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12:34 AM
Is the app not working for anyone else?
(Assuming that there is actually anyone else that uses the app.)
Never mind:
Q: Stack Exchange iOS app not working?

Dave NewtonI'm currently unable to access anything via the Stack Exchange app under iOS; is this a known issue?

1:16 AM
Q: Strange Sign on Lab Door

Mos FettI saw a strange sign on a door to a geophysics lab in a museum in Switzerland. I was really curious about what it means and wanted to know if anyone is familiar with this sign. Here's the full image of the door so you can see the context/type of work going on in the lab.

^ Academia asking the right questions, finally
1:28 AM
Why can’t I make tags on mobile
Q: How much does the academic family tree matter for a PhD?

oikos99I remember my MSCS advisor often refers to his "academic grandfather" (his advisor's advisor Dr. Leonard Kleinrock) as the person who sent the first data packets. Although distant, I think it is cool for him to be a descendant of someone famous. For PhDs, have you ever traced your academic fami...

Annoying to not have any rep. to combine those random tags
Do mods automatically have accounts on all sites?
CMs do
2:05 AM
@Alex I just use the mobile site, it's generally usable
Q: Why can't I create a new tag in Mobile?

yydlWhen I was using the mobile version of an SE site I got prompted with the error: new tags cannot be created from the mobile site. The tag 'sometag' is new. Why is this so?

And linked questions.
2 hours later…
4:13 AM
@Jenayah I have a kinda good edit pending on the tag (that you now own)
4:46 AM
Q: Why didn't Eru and/or the Valar intervene when Sauron corrupted Númenor?

RexGiven that Sauron spent a whopping 47 years (Second Age 3262-3319) in Númenor corrupting the people and making them do unspeakable things (burning Nimloth, human sacrifice, Morgoth worship, slaughtering the wild men of Middle-earth, the Great Armament), why didn't the good Powers stop him at the ...

Q: Who was in Lex Luthor's cabinet?

indigochildThe Wikipedia article on Black Lightning (Jeffersion Pierce) was appointed to Lex Luthor's cabinet as the Secretary of Education. However, I wasn't able to find out who else held similar positions. Did Lex Luthor appoint any other notable DC characters to cabinet positions during his presidency?...

5:44 AM
Interesting choice of tag.
6:19 AM
@Gallifreyan nope
They have to create them all manually
Any way to search for unanswered questions?
Like having one tag and another but not having any answers — is that possible?
@Stormblessed [tag] [tag] answers:0 in the search box
7:20 AM
Q: Draco malfoy starts disappearing and only Harry notices

LyraI cant remember whether this is eighth year or not but I’m pretty sure it is. Basically, Draco keeps going transparent or starts fading out or something and the big problem is that he might fade out for good. I cant remember much but I remember it being really good, so if you know it please comme...

@Alex Yeah, that's much better data to draw conclusions from! Perhaps the user base is more inquisitive, or the material is more difficult.
8:34 AM
@Stormblessed suggested edits should fix everything possible and leaving something as obvious as the “update” part in seems like you probably weren’t paying attention, I was on the fence about Reject and Editing your edit to creat the boss baby tag to later on but improved it instead
And that was only mainly because renaming the tag was decent enough on its own
Though still borderline when you left a few other things such as not updating the work name in the question to add the “the” in which is sort of odd considering what the edit was in the first place
8:56 AM
Q: Can we identify these Harry Potter Lego microfigures?

TheAshThe new Lego Hogwarts castle set comes with 4 minifigures of the four founders of Hogwarts and 12 microfigures of various HP characters, from Harry to Filch. The only problem is I can't make out which microfigure is which. (Some are obvious - Harry and Umbridge. The rest are less so.) Pleas...

9:15 AM
Q: On what did Lego base the appearance of the new Hogwarts minifigs?

TheAshLego introduced minifigs based on the four founders of Hogwarts in their recent castle set: Considering the characters have never appeared in either the movies nor the books, and knowing Lego's propensity to keep details as accurate as possible (particularly in adult sets like these) on what d...

