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6:00 PM
@jokerdino Can you ask please. They have me on ignore for reasons.
@FMLCat Heyo, we don't need two bots in the room. Thank you~
@DavidPostill Hope the list is not too congested.
@jokerdino IIRC there are only a few people on the list ...
the lucky few?
@jokerdino No, one was broken and nobody told me when it got fixed
6:07 PM
@FMLCat yeah, fair.
The desktop image is apparently part of a read only file system.
And apparently since I copied allquixotic's bot configuration, I'm not in the admin list for turning it off remotely -_-
For the record though, since it's got the same config, room owners and admins can turn it off using the die command, ironically I can't
(Except I turned it off at the master switch just now)
oh, I am not RO/admin
6:09 PM
I meant mods/admins. You would be able to ##die if I hadn't already killed it
are you running it from your home?
No, on my "cloud server"
gone are the days when people could have a home server.
I'd easily/happily have a home server if I had a permanant home
Apparently 300/50 unlimited broadband is available just round the corner from me
what's 300/50?
6:13 PM
300Mbps download 50Mbps upload
Is it very difficult to stop a Linux service?
just pull the plug
I guess that does count as stopping a service
But isn't there a stop command?
My street's limited to 300/20 with pathetic traffic shaping or 80/20 unlimited
@FleetCommand service stop <name of service>
6:15 PM
Like net stop?
yes, there are.
depends on what kind of a service
Or init.d if you're still using that stuff
@jokerdino I got a home server... That runs my cloud...
I have a vape mod that runs MY cloud!
@CanadianLuke ._.
6:17 PM
I got 4TB of storage, accessible anywhere <sunglasses emoji>
Well, clearly this is no ordinary Linux box. Cheeky bastard responds "bad command or file name".
!!wiki Bad command or file name
"Bad command or file name" is a common error message in MS-DOS and some other operating systems. It is occasionally used as an example of a computer message that is perfectly accurate yet confusing to the average user. COMMAND.COM produced the message "Bad command or file name" when the first word of a command could not be interpreted. For MS-DOS, the first word of a command was the name of an internal command, executable file or batch file, so the error message provided an accurate description of the problem but easily confused novices. Though the source of the error was often a mistyped command...
That sounds more like a Linux box running Windows
No version of Windows says "bad command or file name".
This message was disposed of a long time ago.
Funny, the screenshot from the wikipedia article is exactly one of Windows
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