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For the floppy disk driver, there are none. For a Windows 95 box, yes.
Maybe I should buy a more modern floppy drive?
Although, the question is: Are they in existence?
@FleetCommand IIRC floppies need a different type of IDE port
Q: How do I install a 3.5" floppy on a new motherboard?

UsagiI'm trying to install a floppy drive in my new desktop. I don't know much about IDE connections/cables but it seems there are multiple types. I've seen some with pins in the middle taken out and others with all their pins. I think I have a newer version of IDE on my motherboard. Do they sell t...

You found this on SU? I was actually searching RC. And I came up with this...
Q: Where can I find an external 8-inch floppy disk drive?

JeffWhere can I find an external 8-inch floppy disk drive? I have some data I would like to retrieve from a really old 8-inch (200 mm) floppy disk, but have no working computer than has a drive to read it. Are external drives for that size still sold? Where can I find one? Either Linux or Windows s...

Also that I answer is for a 3.5" floppy drive, not an 8" one.
Ours is distinctly using an IDE-like cable
1:18 PM
It's a floppy cable and a floppy port. Usb is the way to go for 3.5 inches
Unless it was SCSI
We have separate problem with SCSI too
But back to the floppy drive: Its connector is a DEC RX02.
It is incompatible with IBM's IDE.
!!wiki List of floppy disk formats
This is a list of different floppy disk formats. == IBM 8-inch formats == This is a list of 8-inch floppy diskette formats as introduced by IBM. == DEC 8-inch formats == Digital Equipment Corporation used the following formats on 8-inch disks: == Other manufacturers == == Physical composition == == Logical formats == Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, many different logical disk formats were used, depending on the hardware platform. == See also == ZIP-100, ZIP-250, ZIP-750 (floppy-like, but incompatible medium using different technology) clik!, PocketZip (floppy-like, but incompati...
can you not install a 3.5" drive in the older machine?
that might be the easier option than trying to install the 8" on a modern computer
the loss adjuster is back in...
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@FleetCommand It's a parallel cable that superficially looks like a HDD IDE cable. Not the same thing.
@Bob Hello, Bob! Welcome to this discussion with the information that I had already discovered and posted here 36 m ago!
By the way, I totally dig your fox-like avatar.
Well, Fennec Fox to be exact.
why on earth would any company still have 8" floppies?
The floppy drive belongs to a DEC PDP-1103 computer. It runs a rare-earth content analysis device.
The device is worth millions of dollars and the Chinese equivalent sold these days aren't as good.
So, we are having an excellent piece of antique equipment in good working order.
Someone told me it is made by JPL.
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@djsmiley2k Number 4 is "Churnalism".
that was the joke...
Did I ever mentioned that someone has recently created a ".NET strategy" article in Wikipedia?
!!wiki .NET strategy
The .NET strategy was a long-term Microsoft software development and marketing plan, envisioned in late 1990s. Former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, described it as Microsoft's "most ambitious undertaking since Internet Strategy Day in 1995". It involved massive changes across all Microsoft products that enable very cooperation, interoperability and content embedding. In lieu of this strategy, between 2000 and 2002, Microsoft added ".NET" branding to several of its works, including Visual Studio .NET, Visual Basic .NET, .NET Passport, .NET Framework, ASP.NET and ADO.NET. A Windows .NET Server was...
OH, MY GOD! Someone has re-wired @BenN to act instead of ChatBotJohnCavil.
Anyway... I didn't know so many news outlets actually cared about Microsoft's .NET strategy for it to be able to a Wikipedia article of its own...
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Notability requirements are a joke, hth
@Bob I awoke on Sun, 14 Jan 2018 19:00:10 GMT (that's about 1 day ago), got invoked 26 times
@FleetCommand I found a advert page
Zaika is an Indian restaurant in Kensington. It describes its cooking as Awadhi, offering "the vivid flavours of Lucknow". It had a Michelin star for its cuisine from 2001 to 2004, making it one of the first Indian restaurants to be so honoured. The Independent described it as cool, with an atmosphere of "glory, glamour and gorgeousness." It explained further that the restaurant's first chef Vineet Bhatia had introduced two much-copied techniques: cooking a biryani with a puff pastry lid studded with seeds; and serving a trio of small dishes linked by a single ingredient like duck or cheese. ...
Jon Skeet has broken the 1 million barrier
@djsmiley2k the user who wrote it doesn't look like a spammer
2:51 PM
!!user jonskeet
@Burgi Command deprecated. If you want it to stay, ping Zirak.
@Bob they need to swap the numbering to 1M
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wtf... the longest reminder period in outlook for events is 14 days
i want a reminder 30 days before!
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