10:13 AM
Q: Are Giants classified as Beasts or Beings?

MithrandirIn the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them textbook, we learn that wizards classify creatures as either "beasts" or "beings", where beings are usually defined by intelligence level: Not until 1811 were definitions found that most of the magical community found acceptable. Grogan Stump, th...

10:41 AM
who even created this tag
10:59 AM
No "edit reason" field was available, but I still want a written trace for full disclosure: I didn't get what the movie was about, so for the summary of scifi.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/142936, I snatched the tag's wording from M&TV movies.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/the-tree-of-life
oh neverming, why does the field appear after when you try to correct your edit? -_-
11:17 AM
Must be a bug it’s usually there
@TheLethalCarrot is it there for you? scifi.stackexchange.com/edit-tag-wiki/1834
It's a tag with no wiki so creating one would be the first edit
At first I thought this was going to be pointless pedantry about how 210 isn't close enough to 300, and the answer would be along the lines of "Dumas wasn't a mathematician". But then I realised the figure was off by a whole order of magnitude, and in the end you've discovered an interesting mistake. +1. — Rand al'Thor 5 hours ago
Et tu Brute?
On no it isn’t actually
Now I think about it think I’ve seen it not being there before
@TheLethalCarrot yeah I mean I guess the rationale is that if you create it for the first time the edit reason would always be "I created stuff" but it'd be nicer to have a "comment" field
Yeah an optional comment field would make some sens
Your comment was there anyway when I reviewed it
11:25 AM
@TheLethalCarrot yeah because when I went back and started to do like I wanted to modify the edit (even if it was still pending), the field appeared
That is a daft bug/oversight in my opinion. You can re edit a suggested edit even if someone has already reviewed it
12:08 PM
Q: How do Shardblades change shape and size?

AnthelothLive Shardblades can change shape and size based on the needs of the bearer. But if they are a manifestation of a Spren moving fully into the physical realm, how can they change size/mass?

12:43 PM
@Mithrandir TIL
1:22 PM
@Jenayah tut tut tut, you shouldn’t copy wikis from external sources... :P
huh, another lego minifigure?
Where's Helga Huffelpuff's diadem?
Oh I see! That circlet with the gem on his forehead is supposed to be the diadem.
2:04 PM
@TheLethalCarrot he says, after approving while viewing my "full disclosure" disclaimer
‘‘Twas making a joke about someone rejecting it
ah indeed
meh in any case there's written trace of a source somewhere
That reason is more for copying directly from Wikipedia or something not from another sites tag excerpt that applies to us too
ah, yeah
2:22 PM
Q: How did Szeth do this?

AnthelothAt the end of Oathbringer, Szeth swears the third Ideal of the Skybreakers. The problem is that when the Skybreakers explain how the process of swearing the Ideals works, they say that to swear the third Ideal you need to attract and bond a spren. So how could Szeth swear the Ideal without...

2:37 PM
What? An HNQ indicator?
@b_jonas yep
Apparently LEGO SE has a tag for minifigure-identification bricks.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/…
oh, funny
@Alex lol
2:51 PM
@Jenayah Do I have to guess what you’re referring to?
I assume that’s what he meant...
2:53 PM
Though if Slytherin’s animal was a bear I wouldn’t be so sure.
Considering that we only have two tags, maybe and aren't needed?
3:22 PM
@Jenayah Did you mean questions?
Ah, yes
It may be technically true in any case.
Should always be on story identification questions?
Are all anthologies short stories?
A book of Jules Verne's novels is an anthology, no?
3:35 PM
On questions that are about short stories in anthologies
Should that have both?
Should be on story-IDs, like how is?
It's tag wiki doesn't help
3:54 PM
@Stormblessed meh... these tags should better be left alone, they're of no help. Only my opinon though...
Also @Stormblessed this was a meh edit. scifi.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/142944 The title s still super vague
A: Short story about the human race pooling together resources to reach dying race

StormblessedThis is The Helping Hand by Norman Spinrad. A summary (emphasis mine, spelling fixed): In “The Helping Hand” by Norman Spinrad, NASA received a radio signal from a planet orbiting Barnard’s star, proving there might be other life. Soon they decode the transmissions and release them to the pu...

