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12:13 AM
thats interesting
I've never seen anyone sell a non DIY pentium system tho, let a celeron
3 hours later…
3:40 AM
3:54 AM
What's wrong with this fstab entry? it won't mount /dev/sdb - "/dev/sdb /data ext3 debby,rw,user,noauto 0 0"
shouldn't you be mounting a partition rather than the whole device?
I dunno =p I can mount it doing "mount /dev/sdb /data", but when I do "fdisk -l" I get "Disk /dev/sdb doesn't contain a valid partition table"
I closed the guide I used..
I give up for tonight =p
4:20 AM
@ekaj: is the disk formatted?
4:38 AM
@Bob you use consoles ?
well, I have a Wii
but it hasn't seen much use
5:16 AM
This has been annoying me a lot lately
2 hours later…
7:18 AM
I NEED to watch this
7:37 AM
@JourneymanGeek Hello. Wassup?
not much
catching up on the internet ;p
Nice. :-)
I did some profiling on my hard drive, and found that during my computer lock ups
1. The write speed was not high, instead it was quite low (1MB/s or so)
2. The disk accesses were very high (260 accesses/second) as was the number of I/O processes on the disk (around 110).
My computer does not locks up during big file copy, hence now the problem seems to be more of a latency problem than read speed. Hence, I want to reduce the latency as much as possible. Looking into that now. :P
ooh, you were asking about SSDs vs ram updates, yes?
Yes. :-)
@Journey What's up?
I've recently applied to be an author of the blog.
7:47 AM
what're you planning on writing on?
@Jayesh Hey, how do I find you here today?
@JourneymanGeek How Windows sucks. lol
I'd be thinking on what to write.
you'd need to word that better I'd guess ;p
also, I use windows more than I use linux these days
@JourneymanGeek Hehe, of course, this is a chat.
@ΠαρθΚοχλι I cam here a few days ago to ask advice about my laptop upgrade. I am here again. :-)
Windows is overrated because people started using it.
7:49 AM
Now, all the developers make softwares for Win. That's the thing
depends on your definition of overrated.
@JourneymanGeek Don't worry, I can word that well on the blog ;P
It does what I need it to. My linux system is a little old box sitting in a corner
@TheManWhoseNameCannotBeTyped Which OS do you use?
7:49 AM
I've learned a lot about computers in just 15 days. Servers, UNIX and programming.
(right now, its an R60 that used to belong to my brother, swapped the hard drive)
That's what the holidays have brought me. lol
lol that's quick
I have a LOT to learn ;p
@ΠαρθΚοχλι I feel I have to constantly remind people that 1. Windows has come very far since the 95/98 days. In fact, they are almost completely different operating systems.
7:51 AM
I have much more.
@Bob Windows is powerful, but it does not have the correct UX.
And 2. Linux was basically nonexistent at that time. They've both come far.
@Bob: and systems as a whole
@JourneymanGeek R60 is old man!!
As old as my PC I guess.
7:52 AM
@JayeshBadwaik: yup
@ΠαρθΚοχλι UX is often a very subjective topic. Far more Windows-bashing is targetted towards its internals.
swapped the HDD for a 'new' one
@JayeshBadwaik Old is gold.
Most of it by authors who don't understand that Windows is not based on DOS any more, and of course beating the dead horse of XP having horrible security - it's also 11 years old.
@JourneymanGeek Did it improve performance?
7:52 AM
by which I mean a new in package. 40gb hard drive I picked up dirt cheap ;p
@Bob They are got it quite right now I think, with Windows 7.
@JayeshBadwaik: I have no idea. I installed it so i didn't have to bother imaging the drive
I see..
One of the bigger problems with Windows is people's reluctance to upgrade. Massive leaps from XP to Vista.
I didn't want to run the OS off a livecd entirely
7:53 AM
if someone was running Ubuntu 8.04, that's just as bad.
@Bob: and the "good, awesome shit" cycle ;p
@JourneymanGeek That too :P
@Bob 8.04 was my first linux. If there is such a thing. :P
as far as consumer systems go, 95 was ok, 98 was great. me was crap. 2000 was good (tho not widespread) XP was awesome, vista was crap, 7 was good...
8... is wierd
I'm so new... my first Ubuntu was actually 12.10 <.<
7:54 AM
@JayeshBadwaik Even that was more recent than Vista.
people are still running XP, which was released before Ubuntu's first release.
the UI is an acquired taste, the messed a few things up, yet, its probably a better OS than 7
(like backups. windows 7 backup. REALLY?)
8.04 was more around the time of XP SP3
I don't like 8. Not sure what they are doing making a computer feel like a mobile. Maybe this interface would be found everywhere in a few years.
@JourneymanGeek ok, that is just shit :P
@ΠαρθΚοχλι it was targeted towards tablets
some numbskull thought it was a good idea to make it default on all systems
@ΠαρθΚοχλι hmm, its more complex than that tho
and not as simple as bringing back the start button as they think
BUT classicshell/start8 kinda fixes that bit
7:56 AM
@JourneymanGeek It's also very touch-oriented, with many parts not making any sense with a mouse/keyboard
(I don't use either. I use modernmix)
I am secretly happy with the falling share of PC's. PC's will again be used only by the enthusiasts, workers and programmers, all the others who just want to browse internet and read mail and watch movies can use their tablets. Hopefully, this will lead to better laptops? (Fingers Crossed, Touch Wood)
@Bob: like the charms bar? ;p
Windows is used by most of the people because it can be pirated and it is "simple".
@JayeshBadwaik: or nearly none ;p
7:57 AM
@JayeshBadwaik Actually, the opposite.
@Bob Ahh, how?
the thing that excites me the most right now is the move to 4k
@ΠαρθΚοχλι Because it can be pirated?
And when an OS is 'complicated', then that's bad.
No one likes complicated OSes.
Well, aside from a very small group of masochistic BOFHs...
7:58 AM
@Bob: my OS needs to stay out of my way, and run stuff ;p
