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6:00 PM
@HopelessN00b "donate" the work to the FreeBSD foundation and write off whatever your normal hourly rate is on your taxes
('s what I do as a ports maintainer actually)
@voretaq7 I'll pretend I didn't hear that as you're not allowed to write-off your own time, creations, or anything that didn't directly cost you money to contribute.
@voretaq7 I... actually don't hate that idea. What's the limit on that, by the way? Like, could I perhaps write off 80% of my income that way, and pay no taxes?
@ChrisS What about creating a shell corporation for myself?
@HopelessN00b I'm not sure I follow...
@ChrisS "creative" (but still legal) accounting that you can get away with as a business if you're not too blatant about it -- I can write off the time my employees (me) spend on such projects. The catch is I have to actually pay myself.
@voretaq7 Eh, no, that's still not deductible.
6:09 PM
@ChrisS Yeah, what voretaq said.
(alternate creative accounting which may be more advantageous: If you work on stuff your company uses you can write off pro-rata usage of equipment as it's "work related expenses", but most of us are already doing that)
Until you start getting a 3rd party involved somewhere, you can't deduct anything for your source code/software contributions.
@ChrisS the nice young lady who does my corp taxes disagrees, and as she'd be paying the penalties (and the tax liability is minimal) I'll go with her interpretation :-)
@voretaq7 Well, yeah, I don't think I've bought any electronic anything in the past 10 years that hasn't been a tax deduction.
Visible IT: Was just mumbling to myself about various frustrations I'd had today when one of our new starters came over and said that his IT setup had been an 'absolute dream' and so much better than anywhere else he's worked previously. Almost made me cry...
6:11 PM
@voretaq7 I virtually guarantee she had you sign something indemnifying her for any financial penalties.
@ChrisS that's correct - you can't deduct work-product time (writing code, etc.)
@ChrisS I absolutely guarantee I did not (unlike most people I actually read the things I sign) - I'm responsible for any misrepresentations I make, which is pretty standard, but if she botches the legal/tax code end of it the IRS penalties land in her lap
Say, is ground-breaking advancements in sucking an appropriate phrase for a tag-wiki, or do I need to come up with a different way to describe Metro UI?
(of course if her company can't pay the IRS will certainly come to me looking for their money in addition to any back tax due)
@voretaq7 Fair enough...
@HopelessN00b Yep, that's accurate.
@ChrisS I'm also sure she has a good justification for anything she pulls out of the corp's bottom line - and in any case while it's not a 100% ironclad liability shield I'd be happy to have the government take my ... I think its 6 years old now ... server away :)
@HopelessN00b @ChrisS I would call it "A revolution in suck" personally
"Never before has software sucked so hard..." oh wait, Windows Vista
6:18 PM
@voretaq7 Who's taking what now??
Vista was worse than Metro
@ChrisS well that's the corp's primary asset :-)
@voretaq7 You're the only owner and employee, they'll come after you....
Corporate status no longer insulates the owners from their own (legal) mistakes, only from the mistakes of employees.
@ChrisS there's actually two of us but yes, they will come after us. The government always comes after the owners
Not always; the law was changed after Enron, Tyco, and WorldCom
@ChrisS never did really - there's lots of precedent (at least in negligence suits, back into the 1970s at least)
6:22 PM
@voretaq7 Civil liability has always been a free-for-all; it's just the lawyers figured out there was good profit to be made in more recent years by suing everyone for spilling coffee in your own lap.
@ChrisS those changes are under-enforced (at least when you get into Enron/Tyco/WorldCom scale companies). Small shops have always been easier targets (especially single-owner shops because you can argue that the corporation is the man)
(I know because I rigged it. But it was supposed to explode, not just leak.)