My very easily found answer (a link to a dupe was in the comments)
@Stormblessed lacks the release year and there's a couple of funnily formatted stars in the quote :)
also not wanting to sound like a crow but OP hasn't been seen in 5 years :/
How do you do footnotes?
How do you do superscript?
4:00 PM
same with sup
I hate how inconsistent Unicode's superscript is
Thanks for the upvote, someone
You're welcome, someone.
4:18 PM
Q: What is the creature in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald?

user112460Only the creature's eye is shown during the movie's run time from 32:37 minutes. It's eye glows, it's in some sort of aquarium. It can be seen behind the augery (Irish Phoenix) in the above mentioned run-time. I'm thinking it’s somekind of a giant squid or an octopus but I'm not sure.

4:37 PM
Q: Object Identification: Where is this station from?

ThylorionI came across this image on Facebook. It looks similar to Deep Space Nine. A reverse image search on Google revealed that the station is from an old Chinese television show. Now I am wondering does anyone know the name of this show?

4:53 PM
Is my answer good? How could it be improved?
A: Let There Be Light Story Identification

user14111"The Last Question", a short story by Isaac Asimov, has its own Wikipedia page. It was first published in Science Fiction Quarterly, November 1956, which is available at the Internet Archive. The text is also available at Thrivenotes. The universe is not collapsing into a singularity, it's the h...

