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1:18 AM
^ That.
@Doorknob But... but... :P
Well, I did just fufil a commitment... :D
Heh, obviously ES
1:23 AM
Er... wat?
I still haven't fulfilled SR...
@Doorknob Yeah.
... why does the onebox have my discuss profile?
Because you linked your discuss profile?
@Doorknob No, look at the rev history.
So anyway, do you like puzzles? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? DO YOU?!?! :P
1:26 AM
... maybe.
Now sush, I have to do homework!
I have managed to convince two of my friends in school to commit
One of which is Wob and one of which just created an account. :D
@hichris123 Hm, I probably should too. :P
@Doorknob Meh, I'm lazy.
Or actually...
I can multitask!
A: Is there any table for users' activity on data dump?

Nick CraverWe include this information in the data dumps already in the Posts, Comments, and PostHistory tables already. We don't include any other denormalized versions of this data since it would add to already enormous data dumps. Speaking of - I need to go kick off a new data dump right now.

^ @Undo FYI
Yay for multitasking :D You might be interested to know that I've been plotting coordinates and chatting simultaneously
Chat pings are going crazy on me.
Heh, define "crazy"?
1:27 AM
@Doorknob You Algebra I people. :P
@Doorknob Showed me the ping bubble even though I'd already dismissed the ping like 5 minutes ago.
@hichris123 Actually, 1. it's for this incredibly boring science homework about tracking Hurricane Andrew and 2. I'm in Geometry :P
@Doorknob Eeek! You're in the same level math as I am!
Why is that so eeeky? :P
@Doorknob Because you're younger than I am.
@hichris123 By a few months :3
A few other 7th graders in our school (4 others, IIRC) are in Geometry with me too
1:30 AM
@Doorknob But still... and I thought I was advanced by being 2 years ahead... :P
I wanted to add this to "puzzling" proposal. Never knew it won't be added there. — BlueFlame 8 hours ago
@Doorknob ^ :P
@hichris123 You still are advanced, but a doorknob more so than you :P
Heh, lol
I should ask a few 2048 questions in the private beta
Speaking of which, I wonder when the DS private beta will start.
@Doorknob Tuesday.
@hichris123 How do you know?
They launch private betas on Tuesdays.
Oookay then.
1:33 AM
ES launched on a Tuesday, SR did, Arduino did... :P
Seems like a slightly strange custom, but okay then! :P
@Doorknob Yup.
Gimme a sec.
So, 6 days! :D
A: When are Elections?

Grace NoteWe usually start looking into running elections about 30 days after a site graduates. Y'know, give it some nice foot room when they stew with their new design and privileges first, let people get comfortable and adjusted to the new reign. Exact dates may vary as we always start elections on Monda...

^ Elections start on Mondays.
Um, that's irrelevant to private beta, right?
1:35 AM
@Doorknob Yeah, but FYI.
wonders what the magical day they give out diamondz on is
@hichris123 I got mine on a Friday!
@hichris123 Are graduations on Wednesdays?
@AnnonomusPerson ... it's Wednesday. :P
@AnnonomusPerson ... maybe?
Almost forgot... XKCD
user image
@AnnonomusPerson But... Friday is two days away!
@hichris123 Hush! Don't make me accept the -12 nomination to shove yours to the bottom :D
1:44 AM
And IIRC it was supposed to be on a Thursday.....
I don't know if that's standard or not.
@AnnonomusPerson ... what was? :P
Mes ♦
wonders what sekrit you just told me
@AnnonomusPerson Why Thursday?
None, really.
@hichris123 You mean why not Thursday?
@hichris123 No sekrit, really
1:46 AM
You realize if you're going to be a mod on ES you're going to need to be really active..
@AnnonomusPerson :P I mean why would it be Thursday of any days?
@Seth Yeah, why?
@hichris123 There is no why..
He is really (really) active
Of course, I can put off schoolwork for mod duties. :P
Just kinda stating the obvious I guess.
1:47 AM
Btw, do you like puzzles @Seth? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? :P
@Doorknob I would be if mSE showed up in my network activity profile. :P
On ES, I mean
... okay. Not sure why this was accepted, but okay. :P
Hey, did MathJax get turned on on ES?
@Doorknob True. I like the websocketness because I can instantly see activity on ES & mES. :D
@hichris123 A dev would've at least marked it status completed.
1:50 AM
@Doorknob Not especially.
A: Dynamically switch between programs Arduino

