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12:01 AM
@SimonSheehan @Sathya @Bibhas (sorry for the multi-ping) : My issue there isn't the downvote. My issue is really, the person ought to have posted a better answer ;p
oops, double ping o0
12:25 AM
@SimonSheehan I'm not far behind :P
@studiohack Not too far :P Looking at that really shows our meta activity is kinda...low
@SimonSheehan That's hard to agree with when you get all the notifications in your inbox :P
@studiohack Haha, guess you see everything then :P
12:49 AM
A: Play MP3s from Firefox without opening player window for every audio file

ZoredacheVLC has options to limit to a single open process.

This guy doesn't answer any of my comments, getting annoying.
1:17 AM
@studiohack I don't understand how people are ranked. I have more upvotes than all the people near me.
@soandos But you have no accepted answers
How is it ranked?
Looks like Votes+Accepted Answers moves you up higher
in what ratio?
Because everyone above you has at least 1 accepted answer
I don't know.
1:19 AM
2:17 AM
@SimonSheehan seems to be up now - not sure if it was a heroku issue or the API cutting off because of too many requests
@SimonSheehan what's the autorefresh period?
Ah I see now, the old method of tracking the ids. :)
@SimonSheehan seems like you've set to auto refresh 30 seconds. That's killing the app
@Sathya: Yeah, best to put it higher. You should use the same rate as the API asks you.
@TomWijsman yeah, the API mentions requests from same IP wihin 30s gets ignored
I have a list of events at the left side of Super User with comments/questions/answers/edits/newusers, will look how fast that refreshes.
@Sathya: I refresh every minute, let me look up the rule that says I need to do so.
The bottom, @Sathya:
> While not strictly a throttle, the Stack Exchange employs heavy caching and as such no application should make semantically identical requests more than once a minute. This is generally a waste of bandwidth, as more often than not the exact same result will be returned.
2:31 AM
yep, thanks
Well, it's a should and not a must. But still, I guess doing it twice a minute hits the SU cache half the time...
back later, getting ready for work
3:11 AM
@Sathya oh dear, I didn't realize I was killing it. Sorry! What is a better refresh rate?
@SimonSheehan: At least a minute as that's when the Super User cache refreshes.
3:30 AM
Okay. Big sorry there @Sathya, had no idea!
3:51 AM
@SimonSheehan no problem, I should've added the caching in app, will do so soon
4:44 AM
Anyone here?
yo @Tek
only in shadows..
I was wondering if it was ok to ask hardware questions in superuser? All I see is software questions...
@Tek as long as it's not a recommendation or a shopping question you're fine
@Sathya Damn... <.<
4:55 AM
shopping questions really don't go well on the network. You're free to ask in here though.
@Sathya I read the faq but it seemes I missed that bullet point...
@Tek well it's the last point:
> and it is not about …a shopping or buying recommendation
@Sathya Well, I want to upgrade to Sandy Bridge E, since I already own a watercooling kit from my previous build, I wanted to know what's the best motherboard to OC right now
@Tek I'm not well informed on hardware, probably @JourneymanGeek well drop in a word on that :)
@Sathya Thanks. They should make a stack exchange site for product research ;)
4:59 AM
well, it would not go very well..
@Sathya Not if they stick to facts, rather than opinions...
@Tek well you can always propose it
@Tek hi are you putting an E in a server type platform or a desktop?
5:15 AM
@Psycogeek Desktop, my personal computer is aging with software that's becoming a lot more power hungry...
I am waiting for the ultimate upgrade too, E or mabey holding out for IVY, now that E is out, what are its real advantages?
@Psycogeek more pcie lanes, more memory bandwith, SB-E will eventually release an 8 core, with hyperthreading (16 logical cores)
the mainstream boards will not have anything with more than 4 cores afaik (including ivy bridge)
I only "need" 4 cores total, but often there is more "shared" cache, which might be usefull? So the PCIE lanes are real extra lanes, and not some bs hubs for lanes put on the boards? That is one thing i was noticing also, the actual architexture of the processor, not cheap trix on the motherboards.
