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4:00 PM
@NapoleonWilson Sure it does! Don't you feel "blue in the face" sometimes? ;)
@steelersquirrel So, where's your A Moveable Feast question?
@NapoleonWilson I don't know. I don't really know what to ask about it...+1 for getting my favorite book correct, though! ;)
@steelersquirrel I told you I listen occasionally.
@NapoleonWilson I know! I'm so excited that it's actually "occasionally" :P
@steelersquirrel heh
4:04 PM
@steelersquirrel huh, did you say something?
@Skooba Oh, I said lots of things the other day...but nobody seemed to remember any of them :P
In particular some phone conversation that I had... ;)
4:09 PM
@steelersquirrel I don't think people can understand the high pitched chirping
@DForck42 Can't argue with you there... ;)
Yeah, that. ;-P
See ^^
I thought it was all the gnawing on nuts that made it hard to understand
<biting tongue>
4:14 PM
Q: How much is lost in translating a work of literature?

Cᴏɴᴏʀ O'BʀɪᴇɴTL;DR: How much is lost in translating a work of literature, and similarly, what more is gained by reading the source work? I'm currently in the process of reading Cyrano de Bergerac (translated by Charles Renauld). There, an introduction is made by Adolphe Cohn, said to be the Professor of the ...

too broad
every translation will be different
Told'ya so.
@Skooba lol
@DForck42 Skooba is trying to bait me with his Tom Foolery ;)
@NapoleonWilson Well, why does it have 4 close votes and 5 upvotes?
@steelersquirrel "bait"
Yes...bait ;)
4:17 PM
@steelersquirrel it's an interesting question, and not out-right bad, hence the upvotes. I just don't think it's of appropriate scale for the site
@steelersquirrel I don't know. It's still a well-formed question and it could be argued to not be too broad. Besides that, it's private beta, show me a question that doesn't have 5 upvotes. ;-)
Q: Should The Table of Ranks be used as a reference while reading The Nose?

BenjaminIn The Nose by Nikolai Gogol, Gogol references many times various ranks as had been established in The Table of Ranks. Given this, should The Table of Ranks be used as a reference while reading The Nose? What impact does it have on the understanding of the complete work?

That one ^^
I haven't close-voted precisely because there could surely be some general insights gained.
4:19 PM
@NapoleonWilson Don't call me Shirley ;)
@steelersquirrel Well, mine doesn't either, I was exaggerating. ;-)
IMO it's not too broad, there's got to be some general answer regarding linguistic differences
look at the 2 answers already
^^ agree
your moms to broad?
@Himarm Can't you at least make an effort to use correct spelling and grammar on a literature site?
4:22 PM
@Himarm That's not my post, silly!
@Himarm broad vs broad...... hmmmm
But DVK makes a good point.
@Bellerophon Let's not get too crazy here ;)
@Bellerophon wot?
@Bellerophon its literature, not ELU
4:23 PM
@Bellerophon it's himarm
what did you seriously expect from him
im honestly missing what is wrong with my statement
at this point I kind of want to VTC that just to reopen it
that i posted on an internet chatroom
Okay, this chat has got to stop it with the memes.
4:24 PM
> your moms to broad
should be:
> your mom's too broad
They are not helping or being productive.
> your mom is too broad
you will never see me use an apostrophe or too in chat ever.
well we just saw the second
as you will never see me capitalize the first letter in any sentence i type
4:25 PM
you needed to say "you never see me use to with two O"
@Himarm cough mods pls cough
Himarm won't be around chat much longer, anyways now that the meme warning has just been said ;)
@Himarm your mom's a broad.
@HDE226868 bring me a productive conversation and I will gladly participate
@Skooba I'm serious about this.
4:27 PM
@SQB oh snap you just grammatically rekt him
I'm not going to stand here and watch a private beta chat fall apart within 24 hours of the site's birth.
@Himarm let me guess, you're an anti-capitalist?
fall apart reach full potential
@SQB oh shit SQB is pulling out all the stops on this burnfest
HDE's got a point. This is the only part of the site that the public (or even just the network in general) can see while we're in private beta. Let's not make it give everyone a terrible first impression of memes, memes, memes.
4:28 PM
@ArtOfCode let's propose meme.se instead.
true, you've got good points, but meme's are a better point
@Himarm take it to meta
@SQB I'm not entirely sure that'd work with the Q&A format, but hey, A51 is there for a reason :)
@SQB knowyourmeme.com
we could just rip answers from there :P
4:30 PM
No, seriously. The occasional, relevant, tasteful, amusing meme is okay. If I see people overusing memes, I'm gonna be having words with them.
are you the official moderator of lit chat? can you make that kind of decision unilaterally?
