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Did I ever mention, that I love deciding my future with Random.org ? =D
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3:20 AM
@WilliamHilsum: @JourneymanGeek: @surfasb: @RebeccaChernoff: superuser.com/a/390039/9666 Please flag as spam / delete.
Seems like a weird reaction based on not getting an answer here.
This also makes me wonder what amount of bad content slips in at moments like this, would considerably be useful if someone checked out the last nights activity in the morning or something. Another thing to think about...
@TomWijsman I am usually on at these times, and have not seen suspicious activity that often
Ah, that's good, @soandos. :)
They probably slip through easier at very busy times then I guess...
Honestly, I have never seen something really slip though (in all my 4k reviews, never seen an offensive older than an hour)
Well, I did, @soandos. But not that much, still concerns me somewhat.
But not like that it is a big problem...
@TomWijsman I am curious to know how fast moderation takes place on these things (mean, std deviation, max, min) in terms of deletion by whatever method for offensive. Don't think such data is available though
3:38 AM
@soandos: Well, might be possible for the Stack Exchange team to figure out. We can only do this for close votes though...
Is that possible to do without downloading a data dump?
@soandos: Well, either receive everything through API, use the data dump, or use data.SE.
I meant is there a wat to do it though the API or data.se?
@soandos There probably is, although they will make it much harder. For the API you are really limited in what you can ask and you would still have to process the data locally.
For Data.SE it might be possible to write a complex SQL query.
@TomWijsman how do I specify a set closed date? (as opposed to one that was never changed)
3:49 AM
@soandos: I'm not sure what you mean by that.
I haven't touched Data.SE for some months...
So if the question is/was closed, then the closeDate will be set
it is of type datetime
@soandos: Yeah, that's correct.
How do I find such posts? looking for where Posts.ClosedDate ...
And then you also to join in PostHistory.
@soandos where ClosedDate is not null
got it
3:57 AM
A: Database schema documentation for the public data dump and Data Explorer

Stu ThompsonSeptember 2011 Posts Id PostTypeId Question Answer Tag wiki AcceptedAnswerId (only present if PostTypeId is 1) ParentID (only present if PostTypeId is 2) CreationDate Score ViewCount Body OwnerUserId (present only if user has not been deleted; always -1 for tag wiki entries (i.e., the comm...

Thanks for the link
PostHistoryTypeId to indicate if it was closed, Comment to see why.
@soandos: A good idea is to use Google to find some queries containing these things to get an idea. Searching for PostHistoryTypeId Comment Join site:data.stackexchange.com could already give some useful joins such that you don't have to write them yourself.
I have all the times
but they are not in the tright format
Well, at least if your know what a Join is, otherwise there is Google.
I have a list of the times
but either 1) i did subraction wrong or 2) some of these posts took years to close
4:02 AM
Eventually you'll want to have a table that has the columns the post date, the close date and the close type; perhaps as well deletion of both questions / answers if possible. Then you just filter them into separate files, get one question with all the "not a real question", and so on. Import each into Excel and plot the difference between the dates or something, or at least compute it.
@soandos: How are you substracting them?
just -
datetimes can be subracted
You'll want to do the close date minus the post date, not the other way around.
Not sure what the first parameter is, but that explains how.
I could be wrong on that function though, not sure.
I did that
Or even:
Q: TSQL problem to calculate differences between two dates inside one table

adopilotIn MSSQL 2008 I have table and data which looks like this create table #tempData (user_id int,type varchar(10),ts datetime) insert into #tempData select 1,'ENTER','2011-01-30 15:00:00' union all select 1,'EXIT','2011-01-31 16:00:00' union all select 1,'ENTER','2011-02-1 18:00:00' union all sele...

i get a time in the 1900s (thats fine)
but there is a 2 year ga between some differences
4:07 AM
I think the best would be a difference in days.
@soandos: Try outputting the dates themself to.
I did
So that you have start, end and difference such that you can easily compare.
Or well, if it gives the difference "added to 1900", it could be a good start.
Although you'd rather want it compared to 0 if you want to compute / plot with it later.
But well, I doubt if that is possible with unix datetime. :P
Just getting the amount of days should suffice, as I said.
I get this: 1901-10-31 18:50:03

