a comment; I know it's that time again.
Guess it'll be good that the next semester starts for me... :D
3:22 AM
@studiohack: I think you need to nuke that
@JourneymanGeek, edit to preemptively nuke the question?
In the future, should I do that?
generally no
can you VTC?
generally its vote and flag (if its clearly offensive)
I flagged as offensive, did not VTC (it's content that should be deleted straight off, not closed)
3:28 AM
if its closed, 3 users with sufficient rep can delete as well
Got it
WTF at the.midget's answer to that
Pretty much yeah.
oh well
crossposted to the VTC room
3:46 AM
awwww, what did I miss ? superuser.com/questions/389608/why-is-so-good AmigaOs's question
How did the URL change?
poof its gone
@JourneymanGeek what's up?
@soandos: edited the title
@studiohack: superuser.com/questions/389608/why-is-so-good - this needed nuking ;p
@JourneymanGeek, does the old link still work then (assuming that it was not deleted that is)
3:52 AM
@JourneymanGeek yeah just saw it. stupid.
don't think so
leave out the last bit, and end it with the number
user has been destroyed as well
@studiohack yup
@studiohack, why is that word in the title not filtered as well?
(like problem is, but for different reason obviously)
yahoo answers is ---> way
3:53 AM
@soandos hmm, probably because we don't get posts like that that often
@soandos how do you mean?
the title's now
The word the journeyman took out
why was that not filtered
> why-is-so-good
sex ;p
@Sathya, look at the revision history
3:55 AM
@JourneymanGeek Ooooh, now that do splain it
It's morning and I'm not sure I see - title & body was not filtered prior to edit, after which it is.
what am I missing?
@Sathya: its not autofiltered
I don't see why it needs to be
why do we need an autofilter?
there's some perfectly valid reasons why there needs to be sex in the title sometimes
3:56 AM
@Psycogeek: go ask your mom and dad
we don't want a clbuttic mistake
@soandos: maybe someone's system got hijacked and he's being directed to sites of dubious reputation
@JourneymanGeek suuure, as if they would tell me :-)
point is tho
I just mean as it's own word
3:57 AM
this is a situation rare enough that moderation can handle it
I suppose
we don't get that much, and well, that was pretty fast
I assume that computer users are on the internet , and everyone knows . . .youtube.com/watch?v=cNARJPNz2CA
Really necessary?
@soandos: I like the edits you have just done on your chat message. :D
4:03 AM
@TomWijsman one of these days I will learn to type. Until then, I'll just typo ;)
Also, it's amazing that at least 70 people filled in our blog survey.
@soandos You're not alone. I too need to learn to typo properly... :P
I had a question about that. The comments that you can see are only relevant if you know what browser they are are using. Is there a way to list that?
(Explicit typo)
@soandos Well, depending on the OS they are shown in different columns.
So if you use Linux your results go into the nearly last columns.
Yeah, but the comments are about the browser not the OS
Yeah, that's the intention of the article?
4:07 AM
So if the comments don't show what browser is getting used...
@soandos: Are you talking about the analytics?
Because I'm talking about the spreadsheet.
Ah got it.
@studiohack: rofl @ the post you just deleted :D
@TomWijsman what post?
the one I just edited? or undeleted @TomWijsman?
A: How do I change the Windows Phone reserved space and other content?

studiohackThe screenshot below shows it from a Zune 80 standpoint, but you should be able to do the same thing for your Windows Phone: To get to this screen - just click Settings -> Device -> Reserved Space. Just adjust the slider as desired. Your device must be linked to your Windows Live ID first,...