@Himarm I just did :)
@ArtOfCode Who decides if it's a relevant, tasteful or amusing meme?
@Himarm Anyone with a blue name is the "official moderator of chat"... They don't need to be the mod of that site specifically.
4:34 PM
@steelersquirrel common sense does. Failing that, moderators.
@steelersquirrel Common sense.
@NapoleonWilson Snap :)
Squirrel is out. Have a good day everybody :)
4:35 PM
oh hey, my obscurus question got closed, and then reopened
@steelersquirrel Hmpf. :'(
:/ I have enough rep, so I was going to give bounties, but no questions are 2 days old
Did I clicked on mos by mistake O.o
@DForck42 link
... why does exist?
4:40 PM
@HDE226868 why not if they don't offend anyone
@Catija burn it down
Memes are
- Not constructive
- Actually offensive, to some folks
- A way to totally derail conversations
This is not a new problem.
@ArtOfCode Can we make a separate chatroom for memes then?
It's chat not the main site
@b_jonas if you really want to
4:41 PM
We can be bit fun loving here
raises eyebrows
@HDE226868 saying meme's are offensive to some folks, makes me respond with not being able to post memes is offensive to even more folks, so moot point
@Himarm meme are office O.o
@Himarm You've been warned in the past. Most people in this room are aware of past meme problems.
You are not starting with a clean slate here.
4:42 PM
FWIW they also take up a whole bunch of screen space relative to the information they convey
People against memes in chat are
-Not constructive
-Actually offensive, to some folks
-A way to totally derail fun
This is not a new problem
Occasional meme are fine, problem is mos with meme were due to political offending meme not all memn
Okay. We're not having this argument - it's not up for discussion. Memes are not banned. Overuse of memes is annoying, and is liable to get you stern words, a kick, or a suspension, depending on who deals with it and how annoyed you make them.
@Catija The tag or the genre? ;-)
@AnkitSharma We moved the political memes. They then took down that other room.
4:44 PM
@NapoleonWilson i think tag
@AnkitSharma Me too. ;-)
@Axelrod I am also against political meme but joke meme are fine
@ArtOfCode VTC. Primarily opinion based.
This is a site about literature. Not memes.
hence lit memes
4:45 PM
This is not becoming the next Mos Eisley.
Memes are not literature. Ever.
Y'all want to goof around? Go elsewhere.
@HDE226868 yes, the SITE is about lit, chat's a bit more flexable
div.user-131071 div.ob-image, div.user-131071 div.ob-youtube {
    display: none !important;
But you're not going to appropriate this room for that.
4:45 PM
^-- you are all welcome
Mos even flag pokemon meme so avoid those use cases
@HDE226868 or, y'know, you ask a serious question and get an answer here
These things are self-governing.
@KutuluMike not the user we deserve, but user we need
@Axelrod except when someone steps in and says "no, enough". Like now.
4:47 PM
also, you'll want: user-134568
@ArtOfCode Which is also when someone like me steps in and says...
resume bickering.
I find the amount of downvotes I've received today amusing...
@Skooba yeah Dark night
4:49 PM
I've had 9 downvotes and still earned more than 200 today
@Mithrandir how many? I might have dv'd once or twice depending
We're enjoying our new stack with our questions and answers. We are making it happen. By all means, take your troubles elsewhere because there's ample proof that blue actions have a chilling effect and poking Himarm only results in more memes coming out... until you suspend him, which has an even worse chilling effect.
@Mithrandir I got none :D
@Mithrandir Heh, on a new site while standards are still being set, upvotes and downvotes will fly :)
Posted nothing either
4:49 PM
plus im not even the one spamming memes in here
yall just dragging me through the dirt for no reason
@Axelrod we could, yknow, ASK them to please stop, and then ignore them if they get obnxious
@Himarm valid point
No fighting, it's a new site! Celebrate, don't quibble!
@HDE226868 plus, meme's are the modern limerick, its literature, "it is the standard form of written communication amongst the youngest generation"
Per this meta, do we want a ticker or message feed of meta questions?
4:51 PM
slam dunk
For shouting
tickers are pretty annoying
I'd be up for a message feed, given that you can ignore those if you don't wanna see them
@BenN message feed
@BenN Yes
4:52 PM
@DForck42 Why bother doing that when we can threaten them instead?
Yes, set up Bookworm.
Shall I create the message feed now?
@BenN I'm in favor.
@DForck42 looks fine to me , +1
4:53 PM
ArtOfCode has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
Did we agree on the name of Bookworm?
I guess it's retroactive
Hang on, let me clean that up
Delete that
30 messages moved to Trash
4:53 PM
:34884525 your name is set too
now need a dp
@Axelrod because threatening, instead of asking/warning, isn't a part of SE's be nice policy
Ah, AOC is way ahead of me :)
@DForck42 Well gee, who woulda thunkit?
