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3:00 PM
@pauska Feb and March are the coldest months (at least here); and the pregnancy rate is highest July to Sept. That'd be Nov to Jan.
@ChrisS Yeah, I think we need to know where the analysis was done
I wonder if it's very different between, say, Australia and the UK
@ChrisS The weather is not equal across the planet
Good thought. I'd suspect the months are reversed in Australia. Also, if weather is a strong influence, then places near the equator should have a more even distribution.
@pauska Haha i didn't even put the two together
3:02 PM
I wanna eat thai food tonight, but all the good restaurants are booked :(
I thought it was more about my impending marriage. could be both
@pauska First World Problems. Ha?
@chriss yep to both your points. At least he bothered to report the fault. Eventually.
@pauska take out
always take out
3:03 PM
@MDMarra Marriage does tend to be the slow creeping death of your sex life. So the zombie movie plot does make sense.
Dude. No one was a zombie
they just died
I woke up and was like "I basically helped make something that killed all of my loved ones and now i'm stuck with my ex gf at the end of humanity" and then shrugged and went back to sleep
Reminds me a bit of The Happening
@MDMarra I don't think we have Thai take out over here, y'know
@Dan no kiddin
Plenty of it around here
@MDMarra I only know of one local (ish - about 30 minute drive) Thai restaurant,too
3:06 PM
I mean not from the very high end restaurants, but almost all of the good ($10-25 per person cost) places do it
If you want Indian or Chinese, you're good, they're everywhere. Take away or proper restaurant
@MDMarra Yeah, for some reason, Thai just isn't huge over here. Which is a shame, cos I really love it
It's the only time I get duck
@MDMarra meeting a friend, so no go
I don't know of any Thai take out places around here, but plenty of restaurants that you could do take-out at....
It's been a long time since I had a good pad thai.
3:09 PM
@ChrisS What do you mean?
@pauska a female friend?
@Dan We don't have hardly any "take-out only" or primarily "take-out" (like minimal seating... maybe a dozen people max) restaurants around here.. They're all normal restaurants, and you could walk in and order something ToGo if you wanted.
@ChrisS Oh, I see what you mean. We have that in a sense over here, but the ones that do would still consider that side of things a proper take away business.
Ah; yeah, most restaurants here will to take away if you want. Only the "fancier" ones wouldn't.
Many also have side doors for "curbside" service.
Not around here
WEll, maybe some of the chains have a separate takeout door
But around where I am that's much less common
3:14 PM
Applebees is the only place we have that has a separate takeout door.
my parents go there all the time
they're nuts
I'm sorry.
I'm lucky though. I live in an area where there are a lot of independent eateries
@MDMarra Same here. We have a pretty intense locavore movement.
Applebees is fine when you need something reliably "good" with a variety of food so everyone finds something they "like". But you'll never get great food, or anything to write home about..
@ScottPack What's a "locavore movement"?
3:17 PM
Even when I don't want to go into the city for food, downtown Wayne, PA has a bunch of awesome restaurants
A locavore is a person interested in eating food that is locally produced, not moved long distances to market. The locavore movement in the United States and elsewhere was spawned as interest in sustainability and eco-consciousness became more prevalent. Derivation The word "locavore" was the word of the year for 2007 in the Oxford American Dictionary. This word was the creation of Jessica Prentice of the San Francisco Bay Area at the time of World Environment Day, 2005. It may be rendered "localvore", depending on regional differences. Strategies The food may be grown in home gardens or...
@ChrisS locally sourced ingredients. locally prepared food, etc
There's a brunch place near me that gets everything from within 20 miles
Typically they set "locally sourced" at 100 miles. Around here it's more like 30.
Except the avacado
They have to go outside of eastern PA for avacado
Ah, portmanteau of "local" and "-vore"
3:20 PM
I know of only one place that makes heavy use of avocado, I should ask where they get it. This restaurant is a worker-owned coop, hell a great majority of their ingredients come from the farmer's market.
They only use it in the BLT
It's actually got an egg and avacado so it's not a traditional blt
@MDMarra Did you ever get an answer to your PS question yesterday, or do we just file it as a bug?
but it's fucking good
@RyanRies no answers
I may put a bounty on it at some point
This place makes their own guacamole, I've been told it's really good. Hell, my 3.5 year old will make that her dinner.
In the air again. Stack Exchange needs to fix their chat/ajax/grrr.
3:21 PM
@ewwhite Was it the KVM module?
@MDMarra Well I don't have the answer, but it would not be the first or second time I've encountered straight-up bugs in PS
@ewwhite Now I'm actually interested in your problem :)
@RyanRies Yeah. Microsoft was a few WinOutReach accounts here. I might @ a few of them
@MDMarra Excellent idea
Also, I edited an answer from Harold Wong the other day without thinking
A: Where should SCVMM be installed?

