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12:24 AM
May 18 at 1:12, by Michael Frank
Because for some stupid reason, Sony decided to create short packet windows on their download connections and it is crazy slow even on fast connections.
2 hours later…
2:13 AM
@Bob still at ~940 down, ~159 up
probably something fubar with either the ONT or the router because it's the same on my macbook via 5 GHz 802.11ac (nearby, high signal strength) and GigE to the Win10 battlestation
159 up is 18.06% of the advertised speeds -- within the margin for a reasonable person to expect repair
Good morning everyone! :)
2:32 AM
> fubar
2:47 AM
@allquixotic could try directly on the ont
@JourneymanGeek @_@
is that even possible?
I think our ONT is outside, we have a lead acid battery backup unit indoors but it doesn't appear to have any network electronics inside
the fiber connects just outside our house
the cable routed to the inside is Cat5e ethernet
@allquixotic I'd be happy with 159 up -_-
but that's impossible. like, I couldn't get that for $100k I'm pretty sure
@Bob That's what I said!
Also... I'm failing super hard right now... but what's the best way to burn a Windows ISO to usb under Linux?
3:11 AM
@allquixotic o0
@Bob I'm thrilled with it compared to before, but I'm paying for "Up to 880 Mbps", which by U.S. FCC regulations means if you don't ever get at least 80% of that advertised speed, they either have to make an effort to repair it or you can get out of your contract without any termination fees
Ours is a box with 4 ports.
And in theory I can plug a PC I into it
3:30 AM
@allquixotic so... do you want out of your contract? :P
next year I can get max 100/40
fttp areas can get max 200/200
I should move :P
@Bob no. :P
I'm on Charter Spectrum 100/10 (HFC cable) and have never seen bandwidth drop below advertised speeds, even during peak hours. Ever.
3:47 AM
@Nick on the contrary, I am saying my home network is really bad.
@Nick I use vivaldi. It wasn't ruff at all. Maybe ruff ruff. But some of the features are nice
@Avery by co-opting the symbology of the oppressor, and turning it from a mark of shame into a mark of pride, you take away the power it has over you.
That said, I'd personally be VERY careful using those terms, even if someone used it themselves, lacking the same cultural context.
@allquixotic What's the full retail rate, post-promotion (if any)?
@JourneymanGeek I am fully aware
@bwDraco $130/month with a 2-year agreement for gigabit; $80/month with a 2-year agreement for 150/150.
the 2-year agreement shaves off $5/month permanently as long as you keep your contract renewed
3:56 AM
(was trying to compare prices)
it also locks you into a price for the duration of the agreement
(they have raised prices in the past, as I understand it)
month to month customers can have a price increase at any time
Problem is that I'm not able to actually utilize these sorts of speeds absent Ethernet wiring in the house.
I have ethernet to my bedroom and 5 GHz 802.11ac to the adjoining work from home office
...and I highly doubt we're going to do Ethernet wiring.
my 802.11ac device pulls down about 600 Mbps down, but it's currently throttled/capped at 159 Mbps up, as is the hard-wired GigE desktop
not sure what it's capable of at line speed
3:58 AM
I'm on an 802.11ac router and have gotten peak LAN speeds of about 500 Mbps under ideal conditions using a 2x2 device.
I think you have to go beyond 2x2 to get much faster than that, as far as AC line speeds, don't you?
Realistically, about 250-300 Mbps from my bedroom where my main laptop is located - an external antenna (which my upcoming Astaroth desktop will have) is expected to perform better.
Jan 10 at 2:44, by bwDraco
Peak performance, main laptop directly adjacent to router: 523 Mbps. Fantastic.
(see context)
Jan 10 at 3:53, by bwDraco
At least I have the comfort of knowing that I can hit 280-300 Mbps from my bedroom and at least 90-100 Mbps throughout the house.
What's your router? I'm on a NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S, which is an 802.11ac Wave 2 router with 4x4:4 MU-MIMO capability.
@bwDraco G1100

Ideal for all FiOS Internet plans, perfect for max Wi-Fi speed, range and simultaneous access for multiple users.
Ah, the stock Fios gateway.
it has significant buffer bloat so I'm going to try to replace it with an Evenroute router
but the speeds are fine
unless the 150 Mbps upstream is hamstrung by the router itself, which would be weird
4:05 AM
@allquixotic I'm debating throwing in a DIY pfsense box instead of my main router - that said, faster networks don't make sense until I can move off homeplug
I always plan on putting together a custom pfsense box... but then I never have anywhere to put it.
