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1:00 PM
@badp awww dang yo don't make me cry first thing in my daaaaay
@Moacir thanks :)
@Ash :(
@Ave oh that is a giant brave, my dear. I am so dang proud of you. Tell me how it all works out please.
would it help if I retracted my statement and printed a buncha lies instead
@Ave if I wasn't crying already....
1:02 PM
@Chippies that's fair, I just thought about it last night and was curious.
@fredley awwww dang i have no words
Okay I think i caught all the backscroll
Dang y'all sure know how to make a human feel loved
also agh I just noticed a typo
@badp sorry to see you go
don't be
new fresh blood will liven up the place quite nicely
people who still have a diamond, can you edit "very deserve it" to "very much deserve it" on this?
@badp please do not take my blood
1:04 PM
@Ave by popular demand
@Unionhawk slurp
@Ave Sadly I'm on mobile. YEAR OF WIPQOZN Y'ALL.
I think they very deserve it
@badp thank you
@Ronan I mean it's basically correct dutch
1:05 PM
@Wipqozn that might be my only regret here that I have ushered in the year of wipqozn
hi ave
@ErrorTheWolf hi error
hows ur day?
ok google, remind me to tell the turtle that his year has ended in three hundred sixty five days
1:07 PM
@Ash We need an election, stat
Inb4 every nomination in the mod election is one of wipqozn's socks
Election? What do you think this is? Not that year of Wipqozn?
@badp success.
I'm just going to randomly rotate a diamond to a random site user every day.
I should have checked my final flag count
It was a horribly large number
1:09 PM
I'll do it
But not share it
Hang on, I think I can fix this situation
Also I'm 89% sure you still have a diamond and can check
@ErrorTheWolf okayish. I spent a lot of time on reddit today, it's fun.
Q: Which is the best weapon in Days Gone?

Noob KajolI've been really struggling to kill the freakers nest. I want to take something really big and destroy their nest. Is there any trick or weapons to defeat them fast?

1:11 PM
user image
@Ash your final score is 12,961
This took way too long
my n3ds arrived apparently, and I will hack that tonight
i have a reddit account
1:11 PM
for context, my final score is 5,471
this is a large number of pins
but my school blocked it
but all of them are v important
so yeah it might take a small army to replace @Ash
@badp Small? lol
Come on, we'll need at least, like, 5 armies to replace ash.
1:12 PM
you can always scale up later
@Wipqozn Cybernetic enhanced armies
@badp I am damn proud of that.
as well you should be
wait half emptys online?
@badp I never got a final score
1:15 PM
unfortunately retired mods don't show up on the list
I could only give Ash their score because they still have their diamond
Yeah, they haven't taken it yet but in their defense I kinda out of the blue emailed them at like 11pm
(Grace is the only exception because she's an employee)
i have no clue whats going on
more context ruins jokes
our average flag handling time across all time is 12.75 hours
across the last quarter, 2.75 hours
idk anthing about flag stuff
1:17 PM
It's gonna be hella weird not seeing flags
i just wanna talk to my fellow gamers
think about all of your newfound spoons tho
and all of the icecream you can eat with them
@ErrorTheWolf Games are off topic in this chat room
bad news, gamers have lives and jobs and schools and feelings and frens and significant others and the such
1:20 PM
im at school
@ErrorTheWolf Say hi to @Ronan
@badp Hahaha yeah that's true. And I mean being the Kitchener Baha'i social media coordinator in my spare time (the title is fancier than the job I promise) is a spoon thing and I am just doing... A lot of Baha'i stuff and also my husband will be here so so so soon and that is gonna be a whole new use of spoons
hi @Ronan
Life is just....lots of change!
@badp we are basically the worst
(oh wait no that's jsut @Wipqozn)
@Ash well yeah, but I imagine it'll also help you with not having to use other spoons!
1:21 PM
@Ash 0/10 would not gamer again
@Ash Proud of it too
@ErrorTheWolf 2 people who have been long time moderators on this site have decided to step down
@fredley Don't encourage him
on the same day even
1:21 PM
im gonna try to step up
@Kevin this is true! It will be pretty awesome.
@Ronan HELLO
I mean I decided I'd step down long ago
@Ronan Too late, it seems
I just saw Ash's announcement and just wrote the post
1:22 PM
@badp you just had to steal my thunder ;)
I remember when I used to play games
(that is very a joke)
and/or expedite our replacement
1:22 PM
nods @badp is the worstest except for @Wipqozn
I intend to stand in this election for the Brexit Party
@ErrorTheWolf By all means, feel free to apply during the next elections
whens that?
(I think there is a minimum Rep threshold though of... Something)
1:23 PM
Mods are elected from the community by the community
@fredley no vote will be forthcoming unless you get us a pic of you sharing a pint with Nigel
@Ash was about to say
yeah, you're not going to get elected with 47 rep
@badp Literally just two slabs of gammon
@ErrorTheWolf whenever SE figures out we aren't mods anymore and decides to run it (if the rest of the mods want it/need it)
1:24 PM
i have 75 rep
What'll happen is the CMs will ask the surviving mod(s) whether they want more help
I think you need to at least be able to downvote
@ErrorTheWolf I know that puts you below the voting thresholds
well shis
@ErrorTheWolf you have 47 relevant rep
1:24 PM
They'll say no I can do it myself yes probably and then they'll set up an election in the coming weeks
@ErrorTheWolf It's the rep on the site itself. For comparison, @Wipqozn, the only remaining mod in chat, has 31K
75 is SE, this is arqade
sad noise
@Wipqozn doesn't even have a chat diamond any more
You gotta show that you actually... Do stuff
1:25 PM
@fredley wait what
I'm going to blame @badp
I mean if you make the rep threshold you could in theory knock it out of the park with an amazing nomination post
@fredley in some theoretical universe maybe yeah
raises hands up
1:26 PM
@ErrorTheWolf gaming.stackexchange.com/help/privileges Right now you can't even comment on posts
@badp final act of mod abuse
That's not at all how it works, yo
i was just making a dragon ball joke :(
Gonna get some more sleep. Wonder if SE will see my request in the meantime.
1:28 PM
That's a little offensive
I will never ever refresh this page so you'll stay blue (also I shut down my work pc every day so it's not like refreshing is the relevant bit*)
I'd suggest not doing that @ErrorTheWolf
oh shitaki
yeah @ErrorTheWolf, please just stop. I'm assuming you're quoting DBZ abridged.
1:28 PM
any kirby fans here?
@ErrorTheWolf You know what? I like you, but you're a bit new here. Hang around for a year or 2, get a feel for how this works. Get some reputation and some badges under your belt. And if at that point you still want to moderate, wait for an election
Q: Candy Throwing Side Quest