once again, I rule Zune & Windows Phone! woot!
Of tracking passwords and favourite password tools only and appear to be the only apps on the site with tags. The other suggestions apparently have no users or no problems
4:17 AM
huh. not sure but whatever works. :P
@studiohack: Well, it showed up an empty title in my events feed. So went to look why the title was empty to check whether someone was trying out a no title bug or something. Which seems quite possible, I think...
@random: Yeah, they are two big ones, all the rest are either built into browsers or are separate software that doesn't really automate anything. The user is tagged with the browser tag while the latter is as simple as just storing some user names and passwords such that they don't form any problems...
Y'all know that it only takes 6 spam/offensive flags to nuke a post, without mod intervention required.
How many were filed?
And well, as I can't type properly anymore and find things funny that studiohack doesn't, time to call it a day. Got to do some programming tomorrow morning...
@soandos no idea.
4:22 AM
@soandos the question was deleted without mod intervention... I think
Got it
@studiohack: No, random closed it and you deleted it, or is there yet another question?
Looks like it got 5 offensive flags. @studiohack did you cast the last offensive flag? Mod flags are binding.
@TomWijsman nope
@nhinkle hmmm... gonna have to check out this question again. AFAIK, I did nothing but edit it
@studiohack: Ah okay, get it.
4:24 AM
Nevermind. Just pointing out that several people left custom-text flags saying "OMG IT'S TERIBLE KILL ITTT", when a simple "offensive" flag would have automatically killed it.
There were 8 flags on the post, but only 5 spam/offensive flags.
Not in any specific order: You've edited it, four humans and random closed it, community locked it and community deleted it.
So yeah, the flags took place...
Anyhow, I call it a day. Good day / night everyone...
Community locks & deletes when it hits 6 offensive flags. That's my point: y'all didn't need our intervention anyhow. Random just sped up the process.
@TomWijsman what was that given about?
4:42 AM
@TomWijsman the list doesnt even have any of the browsers i use :-)
Probably why i dont participate in most pollings, I am always "Other"
anybody know what is going on here? I have not plugged anything into the local connection, and there is no way I downloaded that much.
5:00 AM
@soandos is it accrued and never reset? i have a 3rd party net monitor here, that can track for years
Not the case
so you didnt move 18 hundred thousand terrabytes ?
Nope. I wish my connection was that fast, but it's not
I think its an overflow of the uint to long.maxValue
i think it just got numbers to big :-)
6:03 AM
57 mins ago, by Psycogeek
so you didnt move 18 hundred thousand terrabytes ?
1.21 jijawatt-bytes
6:54 AM
Can anyone tell me why this edit was rejected? Will refrain from doing it from now on then.
@Bibhas: cause thats a horrible answer to start with
If it was self contained, then its worth editing, else you're just polishing a turd
Hmm. Got it. :)
What does that Uninstallable Applications line mean?
I am trying (still) to control the volume with hotkeys, and now I have switched to Volumouse (anything at this point). This worlds most simple task has to be fraught with more caveats than trying to program a monkey to write shakespear. Post after post about how Nircmd, SoundControl , Xmouse, and now Volumouse with just ONE warning of the problems in only one comment on the side.
Everytime I try and actually Apply these programs, Even if i get it down to the "2 Ways" it will actually operate in windows 7 , it still has some stupid thing it will do. I think it is about time to make a list of shi| things cant do right, and problems they have, vrses these candya$$ answers that say "sure you can" :-)
Sure you can, now tell us exactally How you did it, and what problems left that method still has .
I get 99% of the way there, to realise that When in a game , it pops out of the game :-) Who could have missed that important point
7:17 AM
A: Uninstallable Applications

climenole Short explanations in the Daemon Tools forum... Take a look at this: How to Completely Uninstall DAEMON Tools Lite (For Microsoft Windows 7). The site gives many way to uninstall Daemon Tool Lite for W 7 but may be this also works for Vista... If any of these suggestions works try TotalUninstal...

