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12:00 AM
ok, 7PM, GoHome Time
BBL maybe
Also I get to learn ruby, hadoop and puppet all in one day
@JoelESalas For me, the heuristic has become "Who will pay more than $25 an hour and not haggle over invoices, or throw tantrums when I won't give out my personal cell number or work on weekends without pay."
And even then, it's been surprisingly dry.
@WesleyDavid Stay strong ;_;
I think the ultimate problem is that I'm an inch deep and a mile wide. No one really needs what I've got to offer. I'm not a hot shot at anything. I can work with anything, but not market myself for anything as a leader or great brain at it.
At least, that's what I'm thinking now - I dunno.
Most places I've interviewed at when I was doing the W2 hunt picked me apart for not having one speciality or another.
@WesleyDavid Specialize in DEVOPS
12:38 AM
Hey cat
what's everyone doing for building large numbers of trivial rpms (in house ones to distribute bash scripts, small c code projects etc). atm i'm using a bunch of cobbled bash scripts, but it seems.... icky. -- is there any well known tools that you can give a sources and rpmspec dir to and it'll chug off and come back with a bunch of rpms and srpms files ?
I'm a devopsapotamus
@voretaq7 heh
@RyanRies Do you actually know Mark Russonovichdfkjlsadfla or do you just tweet at him enough so that he replies to you?
I've tweeted at him a couple of times and never gotten a response
@WesleyDavid Dude, relocate
I know cats are desert animals, but still
12:54 AM
@mdmarra is right. never be scared to relocate. its good for you
@MDMarra I don't know him at all, I just have a man-crush on him
@MDMarra I've had a few short email conversations with him, that's about it
@RyanRies I feel the same way about John Carmack
@JoelESalas Yeah Carmack is pretty rad as well
Ugh whenever a story starts out with "I had an old Windows 2000 server running in a closet on a DSL line," my eyes instantly glaze over
ryan. that sounds alot like the place i used to work.
@RyanRies Was just about 3/4 through that then closed the tab.
1:05 AM
the place where the official upgrade route to solve the terrible wiring cabinet involved a pair of garden shears.
We have a little script in our Makefile that checks to see if you have any syntax errors. I forget to run this before committing all the time. 31 lines of precommit hook later, that's just so much easier than remembering the obvious...
or putting in an alias. shrug
puppet precommit hook was best copy/paste i've done in ages.
1:27 AM
@MDMarra Also don't lose heart, he doesn't reply to half the shit I spam at him either
I need to decide if I want to work for a VAR/consulting company or not
I feel like I get really bored with single environments
And working with @ewwhite lately makes me realize how totally fucked up a lot of places are...
mdmarra. if only you knew the half of it ;p
there's a certain sinking feeling when you start a job at those places and realise what your up against.
1:42 AM
@Sirex I relocated to Phoenix for health and so far it's been great. Just crappy jobs.
@MDMarra It's hard, hard work and you rarely ever get the time to park and finish a job right. All the things you do are slapped in and left with loose ends to keep project costs within budget.
i emmigrated recently. job market here is way smaller, but when you get one come up, noone goes for it. like literally noone.
@WesleyDavid We have some people coming in from a VAR to help set up VMWare SRM
They're going to spend about a month with us, do some knowledge transfer, and peace out
I'd like to do stuff like that
In fact, I should see if they're hiring
1:58 AM
"I have a datacenter in my basement, now what?"
I saw that
How do you get all of that equipment and have such a shit question
@Sirex What is your story? Where did you immigrate from and where are you now?
Ever hear of virtualization? It's pretty cool stuff. — Michael Hampton 7 secs ago
I've thought about it and I can't really decide which I would like more - some place where I can settle in and do things up "right," or a more consulting-like gig where I roam from issue to issue and just sort of set things back and track and then go on to the next engagement. I enjoy both of those things. It's so dependent on exactly what the project is.
@Sirex Also notice that if you want to get someone's attention, use an @ in front of their name and they'll get a notification
I think I get bored too easily to stay in one spot for too long
@RyanRies from uk, to nz. so from 62 million people, to 4 million.
2:06 AM
Which is a good thing about my current employer; they do a lot of different stuff so if you're fed up, you can just move to a different team within the same department
@Sirex Wow, yeah, I'm putting up a datacenter in London as we speak... NZ isn't on the radar though
@Sirex Closest I can do is Hong Kong :)
nz isn't on anyone's radar. aws moving into sydney was like christmas morning.
@MarkHenderson for the win.
still a bit far for some of our needs, but it beats using singapore, anyhow.
Yeah we've got our sights on AWS
They're leaders in Gartners magic quadrant right now... I wanna close that gap.
Is this the general chat for stack exchange network?
2:12 AM
@Garrett It sure is
Cool, the description just says what it isn't haha
@JoelESalas It is?
@Garrett I'm dicking with you. This is ServerFault chat. Did you ask a question on SF?
Ah, many times, but not today
Damnit I'm lost again
How do I computer
2:13 AM
@RyanRies I accidentally the entire SE network, is this dangerous?
in Linux what is the procedure to hot unplug a drive
nothing seems to spell it out
or is just umount fine? I sware I saw a way to shut down the drive in /proc or something but hard to find docs
@sabgenton part of a raid set or what ?
i guess you can spin the drive down after unmounting, but i normally just pull the lever a bit to cut to power to the drive and leave it in situ for a few seconds to spin down, then yank it.
@Sirex I remember kernel.org or something saying pull data cable then pull power lol
I'm shure you way is a better if you don't know the drive is shutdown
depends. typically i'm dealing with sas drives and such in sleds and caddies rather than sata drives
no cables to pull
on the other hand. typically im yanking it cos the dirve is broken, so who cares ;-)
yeah I think kernel.org was talking sata
2:25 AM
prolly safe to do it in that order. my home machine has a sata drive that slams straight into the front of the case for backups, and so both leads disconnect together. - i dont think it really matters as long as the drive is unmounted.
echo 1 > /sys/block/(whatever)/device/delete
A: How can I safely remove a SATA disk from a running system?

