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12:21 AM
@Frank a lot of mine are too, just in latin :P
@Ash helix and oculus are tv-watching raspberry pis, scriptor and lector are the printer and comic-reading tabletoid, tycho and raziel are consoles, auxilior is my phone, squeezebox is the ancient phone we have hooked up to the speakers in the living room, and traxus is the router.
Ah, neat.
12:45 AM
@Ash @Dragonrage Thank you!
12:59 AM
@Niro Onwards and upwards!
1:31 AM
1:58 AM
@Niro congrats!
I'd star if I wasn't on mobile
Q: How do you get good at aiming using muskets in Napoleonic ROBLOX war groups?

JulesI just can’t aim in time. I always just stand there for thirty seconds trying to aim for them, and by that time they notice and shoot me quicker. And, if the target is moving, it’s like hell for me. I keep trying to aim it and get the person, but I always miss. How do people get like fifty kills?...

This season of One Punch Man is really enjoyable.
Decent action, with enough comedy action to know it doesn't take itself too seriously.
2:32 AM
Really excited for this
3:00 AM
@Wipqozn I love the idea of this but I'd never make courses and I know I'd find a lot of the created ones way too hard. I am so bad at platformers
3:14 AM
@Memor-X verified, could have done it sooner if i had watched Phillip DeFranco earlier
Q: Diablo 3. Looking for lyndon to return dagger from blacksmith

hunter bishopI am unable to find lydon for blacksmith. I am also looking for the set piece to the set "compass ring", which is a necklace.

streaming apex legends on twitch before facing my second contempt hearing tomorrow 🎮🌈💕 https://twitch.tv/xychelsea87
4:22 AM
Q: How to find Minecraft world in a separate back up drive

user231585I am trying to find an old world that was on a different computer but thankfully it was saved to a seperate back up drive and I was wondering how I would find it on there. I have searched through application support though have had no luck. it is on a Mac thanks

good morning
> 'Detective Pikachu' have a post-credits scene. What Does That Say About Its Franchise Potential?
Franchise Potential? are you forgetting there is a bunch of games and anime about it?
and a trading card game
apparently that movie is WILD
like I was unsure but spoilers have sold me on it now
@Unionhawk I liked it. I kinda figured out part of the mystery at the beginning, but it managed to make me second guess myself a couple times throughout.
4:59 AM
@Unionhawk i also seem to remember that there was a Metal Gear Movie possible in the works during the anniversary thing i think last year
it would be funny if we end up getting like a Metroid Movie, Zelda Movie and a Mario Movie before we get Smash Wars
and Smash Wars would then reveal live action Kirby and he wont look shit like Sonic did
@Memor-X But we already got a Ma--- is shot
5:41 AM
Q: How do I find which dealer for ATS Cars?

user1022717I downloaded Porsche Cayenne Turbo S 2016 v1.2 (1.34.x) ATS which stipulates – Buy at Volvo dealer and BMW X6M WITH TRAILER MOD which doesn't stipulate the dealer. How can I find out which: which Volvo dealer? This Reddit post lists multiple. which dealer to buy the BMW? I'm a tyro, as...

6:40 AM
Q: How do these Ford F-150 SVT Raptors differ?

user1022717http://www.modsats.com/?s=ford+svt lists 3 pages of Ford F150 SVT Raptors with different version numbers, but they don't look like versions of the same model. Some have more added aftermarket headlight bars than others. E.g. v 2.3 has 5 headlights on top and 4 in front of the bumper, 1.5.1 4...

1 hour later…
7:59 AM
Q: Why stats written 18/** instead of 19, 20...?

BromindIn angband (and a lot of derivative, and maybe in its predecessors also), when your stats (e.g. DEX) is below 18, it is written with a single number (1 to 18), and after that, if the stat still increases, it is written with the following format: 18/xx, where xx goes from 10 to (more than) 200. A...

@Ave if I use my 3DS for games, it's usually just Pokemon
@Ave Monster Hunter!
Ideally, 4 Ultimate
8:19 AM
Q: How to activate Steam review comments by default?

LinkbladeComments on Steam reviews have been deactivated by default. If I want people to be able to comment on my review I have to click the check box to activate comments. I want all my future and past reviews to have comments activated. Is there an option to change the default to active?

8:58 AM
Q: Words with friends - playing with “ the Masters”

Carol D.I have been playing against “ the masters “ for some time and only recently been told I need to buy more coins to play with them. Even after I bought some , they didn’t last long. How is it determined how many you need and how can I track it?

