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3:01 AM
@Tanner Awesome !
3:15 AM
@allquixotic it was FluxBox
3:32 AM
This is kinda a misc. question, but does anyone know of a program to change my desktop / screensaver every 5 seconds or so to a random line in a text file? lol
Or a program to nicely center the text on a background.. wish I was good with Photoshop
2 hours later…
5:22 AM
5:34 AM
hmm rooting the phone is basically installing su and superuser right ?
So to unroot all I have to do is remove su and superuser ??
I need to select a distro for an older PC
and I can't be arsed to use ethernet, so it needs to be a livecd of some sort
and ugh, xubuntu is bigger than single cd now... whyyyyy ><
6:07 AM
top comment
> Meanwhile at activision, they have the BRAND NEW AI SYSTEM WHERE FISHES MOVE OUT OF THE WAY FOR YOU IN 2013
6:33 AM
@HackToHell depends which root method you use
some replace the kernel
I didn't replace the kernel, just installed su and superuser
btw, i installed both by flashing CWM instead of stock recovery
@Bob so removing both should unroot my phone right ?
@HackToHell depends which root method you use
the ones that replace the kernel would require a full reflash
there are many others
1 min ago, by HackToHell
btw, i installed both by flashing CWM instead of stock recovery
i didn't replace anything else
@HackToHell do some research into just what your root method does
IF it was a CWM-based update zip, you can extract it and look at the metadata file
@Bob Apparently doing that will work
ui_print("su binary 3.1 for Android 2.0-4.1 arm");
ui_print("Mounting system...");
run_program("/sbin/busybox", "mount", "/system");
ui_print("Deleting old files...");
ui_print("Copying files...");
package_extract_dir("system", "/system");
ui_print("Fixing permissions...");
set_perm(0, 0, 06755, "/system/bin/su");
symlink("/system/bin/su", "/system/xbin/su");
ui_print("Unmounting system...");
run_program("/sbin/busybox", "umount", "/system");
6:44 AM
then undo it
simple enough, no?
look at what's in that package
su binary
and that and an update script
overly simple o0
And I really need to fix my driver issue in Win 7, have to reboot into Fedora everytime I want to connect my phone :/
7:51 AM
booting up my brother's old thinkpad R60 ;p
the last of the true IBM thinkpads
Stupid Google Hangouts plugin! O.O

- not enough space for thread data
Constantly producing this error
8:21 AM
Wow, the ignorance in that comment thread is off the charts
its /. ;p
@JourneymanGeek Right, what was I thinking... :D
"Windows 8 is a complete failure because I couldn't find the shutdown button!"
if you can't find the charms bar, you probably can't sudo shutdown now ;p
"I want an OS where you can configure EVERYTHING! Why didn't they make that?"
"My Windows 7 is configured to look pretty much like Windows 98." Oh well, congrats man :D
or er...
damn, can't remember his name
the crusty old chap who was always complained windows was getting too complex ;p
8:30 AM
diving into AE :P
@Bob After Effects?
@OliverSalzburg Everything? Throw a book on x86 assembly to them and tell them to get cracking!
@OliverSalzburg Yea.
The "This is a reply to an earlier message" tooltip is really starting to annoy me
@Bob That was me "summarizing" other comments ;D
Except the last one, that one was sadly real
I wish mods had some free downvotes per day
Like 100
"Have you found an answer to your problem? I have the same problem." glances at the multitude of other upvoted answers (not to mention it's also NAA)
8:41 AM
I mean, as a mod you get to see a lot of crap all the time and a lot of it needs to be downvoted. It's costing me my precious rep :(
W00t! 1337 reviewed suggested edits \o/
Now I'm never going to review any ever again
@OliverSalzburg: I've been pondering doing the same for flags ;p
@JourneymanGeek :D
Audio-Video Production is still quite young :P
8:57 AM
@Bob 905 days in beta
@OliverSalzburg ok, not that young :P
to those who downvoted my post, here's my middle finger, and I hope you and all your family gets cancer and die a very slow and painful death and suffer in hell for all of eternity. — user2334809 5 mins ago
Well, he has a point, I mean, they downvoted his question!
no but did he delete that? can't see it anymore
9:05 AM
I deleted it
You destroyed evidence!
