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12:29 AM
Mario is a Kree.
Consider, Mario has a human appearance and skin tone. It was confirmed in Captain Marvel that some Kree look like this as well.
Mario wears a suit with his personal logo on it. So do many Kree warriors.
Mario also exhibits extraordinary, superhuman speed, strength, and durability.
Finally, if we rearrange the letters of his name, we observe that it says: I am RO.
Ro, of course, is the nickname of Ronan the Accuser, the famous Kree.
1:08 AM
@Adamant oh crap my random example isn’t ridiculous enough :-O
Q: Did Emiko have a hand in the Queen's Gambit sinking?

Nu'DaqA recent episode of Arrow ended with a flashback- Emiko is watching the news as it reports the yacht Queen's Gambit lost in a storm; shortly afterward she is seen burning some paper blueprints of the Queen's Gambit. Is it safe to assume she somehow sabotaged the yacht?

1:26 AM
Q: Where/What are Arya's scars from?

dwjohnstonIn S08E02 of Game of Thrones we see that Arya has two vertical scars on the side of her abdomen. Was there an event portrayed in the series that shows how she got these scars?

1:52 AM
@Adamant did you translate the quote?
Q: What is the source of this quote about Doombreed?

AdamantOn the Spanish Wiki page, we have this quote about the Daemon Lord Doombreed, attributed to Richter Kless: Un antiguo Príncipe de Khorne llamado Doombreed empujará a los mejores y más puros de la Humanidad hasta el borde de la destrucción. Pocos caerán, en comparación con otras invasiones, pe...

2:04 AM
claims by defectors that this lie was taught by the regime : you have provided no source showing that the affirmation in question would be a lie. — Evargalo 13 hours ago
Do Skeptics questions really need to be this thorough?
Didn't I include the English?
Q: Why didn't Time Crystal burn out after opening first wormhole?

Avenge The FallenIn Star Trek: Discovery, the only reason Burnham was going to have one way trip because time crystal was going to burn out after opening wormhole. But, in the season 2 finale, we saw that How was she able to do that?

2:20 AM
@Adamant I mean where’d you get the english
2:32 AM
Q: Maybe this is why magic doesn't work with muggle things!

Ugandan WarriorI got thinking as to why muggle tools can't work with magic, In the books they just gave us a half-ass story of how there's "Too much Magic in the air", But what if that's not it at all, What if the real reason as to why muggle tools don't work with magic is because Magic is a form of PURE ENERGY...

Q: Why can't The Control also jump to future?

Avenge The FallenThe main assumption in recent episodes of Star Trek: Discovery is that But, I see two flaws in the plan: The Control will eventually get to the future by waiting out because it can't age and die. Why didn't they plan to send USS Discovery back in the past? The Control can build an Angel Suit...

