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9:00 PM
Yes. Burn all the error dialogues which simply state "There was an error". Thank you, you are an (helpful) error dialogue!
I also enabled by Move Super User logo and buttons to the right again. It's nice how it actually swaps around with my duplicate suggestion boxes.
@SimonSheehan They have tons of weird error messages as well, that's true.
More questions / answers on the page, yay! :)
Sorta like when my iMac divided by zero!
Q: Kernel Trap - Divide by Zero

Simon SheehanI am currently using a 2011 iMac running OS X Lion. We are constantly running into this error which is causing the machine to error and force us to shutdown. The 2nd line of the error is the most bizarre and possibly concerning thing to me: Kernel trap at 0xffffff7f80f2477a, type 0=divide erro...

@iglvzx Yeah, but still it's useful that it says that instead of giving no error. It's where an error happens but no message has been written for it yet, I think. Like the default case in a switch case if you are used to programming...
9:02 PM
@TomWijsman Ah. Yes, I understand the default case example.
9:16 PM
And then the solution is usually to use Process Monitor to see what's happening, possible using actual more specific monitors/debuggers to find the root cause.
Or sent it to error reporting and hope for a solution...
@TomWijsman Well, at least it prevented you from using a seriously bad title ;-)
@SimonSheehan "Finder encountered an error (-1782)"
Much nicer there :p
I really wonder where these numbers come from.
@slhck Some are just C error codes I think. Others, I have no idea. But you immediately knew what I was referring to, that's at least something ;-)
What is random referring to when he writes "campfire lists"?
@TomWijsman Has that ever worked?
@DanielBeck who knows. linky?
9:25 PM
Q: Alternatives and the campfire lists are better in the tag wiki, within reason

random"Your home backup strategy" and "What is a good backup strategy for home?" are a non-constructive set of baubles with dangling opinions and suggestions on what one can do for backups. We already have at least one question about how to backup, so leave out the push to making another community FA...

@DanielBeck I think only on things that happen for a majority of users.
@TomWijsman A majority as in, at least 51 out of 100 Microsoft customers? So essentially never? I don't think they have QA issues quite this bad...
@DanielBeck: That's why I said to hope for a solution. :)
@DanielBeck Well, "list of things you bring to a campfire" could be an option.
@DanielBeck lists made around the campfire? most likely it is a cultural/pop culture reference
My last message refers to the one below it. How cool is that?
@studiohack So essentially we should list competitors and alternatives in tag wikis instead of tolerating "I want Dropbox but different" topics?
9:31 PM
@DanielBeck I'm not sure
Were tag wikis ever meant to be like this?
So for example, for , we'd list a gazillion RSS readers for all platforms?
could be related
Q: Stop cluttering tag wikis with the results of off-topic and subjective / "Not Constructive" questions

Matthew ReadCurrently, a couple off-topic and unconstructive questions were deleted and their answers added to tag wikis (as proposed here), with some of the answers proposing more of the same. (Whether tag wikis need a size and functionality increase is a separate question; please don't discuss that here. ...

This is linked, also by random:
Q: Kill the book lists and put them home in their respective tag wikis

randomSock your eyeballs on the horde of questions tagged books on Stack Overflow. Clearly this is a honeypot for programmers to rifle through their desks, pantries and basements and post whatever tomes tickle their fancy and use for pillows at night. Nobody goes around actively curating them into sani...