WyzardNaturally, you need to unmount any filesystems on the disk, and it'd be a good idea to deactivate any LVM groups (vgchange -an), and generally make sure nothing is using the disk for anything. Once you've done that, it should be safe to unplug. If you want to be extra cautious, do echo 1 > /...

ugh. hate it when this happens. you know there's a 'right' language to do the script in, but the language is bash.
I am amazed how hard that information was to find on the internet
every hotplug guide scream it
@sabgenton You can press the up arrow to quick edit.
you know, that ability is properly not intuitive.
2:34 AM
@Sirex If you hover your post, the drop down on the left also offers edit/delete options.
yeah, that's not intuitive either ;p
The edit option is only available for a short period of time. 60? seconds. Like that pen?
should have a pen edit icon right side of the line.
i dunno ! i just know it sucks. ;-) </end of review>
@jscott no for some reason I can't I am a superuser and stackoverflowe not a serverfaulter maybe this is y
If you have the stomach/time for it, "most" of that sort of stuff is [ahem] documented on meta.stackoverflow.com.
@sabgenton The edit option is only available for a brief period after the post.
2:38 AM
wrong I will click it straight after >this post< and nothing will happen
(there wasn't even a drop down I did it like within 2 seconds
That's odd, I just went into a gaming chat room, which I've never been before, and was able to edit my post.
was it still .stackexchange?
hold on I will go troll someware to see if it works where a normally go
@sabgenton Yes. Aren't all the chat rooms under .stackexchange?
@jscott ok your right I think IE ten is srewin me up
opps I mean't chat.stackoverflow.com is a domain
IE 10 is screwed flash doesn't work for me properly either but fine in firefox
@MDMarra things are f-ed up, but it's not my fault
2:45 AM
Yes, just tested here... I have the default 101 rep on sf
in Windows 8 Developers on Stack Overflow Chat, 1 min ago, by jscott
Whoops, wrong channel. Sorry.
@sabgenton Weird. I don't use IE, so I can't be much help. I didn't even know chat required Flash either.
2:59 AM
@jscott I think flash is for browsers that don't have websockets
I don't have flash and I can chat just fine
its java, afaik
javascript, even. for the picky ;p
@Sirex Hardly being picky; java and javascript are alike in the same way as apples and crackwhores
@MarkHenderson What, they're both red and crispy?
@jscott Or green and sour
3:15 AM
@MarkHenderson I lol'd
Evenin gents
3:46 AM
Q: Web scraping with a simple http client? Is it possible?

DanielI've been performing successfully webscraping with python. However, I was thinking I want to scrap a large website for statistical data but I don't want to read the entire html page to get to the tags, is it possible to build a simple http client whose is going to filter the data received accordi...