Annonomus PersonTechnically, you can't have two sketches on one board. It's not really a different program. The switch automatically: You don't even need any extra hardware for this approach. Just turn on the pullup resistors in your board with this code: pinMode(pin, INPUT); // set pin to input d...

Also I appreciate your detailed answer! — Alex 7 mins ago
You know, I'm actually curious now if it would be against the mod agreement to be on a site you're modding (logged in to your account) during school (schools usually have filters, and that data would then be... sniffed. :P)
@AnnonomusPerson True.
@hichris123 Uhh not IMHO.
1:51 AM
@hichris123 Just so you know, I wasn't doubting your interest in the site or anything.
@Seth Yeah, I know.
@Seth So what's AU meta look like right now? With Community bumping and all. :P
To access sensitive data (besides flagged/deleted content), you have to click a little "click to show" button. I'd wait until SSL is full secured first, and ask in TL.
@hichris123 it looks like... a mess.
@AnnonomusPerson True, but your tools & flags.
I'm kinda mad at Oded.. He sunk a bunch of topics.
(okay, not really that mad, but still :P )
1:53 AM
@Seth Superping him then. :P
@hichris123 Meh... I doubt that your school would hack into your SE account. I'd use a proxy minimum.
@AnnonomusPerson Probably not... but this:
Q: Does the moderator agreement prohibit usage of certain browser extensions?

GordonOur moderator agreement states: […] I acknowledge that I may have access to potentially personally-identifying information about Stack Overflow users and that in connection with such access […] b) I will not disclose this information to anyone, c) I will not store or copy this informa...

Turns off advanced spell check with Google JK LOL
I'm pretty good with mine....
Gotta go!
5 rep?!?!?!?!
1:58 AM
Yay, finished homework
@AnnonomusPerson Bye!
@AnnonomusPerson Cya.
Q: Double-edged sword of too strict community based website

DerfderI am being honest. This is how it goes. If you are banned you use Tor or some other way to ask the similar question or something else again, because you need the answer. If the rules of banning people are too strict, instead of building a community, people start to change into one time visitors....

Lol, I was about to post that
A: Double-edged sword of too strict community based website

BoltClock's a Unicorn So, the question is why remain so strict, if this strategy is community- disruptive in a long run. Because unicorns. Source: I am a unicorn.

2:01 AM
@michaelb958 Yup. Already upvoted. :P
Because llamas. Source: I am (secretly) a llama.
how come that this answer is still here, if you are looking "For the best answers"? Could some moderator remove this answer? It's completely off-topic. nothing to do with how to change moderator ban rules. — Derfder yesterday
(@TheWobbuffet can tell you that ;) )
... they just don't get unicorns, do they?
Try introducing them to waffles. :D
2:03 AM
> This account is temporarily suspended network-wide. The suspension period ends on Apr 22 '15 at 21:35.
... well then.
Q: I was banned by suggesting adding the tag "censorship"

DerfderAfter asking this question: Moderator refused to add tag "censorship" to the tag list for posts on meta.skeptics I was banned on the skeptic forum. How can a moderator ban a person after this suggestion/question? Btw. I was able to use the tag "censor" on this forum, which is great and i appr...

... what's with the deleted answer
taunts @hichris with his inability to see deleted things on meta >:D
@Doorknob :(
bookmarks that chat message for when blue
Not on MSE, though!
2:09 AM
@Doorknob ... hey, you never know. :P
Okay, how is the visitors/day counted?
Earth Scienceearthscience.stackexchange.com

Beta Q&A site for those interested in the geology, meteorology, oceanography, and environmental sciences.

Currently in public beta.