Harold WongYou can install SCVMM 2008 R2 and 2012 onto a physical server or in a Virtual Machine - fully supported. The choice is yours. Just keep in mind that if you lose the Hyper-V host that is hosting the SCVMM VM, you will have to resort to Hyper-V Manager to manage your Hyper-V hosts.

It was just editing his name out of the sig, but right after I did it I was like...that sounds familiar
I do not know @mdmarra. People at work start at 10am.
and I'm on the plane home.
3:23 PM
Ah. I thought you were delaying your flight until it was fixed
Holy shit i've never flagged something so fast in my life
Q: Openldap end user password

fedeAs you can make the end user change their password from a web interface openldap, because often change

@MDMarra I was supposed to fly out yesterday afternoon.
@ewwhite Got ya. I'm really about to lose my shit here though, man. I've been evaluating different vendors to get off of Dell for our VMWare infrastructure we're putting in. I brought my preferred HP VAR in. I was in the meetings with Dell. But now they're meeting with Cisco about UCS and I wasn't invited to the fucking meeting
It looks like I'm being taken out of the decision making for this thing that's been going on for months. I'm really about to lose my cool
@MDMarra Why leave Dell?
Really bad support experiences
We have an office pool every time we need a part whether 1) they'll make the 4 hr window. and 2) whether the part they bring will be the right one
Also, we're 99% moving to blades and aren't impressed with dell's interconnect tech
Can't mix and match 8Gb FC and 10GbE on the same interconnect, so we'd need double the interconnects per chassis
3:28 PM
For blades, HP and IBM are the only real options. If you're willing to live with inferior networking as a tradeoff for much nicer management, then you can go cisco
I didn't know Dell still bothered making blades...
But the HP blades don't have anything in them!!
Invisible computing.
@mdmarra call my vendor up for Blade pricing.
@Basil Dell doesn't have 3Ø Power for their Blades... Obviously don't take their blade seriously.
@ewwhite Heh, I don't think I've ever emptied an enclosure before
But all-in... IBM and HP both have great offerings. I just NEVER see IBM installed anywhere I encounter systems... Remember the blade server that caught fire?
@MDMarra The HP FlexFabric interconnect support 10GbE (CNA) and 2/4/8 GbFC. There's 4 SPF+ slots that support either 10GbE or 2/4/8GbFC, and 4 more SPF+ slots for 10GbE only.
3:37 PM
@ChrisS I've seen 3ø Dell setups.
@ChrisS There's a clear repeating weekly pattern in that birthdays chart. You can see it as darker diagonal lines. So this is only one year's worth of data. There's also a 29th of February, so it must have been a leap year. I'm guessing 2012. There's a weird blank gap at the end of November. No idea what that's about. Did something big happen in February 2012?
I think...
@ewwhite POIDH
@Ladadadada Considering how light Feb 29th is compared to 2/28 and 3/1, I think it's from multiple years. No idea about the November thing. I got it from a website with "interesting facts", so no proof of validity.
@Dan When installing one by yourself, shirtless and sweaty in a stinky Manhattan data center...
It's easier to lift the enclosure when empty.
@ewwhite I've never been daft enough to rack one by myself :D
I made the Ops manager come to site and help on the last one I did
3:44 PM
@Dan Just me being young and stupid. They locked me in the data center until it was done.
@ewwhite I've installed hundreds of IBM bladecenters in another life
@ewwhite Aw
They're more expensive usually, but they can be configured to be more dense or better connected (or both), and they support AIX blades.
@Basil No fires, right?
@ewwhite nope. They all use the same hardware- the only difference is the management. Fires can happen to any vendor.
3:48 PM
In the last 90 days we rejected 66% of SO's migrations - I wonder how bad it will get before the end of Feb when the drop off the 90 day list
@ChrisS yeah
@ewwhite I already have a preferred HP VAR and even if I did call another for pricing, it seems like I'm being squeezed out of decision making for some reason...
We have the HP servers on a reboot loop.
Without the KVM switch...
there's hope!
glorious success?
"So, how did you burn these servers in?"