PsyI know at a certain amount of candies, something is supposed to happen, and I know that amount. (Keeping it quiet for spoiler purposes) However, i have thrown well over that amount, and nothing has happened yet. No side quest or anything. Any help?

at least someone likes me!
ill take that as a badge in of itself
Also get used to replacing the word 'moderator' with 'janitor'. It's not a glamourous job, it's mostly mopping up spam and dealing with unpleasant people.
1:32 PM
Also, I feel like a lot of people won't take a 13 year old moderator all that serious. The only case where I heard of such a thing happening is in an article about young people getting brainwashed by the alt-right
where they used moderation status to make young and impressionable people feel like they're welcomed
im not welcomed...?
@ErrorTheWolf Oh, you're definitely welcomed, don't get me wrong
@fredley yeah it's not fun unless you like dealing with repetitive tasks and anger a lot
i like you guys!
1:34 PM
@Nzall you should also just stop
I was checking the mod list, and I thought @Wrigglenite was a mod already
@Wipqozn Okay, sorry
@Moacir No. they're just a very active flagger.
@ErrorTheWolf hey, expectation management o' clock: don't expect to be elected until you have consistently made a significant impact on meta discussions for the best part of a year
there are many people who have invested significant amount of effort in building the community, and few spots
Yes if you're serious about wanting to be a moderator at some point, then the key is to take a heavy roll in community moderating via flags and meta.
That goes for everyone, really.
1:36 PM
@Wipqozn can i borrow your shell?
@Wipqozn Sorry, sometimes I ramble and start to get on weird tangents
kooopa troopa
ommpa lommpaa
poopa troopa
Okay I need to really start focusing completely on work, so goodbye everyone.
koopa poopa
Have a nice day, and once again YOU'LL BE MISSED FOREVER PLEASE HOLD ME to @Ash and @badp
(even though I know you'll be in chat to varying degrees)
1:37 PM
@Wipqozn turtles are hard to hug
it is true, once you stop being a moderator you die immediately forever.
goodbye my freind..
@ErrorTheWolf just because you can freely put anything that pops into your pretty little head into the chat text box and press enter doesn't mean that you should. You don't have to be constantly spouting words for us to notice you are here.
@badp well I always joke that in my impatience forever is 5 min so I can handle thaf
1:42 PM
I should do some more work on arqade and perhaps even run for mod. again.
Wait, so what's changing in modship?
does anyone remember that?
@SaintWacko ash and badp are giving away their diamonds
1:51 PM
i want one
@Ave Nooooo!
@ErrorTheWolf No.
@ErrorTheWolf Here ♦
you know what imeant
welcome to my mine
we are mining diamonds
and with that reference, I lost my chance of ever getting a diamond
1:53 PM
And im a creeper!
has a bomb strpped to chest
how does one obtain a diamond?
there's elections.
18 mins ago, by Wipqozn
Yes if you're serious about wanting to be a moderator at some point, then the key is to take a heavy roll in community moderating via flags and meta.
And people have to vote for you
1:54 PM
oh nvm il never get a diamond then
And to be completely blunt about it, you will not receive enough votes, even if you were eligible right now (you're not AFAIK)
time for sede
@MBraedley fairly sure you need enough rep to at least downvote
@Kevin 300, just looked it up
Q: There's an election going on. What's happening and how does it work?

