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12:03 AM
Holy sh*t, it beats GHC exponentially (at least in some cases)
wait what is that? a really good haskell compiler??
@UnrelatedString If you're still around and it isn't a bother could you check out the Prolog room? We need your help
read the readme, and all I have to say is: cool
@Ginger It's not just a compiler and it's not for Haskell itself
@mousetail probably not, considering that the crack isnt even valid (adapt code prints "2\n" instead of "2")
12:08 AM
not really haskell, but a compiler for untyped lambda calculus
@user well the readme sure looks impressive
It does
and we have a winner for
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerFastest untyped lambda calculus evaluator fastest-code functional-programming lambda-calculus interpreter Challenge What it says on the tin. Mainly because googling "fastest untyped lambda calculus" gives almost zero meaningful results. Each submission is expected to take a lambda term from STDIN...

12:27 AM
@user well, don't bounty any more of my answers. I'll probably post plenty
lol okay
12:45 AM
@user np
1:00 AM
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Simplify a Cycle
Any last feedback on ^
might post today
The last one is confusing.
By removing the [2, 7, 2, 7, 2] loop you get [1, 2, 3, 7]
By removing the [7, 2, 7, 2, 3, 7] loop you get [1, 2, 7]
you're removing the first loop you see
What about [1, 2, 1, 3, 2, 3]?
1:11 AM
... why?
[2, 1, 3, 2] is reduced to just 2
no wait
[1, 3]
smooth brained being able to read the first 1 there
What about [1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 3]?
[1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 3]
[1, 2, 1, 3, 1] -> 1
... even though it could be simplified to [1, 3]? That's... inefficient
> Note that the simple cycle may not be the shortest cycle, and the shortest cycle may not be the simple cycle.
1:17 AM
2:16 AM
Q: Write a program with the smallest width

SisyphusPrint or return the following text: Hello world! The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog. However, your submission will not be scored in bytes. Instead, primarily it will be scored by the width in pixels of the program when written in Arial in a 12pt font. In particular, the score is: $$ (\tex...

@NewPosts Unary with ZWSPs, length 0
Don't even need unary
Just use stuck: esolangs.org/wiki/Stuck
Wait there's more text
Smooth brained it
I have a JS template that allows coding in one column
2 hours later…
4:14 AM
@Steffan bro i find it way easier to program in knight lol
prolog is just way too confusing
knight is easier to understand
knight is also way harder to write something coherent in
@UnrelatedString ya i suppose if u were to look at someone else knight code it would be confusing but i find it relatively easy to code in
and tbh prolog looks just as, if not even more incomprehensible than knight
could be im just a noob at prolog tho lol
like i cant understand shit in prolog
the predicate stuff and unification or whatever, and cuts like my brain hurts just trying to understand it lol
don't worry about cuts
worry about cuts once you understand everything else
ye true, still tryna understand everything i read in the tutorial linked in lotm post
5:06 AM
@NewPosts relevant
(changed the message to "Hello!")
bruh what was that huge line stretching across my screen a second ago
my screen like glitched out or smth
That's literally the source code for my answer :P
@Bubbler oooh wait, didnt see ur msg lol
6:31 AM
@Bubbler Now scoring less than 1 :P
6:46 AM
In a hypothetical version of Vyxal that did base decoding with large amounts of the same chars (WIP, may become a feature) it would be .28
Q: If an event has a statistical probability of only 50%, is it possible to use a neural network to predict it with more than 50% accuracy?

Joe HuangFor example using a neural network to predict a coin toss. Can a trained neural network to predict it with more than 50% accuracy?

7:32 AM
Purely statistically, no.
Accounting for physical and environmental conditions (like coin weight, force of flip, weather etc), maybe
If the outcome is 50:50 but does depend on several factors, NN will do much better than when the outcome is 99:1
Otherwise NN just becomes a sophisticated RNG
1 hour later…
8:53 AM
morning all
2 hours later…
11:10 AM
@user how does your bounty work? First answer is 100, second 200 etc.?
11:55 AM
@mousetail yes
Ok time to write 10 prolog answers
Obviously aftr 500 it gets confusing so I’ll probably stop
@mousetail go for it, there’s a prolog room if you want
I know barely any prolog myself but it’s cool to see
12:46 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

py3programmerPrint the source code of the previous answer This is an answer-chaining challenge. The objective is simple: print the source code of the previous answer! When writing your program, it must print the source code of the latest answer. I have written the first answer. No answer will be accepted, so...

