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10:15 AM
Fish becomes shark...
@Boris_yo well we could look at it this way, when all technology is owned by 2 companies, there will be less patent problems :-)
@Psycogeek, I have faith that apple can cause enough patent issues to last forever
@soandos good because i live in california, and right now we only make 2 things, bad movies and lawyers which are bad :-)
10:38 AM
@Psycogeek Bad lawyers because of a bad education?
@Psycogeek Don't understand regarding patents problems... Who owns all technology? Google and...?
I am beginning to realise that volumouse is a really bad idea. It does not matter how many Qualifier keys i press down in Many of the programs, The program in focus is the first one to take the Scroll wheels input ?
@Boris_yo Lawyers by and of themselves are not bad, they just dont manufacture anything :-) Fact is i cant really figure out any productive accomplishments they make, when "there is no justice in the world" :-)
That is what all the people paying laywers are telling us (there is no justice), so they should know.
@Psycogeek So lawyers and bad movies are California's byproduct?

 Valentines Day 2012

This is a new Room for this year's valentines day. Anyone can ...
@Boris_yo byproduct, is something created/produced, when making another product. so movies are the product, and lawyers are the byproduct :-) Do not take anything i say literally.
Silicon valley (central cal area) designs many of the electronics, but most of them are manufactured in other countries. So IP (intelectual property) is the product, and Protection of that intellectual property is the byproduct.
That makes lawyers a byproduct of a byproduct of a thought , because law and lawyers remove all thought, and work with "law" and babbling points of law that make no sence, the word byproduct works out good . :-) Oh man i am gonna get sued
10:57 AM
@soandos: until its no longer worth it
supposedly the current raft of patent lawsuits was cause Jobs was convinced everyone was ripping apple's ideas off
which is silly
1 hour later…
12:20 PM
@Sathya wut.
12:30 PM
@Psycogeek :)
Hey @JosipGòdlyZirdum, sorry about that. It's a nice enough machine although I would avoid playing minecraft one it. My (three-year-old) laptop has 512MB graphics and while it runs fine it gets very hot.
12:49 PM
Posted by daviesgeek on February 13th, 2012

Out of curiosity over a question I saw on Ask Different, I created a poll on web browsers for you. My main goal is to find out why people use one browser over another. Is it actually better, or do you just use it because it’s the default browser? The survey is for users of all OSes, including iOS and Android. We will come back in a couple of weeks to post the results from the survey.

Please feel free to take the survey multiple times if you regularly use multiple operating systems. You can visit my survey on Google Docs here. …

