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12:58 AM
I get to read really old source code and attempt to document a flowchart out of it.
Pro: Great way to understand existing codebase.
Con: It's all manual, it's in Foxpro, of all things, and it's really time-consuming.
@Dragonrage take them out somewhere
1:15 AM
@fredley good on you for leaving then. I hope the next 3 months go by fast. I'm sure you'll manage to find another job without much trouble. You're a smart and passionate developer, which is what companies want.
What does it take to escape from fate? The dungeon-crawling RPG, Mary Skelter™ 2 is arriving for the Nintendo Switch (via Nintendo eShop) in North America and Europe! A release window will be provided at a later date. Official Website: http://ideafintl.com/mary-skelter-2/ 👻👻👻
2:02 AM
Okay. That's unexpected. And makes me feel a little better about my tech skills.
@Frank Foxpro crashed and wiped out all your data and you realized it's because you ignore a warning?
@Memor-X No, I just figured out how City of Heroes stored it's auction house data.
Rather than use anything approaching a normalized table structure, each character gets one row in the table. And one field stores all the data for their buying and selling.
@Frank ok........surprised they didn't just store it in text files
@Memor-X They use SQL for most persistent changeable data.
@SaintWacko @Ash It feels weird to hit my step goal before lunch.
2:17 AM
@Yuuki Show-off :P
I'm not even halfway there
To be fair, I'm in vacation in China and walking everywhere.
I have not hit mine at all today.
@Yuuki Oh, yeah, vacation changes everything
Also explains why you're just now mentioning hitting it at lunch
It should be 9 or 10 in the evening for you guys, right?
It is 1023 pm for me
2:32 AM
Q: How do I join a Terraria server?

terraria server dudeI need to join a Terraria server in multiplayer (https://terraria-servers.com/server/650/) but when I enter the server port (7777), and click accept, it doesn't do anything. Nothing happens at all. Can somebody help?

2:52 AM
Q: Online and Competitive Consequences of using Action Replay / Cheats in Pokémon

mr.eaverFirst off, from a more official source it says on the site Bulbapedia on cheating, that aside from criticism saying that it "ruins the spirit of the game" and limited preventative measures found in older generations; there is no say of actually being banned from online features such as trade and ...

3:32 AM
Q: Minecraft Command Blocks, using /data string values within other commands

azucarrogersIn Minecraft I'm able to determine the id of the first item in a chest with the following command: /data get block <chest coordinates> Items[0].id which returns the id as string value. For example if the chest contained stone, the value returned would be "minecraft:stone". I'd like to used th...

Q: How to move minecraft to a different drive?

FuriousBlaze3000I have to move it onto the D: Drive because it has 2 TB while the default C: Drive only remains 32 GB (117 max storage which mysteriously lost alot of storage). The Minecraft launcher is installed in D:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft Launcher (Program Files (x86) is made by me and just to make an ...

@HalfEmpty might be possible. Depends on the budget. We haven’t received one yet, though.
@Ash I joined my company’s ping pong tournament to try and meet more people at my work than just my immediate coworkers :)
@Dragonrage that's super cool! Ping pong is a tricky game for me, so much coordination! I hope you meet some neat people and tehy are welcoming.
@Ash so far it has been pretty cool. I’m out of practice, but I am having fun.
Yay for fun!
4:16 AM
Q: When I try to load a minecraft world, with mods, it goes to the title page

RyanI can not for the life of me figure out how to get into this world. nothing has worked. Iv'e tried using data from other fresh worlds and it does not work. Here are the logs

4:35 AM
Video game industry group names new CEO http://hill.cm/9rzDEiI
4:55 AM
Q: Is it possible to get sharpness 1000 that in pe

SneakyporgninjaI've seen a lot of people with like sharpness 1000 on their swords. Is this possible in pe.

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9:36 AM
Q: Ghoul acquiring abilities

SavvySteve So, the h2p states if a ghoul eats a killing role, they get a night kill, and if they eat a WC role, they get a role check. What if the role falls under both? Like certain Coven roles (Witch, Warlock, Furie, etc). Which ability do they get? EDIT: Follow up, what happens if a ghoul consumes a R...

