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12:51 AM
@Mithrandir Duplicate:
Sep 2 '18 at 7:20, by Mithrandir
@Alex Put <!--> in between
@Mithrandir What's the Trashcan that you send stuff to occasionally?
Any way to do links to parts of an answer?
I forgot the name of them
Ah, targets
1:22 AM
Interesting. Closing a question as a duplicate doesn't bump it to the homepage, but adding a duplicate to an already closed question does.
2:06 AM
@Alex And asked on Meta:
Q: Why does adding a duplicate bump a question if marking it as a duplicate in the first place doesn't?

AlexI recently added questions to the list of duplicates on a couple of closed questions. To my surprise I then found those questions at the top of the homepage. This was surprising to me because closing questions (as duplicates or for any other reason) does not bump them. After poking around a bit I...

Are SEs ever shut down after graduating?
2:22 AM
Q: Who was the dock worker in scandinavia who gave simon the crown?

A Jap in disguiseAccording to this question Who was the Ice King? The third tape reveals that a long time ago (possibly prior to the Mushroom War), the Ice King was a human named Simon Petrikov, who had a fiancée named Betty. He was an antiquarian, and "purchased a strange crown from a dock worker in Scandin...

3:01 AM
Q: What's this 60s/70s book that involves giant one-celled creatures?

E. BishopThis would be a novel from the 1960s or 70s. Author unknown, title unknown. It might have been designated for young adults, or it might've just been one of those adventure stories that kind of reads like YA. The protagonists travelled to an alternate universe/other dimension/etc. The people the...

3:29 AM
This user has asked the same question three times differently
Are those dupes?
I marked the newer Battlestar Galactica one as a dupe
It's clearly looking for the same thing
@Stormblessed The question you think it's a duplicate of is closed as Unclear What You're Asking.
3:49 AM
@Stormblessed I don't think it's ever happened before, no. While in beta, yes, but I don't think so after graduation.
@Stormblessed To clean up chat messages.
Q: Do Cardassians appear in every episode of Deep Space 9?

Quadratic WizardDoes at least one Cardassian appear on-screen in every episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine?

Q: 70s novel with giant ants pretending to be aliens

E. BishopProbably written in the late 1970s. Young adult. Two boys, the narrator and his friend, are abducted by a flying saucer. The aliens are roughly human-sized and the boys don't get a good look at them except that their skin is like a dark shell. I learned the word "chitin" from this. For some rea...

4:41 AM
Q: How many times does Chief O'Brien die?

Quadratic Wizard "Die with honor, O'Brien." — Tosk, Captive Pursuit Similar to this question, how many times in Star Trek is Chief O'Brien showed or implied to die?

4:55 AM
Q: Sci-fi short story about gamer who defeats his rival by revealing her disfigured face

Mindworm victimI read a short years ago (somewhere between 2007 and 2013). I want to say it was in one of the Year's Best Science Fiction anthologies, between 2003 and 2013, but all I can remember is that I found it in a library in either high school or college. I just read Swanwick and Gibson's "Dogfight" and ...

Is it okay if I break 5/15 with unanswered questions?
Does this rule
Mar 22 at 19:46, by Alex
@Stormblessed Usually a reprimand from Jenayah or TheLethalCarrot.
still count?
Q: Hypothesis on what's going on in “Beyond the Aquila rift”

Rohit Pandey"Beyond the Aquila rift" is a short film in the Netflix series "Love, Death and Robots". For those that haven't seen it, I highly recommend you do before reading. This is one of those films that can be seemingly interpreted in multiple ways. Now, I have an interpretation that I think follows the...

Q: Sci-fi short story about gamer who defeats his rival by revealing her disfigured face

Mindworm victimI read a short years ago (somewhere between 2007 and 2013). I want to say it was in one of the Year's Best Science Fiction anthologies, between 2003 and 2013, but all I can remember is that I found it in a library in either high school or college. I just read Swanwick and Gibson's "Dogfight" and ...