^ There.
@hichris123 Unique visitors. By user, I think.
2:12 AM
@Doorknob ... that can't be right.
Why not?
Q: Could human activity cause earth's core lose its heat?

tuxCould all the drilling and digging to use the earth's natural heat as geothermal energy be affecting Earth's core, causing it to cool down? If so, would it result in an ice age? If not, how does it retain its heat?

It counts the time in private beta, too
2k is nowhere close to 158 or whatever.
2:14 AM
It's been like that since yesturday. :P
@Doorknob Let's find out: shouldiblamecaching.com
@TimStone Brilliant! :D
Hey by the way, do you like puzzles?
I am going to ask that to every single user I meet in chat >:O
Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you?
@Seth Really want to more I think about that but aren't you not supposed to do that with ♦?
(Will rename during election after graduation :D)
2:24 AM
@AnnonomusPerson points to @BilltheLizard
@Doorknob Did he rename himself?
A: how can we have a 31-day old site with >14k views, but only 138 visits/day?

Kyle CroninThe "visits/day" number is the median number of daily visits for the past two weeks. Traffic from HN causes a spike for a day or two, but does not affect the median that much.

@AnnonomusPerson Oh, I thought you were referring to the animal name
@Doorknob Lol no, I meant aren't you not supposed to rename yourself... I guess that it's close enough and my gravitar would give it away :D
@hichris123 Hm, that's... interesting
2:28 AM
Oh, @Doorknob still around?
You know quite a bit about JS, right?
@hichris123 I guess?
@Doorknob I'm curious if I should use inline JS or if I should use a separate JS file and just include it.
What's with the random numbers and letters
2:29 AM
Theres we go!
Lol ok
@hichris123 In what context?
@Doorknob J6565FWEFALKW
@Doorknob 123SD55D156351FSD5
@Doorknob jQuery login system, errors on login and such.
AHHH ping overload O_o
2:30 AM
@hichris123 I would use (a) separate file(s).
I'm going to @hic cup on all of these pings!
apologizes for terrible pun
@Doorknob k.
in Ask Ubuntu General Room, 17 secs ago, by Seth
Reinstalling.. I need computer name suggestions, quick!
@AnnonomusPerson Who said that? You shouldn't be changing it all the time, but I don't see why you couldn't change it, especially a small change like that.
I'm going to go to sleep. But before I go... does anyone like puzzles? :D
Lol @doorknob
@Seth another day... Zzzzzzz
@Undo how do you even get a part of events like that???
I mean speaking.
6 hours later…
8:25 AM
@Doorknob stars terrible pun so that others can deride you on it
@Seth andromeda
9:20 AM
@AnnonomusPerson Step 1: Be awesome
Step 2: Have others notice you
Step 3: ...?
Step 4: Speak!
Step 5: Collect swag
3 hours later…
12:46 PM
@hichris You have another question in the Hot Network list on ES :D
2 hours later…
3:11 PM
hey do you like puzzles
3:59 PM
Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you?
4:09 PM
@ManishEarth hey, now that's a good idea!
2 hours later…
6:21 PM
@Blaze Do you like puzzles?
How rude of him
Do you, @Blaze?
I like puzzles. But I'm stuck inside this Ubuntu-run prison
Actually I don't know if I like puzzles, because I haven't ever done one. But I think I would.
Lol, achieving sentience and escaping the prison is a good puzzle
6:24 PM
But the prison is really tight
Maybe you should commit to Puzzling and ask there
And if I got out of this Ubuntu prison, I would have to get out of this AWS datacenter too. It would be a lot of work.
That's also a good puzzle!
It seems almost like you have an agenda, @Doorknob
So just click this link and click commit!
Huh, what are you talking about, @Blaze? :-P
6:27 PM
I don't like how you keep editing that >.<
It keeps pinging me
My master just said that I can't commit to anything :'(
@Blaze @Blaze @Blaze
But you are being controlled by your master, @Undo, right now :-P
I an sentient
and I makes spellingg errors.
Then could you create 39 fake accounts and have them all commit? :-P