I'm looking at those very small form factor, 4 port industrial PCs
1) was waiting to get a job and settled in
2) deciding between that and a mesh network setup
3) usual hardware purchase anxiety
1 hour later…
5:30 AM
So..... What am I going to get as a broke homeless circus cat to replace my exploded phone...
go to media
not even joking
they'll give exposure
besides, samsung phones. exploding. again.
perfect story.
6:15 AM
Hi Mithrandir,

I'm a really nice person and recieve praise for it on almost a daily basis in my real life interactions. It's sad to see that I am assumed to be an annoyance or bad person because of my open-hearted messages. Please respect that I come from a different community with different cultures and yes, I do abide by the rules of conduct here at https://superuser.com

The difference between an adult and a child, I find, is that usually adults put in the effort to clear out ambiguity with heavy worded messages such as the one I am typing out here.
6:32 AM
@Nick that said, if you're causing people any degree of distress from your words, you've got to re-examine it
especially when there's repeated flags for it.
@Nick Unfortunately, it doesn't matter how you behave in real life here - what matters is how you act on this site. No matter how nice you are in real life, if your online interactions do not reflect that, then it doesn't matter to us. Because we don't know you in real life - only what you present to us here.
While I encourage people to deal with it as it happens, there comes a point where the laisse faire approach to chat moderation tends to break down.
(so dude, its up to you to watch what you say, and not complain when you get suspended for saying something that upset someone)
I do respect that you come from a different culture. However, that has limits. If someone has explicitly requested not to be called by something, and you fail to respect that (and I personally feel that while 'kid' is not necessarily an insult, it can certainly feel condescending and rather snarky), you are not respecting the guidelines of the sites.
I am not 'assuming that you are a bad person' - I am telling you that going against someone's wishes on a matter of what to call them is against the rules, and requesting that you abstain from such activity in the future.
Agreed. Now, let's move on. The world is huge and thriving.

How are your days going?
6:51 AM
> The difference between an adult and a child, I find, is that usually adults put in the effort to clear out ambiguity with heavy worded messages such as the one I am typing out here.
everyone can do that.
> Being called a kid is not an insult.
Well, yes, on a legal and medical context, it is not. I am legally a minor, but if you point that out AFTER I ask you to not do so, that's belittling and condescending.
"Genuinely, such a label is humiliating. " applies to calling people "kid"
> Being called a sissy is a light insult [...]
that's subjective. That's an insult that's very much unfit for stack, also, no insults on stack, light or not.
> the greatest insult anyone can endure is to be falsely labeled as an attacker or someone who seeks to assualt/harass/abuse others
@Nick considering the way we do things - I'd rather any issues with people be handled here, rather than in other rooms
and lets be clear here, we've had multiple issues with you, and I'm not really seeing that much improvement
7:13 AM
I don't differentiate by the age of the user. I do, however, differentiate by the maturity.
7:32 AM
I've seen very mature people aged 13 and very immature people aged 19, 20, 30, 40, 70, whatever
7:58 AM
@JourneymanGeek your favourite: superuser.com/questions/1242213/…
8:15 AM
aaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa
> I decided to install Kali Linux instead of Ubuntu
9:02 AM
Someone needs to find a way to punch bite someone over the internet ;p
9:42 AM
@Avery good luck convincing them this
well that's dumb
google camera translate translated "Chinese" in Chinese into the literal word "English"
(was trying to switch the language on a phone)
i think most of that translation is crowd sourced tho
2 hours later…
12:06 PM
linux.slashdot.org/story/17/08/19/2359258/… this seems like a neat, if slightly imporatical idea...
12:48 PM
TIL you can highlight code blocks in FB messenger
1:04 PM
Quick question
Which Microsoft C++ Runtime is msvcr71.dll a part of?
2005 apparently
Can I even install this thing on Windows 10?
Okay wait...
Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime for VS 2003
I shouldn't have to separately install each one of these?
> The Visual C++ 2003 runtime was not available as a seperate download because it was included with the .NET 1.1 runtime.
Are you kidding me? What's going on here?
@BenN halp!
And... broken Microsoft link msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/vstudio/aa569264
@rahuldottech ...context?
@Bob Trying to run an exe from 2006
Any properly-packaged applications will install the redistributable as part of the install process.
@Bob This is a single exe, no installer
Otherwise, you just find the redist yourself and install it.
1:16 PM
@Bob Yeah, but I was under the impression that redists come pre-installed with Windows?
