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4:00 PM
they might be trying for a "Hail Mary pass" (suicide run, whatever you wanna call it) and looking for a simultaneous fabrication process shrink and a new architecture in one release
doing that is exceedingly risky, which is why Intel only does one of the two for any given release
but if they execute it successfully and on-time, it'll be huge
Oh, the 7990 just recently dropped. Is that the only dual GPU in the 7000?
@BenBrocka Yes, I believe so.
@allquixotic Sounds like they're also going to start selling mobile-ish chips similar to what's in the PS4/Xbone
I have the single-GPU equivalent of the 7990 and it suits me fine; I also paid only a small amount less for my 7970 than people are paying for the 7990 now... but I've been using and enjoying my 7970 since the first week it was released
@allquixotic Crap. I was expecting prices more like $800 rather than $1000
4:03 PM
I like to get in early on the major GPU architecture jumps, and late on the major CPU architecture jumps. I'm quirky/weird :P
first in line for Southern Islands (code name for HD7000); but I skipped Sandy Bridge entirely :P
How much of a boost would you say the 7970 is compared to a 6950?
@BenBrocka For certain workloads, the shift from the VLIW5 architecture to GCN will be huge. For 3D gaming itself (not including capture/encoding), it's probably about 25-40% increase in FPS, or maintaining the same FPS with 25-40% more detail/complexity.
I max out settings and occasionally record, but I've been too lazy to check my FPS with Fraps
the workloads that benefit the most from the VLIW5 -> GCN shift are, for example, floating point arithmetic on very large arrays.... but games don't use floating point all that much, and the latency required to complete processing on some of those instructions is too high for a 60 FPS game
I usually record weird indie stuff moreso than huge intensive AAA stuff though, I just play the AAA stuff
@allquixotic is that important for encoding though?
4:11 PM
what I'm trying to say is: Tessellation, GPU video encoding (using the VCE in GCN), and OpenCL floating point workloads will see tremendous improvements with GCN. Other stuff, about what you'd expect.
@BenBrocka depends on the software... if the software uses the VCE (which is special fixed-function hardware for encoding), then yes... otherwise, if it uses OpenCL, it'll still be faster... but if it just uses DX9/GL2 shaders for encoding-assist, or is pure software encoding, then no.
I believe Sony Vegas as of now uses OpenCL but not VCE, so that app in particular would run faster on the 7970 but wouldn't blow your socks off... most encoder apps these days are still software based though :(
ArcSoft has some stuff that uses VCE, I don't know if anyone else does
Sony Vegas makes pretty good utilization of my 7970... I watch it in Catalyst Control Center
it does a ton of disk I/O and moving stuff around in RAM for about 30 seconds, then it shoves a scary amount of data down the PCI-E pipe to the GPU, and the GPU's utilization cranks up to about 90% for 3-5 seconds, then more I/O, then another 30 seconds, repeat
when the GPU's being used though, it gets hammered... and I'm sure that helps with encoding time
I guess if you had more disk throughput than I do, it'd go even faster and the GPU could stay pegged for longer periods
probably most of the transcoding time spent in Sony Vegas is reading out that enormous file that FRAPS produces. like 30 GB for a couple minutes of 1920x1080@60fps
that's why the GPU goes idle for 30 second periods
@BenBrocka if you use FRAPS too, my intuition is that your workload for GPU encoding is probably so ridiculously disk-bound (due to the sheer volume of data from FRAPS) that the GPU upgrade wouldn't save you a whole lot of encoding time.
I switched back to this tab to see another wall of text courtesy of @allquixotic :P
if it takes my 7970 3-5 seconds to encode a "chunk" of video data, it'd take your HD6950 6-9 seconds or so, I figure. Even if it took 15 seconds.... you're still spending 90% of the time just waiting on the disk
@Bob Hi, welcome to Root Access. :P
@allquixotic Sometimes I wonder how you type so fast, then I realize I don't think that fast.
@Tanner I learned yesterday that my brain uses about 80% of the energy (in Joules per second aka Watts) that an Intel motherboard uses
actually my brain probably uses more energy than the Intel PCH ;p
4:22 PM
@allquixotic Fraps dumps onto an SSD so I don't seem to be IO bound
(yes I know I'm going to kill the poor SSD, that's more or less it's primary purpose)
@BenBrocka oh, awesome! :) I still don't have an SSD mixed into my desktop/GPU encoding workflow. :( I just have a hardware RAID array of HDDs.
I wish I had a lot of money so I could build The Ultimate GPU Encoding Box
right now with available hardware it'd be: quad GTX TITANs, Sandy-EX motherboard, quad Xeon E5-4650, 256GB FB DDR3 ECC, an Adaptec 7-series 8-port SAS RAID controller, and 4 x SLC enterprise SSDs in RAID-0
Youtube doesn't give me quite enough to make that yet. Also I'm not sure how much Camtasia 8 even uses the damn GPU. I think handbrake has it though
@BenBrocka watch the Overdrive control panel in AMD Catalyst Control Center when doing encoding and you'll see how much it uses it
And 10 minute encoding times aren't worth spending...how much would that all cost? Over 10k for sure
@allquixotic Oh, good idea