Fricking people using the microwave..... finish you darn meals already!
@ChrisS No, Vista was fine. The vast majority of the suck associated with Vista was the lack of driver support from hardware makers, (and the way MS caved to Intel and certified their shit integrated GPUs to be "Vista compatible," despite being unable to run Aero without catching fire).
@ChrisS lol, ruining your wifis?
@HopelessN00b Vista SP1 was fine
6:26 PM
@David Bluetooth headset... WiFi is all 5GHz now.
Try running it now. It's pretty comparable to Windows 7, and I did run Vista Ultimate as my home desktop OS up until several months ago. No problems with it.
@ChrisS my 5ghz wifi (at home) is fucking terrible
barely works outside the room the router is in
Our APs are set to 12.5% power and still work from the parking lot with ease.
Do you guys carry your wallet in your back pocket?
No wallet at all.
6:28 PM
@ChrisS G or N
@David Yeah, that's why I run all my wireless gear on the reserved government emergency frequencies. It's not like they ever use the freaking things, so it's just wasted otherwise.
@ChrisS You work out in the sticks don't you
@David N
@Cole i fold my bills over my cards, then rubber band...
@jscott how!?
6:29 PM
@JoelESalas Nope, corporate park. There's a dozen 802.11bg networks within range right now... One other N. Nobody around here is using 5GHz yet.
@Cole Just a license and credit card, and loose cash (don't often carry that). Not enough to need a wallet.
@Cole Yep, rear right pocket.
@ChrisS same with me @jscott crazy, wish I could
But my wallet is killing my right butt cheek lol
Mine is too; new wallet
@Cole No, front pocket. I don't like sitting on lumpy... whatever.
6:30 PM
@cole yeah I have the same issue. It wears through a pair of pants in about 4 months
@HopelessN00b that's not what you said last night.
@Cole right side - keys and wallet in right, phone in left.
Old one was nicely rounded, fit in my pants well... was also falling apart at the seams.
I move my wallet around so as to save wear and tear on my pants.
@Cole It's different when the lumpy whatever is genitals, duh.
6:31 PM
thinking about getting one of the card only wallets.
@ChrisS They only build corporate parks in the sticks
I'll take lumpy genitals at this point.
You should just get one of those sweet Vision Street Wear hip packs.
@JoelESalas It's a suburb, but not the sticks.
6:32 PM
@jscott good idea, I mean at work, they don't already thing I'm gay enough so that could just further show how much of a homosexual I am.
anyone know WTF could cause my Ubuntu VM (VirtualBox) to be so slow and laggy, when I run Win7 with the same settings, and its smooth as butter?
@Cole "Is that a lump in your pocket, or are you just happy to have new genitals?"
@Cole But isn't the retro-80s thing cool right now? It's been a few months since I was in one of our school buildings, but there seemed to be a lot of that going on last time I was there.
@HopelessN00b Starring because genitals.
@David Ubuntu being inferior to Windows 7?
6:33 PM
@HopelessN00b yeah, but slow?
@ScottPack Right back at ya.
@David Because it's Linux!
@HopelessN00b Ew.
@ChrisS srsly?
@David Have you tried another Linux distro? Narrow it down to a Linux thing, or a Shuttleworth thing.
6:35 PM
@David No, I just like to kick Linux any chance I get. =]
@HopelessN00b no, i dont really wanna set up another VM
@David You're using VirtualBox?
@MichaelHampton yes
@David Why? Is it it a PITA with VirtualBox? Takes me all of 2 minutes of actual work with VMWare.
@HopelessN00b dont want to DL another distro and everything
6:37 PM
@David I'm sorry.
Did you install the guest additions, and are they actually running?
@MichaelHampton yes; no clue
im a linux noob, not sure how i would tell
@David That's about as far as I can go; I stopped using VBox long ago. It's all VMware and KVM for me.
@MichaelHampton not free :(
@David KVM is perfectly free. :)
I don't want anymore switch boxes on my desk.
6:41 PM
@MichaelHampton Free as in Stallman's Beard?
we get one too
(so let one of the mods know if it looks totally fucked so we can go bug the community people)
Don't ask about...

