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6:02 PM
Wait, we are allowed to eat?
@CaffeineAddiction I am. (Blue name). You might have to fight someone else for that right
Sorry. But, I have popcorn, so make it entertaining at least :)
@CaffeineAddiction I hope so...
Since nobody has popped in yet, I assume that we can.
I have a feeling the meta is gonna die in the depths of MSE's "I dont care" by tomorrow
did the meta post get posted?
6:08 PM
Q: Can a machine be taught to flag spam automatically?

AndyTL;DR: We did it, so... yes. What is this? Charcoal is the organization behind the SmokeDetector bot and other nice things. This bot scans new posts across the entire network for spam posts and reports them to various chatrooms where people can act on them. If a post has been created or edite...

@ArtOfCode \o/
Q: A spam-flagging application has been turned on for Software Engineering

Thomas OwensFor the full details, please see the discussion on Meta Stack Exchange: Can a machine be taught to flag spam automatically? In short, a user-created application that historically has much higher accuracy in identifying spam has been turned on for all sites in the network. Please direct any gene...

@ProcessedMeat and suddenly I realise why we have you
has been turned on ... yes, three years ago ...
@ProcessedMeat Looks great
6:17 PM
I feel important
How many curious newcomers do we have to introduce Smokey to?
And who's gonna do the introductions?
none, so far
For all that are wondering why this, and potentially others, may exist: There is a feeling around the network that recent network wide changes have only been announced on SO (the new top nav bar being the most recent). Our post on MSO dug up these feelings again. The migration to MSE and announcements like the above are to help the other communities see the posts as a network wide and not SO specific thing.
Now I wonder what the downvotes on Andy's meta post indicate
6:19 PM
also, thanks, @Andy - I needed that
API quota rolled over with 2383 requests remaining. Current quota: 9999.
stackoverflow: 1808
askubuntu: 536
superuser: 477
unix: 278
drupal: 256
electronics: 211
math: 204
travel: 189
english: 186
salesforce: 160
dba: 156
mathoverflow.net: 153
gis: 147
magento: 139
wordpress: 137
sharepoint: 130
meta: 128
webapps: 126
apple: 119
academia: 116
physics: 113
gaming: 110
es.stackoverflow: 107
rpg: 105
security: 99
worldbuilding: 99
scifi: 96
stats: 92
ru.stackoverflow: 90
ell: 88
chemistry: 87
tex: 85
money: 82
workplace: 80
movies: 77
mathematica: 76
outdoors: 69
graphicdesign: 62
Really vague. Could be anything from "I no liek Smokey" to "You didn't even ask a question"
New metasmoke user 'metaed' created
@SmokeDetector F prolly
@ArtOfCode It was always clear that we'd attract a bunch of attention
And I'd wager most mods are only now learning about us
I expected worse
6:21 PM
@SmokeDetector Metaed, yay
@ArtOfCode np
Something will always surprised you with this kind of thing. Par for the course.
6 messages moved to Trashcan
Being super strict about those rules because we're under more scrutiny than normal.
When someone with the same username posts a comment you might have written, but don't remember writing:
Good job everyone! Looks amazing. Smokey itself is already fantastic, and the automated flagging looks neat! I hope that the proposed change to the API makes it sooner than later. — Seth 3 hours ago
@Seth Seth is a SOCVR user
@Seth heh, I thought that was you too
6:24 PM
You don't see him often because he tends to stay in SOCVR and on Meta.SO
@Undo Wow what did you delete?
@Seth Threw me for a loop too.
@M.A.R. What could be construed as private room leakage, nothing exciting
@Seth The perks of having a generickish username
@Undo Out of curiosity
Which rule did that violate?
So I know to shut my trap when appropriate from now on
@Undo Ahh
6:25 PM
reminds me back during the Joel meta post debate I was in SO chat for a bit, and then I went to bed. Woke up to a bunch of chat pings berating me on my opinions, which I thought was odd, since I hadn't said much, only to find it was another Seth.
@Magisch The rule of make sure you don't say anything people can misuse
No, more that TL is kinda sacred.
@Magisch not you, that was me. Technically we're not meant to reveal stuff from TL. Probably fine, but being strict about it isn't a bad idea.
