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12:04 AM
Q: Does bankruptcy remove all buildings based on when their construction started or finished?

UllallullooSo, my economic policy has proved a bit a unstable, and I'm not several thousand gold in debt. I plan to declare bankruptcy, but I figure there's no reason to rush into things. I would like to capitalize on my credit as much as possible, so I took out several thousands more in loans and built a b...

12:15 AM
Buying breakfast from street food stalls is fun.
It does result in a number of plastic bags though.
12:44 AM
If you dispose of them properly it's not too bad, especially considering the alternative is a much higher risk of getting food poisoning
1:01 AM
@Ash yeah
it kind of hurt a bit
feels fine now though
@Yuuki That does sound fun
1:22 AM
Q: How to unlock bait attachment in Story of Seasons Trio Of Towns?

BellsHimeI am currently in Spring of year 2 on my trio of towns. I have yet to unlock the bait attachment that Ludus offers. I have the trophy that says I have at least caught 200 fish and the veteran fish collector rank. The town ranks are very high as well Westown is A rank Tsuyukusa is at max rank and ...

1:36 AM
Blade Runner 2049 is, as suspected, even more fantastic on a second viewing. Not sure why I waited so long to rewatch it.
@fredley IT's for jokes like this that I occasionally read parts of the chat transcript.
Q: Building on top of Trapdoors in Vanilla?

Billhttps://i.imgur.com/E7QfAHD.jpg how the heck did this guy build seapickles and frames on top of trapdoors? is this a mod? How do I do it? he only mentions shaderpacks/texturepacks at the end of the youtube vid, no mods... < video, image from around 25 mins in T...

2:27 AM
Augh LibreOffice Draw why do you hate my pretty nine pointed star picture SO MUCH
(Newsletter edits, whee. Because I am a SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATOR hahahahahaha omg I still can't stop laughing about how they gave me a title)
@fredley I missed this somehow omg. I hope you find your way to a thing that brings you the kinds of joy and fulfillment you need, in the time you need it. (Please do make sure you take time for yourself, too, to breathe, if you can!)
@Chippies I don't know why but I was thinking about that mural you guys were painting. Did baby-person interrupt that? I liked seeing the progress. :)
3:02 AM
@Ash Google has its own drawing/charting tool online
It's all good, I just decided removing it was okay
I can do that!
(insert that laughing gif @Wipqozn uses so much)
3:27 AM
Yes! That one!
(I really like serving in this capacity, I am just amused that I have ended up here, and amused that the small things I do warranted a title)
If you ever need to find it, just google @Wipqozn’s socks
here's an audio version of it
but then I might have to look at his socks, too
3:35 AM
@Ash this is true.
Protip: don’t google @Wipqozn’s socks
3:55 AM
....man I super wonder what the time delay is on question/meta feeds.
(I don't think there's an answer, but I am curious.)
idk, but they seem to have gotten longer
Okay, that's not just me feeling that then
I feel like Lazers has gotten sloooooow
sepia has always been slower than normal lazers, but way slower now
and normal lazers is slower than i recall it being before
4:02 AM
I wonder if something changed?
but I mean I have 0 idea how it works anyhow :P
i havent seen anything about it on meta, but they could have increased the time between postings to chat
It just seems odd to do that, but who knows
like you'd think faster would be better so people see stuff as it happens so if like someone makes a toxic post people can see it and vamoose it
@Ash i dont know 100% if this is how SE has it, but I would think that every question asked would raise an event which is listened to by the feed. and every so often it checks to see if there has been at least one event, and if there has, dumps all events into messages to post here
4:06 AM
nods I figured something like that probably, but the time interval seems ridiculously large
yeah, I will have to look on meta and see if anything has been mentioned about it
if not ill try and remember to post a question about it
Let me know if you find anything out! at this point I am just like pokepoke HOW DO YOU WOOOOORK
4:20 AM
Q: The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things

Ash....of shoes and ships and sailing wax, of cabbages and kings.... And also about how I'm stepping down as moderator, effective whenever the CMs see my request (tomorrow, probably, at this point). It's not because I don't love y'all, because I do. I'm not leaving the site, I'm still going to be...