@Psycogeek SB-E Is mostly for server/workstations. Ivy/SB boards are for mainstream desktop users.
@Psycogeek Shared cashe doesn't make a huge difference, somewhat significant, somewhat negligible at the same time. More lanes you'll have more bandwidth for be it multiple video cards (4-way SLI) and in general more lanes for high-bandwidth devices.
I dont build them, and i did not want to research where they came up with the extra lanes out of the blue, it just happened :-)
5:25 AM
@Psycogeek If there weren't more lines SB-E wouldn't be considered an 'upgrade' ;p
More server based (motherboard) can sometimes mean less overclocking, getting a free 15% from OC, is always a nice perk.
@Psycogeek If anything, they encourage overclocking on the SB-E platform. Specially since it comes with an external BLK clock while offering Intel branded water cooling. (doesn't come with a stock fan anymore)
And you can purchase an OC warranty for around $30
If you fry your processor due to overclocking, they replace it
@Tek That is some of the things i wonder about. my Ideal would be one single core 10Gig speed processor, and enough (more direct) links to the hardware, and Future upgrade. I am probably going to plunk down $200-300 for ONE motherboard, that i would hope makes it to ONE other CPU update.
@Psycogeek quadcore, eight core, etc is just a fancy word for '10ghz+' proc ;)
@Tek and multithreaded workloads , are just a fancy word for $3000 software :-)
5:31 AM
@Psycogeek $3000 software will be $3000 software regardless of hardware ;p
@Tek This last month virtual dub upgraded to having thier filters be work on by multiple processes. Before i ran 3 of them to get full use of the processor. I test the same thing with his first implementation of 4core full usage, and it is 17% faster. That is about 50% slower than running 3 seperate program that use about 1.5 cores of work at a time.
So while all the cores were working 100%, the implementation of seperating the work and recombining it, was not better than running multiple instances of the program :-(
@Psycogeek Not much a hardware problem rather than a software problem. Not all algorithms can be made into parallel process. Besides, nothing is stopping you from using single core processes with different program instances as you first mentioned.
@Tek and to often that is the case. Mabey the pro video program (another one that i beg for speed) would make better use of all of them. Being multicore DID allow me to start multiples without getting in the way of Piddling around on the web :-) but not many programs STILL (it has been long enough) take great advantages of the multi cores.
@Psycogeek Sure, but I think we take multi-core for granted. If you had a single core using 100% of your CPU. That would leave very little for you to multi task without your computer being sluggish.
Like the DVD creator, was fully 4X faster, a TMPEG product. happy day.
5:41 AM
You can have 3 instances of the program running, and use the remaining core for browsing, etc (on a quad core)
For the mainstream, I'm sure they'd like to use the computer no matter what it was doing. And thus, multi core was born
@Tek Never forget what it was like before 2 core, start one fat process, and go to lunch instead :-)
lol, then come back from lunch and it's still not done when you have other work to do...
yes that was it, yaaawn
but 12 cores? and hyperthreading, isnt real cores, so i dont see a lot of point in that for my use/programs.
gimme 4 cores 3x faster instead.
@Psycogeek Maybe you don't, but other people do : D
@Tek so those server boards, they running 20 virtual machines , but thier Need isnt really processing? isnt it more the lanes for the hardware and the net connections, more memory?
5:50 AM
@Psycogeek Good question. If servers were single core, and it was using 100% of CPU at any point. If they had different accounts for different people, all the people that are in that host would suffer. With multi core, it doesn't affect everyone else.
@Psycogeek So yes, they need the processing as much as any other resource, ram, net connections, other peripherals connected by PCI-E...
For a Crasy Desktop comp. Take getting a 2 physical processor, and 64gig memory (capable) sandy E motherboard. . . . . Start with 1 physical, and 12gig of memory. and update it. But then only want to run one system on it. I cant even get winders to use beyond 4Gig for its file system cache?