1902-03-18 08:29:43

1902-03-15 07:14:02

1900-01-01 00:05:28

1900-10-31 17:08:00

1902-03-05 04:56:29

1902-03-04 16:50:10

1900-10-23 09:20:01

1901-02-22 02:37:26

1901-09-02 17:55:42

1900-12-29 01:10:42

1900-01-01 00:02:52

1902-05-02 01:53:37

1902-01-16 02:40:08

1902-01-29 19:40:12

1900-08-17 17:19:54

1900-01-01 07:04:15

1901-09-12 19:03:30

1901-06-24 06:57:03

1902-05-08 14:27:14

1901-08-09 22:53:23

1902-05-29 03:01:44
Anyhow, time to go sleep, it's getting late... Cya guys later.
4:09 AM
@soandos: Fourth one, check whether there is only 00:05:28 between both dates. If so, it's working. :)
I totally just spent my evening looking up laptop display panel technical specification documents. :p
Happy S.A.D., all you in the US.
Or sad SAD, as it may be the case.
4:49 AM
5:26 AM
@sidran32: that seems to mean sinus addled day to me
/me has a KILLER headache
@sidran32: need to swap LCDs?
5:54 AM
ahh, the flippy questin
morning @Sathya. when I read that, my first thought was "oh no, did I stay up all night? 'cause I'm sure tired!" :P
6:13 AM
@studiohack LOL
@Sathya haha, and it's my normal bedtime now. so I am tired haha.
6:40 AM
6:57 AM
what to do if a laptop heats up quickly like up to 50c in just an hour?
50 isn't too hot
@Sathya but after 2 hours it stays around 61c and hdd temperature around 55c....is it dangerous??
Not even close
also depends on what laptop
i'd note thats around normal tempratures, assuming a relatively warm climate
7:17 AM
is there any way to cool the laptop?
I was thinking of keeping a bag full of ice below the laptop...but i fear that moisture can do some damage to my laptop..
@AshutoshDave jeez, don't ever do that
you'll end up shortin' the entire damn thing.
best is to ensure that the vents are not blocked.
ya you're right
i m having hp dv4 1133tx...
i cannot open my laptop by myself...dats the problem!!
leave it as it is. laptops are built to withstand quite a lot of heat
@Sathya okay...thnx!!
bag of ice = dumbest idea ever
@AshutoshDave: you MIGHT want to consider a laptop stand with a fan
7:27 AM
@AshutoshDave When I had my old Dell laptop which had horrible cooling, I would just set up a desk fan to blow across the laptop when I played games. It was in a laptop stand so it was raised up off the desk. It actually did a very good job of improving the cooling...
@JourneymanGeek I just purchased a new 3D monitor... >.>
cool ^^
My Acer works, but it's clearly not the best...
7:30 AM
It's a 3D monitor/HDTV, and it looks all futuristic. So I think I'll like it. And it's a Samsung, and I swear by their TVs, so hopefully it works well...
I dn't like acer/benq after the office monitors ;p
samsung is fine. they're one of the companies that actually make panels ;p
It's a good monitor, but the glasses aren't syncing perfectly with it, which apparently is common... that and I only can get 3D over HDMI1.4a, which means I get a max refresh rate of 24Hz. That's fine for movies, but crap for games. :P
I'm hoping to be able to use 3D over DVI or DP. Should get it to bump up to 60Hz...
I bought this thing. Doesn't it look awesome? ^^
I saw that stand and was like "ok, that's mine" :P
arn't you supposed to run a sync process?
7:33 AM
Yes, I'm vain like that, sometimes ;p
that is nice
@JourneymanGeek My glasses sync, but there's still ghosting on the top and bottom of the screen. I'm told it's because they don't sync perfectly.
Thats the very same reason i wanted a X220
And the XpanD universal glasses, which are supposed to be great, aren't compatible with Acer, so ya.
and i want the case on the system i intend to smuggle in ;p
some hardware is love at first sight
7:34 AM
granted, it will take me ~ 6-8 months to save enough for a system ;p
I was hoping that the ghosting was a driver issue, but I tested it with both PC games and 3D gaming on my PS3 and they both have the same problem. Issue is with the PS3, I get even less tweaking options so I can't minimize it by fiddling with the convergence and separation settings...
I'm feeling rather smug for putting off 3d gear now
@JourneymanGeek I'm absolutely not practicing good money habits right now. I just decided that I wasn't satisfied with the monitor I had, so I bought a new one. I think that's going to be it for large purchases for me for a month or two :P
even if its cause i can't afford it at this point ;p
7:36 AM
@sidran32: I suspect when i get a job, that will happen the first few paychecks
granted, i'd need to upgrade my phone, my computer if i don't smuggle in a computer by then...
I also did buy the Acer when AMD HD3D was the hot new thing, so hardware support was kind of new (a la sites.amd.com/us/recommended/Pages/hd3d-panels.aspx)