@JourneymanGeek I guess it is just in name? My hard disks are already aligned I guess.
@Bob: even them
@JayeshBadwaik: no, monitors
@JayeshBadwaik Less use, manufacturers move away from it, progress stagnates.
We want things to move forward, not be abandoned while they make shitty tablets everywhere.
7:59 AM
@Bob In India, you can see these so-called "engineers" (they're nothing but n00bs with a pack of disks) carrying Windows bootables everywhere. And they charge no more than $5.
Whatever happened to multitasking?
@Bob Hmm, may be. But also like, manufacturers will not be forced to concentrate on the casual users anymore and hence can make slightly pricier but well designed laptops whose keyboards do not suck.
amusingly? they still haven't caught up with the T220/T221 ;p
@JayeshBadwaik: or they all go chicklet.
@JayeshBadwaik Doubtful.
And there are some with decent keyboards. The one I'm using right now is pretty good.
@JourneymanGeek the horror
8:00 AM
and honestly? I'll just buy a mechanical 10keyless and lug it around
Full mechanicals IN a laptop is just plain stupid
I actually like the operating systems used in tablets, but they shouldn't be interchangeable. One does not simply fancy scrolling through a screen full of only icons with a mouse. It's stupid.
you don't
win key, start typing, use arrows
@JourneymanGeek trying to train my dad to do that
8:01 AM
problem is, amusingly, this workflow works better for people used to keyboard nav
he recently got an asus laptop
complete with touchscreen
I mean, I can't use XP effectively any more
most awkward hand positions ever
@Bob: why not just throw a start menu replacement on it?
Arrows? Of course. But that wouldn't look so good. Just tapping and browsing through each and every icon are very different things.
8:01 AM
@JourneymanGeek I might suggest that soon
but, remember, touchscreen
IF you don't want to type out the whole name
he also likes chrome on MUI
I have no clue why
that is the most useless piece of crap ever
why bother copying the desktop UI?
just run the damn thing in desktop mode
lol, yes.
8:02 AM
@Bob Almost all of my friends love Unity interface and chide me for using i3wm or KDE. (I installed linux on their computers) I do not know why? I ask them why do they think Unity is better? They say, it just is.... :-/ So, Mark Shuttleworth got that right AFAIK.
you lose multi-window without any touch benefits at all
FF and IE do MUI right
@JayeshBadwaik Don't ask me, I prefer KDE :P
I like these keyboards.
uni machines default to FluxBox though
which is just plain weird
right click on the desktop to bring up the program list
@Bob: simply? no one, even MS has any idea what a MUI browser needs to look like ;p
@JourneymanGeek well, MUI is very touch-oriented
8:05 AM
@JayeshBadwaik: lenovo still sells a varient
so, something that works for touch would be good
@Bob: ever seen the chrome phone UI?
why even bother with MUI if you're just going to clone the desktop one? get all the disadvantages with none of the benefits
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, we some of them in our labs. Really cool.
@JourneymanGeek no, actually
8:06 AM
I use a Razer blackwidow ultimate, and a Roccat Kone XTD
@Bob: it has a tabs button, but won't show the tabs until you hit that button
then it shows a preview on the tabs on the screen
fairly standard?
I like how FF Mobile handles it, actually
(but Opera is still my default there)
@JourneymanGeek what about that?
8:09 AM
@JourneymanGeek There is a key to the left of the Ctrl key? Does it not coz any problems?
@Bob: nice thing is? no wasted space on tabs
@JayeshBadwaik: optional macro keys? you get used to it
@JourneymanGeek They are optional macro keys? Hmm, can be cool. I always wanted some extra keys on my keyboard for having more shortcuts.
I set mine to switch systems on mouse without borders (a synergy clone) for M1 and M2, and M5 as a search button emulating ctrl s
@JayeshBadwaik: honestly, I'm not using it for anything too cool ;p
but you can do a lot with it
@JourneymanGeek yea, I haven't seen a single mobile browser that does NOT do that :P
I haven't really used anything else
don't even remember what the stock android browser looks like
8:11 AM
almost the same
it's essentially the same thing with different branding
in any case, that makes sense to me, for an alternate UI
thing i really love about FF Mobile is the reading mode
@Bob if you can't update the stock browser you can switch to chrome
(also, ABP)
8:14 AM
hasn't been updated in a while tho :/
@Bob: ahh. kinda ironic it has minimum memory requirements
I'd assume not downlofing stuff means LESS ram use ;p
I think it lets you save the file locally
8:23 AM
I just found a contest where I have to submit a design for a mobile app.
Doesn't ff zoom text automatically ?
@HackToHell the text resising is a little messed up
there's a new option that kinda fixes that, though
this web series is odd
@Bob It seems to work in the majority of the cases
though in one site it kept resizing the ads and not the text
8:29 AM
resizing ads to 0 pixels makes sense
there is adblock for FF Mobile
it also helps conserve bandwidth :P
1 hour later…
9:51 AM
▌───█▄──────────────────▄▓█▌────▐ ▌───▐██▄───────────────▄▓░░▓▓────▐ ▌───▐█░██▓────────────▓▓░░░▓▌────▐ ▌───▐█▌░▓██──────────█▓░░░░▓─────▐ ▌────▓█▌░░▓█▄███████▄███▓░▓█─────▐ ▌────▓██▌░▓██░░░░░░░░░░▓█░▓▌─────▐ ▌─────▓█████░░░░░░░░░░░░▓██──────▐ ▌─────▓██▓░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▓█──────▐ ▌─────▐█▓░░░░░░█▓░░▓█░░░░▓█▌─────▐ ▌─────▓█▌░▓█▓▓██▓░█▓▓▓▓▓░▓█▌─────▐ ▌─────▓▓░▓██████▓░▓███▓▓▌░█▓─────▐ ▌────▐▓▓░█▄▐▓▌█▓░░▓█▐▓▌▄▓░██─────▐ ▌────▓█▓░▓█▄▄▄█▓░░▓█▄▄▄█▓░██▌────▐ ▌────▓█▌░▓█████▓░░░▓███▓▀░▓█▓────▐ ▌───▐▓█░░░▀▓██▀░░░░░─▀▓▀░░▓█▓────▐ ▌───▓██░░░░░░░░▀▄▄▄▄▀░░░░░░▓▓────▐ ▌───▓█▌░░░░░░░░░░▐▌░░░░░░░░▓▓▌───▐ ▌──
gem ^^
1 hour later…
11:21 AM
/me screams in frustration at stack overflow'
Q: warning: incompatible implicit declaration of built-in function ‘xyz’