5:19 AM
@Stormblessed Still better to avoid it.
5:39 AM
Q: Does everyone believe in trial by combat?

the-profile-that-was-promisedIn the world of A Song of Ice and Fire trial by combat is a very common way of trial. But in the events of A Song of Ice and Fire this way of trial has been found wrong many times. One of thee example is Tyrion found guilty even when he didn't murder Geoffrey. So does everyone believe in trial by...

Q: Movie about afterlife I think? Large towers with clothing and food?

kjkwiatI saw this movie (tv show?) a long time ago, so I apologise for the lack of details. All I remember is a larger number of people waking up in water and making it to the shore, I wanna say they died and are waking up in an afterlife, but again the details are hazy. I remember there were these larg...

Q: Animated film about a society's offering for gods

user2369284I watched this film on Cartoon Network India sometime between 2005-10. The society, situated amidst a jungle of sorts, has a recurring ritual to offer their produce to the god(s). It is very taxing on them but still they decide to do it due to fear of divine vengeance. A teen girl refuses to ...

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Q: What's the meaning behind the open-eyed stones that are placed on the deceased?

CharlesNumerous times throughout the series the deceased are shown with stones over their eyes, and with those stones painted with blue, open eyes. What's the meaning behind this?

Q: How are the faces preserved in the Hall of Faces?

CharlesWhen Arya is finally shown the Hall of Faces, she actually touches one of the faces; i.e., the faces aren't in a container with some kind of preservative (like formaldehyde). I know that the bodies are "cleaned" shortly after death, but how are the faces kept preserved in open room afterwards? I...

9:43 AM
Q: Why is "Captain Marvel" translated as male in Portugal?

BlueMoon93In Portugal, Captain Marvel (2019) is translated to Capitão Marvel, which is the male term for captain, female being capitã. Is there a reason for this, or just a gross mistake from Portuguese translators? I'm not brainfarting when I assume Captain Marvel is the female protagonist, am I?

10:03 AM
Q: Why there's no army of ironmans in MCU

Zaid Syed M MdIronman suit can be manufactured in mass easily. Avengers initiative is to defend Earth from imminent global threats that are beyond the warfighting capability of conventional military forces. It will definitely help to have thousands of "men in the advanced suit" to fight alien-like threats. ...

10:49 AM
:49920121 Nah, false
Q: Anyone knows that manga about a kid who finds a large robotic arm that is good at destroying things?

Magnus Ars MagnaOh and there's a girl and another kid as well. I think the robotic arm is a part of a large robot that is specifically made to hunt others or something, I can't remember.

11:06 AM
Depends on your definition of "offense". ;-)
Q: How the the alien's keep their waters separated?

DaveInCazIn Anathem I recall that the alien spacecraft was partitioned in such a way that the various incompatible variants of matter from the different worldlines was kept separated. I think this even included a description about liquid water being stored in different repositories. However, the people f...

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4 hours later…
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If there are two questions that might be similar, there are four possible scenarios:

1. We know what both questions are asking and they're the same.
2. We know what both questions are asking and they're not the same.
3. We know what one question is asking but we don't know what the other is asking.
4. We don't know what either question is asking.