ben is uǝq backwardsThe community bulletin says that there is a moderator election occurring. How does the election work and how can I get involved? Return to FAQ index

1:59 PM
They're at 47
im sad
@ErrorTheWolf see this:
total is calculated from up to 40
so no rep
anyone here?
2:15 PM
i am
i shouldn't be but i didn't do my nightly downloads from Dynasty Scans so it's still going
almost done. up to An Annoying Delinquent Took The Drink Spiked With Love Potion I Made For Senpai
@Memor-X Is that manga or anime?
@Moacir manga. yuri doujin to be exact
it's an original one shot
Is it good?
no idea
Oh, I thought you were going to continue reading
2:20 PM
@Moacir no, i have a script that downloads all new uploaded doujin on dynasty scans which i will then archive on my portable harddrive to read at my leisure
at the moment i'm reading Hana and Hina After School
I wonder who we will see running this time around
We don't have a lot of regulars left who are interested I don't think
Not chat-regulars at least
I'm prepared to ban you all nods solemnly
Also damnit not @badp too, y'all with your fulfilling personal lives for which I am envious :P
@Memor-X this sounds like something you could automate to run while you sleep~
@TimStone Don't let your children hear you say that.
2:33 PM
I am a boring dad :(
@ToxicFrog actually it could run when i sleep, but i like to turn my laptop off before i go to bed
if C.C was working i would have been playing Grandia while it runs but alas she didn't want to run
@MBraedley that must have changed, it was like 150 so we got a lot of suggested edits last time
trying to get 25 edits in
oh I'm a genius it is 150 to vote
300 to run
also apparently I don't know what the logout timer is in this game, I thought it was 20 minutes of inactivity no matter what but I definitely let my character sit in autoretaliate combat for like 50
2:49 PM
@Unionhawk You already have Strunk and White
Or are you looking at the review queue badges?
@MBraedley no I mean, the people trying to get 50 rep from edits to vote
@Memor-X You could do a task to automatically shut it down when it finishes downloads/a certain time
My computer always shuts down at 3am (I need the noise to sleep :/)
Also, talking about Reputation, the affiliation bonus counts?
I think so?
I dont think I would ever be a candidate for this. I barely get enough votes on my company
2:56 PM
this reminds me though I should probably post my "hey I'm running to be a delegate to the dsa national convention I hope you guys let me go"
we're, probably going to be fairly hard-pressed to get 6 people to run but maybe not
(when I added my name to the spreadsheet it was empty)
@Unionhawk Are you going even if the company you work says no?
Given that it's a weekend but also I have PTO, meh?
@Memor-X CC?
(not direct seller's association, democratic socialists of america lol)
also hopefully I can still go as observer even if I don't get delegate
I'll have to figure out travel. I wish I planned sightly more ahead, I'll be flying through atlanta like 2 days before the convention
and I think it's still $200 to terminate one segment of my flight
and just have them final destination me to atl
instead of cvg
stupid nonrefundable fares
why did I do this to myself on accident by choosing basic instead of main cabin
3:11 PM
@ErrorTheWolf you do not need to keep asking thisb
(because it was like $50 cheaper and you didn't plan ahead) oh right
3:34 PM
@Wipqozn pls no
Sadly I think it is inevitable
The Pokemon Geodude has become a mascot for Iwate Prefecture, Japan (because Iwate means “rock hands” in Japanese, and Geodude is a rock with hands.)
lol the pants damnit
@TimStone That's how you know the legs are invisible, right?
Yes, it's so perfect
Q: Unloadable minecraft world

matus570I have been playing a modpack with Galacticraft and when I was on the moon I placed a sealable aluminum cable block and after a few seconds my game has crashed. I can not load that world anymore. Is there any way to remove the block or change my dimension because I am ok with deleting the dimensi...