2:48 AM
@Marvin What reasons did the other three close-voters select?
I still don't get how this is a duplicate. scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/209620/…
The other question asks if the Capitol citizens do compete; this specifically asks if they can volunteer.
@DavidW You have my agreement. But there is an age old debate on how to determine duplicates on this site.
@Alex You mean K-H-W, Edlothiad and Misha R?
If you get yourself a gold badge you will have supreme authority, as no one else has one.
They probably just selected "no comment."
2:55 AM
@DavidW There's no option for "no comment" when voting to close.
You have to pick one of the close reasons, or write your own.
@Alex Oops, can't recall.
Given that it only attaches two names to the displayed reason, the other three voters must have selected a different reason.
They all picked different ones? Seems weird.
And given that a reason with only two voters is displayed, there must have been more than one other reason selected.
It seems odd, because I would think the prime issue with the post is that it's not asking a question.
@Alex Yeah, that's what I figure too. There are only, what, 5 options? Just randomly assign 3 of the remaining options to the 3 people. :)
2:57 AM
@DavidW Well I'd like to know specifically which options were chosen.
To my mind the proper reason is Unclear What You're Asking.
The current reason doesn't give good advice to the questioner.
If it would be rephrased as a question, I would say that it's not off-topic, not Too Broad, and not Primarily Opinion-Based.
@stormblessed - Yes, I translated it.
Any corrections?
In which case the close reason shouldn't be telling the questioner to look for other Stack Exchange sites that deal with scientific questions – no Stack Exchange sites allow posts that aren't questions.
Maybe they selected to add an "other" comment?
But there are no comments left on the post.
@DavidW But then you have to actually add a comment.
Yeah, I answered myself there.
3:02 AM
Pure energy. Ah.
I mean, if it was phrased as a question I would definitely vote to reopen.
I agree that "Unclear" is the most reasonable option.
It doesn't even make sense. There's no such thing as pure energy. Definitely unclear.
Since pure energy doesn't exist, or have a commonly accepted fictional meaning, they'd have to define what they meant.
Which is why a different close reason would be more helpful.
Is pure energy electromagnetic radiation? Any mass less particle? Anything that glows and fizzes when you touch it?
@Alex yes,
Typically when people say "pure energy," they mean something that emits visible light, but behaves a bit like a gas.
But sometimes they meant
Something totally different.
3:08 AM
I don't think this question is off-topic. However, as it currently stands you haven't asked a question. If you edit your post into a clearly defined question (including defining what you mean by "pure energy"), you have my vote to reopen. — Alex 27 secs ago
@Adamant I'm currently just learning Spanish, but it looks like a very good translation to me
To me, it definitely looks like it might have been translated from English, because it aligns so well. That's part of why I think the wiki writer might not just have made it up.
3:24 AM
When was this room made? After whatever happened to Mos Eisley happened?
@Stormblessed May 12th 2017.
Note the first actual human message in the room:
May 12 '17 at 8:31, by SQB
Let's not discuss what happened to Mos Eisley in here; please take that to Meta.
If anyone's interested, I think this question can be answered from Crimes of Grindelwald.
3:41 AM
@Stormblessed It's HTTPS for me.
@Alex The link isn't
I tested it by viewing the source
It redirects, but is not HTTPS for a second so it is effectively not secure
I guess I'll take your word for it.
I think this is a great answer, but the 4000 reputation of bounties is a little excessive
3:54 AM
A little?
4:14 AM
Q: Childrens Anthology with the first chapter of the Hobbit and a Moomintroll story

M. A. GoldingI read The Hobbit in 1963 after reading a large format children's illustrated anthology which had a Tove Jansson Moomintroll story or chapter and the first chapter of The Hobbit along with other stories I don't remember. Thus this anthology would have been published in 1963 or earlier. Several...

4:35 AM
@Stormblessed Yougot a quick response there.
@Alex I guess Meta works sometimes
I think only two of my Meta questions ever got a response from an employee.
1 hour later…
5:50 AM
Q: Did Bilbo Baggins draw?

CalydonWe know that Bilbo was fond of maps and lettering "even though his own writing was rather thin and spidery", but did Bilbo make his own maps or illustrate his adventures in the red book or 'There and Back Again'?

1 hour later…
7:08 AM
Q: Are all the Mortal Engines books to be made into a sprawling television series?

Bryan SeeThe pitch for the Netflix adaptation looks promising for those disappointed in the film bombing, yet what they missed out is that it is not enough to reboot the franchise as we intended. It doesn't look like this has happened this time, it could be impossible due to the fact that the series take...

8:06 AM
Q: Will there ever be a video game based on Mortal Engines?

Bryan SeeI know when Peter Jackson said if Mortal Engines performs well enough to make a sequel, there will definitely be a videogame to follow, I believed a videogame based on that film or books would be an open world game. It doesn't look like this has happened, but it would take the form of an action ...

Q: Legacy programming code on a space ship

BartI'm looking for the title of a book in which programming code or snippets of code have amassed on board spaceships. This process took a long long time. The story uses these ancient code snippets to let the main character escape by 'hacking' the ship. Read it a long time ago, but haven't been a...

@Marvin and will there be a manga?
And a theater play?
A Bollywood musical?
2 hours later…
10:35 AM
Obélix as a Transformer
11:00 AM
Q: Would Coldhands have been a White Walker or a wight?