So that was....more than an hour.
Speia Lazers I know it is 1223 am but yo were you napping
i alt tabbed to reply, and almost died in my game lol
I am glad it was an almost, I would hate to be responsible for an actual video game death
4:25 AM
i have 2 monitors, so i saw it at the last second to tab back and kill them :)
Oh good!
4:43 AM
all i found was this question @Ash, but it has no answer to it :(
Aww boo. Well, I appreciate the attempt!
5:01 AM
Q: how do you summon an item frame with an item that has custom model data?

Indiepixelim making a data pack that has a resource pack with custom model data,every time you summon a fire work it should summon an item frame with an apple with CustomModelData:1, but I cant find anyone who can help. if anyone knows the answer please let me know! thanks in advance

By the power vested in me by absolutely no one you get to keep the diamond-encrusted hug gun though
It's The Law™
Okay, deal.
I will wear it with pride :0
6:40 AM
I have to admit the only reason I got my mattress from Mattress Firm is because of the pun
1 hour later…
7:57 AM
Morning chat
8:07 AM
takes a moment of silence for Ashs's blueness
8:18 AM
the way i watch the whole thing everytime this vid comes on the tl even if i don't speak spanish https://t.co/8IcpNYJaS9
Oh no @Ash
The end of the kindness era, now begins the horrors of the @Wipqozn era
8:48 AM
Morning @Kevin
Morning Ave
I am enjoying this beautiful morning
I am gazing longingly at the nice blue sky outside of the office
today is a hellish day for incoming stuff for me
both an n3ds and my new credit cards will arrive today, and I'll spend some fun time later today trying to cancel my old credit card
9:12 AM
there is one last thing I feel I need to say in my official capacity
badp has removed Wipqozn from the list of this room's owners.
thank you
claps in applause
@fredley good luck with your job search; if you like, we're hiring, though probably not C-levels
@badp Don't know if I want another C-word job
9:22 AM
sounds thoroughly unpleasant tbh
@badp It can be the best, but also the worst. It all comes down to the interpersonal relationships with the other C-words. If it's good, the autonomy is incredible. If it's bad the toxicity, well...
one of the good things about gsuite is I can load anyone's calendar, including our C-levels
instant turnoff
@Ash Thanks for your years of service, this site has been privileged to have such a compassionate and dedicated moderator.
Hey maybe now I've quit my job and @Ash has stepped down I'll stand for reelection
(The previous post was a joke)
Fun with detour signs in Krimpen aan de IJssel, NL (clockwise from top-left): Extra cycling time: 3 minutes and 20 calories burned. End of detour route. You made it. You are almost there. We can't make it any shorter. But you will see more of Krimpen. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6530102282485403650
@Kevin pls
Q: </diamond> combo ×2

badpso this is a list of true statements: I have stopped hanging around on the main site I have stopped hanging around chat I have actually enjoyed from increased personal time in the last couple of months I have decided to spend the vast majority of it hanging out with local friends here in Amster...