Three diamonds to surgically remove from the mods? Damn that's gonna be a lot of work
Also mornign chat
I want to go back to bed
bbl U2 7905
@Kevin quite relatable
@badp Have fun!
easyJet flights are not my idea of fun
flights are not my idea of fun
Good luck!
9:04 AM
this is also not a leisure trip
Have... more fun than you are expecting to have?
At least it's not a 15 hour flight =p
god no
I simply would not have gone in that case
Just over 5 weeks before I get to do that!
9:05 AM
On the other hand, cuddling with my girlfriend sooooo
RL cuddles are required!
I'm already unhype enough to leave the eurozone
@Kevin fair enough
you know I am happy to administer hugs if that helps
I need to poke the dutch-boardgamering-discord for boardgamering things
I kinda collapsed after getting home from company-event-things
@Kevin nice!
@Ave vibrates with excitement
@badp wait where are you going? Prague is in the EU zone right?
10:00 AM
I found my ear plugs!!!!
10:14 AM
@Ash In the Wii u one there was actually a great variety of difficulty level for courses.
@Wrigglenite I second this.
10:51 AM
Hang on, that one big moment from FFVII that shocked everyone who played the game happened at the ending?
Or was the ending something else entirely?
11:10 AM
@Ave Fantasy Life, Rune Factory 4
@Ave However rune factory 4 is also on the switch
@Frank I watched a few episodes of that. Once I'd seen one it felt like I'd seen it all
@Frank My SO is disliking the pace. She liked the first one better
Q: How do I Poison Someone?

Half EmptyThis is difficult to ask. Ok, so this guy is really getting on my nerves. He's stubborn, obnoxious, idiotic, and completely driving me up the wall. It's time for him to go. However, there is a bit more to it than that. I could simply organize the other people involved to banish him from ...

@Ave Also, about ACNL, I will de-dust my 3ds and I can get you all the fruits for you to plant if you want them
If James Hetfield officiated Kermit and Ms Piggy's wedding he'd be a Pastor of Muppets
11:36 AM
@Moacir The pacing is slow, yes. But other than that, it seems pretty good.
@Nzall not sure one the one big moment was that you're talking about. there was a bunch of them
@Memor-X Aerith's death
@Nzall ahhh, no that was the end of Disk 1
An article on Vice was talking really spoilerfree making it hard to understand what was going on
there's 3 Disks remember
11:42 AM
They were talking about the really controversial ending
@Nzall not sure how it was controversial. if i remember it just ends. unless you see anything set after the game you don't really know if Holy won against Meteor
Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus made it clear that Holy won but Midgar got trashed and no one went back there again after Yuffie and Vincent help evacuate everyone
I haven't played it yet and I'm hoping to play the remaster when it releases (when is that again?)
@Nzall 2025
@Nzall i'm hoping it's not episodic like they said it was going to be last year
And a lot of discussion about the remake is how they're going to deal with some of the more memorable events in the game, since it won't be a one to one remaster
11:46 AM
like even if they made the "episodes" when the disks stopped you sorta got it messed up for the final episode as disk 3 the only plot was going into North Cave and fighting the final boss. yeh there was a bunch of side things opened up like the Weapons but they were all optional anyway
@Nzall going by the trailer they showed off last week i think it looks like they are going to do the whole cinematic thing they've been building on since XII
@Memor-X Apparently it's not a remaster but rather a full on remake where they also change the gameplay and story around
like in the original when Cloud first meets Aerith it just looked like scripted gameplay, not a cutscene. in the trailer it looks like a cinematic scene
@Nzall to be honest i wouldn't mind too much about that, more so if they are adding in all the stuff they added like the other Turks, Banora, Deepground, Genesis, the original AVALANCHE and what their leader did to Sector 6
i want to hope they will keep the original plot and just expand on it
hell, i would like a sidequest where you go to save Marlene since all you hear about her is that she was taken by Shinra and being used as leverage against Barret during that part when your looking for the Black Materia
after that you hear nothing about her and in Advent Children we see that now Tifa is looking after her in Edge
aside from plot i'm interested how they work the Material System, the battle system looks similar to Crisis Core but you didn't have a party in that one and would you still have the All Materia
and more so with some of the battles, the trailer showed the boss fight with the Guard Scorpion yet the only time it's tail was up was in a cutscene, how does it's counter attack work in a Crisis Core like battle system?
12:03 PM
I think I'll first want to take another stab at FFXV before playing other FF games
or maybe even first finish FFXIV since I bought the expansions when they were on sale and I'm still not even halfway done with the ARR max level story
@Nzall i've still yet to play that. thinking about getting the Royal Edition so i don't have to buy all the DLC
@Memor-X I bought the game about a year or so ago. I think I played it for like 30 minutes outside the tutorial area
One of the issues I have is that the game systems and keybindings are at times too vague
@Moacir oooo sure
I actually am corrupting the youth by teaching them that everything is as true as everything else though
starts frantically dialing for help
Good tweet.
why isn't it embedding tho
Onebox broke?
Also @Ave, I am almost sure I have an extra crown or two somewhere in my ACNL save. I can get you them, since they are usually bought for 1 mil but you can also sell them for 250k bells
However if you want to try to get everything by yourself this would not be so good
@Memor-X I don't think posting it three times helps =p
The posts are different. With https, without and with http
@Kevin it was testing different urls. the original with https, one without https and one with https://www.
I stand corrected
Looks the same on the hover-over =p
hm yes
onebox machine broken
Yeah, oneboxing is broken
just twitter looks like
Did the one-box machine try eating some spare diamonds or something?
1:02 PM
I assume this is where we ping @TimStone since he works for SE?
@Kevin I thought it could have something to do with the tag-♦♦♦ but it also does not work on sandbox
Yeah that tag causing it seems exceedingly unlikely
8 hours ago, by Unionhawk
It was working 8 hours ago
Q: Twitter Oneboxing in chat appears broken