@Psycogeek By system cache, you mean RAM?
@Tek yes the ram they use for the file system. back in XP, if a person messed with largeFileCache stuff, it would use almost all the ram, and it was not too stable that way , probably because of other programs. But i have given win7 8gig total, and it wont use it to cache disk junk. on XP it was not stable, on 7 it doesnt try (or i dont know how to set it)
The idea being , with a oversized Ram (not ssd) and an oversized file cache, the whole freaking system that i am using would be in it :-)
Also, i read about other people on the web, they have the 12+G of ram, and will say "ok now what" . Umm give it to meeee :-) They didnt see it being used a lot in normal use either.
6:10 AM
@Psycogeek Probably because they have no use for that much RAM. If you don't have programs that use that much RAM then there's no point in buying it.
@Psycogeek It's like buying an air plane to go to the grocery store when they can do fine with just a car ;) Some people do need an air plane though (private jets/airlines)!
24-64 gig of real ram would sure make an interesting Video buffer for editing, a same area of a video over and over.
@Tek yup, mabey it was Al Gore :-)
Collectable ram. the geeks answer to the China Cabinet , full of plates that you dont eat off of.
Microsoft: ""But for most people who just keep a few programs running at a time, 4 GB or more of memory offers no tangible benefit over a computer with 2 GB of memory and a 32-bit version of Windows.""
""Server computers—such as computers used to run websites or large corporate networks—can especially benefit from more memory. But they have their own powerful operating system—Windows Server—which also comes in a 64-bit version and can use even more memory than Windows 7.""
7:11 AM
The Web indicates that windows 7 DID suck up all the memory on the system, then an update changed that. The original idea, from the developers was to "make use of it all", it helps to know that other users saw it changed.
Mabey users were complaining, or it failed the same way it did in XP. I actually want BOTH. to allow the use of all, and to switch that (even if it takes a reboot) and have it be subdued. I have complained when "using it all" was applied, and it would not Free like it was supposed to. and now I wish it would use it ALL, if it will free when it is supposed to.
So Myself and others did whine about it :-) on Both ends of the spectrum (catch22). But the answer is simple, use all the ram for cache Correctally, or gimme a dang button to switch it.
1 hour later…
8:44 AM
@Sathya actually, i've been whining about being out of touch with hardware
@Tek: IIRC gigabyte is not a good idea at the moment, I love their boards, but the current ones apparently have had a few magic smoke incidents
I'd lean towards asus
good morning
8:57 AM
@JourneymanGeek ah, sorry. @DanielBeck Morning.
@Sathya: its an obvious mistake to make. ;p. I'm passionate about hardware, but i really don't have the sort of environment where i can work on newer things half as much as i'd like ;p
and a sandy E is way out of my budget ;p
@JourneymanGeek now if you were to be a hardware reviewer ;)
9:17 AM
Hi, is there any way to execute a command from cmd and exit?
@sazwqa yourcommand && exit
@Sathya: that would be nice. I do need to do the review of my blackwidow, and that keyboard article and.... ;p
you could ping Ivo for a grant :)
9:35 AM
There's, deeper issues i need to fix
like getting a degree then a job
Is the "problem" filter active on our Meta?
@Sathya: yourcommand && exit might work if yourcommand terminates after starting, but what it it doesn't. The cmd waits for it to terminate
Is there any other way?
@sazwqa ( find / & ) && exit works for me. find continues to run, but the shell is closed. You could also look into nohup and disown if necessary.
@sazwqa use "Start" did you want it to wait , or to open its own process?
oops, scratch that ^, wrong os
9:52 AM
actually, that might work on windows
that is for winders.
Sorry about that, didn't see the original message.
as is cmd
linux, OS X and the bsd babies do cli stuff in a much more sensible manner
Ok which Os is it then? I am just realising (thanks to Sathya) that i could write whole batches in winders shortcuts with && :-) up to 256 charachters.
start /B "" Wav.exe photoshop.wav && Photoshop.exe && Wave.exe PhotoshopFinishsound.wav .