Option 1 should result in one open question and one question closed as a duplicate. Option 2 should result in two open questions. Option 3 should result in one open question and one question closed as Unclear What You're Asking. Option 4 should r
@Alex it's a dupe because OPs are the same
@Jenayah If we don't know what the question is asking then it's Unclear.
well yeah it inherits the Unclear from the other question
That seems incorrect. If we don't know what a question is asking then that question itself is Unclear. It's not Unclear by proxy.
quite frankly as mentioned earlier all three of this user's question are the same. Clarifications asked for in comments didn't bring much up. I've raised a mod flag to see if they could merge or clarify the situation
3:54 PM
I'm not saying they're good questions or anything. It's just that if you don't know what a question is asking then the first step should always be to close it as Unclear, until it is clarified. Unclear is the most basic close reason. It means we can't do anything with this question since we don't know what it is.
same user asking same thing twice is a dupe
Actually, for this one, I think it's better to have it closed as dupe.
But we can't begin evaluating whether the same user is asking the same thing until we know what's being asked.
If having it closed as unclear causes the OP to repost it each time they make a new udpate, maybe reading the dupe-closure reason will prompt them into actually editing the thing rather than spamming a new one each time
What's the difference?
@Alex TBH, it's a matter of "that thing's not close for the right reason". Semantically, it's possible. Overall, it's not that big a deal. Both apply, dupe and unclear. None's actually better than the other IMHO (once againi, in this situation, not the general case)
But you could start a Meta about it if you want. It's been like, 24 hours without you raising concerns about a closed question on Meta. People are going to worry about you being dead ;)
4:02 PM
Q: What material are Infinity stones made of?

Ver Nick As for the MCU, the story goes (explained in full in an exposition-heavy scene in Guardians of the Galaxy) that six entities existed before the universe even came into being (try getting your head around that one) and, after The Big Bang, the entities transformed into the six Infinity ...

@Jenayah Considering that when I didn't start a Meta question last time I was told that I should have but then when I did post the Meta question (in a neutral fashion) it got 8 downvotes, I'm somewhat confused about what people here want Meta posts about.
> I'm somewhat confused about what people here want Meta posts about.
Jenayah = Alex?
I think it's not about being "meta posts about", maybe "meta posts from" ahahah
Well I guess people are just confused about what they want. After all, all the answers currently have negative scores.
4:09 PM
I want more story-ID questions!
So post a Meta question.
I did something like that once:
Q: Is there a way to encourage specific types of questions?

AlexRecently I answered the following three questions: How does Rambam explain why we don't ask for rain until the end of sukkos Understanding תוד״ה תפילין on קידושין דף לו ע״א Why would I have thought that healing contradicts the will of Hashem? I realized that these are all a particular type of...

Q: Sci-fi short story about gamer who defeats his rival by revealing her disfigured face

Mindworm victimI read a short years ago (somewhere between 2007 and 2013). I want to say it was in one of the Year's Best Science Fiction anthologies, between 2003 and 2013, but all I can remember is that I found it in a library in either high school or college. I just read Swanwick and Gibson's "Dogfight" and ...

@Stormblessed ah, that one's favorited. Meaning I probably got around to search for it in the past :P
4:12 PM
@Jenayah you have 644??????? Wow
@Stormblessed yeah.... It's a mess
Feb 11 at 14:32, by Jenayah
Out of my 632 favorites, probably 75% are "threads that contains stuff I want to fix" and the remaining 25% are "stuff I think I can answer some day given some time"
you know what, let's trim that down to 643...
there, 653... wait you lied to me, that was 654 to begin with ahah
A: Sci-fi short story about gamer who defeats his rival by revealing her disfigured face

Invent PaloozaInsignia by S.J. Kincaid This is not, in fact, a short story, but a book which I read several months previously. It matches your description perfectly! This is most certainly what you were looking for. Here is the link to it on Goodreads and on Wikipedia.The name of the other fighter is Medusa a...

I only have 23 favorites on the entire network.
And some of those are not even correct.
Lol, IDed that twice in the past, would never have recognized it from the question's description. Guy's a genius. Go upvote this, people :)
Seems like there's a bug.
4:23 PM
Go make a main meta post
probably the same kind of stuff as with top network scores
thinking about it I got the same one
I might have to worry about posting too many questions there too.
Maybe this:
Q: Why is this favorite appearing in my network proflile?