Anything in a home or development environment

OK, I like it!
@voretaq7 pretty nifty
@MichaelHampton I'm wondering if /about is going to replace /faq eventually since this seems to be a better blend of the two (and has incorporated a lot of the /faq info like what is/isn't on topic)
I'm happy to say, I'm actually doing work
@voretaq7 Ed even got a mention. Shazaam.
6:51 PM
@ScottPack yeah there's some disgruntlement about the example selection on other sites but ours is actually a good one
@voretaq7 I wouldn't go quite that far.
I notice that none of the examples have a comment from TomTom. So how good an example can it be?
@ScottPack I said "good" not "perfect" :)
god I hate VMware 5.1 SSO
@Cole I'm happy to say, I am not.
6:59 PM
@Cole yuuuup,
@Cole thats a problem I need to sort out soon
Alright, Pandora's timing out. Can't work. Home time.
quick question: What's the correct protocol here: serverfault.com/questions/462791/… do I wait for joeqwerty to respond? What will happen if the bounty expires before he does? Should I flag it for some kind of mod? Post in meta about it? Do nothing?
@TheCleaner Got three days, wait for joe to respond at least a little while longer.
If the bounty expires before there's a +2 answer, and you don't manually assign one before the grace period ends, the points are lost forever.
If the bounty expires, but there's a +2 answer, and you don't award the bounty, the highest voted answer gets half.
7:12 PM
@TheCleaner What would you want a mod to do?
This installation is boned, wish they would have waited for me to do it
Unassigned bounties are destructive to the ServerFault economy. Can you imagine what would happen if you just started burning $100 bills without ever reporting them as destroyed? We're talking full ServerFault collapse here.
@voretaq7 - :) don't know TBH, I just didn't want Joe to lose the answer, since that's really the best answer but it's a comment.
@TheCleaner Unfortunately we can only convert answers to comments, not the other way around :)
@HopelessN00b - thanks didn't know that. There should be a page/wiki called "So...you've been here a while, like the place, and want to be a regular. Here's what you need to know now going forward." - with things like "reviewing", "n00b things you shouldn't be doing" (like me answering with LMGTFY links), "how to be accepted by the other regulars without pissing them off", etc. :)
7:15 PM
@MilesErickson Wow, so gone without any online communication? You're married, right? Doing a family world tour?
ohay i have propagation
almost time to go home!
If you have propagation, shouldn't you be seeing a doctor?
Anyone here a IEEE member?
@ChrisS You need a standard, don't you? :)
(unfortunately I've long since let my membership lapse
@voretaq7 what do you get for being a member?
7:25 PM
@Patrick bills mostly
and Spectrum
@voretaq7 No, they've got a $99/y offer expiring at the end of the month... I've been interested in joining, but haven't yet.
@Patrick Pipe tobacco scented suspenders.
@ChrisS hmm... might be worth that actually
@ChrisS Yeah, although I need to renew for this year.
@ChrisS - yeah...they keep sending me the renewal emails
7:29 PM
Spectrum is the main thing, every now and then I make use of some of the documents available.
And I signed up early for their email service so I got [email protected]
Q: Why is my IP address server not serving not working?

user1968159I made this server on my dell netbook running windows xp pro edition and it doesn't work? I really need someone to tell me whats wrong and how to fix it. The server package that im using came from 'Best free server' website. Please help!!?

WTF, the IEEE Computer Society's sign-up process is a sheet of paper you print and mail in??
Ugh really
7:32 PM
I am an IT professional! — user1968159 2 mins ago
He should really use that lynx thing
terrible troll
either that, or just seriously retarded
@David Yeah, pretty obvious troll. Nuke from orbit.
of odd usernames...
Or send to StackOverflow, where he might become a respected community member.
@tombull89 That's my new nickname for SO
@ChrisS heh
@ChrisS I hate to say it, but the FAQ says that the site is for Information Technology Professionals, not just Systems Administrators.
He's a troll. He's suspended on Maths and has this gem of an answer on Programmers.
A: Multi-platform design with Delphi, Java, MySQL and CouchDB

user1968159OH MY GOD! HOW could you not know THAT? I knew that when I was TWO years old and even a goldfish could figure it out. The answer is plain obvious! Please get a brain as stupid questions are not allowed on the stackexchange network.

Yup, please suspend user for 17 years, @anydiamond.
7:36 PM
@ChrisS I let that part of my membership lapse a long time ago, just basic IEEE now.
@ChrisS - on my renewal I saw that you also get a handy dandy notebook. Apparently they want you to do Blue's Clues.
@tombull89 sounds like a b-tard
It's funny you ask now, I just got an email meant for some other IEEE member that then sender assumed was ward at ieee... I haven't had one of those for over a year.
@ScottPack Well System|Network|Storage|DB|Desktop Administrators (and various underlings)... But not Programers, Data Entry, etc
I regret shaving my mustache.
7:40 PM
@ChrisS He must be confused by the IT acronym. Tell him it doesn't stand for "Idiot Troll" and kiss him with the ban hammer.
@ChrisS We let storage people on the site now? Fuck That.
@ScottPack Dude! Storage people have the best porn.
(well, they have ALL the porn actually, but if it's all indexed properly you can find the good stuff)
@voretaq7 You need to hang out with more desktop support people.
@voretaq7 Well... just the most porn.
@ChrisS Given that guy's antics across the rest of the SE network, I find it highly unlikely that he will improve the question enough to reopen it.
7:48 PM
@MichaelHampton Hist improvements were a anti-Linux comment and something mildly relevant to an actual problem...
@ChrisS And he just reposted it, too.
@MichaelHampton dedicated troll
Maybe he'll improve after a 13 year suspension.
13 seemed like an odd number, I wonder where that came from.
You have to enter the suspension duration in days, so they must have punched in 4500 or something.
Probably so. Though I strongly suspect he won't be missed.
7:50 PM
Any one know if there's a way to create a registry key with PoSh?
I'm sure there is
A: JQuery Mobile causing prob in JSP file after form submit


