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1:00 PM
Well, I shouldn't just cross-post, I have to improve it a bit, but still.
There's no Jules Verne questions here yet, so I'll definitely have to try to ask some. (I have Verne questions on Sci Fi and on French Language SE).
Q: Did Shakespeare's audience believe Measure for Measure to be realistic?

Matt ThrowerIn the play Measure for Measure Vincentio, the Duke of Vienna, leaves his city in the charge of a judge while he goes on a "diplomatic mission". It transpires that he has not, in fact, left the city at all but has disguised himself as a monk and remained to spy on the actions of his courtiers. ...

Is this on topic?
Also...what is the final consensus on Author tags? I'm just curious. I just saw inconsistencies in the tagging on some of the questions. I just wanted to double check.
Look at me being all serious and stuff ;)
1:17 PM
@steelersquirrel There isn't one yet, but most of the answers on meta say use 'em.
@steelersquirrel So serious that for a moment I wondered if it was your sister on your account :-P
@Randal'Thor So, should we be editing questions as such?
But yeah. I'm going ahead and using author tags until/unless there's a clear consensus not to.
@Randal'Thor Hehehe! Well, maybe if she knew what a tag even was...;)
@steelersquirrel I'm not sure. I'm tempted to do so, but given that there's no clear consensus yet, people may get pissed off at us retagging their questions.
@steelersquirrel The meta is here, if you're interested in checking votes:
Q: When should I use an author tag?

fi12If I my question is about a certain book by an author, should I use the tag for both the book and the author? Or just the book? What's the purpose of these author tags in the first place and when can I use them?

Q: What fictional series has the longest release to completion?

SkoobaI am being inspired by George RR Martin and his A Song of Ice and Fire series which is currently at 21 years (A Game of Thrones was released in 1996) since the publication of the first work in the series and will only grow as the series is not finished. What series in fiction has the longest ti...

^ I wonder if radio play series (radio soap operas) count as literary works here.
1:26 PM
@Randal'Thor Yeah. That makes sense :)
Squirrel on another tree. :P
@AJ Hey there! What are you doing here? Did you join this site too? How exciting!!!
I have another self answer ready for tomorrow, if nobody answers it before then. I hope they do, since the answer is ''we don't know"
How many of us here got a degree in literature or related field?
1:30 PM
Even Himarm and Skooba are up in here! Let the chaos ensue!!! <awaits Rand to explode> ;)
Anyway, I have to go
@AJ Not me. I have my BSN in Nursing. That's it.
@AJ I never went back to school for 1st grade.
I have degree in Engineering.
1:31 PM
What about @Randal'Thor
Don't worry. Any time now, I will be Twitter stalking authors...too bad I can't Twitter stalk Shakespeare, Poe and Hemingway. Dammit! ;)
@AJ I don't know. There is still no confirmation whether or not Rand is a robot ;)
@steelersquirrel Right. That's connected to chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/34878333#34878333
@AJ The highest qualification I've got in literature is a GCSE, but I've been a dedicated bookworm all my life from a very young age.
@AJ I don't. But I have a degree in maths so I know for a fact how little degrees actually matter.
1:35 PM
@b_jonas Yeah, who needs degrees? Radians are where it's at!
@steelersquirrel Don't worry. You just need to master time travel, and then you can go back in time to ask them questions on Twitter.
@b_jonas Yeah. The dead authors are much more interesting ;)
> @DVK That's exactly what I did: went back in time and set up a Twitter account to ask. I feel you aren't appreciating the lengths I went to in answering your question, discovering time travel and all :-( — Rand al'Thor ♦ Jan 15 at 22:03
@Randal'Thor Doctors and lawyers do, because for them, a degree is a requirement for getting a permit to practice as a doctor or lawyer resp.
Like I did ^^
1:37 PM
@Randal'Thor Or sometimes you can look at interviews with the wife or child of the author. Like all that stuff Christopher Tolkien wrote.
the memes have arrived
Then there's Einstein and Yogi Berra who have both said that they didn't say most of the things people quote with their name on the internet.
