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12:00 AM
@MattBear aural?
And now my search history as "yelling bird anal fisting" in it. Thanks.
anal fisting bird, yelling
reorder the words, might change your results
though I dont want to know what they would be...
just overheard a conversation snippet of "this is worse than that time i google image searched for shit stain"
I'm picturing a hobo standing on the street corner with his hands jammed up two turkeys, yelling at traffic, waving, and jumping up and down
and the turkeys flapping thier wings, and making turkey noises in a desperate attempt to get away....
turkeys gobble right?
I need help...
@MattBear Astroglide.
12:05 AM
hungry hippos also gobble.
@ScottPack in my expierence water based lubricants are unsuffecient when attempting penetration of this magnitude
petroleum products are necessary
@Sirex Hungry hipsters used to gobble, but then it went mainstream.
man... I need to lock the it manager out of the vsphere server...
a sql server he was messing with has been running on a 5 level snapshot for months....
im going to enable the warnings in a bit...
12:20 AM
This site is addicting.
I can now review things.
makes a pot of coffee
yeah a little. i've been plodding towards 10k so i can call it job done and never visit the site again, but apparently im too much of a retard to hit 10k. so here i am.
@Sirex can you put that on your resume?
Acheivements - "10k reputation on ServerFault"
I would hire you...
It's very discouraging though.
for two reasons.
12:25 AM
more the fool be you.
i wouldnt hire me.
1. I just realized I can't spell discouraging.
2. There's so much shit I can't answer.
i know ;p some of the higher ranked users have a perplexing ability to answer an outlandishly wide range of topics.
@mossy RE: 2) - use that as an opportunity to do research. Many of the questions I answer, are related to me doing Google searches, reading the material, and then composing an answer based on what I read.
@mossy i know right, i keep trying to find shit to answer, and so far have had no luck
Skills - "Able to use google to answer questions I know nothing about"
12:27 AM
For example my recent NTP answer. I spent 30 minutes researching that. serverfault.com/questions/462615/…
yea, i thin you have to be in a position where the infrastructure is so well oiled you can google stuff and compose answers
rather than sneeking a bit of SF time in between hideous disasters.
our helpdesk software is running extremely slow.... im trying to figure it out right now
its using a frontbase database, could that be the problem?
im thinking about migrating it over to sql express
@Zoredache Good answer.
Much more informative than mine. Guess I should work on that.
I diddnt set it up... I just supplied the server to run it on, and set the http redirect up on the proxy server
@MattBear Does frontbase give you any stats about how long it takes for queries to get responses?
Anything like a slow query log or anything?
12:32 AM
good question... I cant find any management tools or logs for it
I'll take a look.
You have looked at the system running the helpdesk software, and looked at the OS metrics, you aren't maxing your CPU/RAM/IO?
not even close...
though it is showing a lot of tcp connections
like... 15 java.exe connnections
Unfortunately, I don't know if that is good or bad.
me either... I hate systems I diddnt set up lol
12:38 AM
@MattBear Oh god, it's not webhelpdesk is it?
@MDMarra yeah...
I've never met anyone else that's used it before
is it crap?
We had it at La Salle University for years
I dont know anything about it, except helpdesk bought the license and I gave em a VM for it
12:40 AM
Everyone hated it
they were in the middle of transitioning to isupport when I left there last year
everyone was super happy
is it just a slow POS?
I'd get alerts in the middle of the night for CPU usage spikes all the time
There are java settings you can tweak to make it less gruesome
There's a config file somewhere that you can set max consumable mem for java, i think
did that
also set a task to restart the service every day
but yeah, when the helpdesk manager would run reports and other stuff like that it would crush it
and thats the extent of what I know...
12:42 AM
just really poor querys i assume
I didnt manage it myself
But Nagios would yell at me all the time for CPU consumption so I has to yell at the helpdsk manager to fix it
2vCPUs and 8GB RAM should have been plenty for < 10 concurrent users - most of whom were just answering tickets not running reports
yeah, thats what I gave the VM..