@Cole New-Item
@MichaelHampton Yelling Bird is on Stack Overflow now?
A: Crapware on the mobile os

user1968159Is this ubuntu mobule? It will be full of shittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyshittyware dont hgave anthing to do with it!!!!

Is ArsTechnica down?
7:53 PM
@MichaelHampton well now that's just.... true
@MichaelHampton What? That looks like a perfectly good answer.
why have I got lots of downvotes again? Isn't this constructive feedback? — user1968159 35 mins ago
@MichaelHampton not even a funny or good troll
Can anyone tell me approximately how many years in 3650 days?
15 mins ago, by HopelessN00b
@ChrisS He must be confused by the IT acronym. Tell him it doesn't stand for "Idiot Troll" and kiss him with the ban hammer.
@ChrisS 10
7:55 PM
@ChrisS Approximately 10
Well everyone has got it right so far except the Troll. =]
This account is temporarily suspended because of low-quality contributions. The suspension period ends on Jan 9 '23 at 19:49.
Enticing me to open spam. ur doin it rong
@HopelessN00b lets see if he's dedicated enough to use a proxy and come back
8:01 PM
I just stumbled across this. Made for a really interesting read. @ewwhite
@WesleyDavid "Mr. Shit, Mr. Fuck Shit, please pick up the brown courtesy phone"
@David Or smart enough. My gut says... no.
@HopelessN00b Probably true.
@jscott thanks!
8:03 PM
@WesleyDavid !!!!
8:17 PM
@MichaelHampton Ooh, I'll check it out.
Finally home... gut-wrenching week.
Yeah, it's not every day a sysadmin gets to deal with an armed robbery.
@MichaelHampton Where?
@HopelessN00b You'll have to ask @ewwhite
Oh, I miss something in the chat lately?
@MichaelHampton armed robber paled in comparison to my HP problem.
8:24 PM
Anyone know whats up with this? Fresh install of ubuntu server
@David You installed Ubuntu, that's a problem.
@David Try the command you pasted here and then deleted.
i already ran that
got it w/ aptitude install software-properties-common
guess you need both? the guide from Ars doesnt say so
first one should be enough
8:29 PM
@David Just follow the instructions. Install those packages, then attempt add-apt-repository again
@JoelESalas i got it, and nginx installed
but cant access nginx from browser
@David Is it running? sudo netstat -tulpn
@HopelessN00b yeah, you missed the armed robbery in Mexico at a client.
@JoelESalas not that i can tell
this guide is shit
@David service nginx start
@David That's the problem with using Ubuntu. There's tons of guides for it, all written by DEVOPS
8:32 PM
@ewwhite Shit. More excitement that you usually want from a trip down south.
@JoelESalas that did the trick. the guide is from Ars Technica's "How to set up a safe and secure web server"
@David Ars Technica reviews cell phones. It's not a sysadmin resource
gadgets, hm
hey, I know that font
8:35 PM
@JoelESalas They also have some decent SA stuff. But why does reviewing cellphones preclude them from being an SA resource? I use cell phones.
I use coffee makers, too.
@HopelessN00b If I ever write sensational stories about cell phones, stop taking my advice
@MichaelHampton And you feel that anyone reviewing a coffee-maker would necessarily be no longer an SA resource? Caffeine ingestion is an important, if not the most important part of systems administration.
@HopelessN00b I feel that any resource that doesn't review coffee makers can't be a serious SA resource...
@MichaelHampton That's more like it!
@JoelESalas so, back to slashdot for you, then? =D
8:40 PM
A: What is the karma according to buddhism?

user1968159I have decided to stop spamming and trolling on this site. I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to anybody who was inconvenienced by my ridiculous troll outbreaks, I regret them. It was extremely immature of me to do such childish actions and I have preyed and hope for forgiveness from ...

Q: I have decided to stop spamming and trolling on this site

user1968159I have decided to stop spamming and trolling on this site. I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to anybody who was inconvenienced by my ridiculous troll outbreaks, I regret them. It was extremely immature of me to do such childish actions and I have preyed and hope for forgiveness from th...