@StackExchange lol, a flood, then disappeared
@BenN but I did named it before him :P
4:54 PM
@BenN I posted a meta answer if anyone wants to vote either way on it
@AnkitSharma Only because I was grabbing the URL for the avatar :)
@AnkitSharma :-D
@AnkitSharma you're looking at the wrong feed user
or maybe I am
oh, yeah, it's me
The one currently feeding into the room has the generic feeds image
4:57 PM
there we are
@ArtOfCode :P
I changed the Stack Exchange feed user over by mistake, ID -2... that could have been interesting
Very nice
@ArtOfCode wow
@ArtOfCode boring dp, pick something interesting
@AnkitSharma what's wrong with having the avatar make it clear what the bot's for?
5:01 PM
are we calling it bookworm
call it bookworm
It is named Bookworm, yep :)
it appears we are
let "literature is not just books" come forth :P
@Himarm yup
@Skooba lol
I think I said exactly that in a comment
Bookworm is final, else face my wrath
5:04 PM
@DForck42 most likely, i have seen similar sentiments since area 51
@AnkitSharma Quickly, choose a different name. I suggest Belle.
Belle and her books.
So different from the rest of us.
user image
I snorted coffee.
Oh god.
5:05 PM
@Axelrod like on purpose, or from laughing?
later will make me ewwww more
@Skooba Laughing.
@Skooba this... this is a good use of a meme...
Has anyone here read Dostoevsky's The Idiot?
5:06 PM
@DForck42 i have yet to find a bad use. :P
I mean, it's a step up from a spit take, since I don't have to clean up my computer, but...
@HDE226868 Long ago in a distant land. <puts it on re-read list>
@DForck42 That's why I hate the no meme rule
16 mins ago, by Himarm
@HDE226868 plus, meme's are the modern limerick, its literature, "it is the standard form of written communication amongst the youngest generation"
No meme rule = no fun rule
its lit, ontopic
5:08 PM
Can we move away from the meme discussion(s)?
yes we are limited to printed, physical works
Lets talk about kiwis
@AnkitSharma the fruit or the animal?
@HDE226868 Do you have another target topic, a military target relevant topic, then name the system work.
@DForck42 the people
5:10 PM
@Skooba Russian literature. Dostoevsky.
Kiwi is official fruit of the screening room and now here too
@AnkitSharma People from New Zealand?
19th century, preferably, but my knowledge of it is rather slim.
@AnkitSharma i vote no
Everything on SE is licensed under CC-BY, right?
5:11 PM
@Skooba so the animal, got it ;-)
@Skooba I vote to ignore you :P
@TrojanByAccident Generally: yes. Specifically: What do you mean with "Everything"?
user image
I'm not even sure attribution is really required. Afterall, all those Area51 questions have is a title stub without any content. — Christian Rau 2 hours ago
Let me rephrase: memeless Dostoevsky.
5:12 PM
@AnkitSharma :(
@Skooba Agreed. The Literature official fruit shouldn't be the same... and the Screening Room official fruit should be Spam and Eggs.
@TrojanByAccident Oh, so the Area51 suggestions then. I don't know. But you can always rephrase the title anyway. As said, they're just stubs afterall.
@Axelrod if we need an official fruit for literature I would propose the apple.
@Skooba I find that acceptable and thoroughly backed in the medium.
@Skooba apple ---> newton--> science .
5:13 PM
that way our friend bookworm has something to eat
Notes from the Underground is also a possibility.
@NapoleonWilson I thought I remembered reading something that even if they're just a stub, you have to give attribution to the original poster
Bookworm is green like kiwi and beautiful like kiwi
@TrojanByAccident Hmm, if you use their words, I could understand that.
5:14 PM
@Axelrod better we avoid muddy jokes, they never go well with either side
but you always see worms in apples
site logo
An apple a day keeps doctor away, so we will be ignoring a whole set of community
@AnkitSharma apple >>> teachers >>> books == yes
We don't want to make this site anti-doctor site
Doctors can be good literature enthusiasts too
doctors are to busy saving people
they aint got time for this
5:17 PM
Give then chance
tagline... WebMD, but good.
@AnkitSharma flag
Apple don't look this awesome
@Skooba flagging mod is useless :p
btw, I strongly urge flagging anything that belongs in a meta discussion as obsolete if there's a link to said meta discussion
i just flagged 5 comments to clean up my obscurus question
5:20 PM
@AnkitSharma that looks a certain place with shot gun pellets embedded in it.
@steelersquirrel Yes, because it turned out to be a duplicate of the Biblical Hermeneutics main chatroom name.