@DanielBeck We'd link the first 10 as tagged on the site. If they're not tagged here, no one's asking about them, so they're not really used much.
@DanielBeck "Hey! What do you think? What's your opinion? Do you have a recommendation?" The questions asking around something, but not about something
Does anyone like answering those "I want an alternative to X because it costs money and I want it free like beer" questions?
Or the "I want X because Y has is using a UI I don't politically agree with"
9:37 PM
I don't like it. I'm not sure why, but I don't. What are the requirements to suggest tag wiki edits and to approve them?
You must be a registered user on the site to suggest a tag wiki change
You have to be 5k to approve them or a mod. Or 20k to edit what you want
Wow. And I thought the 20k privilege was nice. I was wrong...
> They contain, among other things, frequently asked questions in the tag, top users in the tag, and best recent answers in the tag.
Why haven't I seen this yet on SU?
@slhck You have. On the tag page, not its wiki.
Hit the info tab
9:41 PM
@DanielBeck Ah, fair enough. The privileges page addresses Tag Wikis, specifically.
And I know from SO that there are some good wikis that include this.
@slhck random did it for Sync IIRC.
A manually curated list of popular questions:
@random So you'd like to have something like the sync tag wiki for tags about topics for which there can be recomendations?
References to related topics, like software that provides sync functionality, but only to other tags or questions on the site, not to external resources?
@DanielBeck Yeah, there's a lot of good information here, so why not make the tag wikis the launchpad so we don't have to go through the same questions over and over again
@random It won't get rid of the questions, since a list of 5 related software tags isn't informative enough. Wouldn't community-faq CW topics linked from the tag wiki be more useful?
@random Hm. I'm not too convinced. It's hard to close a question as a dupe of a Tag Wiki. Who gets to approve edits on these wikis? For what it's worth, I've seen so much crap being approved, it's not even funny. A tag wiki might list a handful of applications or related tags / questions … but not more.
As @Daniel said, a well maintained CW/Community FAQ would probably be more effective, as it's easier to see and keep up to date
How much is that doggy in the window? The one with the waggly tail.
9:56 PM
"What's an alternative?" and "Are there any good" type questions are always closed as not constructive (though others may select other reasons).
@slhck 5k for others, 20k to write them without approval. There's talk of bringing back the "recently edited tag wiki" to allow for greater tracking
@random That would be nice to have indeed.
You could have the community FAQs, but we can also have a quick primer on the tag repos that haven't yet built up to a canonical question/answer pair
Mh … I think I'd be fine with having a few brief tag wikis mentioning alternatives, popular software, etc.
As long as it doesn't get out of hand.
@BloodPhilia you okay there? :P
@BloodPhilia Hungry?
10:00 PM
@studiohack Yes pretty much (: Bioshock is getting me into the 50's/Art Deco mood :D
@slhck Throw up your suggestion on what framework we should be working in, how much is too much, etc.
I love Art Deco
@random Will do that, cheers for explaining – didn't catch what the whole thing was about in the first place
Has anyone played BioShock per chance?
@BloodPhilia @SimonSheehan has. he got it recently
10:10 PM
good night everyone
Some nice guy sent it to me cough anonymous cough But yeah @BloodPhilia, I got it, quite good!\
@DanielBeck 'night!
Gotta go for a bit, cya all later
10:30 PM
@SimonSheehan Finished it yet? :D
nothing :P
okay then :p
11:16 PM
Self learner:
Q: NotePad++: styling the text before the assignment in an INI file

iglvzxUsing the Style Configurator, Notepad++ does not have a preference to change the style of text before a colon : or equals sign = in an *.ini file. It is a trivial detail, but it would help make overlooking configuration files a lot easier. DEFAULT, COMMENT, SECTION, ASSIGNMENT, or DEFVAL does...

QQ: Asus EAH6950. I got two of them in a Crossfire... Does it need two crossfire bridges or just one? It has slots for a second one
11:32 PM
@Luke @iglvzx Hello, do you have knowledge in universal laptop adapters?
@Luke: just one. two crossfire bridges are for 3x crossfire i think
you might want to take a look at sidran32's build on SU blog, or jeff's one, since they both use crossfire to confirm
TY @JourneymanGeek
@Borisyo Yup. What'cha need?
11:49 PM
hm is starting to understand why people think i actually know about hardware ;p
Well, you were the first to answer :P
@Luke: someone else directed a build question to me. XD. I haven't done a system build since 07 ;p
I don't mind build questions... But small things like the Crossfire is still relatively new
@BloodPhilia not yet! Still working on it :) Gotta migrate it over to my laptop to play
@Luke: I just have a perfect memory for where to find stuff ;p
11:59 PM
@Luke and he is right again, people who put in 2 crossfire connection wires it didnt work at all. I barley remember reading how a person couldnt figure out why thier crossfire didnt work lh5.googleusercontent.com/-cUWq3n6b3TU/TfhfVgLWSuI/AAAAAAAAAOk/…
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