OK, he decided to stop...now when is he going to stop?
@MichaelHampton Meh, he answered my SO question too. I'll believe it when he dies in a fire.
I just read his backlog of terrorism and lol'd mightily
dynamically expanding virtual disks only grow to the set size correct? they wont grow anymore then that.
@Patrick Unless they realize the true meaning of Christmas. Then they'll grow 3x initially allocated size.
@ScottPack k, thank you
8:48 PM
@HopelessN00b I wonder what kind of CFLAGS they use . Probably -O9999 boring.
@HopelessN00b My desires to kill things aren't ever specific enough to require a firearm
@MichaelHampton Not sure if NAA...or best answer
@ScottPack -OSHIT
@JoelESalas you're a high explosives kinda guy?
@ScottPack C'mon, the marrying of computing and ballistics... what's boring about that?
8:51 PM
@ScottPack How The Grinch had a Segmentation Fault?
@voretaq7 Not specific enough to point a crosshair at a given life form and say "End that"
the animals ;_;
@JoelESalas Bigger crosshair. Bigger bullet. Aim at planets.
Orbital nuke should do that
I'm anticipating the day when I can say "gun, kill that asshole" into a bluetooth headset... and actually kill some asshole.
@HopelessN00b I suppose it's rifled, not bored.
8:52 PM
@voretaq7 I even felt bad killing the animals in Far Cry 3
Tigers are just tigering around and then up comes me, some asshole with a flamethrower, and incinerates the tiger
I . . . I can't do it. It's just too RIDICULOUS LOOKING!
9:03 PM
This account is temporarily suspended for rule violations. The suspension period ends on Oct 7 '15 at 20:58.
...And there he goes on SO.
@MichaelHampton askubuntu straight up deleted him.
@MichaelHampton And he's earning badges!
@HopelessN00b They did? I still see his account there.
Q: I have decided to stop spamming and trolling on this site

user1968159I have decided to stop spamming and trolling on this site. I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to anybody who was inconvenienced by my ridiculous troll outbreaks, I regret them. It was extremely immature of me to do such childish actions and I have preyed and hope for forgiveness from th...

@MichaelHampton Yep, he's not even banned there yet.
@MichaelHampton Yeah, because they deleted him, when he came back, he wasn't banned and could recreate the account.
9:10 PM
Oh yeah, oops
If you'd checked about 5 mins ago, that didn't exist on Ask Ubuntu.
Maths banned him til 2026.
Well, I needed a chuckle, anyway.
His post is tagged [compiz]. :)
Yup. Philosophy, Ubunut and Programmers are just a lil slow on the ban hammer.
Ubuntu doesn't have a lot of moderators, I think, and they seem to have large gaps in coverage.
9:13 PM
in Ask Ubuntu General Room, 52 secs ago, by jrg
so i'm tempted just to pull the trigger on the guy.
@MichaelHampton All of AskUbuntu's moderators are still trying to figure out Gnome Shell.
Ubuntu mod ^^
@jrg needs to be more trigger happy.
@WesleyDavid In their defense, I'M still trying to figure out Gnome Shell
(and I fear I'll NEVER understand Unity)
I figured out Gnome Shell already. It was clearly the inspiration for Metro. Or vice-versa.
9:20 PM
Vote Down requires 125 reputation HNNNNGGGGG
Anyone seen this error in VMware 5.1 for SSO?
failed to serialize a response for Edit identity source
Can any of you nerds tell me how downstream 37 dB SNR on a cable modem compares? Is it good, all right, terrible, Shuttleworth?
And he's temporarily suspended from Ask Ubuntu too.
This account is temporarily suspended for rule violations. The suspension period ends on Sep 20 '26 at 21:25.
@ScottPack Quite good, I think.
@ScottPack that's pretty good - what are the signal levels?
9:28 PM
@voretaq7 Doesn't say, I don't think. i.imgur.com/rWv28.png
@ScottPack hmmm
your upstream power seems a little high
your downstream signal level (-1 dBmV) is excellent though (0 is nominal)
@voretaq7 So, with the possible exception of upstream melting the line, I'm doing pretty good. That's nice.
@ScottPack yeah, and your upstream is well within the "normal" (30-50) range
My speeds seem low, so I was starting to look ta the stuff I'm able to look at. I have no idea how populated my circuit is.
50-55 is where you need to start looking at what's causing it, and most modems won't pump out more than 55dBmV upstream
@ScottPack is your modem a DOCSIS 3 unit?
9:31 PM
@voretaq7 Yeah, it's an old Surfboard 5100.
Oh, shit, no. It's DOCSIS 2.
@ScottPack that's a DOCSIS 2 unit -- if you can get one of the 6000 series ones that may help if your node is saturated
channel aggregation FTW
Just last month they started charging lease on these things, so I'm considering buying one of my own.
Granted, I've had this one since Sept 2004.
@ScottPack Yeah, I'd buy your own at this point.
I though floating point numbers were fairly accurate.... Try typing =1*(0.5-0.4-0.1) into Excel.
Google gets it right. Wolfram Alpha get it wrong, well as much as Excel...
Q: Floating point inaccuracy examples