just make sure you aren't running any games or flash videos at the same time
moving the mouse, minimizing windows with or without Windows Aero, etc. shouldn't even faze the GPU, but flash video might
4:31 PM
Yeah, flash is special
does flash do the same thing to your card that it does to mine?
really with Youtube could do annotations/ads in HTML5 videos
it clocks it down to 2D clock speeds
@allquixotic Dunno, haven't watched
@allquixotic what's that
4:32 PM
Step 1: Play an AAA game from the past 5 years
Step 2: Alt-tab and open Youtube and play a flash video
Step 3: tab back into your game
Step 4: Notice horrid performance
Step 5: Alt-tab and look at AMD Overdrive control panel
Step 6: Notice your GPU is clocked at 2D clock speeds and FUUUUUUUUUUUU
CCC doesn't have an 'overdrive' panel on this machine, AFAIK
@Bob It's a part of CCC that lets you either (a) overclock/underclock your GPU, and (b) observe what % utilization your GPU is currently at
it may be invisible for parts that aren't in the enthusiast series
(if they're clock locked)
it's a mobile chip :P
low-end one too
the only way I can tell which GPU it's using is by watching the current clock in hwinfo
4:35 PM
all Radeon based GPUs since about HD5000 and later come with a feature / misfeature called PowerPlay, which detects what clock rate the GPU needs to be set at based on the current workload, to minimize power consumption and heat dissipation.
yea, I have that
two options
Speaking of AMD overdrive, has anyone tried their CPU overdrive? When I OC via my mobo it works fine, same clock speed bost via AMD Overdrive disables areo
every GPU of those aforementioned generations can run at "Idle" speed, "Slow 2D", "Demanding 2D", or "High Performance" (the category names are made up by me)
plugged in and battery (maximise performance/battery life) :P
on my system it's like, something like, 150, 300, 500, and 975 (core GPU clock speed in MHz)
4:36 PM
@allquixotic ew, can that be turned off?
@BenBrocka tried my darndest to do so, but I don't believe it can
@allquixotic ...I have a checkbox for powerplay right here
Enable PowerPlay
unfortunately there's a fatal flaw in the driver that handles PowerPlay: if the GPU is currently performing Video Decoding, then it unconditionally, no matter what the load is, sets the clock rate to the "Demanding 2D" rate, which is hard-coded into the VBIOS
@Bob must be a laptop-specific thing. I have no such checkbox.
also, my Radeon GPU is currently clocked at 500 MHz
wonder why it's running at all
I have done a lot of research on PowerPlay. I believe the only way to prevent your GPU from clocking down when video decoding is occurring is to (a) don't do video decoding at all (you can disable it in Flash, but then your CPU usage goes up); or, (b) hack your VBIOS to force the lower power profiles to use the high performance clock speed.
4:39 PM
@allquixotic I answered your meta question. YOU BETTER LIKE IT! ;D
@OliverSalzburg or what? you'll b& me? :P
@Bob I'll show you the equivalent on my desktop when I get home
also, the switchable graphics is retarded
I don't want to assign power profiles to every bloody executable
just give me an on/off option ffs
Power options has a setting for IE's JS timer frequency.
There is something very unsettling about that.
@allquixotic ah okay
@Bob Nothing in that program works
4:44 PM
@OliverSalzburg Your patient and eloquent explanation really helped me. I actually learned from it. Thanks!
gah ff's sync codes don't show up in my phone -_- have to manually add creditinals
@HackToHell there's nothing in the program to work
It takes a lot of energy (and patience, and forethought) to abstract away from the particulars of individual peoples' problems at particular points in spacetime and come up with generally-useful processes that help people to solve their own problems
I'm not liking how the review audit is picking out questions with a dozen comments and asking if it's too localized. Long comment threads (IMO :P moar meta talk) are a good sign of too localized...
@Bob well there's ocing options and hydra to start with :P
4:46 PM
@HackToHell nope
not even that
(remember, mobile chip)
@allquixotic you get 30GB for a few minutes? I think I got closer to 100GB for about an hour of video in Fraps 1080p
though I stopped using 60 FPS recordings, Youtube doesn't seem to support 60 FPS anyway. Everything limits you to 30FPS everywhere I look
@BenBrocka at 30fps?
I got 6 GB for 5 mins
Think of it this way: 99% of SU questions are the equivalent / analogue of Wikipedia's "Talk" pages. 1% of SU questions are the equivalent of a Wikipedia article (in good standing, etc). Those 1% may have wording such that the Search is completely useless in finding them, so unless they are prominently listed somewhere, how will people know to link to them? — allquixotic 1 min ago
so, yea, about that
@allquixotic Do you think the establishment would allow said prominent listing?
4:50 PM
@Bob I forget if I was using 60fps at the time. I started with 60 but dropped it when I realized Camtasia was going to down it to 30 FPS anyway
that's your prominent listing :P
@Bob that goes against the grain already. it's considered a meta tag...
@Tanner Where? By whom?
also 30 FPS is incredibly annoying when old games would have "flicker" animations at 60hz and so when you record it on 30, half the flicker is missing
4:52 PM
@BenBrocka Yay, seizures!
@Tanner It was explicitly encouraged, last I checked.
Q: Help create and maintain community FAQs!