damn i'm stupid.
in other words, that's the post you're looking at
This thing certannly is cool that it has Per-APP control, but needing the 2nd monitor to see it :-) just doesnt seem like a viable option
@JourneymanGeek @studiohack @Psycogeek I don't mind talking about it, she just frustrates me... I'll post tomorrow morning at work
7:37 AM
@Psycogeek: that theme... makes my eyes bleed
@Luke: i can emphatise a little
I've seen quite a few trainwrecks in my time
@JourneymanGeek I still need an AREO theme that uses a dark background (hite on black). but most of the available ones do Grey and black :-( If i wanted to turn the whole screen dark, i could just use the brightness level on the monitor.
aireo? the eye candy one
7:44 AM
I just use slate, and increase the tint
I used to use slate too, but the chisel gives me blisters :-)
@JourneymanGeek Where did you get a slate theme? all of MSes own are always stark white backgrounds.
@Psycogeek: oh, i keep the white backgrounds
there's no obvious way to change that
I think it is crasy again, the registry holds 31 color items in it, and out of all the themes Ms provides , they are all the same color, with a slight tint change.
And they are pasley, umm pastels, how gay :-)
Even people who create, and use Black on white , color schemes Though, know it doesnt work on the system. So even though it is done, it will never be mass market, because about 45% of programs dont follow the rules, so they will have Black fonts on black.
djabytown.deviantart.com/art/Dynamic-Black-143467965 here is about how the average dark scheme looks , mabey they will toss in a blue or red streak somewhere :-)
there is always an array of themes out there, that make really great ART thebull1.deviantart.com/art/… But who can even read the first file name :-) And transparency, how usefull to blur everything into an unreadble mess
the problem is if you start with White, there is only a few colors that deeply contrast with it for reading. if you start with black, there is many times more colors that will be in stark contrast to it.
Coders , for example, like to color code , or is that color, code :-0 cache.gawkerassets.com/assets/images/17/2011/03/…
8:32 AM
good morning all
very early morning here
@soandos Just wait a while, it gets better ;)
lol. Not such a fan of the sun
@soandos No sun here either. Coldest winter of the last 30 or so years.
No, I mean there will be sun, and I don't like it
(it is 3:40 AM)
Snowed every day for the past week or snow here (though not exactly a lot of snow in total)
8:39 AM
You could just keep the blinds down.
@RebeccaChernoff Any progress on suggesting /privileges edits on MSO for low rep users as we discussed a while ago? Should I open a topic about it on MSO?
I have to get to classes after all
@soandos I'm so glad my university didn't check for attendance...
They don't but it makes it easier to stay on top of things
@Luke Guns. Lots of guns.
@soandos Will be a waste of time given that you're up this early/late anyway ;)
8:45 AM
nah, first (and last) class for the day is in 8 hours
I'll be fine
Hello! @soandos @DanielBeck @Psycogeek
@Borisyo, Hello to you too
Anybody had experience with Logitech Lapdesk?
@Boris_yo Good morning!
8:49 AM
I sink it iz nice, ver nice.
Borat insulted religions.
Jews are cannibals wanting money. Kazahstans are retarded nation.
Exaggeration at best about jews. If you only believe what you hear, then better keep mouth shut, unless you know facts personally.
Its comedy...
@soandos That insulted people's intel.
So? Everytime someone cracks a blonde joke for example, that is not such a big deal
nor do people think it represents all blondes
Not really understanding your clarification about jews...
@soandos That is what i assume about jews after watching this movie.
I don't believe that you or anyone would take borat to be an authority on anything
8:58 AM
@soandos I don't he is, given that he lives in Israel according to his profile.
@soandos Let me tell you one thing - regarding what people tell about specific nations or about people in general, it is only about majority of them at most.

Every person is different. So if my friend jew who is greedy eating cannibal, it does not mean that i am such as well.
@DanielBeck good call, didn't see that
@Borisyo, you are not the only one who knows jews on SU... (or even close I don't think)
This i s what i learned. Problem is that if there are bad talks about nation, most people take it as personal insult.
It all boils down to person and desicions he makes.
@Boris_yo There's a difference between a nation (i.e. government) and the people living there.
Large difference
9:01 AM
@soandos I agree with what you are saying.
@soandos What do you take from the following:

Israelis are greedy people?
@soandos How about:

Jews are greedy people?
See the difference?
You are saying how I would feel if someone said that about me, or how true I think those are?
@Boris_yo On the other hand, if your friend is a canibal, and you hang around them during lunchtime, then its time to get new friends :-)
@soandos I am asking what is the difference between both?
One is refering to a religion, the other to a country
@Boris_yo The first refers to a subset of the second?
9:06 AM
@soandos Not government?
@Boris_yo Depends on context.
@Borisyo, no.
Nation = government
Israelis = the people of israel
@Boris_yo Aren't Israelis the people living there?
"Israel is greedy" would be referring to the nation, political leaders, etc.
9:07 AM
Israelis are nation. And since nation is government...
I think you have a translation error
@soandos Better check errors.txt
Israel is a nation
@Boris_yo You're saying that all people of Israel stand behind the government's decisions?
@DanielBeck, LOL
@Borisyo, you want me to translate the phrase into hebrew for you?
9:09 AM
Note that "nation" as a term is not a fitting term here either.
"State" would probably more fitting.
Nation is the people, state the organization, and country the land, AFAICT.
As such, my previous line "Israel is greedy" would be referring to the nation, political leaders, etc. used the wrong term, of course.
@DanielBeck This is what @soandos said.
@DanielBeck, the phrase is "Israelis are greedy people?" It is clearly talking about the denizens of the country, nothing else
@Boris_yo It's an relatively unknown difference and easy to get wrong.
In Borat it was not assumed that Israel is greedy, but that dwellers are.
ok, so he insulted israelis
and therefore...
I think there are stereotypes for people of all countries
americans are rude
is a common example
9:13 AM
@soandos Actually i think it insulted all jews in general.
israelis are not the same group as jews
and you know that
I'm about to make a broad generalisation...
People who take Baron Sasha Cohen seriously need to learn the meaning of satire
@JourneymanGeek +1
@JourneymanGeek Ah yes.
I agree with that
9:14 AM
IMDB has a lot of people bashing movie for insulting.
Does not make them right...
@JourneymanGeek And if they could understand satire, i think everything would be different.
Heck NO WARS could be provoked!
... speaking hyperbolically.
throughly confused as to how @Borisyo is taking borat
@soandos Oh i take satires fine.
And understand that it is all about "Nothing personal, just business".
No, its about a joke. Its not personal or business. Its about a few harmless laughs.
9:17 AM
somehow I don't feel that you do understand satire, else this convo wouldn't be present
@Sathya I understand. I am just speaking about how other people reacted to that movie. I however, took everything with a grain of salt at most.
Strangely when i was kid, i took TV seriously... Mistake.
I think that zombies and aliens always get a bad rap in the movies, and really nobody even knows what they are really like. Just making such personal judgements untill you know them is wrong.
@soandos Hehe :D Man you know hebrew?
9:21 AM
@soandos You are Israeli?
take borat the same way you took that video
Spent last year there though
@soandos Other people should take that since i am different.
What if say an apocolyptic brain feeding disorder breaks out among humans, and Your infected, will you think that blowing your head off and burning your body , is approprite at that time?
@soandos I mean while many don't understand jokes, i am the one who does.
9:22 AM
@Psycogeek The one that was in "The Day Earth Stood"?
Hmmm many people assume that everything they see on TV or read on the Internet should be trusted. Mistake.

