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2:01 PM
@djsmiley2k yes
@JourneymanGeek Okay, I've never used ipv6
but what's this I hear about it not requiring port forwarding?
The obvious answer is IPv6, of course. — Michael Hampton 22 hours ago
It shouldn't need it
@JourneymanGeek whoaaaaa
So there are no separate LAN and WAN addresses?
Also, wut iz dis:
> ...Other than promoted by the well-known IPv6 propaganda...
@rahuldottech there's two IP addresses
@JourneymanGeek each device has a local and public IP?
2:10 PM
well it has an ipv4 and ipv6 IP
and there's a link local and public ipv6 ip if the router is set appropriately
if I was at home I could show you lol
@rahuldottech ._.
I have seen that before
what is it talkin 'bout
Some people don't think IPv6 is a good thing
and Nat is security
@JourneymanGeek superuser.com/a/1375087/432540 paragraph 3
Lots of people don't think the end to end principle is a good idea
and that somehow by sticking systems behind IPv4 Nats they get better security
In this case
I see the merits cause you don't really want to stick a POS dev device with no security on the internet...
without giving it a fancy name with no vowels and charging a cloud load for it
@JourneymanGeek Wait, so. If say my device has an IP(v6) x. I can connect to x from anywhere on the web on any port without having to open anything up on my router?
2:20 PM
@rahuldottech that is correct
@JourneymanGeek tbh doesn't seem like a great idea, right?
@rahuldottech repeat after me
nat isn't security
the idea is systems on the IPV6 internet should have proper, ipv6 aware firewalls.
(firewalld is a little too enthusiastic about this - which I almost like)
on the other hand
@JourneymanGeek But that's ridiculous, you know that. I'm a hundred percent sure my CCTV DVR has all sorts of open ports for telnet and stuff with default usernames and passwords. I can change that. Most unaware folks won't. And that'll leave the device open on the internet for anyone to access?
@rahuldottech ideally you would firewall that off on your router or firewall box
@JourneymanGeek like I said. Most people won't know to do so.
2:24 PM
@rahuldottech you explicitly need to set up ipv6
@JourneymanGeek ah
most routers don't have it enabled
and there's actually a few methods to do it
Got it, thanks
I'll understand this even better once I get to play around and experiment with this, as is the case with most things with me.
my ISP supports it using IPv6 PD on fibre and IPv6 RD on cable
in your case, you probably want to play with a tunnel
also of the local ISPs I think only mine does ipv6
and IDK why, they're strange
I'mma try and get ipv6
2:28 PM
I'd suggest starting here tunnelbroker.net
ugh. I think I got locked out of my office laptop
crap crap crap
nvm it just worked
its probably a good/great idea to have a router that supports it
@JourneymanGeek not really
the idea is you have a ipv6 aware firewall, i.e. it knows the IPv6 address is behind it, and has rules specifically for that address
there's no translation going on.
Having IPv6 doesn't instantly mean everything is accessible
@rahuldottech no no no
/me sighs
Firewall != nat
> Introducing Slack + Stack Overflow for Teams
Okay, SO...
2:41 PM
Just happens that the NAT'ing is often done on a firewal.
@bertieb what
@djsmiley2k i need to play around with this stuff tbh
Snack? Smack? Whack?
> Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with Slack to create the ultimate knowledge-sharing experience.