@Himarm We ain't having no memes in here. This is Literature; we set a higher standard for debate.
its got shakespeare on it
its ontopic
1:40 PM
@b_jonas Yeah, but there are times when the spouse doesn't have the author's interest in mind. Hemingway's widow published "A Moveable Feast" posthumously and edited out important information that should have been included. Hemingway was professing his love for his first wife in the work and she took it out, so, I don't trust spouses sometimes.
@steelersquirrel Yes, people sometimes accuse Brian Herbert or Christopher Tolkien or Michel Verne that they aren't faithful to their fathers' work.
@Himarm Hehehe!!! I need to find a picture of Shakespeare wearing a Steelers jersey to post in here and make it on topic ;)
Ohhhh...perhaps that should be my first question!! I have to make my first question about my favorite book and I just don't know what to ask because it's a memoir! Hmmmm...
Even Shakespeare wants the Steelers to beat the Patriots on Sunday!!! ;)
@steelersquirrel Are you telling me you don't know about this guy:
William Valentine "Bill" Shakespeare (September 27, 1912 – January 17, 1974) was an American football player. He played at the halfback position, and also handled punting, for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football teams from 1933 to 1935. He gained his greatest acclaim for throwing the winning touchdown pass as time ran off the clock in Notre Dame's 1935 victory over Ohio State, a game that was voted the best game in the first 100 years of college football. Shakespeare was selected as a consensus first-team All-American in 1935 and was posthumously inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame...
> Shakespeare was drafted in the first round (3rd overall selection) of the 1936 NFL Draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers. The 1936 draft was the first official NFL draft, and Shakespeare holds the distinction of being the third player ever selected in an NFL draft, the first Notre Dame player to be drafted in the first round, and the first first-round pick for the Steelers.
1:47 PM
2 hours ago, by b_jonas
https://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikip%C3%A9dia:Tudakoz%C3%B3/Arch%C3%ADvum/2016-08‌​-25#Hangfelv.C3.A9tel_.E2.80.9CA_k.C3.A9p-mutogat.C3.B3.E2.80.9D is what might be a "shopping" question: I'm trying to find a good voice recording of reciting a particular poem. Is that on topic?
^ Still asking if this would be on topic.
@Randal'Thor what is GCSE?
VTC: Shopping
I think @steelersquirrel has finally exploded on hearing that William Shakespeare played for the Steelers.
@Randal'Thor OMG! No! I haven't heard of him! AWESOME!!
@Randal'Thor starbait
1:49 PM
@AJ What they used to call O-level. The real-life equivalent of OWLs, if you know Harry Potter.
Oh yeah
That's totally starbait!!! I don't care. It has to be starred!!! ;)
@steelersquirrel So that's why you signed up for this site!
@steelersquirrel lol
1:51 PM
Incidentally, did you notice you and I have adjacent user IDs (17 and 18)?
Oh, I got one!
I'm all the way at user #58 because it launched during supper
I was hoping for a single-digit user ID, but they took me by surprise by launching the site a couple of hours early.
@Randal'Thor Hehehe! You figured it out! Dammit! Well, in all seriousness, I am a huge Hemingway fan and I do enjoy some Shakespeare and I am a fan of certain authors and literature. I don't like Harry Potter and stuff. I hope that stuff stays on sci-fi ;)
wow steeler ruling the starboard here too
1:53 PM
@Randal'Thor Still got a single digit question, no?
@Randal'Thor Single digit is very difficult.
@JNat Yep! Question #2 on both main and meta, I think.
I have #12 on main. I was late.
I've done a bit of research on your Svidrigailov question, btw. Haven't come up with anything worth posting yet.
What are you guys even talking about?
1:55 PM
I did read Crime and Punishment, but it was several years ago now.
What's a single digit user?
they mean they pressed join site first
@steelersquirrel Your user ID
@steelersquirrel User ID.
@Randal'Thor it doesn't matter.
1:56 PM
Meaning you're one of the first 9 people to create an account here
This is the top-most user id I got.
@AnkitSharma Sure. 17 was always my favourite prime number anyway, so I'm satisfied.
Q: What types of non-fiction are on topic?

