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11:06 AM
@Randal'Thor Would asking what does a particular sentence or something means will be on-topic here?
@Randal'Thor "This is psychic justification. It's so thin it's actually imaginary."
@AJ Don't ask me, ask meta. Or just go ahead and ask your question on the site, and see how it's received.
Like I said over at Area 51, at this stage we're setting site scope by discussing it on meta and setting an example on the main site.
Chat is never a place for scope to be decided :-)
Some examples of that would be better left for English Language & Usage, others would do well here.
So yeah, take it to meta and be specific.
11:11 AM
The example I linked is on english.se, and seems to fit the broad category AJ's describing above.
Well, if they feel that the OP is nonnative, things would go south
That's their problem.
I'd be happier if people posted good questions here that aren't obviously on topic on Sci Fi or Mythology.
Overlap is important to deal with.
It happens, it's inevitable, it's cool, we need experience with it.
11:15 AM
Sure, we do have to deal with it, but it fragments the information and makes it harder to search, just like the overlap between Sci Fi with Movies&TV and with Anime&Manga and with Arquade.
Before I ask a question, I have to search on multiple sites to see if it's been asked.
Dammit, @Emrakul! That was less than a minute!
@b_jonas Well, that's an unfortunate side-effect of trying to have sites with defined scope.
A lot of questions over at chem would be on-topic on Physics, Biology, Math, SO etc.
Or coffee.se and cooking.se, or... the list is not small, and thus far it hasn't caused anything to implode or explode. Generally speaking trusting the querent to ask on the Stack they feel is best suited to have the experts they need is a useful and sufficient tactic.
(Heck, there were cooking.se people railing against the existence of coffee.se at all.)
11:18 AM
@BESW It has led to some dupe questions, including one I posted on Sci Fi because I failed to check Movies.
Organically-occurring cross-site dupes aren't a problem.
There's no "Vote to Close as Duplicate on Another Stack," and that seems reasonable.
Now I'll have to decide whether to ask my questions here or on Sci Fi.
@b_jonas This would only be a problem if we take reps to be the end.
Spoilt for choice.
@b_jonas Throw a dice
11:20 AM
@AJ not evening even in India
If it's an odd number, Sci-Fi. If it's even, LC.SE
@M.A.R. No, it's more complicated than that. I originally considered asking on Sci Fi to find out the limits of what the community considers on-topic there.
@AnkitSharma Pre-evening then
So I might still want to post there, even if it would be off topic there and on topic here.
11:20 AM
@AJ Or post-noon
@Randal'Thor MetaReel will be bringing it anytime.
As in, to find inconsistencies about what they close and don't close as off topic.
@M.A.R. Hmm
Hah. Don't go poking scifi.se's topic policies too hard, or with too sharp a stick.
They'll either vanish in a puff of logic, or turn into an angry badger.
@BESW I already did that at least once. It was a funny story, with Octodad.
11:22 AM
Or both
@AJ We don't have MetaReel here.
An invisible angry badger
And I'm afraid to let BESW curate the feeds, in case he makes them tickers instead of oneboxes :-P
@Randal'Thor As I've said, I have experience customising feeds to the needs of the chat.
@BESW The topic policies have got nothing on the tagging policies. Those are angry badgers all the way.
11:23 AM
Also, I'll have to try to recall the few questions I wanted to ask about literature that aren't sci fi and weren't important enough to ask elsewhere.
That means if tickers make people go mad with rage, there won't be tickers.
@Randal'Thor Make me RO! I'll make Literature Chat great again
@BESW I was kidding :-)
Or great without an again
I have experience annoying people with feeds.
That was a pain to write on mobile
That answer
11:25 AM
Two dots is neither an ellipsis nor a period. TRIGGERED
At least two dots is better than nine.
@Randal'Thor You'll never get a unique answer in again! Mwahahaha!
@DVK Could you cast an expert eye on this answer to see if it's largely accurate (and maybe add a better one if not)?
@Emrakul It's almost scary how similar our answers are.
I seem to remember I had some unasked question about Arthur Conan Doyle's Holmes stories, but I can't tell what it was.
I guess that proves that what we're saying makes sense.
@b_jonas The Naval Treaty / Second Stain question on Area 51 wasn't yours, by any chance?
@Randal'Thor Wasn't mine.
11:28 AM
Emrak is the sock! Not me!
I came up with an idea last night for a self-answered question, but now I've forgotten it again.
@Randal'Thor It doesn't surprise me. We tend to agree about Stack stuff, up to small (but possibly significant) framing issues.
I think I haven't even read all of the Holmes stories, only like half of them. I should read the rest.
We've really got quite similar baseline views about how SE sites should work, we just have small philosophical differences that show now and again.
@b_jonas I believe at this point I've read all of them except one. I slowed down dramatically towards the end, and now I guess I'm saving "The Adventure of the Retired Colourman" for a VERY rainy day.
@Emrakul Like on the author/work tagging issue? :-)
Well, even there we can see each other's point of view.
The voting on those answers changed quite a bit overnight ...
11:31 AM
@Randal'Thor Yeah! Like that. And it's easy enough to see POV.
They sure did, jeez.
I feel like private betas move way too fast; there's no time to ruminate on an issue.
It's all hot takes.
Good answer on that Area51 question, btw.
It's weird how often the highly-voted example questions in Area 51 are completely unsuitable for the site itself.
Which, given we seem to have to re-learn basic Stack principles every time we start a new beta, is problematic.
You would've thought there are enough serious Stack people on Area 51 to downvote the unsuitable ones.
11:33 AM
I think questions in Area 51 serve a different purpose than questions do on a Stack site. In principle, they should line up, but in reality, they do slightly different things.
But, thanks!
@Randal'Thor why not
@BESW Isn't that only for the first few days?
I can understand not having mains site bot but we should have meta bot here
@AnkitSharma Nobody's set up any feeds yet.
Did you see how fast the new questions were coming in yesterday?
11:36 AM
We can call him bookworm
The room would have been flooded. It was amazing.
@AnkitSharma Good idea!
@Randal'Thor I was busy and missed all early fun
@Randal'Thor then ticker feed can work
Q: Should asking about meaning of a particular excerpt/quote of a book be on-topic?

