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12:36 AM
@Unionhawk Nice
I had the cape for a while on RS3, but I had a lot of trouble with the most recent quest
12:58 AM
There are also substantially more quests in that game but, not bad for an account that's just over a year old
There's a new grandmaster coming this summer though so
Fleshing out the elves on the old school side
1 hour later…
2:08 AM
For some reason Costco house brand has entire $900 wheels of cheese you can buy online costco.com/…
1 hour later…
3:10 AM
they replaced the tree stump hotfix to stop access to the accidental twisted bow spawn with a "twisted bush"
with examine->"Looks a bit gnarly." and search->"You don't find anything."
3:25 AM
Wheeeeee it took many hours and one emergency ice cream break but I made my first newsletter as social media coordinator human for my local spiritual community (the title is flashier than the role but it sounds cool)
@PrivatePansy you never know when you might have a mighty need for cheese
3:38 AM
Q: NES-001 Alps Power (rev 11) Modulator issues

subotaiDoes anyone know what the 5 pins that interface with the main NES mobo from the power modulator do? I know the middle one is 5v. Then two on one side of that are Audio and Video. But what are the two remaining? They’re labeled ps1 and ps2. My problem is somewhere in my modulator is busted and...

3:57 AM
Q: How to test for specific players at specific locations with command blocks

chiibsSo, I’ve looked all over for solutions to this issue and they all say to use /testfor @a[x=X, y=Y, z=Z, r=R, name=playername] But this doesn’t do anything for me. I’m using a repeating command block set to “always on” and it doesn’t do anything with those parameters. The only way it works for me...

4:15 AM
morning bridge
morning @Ave
4:37 AM
@Unionhawk Oh, that's impressive. My account is super old
5:01 AM
Q: using /setblock to place a colored bed in Minecraft 1.12

Smart_SnakeSo I tried placing a white bed using the setblock command, like I did below /setblock ~ ~ ~ bed 0 I used "0" because that's the data value for a white bed. But this did not work and it only placed half of a red bed. I don't know if this is a bug or what please explain the correct to do this us...

5:20 AM
Q: Is there a way to create a private lobby?

RapidaI'd like to host a private lobby so a few friends and I can chop each other's heads off. Is there a way to do so in Mordhau? I may be blind, but I didn't see anything in the main menus.

6:00 AM
Q: If I were to get a two player realm in MCPE, does it mean that only 2 people can online at a time or does it mean a total of two accounts can play

Arnav MotwaniI want to get a realm and I was wondering, if I get a 2 player realm and lets say I have 5 friends, can I invite all 5 and they can play 2 at a time or does it mean only two friends can play.

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7:27 AM
Morning chat
Morning @Kevin
Morning @Kevin
7:43 AM
@Kevin Morning
wew just touched down in shanghai
2 hours later…
9:36 AM
@Yuuki That is the airport where you fly in like 15 feet over houses, right?
Q: Do Xbox one and one s faceplates connect to the backplate the same way?

NoahCan you connect an Xbox one shell case backplate to an Xbox one s faceplate?

Oh wait, that's Hong Kong
fwiw, iirc SAW BKK and ESB are all like that too
10:18 AM
Q: Do bus lines need to connect to bus depots in Cities Skylines?

LuciferDo my bus lines need to be connected to my bus depot? Like, do they have to have a line from start to finish connected to the depot?

10:37 AM
Q: How do Killstreaks affect Mediguns?

MechMK1Mediguns such as the default Medigun, the Kritzkrieg, the Quick-Fix and the Vaccinator can have Killstreak Kits attached to them. This includes Basic, Specialized and Professional Killstreak Kits. For any other weapon, these work as follows: Basic Killstreak Kits track how many kills you got w...

1 hour later…
11:39 AM
Q: See a list of all encountered words

ChrisHeaven's vault involves a lot of trying to work out translations of words. When looking at a word to translate it gives you a list of related words but very often I know I have seen other words that look very similar but aren't in the related word list. Is there a way to see all the words that ...

2 hours later…
1:17 PM
Q: Why is this a bad question? How could it be improved?

MechMK1I recently wrote this question and almost immediately received two downvotes on the question, without any explanation as to why. I added a comment, asking for clarification, but yet nobody has responded. I'll assume that the downvotes were justified, but it is not immediately apparent to me how ...

Q: How to see your allies ressources in Starcraft II teamgames?

Paul ErlenmeyerYesterday I was playing some teamgames and wanted to ask my teammates for gas. Before asking I wanted to check what their ressources look like. But I couldn't find a way to do it. I tried to open the ressource trading menue and clicking on my allies buildings. Is there a command for that or a se...