Just FYI, they migrated off of Frontbase and onto MySQL with no success
That's what I was JUST reading.
12:44 AM
I mean, the migration was successful
It was a PITA
but it didn't improve performance
There's no migration support it seems.
@mossy it seems like it's a tiny company. If you push their tech support enough they'll help you do it
is 2 minutes normal for ticket submission then?
at least they did for us
@MattBear I don't think ours was that slow.
@MDMarra I know how you feel. I've talked to precisely 2 other people who have ever heard of Footprints.
12:45 AM
@ScottPack Dude, we use that
Service Core and we just bought the change management module
Talking to vendors is a freaking nightmare. "Do you integrate with any ticketing systems?" "Of course! You use Remedy right?"
so whats a better option?
Man, you guys want to talk about supporting small company software. I got some stories.
I was thinking spiceworks....
we just bearly started using it
@MattBear Like I said, we went to isupport
Very customizable. Nice dashboards
12:46 AM
@MDMarra We're trying to roll out the cmdb module as well.
The BOCES here, and school district or two use Web Help Desk. I have nothing to do with that. We jumped from Altiris Help Desk (which was its own Hell) to ZenDesk. Totally Cloudly SaaSy bros.
Had great "known issue" management for when email is down and you get a million tickets but they can all be closed as duplicates etc
@ScottPack I heard of Footprints. Washington State was going to use that for the K-12 network operators. AFAIK the didn't like it.
@MDMarra Is it universally terrible and difficult to use or am I getting a bad experience?
@ScottPack I mean, I don't love it
But I don't hate it necesasrily. The text input is terrible. Copy + paste keeping source formatting is shit
12:47 AM
@MattBear Can you link the the specific software?
@Zoredache Shortly before I started the 4 separate central IT departments at the university were collapsed. One used Remedy, one used Footprints. Consolidation occurred on the cheaper of the two.
And the way that you assign/escalate/cc people is shit in footprints. But I mean, I've seen worse (webhelpdesk)
@MDMarra I get continuously pissed off about the single login session per user thing. Please tell me that's a setting and not by design.
12:49 AM
@ScottPack not sure. how many fucking computers are you trying to log into your ticketing system from
And TBH, I don't make new tickets, I just respond to them. I always just do it via email instead of the web interface. I only go into the interface to close the tickets
@MDMarra Usually two, laptop and desktop.
@ewwhite Just had a recruiter try and back me off of my salary req because "someone with 10 years more experience" has the same one and is being considered
I just laughed and said that if she didn't want to present me, she didnt have to
I haven't quite gotten the hang of of assignee fiddling via email yet. Most of the time the end of my work on a ticket doesn't result in it getting closed, but I want to take myself off.
@MDMarra "5 minutes expierence repeated 1000 times is not 10 years of expierence"
12:52 AM
@ScottPack Yeah, you can go into assignees and just highlight your name in the "assignee" column and click the < icon to move you off
I do it all the time - "Completed release. Ball's back in AppDev's court for QA. Removing myself from ticket"
@MattBear The only ticketing systems I've ever actually supported full time are WHMCS and TigerPaw. (WHMCS is out of the question here) and I don't think tigerpaws web portal would do everything you need.
@MDMarra Yeah, that's silly... what's your $$ req?
@MDMarra Same here. I just haven't gotten the hang of doing that via email.
@ScottPack Oh via email? never tried
@MDMarra Frequently I'll be working somewhere on my laptop and need to connect to the vpn to do something. Because of my group's tunnel that then forces footprints through the tunnel, which forces me to relogin.
12:54 AM
@ewwhite Told them low six figures, with flexibility depending on benefits/telecommute./etc
@MDMarra Although, my favorite, is that we have plenty of workflows that require certain fields be set before saving. Except if you have a popup blocker block the warning it'll save anyway.