A JSometimes, I (I think we all do) come across a passage or quote where we couldn't quite understand what author means in that context. So, should asking such questions be on-topic? Users can get better perspective from others who actually read this.

13 hours ago, by Rand al'Thor
@BESW Oh, please not the ticker :-(
@Randal'Thor hmmm, mayeb I should raise a meta
@AJ i think it should be allowed ^^
11:41 AM
Hmm, I can still earn another 41 rep today....
Heheh, in meta.literature.stackexchange.com/a/14/139 Rand al'Thor says about id questions
> but to read a book you need to sit down and give it your full attention for a longer period, which again makes it more likely to stick in your head better
Good, that works
@b_jonas -1, not agreed
11:42 AM
Which is funny because the single ID question I had on Sci Fi is about a book series I saw in a book store, without sitting down for a moment, and since it's a very thin children's book, I read one of the series right there quickly..
I wonder if we're going to get interesting self-answered questions from people who had a thought about a book, and want to open it to other well-developed opinions.
I only have a question from Hindi novel "Suraj Ka Satvan Ghoda"
Not sure if I should post it in private beta
Question: do we accept answers on policy questions on meta? On one hand, there's no point, since it's the vote count that matters. On other - it'll look like we don't have a consensus if a question has no accepted answer.
(There's also the case of the only time I got banned from a book store, when I read about a third of one of the volumes of the Alex Rider series in a book store. It took a longer time, but I wasn't sitting down, because it's a small book store with no couch. The guard told me to leave and that I'm welcome again if I actually want to buy the book. I was a bit pissed because it was a hardcover book, so it didn't get hurt from reading.
I wouldn't do that to new paperback books, because those are amortized when you first read them, even though there's a book store with a lot of Discworld novels in English paperback, many of which I couldn't yet borrow and would like to read without buying.)
Q: Why don't we have a meta bot now?

Ankit SharmaFirst day meta enthusiasm has been cooled down a bit now then why don't we make a meta bot for our chatroom now? We can even call him bookworm.

11:47 AM
@Gallifreian I'd consider it good etiquette to hold off for a while, unless the policy question is pretty stark or very short-term.
@Gallifreian Accepting won't affect consensus, but it does help the place to look tidy.
A: Why even accept an answer on Meta?

Rand al'ThorFor the same reason as you'd accept an answer on the main site. Basically, accept an answer if it solved your question. If you post a support question, accept the answer that solves your problem by telling you how to do whatever it was you wanted to do. If you post a feature-request or bug repo...