TheLethalCarrotBenjen was stabbed by a White Walker with an ice sword and left "to turn" but was saved with dragongalss by the Children of the Forest. Benjen: I led a ranging party deep into the North to find White Walkers. They found us. A White Walker stabbed me in the gut with a sword of ice. Left me the...

11:19 AM
Q: What Terminator movie or series has Arnie locked out of a blast room while two teenagers survive?

Judy DaleI saw a Terminator film or episode where on one day the machines turned on people. At the end two teenagers were locked in a blast room and Arnie did not make it.

Not to be unwelcoming but there are 4 Terminator movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger. I'm surprised you wouldn't find that information in good faith. — Jenayah 1 min ago
That too much?
I mean, my gut screams troll
But can't write that properly can I
Meh seems alright to me
11:36 AM
I mean less of a troll than say the HP one from a couple months ago but still the research in that is...
One didn't "look everywhere" when there are only 4 Schwarzenegger movies
T4 doesn't count
Yeah if there are only 4 possible films it really doesn't take long, probably not asked in good faith
Not just because I don't like it, just 'cause Schwarzenegger only has a cameo no actual role
@TheLethalCarrot T1-3 and Genysis
Well it's either a troll/not good faith or they're just being incredibly lazy
He probably had a cameo in TSCC as well
Takes more time to write the question than looking it up... Gee I sound like someone on MSO
1 hour later…
12:56 PM
Q: Asian movie from alternate reality with Tesla coil in Tokyo

boykaA friend of mine saw a movie some time ago on the TV, but he can't recall the name. Here is the description he gives: Japanese or Chinese movie, in the end, there was a Tesla coil (or some device for wireless transfer of electricity) in a skyscraper in Tokyo, which somebody wanted to use to d...

Q: Why didn't this character die even though they shot this person in Avengers: Endgame?

Mat CauthonRest assured, my question is entirely Endgame spoiler-free unless you hover over the hidden quotes. Probably best not to read on. Background: My inquiry:

1:08 PM
Q: Did Jon accidentally preserve Daenerys' claim to Iron Throne?

grovkinAt the end of season 7, Jon Snow refused to commit to staying in the north and not taking up arms against the Throne. Everyone in Daenerys' party thought that his integrity was too costly under the circumstances because it gave Cersei a reason to back out of an armistice. Given the the discov...

1:51 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
Greetings, Hubble guy!
Wow, Finnish is a tough language to understand when looking for a story-ID... I can't recognize a single word in any of the results on Google so I have to click on each of them then translate every single page
Like I can't tell if I've found a dictionary of neologisms or an article about a book written by immigrants (both come up when searching for "wealth" "alien" "book" in Finnish)
@Jenayah Nice lines :P
2:11 PM
@Stormblessed freehand red circles are mandatory :P
Not all are red...
@TheLethalCarrot No, but you have to start with red.
Q: Short story from an anthology about a mild mannered guy who visited his bosses girlfriend

KyraThere was a mild mannered guy who didn't drink, smoke, or swear. His boss's new girlfriend drove him crazy so he visited her, smoke, drank, ranted, and then she told his boss who didn't believe her. The boss dumped her and the mild mannered guy was happy.

2:47 PM
@Stormblessed put in space
Space alien
Or Finnish probably has a word for extraterrestrial.
@Adamant It turns out the book was likely in English
@Stormblessed But based on the description it seems likely that the particular words that are confused are different.
That could be harder. I don't speak English.
@Adamant You're doing a really good job of fooling me. :)
Maybe I'm just using Google translate.
2:59 PM
@Adamant Hmm. Depending on your source language it still seems to have problems with contractions. I'm getting "do not speak" a lot more than "don't speak." So I'm going to provisionally rule that out. :)
3:12 PM
(This is basically a roundabout way of saying "your English is very good." But I understand that if it's not your first language you'd have trouble coming up with similar-sounding pairs of synonyms for common concepts.)
I am joking, I definitely do speak English.
Well, there's me failing "humor" again, I see. :)
3:26 PM
What is allowed on Mythology & Folklore?
Q: Chronological order of the Drizzt series

AncientSwordRageA long time ago, when I was a wee child I read some of the Drizzt Do'Urden books, they really captured my imagination. I'd like to continue reading, but I've lost track of which books contain him, and indeed what order they should be read in. I'm specifically interested in the chronological ord...