Although, I'm tempted to downvote his question now.
must.. resist
downvoted. its free.
Wow, that's not his first account here ;P
I wish I could share :D
9:12 AM
same e mail addie?
I downvoted aswell. :I
or perhaps same IP :b
if you can see stuff like that.
We can see many things ;)
can you see my house from there?
Same level of quality content, that's for sure
Also, I didn't find this question to be very suspicious at all ;P
Q: In a specified folder, how can I recursively delete everything except ".mkv" and ".nfo" files?

David CusterI'm trying to figure out the code for a batch-file (Windows) that In a specified folder recursively deletes everything except files with a certain extension (i.e. .mkv and .nfo)? Something like this, but for the above. def deleteRootFolder = tryQuietly{ root.toBoolean() } /* * Delete orphaned...

I wonder if they perhaps might possibly be .rar files that he's mostly going to delete
9:18 AM
Just a.. you know.. wild guess.
Man. I've thought about writing that Multiboot Linux/Win guide for a while now, but I just can't find the time for it.
I have time, but I'd rather do something else with it ;p
To have time you got to take time ;P
@Leathe Oh, I know that :D
and I know it shouldn't really be a too difficult thing to pull off
hmm, maybe I should talk to the guy who made the suggestion/question and maybe get him to write it with me in a google doc
aka multiplayer notepad
@OliverSalzburg Benefit of the doubt and all.
I'm sure there's a fully legitimate use for such a script, somewhere :P
@Bob The question is fine with me, I just thought it was funny ;D
9:24 AM
wut. why does it smell like bug spray here all of a sudden
@OliverSalzburg: he's obviously downloading linux distros
...in .mkv containers ;D
I want to add a countdown timer in a corner of a video. Can anyone suggest a good font?
I'm horrible at picking fonts :P
9:25 AM
obviously he's downloading multiboot tutorials..
comic sans!
No, Clippy, I don't trust you. You'd probably suggest Comic Sans or something.
@JourneymanGeek ...hey, are you Clippy's alter ego?
But it's not fixed width :\
9:26 AM
pretty fixed width fonts?
I've been using Courier so far.
It looks alright, I guess.
how about source code pro or droid sans mono?
Oh, there's a monospaced version!
Really, anything that might be good with a little timer :P
Alright, time to write an animation system for the particle engine!
9:27 AM
Actually, Segoe UI looks pretty good :P
@Bob dafont.com/neou.font not fixed witdth either :I
(just too used to Windows :P)
witdth? really?
arrrgh. fingers, you have failed me for the last time
prepare to die
thanks for all the suggestions :D
@Leathe Ralph?
yes. except I'm not using scissors
9:29 AM
and, I have a torrent download box ;p
(actually I set it up so dad can do SQL tutorials without driving me nuts hacking together stuff we take for granted on linux into windows)
I also manage to lock myself out from the torrent client webui
ok, going with Source Sans Pro
@JourneymanGeek how do you do that?
9:39 AM
get the password wrong 3 times ;p
the problem with trying to learn video production is all the tutorials and instructions are in video form
I don't learn well from videos
I learn quite well from videos :b
you can alt tab to fullscreen flash vids now
it's how I mostly learned to use Photoshop
@Bob I think you've been able to do that for a while now
@Leathe never noticed :P
what i mean is alt tabbing out doesn't stop the video
doesn't leave fullscreen
9:47 AM
10:09 AM
Wtf is going on here in the office
occasionally hearing X-files music, then goes to the old modem sound
wtf, did I go back in time to the 90s?