NzallTwitter Oneboxing in chatrooms appears to be broken at the time of posting. Pasting a Twitter link in chat does not change the chat message a onebox of the tweet in question.

Reported the bug
1:06 PM
congrats on your free meta rep
@Unionhawk I mean, bug reports still are a reasonable thing to post on Meta
yes but it is also free meta rep
@Unionhawk People told me not to care about Meta rep, so I don't
We still only have 1/3 hot meta posts
Caring about meta rep is like caring about the rankings in the Baseball little leaguers
1:10 PM
honestly all it's good for is having enough to spend on answer downvotes
And it counts if you ever try an election
Not this meta
@Unionhawk And getting downvoted yourself if you post yet another unpopular opinion
Q: Where would I ask about xbox 1?

USS Voyager NCC-74656Where would I ask a question about my xbox 1? I looked at the desc of all the Stack Exchange sites but none said anything about xbox. (none of the tags really describe this question.)

Q: Could we revisit the stance on fluff greetings and our no-nonsense approach?

NzallWe are currently working on our "new users experience". As a part of that, we have stated that we want to be more welcoming to new users and try to guide them during their first steps on the site. this involves both being polite and gentle when their first post has quality issues, but also tellin...

as an example
1:25 PM
2:21 PM
My dad just had a bike accident and broke his shoulder :(
OMG! Is he okay?
@Nzall ouch, that sucks
2:37 PM
Can we get a F in the chat?
Can we not joke about accidents and people getting hurt?
no im seroius
2:49 PM
@ErrorTheWolf that does not make it better
yeah your right
im jerk
Q: Only one Hot Meta Post is showing

WriggleniteArqade Meta has recently had three different posts that have attracted quite a bit of attention, announcing three beloved Arqade mods giving up their diamonds: The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things </diamond> combo ×2 Oh baby a triple! Despite that, only one of these post...

@SepiaLazers nice
@SepiaLazers could be it is the only hot one
2:53 PM
Q: Roblox won't launch for some user accounts on mac

ziggurismI can't get Roblox to launch under one user account on a mac. Steps: visit www.roblox.com in Safari and login. navigate to a roblox hosted game such as meep city Click the play button If Roblox is not already installed, get prompt to download installer Mount installer disk image Run installer ...