@SandboxPosts i could swear we have this already
Rust is seriously OP
My parser worked first try after I got all the compiler errors cleaned up
@RadvylfPrograms Yes, it is God's chosen language.
@RadvylfPrograms How complicated was it? That's really cool
There's a reason for it's popularity
@user Moderately. About 300 SLOC, has to deal with different types of parenthetization, somd really unusual parsing rules for unary and binary operators, insertion of default variable names when an operator is missing a required argument, etc.
Took quite a bit more debugging on JS, and still had some weird issues
1:00 PM
And this was without a parsing library too?
Pattern matching is really nice for language design
@RadvylfPrograms I especially like Haskell because it gives me lots of compile errors
@user Yep
1:33 PM
@RadvylfPrograms SLOC is what lines of code?
Significant, I think. Just non-empty ones.
I always thought it was spaceless lines of code
@pxeger If it compiles, it works.
Source Lines of Code right?
@RadvylfPrograms I think it also excludes comment lines
@WheatWizard That's what they say, at least :P
1:35 PM
@pxeger Yeah, it usually does
1:59 PM
if you know me, you know that gbz80 is the best language :P
@SNBeast what's the best language if i don't know you?
glad to know ya
thanks for the oreo
2:08 PM
what kinda oreo is that
|I| is more accurate
@pxeger the kind with eyes
the better to... see oh oh kay eye ee you with?
sideways oreo: =
nope doesn't work properly
i actually had a really good oreo ascii
but i ated it
2:11 PM
we are not amused
> we
me and my clone army
oh boy it's early 2021 all over again :p
The Ginger Hivemind(tm) now exists apparently
@user get in here we have an organisation to topple!
does he.. does he suspects us?
2:14 PM
@thejonymyster *January 22 2021
why was your name capitalized then
how do I know that's not evil mirror dimension lyxal
did you have a goatee too?????
back then it was pronounced "licks-all"
I still pronounce it like that
sue me
(i mean same, it also makes "lyxtures" easier to say)
it also makes more sense for "vyxal", sounds like "vixen"
@Ginger because lowercase lyxal was officially sanctioned by hyper-neutrino
2:18 PM
im trying to think of how to spell it so itd be unambiguously pronounced "likes-all"
(without just doing that)
Jun 4, 2021 at 6:44, by lyxal
in hyper-neutrino's domain, May 5 at 23:07, by Lyxal
@hyper-neutrino I have a reasonable need of your moderator help. I would like a username change to lyxal (very important to notice the lower case letter at the start). I can't do it myself because 30 day policy reasons
@thejonymyster i say "likes-al"
woops wrong quotes
@Seggan good. Excellent
2:19 PM
like "Like Sal"?
better like saul
Aug 30 at 14:18, by lyxal
better call lyxal!
@lyxal although i pronounce Myxal as "Miks all" :P
2:21 PM
@Ginger if you think that's something, emanresuA used to be A username
and I used to be Gru ensgdrtsnIiei
@user why do you have so many sockpuppets? I've been following the chain of links in their bio's for 3 hours
@pxeger all that prolog rep has to come from somewhere
do you think it just magically appears out of nowhere?
rep don't grow on trees
now admittedly, explicitly linking all those sockpuppets isn't a good idea - it makes it obvious there's rep laundering happening
what @user should do is open a car wash or a nail salon and launder the rep that way
2:25 PM
how? rep isn't physical afaik
you think they exist for awarding good answers
hmm is rep laundering against site rules?
when really, they're used by stackexchange underworld kingpins to move reputation between accounts :p
I'll keep that in mind :b
@Seggan probably, but you gotta turn that dirty rep into clean rep somehow
Major assumption that blockchain is a solution to a problem and not an invented problem like it is
2:35 PM
Oh no
2:48 PM
@pxeger Huh, I don't remember modifying my bio to say that
It's not your bio, it's one of your sockpuppets'
@lyxal Yes, quantum cloud blockchain NFTs are perfect for money laundering
My sockpuppets' bios are my bios too, after all
Petition to rename OTTNB to "byte 20 and up"
@mousetail surely theres a joke about code bowling to be made, but i dont know anything thatd make sense lol
the 9th pin?
3:01 PM
The Bowling Green
I haven't been following the conversation so I don't know what exactly you wanted moving