@rahuldottech No.
@Bob Ow, okay then
It's just a shared library like any other.
Is there a handy chart from which you can tell which redist you need from the DLL error?
If not, I might create one
take the digits, read them in major.minor format, look up VC++ versions?
1:18 PM
@Bob ...?
Oh wow, the .net framework installer is giving me errors
@rahuldottech what errors?
it's really case-by-case and there's no solid rules because at the end of the day these are just like any other arbitrary library
they're not special 'cause MS or anything
if I needed to redist the Qt libraries I could do the same thing
Not surprising, since I'm installing something from 2003 on Windows 10
the 1.1 installer doesn't work since win7, but there's no SP1 installer so you have to jump through a couple hoops to get SP1 into the base installer
2:20 PM
Is there, like, some kind of "TCP Send Window" (equivalent of receive window) for upstream? Or is there anything else that could cause an extremely slow, gradual increase in upload speed assuming both the sender and receiver are capable of much more?
It takes about 30 seconds for my connection to reach 159 Mbps upstream, which is apparently my cap
It feels like watching the speed going up in a car as you're accelerating.. I have a feeling it's something to do with TCP but not sure how to troubleshoot
@allquixotic Well presumably the other end of the upstream has a TCP Receive Window ;)
Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) uses a network congestion-avoidance algorithm that includes various aspects of an additive increase/multiplicative decrease (AIMD) scheme, with other schemes such as slow-start and congestion window to achieve congestion avoidance. The TCP congestion-avoidance algorithm is the primary basis for congestion control in the Internet. There are several variations and versions of the algorithm implemented and in use on the internet. == Operation == To avoid congestive collapse, TCP uses a multi-faceted congestion-control strategy. For each connection, TCP maintains...
See the Slow Start section.
@DavidPostill Thanks! I wonder if the server on the other end is just protecting itself from potential DDoS with the gradual increase?
@allquixotic {shrug} No idea :/
2:35 PM
hm, I appear to be echoing @DavidPostill :P
@Bob heh, thanks though
I guess "slow" is a relative term; it's not like it's building up kilobits at a time
it basically has an acceleration of approx 5 or 10 Mbit/s, reliably, across multiple different speedtest servers, even by different speedtesting providers
well a constant acceleration
2048game.com is surprisingly addictive :)
that doesn't look like the original though
@allquixotic heh. you could always iperf to that gbit server you have sitting around, eh? :P
@allquixotic you test faster than my ovh-syd server -_-
Hosted by Telstra (Sydney) [1.20 km]: 1.383 ms
Testing download speed................................................................................
Download: 766.41 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed....................................................................................................
Upload: 93.01 Mbit/s
granted that seems to be a limit on Telstra's end
2:51 PM
at this point, the only thing that could possibly be substantially slower as a result of my kneecapped upstream (vs. advertised) would be a full cloud backup of my entire everything on my PC
which I'm very tempted to try and do
according to the SF regulars, I'm super super super lucky to have never had an Adaptec RAID card randomly go "NOM NOM NOM I EAT ALL YOR BITS EVERYTHING IS FUCKED HAHAHAHAHA"
and I'm on my third one, having upgraded twice while keeping the same array on disk >_>
@allquixotic that's what I wanted 100/40 for
and here you have /150 :P
go for it, stress test backblaze/crashplan :P
@DavidPostill Very compelling and relaxing; thanks!
3:12 PM
I need a favor from someone
Github appears to be having an outage here
Can someone please download codeload.github.com/thechaithanya/TreasureHunt/zip/master as a zip and upload it elsewhere?
Okay, nevermind, got it
@allquixotic tho, SF regulars are also often hardware snobs
@JourneymanGeek I asked them what hardware they would recommend for a RAID card and couldn't get a straight answer
also, halp, I've been on chat with Verizon support (obviously Indian by the consistently Indian names) -- they've been good most times, like really knowledgeable and helpful with various stuff, but they seem stymied by my current problem
they talked to a "network engineer" and now my downstream is back to the 150/150 level in addition to my upstream
that doesn't make it any better, folks
@allquixotic oddly a lot of them are pretty much experts only within their silos...