3:49 PM
attempting to kick users Tim Stone and fredley from room 35 . . .
@TimStone used mod powers, it was super effective
@TimStone ...um
that's not how my name is spelled...
That's better
@Unionhawk is often wrong but so was your reply clicking so I guess it's a wash 🤔
listen I had 7 seconds to spare
huh? I replied properly
3:53 PM
I'm confused then
I didn't do anything, @Unionhawk misspelled your name
Then corrected it
Then changed it to @fredley
@TimStone I love this, the pants especially
@TimStone now I'm confused.
The only thing we can be sure about is that this is @Wipqozn's fault
if elected whenever that happens, I promise to mainly use my blue text to give myself infinite fixing my mistakes time
or at least partly
3:55 PM
@TimStone agreed
About the only thing a diamond is useful for is immunity to chat kicks. And chat edits.
The rest is a dreary slog through the worst a site has to offer.
4:18 PM
@TimStone I actually did give @Ash $20 so I could start the year of Wipqozn.
Oh wait, you were talking about something else
4:32 PM
@Frank haven't you run for mod like every election
@HalfEmpty Nope. He only ran once afaik
yep just 14
i think i have run for every election since i joined. which has been a grand total of like 1
I think I ran in the first one
Boy was that silly
I haven't made an appearance on Reddit or discords where I am supposed to mod in... Months
No time, and don't care any more
you may have been on the pro-tem meta but I actually don't even see your name anywhere in any election page lol
4:43 PM
I like how I have more rep in Arqade than in StackOverflow and yet I never managed to find a question in the queue to even review
Which queues are available to you? First posts?
I just checked now
And I had first posts :D
yeah they sit at 0 a lot
I have first posts and late answers
better than the time when Late Answers (I think) suddenly had a few thousand lol
4:45 PM
I blame @Wrigglenite
@Wipqozn You told me not to tell and now you're telling on yourself gosh
Every time I go check the queue the avatar is there
Half the first posts I see don't seem to appear in that queue, maybe someone else gets to them first
Wait, do I pay rep to downvote?
On answers.
4:47 PM
answers yes
Downvoting answers costs 1 rep
Unless they're community wiki, IIRC?
I never noticed that
Q: Garry's mod badge item locked

DETA-X PX ONE HAGSo I was messing around with simfphys in single player and tried to set it to night time by spawning the editor, but those item has Yellow badge on the top left corner and won't let me spawn them, I disabled ULX admin then restart but nothing was happening this has been a problem for me for a lon...

4:48 PM
@Wrigglenite probably
i feel like about half the time i downvote an answer, i get my rep refunded due to it being deleted
or on meta other than meta.se (and maybe meta.so?) but that's different
@Ash You know I can't keep a secret
@Wrigglenite snuck past me on the review queues. :(
@Dragonrage yeah I remember getting asked about my vote ratio one time and I looked deeper and most of my down votes were on deleted posts lol
4:49 PM
though in my defense, i only just recently found out how to get around the firewall at work to view the review queues
@Dragonrage Any specifics why its blocked?
@Unionhawk i think most of mine are on deleted/closed posts
@Moacir arqade is game related. who wouldve thought
meta isnt blocked however :shrug:
279 of my 1402 all time downvotes are undeleted lol
@Unionhawk Where can I see that?
panel at the bottom right on the first vs the count at the top left on the second
4:55 PM
Oh, about half of mine are deleted
there's probably a way to genericize those links but I don't know how to do it
like gaming/users/me?whatever
I think I've seen that, yeah
people in here are smart they can figure it out if they want
If you don't wanna hover that, it's users/current
oh hey and it plays nice with ? params
too bad like 3 minutes have elapsed
4:58 PM
Run for mod.
@Wipqozn truuuuuue

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