1:19 PM
@Clippy: Huh! Have you been sleeping? :|
@slhck you realise with that edit, i am now going to have to deal with the same round of answers, that are already in the other questions. I was trying to get more Agressive with finding something that Always works, and works in the specific platform. There are thousands of pages of this on the web ( i already read). As the operating system changed each one became almost completly useless. Many of the users who still use them are using them Limited.
@tombull89 I know.
1:44 PM
@Psycogeek I did not remove anything substantial
What are you referring to?
You made it quite obvious that you don't want any pointers, but personal experience … it was very obvious to me when I read that question
@slhck Yes, is a good edit, but I wanted the YOU FRIGGEN TESTED , and ALL in there :-)
@Psycogeek Ah, fair enough! :) I just embedded the image and highlighted the line you want to emphasize.
@slhck oh crud, now i am editing, and i got your edit flag.
I was adding in the list and pictures.
2:00 PM
@Psycogeek Ah, just override mine then.
I guess I shouldn't edit your posts because you're continuously doing it :P
@slhck I can just tell you when i am done :-)
@Psycogeek Sure
It is just a bloody mess now. and I keep remembering all the programs that toss up some audio that i would far prefer to hear.
2:15 PM
@Psycogeek Just get a bigger screen. This is the perfect excuse.
@DanielBeck Got one, a whole second monitor, then I filled it with Junk before the day was up. Just the pro edit programs have thier bundles of little windows things, and a second Full Screen display. After all the problems with these Programs hooking into the volume control, I should have just gone with " Smaller Mixer For Windows 7"
has a physical volume control knob where possible ;p
@JourneymanGeek I have 2 of those also :-) one for the speakers one for the headphones. but again that is just MAIN, which all of this stuff does control fine.
The windows 7 added feature of Per-app control is the best thing in the world. 2 years of the OS out later , it is still not under control.
If i ask windows developers to put a slider on the apps taskbars, it would only be 3-4 years before it didnt blink, mess up other windows, and not maintain transparency settings .
at least it would solve the focus problem :-)
2:41 PM
@Psycogeek Can't be that difficult to find out the front application to display and change its volume only, can it?
@DanielBeck Piece of cake, if I have the mondo mixer up. Its just a audio mixer, it is 118 times bigger than my internet radio :-)
Even XP allowed the mixer to be shrunk to about 1/3rd its original size, which was 1/2 the size of this one.
In XP they had a 3rd party mixer, that took a skin, then they had "small skin" 11 items in 2 inches. Why woudnt there be a 3rd party mixer (that actually works) for win7
3:41 PM
how about hacking SndVol.exe or its dlls, it is only tied to some 30 dlls, and directally to the kernel.
Anyone used Greenshot?
@Boris_yo seems interesting .
Are you going to try it? @HackToHell
@Boris_yo tried it already
3:58 PM
Watched Green Hornet?
I found 4 different "sizes" in the sndVol.exe . something about it being DPI aware. But DPI in the system doesnt go below 100% , and there is even smaller items in there. Plus some indication in the .mui , that originally there may have been a programming intent to hide/show specific items. I can understand why they wouldnt implement that.
4:28 PM
Hi people! :D
hey Fruity
:D Hey @Sathya, how are you?
good, good :)
how be you?
me be ok! (:
Secretly busy behind the screens on SU
Anybody knows what is this sticker that i found on product in shop?
4:41 PM
@BloodPhilia busy with?
@Sathya Reviewing, community ad creation, suggested edits... Sometimes answering a question or asking for clarification :P Haven't been online a lot recently, thought I'd pick it up slowly by performing "maintenance tasks" if you will.
@Boris_yo It's used for shop security to prevent shop lifting. If you walk through the shop's security gates with one of these active, the alarm will go off. Usually they're deactivated when you pay for your product.
@BloodPhilia Can this be removed sneakily?
@Boris_yo Usually these are placed on plastic surfaces (Like CD Jewel cases) and are highly adhesive. They can't be removed easily.
@BloodPhilia Maybe i can Telnet this chip and disable it...
@Boris_yo Haha no, it doesn't actually have a real firmware interface... It's a highly simplified version of an RFID chip
The coil like spiral is actually its antenna
5:04 PM
@BloodPhilia Maybe i can implant this stuff into my tissue and receive highly classified signals?
@BloodPhilia nice, always good to have you back :))
@Sathya Did my Npad AutoHotkey script work for you?
@iglvzx haven't tried yet, thanks for reminding :P
hey @iglvzx, @Borisyo, @Sathya, @BloodPhilia
5:11 PM
will try tomorrow - need to use it at work since I'll have to do lot of typing in Finnish
@Sathya Haha. No problem. OP is being picky about using Alt codes to enter Unicode chars. :( Perhaps I should ask a new question specifically about using normal numbers as Numpad numbers. Then post my script there.
@studiohack Morning!
gah, valentine's day sucks for singles. :P
morning @iglvzx - looks like you have 6,000 total rep! (next to your name in chat)
@studiohack Yeah. Nearly 4K on SU alone! :)
Most of my rep on the other sites is from migrated SU posts and the +100 free rep
5:28 PM
So did everyone get themselves, some of those genetically engineered sticker bushes, grown in greenhouses in cuba (roses), cut down in the prime of thier lives, to hand out to your GF as a token of your acknowlegement of the manufactured day of love ?
@iglvzx could you post it here
@Sathya Ok.
A: How to type zero-width space character (U+200B) on a laptop keyboard?

iglvzxI have written a small application for just this purpose! It is called Npad, and it is a simple AutoHotkey script to conditionally remap the normal number keys to behave as the Numpad keys. This allows you to enter Unicode characters using their Alt keystroke combinations with any keyboard. Inst...

^ If your keyboard has no Numpad or you don't want to hold down the [Fn] key.
@Sathya Welcome! When you get to try it out, let me know if you find any bugs or have any suggestions.
will do!
5:42 PM
@studiohack Yah? Was is los?
6:10 PM
@iglvzx Wow. Is there really no simple solution to do this?
Wait, why wouldn't you hold down Fn?
Why not just use the character map program?
That's what I use on my laptop.
This chat is annoying. On the Apple.SE chat is a user named Daniel, and I get all his notifications, even though I'm not in the room at the moment. It's ridiculous.
@DanielBeck change your username. though that is annoying (both changing your username & getting all his notifications)
I'm surprised I'm the first one to post this as an answer...
A: How to type zero-width space character (U+200B) on a laptop keyboard?

sidran32You could just use the Character Map program, built into Windows. It lists all characters for each font installed on the system, and lets you select one and copy it to the clipboard. In fact, I use it to reference all the keycodes to type them, otherwise, but when I'm on my laptop, it's handy jus...