10:37 AM
someone doesn't know how to laptop
Keyboard on the bottom? O.o
11:01 AM
I really hope that the reflection in the screen are a fluke.
Otherwise: Grah. Shiny mirror screens and black reflective screen borders.
Death penalty required.
I still don't understand what's up with the reverse trackpad/keyboard layout
Is that supposed to be retro or something?
I think there is an advantage in not having a touchpad in front of the keyboard. I know you can turn it off. At least on your own laptop). If I do not do that I keep hitting it and unintentionally moving the cursor when I type.
But I would prefer completely removing it.
And a nice deep laptop where you can rest your hands in front of the keyboard
user image
11:18 AM
best 404 ever
quote the RFC
@OliverSalzburg look at the video
it's hinged such that the screen can be folded to sit JUST on top of the keyboard
@Bob I did
So? When I want/need to mouse around, I'm still putting my hands on the keyboard
Or am I supposed to disable the keyboard while using the mouse? Even if it does that by itself, it's still uncomfortable
@Bob: china post!
I'd just dump the touchpad for a trackpoint, and use the touchscreen.
11:22 AM
To my understanding, "we" moved the keyboards to the top of the laptop because the laptop itself would then serve as a handrest. We did that because we realized, having the keyboard at the bottom is uncomfortable as eff
their regular pages are not much better ;p
damn it
video editing is just not for me
too much obsessing over frame-perfect timing :P
11:42 AM
ahh verge...
I've seen better polished glass spheres at a 2 dollar shop
@JourneymanGeek Erm, well, it's not a glass sphere! It's an energy sphere thank you very much.
Quick! Add some sparking antimatter!
(some of that stuff LOOKS cool tho. glowing teal record player? RETROTASTIC)
Audiophiles are idiots! lol! I'm gonna go play some CounterStrike on my 3-way SLI GeForce TITAN system now, kthxbye!!!
11:47 AM
@OliverSalzburg: I like fancy kit as much as the next guy. I just don't think gamers have magic rocks to reduce their latency ;p
and I have NO IDEA what this is
Does that include 3x6 monitors with sound for full surround sound counter strike gaming?
but it looks AWESOME.
That looks like a cray design
@Hennes: crossed with cyberpunk and LSD
Thas looks like GLADoS 0.1.
11:50 AM
its an amp apparently. connected to those... tiny speakers...
Only weighs 1.5 metric tons
160 000 watts?
so I assume it comes with a generator ;p
notices typo after edit time, great.
11:55 AM
@TomWijsman: I don't think anyone would notice you mispelled GLaDOS
That, too.
See, I haven't played Portal in quite a while...
These plans to practice speed running Portal 2 went nowhere... :D
I looked it up on the wiki. Capitalisation really is a concept I have trouble mastering
Perhaps DoS tricked me.
Maybe we turned her from GLaDOS into GLADoS.
11:58 AM
continues lurking the room...
damn it
website my uni uses for their computing course has a WYSIWYG and HTML editor
they also have extremely buggy "Creole" support
but they have Markdown support on their 'support' site...
why must they taunt me like this D:
12:02 PM
hm.. looks like the support site has Gravatar support too
you know something is wrong when your support site is better than the main site
cause lecturers are cold unfeeling monsters who feed off your dispair.
@JourneymanGeek apparently it was created and maintained by former students
currently not very reassuring
12:36 PM
After Effects' H.264 output is hopeless.
@bob why ?
@HackToHell options I want are missing :P
gonna render it as lossless and ffmpeg it
I hope I have enough space for a lossless copy...
@Bob are you exporting it via After Effects?
@Leathe Hm?
I'm trying to render my project :P
What is this "via" AE? How else would I get my output?