10:16 AM
darn, noo that would be to easy.
youtube.com/watch?v=54XRNQ2C2x0 (never do anything easy proud mary)
10:33 AM
LOL, I had it all written in the cmd, added the "&& Exit" to the end, and Poof, lol, gone, without writing down what worked. I think i should stick with the old batch method
@Psycogeek: This is the process that i want to execute "C:\Program Files (x86)\LogMeIn Hamachi\hamachi-2-ui.exe"
the following doesn't works
cmd /C "C:\Program Files (x86)\LogMeIn Hamachi\hamachi-2-ui.exe"
start "C:\Program Files (x86)\LogMeIn Hamachi\hamachi-2-ui.exe"
If I just write "C:\Program Files (x86)\LogMeIn Hamachi\hamachi-2-ui.exe" in a batch file
it surely runs, but the batch file waits for the process to terminate
so basically, I want to execute the process and the terminate cmd
with start, if you want it to open in a seperate process , it would be >Start /B "some name" "C:\Program Files (x86)\LogMeIn Hamachi\hamachi-2-ui.exe"
let me try...
works !!!
Thanks @Psycogeek :)
/b means background, then "this" the quote thing is for the name of the window? but i never see the window
without the "" for the background name it doesnt background, which is weird.
then to Wait just add in /wait and it would stop till the program ends, so then that && exit could be used, but isnt nessisary
basically, it's a script to restart hamachi service + app.
since after sleep hamachi on my machine doesn't works properly - I can't connect to VPN
10:44 AM
@sazwqa so now your going to have that run auto after it wakes up?
that's a nice idea, I've put it on desktop right now. Since it doesn't does this always
Strangely, in my compatibility settings, the option "run this program as administrator" is greyed out. Any ideas?
oh, then you could always do the process check, Is it running, then do this.
@sazwqa because its a service? so it has to run with privelege?
I dont even know what a Hibatchi is, cept they are usefull for BBQs :-)
yes, but i can always make a command line script to run in admin mode by changing it's compatibility settings
hamachi is a VPN
it also mentioned that the method your using, works, but you knew that.
2 hours later…
1:18 PM
The Stack Exchange beer stein is bloody huge. As huge as my head
1:40 PM
@Sathya looks good. when you fill it up with beer does the Good answer number go down :-)
@Psycogeek haha ;)
2:14 PM
that's the bubblewrap, Nalgene & the stein
2:50 PM
@Sathya: thats probably used for quaffing
defined by terry prachett as "quaffing is like drinking, only with more spillage"
as such, you need bigger steins!
@JourneymanGeek haha
3:26 PM
@slhck, @DanielBeck: Do you really think this title is now more useful?
@TomWijsman No. Not at all.
Why would you think so?
The title is awful.
It should definitely be improved.
Well, you didn't make that edit. But still, I would imagine that this would still be there weeks later... :/
@TomWijsman Can you give me the link or do you want to improve the title?
Already done so, @slhck: I'm actually going through the problem titles every now and then. Starting with the most votes ones and/or those which have a different spelling.
@TomWijsman Ah, fair enough. Thanks!
3:47 PM
@Sathya Did we have Dr Who in India ?
no clue, @HackToHell though wiki says yes
@Sathya it would be nice if it came on BBC entertainment
1 hour later…
4:57 PM
Hmm, Google Chrome seems much faster than Mozilla Firefox in every aspect. I think I'm switching...
On Firefox it lags when starting the application, when typing something in the bar or sometimes even on a website, ...
I feel like FF has gone downhill since they started releasing a new version every 2 minutes
Good evening everyone
@TomWijsman I don't. It never as my intention to improve the title in question. Since there's no sandbox, I had to edit on the live site. I chose to do this in a way that, while not improving the quality, didn't reduce it either.
I chose a pretty much dead question so it doesn't disrupt active content. I'm not too happy having had to do it like this, but the filter is not active on our meta, and I was out of ideas.