There are a lot of questions that are getting speedy answers right now, which we're going to want to take a look at and comb through more carefully and slowly after private beta ends.
I find it amusing that I got a downvote on my self answered question...
A: What should our main site chatroom be called?

ArtOfCodeThe Reading Room Is there a more obvious pick?

^ When is chatroom renaming ceremony
> Anecdotally, I've also discovered on SFF that book ID questions tend to be higher quality than film ID questions. This vague gut feeling is backed up by quantitative evidence. According to this Data.SE query, the average score of ID questions tagged with [movies] on SFF is 5.49 while the average score of those tagged with [short-stories] is 8.55.
11:48 AM
@Mithrandir People on SE are not so loving to self answer stuff
@AnkitSharma Why assume the bot must be male? :-P
From same post by Rand. But aren't the votes skewed because short story ID questions often get correct answer quickly from our amazing short story catalog users?
@Randal'Thor look again :P
@b_jonas Getting a correct answer quickly shouldn't change the quality of the question though.
@LaurenIpsum It's that 'famous' which, IMO, makes the question opinion-based. How do you define fame? The junior novelisations of the Star Wars films are pretty famous over on Sci-Fi SE, but I don't think they'd make a good answer to this question. — Rand al'Thor 4 mins ago
I just made myself chortle.
11:50 AM
@Randal'Thor But it can change the votes.
Is literary nonfiction on-topic?
@Benjamin - why not ask on meta?
Think so
Please use the scope tag though
What about mythological books, are they literature ?
11:54 AM
Q: Overlap with Mythology, how to draw the line?

BookeaterThe Mythology site has been around for some time and has a lot to offer. How can we best deal with the relation, and provide insight for the community which question to place where? Maybe examples would be most illuminating?

Okay, so question. I have some questions about literature (that isn't sff) I had posted on other forums. This includes a story-id, for which I got the correct answer, and more vague questions, for which I often got only partial answers. When should I repost such questions here?
@b_jonas why would you?
Asking moral of the story is also on topic?
@b_jonas I'd only post the questions where you weren't satisfied by the answers, with a short explanation of what more you are looking for. Even if only to save yourself from getting exactly the same answers you got in the forums.
11:56 AM
Or it's opinion based?
A: Is literary non-fiction on-topic?

BenjaminYes, this is on-topic as long as the question is about the work itself and the question would be on-topic if it were asked about an equivalent fictional book. However, questions about the facts behind a work of literary non-fiction books are off topic and probably belong on a different Stack Exch...

Q: Is literary analysis on-topic?

GallifreianShould questions like "what does the author mean by saying XX?" or "what is the significance of YY item in this context" be on-topic? On one hand, they can facilitate opinion-based discussion (and worse - homework essay questions). On the other hand, there may be well-written essays or even inte...

@Yannis So no self-answered ones?
@b_jonas Self-answered questions are acceptable and I think you should repost any of the, without plagiarising as that is part of the SE model.
This is the story ID question I asked, and I got the correct answer for it and verified it by borrowing the book: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/…
11:59 AM
K will craft my question tonight then, not sure if he have Hindi literature enthusiast here or not
Don't repost id questions
@AnkitSharma Great! It's nice to see the scope of the site expanding with more non-English literature.
@b_jonas I think especially given the fact that Wikipedia Reference Desks don't show up high in search results, you should reask it as long as it would be considered a good question in it's own right/
@Mithrandir Ok. Obviously I can't post it yet, until you figure out whether id questions are allowed in first place.
@Randal'Thor The more literature is included the more sustainable the site.
12:01 PM
@b_jonas No, no, that's not how it works. Those of us who are in favour of ID questions should set an example by creating some really exemplary ones.
@Mithrandir better don't post ID ever
Remember, scope is set not only by meta consensus but also by setting an example with actual questions on the main site.
ID questions are only useful to the op. Other questions are useful for everyone. Once you have the answer to an ID question, I don't think that you should repost them.
@Randal'Thor Ok, but I don't know what ID questions are really exemplary, and I also don't know if I'm in favor of ID questions.
@Mithrandir word of wisdom
12:02 PM
@Mithrandir ID questions can be useful in the future.
@Mithrandir Sorry, nope. I've collected quantitative evidence to prove that ID questions are not only useful to the OP.
@Benjamin how?
@Mithrandir Rand argues in that meta post that many ID questions are useful to other people who are searching for the same story too.
@Benjamin uhuunnn, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
@Mithrandir Same way as any other post: by helping other people who have the same question.
12:03 PM
Oh dear. The Battle over ID Questions Begins...
I was hoping we could wait until at least day 3.
burn the ID and live happily ever after
@Emrakul First ever question on meta!
A: What do we think about story identification?