Check out the original post on SO.
4:01 AM
@MichaelHampton There should be a filter that disallows you from posting a duplicate of the same question on a different site in the network. This is not an uncommon problem.
No, what we need is a filter that disallows stupid people from breathing.
@MichaelHampton Yeah, I'm sure that's a pretty quick Python script, I'll just whip that up for you...
4:25 AM
Am i the only person who isnt a big fan of ubuntu?
4:39 AM
@NickM. Hating Ubuntu is sort of a hobby in here
I still don't fully understand why
5:07 AM
I know why I don't like them.
I can't ignore them because they're possibly the only major distro that doesn't hobble themselves with an overzealous crusade for "freedom." So they're the only distro that actually works out of the box. But on the other side, they're centrally driven with little or no regard for community input, which leads to a frustrating slide away from what people want.
Case in point: Unity. Another case in point: "shopping lens"
I don't like any Linux. I don't discriminate against any one Distro.
What about BSD makes such a big difference?
It's all POSIX....
Linux was written by some asshole from Finland. BSD was written by a bunch of stoners from California. See the difference?
^Yeah, that just about sums it up...
My biggest complaint is always organization. It seems every Linux Distro thinks they can reinvent the wheel better and usually end up something like
Sure it looks sleek as heck, then you try it out, and find out just how "fun" those new wheels are.
5:45 AM
I always wondered why there were so few *BSD "distributions". What are we down to now, three?
Depends on what you call a distribution.
FreeBSD is an OS, not a distribution.... pfSense, FreeNAS, and PC-BSD are distro derived from FreeBSD.
OK, I deserved that one.
NetBSD, OpenBSD, and DragonflyBSD are also OSes... Not sure if the last one still counts... You really need a minimal userbase otherwise everyone's personal repos could be considered another OS.
Q: What do different BSDs have in common?

rahmu... and what are the differences between them? I formulated my question like this to make it clear I'm not interested in a flamewar of opinions, rather in an objective comparison between the different flavors of BSD Unix. Ideally I could get feedback from users who have experience in all of them....

6:45 AM
@ChrisS Hm. I don't think that's a distinguishing characteristic. You end up with asshats on both sides of the fence.
And sometimes, if you're lucky, they're the same guy.
Theo de Raadt (; ; born May 19, 1968 in Pretoria, South Africa) is a software engineer who lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is the founder and leader of the OpenBSD and OpenSSH projects, and was a founding member of the NetBSD project. Childhood Theo de Raadt is the eldest of four children to a Dutch father, and a South African mother, with two sisters and a brother. Concern over the mandatory two-year armed forces conscription in South Africa led the family to emigrate to Calgary, Alberta, Canada in November 1977. In 1983 the largest recession in Canada since the Great Depression...
@tylerl Nice answer. :)
@MichaelHampton :)
Posted a lengthy answer to your canonical IPv6 Q, which is why I haven't been paying much attention for the last 2 hours.
A: How does IPv6 subnetting work and how does it differ from IPv4 subnetting?

tylerlIPv6 is 128 bits, so why is /64 the smallest recommended subnet for hosts? First of all, a little ASCII art from the RFCs to establish terminology: | n bits | m bits | 128-n-m bits | +------------------------+-----------+----------------------------+ | global ro...