9:33 AM
@badp Lol those are pretty great
@badp Bye, and thanks, I guess
@fredley I always hated you the most™
Ah :(
22 mins ago, by badp
there is one last thing I feel I need to say in my official capacity
Yeah, I saw it coming but wasn't sure until the meta post
It's always possible I misinterpreted something!
9:38 AM
srsly tho as user 23 and chat user 27, we're losing one of the longest serving and most contributing members of the site, thanks for all you've given us over the years, the feelings of hate™ are completely mutual.
I should probably stop pinning all the things hmm
I really didn't serve in the last three years or so
speaking of goodbyes, YTMND is now down
@badp FWIW I can recommend getting a pro-tem diamond so you can continue to mod abuse in chat, without any of the real responsibilities of moderating
Because lets face it, the only reason anyone becomes a moderator is to troll people in chat
@badp This is very sad indeed
@fredley that would take time from the void filler (remember when I whined a while ago about frens)
@badp Fair enough
@badp And yeah, having your void filled is more important than chat
9:50 AM
(turns out we're still holding up and they're actually moving to a couple of streets over from my place)
@badp I'm really happy to hear that
@fredley Phrasing
I mean they're moving close by because of the new cheap housing Amsterdam built here
not because of me
but it doesn't hurt
It's definitely because of you
@badp thas good
9:53 AM
turns out that on some things I still have the emotional stability of a 14 years old
growth points to work on!!
@badp I've met worse
how you all doing?>>
@badp This is not abnormal
10:04 AM
starts plotting to again bring RIP-Arperum, RIP-FAE and badp to my home for boardgames
@djsmiley2k we've driven off two moderators today!
From the chat? Or the entire site?!
I'm workin from home today as had dentist this morning
and having a mostly personal existance crisis.
Well they're hanging in their diamonds, I'm hoping they don't leave chat/site entirely
wow jeez
(I'm joking about the driving off bit =p)
se be like 'plz stop breaking our mods'
10:10 AM
And now, lunch!
We are presumably the largest site that isn't work related, so I can see why we'd lose mods the fastest
10:45 AM
That makes sense
@Ash yeah, wife has been wanting to paint it some more, but having a baby kinda makes that near-impossible, so there hasn't been any progress since I last posted a picture :(
I'd paint, but... I don't want to
I am bad with words, but @badp and @Ash, you are both amazing people and I very much hope that your decisions make you happier, because you very much deserve it. Thank you both for everything, and thank you to all mods, and another thank you to all of you, mod or not, active or not, doesn't matter: thank you.
tosses a bucket of stars in the direction of Ave, only one seeming to have sticked
*tosses own bucket of stars, same thing. predicts @Ave is going to be buried under buckets of stars with only a select few sticking to her*
I've already pinned two things today, I'm not gonna pin another, we'll run out of pin-space!
10:53 AM
@Kevin I actually wonder if there's a limit to how much can be stickied
Like, there is only room for 10 stars, so can we sticky all 10 of them, or only 5, or can we sticky more even?
also ash, not the smallest of braves, not even one that is final yet, but I'm actually trying to move to a more development oriented job at work. I've been more than unhappy with my current position lately (and overall very much depressed as a result), not just due to what is expected from me, but also due to having to deal with clients, and even due to who the clients are. I think I may have talked about that more in private before.
I've been really scared to do this, but I've actually talked with coworkers who do do coding work about this and will talk to my boss tomorrow, and will hopefu
@Kevin because of their size current i can only see 3
I can see 5 stars (of which three are pinned)
@fredley's messages to @Ash and @badp and @Ash's brave message
The order is the same for everyone =p
Barring caching
@fredley then i still clear the "cache" *Ctrl + Shift + Del's from browser*
*looks blankly at C.C who after failing to start up the video card twice, is now running startup repair* your doing on purpose aren't you girl. look i'm finalising your upgrade now, just hang on for a couple more months
*does restart, fan revs to max*................
Wait, what's happening?
@Yuuki AFAIK, Ash is stepping down as a moderator
hang on, someone else is also stepping down?
@badp is also stepping down
Basically there's going to be nobody left to hold back @Wipqozn
ah, didn't know that
11:14 AM
... maybe I shouldn't go on vacation.
Though, fredley, I thought you weren't a moderator anymore as well?
@badp was elected in the first ever mod election
Blue names are moderators right? And italics are room owners
@Nzall I managed to retain my diamond through sheer force of will, so I could keep trolling you
Okay, so who's left as a moderator then?
11:15 AM
@Ronan Millenial burnout
@Nzall Literally just @Wipqozn
@badp's been a mod since before the matrix was released
And maybe @InvaderSkoodge
Raven Dreamer and Robotnik haven't been active for like 6 months by now
> elected 2011
Matrix was released in 1999
Literally nobody in charge, RIP Arqade
Place your bets now, how many seats in the upcoming election? 3? 4?
So new elections soon probably? I'd joke about nominating myself since I'm clearly ill suited, but considering what happened in 2016 I should probably be careful with joke nominations. They might turn out real
Also, I'm not sure I'd even be eligible considering my history of chat mishaps
AND considering I've made multiple meta questions and answers on various sites about not wanting to deal with moderation
@Nzall Chat really isn't something that is considered for mod elections.
Nor should it be.
11:32 AM
@Yuuki I'm talking more about "is it good for the site to have a moderator who has a history of saying inappropriate things in public chatrooms, constantly tried to backseat moderate when that wasn't his role and has had multiple instances of being timed out, even up to a day, for saying things he was warned before not to say and has repeatedly expressed opinions on meta sites about not wanting to moderate??"
@Ave this doesn’t seem to be bad with words
@Nzall I mean I wouldn’t vote for a moderator who did those things, but problematic behavior including year long suspensions on other sites haven’t prevented people from becoming mods
DiamondGnome? :o
3 hours ago, by GodEmperorDune
The end of the kindness era, now begins the horrors of the @Wipqozn era
@Ronan this has nothing to do with the community
not for me
it's just that I used to compulsively check that things were okay, and now this compulsion is long long gone
11:47 AM
@fredley Literally the only good thing about this
wEll, from my POV.
The rest of y'all are officially in the YEAR OF WIPQOZN
(Remembering that "wipqozn" means "terrible or debris")
It's been great serving with @badp and @Ash.
I'm now sorry that I'm stealing Ash's thunder tbh
@badp nah, @Ash message has more stars.
Ash has worked very hard very tirelessly very kindly
I can't quite imagine Ash not kind hmm
Q: What are some basic and advanced musket tips for Napoleonic groups on ROBLOX? Also, what is a cannes formation?