^ this begs for yes? Always confused between that one and suggested
Seems to
@Jenayah I didn't know about that tag. Oops.
CO is a subset of SO
3:32 PM
@TheLethalCarrot that help page is way smoother than ours
Didn't actually read it
@TheLethalCarrot The tag description suggests that CO doesn't mix with SO.
@DavidW no worries. Welcome to the land of brain knots about stuff being CO or SO.
It doesn't but chronological order is an acceptable answer to a SO question, it's just that CO is solely about chronological order whereas SO is broader
@Jenayah Actually is, ours actually covers the "what not to ask about" help page as well which isn't great
3:34 PM
So how is Greek and Norse mythology different from scripture? Not written?
@TheLethalCarrot our help pages kinda suck...
@Stormblessed uh? Greek mythology is written I think?
@Jenayah oh yah
@Jenayah So is Norse IIRC.
But I think a lot of Norse wasn’t?
I mean they had tubes but I’m not sure when
@Jenayah Yeah, but is it worth the effort fixing them? I doubt most people read them. In fact I'm pretty sure I only started using the help centre to quote it to others when linking rather than to actually learn from it haha
3:36 PM
@Stormblessed tubes?
@Jenayah runes
Ducking phone
@TheLethalCarrot given that a lot of FP/LA comments link to it, maybe better yeah
Meh people don't click the links in comments, I thought we'd established that already? :P
I mean it seems more logical to change the help page rather than to expect all users to adapt their talk to compensate
@TheLethalCarrot eh, actually maybe people do click on help links, but we'll never no 'cause no stalker Announcer badge for that one :P
@Stormblessed lol
Oh it probably should be updated and I think it does need updating but for those that will actually read it might not be worth the effort is all I'm saying haha
Click on the help links but not the guides? ;P
3:40 PM
Yeah I dunno people are weird ;p
Kidding though, obviously there won't be much more clicks on those
Anyone going to see Endgame tonight? (If it's released for you tonight)
I hope
I'm booked onto the midnight viewing so technically tomorrow haha
3:41 PM
Only one English screening though :/
Midnight? Ahah tomorrow morning's going to be great at work, lol
Do you not like watching the French ones?
I booked the morning off haha
The dubbing is awful
Thought as much
I mean less awful than some Asian dubbing you can see on YouTube gems but still
Ahah, screening is at 8pm tomorrow​ so no need to book off
Ah shit, I never booked that overtime. HR's going to get back at me if I don't
I wasn't going to book anytime off and just hope I wasn't a zombie in the morning but I don't think that's sensible haha
Mmmmhm now I think about not sure if having the morning or the afternoon off would be better
3:49 PM
Wait you're going tonight midnight or tomorrow midnight?
Tonight midnight
I mean if it's tomorrow midnight just take the whole Friday off no?
Oh alright
4:43 PM
I need something to make me smile, so...
Q: Identify story/novel: Tribe on colonized planet, not aware of this. "Taboo," altitude sickness, robot guardian (60s? Young Adult?)

Geoff MaciolekShort version Planet colonized, several generations passed, knowledge of tech & being a colony is gone Robot guardian has been trying to help by giving the tribe replacement tech Culture has "taboo" around many things, including ascending a nearby mountain (discovered by the main character to b...

@DavidW *virtual hug*
5:19 PM
@Jenayah Thank you.
Q: Why was Peter Parker so excited to be an Avenger?

aaronth07In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter refused being an Avenger at the end of the movie, yet in Avengers: Infinity War, he acted excited when Iron Man told him he was now officially an Avenger. Why would he be so excited to be an Avenger in Infinity War if he declined being an Avenger in Spider-Man: H...

