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9:00 PM
@ManishEarth Static method? Okay.
class FindSpam:
  def testtitle(title):
    if 'vashikaran' in title or 'baba' in title or 'theotherthingy' in title:
      # magic if matches word
    elif title.upper() == title:
      # magic if all caps
@Manish ^ That look okay?
I'll commit it then. In the ws.py file.
A different py file
I'm editing ws.py
Ah, okay. Why is it ws.py anyway?
9:13 PM
@hichris123 look at the new ws.py, I think you may have realized the app structure by now
Oh.... :P
It currently just notices "error" as spam, but the two can be joined easily
Okay, so I'll commit that code to findspam.py :P
@hichris123 your script probably should return an array of the types of spam it belongs to (allcaps, word matches, etc). Empty array otherwise
We can hammer out the details later
@ManishEarth I was thinking of that, but just wanted to get the basic stuff down first. I'll work out that in a bit...
9:15 PM
No hurry, I have to finish the chat app first
Technically we currently have all the components we need to make a working antispambot, but we should polish first
yay for polishing!
I don't like using the current version of the chat app, too rough and doesn't work on chat.mso
But really, if you want you can try to put the three pieces together (ChatExchange,ws.py,findspam.py) and make a bot and run it right now!
instant gratification :P
@ManishEarth What's left to finish on it?
@hichris123 Mainly the ChatExchange script
I need to implement SO/MSO login (ought to be easy)
I can worry about other openids later
9:22 PM
Ah, non chat.SE logins. :P
more importantly, it needs a wrapper
Currently it's a raw browser that knows how to login and save fkeys. The wrapper should abstract away the stuff
@Manish So in terms of the spam thingy I did, do you want like an array returned, empty if no matches, non-empty if matches, and 2 items if keyword and all caps?
@hichris123 Well, more importantly, what are you going to do with the various types of matches?
in Sandbox on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 22 secs ago, by Manishearth
This was sent by ChatExchange
@ManishEarth What do you mean?
9:36 PM
@hichris123 Do we just need a single isThisSpam() method, or do we want a whatKindOfSpamIsThis() method?
Are we going to do different things with different spams?
I don't think we need to.
Hmm, I don't know...
@ManishEarth We could in theory do something like post spam on a site to that site's chatroom, but that might not be very welcome :P
I was just thinking that the single method would determine what type of spam it was, and then add it to a string or array or something.
Yeah, I said that, but do we need it?
Well, it would still be extensible :>
9:38 PM
what the...?
pt.SO is borked somewhere
@ManishEarth Oh, that's what you're getting at. I don't really know, the only thing I can think of is that some (read: keyword search) will generate fewer false-positives vs. ALL CAPS or others...
@Undo Hmm?
It gave me a student badge :P
@Undo Your migrated question? But that was meta...
9:51 PM
Okay, finished up the regex. :P
@Manish So do you want an array or what?
@hichris123 I don't mind any
As long as I can look at the return value and determine if it is spam or not. Further handling is something that can be decided later
Array is ok
@ManishEarth Is this okay: array empty if no spam, array with title if spam?
Or is the title part unnessecary?
title? why?
what's a title?
array empty if no spam, array with categories if spam is good
What type of catagories? Like all caps, keyword, etc.?
Ask @Undo
Manish is still testing the wrapper --the wrapper, ca 15 milliseconds ago
9:55 PM
@hichris123 I think that's all of them.
Ask Doorknob :P
OK, now the script is in a usable format
yay for usability!
@Undo Getting the run-around I see. :P
print a.sendMessage("11540","Manish is still testing the wrapper --the wrapper, ca 15 milliseconds ago")
so pretty
wow, nice @ManishEarth
9:56 PM
options are "SE","SO", "MSO"
@ManishEarth ws.send("155-questions-active")... could there be one for answers active?
@Undo maybe
the number would be different
we must find it.
10:07 PM
@Manish Okay, look good now? I added a list: github.com/Charcoal-SE/SmokeDetector/commit/…
So.... who's going to host this thing?
I don't care. Whomever wants to...
I probably can
@ManishEarth Have a sock to run it through?
10:11 PM
ah yes.
Yay for hissatron!
I'm trying to remember the backstory behind that name :P
You have a sock that can chat @Manish?
Ok, fetching messages is very non trivial
@hichris123 I make it chat
What's that mean?
@hichris Manish is mod. Manish use modly powaz to break rulez :P
10:13 PM
Ah, that makes sense. :D
@ManishEarth But you still won't be able to use that technique for the Tavern...
bug ze mods
Or you run it, it's not hard to run
me doesn't have server enough to run all these projects :P
We need SE to host them.
10:15 PM
I have a server that isn't too full. :P
Me too
Not my server, but I can run things not requiring mod creds off it
I can do anything. :P
Lemme look at how much CPU I'm using right now...
Mm, almost 0.
10:28 PM
@Manish So should it work now?
Still gluing it together
Manish: The great provider of awesomesauce. And glue.
@ManishEarth [status-complete] this please? :P
@hichris123 It already is. The logging in part is done
10:32 PM
You need to add the [status-complete] tag. :P
Since you are a mod...
But... it's chat :P
Check out the pretty submodule
whoa. never knew you could do that.
pain to work with though
OK, it works
10:48 PM
Of course, I bypassed Chris' method because I'm lazy
@ManishEarth Heh. :P
Didn't want to wait for it to load, so put a True or there
@Undo cleanup plz?
10:50 PM
Hmm, we have enough questions posted here yet? :P
@ManishEarth cleanup? Where?
@Undo Where's your trashcan?