SkoobaHaving read the current tour the "ask / don't ask" is short an vague. Now I would expect that since we are currently in private beta. However, to me a big definition on scope would be a debate between fiction and non-fiction. Ask Specific issues with literature Real problems or que...

@Randal'Thor What matter is your content on site and how you contribute to the community
@Mithrandir That's why I said we need a bookworm bot
@Mithrandir I'm out of votes.
1:58 PM
Ahhhh...gotcha :)
@AnkitSharma Of course. I do love a bit of numerology though ;-)
@AnkitSharma I know. Elect me RO and I'll set one up, if possible ;)
Users 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 here are SE employees or community moderators, who may have signed up before the site even became private beta. User 8 is Yannis.
@Mithrandir BESW is ahead of you in the queue :-)
waves hand dismissively
1:59 PM
@Randal'Thor My userid on movies is 1190 and it changed nothing for me
Watch out! Mithrandir is already power hungry! ;)
They sign up early so that the site has users with moderator powers even before moderators pro tem are chosen.
@Mithrandir I can do it without being RO
Time for work! I'm outta here :)
2:00 PM
I'm out. @Mith @steeler You kids behave yourselves ;-)
@AnkitSharma You're blue.
@Randal'Thor never
I am even ready to make one but waiting for community consciousness
@Mithrandir RO can't name the chat bot :P
No? heads to check
WOW! Rand didn't even include Himarm in his usual "behave yourself" warning! What's happening with the world? ;)
@DForck42 and @NapoleonWilson here too, looks like a full house
2:03 PM
@steelersquirrel looks like your son is waiting for you in screening room
@DForck42 afternoon
evening morning
2:04 PM
@steelersquirrel There's already a behave yourself" warning in this room? o_O
What is it turning into MOS now
::Run for ur life guys::
@NapoleonWilson lol
@Rand al'Thor you might want to change the notice about this site in your user profile bio field by the way.
And maybe on the millions of sites the bear Area51 promotion ads. Or will the just change to beta ads automatically?
My user ID is exactly 1 larger than the one on Movies & TV, which is nice, I guess.
And I didn't even commit to Literature.
Ah, well, I guess then they can as well stay. But at some point a more exciting ad might be considered still.
2:11 PM
@NapoleonWilson Fun fact: your user id is going to be the same of your age after 20 years. ;P
@AnkitSharma Well, I appear and everyone goes silent, so there's that. ;-)
@NapoleonWilson I like silent more then drama
Well, I think William Shakespeare is most commonly know as just Shakespeare, isn't he like Cher? ;-)
I'd never call Goethe by any of his forenames.
2:22 PM
I think I am more here because graphic novels are on topic and I need a place for my future comics/novel questions
@Randal'Thor bit hard to do when it's literally midnight for you ;p
just woke up, it's 06:30 on the dot here
@AnkitSharma do eeet
2:45 PM
hmmmm I will
@Himarm Yeah. "STANDARD" doesn't fit in the image.
so you use himarmspeak
makes sense
2:52 PM
id say standar
Besides, it's the wrong image too. It should use the image for the first appearance of the knout, when it's used against Michel Strogof, because that part of the story illustrates the high standard for debate better.
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ lol
@b_jonas you take a look at the meta I linked to you in that one comment?
@DForck42 which meta linked where?
must be that one
I did look, but then this question literature.stackexchange.com/q/128/139 isn't completely a dup, it's a subset of what the broader question on Sci Fi is asking.
@b_jonas that's what I was aiming to highlight by sending you to the meta :-D
copying this link from rpg.se: humblebundle.com/books/image-comics-book-bundle
@AnkitSharma ^^
I am not that big comic book reader
But I read there summary a lot
Mostly for answering purpose etc
3:07 PM
@AnkitSharma lol. you said something about comics earlier so thought I tag you
I am planing to get my hands on watchmen and v for vendetta from ages but I will do that only when I will have suitable time to read them
I am sure I asked a question about it in SFF
Q: What are the difference between the different (Graphic Novel) editions of Watchmen?

CliqueyI am thinking of buying the Watchmen Graphic Novel in India but I'm confused about the different editions. They are Watchmen (448 pages) Watchmen (336 Pages) Watchmen: The Deluxe Edition Watchmen: Absolute Edition Watchmen: International Edition (448 pages) Watchmen (International Edition) 416...

got it
There, corrected
Pity there's no drawing of Ivan hitting Michel with the knout there.
I'd prefer that to a sword.
Quick. Use the chatroom before the site gets canned.
Rather use the site to stop it from getting canned.
@MattThrower ehh?
@Randal'Thor but were supposed to be the parents
@steelersquirrel I think we will have a smaller family in here
me and that's it
@Skooba Hehehe! We only have one kid in here atm ;)
3:36 PM
a whole new set of users to adopt
@steelersquirrel goo goo gaah gaah
He does get his intelligence from my side of the family as I pointed out earlier ;)
@steelersquirrel :-O
@Skooba Although, he is probably confused seeing how you look like I used to :P
@steelersquirrel we just to let him know his daddy is now his mommy
I won't be confined by defined
3:40 PM
Hahaha! OMG!!!!
We have another Steelers fan here.
@AJ Yes! Skooba is a Steeler fan! He has stolen my old identity :P
we travel in packs
self absorbing packs
3:43 PM
oh pls no sports are boring
pls don't spread it here too
nothing wrong with steelers but books != sports
Easterly will explode if football talk spills over here ;)
3:43 PM
@Himarm no that's only in mos go try there
@Skooba then why the f*** are you in this chat and on this site
@Randal'Thor Did you delete your meta post about the chatroom name?
@steelersquirrel I was confused for a minute
aw I liked the library
@Himarm sportsball!
I don't know anything about football so I used to keep away from any kinda football discussion.
3:44 PM
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Skooba doesn't hate literature, Leonidis does. Duh ;)
ah ok
haven't watched that movie all the way trhough
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Me too. It wasnt' as boring as "The Reading Room" at least ;)
^^^ literature
@Skooba Hahahahaha!!!! True dat!!!
3:45 PM
@Skooba chuck norris disapproves of your fake chuck
YESSSSSS!!!! Chuck Norris!!!!!
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ ooohh thata tough one
^^^ more literature
and now chat's degraded to memes...
3:47 PM
I believe that Cowher's book won the Pulitzer ;)
@DForck42 Just be thankful that WadCheber hasn't heard of this place yet...we're still safe ;)
@DForck42 degraded reached full potential
3:55 PM
There is no need of closing this question as this website (Literature StackExchange) is exactly the right StackExchange for this question — user211 4 hours ago
seems like it would be better on writers.se
this stack is for already written works and "how to" write one
Love those statements out of the blue from userXXXX style usernames.
@NapoleonWilson esp who already deleted the account
or iguess didnt validate it?
@NapoleonWilson blue usernames with numbers? are there such room owners? oh... (out of the blue)
my point is there is no user profile
3:59 PM
@Skooba deleted
@b_jonas Not everything "blue" refers to moderators. ;-)
@JNat thanks! glad i had it right the first time!
@NapoleonWilson yeah like smurfs.....
o wait

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