KimballI've noticed that this question on Math SE is listed under favorites in my network profile, but not for Math SE account. I don't recall ever favoriting it, except when I tried favoriting it and unfavoriting it to get rid of it (this did nothing), so I believe it should not be listed as a favorit...

start a bounty
actually, you ever started a bounty somewhere?
A couple on Mi Yodeya. I never got an answer I was looking for though.
4:38 PM
@Jenayah And I’ve had another user bounty one of my questions and that also got no answer.
So I haven’t had much luck with bounties.
Well, not counting the ones I’ve received.
15 on Mi Yodeya apparently.
Q: Early 80s movie about a kind of superhero by accident, the guy breaks a car's wheels with his bare hands

Mario Richmondlaptop OrtegaThis is a movie I was taken by the school teachers to watch with my peers in 2nd grade. I just remember a few frames, the one in the title, the good guy breaking the a car's wheeldrive with his bare hands and also the same guy levitating when transformed into a superhero. Weird movie, not for a...

Q: Why don't the Weasley twins use magic outside of school if the Trace can only find the location of spells cast?

user103390Using magic outside of Hogwarts is illegal for wizards under seventeen. But it is also revealed that the Trace can only find the location of where spells are cast, which is why the Ministry blames Harry for the spell Dobby used to blow up the pudding. So why haven't Fred and George, who have ne...

Though I think only five of them were where I posted an answer in reaponse to a bounty.
4:58 PM
Ah, crap. 6/15. I hate the low activity on weekends.
@Jenayah Now you have to reprimand yourself.
That's pretty scary. I definitely won't be editing more than five posts now.
A: Sci-fi short story about gamer who defeats his rival by revealing her disfigured face

Invent PaloozaInsignia by S.J. Kincaid This is not, in fact, a short story, but a book which I read several months previously. It matches your description perfectly! This is most certainly what you were looking for. Here is the link to it on Goodreads, on Wikipedia, and Common Sense Media.The name of the othe...

Here, I improved it. Is it bounty-worthy yet?
It's definitely right
But very short
And mainly links except for from my edits
I’m happy to give you the bounty if this is right, but as it stands currently, this is essentially a better version of a “link-only” answer. — Stormblessed 13 mins ago
5:06 PM
@Stormblessed this question scifi.stackexchange.com/q/200081/98028 mentions the girl having burn scars
@Stormblessed let the user edit it to make it a better post ;)
@Jenayah You can plagiarise your answer and if it's noticeably better might get the bounty
But yeah, it's better. Still room for improvement, though, but that's up to Palooza.
Oh and by the way, you don't have to award it straight away. It stays up for one week I think, so the guy will have a tad bit more exposure if you award it at the end of the week. But your call entirely
@Stormblessed nah, no way. Would feel like stealing, as someone already IDed it in an answer :) plus, even if I IDed it before, I'd have never recognized it from the description
@Jenayah Is it okay if I direct Palooza to your answer for info?
@Stormblessed if you want to point to the existing answers, I'd rather recommend this query scifi.stackexchange.com/search?q=insignia+kincaid
As for where my quotes came from in that answer, I remembering find a cough cough totally legal couugh cough transcript of the book online. Googling any of the sentences in quotes should bring it back up.
@Jenayah useful
I still think we should dupe-close if the question is definitely a dupe like this one
It’s so clearly correct
5:17 PM
can't do, though, we don't force acceptances
But yeah, I do agree that some answers are just "the right one".
like this one:
Q: Anime about a boy and a corrupt village

cupThe anime I'm searching for is about a guy who leaves his village with 2 friends - another guy and a girl. They get separated and he searches for them. After a while the guy ends up in a town without money and decides to sleep on the street. A young lady drives by in a carriage and offers him to ...

