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12:49 AM
@bobble It may not be customizable.
@Randal'Thor You mean William Shakespeare is not a language?
@Alex Also, it depends how you read it. While you could read "provide detailed answers to this question" as referring to the post it is attached to (and hence your objection that it doesn't make sense), you could also read it as referring to the broader page in which it is saying that any answers you provide to the question at the top of the page should be detailed (with the implication that the answer it is attached to is not detailed).
In fact, I think there was a Meta post explaining this second reading.
@Alex Here's an example of the exact same notice on a question, supporting the theory that it is not customizable:
A: What are these notices above my post?

Jon EricsonPost notices are short pieces of informational text that are attached to posts in order to annotate some exceptional situation. They allow ♦ moderators or bounty donors to let other users know something about the post outside of the normal channels of edits, votes, comments and answers. These an...

There are a few kinds of post notices, with "citation need" being one - I'm saying that would have been a better option
The blurb explaining "needs detailed answers" actually refers to "questions" with that notice
But it says "Most answers with this notification" which implies that the notification is meant for answers.
It seems the citation needed is more for sites where citations are required.
1:05 AM
Well yeah, but the explanation of why it would be applied to an answer - that the answer would be better off as a comment - doesn't apply here
Anyhow, I wasn't suggesting that the current post notice is wrong
Just that perhaps antigen would have been better
I'm very confused with myself why I'm even arguing the point
"Most answers with this notification are really better suited to be comments"
@bobble Because it's fun.
I am not having fun
Intellectual gymnastics.
I am in fact getting more and more annoyed that you can't seem to understand what I'm saying, so I'm leaving
Dear goodness I'm angry
1:32 AM
Okay, let's see if I can explain myself
I was trying to ask Rand a specific question. The intent was to just ask him, and not involve anyone else.
Someone else comes along and starts saying, as far as it looks to me, that my question had no merit, asking it was useless, and that everything was perfectly hunky-sorry
I try to explain why my I asked and the merit I see. The other user, understandably, thinks I'm trying to argue and starts arguing back.
But I'm not arguing. I'm trying to just say "this question is fine, please stop" without actually saying that, because etiquette.
I keep getting more desperate because I can't seem to say anything that has merit, in the other user's eyes, and I am not having fun in the argument
To be fair, the other user probably wasn't trying to say that my question was meritless and stupid, but that's how I interpreted it so that was what I was defending, and that was what I apparently failed to convey
It's like one person thinks they're playing tag, but the person they're chasing doesn't want to be touched. One person's having fun and the other is... not
And that's bobble's public mental breakdown for today
@Alex Sure, but we've used them in the past here. Just because they're generally used one way doesn't mean it's unreasonable to use them in a different scenario, if it makes sense in context.
1:47 AM
@bobble Thank you for explaining that. I apologize if it seemed like I was arguing or indicating that your question had no merit.
Wow, looks like I missed a bunch of stupid-spellcheck typos because of how blindly desperate I was
perhaps "another" would, "explain why (-my) I", "chasing (+just) doesn't"
@Mithical My point (which admittedly may not have been clear) wasn't really to address whether the "needs citation" notice is appropriate to be used here. It was rather to say that the existence of the "needs citation" notice doesn't automatically imply that the "needs detailed answers" reason is not appropriate, given that there is another use case for which the former reason exists.
2:03 AM
Also entirely orthogonal to my original question "did you [Rand] mean to use a different post notice?"
H'm I wonder whether Randolph's Rupert Bear question qualifies for a tag.
I was wondering if it needed an author tag
Also seems my tagging queued were buried above
@bobble don't think so, but I could see it
It's more about how it affects our reading of their relationship - the power dynamics etc.
I'll defer to you on that one
When I post questions here it means I'm unsure how to tag; if I'm sure I just edit away
2:35 AM
@bobble I don't think so. The question is about the relationship between the two characters, not about Ma'ii's character specifically (or Magdalena's).
@bobble Interesting. I'd say no, because our [tag:identification-requet
@bobble Interesting. I'd say no, because in our questions, the asker wants to identify a work they have read; this question is about a movie that a particular character rents. It's simply a plot element that the asker can't remember, not a request to identify a particular literary work.
I'm not sure if it falls under Rand's intention for the expanded definition
@Alex That's what I thought it meant.
@verbose The second one?
@verbose By the way, it's been sitting unanswered for a year if anyone wants to answer it... *hint hint*
2:54 AM
@Alex yes, I thought the post notice meant that the question being answered needed a more detailed answer than the one given.
@Mithical I haven't read any of the books, sadly.
Yes, that is apparently what it means, though it doesn't seem obvious at first glance. Particularly when you take into account that it says "Want to improve this post?" and then immediately "Provide detailed answers to this question", where the first "this" is apparently referring to the actual answer post, which might lead one to interpret the second "this" in the same manner and thus be confused.
I have a vague memory of making this exact mistake, and having it explained to me, but a quick search in the various Metas and Chats that I frequent doesn't turn up anything.
@Lucas I could not understand your question, tbh. (1) What makes the increasingly disadvantaged situation of freed slaves in postcolonial societies a "reversal of fortune"? Reversal of fortune means that someone has lost wealth that they used to have. The freed slaves weren't particularly fortunate to begin with. Assuming your argument is correct, they were on par with free migrants from Europe, but I don't see how increasing inequality between the two groups is a reversal of fortune.
(2) What kind of fictional examples are you looking for? India was never a slave society—there were enough poor and desperate native workers that European colonizers didn't need to bring in slaves. So if you're looking for a novel that talks about how freed slaves used to be equal economically to migrants from Europe, but their fortunes diverged, Indian fiction wouldn't provide this.
(3) Presumably you're familiar with Noel Ignatiev's How the Irish Became White.
4:01 AM
Q: What did it mean to be a Grecian in late-18th Century British schools?