"10,000 reboots."
cPanel management url is redirecting to hostname :|
That doesn't resolve.
Will my question get closed as herp derp if that's the cause?
3:53 PM
@mossy cPanel is the devil.
@ewwhite I've had a few of those. They were never closed
@MDMarra Come in, be the hero... save them 40%.
@MDMarra Yeah I'm in a weird spot right now.
@ewwhite You unplugged the KVM and it works??
I'm going to punt a small animal.
@ChrisS Well, not sure yet... the servers are booting into RHEL with an rc.local script that sleeps, then issues a reboot.
Made it through SIX reboots so far.
3:57 PM
I wish i can mark 2 answers as correct.
@Patrick you can... it gives each person 7.5 points...
@ewwhite stop trolling
@ewwhite They also have a SoW and VMWare licencing bundled in the price
it would be sticky to break out at this point. Also not interested in muddying the waters any more than they are
@MDMarra I can bundle in VMWare licensing... But you guys aren't doing the install?
@ewwhite Nah, you need SEGold++ for that.
@ewwhite The SOW is for SRM + knowledge transfer
Believe me, if I were in a position to bring in another reseller, I'd be open to it, but I've worked with the guys we have now in the past, and at this point I don't even know if we're still going with HP since I'm being frozen out of the convos
4:01 PM
Dear $DEITY - Please strike down all who leave voicemail where ever 3rd word is "ah", "um", or "eh".
@MDMarra Hmm... yeah, I guess that's worth something?
I pushed to do it internally
Since we don't have it now, it's not a migration it's a new implementation. Learn as we go
It can't be rocket science
As would I.
Seems like there may have been issues with higher level things in the past and the director of ops doesn't seem to trust that type of thing to us
Which is not at all how things were presented to me during interviews
@MDMarra but that's how EVERY job is. I thought I was going to be managing BIG DATA and Hadoop clusters!!
4:09 PM
@ewwhite - I don't want to assume you've googled everything out there, but have you seen this?


Sure sounds exactly like your issue. I'll be happy to post it as an answer on your question and take full credit if it works! :)
bah...suck I never bothered to click your links in your question
@ewwhite Not like this man. It's sooooo sloooow here. I'm losing my edge
@TheCleaner I think it's an interaction with the KVM switch on our crashcart.
I was brought in because of my P2V experience. That was almost a year ago. Still don't even ahve the hardware
Good god, I just spent 20 minutes solving a bug because I can't work out the difference between AND and OR
There's just no work for us to do, so people are on projects that they have no business being on just to shut them up, which bumps me off of things I legitimately should be on
And we have another new guy starting on Monday...
4:14 PM
@ewwhite - really? That's pretty odd.
Just in case this helps:

Processor Power and Utilization Monitoring (Default = Enabled):

This BIOS option allows allows the enabling/disabling of iLo4 Processor State Mode Switching and Insight Power Management Processor Utilization Monitoring.

When set to disabled, the system will also set the HP Power Regulator mode to HP Static High Performance mode and the HP Power Profile mode to Custom. This option may be useful in some environments that require absolute minimum latency.
Ohh....lookie lookie, maybe I found a cookie
Dynamic Power Capping Functionality (Default = Enabled):