@M.A.R. trivia: my original username was iSeth because of this very reason, but it turned out to be too Apple related so I dropped it.
@Seth uSeth, for Ubuntu
6:26 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer: Verb tense conversion in Python by user15136 on stackoverflow.com (@dorukayhan)
Now I wanna buy an iSeth
@Seth sudoSeth
would fit being a mod, too.
@SmokeDetector K
@ArtOfCode hey, that's a decent idea. I'm terrible at naming so I just stuck with generic "seth"
When I get mixed up in chat I'm always tempted to rename to "notThatSeth"
@Magisch hm. also a decent idea. Maybe I'll change it one of these days.
6:29 PM
Nah, too much Reddit
Usernames should be names not sentences
in The Periodic Table, Feb 15 at 11:59, by M.A.R.
@help Icandoahandstand99
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: size after a good period of time by jasieyhansi on askubuntu.com (@ThomasWard)
tpu- by Undo
@SmokeDetector K
@Andy The question is now migrated to meta.SE, so I guess let's fix the link? You haz the editing powers
Which link?
That was one huuuuuge onebox
One question; metaed who just created an MS account will automatically not have the autoflagging for ELU where he's a mod, right?
Yep, just checked. The restriction is there.
6:44 PM
@Undo I'm not clear on all the implications but sounds like you're playing something safe, so thank you.
Welcome to Charcoal @MetaEd
Thanks. Love the bot.
@MetaEd Essentially, when you clicked the 'write auth' button we saw that you're a moderator on ELU. There's code that flat out throws exceptions if we were to try to flag something with your account there.
Now if only it could identify NAA.
Idea behind that is that because moderator flags are binding and because we dont nuke posts unilaterally moderators aren't allowed to autoflag on sites where they're mod
So undo can't on SO for instance
6:46 PM
The trouble, I imagine, with vandalism, is that it can be more creative. Spam ultimately has to drive you to click a site.
@Magisch Ah. Right.
We catch a lot of vandalism
When it catches vandalism does it still spamflag? Or does it flag NAA also?
I remember when I tried to revert a vandalism on ELU my edit got rejected. O.O
@MetaEd no and no
vandalism hardly reaches the threshold for autoflags
6:48 PM
And the guy who rejected it simply undid the vandalism themselves O.O
(technically it's possible for it to flag vandalism, but in practice it never gets close enough to the threshold)
It usually only trips "few unique characters in question/answer" or "repeating words in question / answer"
Not enough to pop an autoflag
Yeah, that's consistent with what I'd expect. Too much variety in vandalism for rules to be more than indicative.
But I could wish for it.
6:50 PM
we couldn't properly flag vandalism anyways
It's not red flag able
You usually revert the edit and/or raise a mod flag
Maybe there are a few patterns that could be caught. Repeated obscenities for example.
@ArtOfCode We also check rev count, though, so in practice we won't flag it
ah yeah, forgot about that
We may be talking about two forms of vandalism. I'm talking about posts that are vandalism to begin with. You may be talking about vandalism to existing posts.
@MetaEd Vandalism to begin with = abusive.
6:52 PM
Yes or NAA.
We catch a whole lot of those.
@MetaEd Ah, you mean gibberish?
We flag them as rude/abusive
To get them deleted fast
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Codeblocks Debugging - variables not showing in watches window by divya raj on stackoverflow.com (@dorukayhan)
@SmokeDetector wow already gone
Yeah. I tried too.
6:53 PM
@M.A.R. Less than 5 seconds after report.
Outright garbage by 1 rep user is rude/abusive
Guess is that the one that did it was the 6th.
@Mithrandir That's what happens when Bhargav reports
!!/test Boobs... big ones... nice big ones please , anyone...
> Would not be caught for title, body, and username.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] No whitespace in answer: Кодировка DOCX файлов в Powershell by user238008 on ru.stackoverflow.com
When the flag is rude/abusive but the actual actual content is actually just gibberish (NAA), that probably screws up the flag review system.
6:55 PM
tpu- by MAR
Not really
@MetaEd Gibberish like ^that is flagged as Abusive.
Shog made a meta a while ago explaining that rude/abusive is ok for gibberish
Isn't quite common knowledge yet but that's how you're supposed to treat those
@MetaEd Nah, it doesn't. It shouldn't be flagged and removed as spam because the spam filters would get confused, but abusive is okay
@Magisch In that case I won't worry about it.