10:35 AM
Q: How to find the Ip

DennoooIm looking for the ip on the server I play cuase when your write the server ip you get in the lobby and then click your server you play on is their a way how i can find the ip of the server i pla

Q: L.A. Noire won't run

DasneezequeenCan't play it L.A. Noire I've reinstalled Verified Files Applied the patch Ran as Administrator Thumbed through a lot of guides and it's because of them I actually got as far as I did but still can't get past the 'loading screen'. Would like access to a game I paid for... have had it for a few...

It is so damn annoying when you go pick up your lunch during rush hour, and your lunch of choice is a pig in a blanket, but this particular store you buy from throws your order into the reheater oven while it's in the middle of another order and gets taken out before it's even remotely hot
10:57 AM
Some homeless dude accidentally set fire to a signaling box in Brussels and now every single one of my trains home has been canceled
11:28 AM
yo what the heck
I just bought a n3dsxl from a rando online
and they were like "wait... how old are you" and I was like oh no, I said 18
"Are you the $deadname $lastname that is a programmer?" "... yes"
"lol bro [< but gender neutral] where are you working" "I need to talk to you" "what are the odds lol"
god I need to change my name and last name already
what the heck, like
imagine buying a console and having that be a potential path to a job
Heheh, nice though
12:08 PM
god such a techbro
Guh, not nice
@Ave you ended up meeting them?
@Memor-X no, they shipped the n3dsxl
**Quick Response**. Update your #WhatsApp Application on your mobile phone after #WhatsApp Reveals a weakness in there #App that might have given hackers access to your Phone. https://cnn.it/2Yrgunu
it wasn't Australia. if we did this then we wouldn't need a law to create a backdoor
12:37 PM
Huh, the serial vote script only reversed 6 of the 10 upvotes I received yesterday, but unfortunately, it looks like one of the votes it didn't reverse was a KSP answer, not a Minecraft answer, so I'm still one vote away from the silver badge.
1:00 PM
Just an FYI for everyone: multi-paragraph spoiler blocks don't seem to work properly anymore. Use <br>s instead of starting each paragraph with > or >!.
@MBraedley did that ever work? i've have always used <br>s for multi-line spoilers
though multi-line quote being broken is new
The Age of Wonders for free expired. The star can be cleansed.
@Memor-X maybe? I only found out about it because of an edit that was approved about a year ago. Presumably it rendered properly then.
Q: Is there a way to take step back in ironman mode?

AlvinI know that the Ironman mode is meant to be unsaveable, but this place is a place of questions. So it happened, I mistakenly clicked the surrender option instead of occupy and a empire is lost to a minor subdued faction. Is there a way to revert this?

@MBraedley to be honest i wouldn't too much faith in that just because that got approved it worked then and quite sure i have been fixing multi-line spoilers back then on Anime and Manga myself
1:43 PM
@Memor-X "On the surface, the game works a certain way, but we've kind of gone deeper than that,"
okay, it'll be shit
stick to source material, or people will hate it
if source material isn't deep enough, then perhaps you're not basing it on the right source material
@Ave i hear 10 was deep in establishing Outworld more than just where all the bad guys come from
but it's funny that they look at the source material for filming in Australia when before without our R Rating the game was being banned
Q: What cards are not included on clan war in Clash Royale?

TomIt seems like some cards are never included in clan war in Clash Royale....For example, Zap is never there even if we get all 40 cards....Is there anyway I could find out what cards are never included in clan war?