@DanielBeck: It's kind of useless if it is not your intention to improve titles that you are trying to work out a filter that applies to a title?
5:19 PM
@TomWijsman I noticed that the filter can easily be circumvented and reported this, still unaware that this "bug" was repeated used on SO to circumvent the filter both by regular users and diamond moderators. I'd like to see the loophole fixed, but I can understand the reluctance -- there are just too many possible loopholes.
I don't really understand why every topic on MSO seems to devolve into a discussion, but I guess that's what you get without a real bug tracker.
Regarding the issue, the "bug" I reported even seems to have its applications in enabling topics where filtered terms actually make sense. Verbatim error messages, software names, or other names (like Halting Problem). So I can have no problem accepting status-bydesign.
@DanielBeck Exactly my thoughts about M.SO. If an idea has haters it is more likely to get down-voted and not implemented, while for yourself it seems a completely reasonable and making sense.
@DanielBeck My idea would be to just split a title by spaces, then replace known Unicode symbols (like the fake p by the correct p), strip all other Unicode problems and use a smart regular expression.
Adding non-ASCII characters anywhere wouldn't have any effect. Using Unicode/leetspeak instead of characters also wouldn't have any effect.
@TomWijsman I found about 70 topics with zero-width characters. None of them were useful. They can probably be filtered on English language sites.
(on SO)
5:35 PM
@DanielBeck: Yeah, zero-width characters certainly have to be killed.
@TomWijsman I was unable to search for the zero width joiner though on Data.SE, so it could be quite a few more.
Hmm, what is the Unicode for that? I have all SU questions in a file on my computer so I could search in that.
SO is way too big to download in a single day though, unless one would go for the data dump.
I wonder if you can use the API to search for that...
Would be nice to create an aggregating website of possible bad titles for a site.
@TomWijsman U+200D
But that would rather list questions that should rather be filtered...
UTF-8 is E2 80 8D
5:38 PM
Q: Please add "need help" as a filter for titles

Tom WijsmanThere are a ton of question titles that contain "need help" while it doesn't add something to the title, in most occasions this causes the user to not explain what the real problem is they are having. Could this be added to the filter for titles such that we have more proper titles? On Super Use...

Based on our Meta.SU question. :)
Now I wonder how those characters are stored, would notepad support them?
@TomWijsman +1
Or perhaps I could go for Notepad++ and somehow convert to a format where they would be searchable.
@TomWijsman Any monospace editor should do. Find one, copy&paste into the search dialog.
@DanielBeck You are really a source of bugs, moment, posting a screenshot. :P
And argh, it's gonna take me some while to get used to the different right click menus between Firefox and Google Chrome. :(
But certainly worth the switch... :)
@TomWijsman +1 for that as well, there can't possibly be a good use for this
Nice bug too
5:44 PM
@TomWijsman Haha, nice!
@TomWijsman Ah, no, sorry, edited it.
The original version is in your inbox. Now if someone needed holp, we should tolerate that.
@DanielBeck So, is it a bug or not?
@TomWijsman Don't think so. The original version's in the inbox, the edited one shown. We could tolerate it.
@TomWijsman Nope. Delete.
Sorry about that.
Huh, so you did use . in the original?
@TomWijsman Yes.
Hmm, replacing [a-zA-Z0-9] by `` seems like a good start to find any characters that shouldn't be there. :D
5:52 PM
@TomWijsman Will look like Brainfuck. Get rid of the punctuation too.
@DanielBeck: Well, if only this would execute...
I guess I should have added a * after it. :P
So it can select larger ranges instead of doing it per character...
Hmm, despites The default browser is currently Google Chrome. it still opens my links in Firefox. :S
Links from where?
Nevermind, fixed it in Default Programs.
Side note: I hate it when some programs hardcode IE into when they connect to a website for whatever reason...
I mean, I'm using IE at the moment anyway, but when I'm not, it's just annoying :P
@sidran32 Especially since it's so easy to use the default browser...