Ivo FlipseJoel's recently blogged regarding wikifying question on several recurring topics where users keep asking new versions of the same problem. Some of these are: anti-virus software and cleaning them up, solving boot problems, (<--- This has answers for BIOS phase and Windows. Anyone want to do ...

let me see if I can track it down
I've seen that mentioned on SF a couple times
SF != SU
The relevant posts on our own meta explicitly allow and encourage them.
@Bob well more commonly it's something like a flickering laser attack, where half is visible on any given frame. And so on screen it's two lasers, on recording you get only one laser. Which is bad.
Posts by mods backed up by the official SE blog, no less.
Unless there was a more recent post with consensus towards stopping them, which i missed?
I believe SF was referring to SE as a whole looking down on meta tags, and that specifically was a a meta tag
4:55 PM
@Tanner Remember that every site is different, and the site's own meta is probably the most relevant resource where it conflicts with another site's.
Meta tags are generally discouraged but individual communities can sometimes make them work
We don't have any on UX and I don't see much need for them, but Math for example has them
@Bob My point wasn't that we shouldn't do it. My point is that a canonical button at the top might be a stretch for SE to accept.
@Tanner Not a button at the top o.O
I was just saying that a list of such questions already existed.
haha I guess this would've been better to link:
@OliverSalzburg Your patient and eloquent explanation really helped me. I actually learned from it. Thanks! I think going forward that having more questions like the three you linked to above would be enormously helpful, but even more importantly, we need ways to make these questions quite clearly stand out from the rest. Maybe a Canonical Questions tab along the top? — allquixotic 11 mins ago
4:57 PM
most would probably never click that anyway
@Luke hello thar
@Bob Yes, but then the beatings closures would be justified. :P
Hey @jokerdino
5:03 PM
dear god this is painful... cloning a hard disk at the amazing rate of drumroll 60 MB/min xD
@tapped-out you call that painful?
Gmail marks the Google Play newsletter as spam O_o
@Bob it's a 1 TB disk
Q: Why does an Intel RST RAID 1 array write faster with write-back cache disabled?