1:59 PM
yo peeps
@ErrorTheWolf Do you play any board games?
Which is a favorite you have?
I mean, not exactly have
A favorite you like to play a lot
I am going to get a board game probably, and I am looking for simple ones. I guess that since you are younger you play the ones where rules arent so boring, right?
2:03 PM
@Moacir What kind of games are you looking for, coop, hidden information?
Monopoly is always fun. just need human people to play with
Monopoly is literally never fun, it's designed to not be fun
Ugh. Monopoly is the absolute worst.
My SO claims to like monopoly a lot, but she gets mad when she loses at uno
i like connect 4
2:06 PM
Monopoly is designed to demonstrate how fucking awful monopolies are.
And she also claims to like Uno, so I am kinda lost on this
if that counts as a board game
It's not supposed to be fun
@ErrorTheWolf Its close enough
2:06 PM
Jungle Speed best game to play around a table with friends
that sweet satasfaction when you beat someone at connect 4
@Ronan I am looking for games that could be played with 2 players, but also with more. Mostly 3 but maybe 4 or 5
@Moacir Jungle Speed is 4+ really.
But I also need one that is available in portuguese
My go to board game is always Puerto Rico.
2:07 PM
@JasonBerkan that is an american territory
@Moacir Do you want strategy games, or reaction based, should it just be funny?
@fredley Will check if it has a translated version somewhere
i also like cards against humanity
@Ronan It should bring the will to play it again. I have Talisman, which is a cool game but it takes forever
@Unionhawk Not in the time frame of the game. :P
2:08 PM
So while everyone that plays like the game, its not a game to play every week for example
The betrayal aspect is a plus if it has any
I'm a huge fan of resistance, but you generally need more players for that
I have my SO, sometimes her sister and sometimes their father too
Catan is a classic that's 2-4 players
So its good if it plays on two, excelent if it plays on three and better if it is simple and plays on 4+
2:11 PM
Oh, Catan and Carcassone
secret hitler is good but it is 5+ so that doesn't really help
hard to, play that sort of hidden information game with 2 or 3 people
@Ronan Does boardgamegeek has a language filter?
@Moacir I've never checked, most games don't tend to have many words on them other than the rules which I'm sure you can find translated versions of
@Ronan Catan has the development cards
@SaintWacko That's true, the only have a couple of words generally though
2:16 PM
@Moacir It's pictoral, and the instructions are very simple.
i like coding
@fredley Not on amazon .br :/ I will check other sites later
@ErrorTheWolf Oh you poor, sweet, summer child
odd flex but okay
@ErrorTheWolf If you can, play "Human Resource Machine" and/or "7 billion humans"
2:19 PM
@ErrorTheWolf You will understand one day
computers aren't real
oh its blocked
wait wha-
visible confusion
@ErrorTheWolf Computers are rocks that we tricked into thinking
2:22 PM
What's this site's policy on emulators?
@Stormblessed What's the question you want to ask?
I flagged one question about Citra as off-topic, and that was accepted, but my flags on other questions about emulators have all been declined
While Citra is emulating much more recent games, using ROMs in an NES emulator is just as illegal
Q: What's the official stance on console emulation?

John RudyThe way I see it, many of us enthusiasts are probably familiar with emulation and use emulators to play classic games. (I do, I'll readily admit.) However, it's also fairly likely that many cartridge/disc/tape/etc. rips for said emulators are ... well ... not 100% legal, at least in the U.S., an...

generally speaking, just using an emulator has not been considered to be illegal
Downloading ROMs, which are basically the whole point of emulators, is though
2:25 PM
but like, if someone came along asking "hey emuparadise has nothing anymore where can I find stuff" that's probably not good
Q: Can i transfer pokemon/items between pokemon black 2 rom (desmume (ds emulator)) and pokemon x (citra (3ds emulator))

WaaromRoyThese last weeks i have been playing Pokémon black 2 and Pokémon x, but i got some items/pokemon that i wanna transfer from black 2 to x. Don't have a 3ds so i play it on a emulator called Citra. I have got an normal ds, but some of the buttons do not work the way they should. thats why i play b...