@Undo just delete the possible spam messages
@ManishEarth You have access to the real trashcan :P
@ManishEarth Me can't. Me no haz mod powaz ;(
@ManishEarth You forgot mod only power. :P
10:52 PM
checks self for blueness
confirms me is not blue
Hmm, I should be able to mockup Undo in blue...
gtg, be back in twenty-ish minutes.
10:55 PM
^ @Undo in blue. :P
@hichris123 um, findspam.py is returning "matched keyword" on all titles
@ManishEarth Probably the regex... Lemme look.
Should work now... try it.
Wrong variable name. :P
got it
I made the same change -_-
Hmm, is that a good thing? That I'm getting to be as quick as you Manish? :P
No, I made it a while back, but was testing the main script:p
10:58 PM
Oh, I can never beat you then. :P Oh well.
Running the actual thing
Let's see what happens
Someone post some spam :p
Gonna have to sleep soon
Sleep? Who needs sleep?
@hichris123 In the meantime, could you teach the findspam script to also load credentials from a .login file if present?
Sorry, the ws.py script
I've set the script to post crap to this room, and run it on my server. Let's see what we get.
@Manish You mean the username/password variables?
Currently, it reads from environment
Also, if anyone is up to it, feel free to decipher how recieving messages in chat works. It has to do with /events if you're not on websockets. If you're on websockets, I haven't really looked into that. A decomposition of how to use either protocol would work. Preferably the latter, I guess.
Oh come on, someone post spam!
(not you guys)
11:03 PM
@ManishEarth Aw... :(
@ManishEarth Why? You want a real chat bot I assume. :P
@hichris123 yes
Currently can only post messages
@ManishEarth What file format is this file going to be in?
@hichris123 json, preferably. Or ini. Or whatever
@Manish Seems to me like your sleep is waiting for this to work. :P
11:21 PM
@Manish You have any good spam examples?
@hichris123 as in?
Like anything so we can generate patterns (recently).
What we can do is use data from Cinder and ML from it
but...for that we need Cinder .... @Undo!!
@ManishEarth Cinder? That doesn't really have any data in it...
I think.
It can
11:25 PM
@ManishEarth Can't you find any spam deleted posts on Physics or Chem?
I can, but most are localized.
There was this bout of football spam a while back
But dunno the keywords
Oh, okay.
the vashikaran thing ought to catch the spammer hitting Chem and AU
Ask around in the AU chatroom, they get tons of spam
Also, ask MadScientist, he sits on the realtime tab
I retutrn.
and I cant spelll :P
I'm wondering if @Manish saw my last message... :P
11:30 PM
inviting people to the sekrit room :P
I saw it. Already know about the room, though I haven't requested access
Why history still there?
@ManishEarth You can just make yourself an owner. :P
@hichris123 Only moderatorz can clear history
@hichris123 I can't
@hichris123 Manish can't barge in on sekrit rooms on sites he doesn't mod.
11:32 PM
@Undo Usually only the last version before deletion shows...
we should savor the feeling of being able to see something he can't :P
Ah, that makes sense.
dum de dum time to rebuild firefox
@hichris123 No, that's because I've been applying mod magic to the messages you've been deleting
@ManishEarth Oh, okay. That makes more sense... :P
11:32 PM
I wantz mod magic!
hichris for mod!
Undo for mod!
checks A51 for possible sites
everyone for mod!
11:33 PM
oh god no
Ok, sleeping now. Let me know if the bot misbehaves. And keep an eye on the realtime tab for spam that can be incorporated into keywords
Finally, you sleep! ;)
Manish is leaving us alone with that bot and no way to stop it? D:
@hichris123 Wait, where is the bot?
5AM. Got an optionalish (sitthrough class) at 9, or I can come for the one at 11
@Undo my server :p
@Undo It's Manish.
11:34 PM
ah :P
Didn't have the time to add a stackexchange.com openid to hissatron
Can we kick mods (I don't think so...)?
@hichris123 Manish can kick mods. But only because he knows sekrits.
oh, you can't
11:35 PM
we can't kick anyone
maybe there isn't server side validation there though
@ManishEarth Oooh what's the URL?
Mods can kick everyone from the room by delete-undeleting it
I could go around kicking people from TL!
@ManishEarth I thought you were going to sleep. :P
11:36 PM
got pinged in TL
@ManishEarth kick me so you can give us the kick URL
What would happen if we had access to Manish's chrome dev tools and a logged in SE site? We could see all of the stuff. :P
javascript:id=prompt("id please");int=setInterval(function(){$.post('http://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/‌​kickuser/'+document.location.href.split('/')[4],{fkey:fkey().fkey,userId:id})},10‌​00);console.log(int)
^^ kickban bookmarlklet
get the url from there
please dont kick from TL
11:38 PM
hehe, ok
@ManishEarth Um, that's possible?
@hichris123 We don't know yet.
Okay, you want to try and kick me?
sure, @hichris123
11:39 PM
@ManishEarth Cya.
drat. I can't kick @hichris123 ;(
@Undo Why not?
@hichris123 1. me izn't mod. 2. the post request to kick you fails ;(
So my dreams of causing havoc in TL are once again ruined.
Ug, hmm, let's do some hacky hacky stuff. :P
11:44 PM
like what?
let's ask Oded what things aren't server-side validated :P
@Undo I'm sure he'd love that question.
Well, we can try stuff and see what isn't.
> 4200 comments reviewed so far
4207 way to break the round number. :P
11:53 PM
[feature-request]: a way to show only comments flagged in charcoal as x
@Undo Yep. Agree. :P
Filter button.
@Undo's server, hurry up!
huh wha?
slow again?
fast here
There we go. Just went back up.
03:00 - 21:0021:00 - 00:00

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