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5:02 PM
A solid two thirds of mine are gone.
Awww yay I am a normie again
@Ash As soon as you said that I saw your name go from blue to black
Q: What does your job level do in final fantasy III?

Superslayer04I have final fantasy 3 on my DS, and I don't understand what my job level is suppossed to do, or how it works besides it upgrading after battles.

If there is an answer that is downvoted and is wrong, should it be flagged for deletion or something?
Unless it's malicious or purposefully misleading
5:09 PM
gaming.stackexchange.com/a/332322/172501 I was checking my Downvotes (Since they are not many) and stumbled upon this one
It's an honest attempt at an answer
Not worthy of deletion
I see
Also it looks like I want it deleted just to get my rep back, but it is not the case.
You'll notice there's no option for "Incorrect answer" for flags
@Moacir I think that change is permanent after a certain amount of time
I have like 80 votes
I vote too little
5:22 PM
I don't see @badp's post under "Hot Meta Posts"
I.. hope it's not because of the title
@Wrigglenite In fact there's a decline reason that's like "flags should not be used to indicate a wrong answer" or somethig
I'm familiar with that one :P
Well, in case others aren't ;)
Oh yeah, I'm just making a bit of fun of myself
That's fair :)
5:37 PM
I was stalking analyzing Grace Note profile and I noticed that for every stack, the avatar is different. That is some dedication.
and themed for the most part
Q: Oh baby a triple!

Invader SkoodgeI'm stepping down as a moderator of Arqade. I've been a lot less active of late, especially in moderation activities, and I want to make room for someone who will be active. I'm not one for long-winded personal speeches, so here's the rundown. I still love this place. I'll still hang out in ch...

5:44 PM
We're running out of pins for saying goodbye
all of the pins are important but it's fine
we can unpin year of wipqozn tomorrow probably
more like day of wipqozn
Year of disappointment
@TimStone can you blaaaaame them who would want to be caught up in the year of Wipqozn
5:45 PM
Q: Regarding Svoloch

Y. AreIn Call of Duty: World at War, during the Vendetta mission, you and Reznov encounter a sniper who Reznov calls Svoloch. In the sequel, Call of Duty: Black Ops, during the Vorkuta mission, Mason and Reznov encounter yet another Svoloch, who Mason punches in the face. Are they the same person? If...

Well @StrixVaria, it's been great serving with you. Also cc @InvaderSkoodge so you actually see this.
@Ash True, it's a good thing I like unlimited chat editing so much
@InvaderSkoodge @badp It was great serving with you both. To new adventures, however they look. :D
(Okay, not seeing the diamond indicator or a flag number is weird and also wow muscle memory REALLY wants me to click where it was)
waves hello to all the new humans who just popped in
5:51 PM
room topic changed to The Bridge: General Arqade chat, wherein we don't have enough pins for all these goodbyes. [gaming] [jin-fanclub] [lazers] [-mods] [murder] [-pedantry] [-politics]
Love it.
for some reason my brain mixed @Wipqozn and @badp and I thought "wait they took @Ash's blue text before @Wipqozn's what to heck"
Definitely. All the people I worked with for my mod tenure were among the most reasonable the Internet has ever had to offer.
@Unionhawk Nope. You're stuck with me.
5:52 PM
Agreed, 10000%. We've been hella lucky to have so many excellent humans serving as mod.
@Feeds awww that's a little sad
@InvaderSkoodge you too?
@Ash I just noticed that never happened
@HalfEmpty I am unequivocally the most reasonable and the most equal.
the end of a very long era
@InvaderSkoodge most modest too ;)
5:53 PM
@Ash Someone gets it.
@Wipqozn Can you put [tag:-♦♦♦] on topic?
Doesnt work
if chat breaks I blame @Wipqozn
room topic changed to The Bridge: General Arqade chat, wherein we don't have enough pins for all these goodbyes. [-♦♦♦] [gaming] [jin-fanclub] [lazers] [-mods] [murder] [-pedantry] [-politics]
it didn't break
Bittersweet, but still a victory.
I'm kind of surprised it let me do that but I guess it's just wrapping arbitrary <span>s in styling
6:20 PM
The first thing I should do when @InvaderSkoodge loses his diamond is change his avatar back to gir and rename him to Omega.
you can't change avatars anymore remember
you can only reset to identicon
@InvaderSkoodge I meant, are you stepping down as well?
40 mins ago, by Sepia Lazers
Q: Oh baby a triple!

Invader SkoodgeI'm stepping down as a moderator of Arqade. I've been a lot less active of late, especially in moderation activities, and I want to make room for someone who will be active. I'm not one for long-winded personal speeches, so here's the rundown. I still love this place. I'll still hang out in ch...

oh man, assuming my question gets positively scored this will be my 69th day for Socratic
I can never ask another question
Q: How long is the idle timer?

UnionhawkIn Old School RuneScape, you automatically get logged out after a certain period of inactivity. This is approximately a few minutes when not in combat, tens of minutes when in combat, and six hours no matter what. I was under the impression that the in-combat logout timer was 20 minutes, but afte...