5:52 PM
I bet a lot more people would come back to accept story-IDs if StackExchange didn't send so many unwanted emails. They would be less likely to unsubscribe and then might get an email that their questions got answered.
Actually @Stormblessed if you're going to edit scifi.stackexchange.com/q/200081/98028, title should probably read "technokinetic" (missing n)
@Stormblessed they send emails?
Never got one
I probably turned all that shit off 10 seconds after I made my account, though. That would sound like me
I've gotten ~20 emails from Stack Exchange in 2+ years.
I get at least six a week.
6:21 PM
Maybe different rules based on where you are? I used to get tons
Like one for every notification I didn't read very quickly
Then I unsubscribed
Haven't had a daily floof in a while
@Stormblessed I think most of mine are for those.
Funny, never got anything of the sort. Not everything's turned off in email settings, though
How can I see all my mod flags? There's one specific one I did and want to look at the post it's on
@Stormblessed I don't think you can sort flags by reason. But you can CTRL+F the page, if you remember what you wrote
@Jenayah I don't remember
Okay, never mind
I was just trying to find a user to see what happened (name change)
6:30 PM
@Stormblessed mmmhhh if you remember their first username, you can try searching for it in this room: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/59281/sff-community-cleanup-room
Why are some future works questions re-opened but some are just left closed after the thing comes out?
@Stormblessed 'cause nobody remembered to reopen them? Can happen
Actually, will very probably happen with the new SW film.
@Stormblessed found in the community room? :P
@Jenayah A post about future works
Then viewed on the Wayback Machine
6:37 PM
The Firefox extension is a nice way to pretend I have 10K rep
don't hesitate to ask if you want screenshots from deleted questions, though. Always happy to be of service :)
6:47 PM
May as well just give Stormblessed honorary privileges.
Speaking of, I’m only three upvotes away from 20,000
I suppose I’d already be there if not for some recent dowmvotes.
Lemme guess. The ones that were linked on Meta?
...I was considering asking a Story-ID question, but I know that it's been asked and found on SFF before, I just can't find the question or the story. Grrr.
@Jenayah That’s some of them.
6:57 PM
@Mithrandir c'mon, ask in chat
7 on The Burrow. 2 on Accio. 5 on Babbling Beverage. 1 on Amortentia.
Time travel kids, in one book they go to the future in a museum, where staff is amazed that they know how to use a pencil - there are bunch of robots around that ask for ID. In another book they travel back to the Maya.
> - You sure that'll work?
- C'mon, Xan. We got mermaids. With blowtorches.
@Mithrandir game is on!
@Alex -_-
@Mithrandir Magic Tree House?
@Alex Definitely not.
7:01 PM
Come to think of it, did they ever travel forward in time in that series?
@Jenayah In the museum, they end up replacing a group of kids who was supposed to be working at that exhibit, because the people working there think that they're the people who were supposed to show up. I believe that they then have a run in with the folks who were supposed to be working there.
I believe it is a trio, three boys IIRC.
Read 2008-11.
Written for kids.
how much of that do you remember was in the SFF question?
I have no idea :P
@Mithrandir You were reading full length books in 2008?
7:07 PM
...I believe I may have found it, although I'm having a hard time verifying.
Not another child prodigy...
@Alex Sure. I started reading when I was like 4.
@Mithrandir link?
@Mithrandir And posting a year later?
A: What was this book (time-travelling kids, an old house, a wizard, turning into animals...)

JetpackCan this be the Time Warp Trio series by Jon Scieszka, whose first book is Knights of the Kitchen Table? My memory is also fuzzy, but I think I read about three books in the series. These books are: a series published from 1991 to 2006 involving three boys (but not siblings) who travel back ...