$120k and above, you'd have to be a superstar.
@ewwhite I also only gave them that range because she absolutely wouldn't present me unless I gave a ballpark
12:55 AM
$105k-$115k is good
When I was looking, I said $90k-$130k base... all depending on everything around.
commute, perks, strippers, flexible time, industry, types of projects.
I don't feel like I can realistically ask for 120+ since I don't have the track record even though I think I'm more than technically sound enough
no, that's a hard number for people to swallow
I think I could probably be there in 5-7 years but I know that's not realistic now
I've seen companies say $117,500 (cough) just because... but then offer to make it up on the backend
remind then of the TenFinity factor
12:56 AM
in finance, for instance, nobody have a $140k+ salary.
it's something lower + bonus upside.
in 5 - 7 years inflation will meet you half way.
@Sirex haha this is true
i keep having to tell my wife about inflation everytime she gets a 0.5% raise. ugh
But yeah, for people that really are forcing the issue for a number i just saw low 6 figs but I can be flexible on it depending on the opportunity and benefits
@Sirex .5%? I'd be insulted
oh, they don't call it that. - they call it a $1000 raise, or whatever.
12:58 AM
@mdmarra give the range I suggested
it's easier for them to shop
and sell you
You guys are making me feel poor.
ah got ya
because I 've made $88k places come up...
12:59 AM
40- .... with two jobs....
Yeah I figure that's more realistic. Get someone to offer 90-95 and once I have an offer haggle them up
mossy. it's all relative. Move to Zimbabwe. wages are awesome on paper.
although the paper is likely worth more.
1:00 AM
Cost of living factors in too
Edmund and I both live in major metros
$$ to rent/buy housing, etc
I live in this shitstain called Michigan. We're all poor.
I have a buddy making 20k less than me that has more disposable income in western mass because there's nothing there
You can buy a house in flint for 20 dollars
but his rent is 1/4 mine
(he has a roomate too but still)
mdmarra. my brother makes under half what i do, but he works at sea. so when he comes home its time to buy stuff !
1:02 AM
@ewwhite what makes me leery is that i have some crazy benefits now like 15% monthly put into retirement
not matching
just a straight up deposit
that's like 15% on top of salary
yeah but think of the hookers when you retire
@MDMarra We have a mandated 12% by the government here, but some employers include that 12% in your package, some don't
So I'm very leery to reveal current salary to recruiters that "require" it because it's not the whole picture
@MarkHenderson Many places match up to 6-7% here. So if I put in 6% they'll put in 6%
Very few places just give you a % without requiring that you match
I contribute about 10% on top of the 15% because I want to retire early and be that weird old guy that just floats around
i only do 2% atm. need to fix that lol.
my plan is to hit 60 and spontaneously combust.
hhaha that'll work too
1:06 AM
@mossy you can buy a house in detroit for a dollar, i have heard. it will cost like 30k to get it up to code, but it's a dollar
i'm going to have a really shitty second half. but in the mean time, weeeeeeeee.
These stories are true, but I am not proud.
@mossy Don't they give you like 10k if you buy a house and live in it for 5 years or something?
I live close by to detroit, i've thought of going and buying one of these houses, i wonder if you actually have to get it to code. as long as there electricity im all set.
BTW, i'm going to post this again because it's really bothering me
1:08 AM
There's all kind of "deals" they'll give you. But here's the thing - You'll get 10k if you live in it for 5 years. But you WILL be shot before then.
Q: What the heck is going on with this AD filter in PowerShell?

MDMarraI recently wrote this answer and stumbled on something interesting. get-aduser -filter {-not (description -eq "auto")} | measure-object and get-aduser -filter {description -ne "auto"} | measure-object return two very different things when run against the same data, with the first command ret...

@mossy Are we talking like shot in the leg, buttocks, flesh wound? Details matter.
i dont think you can haggle for it
i dont think they give you 15k for a organ failure. pretty sure it dont work that way
1:10 AM
you can haggle for anything, I would try for the foot probably.
nah. lots of little bones.