Yeah, I saw that. I think you missed a point or two, though :)
@MichaelHampton Yeah... it's an absurdly long question. And many points were already covered very well by the other answer, so I didn't bother with all of them.
Guess I'll just come back when you're done editing. :)
7:00 AM
done. just saw one word i wanted to clarify
Ha. I asked for a /56 for my house. I got a /48. I've used maybe six subnets so far...
@MichaelHampton Whom did you ask?
SixXS. Still waiting for Comcrap to roll out IPv6 here...
though I think they're giving it to residential customers first, and business customers last. So who knows when I'll ever get it.
Worst part is I don't think the SMC piece of crap they give us business customers even supports IPv6 at all.
hm. I got a tunnel from HE many many years ago. Only started actually needed it about a year ago.
Wonder if Sixxs is faster...
Yeah, I think I got the sixxs tunnel back in 2006 or so. I chose it over HE because they easily punch through NAT, while HE not so much.
7:13 AM
g'day everyone
Ah. I found the autoconfiguration of ipv6 crazy-useful for communicating to VMs that would otherwise be behind NAT. Everything just sets itself up.
Oh yes, I'm already using IPv6 for that.
Once you understand how it all works and why, suddenly the world seems simpler.
I already have all my SNMP, puppet, nagios/zenoss stuff on IPv6 across 100% of my servers. It's a nice place to be. No more stupid proxy agents and port-forwarding hacks.
Agreed. But I'm in the same boat as you with Cox for my ISP. Bunch of monkeys.
7:18 AM
Oh, they'll do it eventually. I'm just afraid they'll replace my POS cable modem with something even worse.
@tylerl I find SixXS faster than HE here in the UK
(Hell, my puppet master is IPv6-only)
@MichaelHampton Seriously? Buy your own damn cable modem. You'll save money in the long term. I went with the Zoom DOCSIS 3 a couple of years ago. It's pretty rock-solid. WAAAY better than the Cisco or Motorola were.
@tylerl Might have to do that. The cable modem that Comcast Business hands out is an utter piece of shit.
@Iain My HE tunnel terminates in LA. Pings around 30ms, I think. If Sixxs has a POP in Phoenix, it may be worth it.
@MichaelHampton Which one is that?
7:24 AM
@tylerl My SixXS and HE pops are both in London bit SixXS is somewhat faster
@tylerl One of my sixxs subnets is on their phoenix PoP, just 2ms away from one of my clients. :)
@MichaelHampton At PhoenixNAP I assume? Or IO.
Yes, it's at Phoenix NAP
@MichaelHampton If you're having recurring trouble w/ it, get the Zoom modem. Just keep the recepit.
@MichaelHampton Really considering putting my backup servers there. The facility has more techno-eye-candy than any other I've toured.
It's a nice little place. I'm on their public VMware cloud
7:29 AM
The there network meet-me cage is behind bulletproof glass specifically so that you can look at it while you're touring the place. Kinda weird, kinda fun.
I hope to never find myself in Phoenix again, unless it's the dead of winter. Desert heat and I do not get along.
So my whois record says I've been watching the dancing turtle since 20061029. ... And I have a whois record.
@tylerl I worked for a docsis ISP once, every modem had to be whitelisted..
2 hours later…
9:33 AM
hey @KennyRasschaert
Ooh you can upload an avatar directly to SE and select between it and gravatar
@Iain well, that's new.
jesus this new search result page on MSO is awful
9:50 AM
@MichaelHampton Think I could get OpenNMS monitoring, etc. working to a bunch of client sites with IPv6?
@tombull89 new search is default everywhere
A: Disable gravatar on Stack Overflow

Jeremy TunnellWe will be rolling out an alternative to Gravatar in the next couple of weeks. You'll be able to either use Gravatar or upload your own picture from your computer - or switch between the two whenever you like. This feature is now live: Please try it out and report any bugs you find.

Interesting - you can upload .gif files but it doesn't show in your profile the movement. The popup box where you can choose between images, however, does.
@tombull89 That seems like a good thing
It's all good fun
@Iain Just testing ;)
10:03 AM
One of my customers just replied my happy new year message saying his mother died :( Really don't know how to respond
not much you can say to that is there
gah. just improved an edit but saved the edit before I was ready.
@RobM Not really, can't not respond though.
indeed. I seriously have no idea what I would say to that myself. I mean other than the obvious "I'm sorry to hear that" stuff of course, perhaps that's all you can say and leave it at that
10:14 AM
Yeah, that's what I've done.

I’m so sorry to hear that – our thoughts here at [xxx] are with you.

Let me know if there’s anything at all you need.
OK, late night emergency averted, back to bed.
we got the weirdest error on a IIS box after installing the latest patch tuesday
you guys ever seen this? "Cannot add duplicate collection entry of type 'filter' with unique key attribute 'name' set to 'ASP.Net_4.0_32bit' "
10:58 AM
nevermind, fixed it
oh for FUCKS sake
Q: I want to ask how to scale a web server to handle consistently high qps, would cloud work

ftigerI want to ask how to scale a web server to handle consistently high qps, would cloud work. The need arises because of the limitations on the current server softwares and i was wondering if we have something available of scale