6:01 PM
@DanielBeck Indeed.
Any way to directly hyperlink to some user with some short-tag in an answer?
Like we can in comment..
I guess not.
@Bibhas Answers are supposed to stand alone, and there is no inherent order to them.
Yeah. I guess I was just talking to myself. :-/
Updated chrome to v17 today. and just noticed something.
Is it only me or there used to be a plus sign on that button?
@Bibhas It's missing on OS X as well, since a couple of version numbers I guess
@slhck yep, ditto on the Windows version @Bibhas
6:16 PM
@Sathya You sure it wasn't there on v16?
@Sathya Hmm.
Yes. the plus sign was also missing in v16
Chrome is getting rid of extra chrome. :P
They trained us to use the button, and most browsers have something similar at this point, so I guess they figured the '+' was extra stuff...
*some builds of Chrome 16... Version 16.0.912.77 still has the plus sign.
6:27 PM
@iglvzx How are checking these?
totally forgot to get lunch
@Bibhas Portable edition
@iglvzx Ah.
Found this service in an answer - ChangeDetection changedetection.com
@Sathya you could use it to get notifications when that app you built yesterday, suggested-edits list gets updated. ;)
6:37 PM
@Bibhas not sure how that'll help
@Sathya Dunno. Just came in mind. :-/
@Sathya The date and time of the suggested edit would probably be more useful.
@DanielBeck: If I do it for Super User, I'm left with a tab character... ` `
Haha. All of us answered around the same time: superuser.com/questions/389439/…
Which means there aren't any Unicode characters on Super User in tiles as far as I am aware of.
At least for my data dump that is. Which is 1 - 2 months old or so...
6:44 PM
@TomWijsman Not true. Just a second.
There's a U+200B between GoToMeetin and g
@DanielBeck: Where?
Ah, @DanielBeck, seems Notepad++ renders them as ?.
@DanielBeck okay, will add them tomorrow or so
Dunno if they are actually ? in the source file I have too...
@Sathya Just a thought. Not sure what the use case for that site is, and whether that's useful for it. Isn't it the same as the suggested editor queue?
@DanielBeck yeah. Use case was for me to take a look at Stack Overflow's edit queue
6:48 PM
@TomWijsman Hex editor will tell you. It's three bytes.
7:09 PM
Yeah, will try it again later.
Perhaps just see if the API returns it.
7:31 PM
Dangit, my fingers aren't typing properly today. My accuracy is totally crap..
7:48 PM
@sidran32 rofl
@slhck Are you there?
You just edited my question, you see...
hi @themidget
I was trying to reach @slhck...
I saw. I just wanted to say hello
7:54 PM
K, then. How are you doing?
I'm all right. How about you?
Very well. May I ask why your username is Raystafarian?
Well my name is Ray, so I thought it was funny
Ahh, so that's the trick. For a second (or two) there I thought you were one of those who believe smoking cannabis has spiritual meaning...
A rasta? I do not happen to be one, no
8:00 PM
But your username certainly suggest so, you must know.
If you read into it that far, yes
@themidget I'm there, yup
You can ping anyone who has visited chat in the last 7 days by their name
Q: Can f.lux's automatic behaviour be overridden?

the.midgetI found out about f.lux when someone mentioned it on another question here on SU that I happened to stumble upon. I've been using it ever since because it's a simple, original, useful piece of software. However, sometimes I find that I want to disable it during the night, to edit photos or perf...

I just wanted to thank you making my question that much more readable.
But I also wanted to ask you
@themidget Sure, it was very well written anyway ;)
Now that you have edited it, when somebody votes it up, do the points go to you or to me, or do they split in half? I am concerned 'bout rep points because I'm working my way up you see (don't misinterpret anything there, please)
8:08 PM
@themidget They only go to you. Editors are never credited any reputation … only when you have <2k reputation and suggest an edit (which is approved), you get a meagre +2
ahh, I had read that somewhere, yes (probably in the FAQ section)
The only case where you don't get any reputation for a question at all is when it becomes a Community Wiki post
well thanks for clarifying, @slhck.