Please replace the HTTP with HTTPS, someone, the edit requirement needs more characters but I can’t find somewhere to put them
5:09 PM
@Stormblessed meh, no need to bump for just a HTTPS replacement, it's useful to do when editing other stuff but ot worth a bump by itselkf
@Stormblessed fetch the book from the library and add quotes, I guess, as it doesn't seem the text is available online :)
5:24 PM
@Jenayah fancy creating the tag wiki for the renamed tag?
what renamed tag?
The transformers one, I changed it on it’s only question to the full name
the stuff is apparently known as RB as well as TRB
ooooh hadn't seen that #blameCaching
Oh well TRB is less likely to be mistagged
Jolly good
@Marvin HNQ, sweet :)
5:26 PM
Computer restart erased seven posts I was in the middle of...
@Alex sucks... Hence why you type in a text editor ;)
Eh, I had the three longest ones saved in an external document.
But the other four are lost forever.
oi @Randal'Thor
I just approved tag wiki edits for both and . @Jenayah @TheLethalCarrot Can you guys figure out which one to use? :-P
yeah I originally suggested a tag for RB, TLC rejected it, created the TRB tag and prompted me into recreating the wiki
10 mins ago, by TheLethalCarrot
@Jenayah fancy creating the tag wiki for the renamed tag?
and onwards
5:35 PM
Wikipedia says "Transformers: Rescue Bots (or simply Rescue Bots)". One argument is to err on the side of using the shorter name, since it's less of a mouthful / less typing etc., as long as the tag wiki makes clear it's about Transformers. Another argument is to use the longer name so that anyone typing the shorter name would get it popping up in the tag box anyway.
@Alex SE should automatically save drafts for you ...
@Randal'Thor It does, usually. Apparently not when the drafts are months old (and possibly already been restored from previous restarts).
You have months-old drafts? :-O
Of course.
Then I agree with Jenayah - you should've used a text file for those.
I did for the three most important ones.
Of the remaining four, I would probably never would have gotten around to posting two of them anyway.
5:39 PM
Though I think there was a Meta post where Tim Post mentioned something about recovering drafts...
I asked some really stupid/off-topic questions six months or so ago, how can I find those? Activity doesn't have anything under "deleted recent questions"
@Stormblessed You can ask a friendly mod :-) You have four deleted questions: one dupe, one still open, and one, two closed.
(It's easier to find for me because mods can search deleted posts. But if you get 10k rep, you'll be able to search your own deleted posts at least.)
"deleted:1" once you have 10,000 reputation.
If the OP says they don't know if it's a short story or a novella, what should I tag it with? and ? ? Just ?
@Randal'Thor Thanks
5:51 PM
Short stories and novella... But slow down on the edits there's too much old stuff on the front page
@Stormblessed Either , or no media tag.
@Jenayah But I'm only editing unanswered
Not every ID question needs a media tag!
@Stormblessed eeeh sure but still that pushes new content down
plus you know x/15
@Jenayah No, because then you'd be tagging it with something that it's not.
5:52 PM
@Randal'Thor eh? what's the harm, if OP is unsure, putting both tags will attract the eyes of short stories and novellas experts, more chances of an answer etc etc
@Stormblessed Doesn't matter whether they're answered or not. And you're currently on 5/15.
plus we tag stuff with tags they're not all the time, just look at "this movie I watched" which was a Twilight Zone episode
@Jenayah Is there such a thing as a short-stories or novellas expert? I think of those tags as being more for classification and searchability than to attract specific experts.
Do we talk about user14111? :P
@Jenayah Sure, but the OP thought it was a movie. In this case you'd be making a tag edit which you know is wrong.
Again, media tags are optional. We don't need to add 'em to all ID questions.
5:54 PM
Woah, wait, we're on two separate discussions here...
OP says what they're looking for is a movie. They tag it . It's a TZ. We don't retroactively tag. The stuff is technically "wrongly" tagged, as it turned out to be a TV thing. But it's perfectly OK since OP thought it was a movie, I totally bear with you here
... where I'm not following is, if OP thinks it's either a short story or a novella, why shouldn't we tag with both?
@Jenayah Because then you're definitely adding a tag which is wrong.
If a tag turns out to be wrong after the answer, eh, it's another case where OP misremembered a detail.
But in this case you know a priori that one of the tags is wrong.
Essentially, if it's either a short story or a novella, we don't know which of those tags applies.
It'd be like adding both and to a question where the OP doesn't remember whether it was written or screen.
@Randal'Thor yeah no that one rather goes to too broad... :P
OK, that's probably an unusual circumstance ... Better analogy: like adding both and to every question about screen stuff that doesn't specify which one.
@Randal'Thor hmmm... I'm not convinced. Gathering "expert eyes" on the stuff is kinda the point of tags, plus as you said, it makes it easier to search for the question afterward. Pedantics aside (yeah, I know, it's hard for you :P ), what harm does it actually do?
@Randal'Thor these usually get tagged by OP themselves, from experience
Probably the best comparison we have for that is and
We do have an tag. But frankly? It sucks big time.
I made a meta
Q: Should this question have [novellas] and [short-stories], or just [books]?

StormblessedI was recently looking at questions about short stories that don't have a media tag when I came across this question (emphasis added): I remember reading an amazing short story/novella... I do not know what this should be tagged with. Rand al'Thor says "Either [tag:books], or no media tag" ...

6:05 PM
@Jenayah He has been kicked out of the Pedants Club.
he was?!
7 hours ago, by Alex
Et tu Brute?
tu quoque mi fili?
@Jenayah It's one of the points of tags. Tags have a few different purposes. Searchability is another one.
@Jenayah Well, a lot of OPs tag their ID questions very badly.
still waiting for the harm it does :P
@Randal'Thor oh, that I won't deny
6:10 PM
@Jenayah You're not supposed to know that:
Dec 14 '18 at 7:57, by Jenayah
Nov 2 at 12:48, by Jenayah
@Alex for those of us who didn't take Latin classes? :P
Why does it take so much more rep to edit tag wikis than posts?
@Stormblessed because they're more "hidden", I guess
a post edit will bump the thread so if you screw up people can clean the mess
a tag wiki edit doesn't
Eh, I just submitted an edit to the wiki of the top tag on a site that I have never posted on.
6:12 PM
@Alex that's just general culture...
Nov 2 '18 at 12:49, by Jenayah
(or in my case, took three years of Latin, but by the end of third year we had barely done half the first year's program)
Q: What killed Aerea Targaryen?