So why was this off-topic, specifically?
Emulators themselves are legal. ROMs it depends on jurisdiction, the copyright status of the work itself, and how you got the ROM; in particular, dumping a ROM yourself of a game you own is generally fine, as are homebrew games (and most older consoles have thriving homebrew scenes)
@Stormblessed 5 people voted to close it
@ToxicFrog I see all this stuff about "oh, it's legal", but in my experience talking to people IRL who use them, it's basically always for downloading a game illegally and playing it
And basically no games are out of copyright
Copyright lasts a long time
Like 75 years after author death, I think
If they were, with the release of the newer retro consoles( head hurts ) I think they get auto-renewed or something
2:28 PM
did you just not read the "dumping a ROM yourself of a game you own is generally fine" part or
@Stormblessed no games have naturally expired from copyright. Some developers/publishers have released their games into the public domain.
@Unionhawk Again, from my experience I've never met anyone who does that
I hate being forced to adult on financial things. But I also want to save myself some money in the long run.
@Stormblessed how do you think the files were obtained to be put on the internet in the first place
they didn't just magically appear online one day
@Stormblessed To be fair, I used an emulator and a save transfer tool to get a 100% pokemon Gold/silver run
I had only one Ds and the two cartridges
2:31 PM
that question was considered to be off topic because 5 people voted that way. Your other flags were probably marked declined because they went through the close vote queue and were marked as "leave open" by enough people
@ToxicFrog But a lot of these questions mentioning specific games are on like FFVI, which is definitely in copyright, Square still sells it
Why do you care?
Just let people ask their questions
Hah. Have you been at this site long?
@Stormblessed right. So maybe they pirated it, maybe they have the cart and dumped it themselves, maybe they live in one of the jurisdictions where it is legal to download and keep ROMs if you have the cart, just not upload them...why do you care?
@Unionhawk No offense, but that is a bad argument. If one person who legally obtained the files puts them on the internet, it doesn't make it not piracy
2:32 PM
Arquade isn't in the business of helping people pirate games, but it's also not in the business of cross-examining each poster to see if they really bought the game they're asking about.
fwiu, for example, it's fairly easy to dump gamecube roms with a homebrew wii
idk how much harder getting a 3ds one is
but it also doesn't matter
It's also trivial to dump PSX, PS2 and PSP games, and in fact I digitized my libraries for those years ago and moved entirely to emulation.
(the hardest part was getting all the save files off the PSX and PS2 memory cards)
I just think that if I made a game on something which ended up like the Wii U (emulated extremely fast, having Zelda dumped onto the internet before it released), from what I've seen on the internet, if it were popular, in like two years nobody would actually want to buy my game because they could so easily play it illegally
Video games are expensive to make, and ones like Citra and CemU for games that are still being sold are bad.
noted game that nobody wanted to buy, the legend of zelda: breath of the wild
@Unionhawk Yeah, bad example lol
I just remembered that people had pirated that before it was released
2:38 PM
@Stormblessed ok, so your argument is "piracy materially hurts sales[citation needed], so gaming.stackexchange.com should proactively police its userbase for pirates"?
eh, I don't know
(also, re-reading, for the particular case, "I don't have a 3ds" may have done it: I'm not a scientist but I imagine owning a 3ds is necessary to dump a rom)
This is like to argue that lock picking should not be discussed on home/renovation stacks because thieves lock pick to steal
(or at least having access to, I suppose)
(AFAIK all extant 3DS dumping techniques require a 3DS with CFW, yes. I don't have one either, though, so I have no first-hand experience here.)
2:42 PM
whatever 3 other reopen voters can make of that what they will, I honestly completely don't care and this is not a problem that is unique to that particularity anyway (and also you can't undo a reopen once it's cast)
or they can be told what to make of that I suppose
Going back to board games a bit, has anyone here ever been on a hospital bed due to health issues or whatsoever and managed to play anything to distract?
Q: Is there a way to keep a tribe from being empty when all members transfer to another server?

ZaanzabarMy daughter and I play ark together. We play on private dedicated servers hosted on my own machines, nothing online, full admin control. We have 2 computers and 2 steam accounts. We have a set of servers set up for all the different maps using ASM and would like to be able to transfer betwee...