JulesWhat would get me good at using muskets. I usually can’t aim that good, and never get the target when it’s moving. Any tips would be appreciated.

11:56 AM
I wish we could tag the stars so we could easily search for subjects
Well there's a list of all the things you've personally tagged
@Kevin Oh, yea. I think I starred what I am looking for
Not sure why I didn't think of this old meme before
(it's the goodbye and thanks for all the fish song, not Friday)
yeah right
this is the year of wipqozn
I ain't gonna trust anything or anyone
@Wipqozn terrible missed opportunity
12:00 PM
It actually is
it actually is the year of wipqozn, yes
hmmmmm, once I do lose my diamond I should rename myself Quipwozn and start posting some horrific takes
Thanks @Ash and @badp for keeping the site clear for as long as you all were able too. If you change your mind and/or have more time to be around, you can always be elected again.
@badp how would we tell you apart then?
@GodEmperorDune that's the joke
Wait, start posting horrific takes?
12:02 PM
@Kevin like, chicken-belongs-on-pizza horrific takes
truly blood curling stuff
my skin itches already just thinking about it
I haven't eaten any pizza I liked (mind, I haven't eaten much pizza) so I don't have strong opinions on where pizza does and does not belong
@badp Brilliant
pizza belongs in an oven, on a large ceramic plate, or in a mouth
@badp Chicken on pizza is great
some greasy paper will do in a pinch
12:04 PM
anyone got any suggestions of PC Vacuums/Dust Blowers? something that can get even dust right out of the small nooks between the CPU Fan and CPU
@Wipqozn sounds like something Quipwozn would say. Man, what a dunce.
@GodEmperorDune I very much fear making things sound pointy or manipulative
I should really see a therapist about it
it's affecting the way I talk
@GodEmperorDune my current post mod job is feeding as velkoz support while shitposting with a bunch of south africans apparently
or the way I don't talk
12:17 PM
velkoz support is really fun but it's also way too easily countered even in bronze :C
@Unionhawk You tried your best
And succeeded!
@Unionhawk Bah, Mario wiki is blocked at work
12:31 PM
@badp I just meant that it's a time investment that's harder if you can't do it while you're at work
I mean yes I'm supposed to be working rn and I'm sitting on the office terrace under rare direct sunlight with some light breeze and sixteen whole degrees
@badp damn, living the life!
seizing the opportunity while it's there
@Kevin hates weather so the window of opportunity for this sort of thing is very short
I only hate bad weather, I want to sit outside too!
today is a good day to do this
for at least the next 15 minutes or so
yeah now the wind has already picked up intensity
12:37 PM
@badp you're stepping down?
Q: </diamond> combo ×2

badpso this is a list of true statements: I have stopped hanging around on the main site I have stopped hanging around chat I have actually enjoyed from increased personal time in the last couple of months I have decided to spend the vast majority of it hanging out with local friends here in Amster...

Thank you for your years of service
We apologize for the inconvenience
@badp RIP
@MBraedley the urls are fairly descriptive at least
@HalfEmpty more accurately, I'm being stepped down due to inactivity
I'm just letting it happen
12:39 PM
Cc @Wipqozn hitchhiker's guide reference
but I felt I had to drop a note anyway
12:59 PM
YOU'RE THE ARCHIVE NOW, DOG: Archive Team took a full copy of You're The Man Now Dog (YTMND) last year - should be playable in Wayback Machine now or soonish. https://archive.org/details/archiveteam_ytmnd

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