But it's been almost a year and I figured it was worth looking again.
@sidran32 >_>
@Sathya Yes. <.<
But it's sexy, is it not? :P
7:38 AM
@sidran32: tho, thats a funny thing
my parents have that 50s american mindset of "we need to keep it till it breaks and then some more"
That's not how America is now :P
which is why we have our old microwave (that still works, other than shocking anyone who touches it while it runs) and an old aircon...
and 3 old benq monitors with dead caps, though i may replace the boards for those
oh, and our drier...
we've replaced the belt ourselves, and its held closed by a headphone magnet and scrap steel ;p
me... I think sensible pre failure replacements are good, but i still fix things
ya, thats not how america is now ;p
or india
or anywhere ;p
ok, maybe cuba
I don't throw out my old devices though unless they're broke. They sometimes are still useful.
7:43 AM
Oh, and i run a junk dell with a bunch of upgrades for schoolwork
I'll probably have a room full of unused computer equipment when I get my own place eventually ...
I sort of do...
I really need to throw out that PIII ;p
Cancelled the order and re-looking. Want to make sure I have my DVI/DP...
Sometimes I can be hasty :P
I hate being disappointed when I open the box :P
order for the monitor?
this is why i actually buy all my hardware B&M
7:46 AM
and my current computer shop of choice is awesome
they actually know shit
That's good to know.
Ok, I settled. This is what I'm getting:
oooh nice
No HD tuner but oh well. Apparently the TV/monitor combo devices don't have DVI-D inputs, which I require.
I can use HDMI, but that limits my refresh rate.
Not good for games.
7:50 AM
@sidran32: guy walks in with a list of parts, and asks what he can reuse. he gets the right answer ;p
@JourneymanGeek Nice :P
I'm still waiting for eBay to sell my stuff and my mail in rebates back so I can buy a Windows Phone :P
worst i've seen is "I no speek english. boss lunch"
I haven't been back to that shop ever
@studiohack Nice
I'm waiting for my Quantum to come back from LG with info on how/whether they fixed the hidden wifi thingy
@sidran32 Nice? I'm poor! :P
7:51 AM
I'm harboring tentative fantasies of them saying "we couldn't fix it, here's a new phone!"
oh, that would be nice
waves his monochrome nokia
Hehe @JourneymanGeek :P
actually, that phone will be in use as long as the batteries hold
7:52 AM
I did get a tracfone today. :P (@JourneymanGeek a large, prepaid, very simple phone /company here in the US)
its the perfect reservist phone
I am on my Nokia E71x currently. It's ok... but it's obvious it's 4 years old. But it's such beautiful hardware, I can excuse it. :P
LG 501C
@studiohack: my brother bought it to use when he gets called back to the army since you cannt use camera phones. also, battery lasts for something like 2 weeks
7:53 AM
my mom has the e72 ;p
OS is old. But is very nice to hold. :P
@JourneymanGeek what, my phone? or yours
@sidran32 oh wow..... that is a nice phone
Pff. I'd be jealous but I have a Windows Phone. It's just in for service :P
7:53 AM
@JourneymanGeek SIMPLE! FTW
@studiohack Thanks. It's just my backup. :P
it has fancy things like a FM radio and a torchlight ;p
@sidran32 only 127 buckaroos.
I'm tempted to get it :P
@studiohack: when i get a job, i'll likely end up upgrading to something with android ;p
7:55 AM
@studiohack Cool. It's not a bad choice. Mine is locked to AT&T though. :P
When I get a job, @JourneymanGeek, I'll buy service for my WP Quantum. :P
@studiohack: good thing here is data plans are cheap
If you want a good flip phone though, I'd say get a Nokia 6650. Same OS, with a couple minor differences. Solid hardware. I had one before the E71x, but it glitched out completely... ROM corrupted or something.
I don't like flippy fones. I hatz t9wordz
I actually just bought a new one to keep around, since I kind of like it better as a backup phone anyway
No? I love the aesthetics of a flip phone. So satisfying to hang up on them. :P
7:56 AM
HAHA, that's the best thing about them!
I also managed to have an awesome typing speed with T9, so I'm good. :P
nice. I have very funny memories of learning how / having some people I know teaching me how lol
The great thing about the 6650 was that it's a smartphone, but AT&T carried it on their non-smartphone line, so I got unlimited text/data with it without having to go through the higher priced smartphone rates :P
Aside from the awesome hardware, anyway :P
I still can't get over how nice your Nokia is... @sidran32. I also like Motorola's phones that are similar in style
Hehe, thanks. :)
7:58 AM
nice, flat....