@Patrick There's lots of bones down there. Not many bones in the booty.
@MDMarra I shot a twit at Keith Hill, but I don't know if he'll go slumming at SF.
a buttock side swipe is the best to get shot in. through you'd have to moon your assailant.
@jscott It's just weird
1:11 AM
well this probably isn't good, the virtual disk on my SAN is showing up as 2 on the server.
I mean, we've isolated the behavior, but I want to know WHYYYYYYYYY
Well, at least, no bones in my booty. I suppose that's not a universal truth.
Is there any particular reason so many of you people have your chat accounts liked to area51?
this chat thing wouldnt let me login properly, at all. when i tried recently
@MDMarra It's -Filter vs Where-Object behavior, I'm currently working on the assumption there was some ambiguity for the AD module team on the -Filter implementation. I haven't tested with any core cmdlets using -Filter. Maybe I should do that tomorrow morning.
it just seems like null values aren't evaluated at all in filter
1:14 AM
sorry for the mutli-edit
Well, they're evaluated, but just discarded. :)
It's cool that you found it, because now I know how to avoid that pitfall.
with a large enough AD you could just plain miss it
i almost did
"500+ results...this looks right"
Anyone here ever work with ActiveCollab?
@ScottPack Not sure what you are talking about? I only see two people with area51.
1:17 AM
Totally. I've used Where ... -ne... lots, for the AD stuff I'm still stuck with dsquery-mind so I default to -LDAPFilter.
I guess it has just always been an issue I lucked-out to dodge.
@Zoredache I've been noticing them over the past couple of days.
what is this area51 thing?
@jscott why stuck?
@Patrick It is the place where new stackexchange sites are proposed.
@Patrick It's the SE site where terrible ideas go to be killed by people insufficiently experienced to kill them.
@MDMarra Well "stuck" as in when I think about DS queries, I think "use LDAP Filter".
ah got ya
If you click here on "All rooms" then "site", Area 51 chat is the only room.
@jscott Are you talking about this?
Hmm. I can't seem to find an answer for this.

1:23 AM
@ScottPack um, I thought I was... Guess not... I do that and I get
Then, where you see your name and the Area51 icon you should see [Change]
@ScottPack Wow, I would have never found that. Are you a Wizard?
It also seems the little chat profile blurb I had is gone. But whatever.
Also, that employee-slept-with-my-wife question is still a thing. Just saw that in the inbox.
Do you think using tc to drop a connection when it reaches a certain bandwidth is an acceptable answer. :|

Can't think of anything else.
For what
Link I posted above.
1:29 AM
oh just saw
@jscott I usually prefer bards or monks.
@mossy yeah, I can think of something else, I was about to answer that. You want some free rep? I'll tell you the 'answer'.
@jscott it happens when you click on somenes gravatar in the chat sidebar and then click the resulting gravatar again
Lol. Go ahead man.
@MDMarra Ha! Chopper's is [fittingly?] Movies and TV.
1:31 AM
But thanks :)
@mossy Ok. The answer to this question is knowing that there are features present in OpenVPN that give him what he needs, so long as he knows enough to do a little socket programming.
@jscott haha thats great
Trying to change a german VM appliance over to using English on a US keyboard without speaking German. This is hard.
@ScottPack I find using appliances makes me angry
Apparently we're demoing a citrix VDI appliance
how the fuck can you have a vdi appliance
1:33 AM
@JoelESalas I was hoping to just quickly try out something
also, who uses citrix in new installs? is it 2003?
I'll go with it.
1:45 AM
Does anyone know if the snap shot settings for vmware do anything on raw disks?
cant snap a raw disk
only vmdks
@MDMarra so when I click the drive then advantced setting it to nonpersistant won't protect it?