6:28 PM
@Unionhawk I can downvote if you want
6:46 PM
Man, everyone's leaving
I'm planning on being in denial for at least a couple of days
Arqade is a tree, the users are the branches and the mods leaves
looking at the silver linings, at least we might get to see @GraceNote again
6:59 PM
@Dragonrage And then someone goes "This was part of my master plan all along mowahaha"
@Moacir maybe mod branches because tehre are less of those and more leaves?
@Ash (it was a pun)
And then anger?
oooooh man I am slow
@Ash I think sometimes the plural of leaf is leafs? English is weird
7:03 PM
@Moacir no, you're right
I am trying to fill the void of @Yuuki since they(?) are on vacation
@Moacir Blame Toronto.
Ash is no longer orange :(
oh right porkchat dark theme
7:34 PM
wow @InvaderSkoodge is stepping down too? mod team got thanos snapped
Nooo, it's updated everyone
I was never going to refresh
Awww hug
shouldiblamecaching.com -> no
or, blame... lack of caching?
7:50 PM
@GodEmperorDune Like if the Infinity Gauntlet was just dirty socks smh
@TimStone yep, we had so much foreshadowing too
8:10 PM
Is anyone here australian?
Q: Too good to be true raffle

Amanda EllawayThere's a raffle here which seems too good to be true: https://www.winapetloversdream.com.au/ It's a $59 entry fee for a $1m+ prize. I am particularly suspicious because there are no T&Cs published anywhere, and I have trouble seeing how the organiser benefits - they would have to sell more tha...

8:23 PM
I've been playing some Frostpunk on and off lately. It's so weirdly engaging, I normally don't play that genre of games
Also, did we just lose our last active mod?
@Nzall Other than the turtle you mean?
@Nzall The main campaign?
@Nzall Hey, Robotnik is still here
@Moacir oh right, the turtle, and yeah, Robotnik, but I checked his history and he hasn't made any main site posts in 6 months
@Nzall the important part is flag handling, which you can't see as a regular user
8:28 PM
7 hours ago, by Moacir
user image
I kinda feel that the campaign's relentless push down in terms of temperature gets "boring", in that there's a somewhat optimal path you can take in terms of what to do at what time, and if you fall off it then it's hard to catch up, but if you stay on it then there's not much challenge
@PrivatePansy Yeah. I'm playing on the lowest difficulty and I'm currently preparing for that big storm when you reach 30 days in
we'll only be left with raven dreamer, robotnik and wipqozn
I got like 10K coal, 4K food and 2 or 3 full small storehouses of materials
truly a thanos snap huh
8:29 PM
@TimStone o/
to the contrary I might be able to show up without a vague sense of guilt that I'm supposed to be looking at flags instead
NEVERTHELESS, I wish you the best
and I appreciate it greatly
I'd make a joke about this becoming a wild west town, but I'm fairly sure room owners can still do a lot of things
8:33 PM
@Nzall this room has a reasonably high mod density in any case, even without room owners
Even more when messages get flagged
@Nzall Actually, not much. It's just kicking, room timeout, and migrating messages
Yeah it's not nothing but it's not much
That and view deleted messages, edit room info, manage permissions, and manage feeds too
Vs mod, missing: binding flags, ban button, delete button, no edit restrictions, unbannable, unkickable, can create private mod rooms, view mod flags, force change site association, freeze/unfreeze room, and probably a couple more buttons
(oh and owners also get the most important pin and cancel stars buttons)
We probably could use at least one or two new room owners though
8:51 PM
Cancel stars is mod abuse
there, that should be enough
@Feeds how dare you
Stars belong to the people!
Oh, yeah, I can get chat suspended now.... :P
(I was apparently suspended once, but I never noticed til much later)
8:56 PM
@Ash i think i was also suspended once for 30 minutes. back when i first joined the room
Can you see if I was ever suspended?
apparently someone didnt think it was funny when i asked if i could delete system 32 folder from my mac
Mods can see but no one else can
@Ash I can't wait
9:12 PM
@Ash you were a mod at that time, so it didn't actually suspend you
Yeah, but if you look at my profile I believe it shows one suspension
(I believe it was for being angry in TIF.)
Q: So i have three suitable homes but my npc wont come terraria

BryceSo I have three suitable houses but my npc will not come there is no invasion or boss it's a new npc that I haven't seen or anything p.s I'm on mobile and all I know is that his name is porcini