Shog9Identification questions are like... The cabbage, radishes and shredded carrots that some sushi shops put on the platter before stacking up the meat & rice. They make the plate look nice and full, and they're something to chew on once you've eaten all the meat... ...But no one goes to a sushi r...

This answer says don't burn but also be moderate
Ok, so looking at particular questions I've asked. There are multiple about Arany János poems, since I'm fond of them.
12:04 PM
Is Gallifreian a bot O.o
@Gallifreian bummer
ID questions are useful, yes. But usually only to the op. They usually aren't detailed enough to help random Internet searchers :)
hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikip%C3%A9dia:Tudakoz%C3%B3/… is what might be a "shopping" question: I'm trying to find a good voice recording of reciting a particular poem. Is that on topic?
@AnkitSharma Aren't we all?
@AnkitSharma Gallifreian, Time Lords, TARDIS, time travel? duh...
@Mithrandir It's often the answers that are detailed enough.
12:06 PM
@Yannis Not me, I am zombie-fairy hybrid trying to get rid of all the time travelling robots
Usually the answer tries to specifically mention the points in the question, not much more.
These two questions ask about the meaning of particular phrases in one of his poems: hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikip%C3%A9dia:Tudakoz%C3%B3/… and hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikip%C3%A9dia:Tudakoz%C3%B3/… . Are those on topic?
@Gallifreian not a Dr Who person
Q: Should asking about meaning of a particular excerpt/quote of a book be on-topic?

A JSometimes, I (I think we all do) come across a passage or quote where we couldn't quite understand what author means in that context. So, should asking such questions be on-topic? Users can get better perspective from others who actually read this.

(I've asked such a question on French Language SE, where it's on topic if it's in French.)
> Before posting your question, you might want to think about whether it's more a language question or a literature question. If you're asking about the meaning of a word or phrase, one of the language sites might be the best place to ask.
12:07 PM
Oof. I need another answer upvote :)
Then I can edit freely
> Questions should show work done, otherwise be downvoted as "not sufficient research".
> If too many crappy homework questions get posted, we should institute formal moderation policies, similar to quality controls required for questions like ID on MTV, or Software Rec in general, or Skeptics notability.
@Mithrandir 'ere you go
@Mithrandir @Eᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏ needs to get to the Suggested Edits review queue too.
That's true. The hu.wikipedia refdesk gets a lot of very bad quality homework questions, often giving a list of obscure words from Egri Csillagok and asking what their meaning is.
Thanks Doctor
@Randal'Thor ...He has?
12:12 PM
There was even a so bad it's bad question about Egri Csillagok: hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikip%C3%A9dia:Tudakoz%C3%B3/…
Now I need to reach 750 so that I can approve tag wiki edits...
@Mithrandir And I am still stuck with association bonus
@Mithrandir ufff greed :P
@AnkitSharma merely trying to get as much as possible done :)
The interesting part is that at least one good discussion came out of those bad homework questions, when people couldn't agree what the phrase "külyüs malom" means in Egri Csillagok.
(We don't know what answer the teacher who set the question thinks is correct, because those posters asking this don't come back with such info.)
... Why was that migrated here?
12:15 PM
Q: How to help a postgraduate student to write a book?

user209What is the best way to help a weak student who has already completed her post-graduation but has also secured a result much worser than her expected result during the completion of graduation, to write a good quality book which shall be recommended to higher secondary level students after it get...