BobI have two HDDs (5900 RPM) in RAID 1 (mirror). I know, I know, it's painfully slow. I'm currently in the process of replacing them with faster drives, hence this question while I'm testing things. For some reason, disabling write-back caching in the Intel RST options gives me much faster write s...

see the first screenshot in that question
that was a 2 TB RAID 1 array
took forever to verify/repair :P
that's MB/sec, this is MB/ min :P
5:11 PM
sorry, misread
no worries
this is gonna take all day
I hope you're not running bzip2 or somehting
wonder if this enclosure crapped out and reported itself as USB1 or something...
yup. :P
5:34 PM
6/10 messages on the starwall have some form of ":P". :P
@tapped-out everything @JourneymanGeek says has a ";p" in it
7/8 have :P
GFSE published one of my submissions \o/

5:49 PM
@tapped-out that is actually a shame.
@Leathe Thanks for suggesting Encoder. It seems to have the profile I was looking for (which is quite lucky, since it still doesn't expose some of the more advanced options i would have needed to create one myself).
the post you made on SE went onto GFSE. How sad.
@Bob Np :p
@jokerdino wasn't my post, something in a review queue I capped :P
@tapped-out :P
5:50 PM
Can anyone think of a way to salvage this one? I like it:
Q: How to test hosting before picking one?

bartI'm looking for fast and cheap hosting at the moment and I don't want to rely on users opinions only (many if not most of them are sponsored / the companies themselves anyway) What's the best way of benchmarking websites on different hostings? Let's say I have 100 addresses from each: Media Te...

There's 2 close votes and I figure it will get closed
@tapped-out thanks
it's the illerminati guys
6:16 PM
Wow, following the dupes on this question stackoverflow.com/questions/1873873/… takes a long time
wtf loop
@OliverSalzburg Could you please edit a :P in to that before I star it so we can continue our trend? :P
I'm busy trying to find the root of these dupes OMG WHAT IS IT WITH ALL THESE DUPES O____O
6:30 PM
@Tanner I think it's too late for him to edit his comment and add in a :P, :P
not impossible. mods can edit chat messages any time
us westerners have a large mouth :P @JourneymanGeek's only got one and a half eyes and a small mouth ;p
(characteristics of the shape of his unique ;p face)
Smiley faces... the only time @allquixotic will hit that Shift key. ;D
@OliverSalzburg hey! I hit shift for "I", too... pretty much anything except the start of a sentence
acronyms, "I", Names, etc.
I'm just out of the habit of starting a sentence with a capital letter :P
6:42 PM
I capitalize in chat but I generally don't do ending punctuation for some reason
me neither :D
6:56 PM
Oh, okay
I just have to write about 300 comments, that's not so bad O.o
Hello I have a computer using Virtual Box, and I would like as much Windows 7 instance as possible. I'll maybe buy a computer for this, on which hardware should I focus, RAM ? CPU ?
Those probably aren't the absolute minimal specs, but I assume you actually want to do something with these instances
So, if you want 32 instances, you should have 32 GB of RAM (for the VMs, the host can probably use a couple of gigs as well)
@OliverSalzburg Thank you very much Do you think this is also valid for the processor, that means I'll need a 32GHZ cpu ?(haha). Or maybe a virtualized version take less ghz ?
virtualized version of Windows 7*
@Meds I guess you should reserve 1 core per virtual machine
I don't think running 2 machines on 1 core is that great. But I have no experience with that
Seems like the minimal is 512MB RAM
But, yeah, 1024 MB is recommended
7:14 PM
@OliverSalzburg Ok thank you again, I'll give it a try.
@Meds you don't dedicate CPUs to VMs, or GHz... it just uses whatever's available as needed; it's dynamic. as you notice, when an OS is idle, it uses very little CPU. but if you need all the VMs doing as much work as possible then yes you would probably want more CPUs
@OliverSalzburg sed -i 's:.*\(protected\|public\|private\).*:/*<fixed/>*/\0:g' ...
make sure your CPU is at least Nehalem ("Core i7") though, otherwise VM performance will be unacceptable
@TomWijsman I have the same rule for private ;P
Fixed ^2
7:21 PM
Or in Sublime Text 2 you just keep holding CTRL+D :D
Well a lot of those are also unresolved references... Hopefully later tonight I have it running
Coding is just copy & paste anyway
& refactoring & testing & documenting & releasing & processing feedback & coffee
Testing = Assert.IsTrue(true);
"Wow, these unit tests run so fast :D"
7:49 PM
Q: How can I Install new CPU / GPU for Android Phones?

