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12:17 AM
@Bookworm @Mithrandir "you might [well] ask it"?
12:34 AM
I was just talking to a friend who recommended me two specific Neil Gaiman stories I should read.
@Bookworm That looks liek a homework question.
Ah, I see. "Tomorrow I have an important exam." So it's urgent too.,
The worst kind of homework question, the one that mentions a deadline.
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1:52 AM
Q: Does "Natural Lord" in Frankenstein mean "Father" or something to that effect?

BlackKnight10In Volume 2, Chapter 3, Page 102 of Penguin Classics Frankenstein, the monster calls Victor his "natural lord." What exactly does this title mean?

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8:02 AM
Essay: But, but, but — WHY does magic have to make sense? by NK Jemisin. (contains some harsh language)
Icinori's new limited-edition illustrated book incorporates screen-printing, risography and paper pop-ups to tell a story of entropy, industry and the cyclical nature of creation... https://buff.ly/2n2Wzub
Help transcribe historical theatre playbills https://www.libcrowds.com/collection/playbills Once in a while, say on a #manuscriptmonday you might even find annotations, like these noting the night’s taking from Dereham Theatre in Norfolk from 1792
This 1491 edition of Pliny’s Natural History is packed with marginal notes from several generations of readers: https://blog.library.si.edu/blog/2018/01/19/dont-go-trouble-reading-indexing-note-taking-correction-making-plinys-1491-naturalis-historia/
8:59 AM
@Mithrandir Yep :D The other one was getting a bit meh ;)
9:26 AM
@Bookworm @Mithrandir @Randal'Thor I think it does mean may/might but the only source I've found is this and it doesn't have a citation (it does mention Jude the Obscure though). All others define it as medicine abbreviated.
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11:59 AM
@b_jonas Which two?
@Fabjaja user14111's answer there seemed pretty conclusive, but then he deleted it :-/
@Gallifreyan @Riker Want to help undelete this answer?
12:14 PM
Q: What justifies the anti-Tess interpretation of "Tess of the d'Urbervilles"?

Rand al'ThorUpon its publication, Thomas Hardy's novel Tess of the d'Urbervilles inspired much debate as to whether Tess should be perceived as an innocent young woman thrust too early into the cruel world of men or as a shameless, immoral woman who deserved everything she got. The author claimed to be surpr...

12:39 PM
@Randal'Thor Oh right, I didn’t see that :/
1:00 PM
@b_jonas Which ones? :3

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