Very. It's about the same size as the LG Quantum. But much, much thinner.
now you've made me decide between a Quantum & E71 :P 'cept the E71 has a Windows Mobile, which is old
Fits in your pocket very well. And solidly built.
if E71 had WP7 on it, I'd buy it
No, it's Symbian S60, which is also old. :P
It's also a little slow.
7:59 AM
oh, wow...
I'd totally go with the Quantum. I prefer it over the Nokia, though it still makes a competent backup.
well, added it to wishlist, for the future sometime, though I'll never get it... :P
@sidran32 okay... worried the Quantum will be overhyped in my mind haha
Today is a milestone though. my first phone.
Nice :)
8:01 AM
Very very tempted to keep and stay with Tracfone, since I can text for a lot cheaper... and even mobile web, which i'm sure is very expensive....
Wow, it's 3 AM...
for only texting, I'd stay with Tracfone
@studiohack I think you can get a pay-as-you-go plan with AT&T on an unlocked Quantum... though I haven't actually tried anything like that.
Since AT&T isn't selling the Quantum anymore anyway yours will probably end up being unlocked.
@sidran32 Not so much the pay as you go, but I'd like the data & apps + WP7
@sidran32 yes, buying a refurb unlocked on Amazon for ~$135
Ah, cool
Hope it's all in working order for you and everything :)
I'm curious, how much data do you pay for on ATT?
@sidran32 thanks! :) I'm excited! reviews are mixed though, so I'm kinda trying to keep things in check :P
I got their 2 GB plan (though I switched it over to the 3GB one recently, when they changed their plans)
@studiohack thanks for the pointer on winders updates. I have them manuel, and dont care about them at all. but it has been a Long time since the last one.
8:04 AM
I did try a couple times to do the cheaper 200MB one but I invariably went over it pretty quickly. Sometimes twice, in a month.
wow... see, I'm considering this @sidran32: wireless.att.com/learn/articles-resources/disability-resources/…
I qualify - and can use that plan on the Quantum. but not sure if I want 200MB or something else
@studiohack I understand mixed reviews. It's not the prettiest hardware around, but it feels great and works great. Keyboard slides in and out with the right amount of resistence and spring, and no grinding, like some were worried about (I think it was impressions from demo models).
Screen isn't brilliant but it's not ugly either. It's just hard to see in daylight, but that's typical of LCD screens anyway.
I like the hardware Windows button, personally. Though that is a preference thing.
yeah... sounds like most reviews. not looking for pretty hardware - rather tough & functional
does your email downloading via IMAP count towards your data?
like, what exactly counts toward a data plan?
Everything that's not voice goes through your data plan. Unless you're on Wifi.
THen it goes through Wifi. :P
Are you hard of hearing?
oh yikes. so texting?
@sidran32 yes, profoundly deaf. I don't want voice.
8:07 AM
Texting goes through texting plans. :P
Ah, didn't realize. So the keyboard makes sense, then.
This is the only way AT&T will let me have no voice, IIRC
I need to go talk to them in person
I would also extol that its speakerphone is very clear and all but I guess it's not much of an issue for you then ;)
@sidran32 no worries. and you're right on
@sidran32 speakerphone helps :P
8:08 AM
Ah, ok. I thought by "profoundly" you meant "can't hear at all". I know deaf doesn't always mean totally :P
pretty easy to upgrade plans, even after signing a 2 year contract @sidran32?
So ya. Speakerphone is pretty loud.
@sidran32 actually, without my aids, I'm stone cold deaf. won't hear a thing. my hearing drops off the charts, I'm about as deaf as a person can be... so with my aids + lipreading, I do pretty well
@studiohack Ya, upgrades aren't a problem. They do have a period before you're eligible for upgrades. Some months, I think. But that's how I got the Quantum. They just restart the 2 year contract on the date of purchase, extending it.
@studiohack Aha. Gotcha.
You're looking at colleges, right?
(switching topics)
@sidran32 thanks, good to know...
@sidran32 hmmm, some - have picked my favorite one already :P
8:10 AM
Oh? :P
doing community college right now + some harder courses @ home (physics, pre calc)
@sidran32 you? haven't you already been through college?
I graduated in 2009
you're about 25 then, eh?
8:11 AM
lol, don't answer if you don't want to, just a guess. :P
anyways. AT&T will be an adventure, good thing it works where I plan to go to college (Ohio)
I hate though, how much the plans cost. :(