Alex ReynoldsI'm getting a number of these warnings when compiling a few binaries: warning: incompatible implicit declaration of built-in function ‘strcpy’ warning: incompatible implicit declaration of built-in function ‘strlen’ warning: incompatible implicit declaration of built-in function ‘exit’ To try...

Second answer.
If you got the source as part of a distribution that should compile normally, the errors might be normal. Consult the documentation to be sure.
Errors should NEVER be normal.
@Hennes The question is about warnings, though.
The question is, the second answer is not
I was very close to closing the tab on reading the version number of gcc, 4.1.2.
"these errors" and later "warnings", he refers to the question.
If you have a program then the normal sane thing is to make it error and warning free before shipping it.
Though calling them errors, on its own, is indeed somewhat odd.
11:28 AM
The compiler I am using is gcc48 (FreeBSD Ports Collection) 4.8.1 20130418 (prerelease)
A tad newer
Fine @ Shakti Prakash Singh. Questions never will come without a proper reason. Please see the Answer section have you tried ever? and I am looking the optimized way to achieve this from the answers. — Tvm Murthy 3 hours ago
that whole question is rather ridiculous
The currently second-most-upvoted answer says to use regex.
...why the !@#$
that question should die, quickly. why on earth would you need a dozen esoteric ways to do this? it's got to be one of the most basic string manipulation questions in existence
11:56 AM
@Hennes Frankly, I compile multiple programs on a daily basis and they certainly aren't warning free; and because dependency specifications are careless, usually they aren't error free either.
4.8.1 here as well.
I always prefer to make things warning free if I can.
If there are needless warnings then I do not consider the program finished yet.
Though I will usually avoid fixing 'warning var_foo may be used uninitialised'.
Yeah, I do that as well when I program myself.
I think though, on the bigger projects, a lot of these warnings are also a result of newer compiler versions; they even check for things that may give random runtime failures.
Ensuring every version of every compiler doesn't throw warnings may be a step too far, though...
1 hour later…
1:07 PM
@KronoS weren't you asking about AV software?
Q: Looking for meaningful, strong argument in favor of antivirus software on development machines