> With the new integration, you can start questions directly from Slack, search for answers in Slack and get customized notifications pushed directly to your Slack channels.
Can you feel the excitement?
@rahuldottech yah, it's confusing until you stop thinking of NAT and just think pure firewall
@djsmiley2k my current router does. Apparently.
2:41 PM
@bertieb no. seems pointless to me
My old one did not have an ipv6 firewall
But-but-but the partnership!!
@JourneymanGeek whaaaaaaaaaaaaa
It's new and therefore exciting
That's what happens when someone slaps IPv6 support on something.
2:42 PM
@bertieb the names are similar, that's cool, I guess
@djsmiley2k neither of them did
the new one... er... does?
Ok, that's not how it should be done >_<
but it also has some default firewall rules I can't find that block ping6 lol
That is litterally being a IPv6 tunnel.
Ya gotsta sass it gotta feel the excitement
2:43 PM
@djsmiley2k one is an asus. The other is a dlink
their both crap?
@bertieb eugh
I just turned off ipv6 if not needed
whispers exciiiiiteeeeemeeeent
@djsmiley2k the asus was ok
2:44 PM
@JourneymanGeek honestly sounds like they do IPv6 tunneling, and the answer to the fact they have a built in firewall is 'go around it for the tunnel'
the dlink was garbage
@djsmiley2k STARES IN AC68U
@djsmiley2k no no
Where as the firewall should be applied to the tunnel too.
they do ipv6 PD
and RD
and native Ipv6 of all sorts
2:44 PM
Then that's just pure retarded failure.
No wonder people don't have a fackin clue.
so I assumed it was normal
@djsmiley2k bad word. bad dj.
It's like saying 'My car is secure, unless your a dolphin, then you can get in without a key!'
Wait what?
How many dolphins get in cars?
I'm not sure if a dophin-weak car would be a good thing or a bad thing
2:45 PM
/me watches as dolphin gets into car, drives off into the sunset shouting so long and thanks for all the fish.
@bertieb swap dolphin for anything which isn't adult human holding the key.
@djsmiley2k Ah, okay
You're not IPv4? Why, go right ahead sir.
This is not how you firewall >_<
I thought you were making a point about securing from meaningless threats :P
@djsmiley2k I've not come across a router that does that
but you said anything with a IPv6 was accessible from the web!
2:47 PM
@djsmiley2k from the internet
only if allowed by the firewall
I assumed that the client machine would have a firewall
As many as you want
My toaster doesn't get a firewall.
Once you're no longer natting, you can have as many firewalls as you like
Dockerise firewall all the things!
3:24 PM
If any of you has nothing better to do, listen to 1 and 2 and give me some feedback plz
4:10 PM
You guys know what I love? Great tits. Truly delightful.
4:23 PM
@HornOKPlease macOS runs bash or some other thingy for terminal scripting?
By default, aye
At least mine does
(feel free to ask general stuff of the entire channel, not just specific people ;-P)
4:41 PM
@bertieb didn't know you're a mac dude
uh, how tough would it be to port this?
@rahuldottech Bertie MacB
Ohh, that Mac... ;-P
Ya, I have one that I seldom use for cross-platform dev stuff
@bertieb wait what mac did you think
@rahuldottech The Gaelic prefix meaning "son of"..? (facetiously)
4:44 PM
@bertieb lol
ok but who does terminal thingies here
Plenty of folks, myself included
I don't speak cmd tho
So I'm reading through what you've done
I don't see any reason that you couldn't
Probably wanna change default port as many won't let you listen with netcat on 80 unprivileged
change the powershell bit to fetch the request to curl
When ur life is full of nope
> <mss 1300,nop,nop,sackOK,nop,nop,nop,nop,nop,nop,nop,nop,nop,nop,nop,nop>
@rahuldottech Why, when ssh?
but sure
nc -l 80 | /bin/bash $1
Post it as a challenge on PPCG and you'd probably have it ported to a 7-char esolang answer
@djsmiley2k that's different
4:49 PM
I solved the problem \o/
/me shrugs
Prob wouldn't actually work too, but who knows.
try it :D
Okay, so I came up with something
A: Use netcat to tell a remote Mac to run/open a file

rahuldottechYou can create a reverse shell on MacOS (on computer 1) like this: bash -i >& /dev/tcp/ip-address-of-computer-2/1337 0>&1 And then connect to it from another computer (computer 2) using one of these netcat commands (depends on the implementation): nc -l -p 1337 or nc -l 1337 Now you can ...

Dunno if it'll actually work tho, since I haven't used a mac in over half a decade but let's see
> ultimately I want to send commands from a home automation app that I am making
The application cannot connect using SSH. I've been advised by the software maker to use netcat / telnet etc. Yes I think it can only communicate over a port — manaman 1 hour ago
But you're making the app?
5:06 PM
@bertieb this is very similar to why I made github.com/rahuldottech/ncRemRun/blob/master/ncRemRun.cmd in the first place
I made a renderfarm
And had this one computer acting as the controller and it had to send commands to al these other PCs over lan
So I made this listener and just sent commands as GET requests
y u no psexec?
@bertieb 1. I didn't know about it at the time, and 2. I like hacking around with non-critical projects
Ya, it's not criticism
Just wondering why people do the things they do
There's a lot of folks who post stuff on the internet along the lines of "here's how I did X"
And so other folks who want to do X (or thereabouts) do that
Without understanding why
(myself included)
Sometimes, you just want to Do The Thing™ and not worry about what goes on to make it so
That said, sometimes - on QA sites - it can be helpful to avoid folks unnecessarily reinventing the wheel, for want of knowing the wheel exists
See also XY Problem
@bertieb It's like 20 lines of code anyway
@rahuldottech Aye, again no criticism implied and none taken I hope
5:12 PM
@bertieb of course not :)
I do stuff to try to better understand what capabilities there are of the tools I use and whatnot
And sometimes, it's satisfying to use something bespoke; your own tool for your own job
...that was weird. Bluetooth absolute volume control stopped working on my phone for a bit.
Had to forcibly terminate the Bluetooth subsystem with root.
Press the buttons harder
(with apologies to Darrell Hammond)
Might have been some weird AVRCP glitch on the phone.
killall -ABRT com.android.bluetooth
(your phone needs to be rooted)
I kinda see it as a point of pride that my phone has been running rooted LineageOS from the very day I got it.
5:32 PM
Also known as the Black Mirror-Mythbusters scale.
5:45 PM
@XKCD Haha, cool!
6:23 PM
@XKCD Haha, cool!
why hasn't it happened already?
7:10 PM
> Today +200
7:35 PM
Okay, this is weirdo
so much weirdo
Before the post yeasterday, I was in "top 5% of last year"
Except... I hadn't posted anything in the past year
How does that work out?
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