I was just mentioning this as it came up in my mind... my alma mater, Rochester Institute of Technology, is an excellent school. I went for Computer Science and it was great. I just also was thinking, they do have the NTID (National Technical Institute for the Deaf) and a very sizeable deaf community so it may be a good fit, if you want to look into it.
@sidran32 RIT! I know a number of deaf people there
Yup :)
As did I (though I haven't kept up with them...)
Have considered it, but probably not for me, since I'm not "deaf" enough. Haven't been in deaf culture much, though I love it
8:13 AM
Not "deaf" enough? I don't get it :P
The other college/university for the deaf is Gallaudet University in DC
@sidran32 culture wise
I would do better, learning wise, as in more advanced, at a hearing school
Hmm. Interesting.
probably anyways. so you went to RIT? that's cool!
8:14 AM
I know that's a good school for technology stuff
I suppose I'm totally out of the loop regarding "deaf culture". I mean, I knew there was one, being around deaf people all the time there. Just is interesting that you'd feel like an outsider.
I'm going to study Information Systems myself...
Not sure what that means. :P
Ah, cool
@sidran32 I don't consider myself an outsider, I feel part of it, and know some sign, but academically, it would probably benefit me more to go to a "hearing" school, since I've been in that environment most of my life
I've played in the Academic Bowls for the deaf :P
8:16 AM
@studiohack I'm not sure how the NTID operates alongside RIT, but it was pretty common in our classes that you'd have at least one or two deaf students in them. So they were pretty well integrated with everyone else.
@sidran32 that's interesting... may have to check that out more
you nod a lot for bringing up the college subject :P
but yeah... interesting that you have some experience with the deaf... and seeing sign and interpreters and such
Well, I'm a bit awkward in text. I can't really feel comfortable saying "uh huh" all the time in chat. I do in person, and nod and stuff. Missing a whole dimension of communication here :P
Oh, definitely. Surrounded by it.
@sidran32 I'm better in text than in person. though I'm okay in person haha. no worries
Hearing students were even encouraged to take signing courses, but I never ended up doing so, myself. Though I did teach myself how to spell a looong time ago when I was little.
Many do know, though. And many professors learned how to spell at least enough to communicate on a basic level.
@sidran32 cool! I practice fingerspelling quite a bit, and am fast at that.
@sidran32 that's really accommodating...
8:19 AM
@studiohack Cool. I can, but I'm totally not fast. I don't practice much, though. :P
Their accomodations are pretty great. I used them for other reasons (ADHD).
@sidran32 ASL is pretty neat
@sidran32 that helps
They have interpreters that attend classes with you if you need it (they stay with the class, not follow you...). You can also have note-takers (basically, another student in the class copies his notes to be available to you).
I think those were the most common for deaf students.
They have interpreters at all official events, including things like special speakers.
@sidran32 that's usually standard... have you heard of - oh whatchamacallit... Typewell?
I want this for myself :P
Now and then stand up comics will come to perform (I saw Dane Cook and Craig Ferguson there) and they always mess around with the interpreters. :P
I think I heard of them but never saw it. Pretty cool. :P
@sidran32 yeah, I have experience in deaf culture and such. when I competed at academic bowls for my state, our team did well, and we were totally immersed in deaf culture for days on end
@sidran32 hahahaha!
8:23 AM
Beware, NSFW!
I was there. :P
@sidran32 haha, that is awesome!
that is funny
I was near that aisle, down in the back of the closest 1/3rd on the floor, IIRC...
lotsa people
Ya, it was sold out.
all deaf people, at RIT? (I should say mostly)
8:25 AM
I don't know the percentages. But a sizeable amount of students there are deaf.
This wasn't an all-deaf show, of course.
right... yeah, that was the question, if it was an all deaf show
are you avoiding going to bed? :P
Apparently >.>
I should sleep
So... goodnight!
hey, nice talking with you @sidran32 - I enjoyed it! and I learned some interesting things already today! thanks and g'nite!
Cool :)
I enjoyed it too. :P Night!
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9:55 AM
@SimonSheehan If you still have the FFmpeg thing on your computer, would you mind proofreading my post and seeing if the stuff works for you, and if it's understandable? :)
good morning
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