7:09 PM
Specifically, I was remembering the book 2095.
I was looking for quotes or a good synopsis, but couldn't find one. I'm reasonably certain, though. I was actually mistaken about it being asked about here, though. My bad.
(Might be an opportunity for a self answered question... will think about that.)
7:28 PM
@Jenayah Is that legal? I know Mods have a legal agreement that Mod stuff is secret
@Stormblessed Well, I'm not a mod. I couldn't show you anything that only a mod could. Deleted questions are mostly abandoned, off-topic, unclear, and the odd spam/RA. They're accessible to everyone with 10k so I don't see the problem
Mods' legal agreement is mainly about personal info
@Stormblessed deleted questions are more of a privilege thing. If something is redacted, that's a different matter
@Mithrandir24601 if something is redacted, non-mods can't see it anyway :)
@Jenayah I don't think(?) mods can see redacted stuff either :P
(I don't remember anything actually being redacted on QC, so ...)
Nice answer from a new user, deserves more upvotes: scifi.stackexchange.com/a/209074/98028
7:33 PM
I don't even know if staff can see it after it's redacted.
This guy's pretty inspired. 4 answers and 2 questions in their first day.
Me: Says the word “Mod”. Mod appears to answer my question. Mod: “mods aren’t notified whenever someone says ‘Mod’”.
@Stormblessed ahahahah
...I mean, I'm pretty sure @DJMcMayhem has a script somewhere to turn arbitrary strings into pings in chat... but I've never actually seen it.
What’s redacted? Hiding phone numbers from edit history?
7:44 PM
Basically, yeah. Phone numbers, passwords, other sensitive information, etc.
It's one of the harder mod tools to use.
@Mithrandir how so?
It looks simple to use
A: Allow moderators to hide a revision

TarynUp until last week, moderators would have to contact the Community Managers to redact private information from a post, but thanks to Jarrod this is now been turned on for moderators to handle. By going to the post revision page, mods will now see a redact option: Choosing this, you'll be...

Just takes one other mod
How is banning done? Do you need a lot of mods to agree?
The actual process is... more confusing than it looks.
@Stormblessed Nah. For a suspension you only need one mod, although IME there is almost always a discussion beforehand.
@Mithrandir what about deleting?
Deleting a user?
@Mithrandir yes
7:51 PM
@Stormblessed That must have been a good edit because it got me an upvote.
@Alex that was me; it was a cool question
For users like spammers, it's six clicks to a nuke by a single mod. For users with more participation and reputation, a staff member is often needed to review the case.
@Stormblessed Oh. You hadn’t seen it before?
Q: Who can trigger ship-wide alerts in Star Trek?

Chris BraceWhile re-watching DS9 "The Adversary" (S3E26), in the scene where Miles O'Brian almost catches a hostile changeling infiltrating the Defiant, it occurred to me that I didn't know if Miles even had the authority to initiate an intruder alert. Traditionally, we see captains giving the order for a s...

8:26 PM
@Alex congrats!
@Jenayah Thanks.
Though there's not much in this privilege useful to me.
You can vote to undelete answers.
VTDing answers is useful.
Alex would most likely used VTU instead though :P
@Jenayah Doesn't help much, as two others need to vote to undelete and it doesn't go to a queue.
8:30 PM
Well... that depends on how you define queue.
@Alex you can attract attention by bringing it up on mea, that has worked well so far :P
I keep a loose watch on stuff in /tools.
@Jenayah I've yet to post about a deleted answer there.
Uncharted territory! Woohoo!
@Jenayah I notice you have never really participated in any of my Metas.
8:33 PM
lurking in the shadows. Arguing is effort
But surely you have opinions?
Plus they attract... animosity, any kind of answers is an inbox destroyer. Ain't nobody got time for that :P
Good point.
@Alex how long have we been chatting? I've explained my opinions on stuff lots of time :P
And there are some things, like the latest meta, which I don't even want to spend brian cells on. Too much knots
Nov 9 '18 at 1:24, by Alex
Oct 4 at 23:23, by Alex
@Jenayah First time in Chat. We had a comment exchange on one of my questions a few days earlier:
9:10 PM
@Alex they never did that I’m aware of. It wouldn’t really make sense with the theme, I think.
@Alex Well, they head to Camelot. Although that's still in the past.
Q: ST TNG "Manhunt" blooper

leekWhile watching "Manhunt", I notice a scene where Madeline makes an error (in Rex's Bar): Jees, Dix. Cuzzo's the guy who iced Marty O'Farron. They never would have nailed him if it hadn't been for you. Your testimony got him arranged. It was supposed to be arraigned, of course. But was t...