user2248354I want to know Is It possible to upgrade / build CPU or GPU In an Android phone? If yes, where to buy and how to do this?

what. the. what.
crap. i got 3 months of reddit gold on my alt account
@jokerdino lmao
(I assume it was for a comment)
nah. it wasn't on a comment
it was for karmacourt nonsensery
8:07 PM
We need to implement a reverse flag queue. Where mods can flag stuff for others to downvote
@OliverSalzburg wouldn't that be a pretty dick move :P
@OliverSalzburg Just drop it in here =D
@Leathe I guess it depends on the flagged content
I guess people should be able to review before they vote. Just by the off-chance that a mod is wrong
yeah, but the person who made the question or comment is going to see the "Downvote this thing" aswell
rather than it being deleted or closed
8:12 PM
@r00t_5tr1k3r hallo
@Leathe Maybe a "Push to Low Quality review queue" would be more sensible
@r00t_5tr1k3r Greetings, fellow human
@OliverSalzburg That would actually be pretty cool.
A: Can you zip a file from the command prompt using ONLY Windows' built-in capability to zip files?

user228211I know this thread is very old however I thought I would post here in case anyone stumbles across it. The windows command line now provides the compact command which, as far as I can tell, is native to windows. That should meet the requirements requested unless I missed something.

or maybe even just "Mark as low quality"
8:20 PM
That's what I wanted to push there ;P
I mean, I could be wrong
Maybe it does something else in Win8
Still so much to go O.o
does not zip anything lol
8:34 PM
@OliverSalzburg what's erroring on you?
@Tanner would be nice if they used LZO or something faster/newer
> commando line
Slap me with a fish if I'm wrong, but XMPP has nothing to do with voice chat, ya?
Jingle is an extension to the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) which adds peer-to-peer (P2P) session control (signaling) for multimedia interactions such as in Voice over IP (VoIP) or videoconferencing communications. It was designed by Google and the XMPP Standards Foundation. The multimedia streams are delivered using the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP). If needed, NAT traversal is assisted using Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE). , the proposed Jingle specification has not yet been approved by the XMPP Standards Foundation, but is now a Draft Standard,...
@Tanner - The change really only effects the voice calls not the sending textual (IM) messages. — Ramhound 7 mins ago
^ about the XMPP change + Google Talk
@Leathe Those are ReSharper errors. Like missing comments, unresolved references... it's a new C# project I just started where I just dumped some code in from other projects
Right now I'm documenting an octree implementation I grabbed from the GitHubs
Documenting other peoples code is obviously the most fun to have on a Friday evening
8:48 PM
octrees kinda remind me of the Time Cube :D
@allquixotic Which time cube?
Time Cube is a website created by Gene Ray, also known as Otis E. Ray, in 1997 John C. Dvorak wrote in PC Magazine that "Metasites that track crackpot sites often say this is the number one nutty site." Concept The website is mostly text written in centered, multi-colored 30-point type in a single vertical column. The following quotation from the TimeCube.com website illustrates a recurring theme from Gene Ray's ideas: Ray has wagered $10,000 that his theories cannot be proven wrong. John C. Dvorak of PC Magazine characterized the site's content as "endless blather". Public reaction R...
@allquixotic Oh :D
Another file done...
@allquixotic am I way off on my answer there?
9:10 PM
@Tanner nah
9:25 PM
Go Go Go!
9:57 PM
@ariane: How do I log from your website ?
10:17 PM
10:36 PM
@OliverSalzburg yay!
That was intense :P
Now the actual creative coding can begin
@Luke @JourneymanGeek in the morning
@OliverSalzburg For which pic?
The dog?
10:49 PM
@Luke The one I replied to
Ahhh, cool feature of the chat... Never knew that
@Luke Yes
@Luke That is SHOCKING!
It's what allows us to structure our important references to funny pictures
First time I noticed that
Q: Chat Reply Helper for Stack Exchange sites