As far as I know, every recent question with a net score of 3 or higher counts as "hot" for the purposes of that box
@Wrigglenite In META.stack also only has one, maybe it is intended?
It's supposed to show up to 3 at a time
If you want to see an example, check RPG.se
gtg to lunch
the hell
just happened
over 40,000 damage in 1 game tick
divides by 10 THAT IS STILL A LOT
3:12 PM
@Unionhawk Is that RS3? Man that looks weird
@Unionhawk I think dividing by 100 might be more accurate
At least, player health was definitely multiplied by 100
Oh I thought it was 10
at least I'm pretty sure it was at some point
you can see that the player has over 10k max hp in that clip, because some things boost max hp above the normal max 9900
Right yeah OS has ways to get to like 115
Prayer points got multiplied by 10
3:15 PM
they must have multiplied health again from the original constitution update
still though
As someone who plays RS3, I can tell that video uses some combination of ultimate abilities and invention perks, and I guess also the pinata because they mention it in the description
But I'm not really sure what specifically is happening
also I heard you guys were finally getting bank placeholders for real this time soon maybe
Our bank rework got "shelved indefinitely"
there's a dev blog out that says soon as in later this year
and it's not even april 1 anymore
Oh, the dev blog just came out. They told us it was shelved a few months ago and we all assumed that meant "cancelled"
3:24 PM
I didn't realize there weren't placeholders, I couldn't imagine not having my super clean supplies tab
Is rs3 the most recent version of runescape?
There's old school which is a fork from 2007 with a dedicated dev team and new content and whatnot, and 3 which is the game as it originally evolved between 2007 and 2013 to now
That's interesting. You'd think it would take more development resources to keep both versions running and supplied with new content.
Q: How to make a command block summon an end crystal on top of itself in minecraft 1.14.1

Floof The BirdSo, I decided to make placing invulnerable end crystals for decoration a bit easier by putting down a command block and summoning it from there to avoid misplacement, but I don't know the tag needed to offset where my crystals spawn relative to the command block's position. Can anyone help me out...

Q: Recovering stolen loot

LukeI've been playing Minecraft for awhile and have collected a lot of loot (3 saddles, a few name tags,a stack of diamonds, ec). A few days ago someone joined my world, he/she than entered my base took a bunch of items than and logged out before I could stop him/her is there any way to get my stuff ...

It does. But if you appeal to two different sets of users and they pay...
3:37 PM
Well, that's a fair point. I guess one could think of rs3 as a sequel to the original game. People still play both games.
Really it kind of happened in reverse. Someone found a backup from 2007, and they polled it and got pretty good support
So they went with the top tier of "if we get this many votes there'll be a dedicated content team and weekly updates and frequent polls too"
Even though it ended with slightly less
3:52 PM
Q: How to use command blocks in minecraft 1.14 to trade items in my inventory for other items?

Ragnvald ScherffenbergI am currently trying to use command blocks in minecraft 1.14 to trade items in my inventory for new items. For example: I would like to trade 32x charcoal for 1x diamond, as if I'm putting the charcoal in a machine that compresses the carbon to diamond. This is to make the game a bit easier but ...

Today in confusing uber conversation - I redyed my hair so it is very purple. Uber driver asked me if my hair was "just like that" or if I had done something.
@Ash "Oh, no, this is my natural hair color"
@Ash I'm sure there's someone that has blueish or purplish hair, but it'd definitely be much more subtle than yours.
Yeah, this....ain't subtle
4:22 PM
heya m8s
My buddy is suuuuuper into RuneScape 3
I tried it and it still just feels too dated
oh ok
I was looking for an MMO to get my dad into but I don't think that's the one
I've never played Runescape in any form.
I played the old school one like... When it was current for maybe a week
Got lost and gave up
4:31 PM
its blocked for me
Q: Retrieve my Minecraft world after forcing to shut down my PC

Vincent Philippeyesterday I was playing on one of my Minecraft world. After some minutes, my PC froze and nothing on the screen wanted to move. After like 40 minutes, my screen was always frozen and I decided to force my PC to shut down. When I go to my PC back and went on Minecraft, my world litteraly disappear...

Q: In werewolv.es, how does the succubus interact with other coven roles with dual abilities?

Shane Mc CormackIn werewolv.es, some roles like the the Shaman, Harpy, Witch and Alchemist have multiple abilities. If a succubus was used to redirect these abilities, which ability will be redirected for each of Shaman, Harpy, Witch, and Alchemist?

My kids lasted a week in RS before moving on. Personally, when I played, I loved the quests, but hated the grind. It is unbelievably grindy.
Ah, that wouldn't be a thing I enjoyed then
exponents are, fun.
I can't wait to reach level 92 in a skill, which is halfway to 99
@Unionhawk this hurts my head
4:38 PM
@Ash Yeah
level 92 is like 6m exp, level 99 is 13 or so
@JasonBerkan I played it for a long time as a kid
Got to the point where I knew every inch of the world
Which is why I enjoyed clue scrolls so much
I think I've mentioned this before, but I played it after my first kid was born, as it was a game that, as long as you weren't in combat, you could stop at any point of time (i.e. kid woke up, needs food, etc.)
Contrast that with today, where I have to tell my kids 20 minutes before we leave to finish their mission.
May 9 at 15:35, by Jason Berkan
Unpopular opinion: If your only response is a meme, you don't have a response.
May 9 at 15:29, by Unionhawk
user image
4:47 PM
Whoa. Deja vu.
Q: Run commands when player joins

RdsterI'm currently running a Spigot 1.13.2 server. I want to have EULA compliant donor perks...I'm setting up goals, and once reached for the month...I want to have server wide boosts that will effect everyone that plays. Is there a plugin that would allow me to setup commands to run every time a pl...