David RuttenHow do you explain floating point inaccuracy to fresh programmers and laymen who still think computers are infinitely wise and accurate? Do you have a favourite example or anecdote which seems to get the idea across much better than an precise, but dry, explanation? How is this taught in Computer...

9:43 PM
@MichaelHampton Yeah, I just didn't think you could run into it so easily...
@ScottPack Yeah, but you can always take it with you. And paying monthly for an ancient cable modem doesn't make any sense to me.
@MichaelHampton Oh sure, and I agree.
Nobody should be renting/leasing a cable modem unless they intend to have the service for less than a year.
Even then, you can buy used modems on eBay for $25
Though don't accept a cable modem that doesn't support DOCSIS 3
I think I've even got a DOCSIS 2.0 SurfBoard around somewhere that I'd give away free if someone paid shipping (and I found the thing)
@MichaelHampton Who only accepts DOCSIS 3.0?
@voretaq7 The SNR is a better indicator of the signal, anything above 20 dB is doing fine. Upstream you generally want what you said, <40 is great, but <50 is acceptable.
9:51 PM
@ChrisS around here (LI) if your downstream signal drops below -15 or so you will have problems during storms (because cablevision's lines are shit, and when they move it drives the noise floor up by about 10-15dB)
fortunately I don't have to worry about any of that anymore because FiOS
::does the happy happy fiber optics dance::
Comcrap has problems with heat, the SNR dips a solid 10-15dB when it's over 90
@ChrisS I noticed the SNR would drop about 5dB on cablevision in the summer pretty consistently
what was more fun was the fall rainy season though - My modem would lock on at -40dB strength for about 5 minutes, but the SNR would eventually drop below 5dB and it would re-sync
when I put my meter on the line I couldn't even FIND the signal - there was so much water getting into the lines that the shield and the conductor were effectively bonded
DevOps...grr...the below would be an SF question, but I figure it will get closed as "likely to solicit debate or opinion"

OK, this is something I don't have experience in. We have our public website externally hosted 3rd party. They want to have customers fill out a form on the site that after submitting will send the info to a database we have in-house. I'm not a fan of giving a 3rd party server direct access to our network or database server. Besides the ideas like dumping the info to a file on the 3rd party server that we retrieve via FTP/SCP, are there other more common methods fo
@TheCleaner hmmm
I'd need to know more about what you're trying to do -- is there some automated process that's getting kicked off?
@TheCleaner RESTful interface
9:57 PM
generally though, why not have it email you the data or POST it to your server instead of theirs?
Have their server POST to a server-oriented URL on your server.
Or bring the website in-house.
This is the same kind of thing Twitter does for its API, by the way.
Representational State Transfer (REST) is a style of software architecture for distributed systems such as the World Wide Web. REST has emerged as a predominant Web service design model. The term representational state transfer was introduced and defined in 2000 by Roy Fielding in his doctoral dissertation. Fielding is one of the principal authors of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) specification versions 1.0 and 1.1. About The REST architectural style was developed by W3C Technical Architecture Group in parallel with HTTP/1.1, based on the existing design of HTTP/1.0. The Wo...
@voretaq7 - They want customers to fill out a quote form that has drop downs, bullet lists, etc. and then when they hit submit it sends an email to the customer thanking them for the request and sends one to a dept. here letting them know of the request. At the same time they want the submitted "data" to populate a Win SQL2008 database table so that the internal employee can use an app that pulls up that database info and allows them to start building a quote based on the customers request.
(basically they want to cut out the issue of a customer saying they want to get a quote and then an employee here walking with them over the phone through the database form...they'd rather the customer have the opportunity to do it themselves through our www site)
@TheCleaner sounds like it should be POSTing to an application you run in-house then, just my way of looking at it though

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