@Stormblessed I have just cruised through the close vote queue history and yes, most emulation related items in the queue left review with 3 "leave open" votes.
oh hi
2:54 PM
except that one which left with 5 close and 1 leave open
but your work searching for the word "emulator" and flagging everything there is greatly appreciated, what would we do if we left a question about emulation from 2010 open
Q: Is it possible to install linux on a steam machine?

doomerI would really like to use the system for emulation and GZDoom (especially on the portable steam machine) but it's probably not possible on Steam-OS. EDIT: I know that Steam-OS is linux, but it is a stripped-down version (no file management, no desktop and no media playback) and I'd rather use s...

Is this on-topic due to being about a console? I'm not really sure
That one's kind of odd, but I mostly don't think it serves anyone well to migrate it to like superuser or anything so
it is 4 years old
plus it's just a checkbox in the settings menu apparently
But like is basically anything specifically about a console on-topic?
Like could I ask "can I replace my GameCube's OS with the Wii OS", or is that not related to video games enough?
anyone else have suggestions for what i should do for my companies quarterly event? I am on the planning committee
the gaming idea from half empty and saintwacko is good, but i would like a few alternatives if anyone is more creative than me
@Dragonrage Buy RC cars and make tiny parade floats
@Stormblessed You could ask, but it likely wouldn't be very useful.
You'd have to provide good context as to why you'd even want to do that.
It would be cool, not an actual thing I'm trying to do
One of the downvote reasons is, "is not useful"
@Moacir board games no. Unless you have a table thing that slides over but they're usually small so only stuff like card games usually work well
@Frank right but that's not a close reason, remember
I think that's what he's saying, "you could but it would be a bad question"
3:15 PM
@Ash Didn't say anything about closure.
It'd kind of be like that question we got about Borderlands 2; "Why am I in this situation at the beginning of the game? Oh, and I totally skipped all the intro cutscenes."
On topic? Sure. Useful? Not a chance.
idk that question was on an entirely different astral plane
isn't it like -50 or something
@Frank I don't see how those two things are the same at all but okay
3:48 PM
@Nzall yyyessss
@Ave Did you get your account back already?
Q: What is the reputation formula?

Fato39Does anyone know how exactly the reputation points are awarded in Kerbal Space Program? I have read about reputation and know that it acts as a sort of currency. I also know that a 1000 points is the (theoretical) maximum reputation, which can probably never be achieved as the points awarded dec...

Q: Do violent games make people more violent in real life?

NERDmasterI am doing a project in school and I am supposed to give reasons why violent video games make people more violent. My parents don't let me play violent video games so I am not able to find out myself and my friends are mindless gamers and like and electronic game. I want to know from a gamers poi...

@MBraedley nop
I'll probably not use it tho
wait, the matrix is older than @Ronan?
@Ave I don't use mastodon, though
3:53 PM
@Dragonrage It's also older than me
now I feel old :(
@Ave Well @Ronan is older than you, so...
Did you know the Matrix came out closer to the building of the pyramids than the present day?
@Dragonrage My actual age or my bridge age?
@Ronan i thought they were the same
4:05 PM
@Dragonrage My bridge age has always been 16 but I'm secretly 24
elo m8
@Ronan and will always be 16
@Ronan is literally three small boys in a trenchcoat, how is nobody else seeing this?
4:10 PM
Q: Do I need to play DQ4 before DQ5?

DragonChampion7I own both Dragon Quest IV and Dragon Quest V, but I am more interested in playing DQ5. I know the two are in some kind of trilogy, but I’m not sure if they are directly related or only have loose tie-ins (like DQ1 and DQ2). Will I miss out on any story details by playing DQ5 first? I’m looking ...