6:08 PM
@DavidW :D
6:44 PM
That link working for anybody? jamesmorrow.info/novels/the-wine-of-violence
@DavidW are all Drizzt stuff part of the Forgotten Realms?
@Jenayah works for me
Maybe just doesn't work on mobile, happens
@Jenayah cue 5/15 warning for me...
@Stormblessed while you're at it this wants too ;)
@Jenayah what does?
Got it
6:54 PM
Neat, one less favorite :D
@Jenayah Yes, AFAICT they are.
@Mithrandir Likewise, and thanks.
@Stormblessed and while you're at it this would do better without the redundant "looking for blah blah blah" ;)
(also applies to you @DavidW ;) )
@DavidW alright, editing the excerpt then :)
There, done
@Stormblessed I had the Isaac Asimov episode question thing favorited as I use favorites to mark "stuff I have to fix"
7:04 PM
Q: What is this word supposed to be?

StormblessedIn The Colour of Magic, on page 46 of my copy, Twoflower says this word: “Reflected-sound-of-underground-spirits?” It seems to be like “in-sewer-ants-policy”, i.e. a term that they don’t have a word for in the language (“insurance policy”), but I can’t figure out what it’d be. I asked two ...

@Stormblessed reflection-something?
Oh, nice one @DavidW! Almost one for Puzzling :D
@Jenayah that’s why there’re so many
Apr 14 at 16:13, by Jenayah
Feb 11 at 14:32, by Jenayah
Out of my 632 favorites, probably 75% are "threads that contains stuff I want to fix" and the remaining 25% are "stuff I think I can answer some day given some time"
@Jenayah I was trying from mobile.
Maybe on my mobile then ;)
And off to the HNQ it goes @Stormblessed @DavidW :)
7:14 PM
@DavidW Try perusing m.imgur.com/user/MrPuckett, helps me
Oh shit I have an HNA whatever that means
What’s a “Hot Network Answer”?
Actually it’s “asker” >_<
@Mithrandir what’s that? It seems to redirect
@Mithrandir what's the connection?
@Jenayah Things to make me smile.
7:32 PM
@DavidW hm. Now I feel stupid for thinking there was only the top image...
@Jenayah Blame it on mobile UI. Sometimes "responsive design" means "on mobile, hide everything that makes it a website" :-P Not that I'm grumpy about it or anything.
@DavidW oh no, irony and snark aren't something we know of in these lands... :-)
8:08 PM
How was that HNQ, anyways?
Well I do agree that some more context would've been nice but otherwise it's fine
Plus someone got the answer by guessing it ahah :D
1 hour later…
9:21 PM
Q: Searching for a book I read ages ago and whose title I cannot remember

Orla EadyI read this book maybe five or six years ago and recently remembered the strange story in it and I can't remember the title or author to find it again. Here's what I remember of the story: this old guy is tasked with finding the fountain of youth and to do so must sail up the Nile to the Mountain...

9:31 PM
Looping back to a discussion from a couple of days ago about the "Enlightened" badge; it took a few hours after I nominally qualified for it to be awarded. (In the meantime I got "Good Answer" and the +15 bonus, so things were obviously being tracked.)
2 days ago, by Stormblessed
Got Enlightened, too. For some reason took longer
9:42 PM
Yup toldja that happened ;)
Also "poor Isaac's name" ahah
10:05 PM
@Marvin blows gun first try! :D
10:41 PM
So my most upvoted question is my least researched question now...
Or tied with this
(Both are answered in the source books)
Yeah but one's a funny quip
That everybody can understand
The other is trivia not accessible to non-readers
(which doesn't mean it's not interesting, but it's more niche)
10:59 PM
Hey @Jenayah you should read Mistborn (like the twentieth time I’ve said this but you still should ;-))
I’ve got 110 rep from one question today...
@Stormblessed right :)
Eh, most likely going to actually drop Nexus anyway.
11:23 PM
@Stormblessed They're both on topic there.
11:57 PM
Q: Why are the Night King and his minions advancing now versus later in winter?

MartyMacGyverWinter may be several years long, which is effectively a natural siege in itself. Why not simply wait a year or two for the people of Westeros south of the Wall to be starving and worn down, versus attacking relatively soon after winter begins?


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