This BIOS option allows the user to disable the System ROM Power Calibration feature that is executed during the boot process. When disabled, the user can expect faster boot times but will not be able to enable a Dynamic Power Cap until this feature is re-enabled.
Wow, talk about a Powershell nerd's wet dream: microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=36389
Ugh, I work in a "Alternative & Renewable Energy" building and they don't know how to turn the damn heater on.
just because it's cloudy doesn't mean i have to wear mittens at my desk.
On an SQL Server do you guys routinely check each databases backup, or just a couple?
@MDMarra Sounds like there are some issues.
I know this is an old thread, but in case anyone else finds it, Oracle does not recognize the validity of only assinging the Virtual Machine running Oracle x number of CPUs out of a total of y cpu cores in the server. They require a license for all the cores on the server if it is running VMWare. If you are running it this way make sure you get in writing, from Oracle, that this is a supported configuration and you only need a licence for x number of cores, not a license for all the cores on the server. — Jeff Nov 5 '12 at 19:29
I partially find this hard to believe, but then again, it's Oracle so I don't
Can anyone weigh in?
4:19 PM
@ewwhite Yeah. For once in my carrer i'm somewhere with too much money. And since it's NPO, it gets spent on payroll, SOWs for things we can do internally ,etc
@TheCleaner Not available on G7 systems.
Well, suck...sorry mate
@ewwhite Curiosity: who made the KVM switch?
@Patrick We use SCDPM, it sends a flurry of e-mails anytime a sync job fails (syncs DB backups ever 15 minutes)
@RyanRies - that doc is one of those I'd print out and randomly highlight crap and leave on my desk for my boss to see and think I'm brilliant.
4:22 PM
@MilesErickson not sure.. it looked cheapish. It was attached to a mobile crash cart. It had a mini jack for audio, so was probably consumer-class.
@TheCleaner Precisely
If anyone has a minute, could you try loading

Does it resolve to the hostname?
@mossy Doesn't load for me
4:29 PM
Thanks @r.tanner.f
@MDMarra Honestly, man, I think the better idea is to get better at winning your office pool. Sounds like you're leaving a lot of money on the table by moving away from a vendor that creates gambling opportunities through which you can enrich yourself.
Yeah, that's the problem.
@Dan Me either actually, but it does resolve.
Actually, neither does longerdays.com under HTTPS
Laters all
@Patrick Automated checks, do restore tests occasionally of a random db.
4:30 PM
@HopelessN00b everyone plays a 2 leg parlay "misses windows" + "wrong part"
No way to make real money picking the favorites
We had a tape drive fail in texas. 4 hour MC support on it. Dell got it there 4 days later
Got it
@MDMarra Bah, sounds like you need help setting up a pool where you can have a +EV playing it, then. :p
What the hell cpanel
@mossy cpanel? Get out.
4:33 PM
@mossy Yes. cpanel is hell.
@mossy Sorry man, the rules gotta apply equally to everyone.
Yes, but I can't always be here to hold their hand.
@mossy I'll have to check with @MichaelHampton , but I don't think that's on the 0-length list of acceptable excuses to use cpanel.
For those of you using SSD's, which brands are you using in your servers?
(consumer SSD's)
I uh. I'm new.
4:36 PM
Hmm what for lunch.
@ewwhite SE uses the Intels
@ewwhite Intel.
I don't know if it actually makes a difference, or if they're better than anything else, but started using them back when Intel was the only SSD that didn't have driver issues and such.
@ewwhite Intel and Samsung
@ewwhite still stuck waiting on OWC?
Say, @ewwhite , did that HP guy and new server fix your problems?
4:41 PM
Official Team motto: Never go full retard.... durrr....
I hate when I've got the tune to a song stuck in my head and I can't think of any of the words... Well I've had that for about a month with this song.. I just remember 3 of the words - enough Google-Fu and it's "Hinder - Red Tail Lights"
@SpacemanSpiff Must be nice. Our official corporate motto is the opposite.
@MDMarra OWC is the same as the Vertex Pro Max IOPS... and there's no quantity of anything available...
NAND shortage
@HopelessN00b bad KVM switch.
@ewwhite definite?
4:50 PM
@ewwhite - so you figured out the power hang issue?
@ewwhite Man, I'd give 'em crazy hell for that. Like... "So, what freebies am I getting to make up for this? I could use some 2TB near-line SAS drives."
Is there a way...in PowerShell to have it check for the user path? Such as if I need to write a script that has to create a folder > dump an XML file into said folder in a users path - but the client machine could be XP or 7.
@Cole Test-Path
thank you
C:\Users is only on Vista+, C:\Documents and Settings is on both XP/Vista+
4:57 PM
Thank you very much
I knew there was a way, but I think I wasn't wording my Google search correctly.
@SpacemanSpiff That's actually a really, really important step IMO...
@Cole %userprofile%
coffee coffee coffee :DDD
ya dude i had three cups today
I drink 3x coffee since I quit smoking
@MDMarra ah I thought so wasn't sure if that would work, but sweet.
5:00 PM
@MDMarra @MDMarra Forgot his native tongue of PowerShell: $env:UserProfile -- but that only returns the current user's profile.
@MDMarra When did you quit?
@jscott yeah. I assumed this was in a logon script or something
@r.tanner.f probably about 3 years ago now
I'd have an odd cigarette here and there at bars for a bit, but I haven't had one at all for about 2 years now
@MDMarra Got it, I just saw the "in PowerShell" bit stopped parsing there.
May be a login script
Not sure how they're doing it yet
I'll present it to them
5:03 PM
morning everyone
Would I remove a NAT layer by (example) going into the Netgear Settings? — user1470242 7 mins ago
why do I bother
@MDMarra Everyone starts somewhere!
@Cole Yeah, one of the most difficult things [where I presently work] is getting clear, concise requirements/specifications for projects.
@jscott indeed, since they're not 100% on what the need it's hard to judge.
I think it's going to be pushed out via CA
@MDMarra - you actually understand what he is asking here?
Q: Remote Desktop Connection