@Lazers2.0 dupe
5:06 PM
So today during my lunch time I decided to try to connect the "Bluetooth speaker lamp" with my computer, with an adapter I had bought with the lamp
And while I got it working, I didn't eat because I thought it would be simple. It was not
So I had to buy things on the way to work
Also, while the lamp is not as bright, the sound is good enough for when I do want to use it
@JasonBerkan I'll be honest, part of the reason I picked that was because of your meme frustrations.
I now regret voting for you.
I think. I don't remember who I voted for.
Actually that's too many pins, so havea star instead
@JasonBerkan You did. I remember you saying it.
oh hey, my first choice and second choice won!
I voted for myself and @Robotnik. My third choice will forever remain a secret.
5:13 PM
Actually, it looks like I didn't vote in that election at all. I voted for @Wipqozn in the previous election.
So, it's not my fault @Wipqozn is a mod.
Maybe you gave him the confidence to try again
@Wipqozn I voted for you and Robotnik and a mystery 3rd as well :P
@JasonBerkan im pretty sure its @Wipqozn's fault that he is a mod
@Ash maybe the person who you voted for as 3rd will run again
They're third choice was just themselves. @Ash wanted a second diamond.
@TimStone He did
I realized I captured the senior vote, so I just needed to capture the youth vote.
5:28 PM
I'm not sure my 3rd vote will run again, although my theoretical 4th pick might (and I'd vote for them).
Actually, same goes for my theoretical 5th pick as well.
@Dragonrage maybe!
Q: What makes for a well executed split push?

Austin ConlonBefore a 1-4 split push, what should warding look like in preparation? Should the support ward the enemy jungle closest to the split pusher before? What should be considered when assigning the solo laner to top compared to bottom? Would be interested in any commentary on 1-3-1 split pushes as we...

5:44 PM
hi everyone
how are you doing?
I am kinda super excited to see who decides to run this time.
I think statistically speaking most people's second vote 2016 plans to lol
wait third?
I forget
no wait it was "third place if you extended it to 3 winners 2016"
android hell
is frozen
dangit i love portal
5:52 PM
sad noise
hey guys
wanna hear a song i made?
@Moacir I want to love that game but it is just toooooo hard.
@Ash I've never played it, but everything I've seen makes it cool
I don't know why you're all assuming an election is happening. We only lost 3 mods in a single day.
I can scroll up and find @badp's message but I don't want to so I will just do this instead
5:57 PM
@SaintWacko It's a very cool game but it's tricky platformer stuff which has never been my strong suit
@Wipqozn I bet you are glueing cardboard spikes on your shell already to pretend to be Bowser
@Feeds Can we....not make this a thing again please
man thanos eradicated half of the mods too
6:15 PM
@Feeds lol
@Ash subtle for a cyborg? :shrug:
wait emojjis work here?
@Feeds I mean, you tried. I'll give you that.
6:18 PM
At first I was confused like "can mods just inject new messages as Feeds?" but then I realized it wasn't user -1
and appeared in the user list
We can edit messages their mws though
@Feeds I'm sure there's something somewhere about impersonating user -1
@Unionhawk also the white background
yeah I knew that much
@Wipqozn I'm not on dark theme so that looks normal
6:24 PM
@Chippies Oh maybe that's it
i didn't think that would work
@Ash that would explain it :P And it's the only explanation I can think of
That would make sense I suppose
@MBraedley I looked around and it said about impersonating another user but not actually something about -1 users
But I'm back to regular now, and will avoid doing such things in the future
oh a hacker or a bot? 🤔
@Chippies poyo
sorry for ping
6:28 PM
@Moacir there are probably no rules about impersonating @Steam either
cc @Yuuki
whos (s)he?
Q: Pigmen Never Stop Being Aggressive