@fredley I've known all along, but they're trying so hard to fool everyone, just let them have their fun ;)
anone here?
im gonna munch the porkchop
4:29 PM
in case anyone's wondering what it's all about
5.1k tweets, 0 followers, following 0 users
we're back boys (and girls and enby peeps)
@fredley because I havent actually seen @Ronan
@Ave :D
huh neat
It's official: The first Star Wars film after Rise of Skywalker will be from the Game of Thrones showrunners. http://on.io9.com/raqk770
@Unionhawk no thank you
Holy shit this looks fun
you know normally star war is between good and adequate movie but we wanted to look from the perspective of "what if bad movie"
4:54 PM
Baby Tasmanian Devil yawning
His head is all mouth!
5:43 PM
@Ash I've found some interesting card games online that I may get to be eligible for free shipping
Although the shipping would be cheaper than getting an extra thing, all my money goes to products instead of products + service
@Moacir That's cool :) I mean I am basing most of this off my experiences in hospital but usually the tray tables are super small so you need stuff that doesn't take up a lot of space.
5:54 PM
Seriously, HOW HARD IS IT to make your login page work? I reset my password to the minimum requirements so it's not hitting any weird limits, and it STILL doesn't accept a simple 8 character alphanumeric password
My telephone provider just is horrible...
6:35 PM
anytime i see anything useful starred about the site, I assume there was someone new here, because the old bridge guard only stars memes star bait
for context, the next star off the list is "is there a way to do this thing" by the same person.
7:20 PM
lol I am GLAD I read the dsa forum summary: "wait, hold up, you are in DSA and you identify as a capitalist??" (in a thread from a 1 hour old user talking about mod abuse)
oh wow
this most certainly is A Thread
Oh dear
let's just grab... "Look at Maduro and Guaidó; they are both comrades with a difference of opinion."
this thread is just absolutely multiverse brain
what the hell
closed by a moderator after the same dude got repeatedly way off topic
there's no way this guy is real
I refuse
0% chance
(there is actually a very serious possibility that he is real but either way, mods?)
Q: In season 17 does LoN buff work against season journey set rewards?

sanjsanjIf you get and use the class set from completing the season journey are you not wasting the seasonal LoN buff? I'm just a casual that jumps in and out once in a while and most people seem to be recommending builds that work around 4 or 6 piece set bonuses, am I missing something or does that bas...

(the same guy has another thread about how someone he knows has the libertarian party ballot line for governor in NY, then everyone told him that nobody in this organization was interested thanks, and now it's on bitcoin somehow)
Trolls gonna troll.
This feels like "The Florida man went online"
@JasonBerkan see, but from what I've seen I think there's sufficient evidence that he's real and I don't get it
either real or very good
a chill place for members to relax
8:07 PM
Q: I randomly lost coins in Overwatch?

RobbieI went into my hero gallery to look at Genji's stuff but when I selected him my coins fell to 2800 from 3800. Does anyone know why this happened? I don't know if this helps but I play on Xbox One.

8:27 PM
Q: Can I create a preset of options for the LoL spectator mode?

Fredy31I'm a referee in a local LoL league, and something that irks me is that at the beginning of every game I have to press I and then check scoreboard to get the scoreboard. I'd like it to be checked right away when I load in the game I'm spectating. Is there a way to do that? Seeing as the LoL Esp...