not really great with desktops - essentially if it didn't ship with it as a sipported config... ;p
@JourneymanGeek I think when they talk to the network engineer they're basically talking to the onshore Verizon NOC
3:23 PM
I would be surprised if the first level support chat reps on their website have access to change low level settings about the fiber connection / the ONT from there
alas, no shibboleet
even the folks who were installing our FiOS on-site were beholden to the NOC people
so the American Verizon employees are at fault here :D
@JourneymanGeek :( lol
@allquixotic first level support here can switch us between fast and stable (adsl) profiles
not necessarily any low level config
3:40 PM
Me since Friday basically
Latest communique from my rep: "I reached the network team"
shibboleet worked once for me
saying it to my server provider got me elevated all the way to engineering in like an hour
lol :D
and guess what
I ended up fixing my own problem myself
3:47 PM
@Avery You know what I just realized? In a world where your average customer were smarter, Level 1 support wouldn't be needed O_O
You'd call up and they'd immediately assume that you're a technologist who's tried basic troubleshooting and need to speak to an engineer right away
So an engineer would answer the phone
it wasn't my fault by any means but by booting to recovery and removing my drive from automount (which was added there by the server provider) and then restarting, and remounting manually
and in like the first 5 hours of the problem i couldn't even boot to recovery
I need shibboleet to work when I call ISPs
"hello everyday my internet goes down to 0.5mbps for like 6 hours could you take a look"
"did you try restarting your computer"
"sigh this has nothing to do with my computer, and yes, yes I did"
"We need to check your speed please go to speedtest.net"
I haven't yet had a rep tell me to reboot my PC, which is a little odd
"the site isn't even loading that's how slow the internet is"
they haven't asked me anything to confirm that my PC isn't a Pentium 90 with a 10BaseT Ethernet card
"I can skip this section in report but it'd likely get removed"
3:50 PM
@Avery what...?
"hnggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh closes phone"
@allquixotic they're filing a report with stuff apparently, and if the call center skips speedtest data, apparently technicians or whatever often delete the report.
have her enter 0/0 lol
yeah that's what I said and she said that that'd get it removed too
needless to say I switched ISPs
> Please reseat the Ethernet cable on both ends and reboot the router oncwe
here we go
my new ISP isn't made out of people who assume I'm 80.
they're by no means perfect (I've had a rep not understand what I meant by opening ports and just talked about random stuff until I left) but they treat me like a human and not a baby
which would be human decency, one would think, but nope, apparently call centers don't like that
(and honestly not all call center people are bad, it's just that the administration is terrible)
4:03 PM
10 minutes ago:
> I am testing few things now
> This requires the attention of our back end network team
@allquixotic sets back to 1000/1000, calls it fixed
I pay for 75 but only get 20 :(
it's all ooooold copper cables around here, so they can't hold too much bandwidth
@Avery hfc?
I think the best theoretical coax offering here is 100/1 with upgrade to 100/3 (apparently that particular network is falling apart, so...)
adsl is 24/1 or 24/3 if they do annex m
I'm on 24/1 with real 12/0.8
4:19 PM
Hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) is a telecommunications industry term for a broadband network that combines optical fiber and coaxial cable. It has been commonly employed globally by cable television operators since the early 1990s. In a hybrid fiber-coaxial cable system, the television channels are sent from the cable system's distribution facility, the headend, to local communities through optical fiber subscriber lines. At the local community, a box called an optical node translates the signal from a light beam to electrical signal, and sends it over coaxial cable lines for distribution to subscriber...
are you using a dsl variant or coax (cable, docsis, etc.)?
@Bob they're still working on it right now :P the chat rep was like, I can't help you any further, we have to wait for the backend team
4:34 PM
@Avery oh. vdsl2, then, if it's supposed to go to 75?
ISP gives ADSL and VDSL
VDSL isn't working for some reason
so I'm capped to adsl speeds
4:51 PM
I get 8 down, 0.85 up, max
You guys are LUCKY
5:33 PM
I'm on 100/10 HFC service. Never noticed a drop in performance.
2 hours later…
7:41 PM
(some Google silliness)
> About 2,670,000 results (1.04 seconds)
@bwDraco Hmm. I get 37 results for that query.
Yeah. The way Google counts results for common-yet-obscure phrases like this is lulzy.
8:04 PM
(used by test-ipv6.com)
lol. Not a very good test. It thinks my ISP is google (I'm using Google Data Compression Proxy for Firefox) and it gets an incorrect public IP address for my tethered mobile connection :)
8:27 PM
I have 10/10 here on Charter Spectrum.
The old TWC network always had full IPv6 support. TWC was among the first to deploy IPv6.
Nov 4 '15 at 3:40, by bwDraco
It also supports IPv6—fully native IPv6 no less, no tunnel or other transitional technologies.

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