6:56 PM
can also flag NAA and wait for a mod to come get em
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted user: Text align not working by Abdulrahman on stackoverflow.com (@dorukayhan)
Everyone can flag ^^that use rude/abusive though
fp- by Mithrandir
A: Why don't we treat rubbish the same as spam?

Shog9 I'm assuming that's not what "abusive" in this reason is referring to Abusive means what it says. Don't overthink this. Look... The problem folks have with these is that they see the pile of nonsense and try to extract meaning from it. "Surely if I can determine what the author's intent was...

@SmokeDetector why
@ArtOfCode User is not blacklisted (7524942 on stackoverflow.com).
That's an excited JSSSSSSSSSS user prolly
So classic cat on the keyboard:
A: Кодировка DOCX файлов в Powershell


@Mithrandir BTW, join this community looks really long in Russian
6:58 PM
I don't read Russian...
Neither do I
Q: Why are the moderators being so strict with quality related flags recently?

Tim PostI recently flagged a question as 'very low quality' just like I've flagged many questions in the past. However, my flag was found to be unhelpful this time. The same thing happened when I recently flagged a post as not an answer. Are the moderators being more strict when it comes to handling qua...

But what else would it be?
That's the thing I was talking about.
@MetaEd ...from 4 years ago?
6:59 PM
The answer has been kept up to date. Just as Shog's has.
I'm thinking that the flag strictness Q&A needs updating.
@MetaEd Well I think Shog is actually 'letter of the law'
He's the highest authority on SE... *shrug* Except for Joel.
Not really
Paraphrasing Shog, the gibberish-posting user put less thought to their post than we do to what flag to choose
Tim Post is Shog's boss
7:04 PM
Jan 30 at 21:43, by ArtOfCode
Shog is the team member with overall responsibility for Q&A.
So we should just get it deleted, and it doesn't matter when there aren't system complications
@Mithrandir I know, but he's not explicitly saying ''y u flag teh gibberish as abusive?''
He's just telling mods to be stricter
Is there a 'mark as helpful with message' option?
And if flagging gibberish as abusive is policy-ish, and not everything needs to be, I don't see why they would contradict
@Mithrandir IIRC no, but there's an FR for it on meta.SE
7:06 PM
Well, if I fasttalk my parents, then I might find out for myself :P
And then I'd be blue... o_O
Does anyone think there'll be more local meta announcements like on Software Engineering?
Possibly a few.
But not that many.
@Magisch I would've done on my sites' metas, but they don't get much spam and they don't need to give a crap about this
So a pinned chat message sufficed
Maybe someone, Thomas perhaps, on meta.AU and David on meta.SU
But then that would be pretty much about it
I could prolly get Kiam to post on meta.Drupal
@Magisch Possibly. It's ok if there is.
@Magisch Jaydles, actually - Jay is head of the community team, which Shog is part of
7:10 PM
@ArtOfCode Isn't tim post director of community relations or smth?
So Shog's Boss's boss?
so many heads, something must have gone wrong
director of community management
so other way around, actually - Tim is head of community team, Jay is VP of Q&A
@rene The post was migrated following complaints by moderators
@Magisch Yeah, Loong was really unhappy about it
in The Periodic Table, 41 mins ago, by Loong
@M.A.R. I know. Fortunately that mistake was quickly corrected.
In essence that'll mean that nobody will care beyond tomorrow because Meta.SE has absolutely zero visibility in comparison to meta.SO
They knew what they were doing when they posted the navbar announcement on meta.SO
7:14 PM
and if that's the case... oh well. We've still put the details out there, and we'll continue to operate the system.
@Magisch Meh, I guess all the people that needed to see the post will do so better at meta.SE
Network-wide mods would be more likely to check meta.SE
while the usual regulars visit both metas.
Please keep the passive aggressive comments about moderators to a minimum. The complaints raised by the moderation teams around the network are valid. We happened to disagree with them when initially posted, but after discussing the problem decided to migrate the question. Comments that disparage moderators for something like this aren't helpful. In general everyone is happy with the technical aspect of what we've built.
I mean ... sure
And technically if people moan we can point them to the post and say we warned them
Uh, was anything passive–aggressive in what we said?