@studiohack I rather like my name, and I have no desire to use a pseudonym.
6:18 PM
@DanielBeck yeah - I would be really annoyed if I had to change my name from studiohack :(
Although legally changing my name would have it's advantages. There are way too many Daniel Beck's out there. Especially in Germany.
I'm thankful that at least my pseudo is very unique
I discovered about 7 years ago that my pseudonym, which I created by random a looong time ago when creating a Napster account, is an actual proper name. :o
@sidran32 Although Charmap does not show you Unicode characters before 0021
@iglvzx ASCII control characters?
6:20 PM
@DanielBeck Yes.
@iglvzx I think it will if you select the "Terminal" font
@iglvzx Do you need these often?
Oh wait, nevermind.
Didnt' realize what you meant.
For his purposes, I think my answer would suffice, and it's mounds simpler than the others...
@DanielBeck No. Just pointing out a small detail
@sidran32 That'd be my approach on OS X. Open the character palette, and just copy it over for the first one. After that, the clipboard.
6:23 PM
@DanielBeck I think it'd be the standard recourse.
@sidran32 I am going to update your screen to a more specific example.
@iglvzx Have at it.
@sidran32 That's why I was wondering about that, I thought Windows had a character palette equivalent.
@DanielBeck It does. It's one of the oldest utilities that Windows shipped with. I remember using it back in Windows 3.1 when typing up reports for my Spanish class in 7th grade.
I don't know if it goes all the way back to Windows 1.0. But it's pretty old. :P
@sidran32 Updated!
6:26 PM
@iglvzx I thought that was what you were going to do. Thanks!
But now no one can see how cool my Windows skin is. :(
joking :p
@sidran32 I like to take screenshots!
Windows Classic is the best ;)
@iglvzx I've never used the Windows Snipping tool as much as I have for this site :P
@iglvzx I used to use it a lot at my old job. But I work on my laptop here, which I prefer to use Aero with (and I also bought Object Desktop, and want to use it :P)
@sidran32 I do not use the sniping tool. White desktop + PrintScreen + GIMP + Autocrop + Save!
@iglvzx Snipping tool is easier. Click the down arrow next to the new button, select Window, then click the window, and then it lets you save the screenshot to a .png.
I used to use Alt+PrintScr then copy to Paint then save. Same effect.
The Snipping tool is more direct though, and you can still annotate your image using pen drawing tools.
@sidran32 Oh I know. But I have my AutoHotkey scripts that automate GIMP for me. :P
6:31 PM
@iglvzx Oh, I see. You just want to use your clever solution. I know what that's like. ;)
@sidran32 The MSO feature?
@DanielBeck It's a separate tool built into Windows.
@sidran32 I know. I meant that in reference to hand drawn shapes on pictures, they're very popular on MSO.
Ah. No, the snipping tool has some basic drawing tools on it.
6:33 PM
@sidran32 ... which is essential if you're uploading images to MSO :-)
A: A more "meta" logo?

davidsleepsI'm with Adam Rackis on this one (+1 btw), only you need to try a bit more:

A: A more "meta" logo?

BobbyNeeds more freehand circles!