@Mithrandir I loved those giant Merlin Mysteries books when I was a kid
(They seemed giant, but it was probably relative)
10:00 PM
@Alex not completely true, actually, it just occurred to me that I voted on some. Though you probably wouldn't be able to see it.
@Jenayah Yes, anonymous voting is a feature of Stack Exchange.
But I meant that you haven’t really voiced an opinion.
@Stormblessed This is a reply
@Stormblessed To this
@Stormblessed Hey, it works!
What, replying to the future?
10:05 PM
@Alex Yup
@Stormblessed So you’ve invented time travel.
Meanwhile, several months later someone edited my comment into the answer.
What led you to ask a Python question on Meta Stack Exchange? Did you read the “How to ask” box when typing your question? — Sebastian Simon 3 mins ago
Ugh, I hate it when people have such unhelpful comments for off-topic but valid posts by new users
Hello! Please ask this on Stack Overflow instead; this site is for discussion of how the site works. — Stormblessed 2 mins ago
This is so much better (not to toot my own horn)
@Stormblessed I get what you're saying but truth be told, there are at least 10 blatantly off-topic questions like that a day on Meta. Knowing where that confusion comes from... Might be helpful. And prompting people to read the placeholders isn't such a bad idea either...
@Stormblessed eh... Once again yes and no. The question has formatting issues. The research part isn't obvious. I'm not entirely sure it'd be such a great fit on SO; if one's going to redirect them there, might as well provide the link to SO help page on asking and answering
@Jenayah But (in my firsthand experience) nobody reads those
(or maybe it's just me who didn't...)
There's not just the placeholders... The site's theme isn't exactly the same. All the questions have nothing to do with programming. Etc, etc
10:16 PM
@Jenayah but I think we should be more welcoming and trust SO to delete the question if it's crap and give them guides
@Stormblessed first rule of migration is never ever migrate crap
@Jenayah But send them away to manually migrate
What I mean is, the way I see it, if you're going to point out somewhere else on the network it's your responsibility to also make sure you link to the relevant help, etc. Just providing a site... Won't help much :/
That doesn't mean you can't say the question is off-topic without being welcoming, of course.
@Daniel For help asking a question on [StackOverflow], see this guideStormblessed 14 secs ago
@Stormblessed It's not my fault I happened to be bored on the bus on the way home at the same time you wrote that message! :P
10:35 PM
Q: How to make a rigidbody come to rest faster

StormblessedI'm trying to move around a 3D rigidbody in Unity 2018.1.0f2 Personal. I am using a C# script with the basic vector3 and velocity stuff from a YouTube video: using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public class Player : MonoBehaviour { [SerializeField]...

Why can I have an edit description for a grace period edit but nobody can see it? Seems stupid
10:54 PM
Q: is it possible to create one Jaeger type colossal war machine in real terms of science?

Yangim a real fan of Pacific rim and Iwant to know is it actually possible to create something similar to Gipsy Danger or Obsidian Fury in our real life terms of physics and what would it take, even if it would be 100 times smaller?

11:33 PM
Q: If Darth Sidious has come back to life in The Rise of Skywalker, would this mean that the Force is no longer in balance?

HRIATEXPDarth Vader/Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One, brought balance back to the Force by killing Darth Sidious in the Return of the Jedi. Yet, if Darth Sidious has found a way to come back to life in The Rise of Skywalker, would this mean that the Force is no longer in balance?

11:52 PM
Q: 90's book, teen horror. Not point horror, or fear street or goosebumps!

Stephen KerrOkay so I can more or less see the cover in my head and I am sure the the title was "Bad Blood" however I have searched online and can't find it. The story of what I recall was a guy named "Mike" I think and he is in high school and is in love with this girl. The usual teenage story. Anyway, he w...


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