That hurts my brain
@fredley You know, someone built a web browser that runs in Minecraft, so...
9:50 PM
@fredley wasn't classic minecraft always available in browser?
I vaguely remember playing it back when survival was in its infancy
ofc I'm pretty sure it ran as a java applet, unlike this one...
I did a tiny brave yesterday. I had applied for medical/dental benefits through work and it was denied for bs reasons and I was sad and mopey for a few days, but yesterday I emailed the colleague support centre of our work company and today I got an email saying that they have escalated it to higher people :D
One step for mankind, huge achievement for my socially anxious butt
@Chippies also, did I just reply without an @ showing? :O that's... new?
@Chippies I think multiline replies always did that, same with replies that are quotations
@murgatroid99 hmm, I guess I never did multiline replies enough to notice. I have heard people say a lot of things are different with multiline messages though, so this makes sense
10:13 PM
@Chippies Awww heck yes that is a good tiny brave. Go you. I hope it works out and you get the benefits!
@Ash Thanks, I really hope it all works out fine
Here's hoping it does, and that it goes smoothly
if the world was fair, it wouldn't have been denied in the first place, but we all know we live in a world that still needs a lot of work :P
kinda expecting them to just be like "yeah, we escalated it to higher people and they said sorry, you're shit out of luck"
but, y'know, fingers crossed :)
anyways, I should go have a nap before work...
@Chippies ooooh very much so, unfortunately.
I haven't been talking much here lately :x Life's been ups and downs for a while now and I feel like I have very little positive to add to this place, so that's why I don't talk much here :x
10:22 PM
hug You don't have to be positive all the time, we will still make room for you <3
(And if you ever need someone to talk to you know where to find me, yeah? I can't always guarantee I can help, but I can do my best to listen!)
I know, I just... My whole life I've hid my emotions, not wanting to burden anyone and it's hard to undo that mentality
nods I totally understand that sort of feeling.
I'm pretty good at "talking" to myself and being my own therapist, so I feel like ranting to anyone else is just getting them down when I can just deal with it myself, you know?
@Chippies I don't always contribute positively, but sometimes it's just nice to talk
you're all great though and I appreciate that I'm welcome here :)
10:24 PM
@Chippies As long as you have a healthy way of going about things, but know if you do ever wanna just be like "oh blah things are bad blargh boo" we will totes listen.
@Chippies you work at loblaws right?
I tend to overthink everything I say and end up saying the bare minimum, lol
@HalfEmpty yeah
Part time?
it's a part time position, but I do 40 hours most of the time
Dental benefits are still available to part time I believe but you have to have a minimum years of service and also based on hours worked in the previous year
I think it's three years. And like 500 hours
10:27 PM
oh yeah, I know I have it available to me, I already had applied, but I was denied because due to switching to Workday and lack of training of employees that should've helped me with this, I had to apply as a late applicant
and as a late applicant they find any stupid reason to deny the benefits
Could be way off tho
Workday sux
they literally denied my benefits because I hurt my back at work and had to go off work for 2 weeks
I just joined Yammer the other day, lol
Maybe I can use it to kiss some more asses
Well what I'm really hoping for is to network a little
@HalfEmpty I work night shifts, so I hardly interact with anyone :P
there's only like 10 people on night shift
Ah ye
Don't think I could do that
10:29 PM
it destroys your social life and it's not easy on your body
but I get paid more and don't have to deal with customers, so :shrug:
My current job is not really easy on the body either tbh
So I feel you
don't have to deal with management either for 7 out of 8 hours, lol
the job itself is hard on the body, but working nights takes its toll as well
Hopefully makes some impression on anyone who sees it
Mostly just managers on there right now
And suits
I don't really see why anyone would use Yammer, other than to kiss ass, no offense :)
Yeah kinda
10:33 PM
you can't just chat "for fun", because management is always watching and you're not really gonna be talking to management either, unless you maybe have something work-related to bring up to them? And you'd probably wanna do that in person anyway, Idk
I know no one on night shift at our place uses it
Sarah Davis posted about a talk she gave on Loblaw s plan for the future wrt to technology and somebody commented asking if the training she talked about was going to be available to everyone
Which apparently it is
But if it's kinda useless
That's the head of operations for us
Or something. Head honcho
our store is pretty small compared to probably every other Loblaw store
I am certainly not trying to make a career out of this, but I also can't see myself quitting, especially if I can get the benefits...
I feel like if I did day shift, I could probably be a little more involved? but as night shift, it's literally just go to work, do my job, go home and forget about work until next shift
I used to care more, but there are some workers who get away with doing bare minimum or less and nothing gets said to them and they also make more money than I do, because they've been there longer
also, the two times I hurt my back at work, I realized how disposable I am and that it's not worth it for me to work as hard, lol
that being said - I'm still one of the top night shift employees...
which says more about the people I work with, than it says about me
anyways, really need to go have a nap, got to get up for work in less than 3 hours :> ttyl
11:06 PM
i just accidentally swallowed a cashew :(
@Chippies I never planned to but I'm still here.. I'm not going to get my wage benefits and full time anywhere else without going back to school
11:27 PM
@Dragonrage whole?

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