^ wow user deleted
this soon
Ah right
Thought that it was migrated because of the Grey name so soon
@Mithrandir I think migration is prohibited in private beta
... And one more point to cap...
@AnkitSharma Ouch.
@AnkitSharma Yep, I just checked and Literature doesn't come up in the list of possibilities to migrate to from SFF.
@Randal'Thor as I expected
12:19 PM
Doubtless CMs could do it, but it'd be strange anyway to send someone to a site where they need to go via Area 51 to sign up.
There is no need of closing this question as this website (Literature StackExchange) is exactly the right StackExchange for this question — user211 46 secs ago
I think this is the same user. user209, user211. Maybe the deletion of their own profile was an accident?
Q: What is the point of migrating a stuff from graduate or beta site to a private site?
Ans: None
@Emrakul you mean accident happened twice O.o
6 mods and 1 CM here O.o
@AnkitSharma needs more blue
That Screening Room is now abandoned.
12:23 PM
No it's not
And most of the chatters here are not even from screening room
I'm not on m&tv
@AJ So is Mos.
Literature: the new hub of Stack Exchange!
^starbait, that
12:25 PM
A: What should our main site chatroom be called?

Zsbán AmbrusThe bus Because I read the most literature while traveling to or from work on public transport.

What's about The Sphinx Lair?
@Randal'Thor There are more books than programming languages?
Everyone was eaten by the sphinx
@Benjamin Books are more interesting than programming languages.
^ even more starbait
Which? :)
12:27 PM
Wow, three suggestions almost tied for the chatroom name.
I wonder how we're going to decide which to choose.
... Vote.: p
@Randal'Thor bleh -1
We need to change the name of the room once a day, forever.
@Mithrandir I've already upvoted two of them (and the third is my own).
Compromise. A good compromise is one nobody likes, right?
12:28 PM
40 mins ago, by Ankit Sharma
^ When is chatroom renaming ceremony
"That's a stupid idea!" you say. "It's a good compromise!" I say.
@Emrakul nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
@Emrakul I was about to say the same thing!
Ack too much blue
The Reading Room on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday; the Library on Tuesday and Friday; The Book Club on Wednesday and Sunday.
12:29 PM
@Randal'Thor no, The Reading Room is clearly wining
This isn't Teacher's Lounge ;)
@Randal'Thor I like this idea. Could you put that as an answer?
I'd propose Rehevkor if I thought it'd make any sense at all. But a good mainsite room name should indicate to the lay scroller-by which topic it's related to.
@Randal'Thor Oh, so very true.
I'd like to say a tagline of a popular ad.