My god, it took me way too long to earn this
I salute you
I never bothered using minecraft commands
@MBraedley congrats
@MBraedley Congrats
1:31 PM
Wait, I should have my silver badge as well
pfffft, silver
Is there any way to check progress on the site itself? The data explorer is still behind, and I'd have to for the query to see how many votes it thinks I need.
There is. You can switch between next privilege and next tag badge in the profile.
I still need 4 votes on
Did someone just serial up-vote me?
Because those votes are going away in a few hours
@MBraedley Oh, that's good to know
@ErrorTheWolf Dude...
1:41 PM
@ErrorTheWolf no. Do not.
who dare pingth me?
That's not a great idea and if you keep it up, then we will have to look at mod actions. Vote on content for its own sake not on people.
@ErrorTheWolf I dare, in my capacity as mod who is trying to save your butt from suspension or whatever
Talking about minecraft, the price for the Java edition got lowered forever or is it a promo?
Okay, time for pants, food, and preparing for actual humans in my actual human house in a few hours.
1:44 PM
I think it was $30
(plus a side adventure for needles and cat food)
@Moacir promo.
@Ave I somehow missed that
I think I will grab some copies
2:01 PM
@Ash ooh actual humans in your actual human house is the scariest
I need to prep for that as well
@Kevin I am slightly terrified yes
I do this almost never and now I am gonna do it like every Monday. God help me. (seriously I have said Remover of Difficulties like a hundred times this morning)
It tends to be far less scary when the actual humans have appeared in your actual human house of course
yes actual humans are terrifying
Oh, meetings at your place or something Ash?
@Kevin yep, I am hosting a Ruhi book 8 group Aaaaaa (okay it is me and two humans I like a lot but it is a Core Activity in my house aaaaaa)
(Baha'i stuff, for context)
2:23 PM
(I did the googles)
Q: Multiple Macro Keyboards of the same brand affect each other?

MoacirI have a Redragon Kala (That is like Redragon Kama but with "Ç" and minor design changes) and it comes with a software where I can customize any of the keys to do other commands and macros. I am considering getting a Redragon DITI that I am considering getting. While this already has 7 dedicated...

If anyone knows
let us all join hands to once again remember the time ben affleck got absolutely lit & went off the rails during the armageddon commentary https://t.co/0Ffj0dVi0f
This is excellent
2:39 PM
@Kevin excellent!
3:15 PM
My vape arrived
3:26 PM
"free healthcare" makes me pay 107try in hospital fees when buying meds
3:42 PM
Q: How can I counter thrust spam?

SharlikeRapiers and spears are pretty common to come up against. When fighting someone who just spams the thrust move over and over, how can I effectively counter them (especially with a slower weapon like a 2H sword)? I can parry, but by the time I can start to counter attack I'm already being stabbed ...

3:55 PM
Damn. This thing is nice
Just tried it... WAY easier on my throat, lungs, and asthma
At least in terms of harshness
4:41 PM
Q: Are there any other games that have a lot of skills like RuneScape?

Treebark88Is there anything that focuses heavily on skills and trading just like RuneScape? World of Warcraft's and Star Wars: The Old Republic's professions/skills are missing that special spark, mainly because there is not a lot of skills to play around with, you can only train a few at a time, and BoE/B...

@Lazers2.0 Game suggestion?
@Lazers2.0 god dammit the wiki does use the "73 in all skills except runecrafting" image as their screenshot lol
oh and 2 herblore which is impossible
5:06 PM
@Unionhawk Oh yeah, well I just completed Ernest the Chicken, so ha!
@Unionhawk Let me guess, the unlock quest rewards you more than two levels of xp?
@SaintWacko I think it puts you at level 5
yeah something like that
and you can't gain herblore exp without completing it
(the game yells at you for trying to lamp it without the quest)
@Unionhawk as a non-runescape person: can you explain what i just watched?
@Ave boaty didn't eat above 73 because "oh, there's no way you'll hit a 73". Then he got hit for 73.
which is, high
5:21 PM
Max strength gear at the time can hit a 78
5:45 PM
Bridge I quit my job
@fredley Wanna talk about it?
On purpose?
@HalfEmpty English is not my first language, but I think you cant quit on accident. The other alternative is to be fired, right?
6:00 PM
I bet you can
@fredley What happened?
@Moacir The circumstances surrounding the quitting of a job can vary widely.
@fredley Woo! What's the plan?
6:39 PM
Q: How do you edit a Wandering Traders' trades?

SteveI am making my own SkyBlock map and I wanted to change/add (whatever is easier) one of their trades. I want one of their trades to be a bucket of lava since this will be the only way to get the lava to then make a cobble generator. Anyone know who I can do this?