Adobe Encore, or was it Encoder
12:41 PM
he does have a point there ;p
Encoder, apparently.
that's what I use
you can select the project directly, and afaik you get more options aswell
the joys of the ambigious TLA :)
he's using afteraffects tho
there's an adobe encore too
Adobe Encore (previously Adobe Encore DVD) is a DVD authoring software tool produced by Adobe Systems and targeted at professional video producers. Video and audio resources may be used in their current format for development, allowing the user to transcode them to MPEG-2 video and Dolby Digital audio upon project completion. DVD menus can be created and edited in Adobe Photoshop using special layering techniques. It is bundled with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. Adobe Encore does not support writing to a Blu-ray Disc using AVCHD 2.0. Licensing All forms of Adobe Encore use a proprietary licen...
I'm confused by the onebox, that building is not in the article, anywhere
you can directly open up a After Effects composition into Adobe Encoder
@JourneymanGeek it's the... Adobe HQ? oO
12:44 PM
you can even open up a project file as the source
to view all the compositions within it
@Leathe I thought After Effects used Encoder?
Maybe more op, yea..
actually i was just thinking the same
but I'm not sure
anyway, I can reencode the lossless file
no big loss
and no pun was intended there
I'll keep Encoder in mind for next time, thanks
1:22 PM
posted on May 31, 2013

Do your friends use Ubuntu in China? April 1st may be the perfect time to travel…

funnier still is @JourneymanGeek's comment :D
I actually think we are focusing on the wrong gems.
someone start realgemsfromstackexchange
@jokerdino @Sathya
(Also, perhaps we should have a different chat user on that feed? It's a little weird to have "Stack Exchange" do so, with it being unofficial and all...)
1:29 PM
renamed to GFSE
Yay, 40 GB AVI!
@OliverSalzburg Have I beaten your demo recording yet? :P
@Bob I think mine was 41 ;D
@jokerdino GF ... SE ?
@Bob whoa
@tapped-out now start identifying all the gems.
1:35 PM
@jokerdino o0
too many abbreviations come into my mind
sounds like a unix shell :P
that's fish
or shush
1:43 PM
automagically redirects stdout to /dev/sewer
mush: for those who prefer softer software
ln -s /dev/sewer /dev/sda
hopefully the order is right :P
that's going to end in a sewer
I hate people who link me to cracked and tvtropes
1:48 PM
Thank You !
‮Hate you!
By the same token, we shouldn't automatically close any question that says "virus" anywhere in the subject or body, because it may be that the user is mistaken in believing that they have a virus, when in fact, it's just good old fashioned broken software that may be able to be fixed somehow. My dad, for one, being extremely tech-unsavvy, thinks it's a virus when almost anything goes wrong with his PC. Many users come to us having already "pre-diagnosed" the symptoms they're seeing with their PC, and, not being experts, can easily get the diagnosis wrong and mislead themselves and us. — allquixotic 2 mins ago
@OliverSalzburg @Tanner ^^
@allquixotic The plot thickens!
I didn't take that in to account =D
> In theory, cows can not speak either. Which is probably why they're so tasty. Nom Nom Nom.
red faction armageddon is awesome !
1:57 PM
@jokerdino mmm... beef....
> ˙ɯou ɯou ɯou ˙ʎʇsɐʇ os ǝɹ,ʎǝɥʇ ʎɥʍ ʎןqɐqoɹd sı ɥɔıɥʍ ˙ɹǝɥʇıǝ ʞɐǝds ʇou uɐɔ sʍoɔ 'ʎɹoǝɥʇ uı
@Tanner I think any questions that come to us where the user alleges or presumes that they have a virus, should be "taken a few steps back" -- we should start with focusing on the errant symptoms actually observed, then, based on those observations, determine the likelihood of it being a virus, vs. a misconfiguration or bad driver or something.
it's kind of what the primary care doctor does when you come to them and say "I have an ear infection!" or "I have cancer!" -- instead of taking your word for it that you have cancer, they proceed to diagnose your symptoms to determine what you have -- it could be tuberculosis; you're no expert, you have no clue.
Almost makes it an XY problem, ya?
I don't really like playing doctor though, which is kind of why I'd like to see virus questions nuked.

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