John-I'm currently playing on a Hard Mode Minecraft server. About a week ago I hit a pigman, and since then they have been aggressive no matter where I go in the nether. I have gotten on top of the Nether and ran as far as possi

i think this is the first time a user has actually responded to a comment ive left on a mc command question in which i suggested how to improve their question
though i dont use mc commands, so idk if it is now answerable
@ErrorTheWolf steam is a desktop gaming platform and storefront
Alright, I've done so, thank you. — Floof The Bird 30 mins ago
6:31 PM
oh ok
ik that
i just thought it was a user
@Ave So how's Animal Capitalism Simulator: New Leaf been so far?
Ugh, that was tiring
Had to do some caregiver stuff for my father
So summary: he was getting his lunch, while in a one way street an oncoming car ignored him, he had to evade it and probably hit a curb or something and landed hard on his shoulder. His shoulder socket is crushed, he has to avoid movement at all costs or he has to undergo surgery and get an artificial shoulder
he also has a nasty scrape on his knee
Ooof, that sucks
@Nzall oh my gosh that's awful :(
6:42 PM
he was fortunate in that one of the people who was near him when it happened was a local GP who knew what to do
But yeah, I left work early, went and filled his prescriptions plus some care products for his knee, then got some bread. I then had to go pick up our dinner (where I had to go to my second choice takeaway because the first was closed, and the second choice forgot his stewed meat so I had to share part of mine) and then I had to help him desinfect and bandage his knee
so now it's a quarter to 9 and I finally got some time for myself
Q: Can I earn money with a Car?

user1022717Rather than being paid to drive trucks all the time, can I use my own Car mod for Freight and Cargo Markets? In real life, pickups and SUVs can haul lighter cargo.

hey guys
i have a either bloody or runny nose and i don't have the nerve to check.
6:58 PM
Either way go to the bathroom and clean it
just did
7:44 PM
@Lazers2.0 I feel like this may be spam?
all the car mods that are linked are credited to same person, few more car mods linked in other of their questions are credited to same person (not all though) and it kinda seems irrelevant to the question
I'm probably reading too much into it though
Q: Do Cars' fuel economies differ?

user1022717 Do fuel economies of downloadable Car mods differ? I ask to minimize my fuel costs. If they do, can I see their fuel economies before buying them? Or is there some way to cruise/drive without paying for fuel? I just started playing ATS. I've downloaded, but haven't bought, any Car mods yet.

@Chippies /r/nothingeverhappens (But I feel the same with )
@Chippies I mean, they hasn't self-answered...
I am a little bit suspicious that every werewolv.es question is asked by someone who has only asked werewolv.es questions
@MBraedley an answered question gathers less attention though
7:52 PM
I saw that website linked... yesterday, I want to say
@Wrigglenite it's not uncommon for people to register just for a single game
ask a few questions and never come back
I'm fairly certain that the majority of traffic on Arqade is from users looking for answers, not for a community :P
I don't disagree with that
Well, I guess linking the same mod website is to be expected from a single user
I might be just paranoid
The werewolf thing I get suspicious because all accounts that I have seen (other than the last one) were users created around the same time, which ask questions around the same time too
It could easily be a group of people playing together
7:58 PM
@Moacir the game probably got popular overnight
many games are like that
all of the .io games and many idle games are like that
To be fair, even the creator (Which is also the person who answers most of the questions) had a meta post about if he could do and self answers questions about the game. Someone told them that is not a good idea and they did not do any question about it.
"...and so they made a bunch of alts instead" is not an unreasonable conclusion, if a bit hasty
But I'm assuming good will here
I don't think there's anything particularly bad about what's happening
@Wrigglenite if that was an actual thing, there are systems in place that would most likely detect it
yeah mods have "hey is this user and this user probably the same person" tools
Also I entered the website right now and there was someone online with the same pic of someone who just asked a question, so at least this last one I think is legit
8:17 PM
Looks like Twitter and Amazon oneboxing won't be fixed soon. devs are busy working on Teams
8:29 PM
Q: How much is "too much" Royal Jelly? Will side-effect stick?

vianna77I understand consuming "too much" of Royal Jelly will cause you side effects. How much is "too much"? Will that effect go away (after consuming golden elixir or sleeping)? Or it stick to the character?

8:49 PM
Q: How can I safely move my 'American Truck Simulator' folder?

user1022717How can I harmlessly move D:\Documents\American Truck Simulator to a folder like D:\Documents\games\American Truck Simulator, without deactivating them or the game? Do I just move the folder normally, like I would any other folder?

hey folks
oh veryones ofline.
@Nzall Might be worth poking them again, considering the comment re: working on Teams was more than a year ago
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