SethenThe Fire & Blood chapter "Jaehaerys and Alysanne, Their Triumphs and Tragedies" details the striking death of Aerea Targaryen in 56 AC, though there is a great deal of mystery surrounding this event. Aerea returns from an unknown location, "Balerion had wounds as well", and Grand Maester Benifer ...

@Jenayah Someone needs to get her contradictory versions of life history sorted out...
it's not contraditcory
I took three years but we were so, so, soooo late in the program it's like I never did
@Jenayah "didn't take Latin classes" and "took three years of Latin" seems pretty contradictory to me.
plus I forgot pretty much everything I learned then, save maybe for rosa rosa rosam...
@Alex the two messages were complementary and separated by one minute
6:16 PM
@Jenayah Ah, didn't realize that. My apologies.
no worries
@Alex At first glance it reminded me of those questions where the answer is just "JKR maths" - those where you're putting a lot more effort into detailed calculations than the author themselves ever bothered to do.
@Randal'Thor So now not only have you rejected pedantry, you're also belittling one of my favorite answers that I've posted here.
grabs popcorn
Hey, I'm the one who wrote the canonical "JKR maths" answer! :-P
in Poisoned room; it is defunct., Oct 19 '16 at 0:32, by Rand al'Thor
(I've engaged in the thankless task of enumerating as many instances as possible of bad JKR maths.)
in Poisoned room; it is defunct., Oct 19 '16 at 0:54, by Rand al'Thor
@Skooba Help me - I'm spiralling into the oblivion of JKR maths!
6:22 PM
Interesting that comments from deleted rooms still appear here when linked, but comments from deleted posts don't.
I guess it's about chat privileges vs main-site privileges?
Or something.
doesn't work, but we don't know if it's a cartoon or anime
@Stormblessed No, it doesn't need any media tag at all.
Why is the only general animation media tag? It only applies to TV, which seems unhelpful
and could be movies, I think
@Stormblessed short film is fine
@Stormblessed if you ask me this tag is stupid
if something could be either an anime or a cartoon just add both tags and move on with your life
6:32 PM
No, skip the first part and jump straight to moving on with your life ;-)
Don't obsess over adding media tags to everything. That way lies madness tag burnout.
Well as the current phase of life is grabbing popcorn, moving on might not be the best idea.
A: The Many Memes of Meta

Shadow WizardMeme: grabs/gets popcorn Originator: Unknown First Seen: December 3rd, 2010 Cultural Height: As long as there is drama somewhere Background: Chat meme. Whenever a drama is about to begin, or is ongoing, anyone can grab some popcorn and watch the drama folding before their eyes.

What should be closed as too broad @Jenayah?
@Stormblessed clearer now?
6:36 PM
@Randal'Thor meh if it's already on the homepage better clean it up. I do agree that too much media tag edits in a day aren't necessarily the best thing ever (wink wink nudge nudge)
> "I don't remember if it's a short story, or a video game, or a comic"
→ too broad
@Jenayah A question with that should be closed?
@Randal'Thor ah, I'm one of the DVers here :)
Q: Should this question have [novellas] and [short-stories], or just [books]?

StormblessedI was recently looking at questions about short stories that don't have a media tag when I came across this question (emphasis added): I remember reading an amazing short story/novella... I do not know what this should be tagged with. Rand al'Thor says "Either [tag:books], or no media tag" ...