it's almost like someones trolling us
what is high qps
apart from likely a typo
queries per second ?
Has anyone seen a switch with higher than 48/U port density?
@TomO'Connor yep, our 2960S-switches has 48+4 ports :)
@pauska Hehe, beat me to it
11:07 AM
@TomO'Connor Apart from a few with unshared SFPs (making for 52 usable), no.
Oh, and me.
Short of some sort of custom connector, I'm not sure how you'd fit them.
Most of the 48 port switches I've seen are only half depth.. It'd be nice if some vendor made one that was..
maybe you could find some obscure model with like 56 ports/U, but that is the physical maximum number of rj45's that can fit..
full-depth, double ended.
@TomO'Connor ?!
@TomO'Connor Sounds kinky
11:08 AM
Starring that for out of context.
patch racks with ports on both sides? um no thanks
2 48 ports back to back, with an internal backplane.
Where would you plug the power in?
@TomO'Connor To be fair, most switches aren't even 1/2 depth. You could easily put them in back to back
it'd be fine, if you're only doing patching and switching
@SmallClanger Side?
@Dan yeah.. I've thought about that.
11:11 AM
What @Dan said. Unless you've come some sort of uber shallow wiring closet.
some old telco racks are extremely shallow.. modern racks however could fit 3 switches in a row..
You could use 11U of space, and fit 10 1U switches in vertically, giving you 480 ports.. except in 11U, you could put them in horizontally and get 528 ports.
so that doesn't even work either
11:44 AM
I'd just like to vent about two random things for a second
1/ How the *hell* do you lose a lockable trolley full of 16 laptops in a dance studio

2/ Fuck everything about the management at this place.

Sorry for the interuptions
@RobM Any suspicious looking bumps in the sprung floor?
@SmallClanger none that I could see but maybe i should check again :)
@SmallClanger I used to work in a building that started life as a church, was later converted to a gym, then office space. It had a really expensive hard wood sprung floor complete with hatches to lift and reveal a long jump sand pit - would have been great for hiding stuff in
11:59 AM
@robM Seriously though. If someone was going to nick that lot, they wouldn't just try to walk out with the trolley. They'd wheel it somewhere private so they could pop the lock at their leisure and smuggle the contents out piecemeal. Might be worth scouting nearby rooms and storage.
@iain Nice. Sounds a bit Great Escape. Somewhere to hide the escape tunnel. :)
@SmallClanger any old Tom, Dick or Harry ... I'll get me coat
@RobM Wow. The staff here are supposed to check laptops out/in to students so we know who damanged them. IT doesn't happen though, there's no proper supervision so it would not be an issue for a student to slip a machine into their bag. I dare say it would go untoiced for quite some time.
Hah. Give me the Steve McQueen route, any day.
you're both right. This is crazy.

Arguably not my problem but it just beggars belief
12:14 PM
@RobM Did a project a couple of years ago where we had a delivery of laptops. A whole pallet load were empty :(
As in, the boxes were there, but they had been opened and emptied
good god
wow... just wow
@RobM It was one of those "These feel a bit light.....oooh" moment
that's either someone at the factory or someone on the courier firm being well at it
@Dan opens box -blink- ooh...sheeet
@RobM Yep - I reckon the latter personally, never got a follow up though
@tombull89 Yeah, it was kind of surreal because nobody quite wanted to say "WTF, we've been had"
12:18 PM
I'd have said it...
It's worse then the place is still a building site
Did one in inner city london and on more than one occasion we temporarily lost kit and found it positioned near exits
We had 16 laptops nicked last year - broke in through a fire exit and wrenched a laptop cart open (only one of two locks was locked). They were fairly knacked even though they were just two years old. There were asset tags on them so it would be fairly obvious it was dodgey kit, plus the people selling them woudln't have had any logins for it, or the BIOS.
Insurance paid out, we got a set of newer model laptops that are a lot nicer (and my first i3 machines)
@tombull89 Knew a primary school that was targeted at least half a dozen times over a couple of years for projectors :(
When they took a load of staff laptops from a downstairs faculty base the school had to suck it up because the machines were left out in plain sight (usual AUP stuff about locking it away duly ignored)
well of course. All that taking care of things properly is for other people
12:34 PM
@dan I thought all edu market projectors were bright orange, these days? It'd be hard to shift them
@SmallClanger People who buy stolen projectors probably don't care!
12:47 PM
We had the same area manager get his laptop stolen twice from his desk after hours (this was in an old police station).
After the second time we replaced his laptop with an eMac. Solved that problem. No one would steal an eMac.
Education Mac - stuff made for education is typically white, and cheaper than "normal" stuff.
@Ladadadada did you get that 120 rep back?
@Iain Yep, sure did. The question in question got undeleted.
@Ladadadada yeah I know :) just checking everyone got refunded.
12:55 PM
@Iain in one of the most recent SE podcasts they discussed gravatar and how poor the UX was for new users
you want to change your picture and suddenly you're on a different website that asks you to create yet another account
@KennyRasschaert aye - it was quite an interesting discussion
they have implemented the changes now
not a bad idea imho
the people who think gravatar is a great idea get to use it
people who wouldn't get or appreciate it don't have to
@KennyRasschaert yep
I think you can upload just one one at a time, though, if you upload a new picture it replaces the previous one.
baby steps
I like how UX is getting some attention on SE
they're not longer a network just for nerds
my girlfriend spends a ton of time on the cooking SE and chat
1:00 PM
I really love cooking but have never really got into cooking.se
I'm spending FAR too much time perusing the other SE sites
So far I'm stalking here, movies, mechanics, stack overflow and occasionally parenting for curiosity
Mechanics doesn't move anywhere near fast enough though - I'll be surprised if it makes it, which is a shame as it has potential
SF, SU, MSO, Lego.se (beta) and Arqade, mainly.
1:22 PM
Telling a natural language-capable supercomputer to learn from the urban dictionary website. What could go wrong?
It would have made that edition of Jeopardy hilarious.
@SmallClanger Enh, the AI in that thing is much less impressive than the coverage makes it sound.
I dunno, @HopelessN00b if its swallowed the whole of urban dictionary it would fit right in here
For further lulz, point it at b3ta and 4chan.
Q: Virtualization (Microsoft VDI)