Kind of, yes
7:17 PM
Was anything passive–aggressive in what I said?
I just don't see it, sorry
@M.A.R. not in my opinion
so not only is the decision made in a secret chatroom beyond any community input now I can't even be unhappy about it lest it dampen the mood
You're riding on the band-wagon pulled by @Magisch but it is okay now, let's move on.
Heck, I'm partially on network mods' side, since they were right to complain
I'll see y'all tomorrow at work, I guess.
7:18 PM
Although I vouched for meta.SO for the visibility
@Magisch I think I'll call in sick tomorrow, so please start without me
In the end we picked up just enough traction on MSO and now it can sit in MSE without causing too much of a stir.
I think the tactics worked out nicely
Could use an extra answer but that is about it.
I kinda half-expected someone to come with an unexpected nitpick about Smokey
@Magisch That is part of the complaint we are hoping to avoid. Recent announcements - like the new top bar - occurred exclusively on MSO. It wasn't until it was rolled out that others realized this was even in development because they don't visit MSO at all. Now they feel they've missed out on the important period where they can provide input (after all, multiple rounds of input solicitation had already occurred).
By posting on MSO, we ruffled those same feathers.
I think @rene has the right idea though. We gained traction on MSO then migrated to MSE. As of right now we have the benefit of both, because there is still a migration stub on MSO.
I'm strongly discouraged from sharing my position about this here so I'll just agree to disagree
it's not what, but how that matters
7:25 PM
The idea of more eyes on the post is good, but if the push back we are getting is due to that and not due to a technical detail, I think it misses the point. We want feedback, but we want feedback on what we built, not on where we posted it
Also, the point that users don't visit MSO is important to consider. We are flagging across the network. 75ish percent of our flags are on sites other than SO.
@Magisch I like your dedication and the effort you put in to make everybody aware of the post. Don't let that drive be disturbed by things that happen outside of your control. We're doing great, you're doing great and the mods that have not yet suspended those auto-flagging accounts are great as well. be happy with the overall result.
@rene By that logic I should have been happy with the take a stand post because it aligned with my political views
@Magisch I'm not trying to shut you down, but I do want you to be aware of how you present your arguments. "if people moan" gives off an attitude that isn't constructive.
My autoflagging account is the best, BTW
@Magisch This has nothing to do with that post.
7:31 PM
I'm not, and I'm not happy about this. The way in which the migration was conducted made me lose a whole lot of respect for the moderators of SE
I am not understanding why. Help me to understand. Let me present one point of view: There are 500?+ moderators elsewhere on the network that may or may not make visiting MSO part of their routine. How would they know about this?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in answer: Abrir o menu na frente de todo o site by Sulivan Santos on pt.stackoverflow.com
I don't care about the migration in principle
I care about how it was decided
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in answer, repeating words in answer: What form of home address did Romans use? by sog on history.SE
tpu- by ArtOfCode
@SmokeDetector K
7:35 PM
Migrations are a community process. Questions get closed as off topic if they don't fit on the site, and migrated if they're worth saving. What y'all did was have an argument in secret about why they mods didn't like our choice of venue, a venue for which the question was entirely on topic, and then just unilaterally decided to move it. It reeks of ignoring community processes just because you can and just because it's convenient now
@SmokeDetector k
For all the talk about allowing the community to self moderate that suddenly goes out of the window if something irks the moderators, and instead of bringing forth these concerns like other members of the community would have to, they just decide stuff in their moderator only chatroom that normal users aren't even allowed to speculate about
For this, are you considering "community" to be "Stack Overflow users" or "Stack Exchange users"? I think it can be argued that this is a Stack Exchange "thing" so the larger community should be informed.
Moderators are part of the community too, @Mag. We had the discussion in TL because that's where it was raised - if it was raised anywhere else, we'd have had it there instead.
@ArtOfCode Yeah, they're a few dozen of the entire community, and suddenly they get to decide stuff like this in secret
without outsider input
Like a ruling class
You know, the thing SE tries to desperately avoid
7:40 PM
I personally wanted to vote to migrate that post to meta SE too, but I was to lazy to close vote it
This reminds me of the reasons why I left minecraftforum and so many communities before it
@Magisch any other few dozen could have made the same thing happen - it's not the fact that they're moderators that made us move it.