@fredley Best of luck finding something better (since I'm assuming you quit do to unhappiness).
Another successful case of not moving everything to the main Android.SE chat room
Although, in general, let's try to avoid using the word "abuse" when describing people seeking medical help, both here and in TIF.
6:54 PM
@Wipqozn Have you been playing anything nice lately?
@Moacir Slay the Spire.
It's my life
I need to get back to Steamworld Quest
but Slay the Spire is just so much fun
Also anno 1800 needs to be played more...
The important thing is I did at least sucker @TimStone into buying Anno 1800
Anno was one of those preorder on steam but after is epic only?
You are the worst
That was a reply to @Moacir, but it applies to @TimStone too.
@Wipqozn Tactical Yes from marvelous X-Com commander
6:56 PM
It's a lot of fun, but I just want to play slay the spire. I only bought it now so I'd have it on steam.
Have you played any X-Com or Xcom related?
Not lately. I've been thinking about it though.
@Wipqozn You'd be okay waiting until they patch the bugs
Which will hopefully eventually happen?
I'm giving the total war series a try though.
6:57 PM
@TimStone Yeah that's what I mine as well do now
@Wipqozn The regular like Rome or the Warhammer one?
I tried reading about the lore in Warhammer and it has too much
@Moacir Shogun 2, since I already owned it for some reason.
@Moacir Well the 40k lore can basically be summarized as "everyone is an angry asshole"
@Wipqozn But they have "reasons" to be angry assholes
It's kind of absurd. You can dispatch extra emergency units from e.g. fire stations but my fire station keeps thinking it's a hospital and then the button goes away
Well the Tau aren't angry, but they do love enslaving races via mind control.
@Moacir Their reasoning are because it's just an angry universe
7:01 PM
I've read a question about how they get modifications according on how battle damaged they were until they are a brain in a mech
But I probably will buy TW warhammer when it goes on sale next
Q: Can a Space Marine remove their armor?

XantecIn Warhammer 40,000 the Space Marines wear the iconic power armor into battle. However, when not in action, or not expecting to be, are they able to remove their armor? I had thought that a space marine was joined with their armor as part of the process, but the Lexicanum site indicates that the...

7:16 PM
The fact I had people AT MY HOUSE and it was FUN and GOOD and sooooooo much elevated conversation and giggles and friendship and joy SHOULD NOT be a revolution but here we are
So....my challenge, Bridge-fam? Do a small brave today. Just a small brave. Tell me about the small brave. I wanna hear about the tiny audacious things. Please. :)
(This is true EVERY day. I wanna make a point of celebrating the tiny audaciousness, the small brave, the little joys. So please, share em. We can be bubbles of delight, together.)
(If not here, most of y'all know how to find me, and if you don't, yell at me and I will tell you how to find me. I just...I want to love and celebrate y'all.)
7:42 PM
right now I should be sleeping but I'm instead arguing with people about how kubernetes, google cloud and mongodb on a project that will not generate any revenue but require big amounts of storage and have high traffic is a bad idea
It seems like the problem there is "will not generate any revenue but require big amounts of storage and have high traffic" more than the specific technologies involved
it's more of a hobby project
it's a new thing someone is developing in the image host scene
@Ash Uh.. It wasn't today, but Saturday where I kinda emphasized to my SO that if I can help her, am willing to help her(as always) she does not have to feel guilty about it. Which I thought it would may backfire and somehow get pissed with me but she felt relieved and asked for my help.
People are complicated
"laptops with our new 1660 ti tech start at $799". Goes to the verified reseller, cheapest laptop is 2K
And no, I don't think the conversion from USD to EUR alone is enough for that
@Ave Funny, that's my company's current stack which we're trying to move out from
7:56 PM
@PrivatePansy I've heard horror tales about mongodb
Well, just Mongo. I personally feel kube is overkill, but I have much less experience in that area
incl from my partner. we went with postgres for a reason.
(because she also spent some time moving away from mongo in the past)
I think the value of Kubernetes really depends on how much (dynamic) scaling you need
Mongo isn’t that bad. It works well for a few things we use it for. Much better than sql would
@Ave traffic you can't cache get expensive really quickly on the big cloud providers
8:00 PM
@murgatroid99 for a thing serving mostly static files, one that's not big, it's overkill
@Ave yeah, I agree
@MadScientist image hosting should be pretty heavily cacheable
here's what works for us
nginx -> python backend running sanic -> query goes to redis, if redis doesn't have filename cached it goes to postgres and fetches it (caching it in process) -> file gets served
@murgatroid99 yeah, as long as your CDN is free or cheap that should take most of the load. Traffic is still orders of magnitude more expensive on AWS or Google than with simple server hosting somewhere else.
@Moacir This is a good :D
@Ave you don't have the files inside Postgres, or?
8:05 PM
@MadScientist If you're running a full server on GCE, probably, but I would expect it to be different if you're taking advantage of the specific cloud stuff for your use case, like Cloud Storage, Cloud CDN, and maybe Cloud Functions
@murgatroid99 Everything except CDN costs the entire ~9 cents/GB, or?
@MadScientist they're pointing to the file paths on drive, which is specifically designsd that way
The cloud providers certainly have many advantages, if you make use of their managed services. But for simple projects old-school hosting on VMs or dedicated servers can be much simpler and cheaper
if needed we can simply rework the fetch and upload modules and have files stored [not on the same machine]
@MadScientist The pricing is a little more complicated than that. GCS seems to be significantly cheaper than that, at about 10-20 cents/TB downloaded
But it also costs about 1 cent/GB/month to store it
8:13 PM
@murgatroid99 the pricing page says 8-12 cents/GB for general network usage, and everything except copying between buckets or the CDN falls in that category
@MadScientist oh, whoops, I misread the chart. That's right
Q: Are the specific actual rules of the Rank Meter known?