**Divided by Movies, SFF, and Puzzles; united by Literature**
12:30 PM
@Benjamin Nah, it'd be way too much work for some mod or RO to change the chatroom name every other day.
@Mithrandir You can't be sure O.o
@Benjamin I am ready with the DV
@AJ United we fall, divided we win!
@BESW Yeah, I would downvote that suggestion for being too obscure.
... I'm not a mod, as far as I know, so
@AJ bold don't work in multiple lines
12:31 PM
@Randal'Thor I'm downvoting almost all the suggestions for being to cutesy to clearly convey the room's intent.
@Emrakul Yeah, I know.
@AnkitSharma Also, The Library loses points for being a duplicate name.
@AnkitSharma @Randal'Thor Could we have a ModBot?
That's the name of the chat room for Biblical Hermeneutics.SE, in case there's a reason to avoid duplication (besides my convenience). — Nathaniel 18 hours ago
@Benjamin what is a modbot O.o
12:31 PM
@Randal'Thor Also that. Clarity is all.
@Benjamin No. It's right there in the job description: "Moderators are human exception handlers."
I think The Reading Room is likely to take it, though.
The RPG General Chat has several times modified its tagline and room tags to more clearly be NOT about computer games.
@BESW I wonder if I should even delete my suggestion for that reason.
Lovely, I've already lost 18 rep to the cap...
12:32 PM
And get probably the first Disciplined badge :-P
Then just rename it or should I do it?
@Mithrandir Why keep track?
@Randal'Thor Dooo eeeet.
I'm bored, that's why
12:33 PM
@Mithrandir Read a good book? I recently finished Tales of the Starbuck Avenger.
Nope no new books
I'm sitting on Sherlock Holmes
Or Summer in Orcus. It's episodic, for easier small-bite reading.
@Mithrandir Don't do that, he'll suffocate!
@Mithrandir I have the Complete Sherlock Holmes open in front of me.
Hunting down quotes to support Holmes's asexuality and Watson's heterosexuality.
(Yeah, I bit the bullet and answered the most controversial question on the site so far :-P )
@Emrakul I'm not that fat
12:35 PM
@AnkitSharma What's Bob doing there when we're all here?
@AJ spy's work never end
@AnkitSharma until he's dead
@Mithrandir Shoot, sorry, that's not what I meant!
@Randal'Thor Careful, the Irregulars are vicious.
@Randal'Thor An obvious one is "It was not that he felt any emotion akin to love for Irene Adler." from en.wikisource.org/wiki/A_Scandal_in_Bohemia
12:40 PM
@Mithrandir O.o
@b_jonas That doesn't rule out the possibility of him being homosexual though.
I'm getting quotes which show he's not interested in romance at all, not just that he's not romantically interested in women.
Whoa, I'm lost in the website interface. Where do I edit my username for the site?
I want to show up as b_jonas here too.
@Randal'Thor asexual
Ah, got it.
12:42 PM
@b_jonas what ?
@AnkitSharma Exactly.
@AnkitSharma As b_jonas on Literature SE, not on Chat.
Personally, I would be happier to see an answer which logically follows from a textual analysis than one which simply quotes a famous literature professor. But +1 to this anyway. — Rand al'Thor 1 min ago
@Randal'Thor Just be sure you're not cherrypicking.
A good answer will admit any evidence which muddies the point, too.
12:42 PM
@b_jonas k
This is one of my pet peeves with SFF: too much emphasis on Word of God, too little on just working things out from a logical analysis of the work in question.
@Randal'Thor Hehe, ibid just told me the opposite in scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/23805/…
@b_jonas Honestly, I was tempted to downvote that answer. The question is about Tolkien, not Dahl.
@BESW Yep.
If there is wog, I use it. Otherwise, it's down to logic
@Randal'Thor I was tempted not to post it, but for a different reason. It's probably not about the Lord of the Rings, which the question is asking about.
But Dahl is probably channeling his own opinion through the characters there.
12:45 PM
@Mithrandir Exactly. I just feel that SFF has too few answers based on logic.
And some questions get closed as opinion-based just because there's no WoG answer, even if there is a clear logical answer.
You're blue
@Randal'Thor Comment on your answer might also be useful in finding quotes. ACD plays into the asexual = cold, calculating, impersonable trope, but it's still at-best tenuous evidence of asexuality, even if it's textual/historical evidence.
@Randal'Thor But there's less of a risk of that in Literature SE, right? On SFF, the most frequent works are Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, of which the writers are alive and often talk about their works in interviews (though they often give conflicting answers), and Tolkien who has left a lot of letters that are still being processed.
@Randal'Thor Yes, that's true.
@b_jonas I hope so!
@b_jonas When asked about the meaning of Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening Frost said, "It's about stopping by woods on a snowy evening."
12:47 PM
The reality is that authorial intent matters, but it doesn't matter that much. If the author says one thing but the text says another, frankly, the text wins.
Rand why did you diets the answer
When asked what his songs are about Bob Dylan said "Oh, they're about four to six minutes."
On the name of the chart
@Emrakul Yep. But I'm pretty sure I already know which stories to look in.
Ok, I think I should ask at least one of the two Jules Verne questions here, even if that means I get to probe SFF rules less.
12:49 PM
@Mithrandir I left a comment to explain.
17 mins ago, by Rand al'Thor
@AnkitSharma Also, The Library loses points for being a duplicate name.
16 mins ago, by Rand al'Thor
@BESW I wonder if I should even delete my suggestion for that reason.
And good luck getting Daniel Handler to say anything useful about his books.
Ah, OK.
On the other hand, there's a wealth of information about Margery Allingham's process and opinions, from essays to letters to interviews with relatives.
@Randal'Thor Yeah, you've got this. ACD was using different politics to talk about asexuality. Your quote is a good example of that.
Of course it might serve for probing the rules of Literature SE instead.
12:51 PM
@Emrakul Apparently ACD viewed homosexuality as an "illness", but I haven't found a first-hand source for that.
But now, instead of being late, it is extremely late, and I must sleep. Goodnight!
(Bob Dylan has also said... basically whatever comes to his mind at the moment... about his songs. So you'll find him actively contradicting himself.)
Night @Emrakul!
@Randal'Thor It wouldn't surprise me. Most people at the time did.
Okay, now I'm off to sleep. Night!
12:56 PM
Oh, that reminds me. There's a question that I have asked on en.wikipedia refdesk and that I should check because perhaps I can cross-post to Mythology SE
Should we have a separate satire tag?
Woo, first double silver badger.
@Mithrandir Boom. Word of God answer.

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