Please let me know if there's anything else
that's good thanks
Well I kinda also meant the stuff about oreos and money laundering but that's less noisy, this was the more urgent stuff
@WheatWizard How many mods are to be elected? Is it even a fixed number?
3:07 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing your prophecy was right!
You can see the number of positions on codegolf.stackexchange.com/election/4, but it's fine to just ask.
Oh didn't notice that
No problem.
Just idk if noone is online the next time you want to ask about the number of slots in a moderator election you can look there. (I guess this is helpful only in an incredibly niche scenario.)
thanks lol
I was deciding whether or not to start writing a nomination for myself. Because I know who I want to be moderator, and if there's only one position I would rather them than me ;)
3:41 PM
ugh im under 18
nobody would vote for me anyway lol
CMQ: (genuinely) We have for minimizing, for maximizing, and for approaching some specific value. Are there any other code-<sport>s which would make sense at all?
idk im just wondering if we could have like. Code tennis
Did you mean: ?
oh neat the label's in italics too
3:46 PM
@thejonymyster i think thats called a
is Code King Of The Hill
code shotput
What about Code Capture The Flag? I guess that's kind of what is
i can see that
well no in cnr the flag only goes one way
@Seggan riiip, im under 18 too :|, but i feel like i wouldnt stand a chance either lol
3:50 PM
do you want to be mod?
yall are crazy
@AidenChow id never thought so
imagine having responsibility, couldn't be me
@pxeger cops and robbers is cops and robbers :P
though someone should make a capture the flag style challenge
whichever side has most points?
tho its kinda like a koth
@RadvylfPrograms damn
thats too OP
3:56 PM
Code Chess?
Ooh, code golf on a chess clock timer would be fun
@thejonymyster bro i got some free time to kill lol
like might as well
@Seggan capturing a flag could be like a combination of answer-chaining and cops-and-robbers
so it's captured when you can extend it and you try to make it hard to extend?
@pxeger the first step could be to figure out how to make it turn-based
itd be funny to have a team aspect though
for ctf
imagining a rule like "you join a team by submitting an answer for that team, and youre not allowed to switch teams"
and its like, the challenge is to print either Cat or Dog or something and you have to follow specific rules on how you can modify the program
makes sense
4:09 PM
likely set by the previous answer
team Cat and team Dog
This isn't chess clock based but it's a similar concept:
a judge or panel of judges sets a problem, e.g. "output sequence A0123456 in under 80 bytes in Python"
then two players or teams compete to try and solve that first
basically like competitive programming but with a length restriction
oh boy
but we already have a timed challenge upcoming (hopefully)!
@thejonymyster this ruels actually i might write it up at some point
ill hvae to think of rules rules though
and a better challenge
4:16 PM
TIL you can play sequences on OEIS
@pxeger have you seen codingame's clash of code
and i'm sure there are other similar games
code football
its automated and it doesn't have subjective "best program" but there are code golf challenges and shortest coding time challenges
4:22 PM
@thejonymyster that's basically just code bowling then
ok wait thing ive realized
Most sports are just "highest number of points"
the three tags we do have are competitive sports but they mainly feature one person playing at a time, rarely directly interacting with the other players
and then koth and cnr are like... are those sports? or
What is a sport, and what is merely a game? These are the kind of philosophical questions we answer on... Code Golf Stack Exchange.
clash of code is a multiplayer coding game. there's three modes, one is code golf, another is just whoever can solve it first, I forget what the last one is
4:27 PM
@thejonymyster Hello!
@Steffan it's whoever can solve it first but you only get the test cases rather than the challenge statement
called reverse I think
yes I just ermembered
you rember
I always have problems dismembering stuff :P
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