Ah, right, I saw that comment.
@Randal'Thor ahh
@Randal'Thor ..... is that a site
is that "christianity"?
5:21 PM
Noun: hermeneutics ‎(uncountable)
  1. The study or theory of the methodical interpretation of text, especially holy texts.
  2. 1885, Thomas Seccombe, Saunders, Richard (1613-1687?), article in Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900, Volume 50,
  3. SAUNDERS or SANDERS, RICHARD (1613–1687?), astrologer, a native of Warwickshire, was born in 1613, commenced the study of hermeneutics about 1647, and practised astrology and cheiromancy during the golden age of the pseudo-sciences in England.
  4. 1885, Alexander Roberts and James Donaldson (original translators and editors), Arthur Cleveland Coxe (editor of American edition), Philip Schaff (also credited as editor), Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers: Series I,
  5. I have included in this volume the four books of St. Augustin On Christian Doctrine. It is the first and best patristic work on biblical Hermeneutics, and continued for a thousand years, together with the Prefaces of Jerome, to be the chief exegetical guide. Although it is superseded as a scientific work by modern Hermeneutics and Critical Introductions to the Old and New Testaments, it is not
(2 more not shown…)
triple ninja
@Shog9 yeah, I know what that is, just didn't know there was a site of it
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ No, apparently there's a difference.
uhuuunnn ninja bragging here too
5:22 PM
@AnkitSharma that's 4 ninjas methinks
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ hey fyi. ther is a difference between those
had to take a hermeneutics class in college
super dull
@HDE I think I found the original (UPenn) source for that claim about Jack London: literature.stackexchange.com/a/27/17
@Randal'Thor Nice. I'll take a look in a short while. Lunch calls.
5:28 PM
Bon appetit!
5:42 PM
@AnkitSharma Muddy? It's Monty Python!
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ English Language and Use is one stack, but Christianity is divided into use and study, effectively.
Even though they both have questions about both.
@Axelrod I mean avoid making jokes on other sites, learn from mos's past.
@AnkitSharma -_- your concern is more concerning than what you're concerned about.
@Axelrod I'm concerned
5:47 PM
@Axelrod there is no scope for more concern now, have some kiwis instead
@DForck42 I'm concerned about your concern.
@AnkitSharma Never. Because the kiwi is the least referenced fruit in literature.
@Emrakul Following on from the last paragraph of your meta answer ... reminder to post this example question on the main site :-) It's a good one, and I'd like to see it here.
@Mithrandir tacos=mos, no
5:48 PM
I will eat my dragonfruit and you'll just have to deal with it.
dragonfruit are fine, better then taco or apple
Why not stop arguing about what food to talk about and just talk about food?
Or, better, about literature.
I have another Naria question ready for tomorrow
5:49 PM
@Mithrandir Great!
I have at least two or three questions ready too.
And possibly another t39c one! As aell
@Randal'Thor Why not stop arguing about arguing about fruit that isn't actually happening and present a cook book? Or is that not considered literature?
But for now, I have to go again.
@Randal'Thor bleh
5:50 PM
@Mithrandir are tastey
@AnkitSharma @bleh?
O_o swupo
Interjection: bleh
  1. (slang) A word used in conversation to reflect general indifference to a situation or object of conversation.
  2. What did you think of the movie?" "Bleh, poopy. You?"
  3. (slang) An expression of mild disgust, possible imitative of vomiting
Adjective: bleh ‎(comparative more bleh, superlative most bleh)
  1. (slang) Mildly uncomfortable; not good.
  2. I'm feeling a bit bleh....
@AnkitSharma Without the space.
@Axelrod silly, most of literature is about arguing about literature
5:51 PM
Besides that, cookbooks are about to be on-topic. ;-)
@DForck42 This... is true.
I have settled the fruit argument
There's been more written drama about Hemingway than all of his works combined.
@NapoleonWilson I'm waiting for the first question about a cook book, tbh
5:52 PM
@Mithrandir I am having chocolates now, deal with it
@DForck42 Well, we have movie companions already? ;-)
@NapoleonWilson :-D
@Catija can assist us with cook-boook literature
@Mithrandir A sock full of oranges. You wish us ill without leaving a bruise?
I went to Dublin recently, and a local told me about "the greatest book ever written:" The third policeman, by Flann O'Brien. I bought it, but haven't read it yet and was wondering if anyone else ever read it and agrees with that person's probably hyperbolic remark about the book? :P
5:58 PM
@Axelrod bright and attractibe on the outside? boring and dead on the inside?
dead? Look at all those seeds. Packed with life, just waiting for the right conditions...
@Skooba I was thinking more along the lines of "frightening and unappealing, but with good taste".

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