walrusNear the beginning of CS Forester's novel Mr Midshipman Hornblower, which begins in 1793, the titular Hornblower arrives on board his first ship, where the captain asks about his schooling: "How far did your education go?" "I was a Grecian at school, sir." "So you can construe Xenophon as well a...

How do I search for closed questions?
@verbose closed:yes
For more search help, there are several places to click. I'll set up some screenshots
From anywhere, if you click on the search bar at the top, you can navigate to help by clicking on "Search help"
From any (internal) search result page, you can make a help popup appear by clicking on "Advanced Search Tips"
At the bottom of that popup, you can navigate to help by clicking on "visit our help page"
That help page (with pretty good documentation of the more obscure search stuff) is here: literature.stackexchange.com/help/searching
@verbose see above?
4:27 AM
@bobble Thanks!
Can I use you to attempt a reproduction of a bug, quick?
or, actually - @Mithical, around to repro a bug quick?
4:42 AM
On my phone but I can try
d'yah see the tags out of order on meta-SF&F?
wow, that logo is unreadable
my reference for why should be first (besides overwhelming experience)
A: Discovering the order of [product-discovery]

Yaakov EllisWhen tags on a post are saved to the database, they are sorted in the following order: Required Moderator By number of posts (desc) using the tag The sort order of the tags is determined at the time that the tags are saved. This is not calculated when the post is displayed - it takes the saved ...

please post a bug report either there or main-meta?
unless there's a duplicate
will do when I have a chance to write something
5:10 AM
Why'd you do that?
Seriously, why?
The whole point is to use it as an example of a bug; editing it to un-jigger the bug means that we'd have to hunt for another example
Sorry at the tone there
just got really shocked
Hmm, looking at the revisions it looks like got displaced when Rand edited into the post (Revision 2)
The example remains. Editing the tags just forces a recalculation of tag order. The "wrong" order went into effect on Revision 2 and can still be seen.
It's a lot more visually stunning when visible from the main page

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