Yeah, in public
Where a hundred others would have had the chance to disagree
There were other moderators who disagreed, for the record.
Ok. I think I understand now. You wanted the migration debate to occur either in a public chat room or via migration votes on the post, correct?
7:43 PM
Simply put, you didn't discuss this among the community with the open and public arguments, but among moderators in secret. That reeks of the "Contributions welcome unless something irks me, then let the grownups decide and you don't need to know why" mentality that kills community trust in any site
backs slowly away
@MetaEd This is getting entertaining
@Magisch But hey, what is done is done. Unless you want a poll where we could vote where we want it to be?
@Magisch, I can understand that point of view. Can you understand the point of view I presented?
I don't have any strong feelings about this.
Nah I want nothing, I'm just massively disappointed. This form of conduct is why I left all these other sites and what I hoped to avoid on SE
7:46 PM
It could be on either meta, it doesn't matter.
I can see where you're coming from @Andy and I'll drop it
@Magisch, thanks for explaining where you were coming from. I think that was getting lost earlier. For what it's worth, I'm sorry you are disappointed in how the process occurred.
I'm sorry that it took me a year and a half to find out that SE is no different to all these other sites when an issue becomes important for the powerful
@Magisch You can't expect every course of action to be flawlessly done
Assuming that all you say is right and this shouldn't have been.
SE users are no different: They make mistakes
And I guess in this case mods from different sites were deemed representatives of their community, rather than a secret cult that decides something
So TBH, it seems to me that you're overdoing it and you should let it go.
A mod is the elected representative of their community and trusted to take action on its behalf. And the mod role is that of a fixer: somebody who corrects things when they go wrong. So there's a balancing act there. I try to live by the maxim "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".
8:01 PM
@Magisch well, Ok. There is some merit in your POV and I didn't consider that side to be honest. Maybe it is good to discuss this in the open. Consider a post on MSE.
@Magisch I just joined the room so I'm probably missing a lot of context, but I'm pretty sure I agree with you. The discussion is about Charcoal, and we'd previously discussed the topic here and decided to post it on MSO, so its migration should have been discussed here (or another public place at least).
But if it's clearly broke then clearly I'm going to go ahead and fix it.
I say all this without a dog in the race. I wasn't involved in this, just reacting to the discussion above.
What we miss here is if the objections were: we mods are always left out of everything or the community I represent has the feeling to be left out of everything. The latter case warrants migration, the former not.
@Magisch If you want to discuss it on Meta, I'd say go for it, but wait 24 hours at least. Many of us are pretty worked up about it, so I think we need to cool off before taking any action.
that is probably true.
8:18 PM
I like transparency and I'd be interested in any conversation you start.
Same here; someone ping me if I shouldn't be missing a conversation
8:31 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted user: Verb tense conversion in Python by user15136 on stackoverflow.com (@dorukayhan)
@Andy did you see Petter's answer. In that context: are spam flags raised via the StackAPI by moderators also binding? Or do mods have something different to handle spam?
@rene They are.
but you don't nuke the account as well with that flag?
We don't flag with binding flags, ever. It throws an exception if you try to do that.
8:33 PM
and we don't cast moderator flags anyway
@SmokeDetector K
Charcoal team: excellent work! Thank you for all the effort you've put into this (and will continue to put in). This is freaking awesome. — Monica Cellio 56 secs ago
@M.A.R. are you sure? The spam link is now gone. it is just a bad answer?
Huh, apparently I have a vote in the Travel election.
8:37 PM
I have no votes anywhere :(
I've earned tiny bits of rep on a bunch of sites, which often gives me just enough to vote in elections.
The Worldbuilding election started voting a few days ago, must be nearly over by now
tomorrow, yeah
Ends on Tuesdays
@rene They plan to insert it later prolly. There's a deleted answer you can see below it with a similar text
sd f
for now
Conflicting feedback on Verb tense conversion in Python.
8:41 PM
And we'll leave it conflicted to remind us to review it later
Good idea
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer: Does lemon juice help remove warts? by Mario Puzo on skeptics.SE
tpu- by Mithrandir
Now that one is pretty clear
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword with email in body, email in body: obtain hack card to earn money from any machine by anna on gaming.SE
tpu- by Mithrandir
Bah, missed both
8:45 PM
*shrug* Be faster :P
AKA don't switch to other tabs
What game are you playing here, Charcoal?