@MDMarra I don't under stand why the advanced settings arn't greyed out :S
no idea. never tried
I don't have a use case for raw disk
by raw disk I just mean a hardrive I want to mount into a vm to get data off
right, a passthrough device
not a virtual disk, right?
you're passing a physical disk or a RDM through to the VM
1:52 AM
you lost me I just want to know if when mounting a whole disk into a vm if the snapshot setings under advanced (for that disk) do anything
...lets back up a second
what VMWare product are you talking about
i think you're in the wrong chat :)
I have no idea how workstation works
oh heh right fair enough
I assume you meant ESXi/vSphere
you might have better luck in super user chat or even asking on the main site
1:54 AM
umm, so in my process of trying to fix a massive SQL log file. i've seemed to have created a massive backup and it's hasn't finished yet. this backup is probably going to fill up the entire disk soon.
@Patrick Nice work
@JoelESalas I'm really curious if it's trying to backup the whole log file.
@Patrick Of course. The problem with SQL server is that backups aren't reflective of the size of the source data, at all.
so it has to backup the log file. before it can shrink it?
dammit all
@Patrick It is.
1:58 AM
@Patrick Don't think of it as shrinking. You're moving data out of the TLog file and into the backup file. You're not backing up to the same server, are you?
@Patrick dun dun dunnnn
@Patrick Is there a network share you can use?
@JoelESalas yeah
@Patrick Are you using SQL Server 2008+ ?
1:58 AM
@JoelESalas that was the next project, having it backup to the Network Backup server.
@WesleyDavid Why'd you go back to the old one?
@Patrick It just became this project. Do NOT let that SQL server disk fill up, for any reason
@JoelESalas cool,
@ScottPack Because cathead.
@WesleyDavid wasn't the other one also a cat head?
2:01 AM
@jscott Catface.
That seems like a distinction approaching pedantry.
@WesleyDavid Ah cat faces
@WesleyDavid But you're a dub, glitch, electronic music fan? Maybe? I could be mistaken.
@JoelESalas I have the transaction log backing up to the remote server now at least, I will take care of the others tomorrow.
@Patrick That should be enough
How bad is it that the SQL server disk would fill up completely? Because I'm pretty sure it use to fill up a lot.
2:12 AM
@Patrick It will stall any queries
@JoelESalas will the current transaction log backup get smaller when it's almost done?
@Patrick It won't shrink until it's done
the backup finishes, THEN the file shrinks
@Patrick This is why you want frequent Tlog backups, I used to do them every 5 minutes
Nice low impact backup, reliable and measurable impact on live services, less thrashing around
2:34 AM
hey @ewwhite. you end up getting all the servers delivered successfully? lol
last i heard the guy got in a accident or something
I now have three servers.
I am reading the HP troubleshooting flowchart
And got to thinking... What's consistent? The KVM switch!!!
@jscott WUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubW‌​UBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBw‌​ubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubW‌​UBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwubWUBwub
I had a cat that sounded like that.
@ewwhite Interesting, I would never have throught to the KVM onto a troubleshooting flowchart
Normally they're unobstrusive and don't go wrong
2:41 AM
So I'm not at the office. But could the KVM be it? USB KVM, as well
Yelling Bird, comic edition:
@ewwhite tried to tell you
@ewwhite Sounds like a real possibility. Especially USB KVM. That stuff be nasty, yo.
woot, found the problem with WHD
@MattBear Colonel Mustard, in the library, with the rope.
2:45 AM
@MDMarra tell me what?
10 hours ago, by MDMarra
@ewwhite Have you tried taking 100% of the cabling from a working server in the same rack and plugging it into this one?
@MattBear what was it
webroot group policy
2:50 AM
simple once I stepped away for a sec
@MDMarra I suggested trying this on my desk or in another room...
two servers, got to be something external
if the only thing you havent swapped is the kvm module, it's got to be it
whats a helpful flag
@mossy when you flag something and a mod acts on it
basically when you flag something and a mod agrees
oh cool

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