Q: What are "Community Wiki" posts?

Justin StandardSome questions and answers are marked Community Wiki and are owned by a Community Wiki user. Why have Community Wiki posts? How do Community Wiki posts work? How does a post become a Community Wiki post? How can the Community Wiki status be removed from a post? Return to FAQ Index

Sure thing!
I must depart know. I have to go forth and study; amiable conversation the one we had there, @Raystafarian, I must say. Goodbye.
@slhck Your contributions are always praiseworthy, slhck, thank you. Goodbye now.
8:12 PM
@themidget Thank you, that's nice to hear – have a good one!
8:23 PM
@themidget adios amigo
8:43 PM
Evening all.
@SimonSheehan Hello
Hows it going?
Evening @SimonSheehan!
@slhck Hello!
Hi @iglvzx! :)
8:44 PM
Heya @slhck :)
So, what's new?
not much, just getting home now.. how about you?
I just came back from London yesterday night, spent two nights there, was awesome :D
@slhck Synetech has one-upped my screenshots... He is now using animated GIFs! :( Haha
Nice :D going all around the world eh? :p
8:46 PM
A: How to undo an accidental drag and drop

SynetechShort Answer To undo a file/folder operation in Windows, you can use either the Undo command in the Edit menu, or press Ctrl+Z. Caveat NB: There are a few things to note however. While the undo command usually undoes the last file operation, it will not always be the operation you are expectin...

@iglvzx Not bad, though, seems to be very effective :P
didnt know gif works.. hmm.
@slhck Yeah. I suppose the next logical competitive enhancement would be to start making videos. :P
with narration
@SimonSheehan Yeah, my gf and I went to see a concert, in a lovely old theatre, was nice :)
@iglvzx … if we only had YouTube embedding!
8:48 PM
@slhck Very cool! Must be exciting
@slhck :P
Oh man, I'm gonna start having to use animated GIFs too :O
Dangit @Synetech, you're making us all work harder!
@iglvzx I'm pretty sure that some desktop recording software can output to GIF... or maybe that's a video conversion tool that does that...
animated gif it is then. :)
The internet is already filled with animated GIFs, now you're making it worse :P
@studiohack meta.superuser.com/a/4374/80670 Whats the significance of having 10k rep here? :P
8:53 PM
@SimonSheehan … under the assumption it's already deleted
@SimonSheehan technically nothing. but 10K+ can vote to delete, so it sort of applies
One of my pet peeves is when people decide that sharing a 5MB gif is better than sharing a 1MB youtube video...
@iglvzx bahh, that stinks
@iglvzx Depends on what the content is though.
Ah okay, that makes sense @slhck @studiohack :)
8:54 PM
@slhck I didn't think of that. but that works :P
@slhck Yes. But it takes FOREVER to load
@iglvzx True that.
Would you guys consider this answer to be a bad one?
A: Installing emacs on red hat linux 5

kobeFinally i went to http://www.ubuntu.com/ this fixed all my problems Thanks

that's NAA
8:56 PM
@SimonSheehan YES! How does going to ubuntu.com fix any problems? They must have a rogue browser extension that magically troubleshoots problems.
Ah, not an answer
Hahaha @iglvzx
lol, brilliant
@TomWijsman Encountered an "issue" might work for this :p
8:57 PM
@TomWijsman Hm, what about it?
@TomWijsman Try including the word 'your'. It says the question is opinionated... (paraphrase)
Well, there we go. Too bad that the title is already good.
@slhck After discussing it once again today, I suddenly type it without noticing it... >_<
The previous title was Outlook Express Error...
You know what? In the end we should blame Microsoft for writing error messages that include the word problem.
Well, When Outlook Express starts it gives an error that doesn't say what happened? should work.
8:59 PM
And Mac never does that? :P
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