user1470242If I am asking on the wrong stack exchange site, please let me know. We have a remote server that we connect to using Remote Desktop Connection. It works when we enter the IP address 192.x.x.x . The Cisco router we use has only 4 ethernet ports and to try and add more, we connected a Netgear rout...

I've read it 4x and still can't tell if he's saying the RDP isn't working or the new clients hanging off the netgear.
5:12 PM
@TheCleaner he's daisy chaining SOHO routers and can't figure out why he can't RDP to a box behind two of them
Needs to put the Netgear in bridge mode.
Need to not use soho routers at all
Well yeah
but, you know how it is.
Ok lunch bbiab
HP servers are still working, but one just gave:
11:14 AM
207 memory initialization error processor 1 DIMM2 and 3
@MDMarra - he probably left the DHCP server on in the netgear for one, and he might have also used the WAN port as well to connect it to the cisco. I like your RTFM comment.
5:18 PM
you guys see this?
tested.com/tech/pcs/… Monoprice Announces 27-Inch 2560x1440 Monitor for $390
oh giggity
thank you david
@TheCleaner yeah. using the WAN port will NAT it
@ewwhite Christ man, you gotta tell HP to get their shit together. "Look we're trying to displace another vendor here, so no fuckups, huh? Triple check everything. "
crossfit time...
@David Meh. Already have 3 27" IPS screens from Microcenter. Paid $399. A 2% price drop isn't wrth getting excited over.
5:30 PM
@HopelessN00b the microcenter ones have native displayport right?
@MDMarra Dunno, I'll have to check. DVI and HDMI, which is all I cared about.
It doesnt make sense for me to but a $300 catleap from ebay and then spend $70 on an active dual link dvi - displayport adapter
So if they've $400ish with native displayport, that's worth it to me
Woah, SO disappeared.
@MichaelHampton ayup
5:34 PM
@MichaelHampton And the peasants rejoiced!
so did SF :)
Oh, they're back
@HopelessN00b I can't take much more of the panel.
It's taunting me.
@mossy Right, it's cPanel. Nuke from orbit, and let god sort it out.
On old machine running redhat 7.3 , where kernel 2.4 is required, git is not working. — enzo2 1 hour ago
5:40 PM
it's certainly an interesting problem
Did they change the command for dns cache flush on os x 10.8
@voretaq7 "Ewww, Ubuntu?"
@mossy What is this about cPanel and you?
posted on January 11, 2013 by SysAdmin1138

Inspired from this closed post over on programmers-stackexchange. Pretty much, for an application that is resource intensive, is going physical a good idea for startups? Disclaimer: The application I'm working on right now is such a 'resource intensive' application, and...

Trying to work with a liquidwebs preconfigured "secure version"
It's secure, that's forsure.
5:49 PM
@HopelessN00b Be nice. I might be deploying Ubuntu or Debian in production.
Woohoo, OpenBSD has virtio drivers in -current.
OK, so aside from costing money for all the cool features, Zimbra is pretty damn awesome once I get it working...
@voretaq7 I'm not sure what "be nice" means in this context. Do you you mean, "be nice" and perform a mercy killing on you, so you don't have to roll Ubuntu to production?
@HopelessN00b Be nice and port Zimbra to FreeBSD so I don't have to have Linux in my environment.
@voretaq7 Doable. What's the payscale on this little hell you've worked up for me?

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