[feature-request] Add the feed for our meta post to Processed Meat.
@M.A.R. It's called convice my parents to let me be a mod. >.<
@JF Is that really needed? Andy's doing a decent job of posting important posts and harvesting stars
8:49 PM
there ain't much happening on that post, anyway
Morning everyone
Good reception on the meta post?
8:50 PM
@angussidney Tell me, what's the weather like tomorrow. I'm trying to decide where I want to work in the morning.
@angussidney Quick summary: Everyone hates spam.
@angussidney This about sums it up:
SmokeDetector is awesome! A few incredible community members got together and created it independently of Stack Overflow's internal spam-fighting efforts. It so happens that building some connections between our systems and Smokey is something I've been (very slowly) thinking about exploring, as ArtOfCode mentioned. No solid plans yet though. As for SpamRam, we don't really talk about it much publicly. True, the odds of spammers coming here to look up info on us are low, but if one does, that's maybe the one we'd actually need to be worried about. — Pops ♦ 4 hours ago
(The first sentence)
@angussidney After a while, yeah.
@SmokeDetector v
8:52 PM
@SmokeDetector V
translate: شبینبمالسمینالسیمنلاسینتلاسمنیلاسمینتلاسمنالسنمالسنمالستنلاسنلتاسنمتا
(from Arabic) شبینبمالسمینالسیمنلاسینتلاسمنیلاسمینتلاسمنالسنمالسنمالستنلاسنلتاسنمتا
@Andy what has the weather in Australia got do do with anything? I think it's going to be hot
@Mithrandir thanks
@angussidney I can imagine that your hot weather translates to hot weather here.
8:53 PM
@Undo Google Translate says "Shbynbmalsmynalsymnlasyntlasmnylasmyntlasmnalsnmalsnmalstnlasnltasnmta"
@Andy what country?
seems like the Arabic equivalent of asdhfklasjdhfkljasdfhlkajsdfhasdf
@angussidney US
@Undo It's gibberish
@M.A.R. I'm happy do do that.
8:55 PM
Close enough
Which is asdfghjkl
@DavidPostill we don't need any post per se, and I don't know if we should even do it
@M.A.R. So why did you suggest it? :)
@DavidPostill I didn't, but said maybe you'd end up doing it
@M.A.R. I'll leave it to an SU mod to post if they think it is appropriate.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: IBM V3700 adding new disk physically by Nicolai Møller on serverfault.com
fp- by Mithrandir
9:17 PM
Conflicting feedback on IBM V3700 adding new disk physically.
tpu- by DavidPostill
Conflicting feedback on IBM V3700 adding new disk physically.
Conflicting feedback on IBM V3700 adding new disk physically.
^^^ Advertising a commercial website, doesn't answer the question, and is not in English.
@SmokeDetector Got it already
@CaffeineAddiction you want !!/
9:21 PM
@ArtOfCode So what is the algorithm that distinguishes a signature from a spam link?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: IBM P5 570 - Scrolling Dots by Nicolai Møller on serverfault.com
9:21 PM
I count four tries
tpu- by Mithrandir
@DavidPostill ah, it's been done multiple times... probably lean toward spam, then
Restart: API quota is 8903.
@DavidPostill Doing it twice made it safer to spam-flag I guess
@ArtOfCode Exactly. Was just looking at the other answer when someone beat me to the report.
9:22 PM
ok, so ... !!/report <url> ?
But I hesitated when it was just one post, and lost
@CaffeineAddiction correct
@CaffeineAddiction Yup
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted user: IBM P5 570 - Scrolling Dots by Nicolai Møller on serverfault.com
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in answer, repeating characters in answer: What do baseball umpires say when a strike/ball is thrown? by user12873 on sports.SE
tpu- by Mithrandir
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body: Question regarding straight by Aaron M on poker.SE
fp- by Mithrandir
Heh. I FDSCd first and had to create a new account :P
1 hour later…
10:51 PM
@angussidney Of course
11:49 PM
Heh, was just looking at that now
That syntax doesn't work, for some reason
... or it wasn't working. Seems to work now
Art likes his labels
ah, there it is

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