user10901I am having a strange requirement from my employer that I am not sure how to actually solve. We have an application that works in a client <-> server mode. The client logs in to a server, and afterwards the application will do its job (mainly data processing). Only one username / password c...

1:29 PM
^ what he said.
@SmallClanger I like the 4chan idea. It would be interesting to see who would get charged for Watson dropping kiddie porn into its reports.
@Chopper3 Fucking idiot
@Chopper3 Technically speaking, though, your answer's wrong. He could also solve the problem by setting his employer on fire and pushing him out a window.
@HopelessN00b answer with that then, you'll get my vote
its worth it for the laugh
1:33 PM
Bonus points if the first paragraph makes it sounds like a real answer
you say that as if its not a real answer.
It's surprising how many questions can be answered with "Punch your boss in the face until his arse bleeds."
Last time I did that, I got a nasty-gram from ChrisS. :(
@HopelessN00b Really? :D
@Dan Yup.
1:34 PM
@HopelessN00b Was it so nasty that it's not worth me doing it?
Lemme see if I can still see it...
@HopelessN00b Was it along the lines of "Stop doing a TomTom, you git"?
Where's tomtom when you actually need an idea to be flamed?
@tombull89 Nah, just a generic "you need to be nicer" thing.
Can't find it anymore though. :(
Countdown to me being in trouble starts now :(
1:37 PM
@HopelessN00b 'nasty-gram', read that as 'nasty-gramme' for a second ;)
A: Virtualization (Microsoft VDI)

DanI'm going to controversially disagree with Chopper. I've seen problems like this a few times - you can't solve this with VDI, but there are some workarounds you could try: Kill your boss Kidnap your boss Set your boss on fire Hit your boss with textbooks about virtualisation Push your boss from...

@Dan Depends on which diamond sees it. With most, it'll be "very funny, baleted," but some will take offense.
@Dan Lasted four minutes and 15 seconds. Not bad.
@Iain - boo, spoilsport :(
morning nerds
@Dan Wouldn't let me vote to undelete :(
Just found a grumpy teacher - she doesn't like the iPads because they don't have flash on so she can't use her interactive resource site.
sad trombone
1:46 PM
@HopelessN00b I'm feeling kind of guilty now, to be honest
You should change that whole "nerds" thing.

What about... "morning, cnutnty Cnuts"?
@Dan Whyever for?
Is it your fault that apple don't support flash @tombull89
@RobM He's IT, isn't it? Of course it's his fault
@Dan Ding! Correct answer!
1:47 PM
people like that should be invited to arrange the words "fuck off you arse-faced wanker" into a common phrase or saying on a daily basis
@Dan Hey, speaking of that... if you had to, how would you track down which personal device is locking out a given luser on your domain?
@HopelessN00b Ah, you mean you like exchange?
@Dan No, I mean I have a remote luser locking his account out multiple times a day from a device at his home's IP address, that isn't his company-issued laptop. So I'm looking for how to track down the device, or remotely set him on fire, as you suggested in your most recent answer.
@HopelessN00b Ooh - killer
Nevermind, looks like you have at least that much working if you've the IP already.
1:55 PM
fuck yes, sc2012 with sp1 on volume licensing
@RobM "Arse off you wanker-faced fuck?"
that works too
who are u ppl? i want the support staff :(( — gordon 29 mins ago
sql server standard 2012 iso file is 4,2 Gb.. what in the flying fuck

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