9:41 PM
@Ash feels weird to see you without a diamond
you're the same ash at the end of the day though, and that's what matters
9:51 PM
Yep, you're still stuck with my weird loving squish marshmallow self
I just can't edit your chat post after two minutes ;)
10:17 PM
Bridge, I got a new job! After 7 years in a dead-end position, I finally found a new job with plenty of room to grow!
Today has been a very eventful day for Bridge peeps
@Niro great!
not really exciting, but: my n3ds arrived earlier today
I updated to 11.9, did magic on it, and now it's running luma3ds
I gotta say, I've been missing out. The 3ds is great.
What have you been playing?
(other than the puke slider that is)
@Ronan acnl.
10:28 PM
You should get Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Oh if we're sharing good news, I had a mock interview for my promotion and it went well
oh yeah, bad idea but
expectation management o' clock
bridgers with 2/3dses: shoot me your game recommendations (and if you even care about 3ds in 2019, your friend requests at 4013-0272-7309)
these aren't my announcements to make but elections are very soon™ and the CMs would rather do the remaining mod changes all in one go, which means I and Strix will hold onto our diamonds until election winners are picked
Well; Guess I'm Not Running
(not like I have the time for it anyways)
I wonder how bad 3ds save management is
10:37 PM
@Ave Nice, add your town to the spreadsheet
Is this the NN3DS or just N3DS?
saw this on discord outside a #meme or #shitpost channel but not sure if it's real
Q: c:/users/<owner>/appdata/local/UNDERTALE numbers

Weird sqwoodWhat are the default save file numbers without any decisions for Under tale when using this c:/users//appdata/local/UNDERTALE

@Ave 3DS is one of my favourite platforms.
@Ave Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (also get the GBA prequels). Etrian Odyssey series (go for the Untold ones for the first 2). Tales of the Abyss, Megaman Star Force series and obviously get Zelda
Oooh yes I second teh rec for Golden Sun
10:45 PM
@PrivatePansy nn3ds
oh yeah this may be relevant to the interests of some:
Link Between Worlds was pretty fun, Solatorobo: Red the Hunter was also awesome, Poochy and Yoshi's Wooly World is awesome.
@Ash ahhh wooly world, how could I forget it
Vice I refuse to accept the vice games rebrand
10:48 PM
I'll grab it
and the others too
but wooly world first
I love pretty much any Yoshi game
my biggest pain rn is region locking
the 3ds is a german one, so I can't get eshop running anywhere else
at least it's pushing me to improve my german, lol
Well, that's something at least :P
@Ave shouldn't a German 3ds just be a European 3ds?
it is, but using a different region locks me out of some other stuff
10:55 PM
is nintendo really region locking that badly?
(like reset)
(though IG I don't need to reset anytime soon as I can just nnid unlink through gm9)
The region is locked to your credit card location, no?
@PrivatePansy surprisingly no
many sites don't seem to check that
my switch main is US, 3ds main is DE, paypal main is US, while the card I use aith them is TR
(I use card directly on all 3)
11:14 PM
@Niro congratz!
Congrats congrats congrats!
speaking of announcements being missed and checking the start borad, who's retiring as mods now? i knew of @Ash and @badp but now i see @StrixVaria and @InvaderSkoodge too?
@Memor-X Well, Strix/Skoodge are teh same human
So yeah, three, me, @badp and @InvaderSkoodge but the latter two are being better humans than me and keeping their diamonds til the impending election eventually completes
@Ronan ooooh heck yes that is awesome
ahhh i see
11:28 PM
my boss hired me for building IOS interface. He keeps telling me what to do when he is not good at it. He keeps telling me to make UI "look right" I don't know what looks right because what looks right to him has no consistency
That's not something we can really help with.
yes you can
@BlueBug research UI Design, follow that and show it to your boss when he does it's all wrong
I need a way to murder him without leaving any evidence. Any ideas? plz
11:31 PM
@BlueBug Not here, we can't. You're in a chat room for gamers, not UI experts.
Nor do we condone murder, even though that's a tag here.
I always forget it is a tag :P
@BlueBug throw him into a pit of Creepers or create a 9x9x9 cube of TNT and build an Obsidian Bunker around your desk
I will try to present the UI design sheet. That sounds like a good idea.
@Memor-X That's more like the advice I was seeking. 10 out of 10 ty.
unfortunate this room condone murder. I hoped I could receive a legitimate advice on method to delete his existence.
@BlueBug sorry, to delete existence you need admin permissions. we had those revoked after 2016
11:38 PM
Where am I
:( revoke the revoke! <- propaganda for 2020 presidential election
@ToxicFrog name of my PC. i give all my devices more normal names to id them easier on the network
[MY NAME]'s iPhone doesn't really work when you have 3 for different purposes
@Unionhawk Planet earth somewhere I presume. That's the best I can pinpoint :P
Ati, Kia and Mary however are much easier to ID as being my Current Phone, Music Player and Car output Music Player
@Memor-X Oh, I do the same, I'm just not used to two-letter names except in datacenters.
11:48 PM
@ToxicFrog well i named my PC after her
(the house currently contains ancilla, thoth, isis, durandal, quetzalcoatl, helix, oculus, scriptor, lector, tycho, traxus-iv, auxilior, and squeezebox, although not all of those are general-purpose computers)
(oh, and raziel, although it's being decomissioned)
@ToxicFrog I know the first...5 of those, the rest I don't. (I don't know if it's good or bad I know the names of your devices :P)
I think most of mine have Star Trek ship names
I'm boring. I just name things based on their purpose.

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