Ah. I'm not a regular of MSO. I thought you meant Microsoft Office, which also has its own drawing tools I think. :P
Microsoft Outlook is also abbreviated as MSO
Dang TLAs!
So ambiguous.
I had to lookup TLA as it was ambiguous...
(three letter acronym, for those playing along at home)
Hehe, yes. :P
Common joke. ;)
6:39 PM
Interesting. Wikipedia has a list of ALL three letter acronyms!
The lists below provide access to all three-letter acronyms and initialisms, as well as abbreviations consisting of two letters and a digit.
Or so it claims. ;)
Oh wait, it can claim that, because there's only 26^3 TLAs!
Well, it literally lists out every possibility and links to articles if there is one
As I realized. :P
@Raystafarian Please stop copying complete Wikipedia articles into tag wikis and submitting them for review. This is plagiarism.
@iglvzx Well, yeah, it's easy to list them. Many have no article though.
@sidran32 Standard procedure.
@sidran32 An old political tactic. Label legislature as 'protecting children' or something similar, so opponents can be criticized as 'anti-children'
I know. It's just so... blatant though. Usually they're a bit more subtle, IME. :P
"For the children!"
@sidran32 No they're not.
@sidran32 The literal translation of that line to German was the justification for similar legislation in Germany.
I dunno. What I've seen has been. At least, they don't attack the opposition like that.
6:50 PM
@BloodPhilia summaries are not plagiarism under creative commons deed. But, if you want me to summarize myself, I'm more than happy to do the work
@Raystafarian It is plagiarism if no attribution is made... Which is systematically the case with your submits.
@BloodPhilia if you say so, I'm not going to argue with you. I said I'll do more work
@Raystafarian It's nothing personal, I'm just informing you of the case. If you're willing to write your own short tag wikis, I'll be more than happy to accept them and we would be grateful for your contributions.
I guess my mistake was not quoting wiki, I apologize
@simonsheehan: you may appreciate this: vimeo.com/16716435 - I know the guy who made it
6:55 PM
@Raystafarian Wikipedia are usually overly broad and don't fit a tag wiki in its WP form. You could summarize them of course, omitting all non-essential information.
@BloodPhilia roger
@Raystafarian I'm not trying to scare you away or anything! :p Hope you don't take it personally
@Raystafarian Also, make it as general as possible. Nobody's continuously maintaining the tag wikis, so don't post things that are likely to go out of date quickly.
no I get it, and I can't do edits for 7 days so it'll sink in :P
@DanielBeck Great point
@DanielBeck About the up-to-date-ness of tag wikis
6:57 PM
@BloodPhilia Thanks.
As an example, it'd be a really stupid idea to mention the current release version of pretty much any web browser.
@Raystafarian Haha, good! Do like your diligence though :P
@DanielBeck Yes I know.
My workspace here collects dust like mad. I should pick up a can of compressed air just to keep here...
@BloodPhilia Wasn't directed to you, more generally as addition to that earlier message.
@DanielBeck Yes I see, my mistake
I mean, did you know that the current stable release of Firefox is 6.0?
7:00 PM
honestly, that sounds about right with all the bugs
@DanielBeck no, that's 11
@studiohack Not according to the tag wiki!
@studiohack Which is kind of my whole point, really.
That latest SU blog, I posted my disdain with Firefox. I haven't used it regularly since sometime around version 3 (could be right before or after)...
7:03 PM
@studiohack I'm at 10...
nah. kidding, of course.
@BloodPhilia oh. 10.0.1. pfft.
10.0.1 or so, btw.
@studiohack No it says 10, no update available
It was about version 3 that Firefox regained the Mozilla bloat that it was supposed to have avoided...
10.0.1 is the latest stable version
Also, I will forever be a Firefox user. XUL is the sh*t. I can CSS all the things!
7:04 PM
Because it was supposed to be the lightweight version of Mozilla, IIRC...
@sidran32 The last good version of Firefox was named Phoenix.
@DanielBeck Which one was that?
@sidran32 0.3 IIRC. It's been a while.
I started using it around version 2.
I switched to Chrome when it launched.
Now I'm on IE9, for the time being.
@sidran32 Chrome is a piece of junk. I only use it to answer questions on SU, and every time I find a new bug.
7:06 PM
@sidran32 Blasphemous!
@DanielBeck I disagree. Chrome is awesome!
But IE9 is also awesome. So I switch off. :P
I converted all my coworkers at my old job off of Firefox onto Chrome. :P
Chrome is pretty awesome... I'm an avid FF user though
I don't like FF's stability. Especially compared to Chrome or IE9.
Or lack thereof, really.
@sidran32 Never have any problems whatsoever... Must be system dependent
No, it's really the fact that when a browser plugin crashes, or a tab hangs, it takes the whole browser down with it. Chrome's process-isolation of tabs and plugins makes that not happen and makes browsing much less frustration-prone. IE9 does it to a degree too, which is real nice.
7:08 PM
Speaking of Firefox and Chrome, if you are on Windows, testing out different versions is easy:
A: Override webpage doctype in my browser?

iglvzxIt's seems like your professors may be using outdated browsers. For Windows, you can try older versions of Firefox and Google Chrome using the portable editions provided by PortableApps.com. These packages are open source and hosted on SourceForge.net. Firefox Portable Google Chrome Portable ...