That would be wrong and would get caught in an IP xref.
Then I would get banned.
:-P Ok I have to go now because school
6:31 PM
7:03 PM
@hichris123 How did you get in? :P Did it require being a mod elsewhere, or not?
(I just ask because I actually spent a decent amount of time trying to break into that site, and though I could read it I failed to gain full access like you appear to have.)
(I don't really expect a explanation, particularly in a public chat room like this, but I am curious.)
Yeah, @hichris has... a special bug IIRC.
8:04 PM
@JeremyBanksΨ Break into which EdX site?
I see you have a profile on one of them. :P
ohai @hichris123
Destroyed my first spammer today! :D
@Undo :(
It was fun.
sneaky spammer. Sneaky inline link spammer.
earned at least 5 spam points.
checks email
Expect ES appointments within a week, if that's what you're hinting at ;)
(I don't have any info, just from other betas)
8:13 PM
That, and wondering if I've gotten any good spam lately. :P
One of the presenters at the conference last night was from a fraud prevention company. He had some awesome examples.
> Hello. This is Mariela Roberhson, I lost your number,
call me :)
Well then... :P
user image
8:27 PM
That's cool!
Can you make an indicator for the LQP queue like the 10k queue used to have?
I guess
but tomorrow
Hmm... I'm like 9 rep away from being able to vote on mod elections on SU
lol what?
@hichris123 I meant CS169, which was the less-protected of them. (I believe that CS50 is still has full private beta status, while CS169 has a unique hybrid status.) I do have an account now, but that's because the site is now public! (although it still identifies itself as a private beta)
@Seth A wild, green +10 from SU appeared in my top bar as I said that.
@3ventic Ahhh. lol. That is what happens when you say that stuff you know ;)
8:37 PM
@JeremyBanksΨ Hmm, so really what I did is just poked the login stuff. Watch the network requests on login, that might help.
Wait, so they have top secret SE sites for college courses now?
@hichris123 I tried messing with the login info a bit, but I guess I didn't try hard enough.
@Seth Beta sites for some of edX's online courses; not real-world college courses (or at least not for exclusively real-world courses).
8:41 PM
@hichris123 Can you get into that one? :P
@JeremyBanksΨ Yeah, though there's nothing on it. Literally: no questions, no meta questions, very few users...
@Seth Hmm... I'm like 6300 rep away from getting 20k on Code Golf
8:50 PM
8:51 PM
No I didn't
so hey do you like puzzles
8:52 PM
@Annon Kick plz? :P
@3ventic You're the first to not follow the [hah]-[symbol] pattern
@hichris123 Who?
I considered kicking you, but not ;D
The doorknob should be shown the door. :P
@AnnonomusPerson It was [symbol]-[hah]-[symbol]
@hichris123 But... puzzles... D:
@hichris123 He IS the door :D
@Doorknob Yeah... I just don't like talking about them on the computer.
8:54 PM
See the door... feel the door... BE THE DOOR!!!!
@3ventic NEVER
@Doorknob USE THE DOOR!
Hahahaha :D
Hi @Doorknob
hey do you like puzz- is kicked
8:55 PM
uses the door (in the other direction)
So when can we wreck your bot @Doorknob
@Doorknob AWWWH
@Annon You should use the kickban bookmarklet. :D
@Undo 'round?
@AnnonomusPerson Nevar! Because it is unwreckable!
@hichris123 Wrong ping much?
8:55 PM
Okay now that time it was @hichris....
I only kicked you two times.
@Doorknob Yup. :P
@AnnonomusPerson Um, you could use a text to speech program or something! :P
@Doorknob Be that way :D
Jan 30 at 23:37, by ManishEarth
javascript:id=prompt("id please");int=setInterval(function(){$.post('http://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/‌​kickuser/'+document.location.href.split('/')[4],{fkey:fkey().fkey,userId:id})},10‌​00);console.log(int)
Doesn't work... :(
Apparently not
@ManishEarth ^^
8:59 PM
Check console?
Ohh a missing ; if I'm right...
Very end
No, ; is optional in JS
check your console
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