simonalexander2005write the "index by number" sequence Imagine writing out positive integer numbers, and indexing each character in a 1-indexed array (indices read vertically on the top two rows, numbers read horizontally on the third): 000000000111111111122222222223333333333444444444 12345678901234567890123456789...

4:33 PM
One disadvantage of Rust though:
rookie numbers
4:56 PM
Q: Prove the Mathologer 20 card solution

Mikaël MayerThis very interesting video of Mathologer states the following problem: Given a sequence of 20 cards face down, one move consists of taking a card face down and flipping it up, and then flipping the card to its right (if it exists). Prove that any sequence of such moves terminate. Pick a language...

@graffe aloha graffe :-)
5:35 PM
@thejonymyster Yes
It'll give me an excuse for why I don't have Marshal yet :P
@RadvylfPrograms You can still read the tab text, this is amateur hour over here :P
I'm still not really sure if I prefer JS-style stumbling across errors randomly with a decreasing frequency, or Rust-style error: could not compile 'twitch' due to 19 previous errors
@RadvylfPrograms This also sounds like my Haskell experience :P
(and Prolog, and Scala, and BQN, and...)
@thejonymyster i like this
though id make the rules on which team you go on be based on something immutable, such as user id
otherwise it could turn out to be a 4v28
You're describing Red vs Blue
5:46 PM
@Seggan That can also happen if teams are based on user ID, depending on who chooses to sign up
true but itd be less likely
imo people would just choose the winning team
Have you or a loved one had a challenge idea you think is new and creative? If so, you may be entitled to "Calvin has already posted this challenge" duplicate insurance. Call 1-800-CALVIN today
that does not apply in this case :P
i knew of redVblue
@thejonymyster 🤔
5:47 PM
@Seggan lmao
@DLosc YES
whatd it be
try to avoid the attacks of others?
thats koth
@DLosc OP produces a piece of malicious code, answers have to edit 5 characters at a time to make it safe
@Seggan Yeah, probably
@cairdcoinheringaahing and the winner is...?
(Don't actually do that, challenges around malicious code are banned)
5:49 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Sounds like
@Seggan Everyone, as we all had fun :P
@DLosc also
anyway i feel like writing up a ctf challenge now
@cairdcoinheringaahing I don't need Calvin insurance, since I've never thought of a challenge as creative as one of Calvin's :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing radiation hardening koth?
@DLosc oops :P
5:52 PM
@DLosc Is where the nth answer must continue the chain from the nth posted challenge?
One challenge format I've played around with is "answer tree", which is like answer chaining, but multiple answers can shoot off from the same answer at any point in the chain. The biggest problem I've had with it is that the SE format really doesn't work for it
@pxeger So like, on their turn each coder can add or change one character of their program? Could be interesting. They'd probably need to use the same language, tho.
@cairdcoinheringaahing kinda like Evolution of OEIS?
@Seggan Yeah, that challenge is why I think the format doesn't work on SE
@DLosc Hmm, and it wouldn't have to be strictly "shortest program wins"; it could be "first person to complete a working program (without losing on time) wins." Because of the turn-based nature, it's likely the first working program would also be shorter than whatever the opponent was trying to write.
Is there a default I/O rule about taking string input as a list of codepoints? I can't seem to find anything.
iirc there was
doesnt keg do that
6:12 PM
Damn, I was hoping there wouldn't be another mod election until late 2024
I guess I'll just need to make sure one of the current mods conveniently vanishes in the next two years
answer chaining idea: modify the previous program to be a solution to the problem in another language, score is bytes added, deleting bytes is free, minimize your score
But early congrats to caird on becoming a mod next month :p
(seconded :)
6:24 PM
eh, radvylf would be better
If I could run I would :p
(would run, not would be better. caird would probably be better :p)
6:54 PM
@thejonymyster oh my god, and this can be both self validating and self scoring if the challenge itself is to take two strings and count how many character additions it takes to get from one to the other LMAO
idk if thats necessary but itd make some fun tags
or wait, maybe not both of those
itd be more cohesive but probably make the challenge less good :P
Challenge idea: You have
It's true, I do.
7:16 PM
@RadvylfPrograms This is good timing, means that 2024 is the likely date for the next election :P
Would it be acceptable to award a bounty immediately after 24 hours even if the answer only has 3 upvotes?
7:35 PM
Q: The second even sublime number

Bubblereasy mode of my previous challenge A perfect number is a positive integer whose sum of divisors (except itself) is equal to itself. E.g. 6 (1 + 2 + 3 = 6) and 28 (1 + 2 + 4 + 7 + 14 = 28) are perfect. A sublime number (OEIS A081357) is a positive integer whose count and sum of divisors (including...

7:47 PM
A: What's a string?

user45941If it looks like a string and acts like a string, it's a string Examples of strings: Native string types: C++ strings, Java Strings, JavaScript Strings, etc. Native character types: C/C++ chars and wchars, Java chars and Characters, etc. An iterable (tuple, array, vector, list, etc.) of characte...

@user What's the bounty for?
Being an answer to an old question
...and I just realized it wasn't eligible for my bounty but whatever, a lot of effort was spent on it
@user I don't see what would be bad about awarding it immediately, why would that make a difference?
Well, less people would see the answer and upvote then
what are the points in the bounty for then :P
7:55 PM
Yeah I guess so
A lot of Ajax1234's answers might be eligible for your bounty
I'll check those out then
Oh wait, he does unanswered ones, and I guess you excluded them
95% of them are to unanswered old hard questions
Yeah there's a good bounty for unanswered ones already
How does this person do that?
the question is 3 days old lol
8:03 PM
I'm gonna put that on you Steffan
You guided me to Ajax1234 :P
lol want a refund bounty :P
I mean rep's not exactly meant to be a currency but
thats definitely how we use it
8:39 PM
@user "old" questions with few answers
are u trying to drain ur rep or what
8:55 PM
@emanresuA Yeah I didn't realize
Steffan pointed that out above
@Steffan Yes
oh? why's that
This account may become abandoned later so I'm just making the most of it while the rep is still accessible
9:13 PM
wait what
I've been spending too much time on CGCC, I'm going to take a break for a month or so and if it turns out I'm fine with it I might just leave entirely
Traitor smh :P
Case in point: I've been switching to this tab like every 15 seconds. Every few minutes I shut it down and then two minutes later I log back in (I'm opening in Incognito as a mostly failed attempt to make it a bit harder for me)
In other news, Math.SE has cooked up some more drama
What is it about math that drives people to such extremes?
9:19 PM
They just refuse to accept that 1 plus 1 is 3.
9:32 PM
I've been spending way too much time on CGCC too
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