FattieRegarding the RankMeter in Ranked in Splatoon2, Here's the problem: In fact, sometimes when you lose a match, it does not give a crack. It seems to be "forgiving" sometimes. Indeed sometimes when you are are on 3 cracks and you lose, it does not demote/pushback ... you seem to get one more ...

for a non-enterprise workload, that's expensive tbh. like I pay 20eur for my current main dedi, and get ~10TB of downloads per month on months when I host big things (like ubuntu for switch recently), and no one bugged me about how I use too much traffic yet
My impression in general is that people vastly underestimate what e.g. a single Postgres server on real hardware is capable of. And how cheap you can rent that compared to AWS
8:34 PM
@MadScientist Compute is relatively cheap, but you'd still have to pay for bandwidth, no?
@PrivatePansy AWS EC is something like 5-10 times more expensive than e.g. a dedicated Server on Hetzner, even excluding traffic costs. It's of course not a fair comparison as you can get much more stuff from AWS, but it is a closer comparison if you don't make use of all the dedicated services you can get on AWS and treat it just like a VM
@Frank No plan
@Moacir A bit
@SaintWacko Toxic coworker slash boss
@Wipqozn You are correct
@fredley Ugh. I'm sorry, man
@SaintWacko Yeah, it was bad
I quit with nothing to go to because I just need to be out
Notice period is 3 months and I can't wait out getting a job then sitting through that
@fredley Is it mandatory?
8:48 PM
@Moacir Yes, notice periods typically are
skinda the point
@fredley In Brazil we have the minimum 30 days but we may opt out of it and pay a month (Discount only of what you would get)
'gardening leave'
So notice periods here are not mandatory, but they are more financially viable
@fredley That sucks. And entirely understandable to just get out of that situation
@MadScientist yeh
o well
8:50 PM
@fredley i had to do that once. It was rough finding another job afterwards not being employed. I wish you better luck than I had.
From what I know of, you probably have quite a bit more experience in the industry than I do, so hopefully that will help
3 months notice is quite long, here in Germany you'd have to work for 8 years for your employer for it to get that long (unless you deviate from the legal minimums)
9:17 PM
Q: How do i make a command so people can place commands

Watcher26I want to make a command (but i don't know how) that when someone holds a command block renamed Lucky Block it puts them in creative and gets rid of one that they are holding (so if they are holding two it does not get rid of both) and then puts them back into survival if they are not holding it....

ok bridge, i need some help with ideas. i accidentally volunteered to be on the planning committee for our next quarterly event, and I need some ideas for things to do. only real guidelines i have so far is that it is going to be like a 2 hour event.
probably like 30ish people
@Dragonrage LAN party
@SaintWacko hmm, thats not a bad idea. i feel like a decent amount of people are gamers here, but not sure if everyone is.
@Dragonrage board games, cards
9:26 PM
Combine my idea and @HalfEmpty's!
Just make it a game night
LAN party is a little more difficult because you either have to provide hardware or have people bring their own
Man, Path of Exile is good at this
I've spent nearly $100 on them
@SaintWacko i had to stop playing due to not having enough time to invest in the grind due to work and driving
@Dragonrage I don't worry too much about the grind
Well, I guess it's more that there's enough stuff to do that it doesn't feel like a grind
Especially in the current flashback league
@MadScientist I'm CTO, so a long notice period is more normal
RIP @badp
9:42 PM
@fredley well, that probably means the toxic coworker is the CEO, which makes it even more inevitable
@MadScientist 🙃
@fredley another one bites the dust :(
rip @lesspopmorefizz
10:25 PM
@fredley Sad version of Highlander music plays :(
Who will be CTO with me now??
TFW I disconnect from the Bridge and don't notice for four days
Sun's up early in China.
@Yuuki And the rooster crows at midnight
10:47 PM
11:36 PM
Q: Have chat activate commands?

CybermarbIn Minecraft, I'm working on a project, and I want to make it so that if a player says something specific in chat, it activates commands (tellraws and scoreboard in particular), and I have zero clue how to do that. I'll use either plugins or commands, anything, thanks!


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