Oliver Salzburg Press : to start replying to a previous message. Press ↑ as many times as you need to mark the desired message. What does it do? First of all, the Chat Reply Helper for Stack Exchange sites provides a simple key combination to select a message to reply to. This removes the need to grab the...

Because I love to promote my stuff ;P
Like, usually there is this:
11:10 PM
@OliverSalzburg sooo true ;p
@Hennes You mean the website I shown for testing ? The administrator username and password are the placeholders of the input fields.
Everyone, I need to be guided~
I know the username/password (or rather what it used to be).
But if I log in and a while later I leave the computer then I want to be able to log out.
@allquixotic lol. that's winking + sticking tongue out (I've always been too lazy to hit shift for :p so I always ;p)
@Hennes Oh, eh, you can't, unless you clear your cache/cookies. I was too lazy to add that function.
11:14 PM
@Hennes Though normally restarting the browser does the job
Ok, I assumed as much, but it is late and maybe I missed that on the website.
Problem with that is that I can copy the cookie and use it on another computer
Not worth mentioning for a school project, but it is useful to realise that for real projects
@Hennes There's a chance, yeah. But there was zero evaluation of security on this project, but I'll remember it for the future. Probably we'll be taught about this kind of thing next year.
I guess having dinner with people who code and do security reviews brings these kinds of things to my mind.
Ahaha. :p
Lots of tech talk during dinner.
11:18 PM
So! Uhm, I just "reinstalled" (ya know, it reinstalls but keeps all of your stuff still) Windows 8 Pro, and now it has forgotten the symlinks I'd made to map user folders to my hard drive (D:).
How to allocate memory without allowing sleep.
Since last time, I was told I had done it wrong because Folder History wasn't working (not finding things), I'd like to be told how to do it right this time.
I still have no windows 8 experience. (other then trying the beta for a few hours)
@Hennes Pretty sure the process is similar to other Windows versions.
What did not work?
11:20 PM
i've never used symlinks on windows
Folder History, and a few select things I forgot. Like, sometimes software went crazy about not finding their preferences on C:\Users.
Uh right, you did a lot of symlinking.
C:\Users\Me <- D:\Users\Me. Also, a few larger pieces of software (like bigger games) from D:\Programs to C:\Program Files or Program Files (x86).
Also there was this minor issue where my whole computer or just Explorer would occasionally freeze up for a few seconds as I heard a little increasingly high-pitched sound coming from the tower (which I think is the hard drive starting)... but maybe it's unavoidable when everything is not on the install drive.
Oh I am so dumb.
I had completely forgotten about this. I'll read it again, try it, and maybe I can finally accept it as the answer, now. :p
Aye. Would be a nice thing to accept if it works
11:50 PM
superuser.com/questions/602371/… 3.6 to 4.2 to 0 ghz ><
and this folk, is why I think extreme overclocking is st00pid
same guy as the verge article I linked yesterday
he has gone full snark
From MegaHertz to MegaHurtz
Maybe his/her PCIe slots are dirty and need washing with an acid.
I think H-CN would be perfect for this.
It has a lovely almond smell

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