I will admit that Firefox's new look is pretty nice, and does entice me. But it's not enough to make me switch back. I tried, but couldn't do it.
@DanielBeck why only to answer questions?
@BloodPhilia Firefox RULES. 'nuff said.
@studiohack FIREFOX! :P
@iglvzx YAHHHH! :P
@studiohack True dat
7:13 PM
my pet peeve with it though is the memory leaks. if I leave it open all day, it takes like 500MB of RAM
@studiohack True dat also
@BloodPhilia I've seen it all the way up at 777 MB or something. at least I can kill the flash container without killing FF
@studiohack I posted in the chat awhile back about encountering a memory leak in FF 9.0. Ate up 4GB of RAM in 2 minutes. :(
@iglvzx whoa! :(
I usually have about 7-12 tabs open
Jan 3 at 20:08, by iglvzx
Crap. I think Firefox 9.0.1 may have memory leak issues. Opened up Firefox and a few minutes later 4GB of RAM was eaten up.
Found it!
7:17 PM
Thats nuts...
One subprocess, or evenly spread out?
right now? 6 tabs & flash player is 400MB. but it's been open for 1 hour and 10 minutes
(all that info can be found in Windows Task Manager - even the length of time a process has been open). Hey, great idea! blog post about Task Manager!
I only just now found out you can get a summary of the number of suggested edits you dealt with
And resource manager (which I find very useful)
@soandos Just a single process. I was only on Superuser.com
7:19 PM
Mine is @ 140 MB
@studiohack, I think jeff did one in 2005. Interesting to see how things changed
yeah. If you lookup Firefox memory leaks, you will see that it is a chronic issue
@soandos interesting...
Sometimes they nuke the bugs, but sometimes they are cockroaches
@iglvzx, hence my being on chrome
7:21 PM
Argh Chrome seems to have broken the comment function on SE :S
anyway, I left a comment on Mehrdad's question and THEN flagged it for the attention of the other mods saying how much the answers sucked and I wanted to know what they thought. Well random thought it should be closed, so end of story :P
Btw, if you want to have a browser crash, try logging in to Stack Exchange on Internet Explorer 6 or 7:
Q: 'Log in with StackExchange' is freezing/crashing Internet Explorer 6 & 7

iglvzxCan anyone else confirm this? On my Windows XP virtual machines (clean installations for testing), I cannot log in to StackExchange sites using my StackExchange OpenID if I am using Internet Explorer 6 or 7. IE 8 works fine. When I expect to see the ... indicator, before the email and password fi...

I don't even have a computer that runs IE6 or 7 anymore (thank god)
7:26 PM
Every time I look at MSO I am thankful that SU is better moderated (and not just by the mods) int terms of keeping up with everything in /review
I feel like this is not a real question:
Q: What does TPMc stand for?

Felipe SabinoI need to provide some performance values for a server specification and I've been asked to provide TPMc values. What does it stand for and where can I find this value for specific processors? (If it is even related to a processor performance measurement...) I've checked several manufacturer's w...