One person who read it on the internet even argued with the person who had real experience and claimed opposite.
I want to see the movie "Zombies Rulez" where the perspective of the zombie is taken, and the viewer is put in the position of siding with the zombies. Limping along in fear of thier lives, searching for something to eat.
They did it with the vampires, and the wherwolves. but nooo, the prejudises against zombies, not being intelligent, and having a craving for human flesh , is just to much to overcome .
@Psycogeek Can't see that one in IMDB...
@Boris_yo I have not made it yet, would you like to be one of the zombies?
@Psycogeek No but my friend would not mind.
9:30 AM
I was thinking it should be a comedy, but laughing at people who are suffering such great pain and anguish shouldnt be Entertainment should it?
@Psycogeek: all good bad horror is funny
often unintentionally
Not for those who do not understand satire or humor?
Anyone is familiar with PdaNet for Andoroid?
@soandos: little typo here superuser.com/questions/389694/…
@Borisyo: you cannot appreciate horror without being a snarky bastard
that requires understanding and proper application of satire and humour
It is tethering to PC but people are saying they no longer need to rely on hotel's Wi-Fi.
@JourneymanGeek, Sorry, not seeing the error. Where is it?
9:32 AM
@DanielBeck Don't worry, say it. You can be upfront with me.
@JourneymanGeek yes, as long as we can seperate movies from reality, we can continue to be entertained by , trecherous and amoral behaviours of ourselves :-)
@soandos: lightweight seems to be mispelled
@Boris_yo What are you referring to?
I'd correct it, but its a microedit
@Psycogeek: media is merely a reflection of popular culture
@DanielBeck Ah i thought you wanted to add your point or argument me in something.
9:33 AM
reality is about bread and circuses!
@JourneymanGeek, fixed, and thanks.
How i hate "Piranha 3D" movie.
@Boris_yo No, I was testing whether deleted (10k+ rep visible only) post on SO were oneboxed in chat, since I saw some in the chat stars history. But they aren't. Need to be visible at the time of posting apparently.
Want to know recipe of this movie? Half naked girls, CGI, wooden acting = CASH IN $$$
This recipe should work for most movies.
I seem to be having trouble editing any tag wikis
(I don't even see the option to selected edit)
After I click "Improve this tag wiki"
Bug, or am I doing something silly?
9:45 AM
@soandos So you're e.g. here and click the button, then what happens?
Very odd. on the OSX tag i see the edit button
Note that tag wiki edits require 20k rep or a top rank in the users list. Otherwise you only do a suggested edit.
on the pdf tag I don't... (same url structure)
What tag wiki are you trying to edit?
Odd. Also broken for me.
Curiouser and curiouser
Any possible reason?
9:49 AM
The edit page redirects back to the tag wiki page.
I guess no one used PdfNet for Android...
Yeah, I have no idea what is going on
Posting to meta
Somehow shooting with flash on HTC makes better pictures (HD) than without flash...
Wanted to shoot fishes and video with flash scared them.

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