Maros UrbanecWhen forming opinions, it is a good practice to follow scholastic tradition - think as hard as you can against the opinion you hold and try to find counter-arguments. However, no matter how hard I try, I just cannot find reasonable arguments in favor of antivirus (and related security measures) ...

1:53 PM
posted on June 01, 2013

I really wonder what goes through their mind when people post crap like this.

i cannot, for the life of me, find how to do this... is there any way for me to replace the audio stream of an MP4 video file on Windows (7)?
2:09 PM
@tapped-out: I'd guess ffmpeg, there's a windows port. I believe @slhck is the expert here
Hey guys I got a product question? Intel release a lot of details on thier Haswell products. Intel i7 4770K is listed as not supports VPro, TXT, VT-d and INtel SIPP are any of those required for Hyper-V support in Windows 8?
@tapped-out Many video editors :P
ffmpeg is very lightweight and can split/combine/replace audio streams
though you might want a graphical program with a timeline if you want to do more advanced editing, e.g. replace parts or a track or start it at a certain time, etc.
@Ramhound: no
2:52 PM
Super... Why their cream of the crop CPU doesn't support those techs confuses me'
VT-D is the only real virtualisation related tech in that list
> Hardware-assisted virtualization. This is available in processors that include a virtualization option—specifically, Intel Virtualization Technology (Intel VT) or AMD Virtualization (AMD-V).
@Ramhound: VT-D is cause they don't want it to compete with their server chips
no mention of VT-d in the requirements
VPro IIRC is supported by specific chips for office use
nothing really supports/needs VT-D
unless you're running a hypervisor and need to pass through a PCI-e device
2:54 PM
@JourneymanGeek could be useful if you wanted to game in a VM
I bought a 3770 over a 3770K for VT-D
Right...Which was my question. Hyper-V requires VT suport form what I understand
@Bob: with a hypervisor that supporte dit, yes.
which is hardware virtualisation
not VT-d
@Ramhound: VT-X, which thankfully is common now
2:55 PM
see the requirements page I linked above
also, the 4770K is still mainstream
that was to Windows 2008 R2 page, wasn't sure if VT-D and VT-X were the same things
don't forget the Sandy Bridge-e and upcoming Ivy Bridge-e LGA 2011 chips
Well, "Hardware-assisted virtualisation" generally means VT-x and AMD-V
the equivalent of VT-d would be AMD-Vi
As long as the 4770K supports Hyper-V I will be happy
What is interesting is that VPro requires AVX supports yet the 4770K does not support VPro.
I hate when Intel does stupid stuff like that.
but has support for AVX
2:58 PM
@Ramhound Hmm.. I didn't notice it was the 2008 one

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