@soandos how so?
They have tens of edits in the queue all the time
@iglvzx It seems trivial
"What does AOL stand for? What does GNU stand for? etc..." It's a simple definition lookup
7:27 PM
loads of questions in the the late answer and other catagories
I am showing none there
for either first or late answers
for the past month
@studiohack I keep everything up to date. I'm anal about that.
And that's a good thing about Microsoft. They've got some of the most fire-tested software in the market, and they're very dilligent on keeping security holes plugged. So it's arguably the most secure software out there. :P
@sidran32 good for you. meanwhile, I'll keep chugging along in Firefox. :P
@sidran32, thats not good logic...
@studiohack I also use Chrome, which regularly wins Pwn2Own contests. My parents use it too. :P
@soandos It's good logic. :P
7:34 PM
@sidran32 lol
Secure != safe, remember
@soandos actually, I think he has a point
Just beucause they patch it continually does not make it more secure. It has no bearing on its security as related to FF for example
@soandos That's only part of it.
@soandos True that
7:35 PM
@studiohack - hihi! - store.steampowered.com/sub/12529 :P
FF is either more secure, or slower at coming out with patches, or a combination. No way to know
IIRC, IE9 got very good reviews for being secure.
Saw you are active!!! Only if you are free!
@soandos The point is that since Microsoft's software is so widespread, people are constantly trying to find holes in its security. So Microsoft has to keep pace. That means regular updates, but it also means it will end up most secure because its security flaws will be unveiled more often and quicker.
Other browsers may have similar security flaws but they won't be as quickly exposed and so won't be so quickly patched.
@WilliamHilsum oh hey :P
@WilliamHilsum working on it! iall of it, for USD 4.78
7:38 PM
Microsoft releases patches regularly on Patch Tuesday. They have a whole security division whose sole purpose is the security of their software products.
@sidran32, I stand by what I said before "
FF is either more secure, or slower at coming out with patches, or a combination. No way to know" the FF team might have just written better code with regard to security. Who knows?
FFS! I have to disable this bloody notification sound... or at least remember to turn down my volume... third time I almost $hit myself...
@soandos I really don't know. I think Firefox's security is more due to the use of plugins, like NoScript, though.
@studiohack store.steampowered.com/sub/12529/?cc=us should be game + 6 expansions
@WilliamHilsum you can disable it
7:39 PM
yep, that's right
@sidran32, this is my point. It is unknowable
But then I will never know if I am @'ed... just need to get rid of the sound
@soandos Not really because there are people who study this kind of thing for a living. I jsut can't be bothered to look them up right now. I'm also working :P
ohh... didn't know sound wasn't linked to notifications... just seen they are separate
done! Thanks
Hi @WilliamHilsum! Beep!
7:40 PM
okay, checking out the cart @WilliamHilsum
@sidran32 No sounds! Clean pants!
@WilliamHilsum DOOIING
@studiohack, any ideas on what is causing meta.superuser.com/questions/4379/pdf-tag-wiki-uneditable ?
@iglvzx hehe, cool - i'll see the notification... just no sound! :)
7:42 PM
@soandos no idea
sent @WilliamHilsum. you probably can't hear me anymore :P
damn... missed it... sounds back on!
hahahahaha! :)
@Studiohack, @Sathya, @IvoFlipse - To one of you, I never paid any fees / I thought it was a weird paypal issue in one transaction... but, I just noticed again then remembered I did bought a service instead of the friend/gift option.... If you have been charged anything (no matter how small), please let me know and I will put it right.
oddly never been charged any fee
though I remember there have been fees earlier
@WilliamHilsum I think maybe me? you gave me $7 last time, but my account only has 6.43 in it, but that maybe eBay stuff
7:48 PM
another 10 minutes to ME3 demo... waiting so that I can publish my post, start download & then bugger off
@Sathya have a good one. I'm soon off to classes. and you been greedy about flags lately. hahaha just kidding :)
@Sathya I always tick the box and pay the fees in addition to the amount I send... I just remembered that it has happened twice where I thought I got off them somehow... and I noticed that I did it wrong now, but saw the same screen - so I know what happened last time
@studiohack ok, thanks... adding to this one then!
you are doing me a favor, don't want you to suffer!
@WilliamHilsum no, no, please don't worry about it. I've got this PayPal account hooked up to ebay, where I currently have three things for sale...
@WilliamHilsum ah
@WilliamHilsum besides, if you pay for fees, then you don't gain anything when saving money by buying in the US. or do you?
7:50 PM
@studiohack Already done - only fair... You have all done me big favors and I fill so cheap doing it, so, it is the least I can do... don't want it costing any of you ANYTHING.
@WilliamHilsum Meeh in my case I don't care
@WilliamHilsum well thanks, that's kind & generous of you :) got the funds. thanks! you should have the games.
@studiohack the fees are only about 5-10c, so not sure why it took so much off for you :/ but, I save anything from 10p-unlimited... been some really big ones, and, those 10p ones aren't that often... It is bad to save that little which is why I seriously only want people to do it if you have a moment free/really don't mind... but... the savings have added up and I have worked out that it has saved me about £43 since I started buying on Steam
@IvoFlipse :8 You know I can't do that! I'll try looking through my Paypal history when I get a moment
@WilliamHilsum You can return me the favor some other day
when the UK has a better deal than NL
@WilliamHilsum I still think it was eBay...
7:53 PM
seems to be most days! Only noticed a few euro bargains
And that was the end of my voting to close spree :c
A: PDF tag wiki uneditable

iglvzxSince posting analysis in the comments is difficult, I declare this community wiki to be used for sharing our findings! Normal tag wiki: <div class="post-menu"> <form class="form-submit" action="#" method="get"> <input type="button" onclick="window.location.href='/ed...

@studiohack Nope, it was me.. they are gits for taking off so much...
@studiohack Because of the bugs I mentioned in, well, the same message?
7:58 PM
Additionally Chrome has horrible platform integration on OS X.
only difference I can see is that one says "Payment for", the other says "Payment to"
@WilliamHilsum fee about is 0.00
2nd on, fee amount is 0.06
but please don't worry about it, I'm good. thanks though

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