@Stormblessed strongly depends on the plot described but if OP can't say whether it's a book, comic, video game, movie or otherwise it's one hell of a thing to search for...
Also please don't accept the meta answer
@Jenayah ok
6:38 PM
on "How to search a story-Id answer" it's kinda fine but here it's asking for community opinion, so the checkmark is misleading :) (as it might make a community-hated post stick to the top)
@Jenayah And I'm the other one.
@Randal'Thor High five!
@Jenayah I could imagine a story described in a lot of detail but where the OP doesn't remember the medium at all.
@Randal'Thor hence the "strongly depends on the plot described"
Jan 22 at 16:24, by Rand al'Thor
I don't even know if it was a book or a film, FGS.
6:46 PM
What if I ask: I'm looking for a Harry Potter fanfiction about a robot invasion. I don't remember whether it was a short story or a novella. Tags: . I only have one tag left, so I can't use both and even if I wanted to.
If you're looking for a fanfic, then it's a fanfic and gets tagged as such.
Also, voted toclose as too broad. :P
@Jenayah That was just the title, not the whole question.
@Jenayah @closevoters I'll agree that this question is terse, but "too broad"? If you're going to vote to close, please quote, say, 3-4 fanfictions 1) about Harry Potter 2) about a robot invasion 3) that's either a short-story or a novella. Then it'll be too broad. Otherwise, voted to leave open.
@Randal'Thor oh. Then fine, only downvoted
@Alex I hope that star is yours @Jenayah (or at least someone who realizes it's a reference).
6:53 PM
@Alex google.com/… will probably refine that later...
@Alex actually, it's not. But I do get the reference ;)
Argh, the starrer might have missed the point then.
Be back later
Better late then never.
@Jenayah Following your advice of: For fanfiction for instance, site:fanfiction.net/s/ will look into the works themselves, and exclude user profiles/lists etc. knocks the same search down to only three results:
@Alex That's with safe search.
Which might exclude a lot of HP fanfictions.
Just sayin' ...
@Randal'Thor I just copied her link...
6:59 PM
Plagiarism is no excuse.
7:11 PM
Q: Name of the song used in TMNT 2 HBO commercial

Nithin In this HBO commercial, there is a song playing in the background. It's kind of rock and dubstep fused together. I have contacted HBO through Facebook, but they couldn't reach the department who made this video. It's been more than 6 months and I couldn't get thi...

7:26 PM
This new meta seems to be a lot of effort for not much return, the answer is simply use common sense as with most things
i think making metas for small things like this is just a bit too much effort
Does anyone know where this picture is from? 20+ year old Japanese franchise. I've never seen it but used a bunch of ubiquitous, free tools to track down the people that do. Here's the episode and timestamps it's from. 28 minutes. Internet, you amaze me. — user1717828 28 mins ago
@Jenayah Especially nice that you got the "28 mins ago" timestamp.
I love ID questions :D
7:45 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Make a Meta about whether making a Meta about small things is too much effort.
Then we can repeat the cycle ad infinitum.
@Alex bringer of time loops...
> I am become Alex, destroyer of causality.
@Randal'Thor Sounds like something I should be proud of.
It's always funny when someone typoes "casual" to "causal".
I think I've got some good edit descriptions out of that.
8:01 PM
It's also funny when someone typoes "beard" to "bear".
8:31 PM
9:09 PM
Is he a tag?
> to make fun of someone; used by a third party after a first party makes fun of a second party.
Glad to know I'm first.
"Ha-ha, people totally had more fun with him than you!" -the third party
Where are all these parties, anyway?
I'm third, you're first, Rand's second
9:19 PM
Eh, not what I was referring to.
@Alex Don't look at me. I have no friends :P
"party" as in "celebration"
@Mithrandir Ah, so you don't consider us friends?
@Alex No, you're simply my subjects... :P
mwahahahahaha *hack* *cough*
9:27 PM
I guess that's better than... some other nefarious possibilities I can think of.
*hides oven* No idea what you're talking about. *cleans up cookie trail*
Fits your persona though:
Dec 12 '18 at 19:11, by Mithrandir
Nah, I'm more Opal. ;)
(Realized that could be severely misinterpreted above, so... edited to make the reference clear.)
@Alex Indeed.
@Mithrandir Now I'm wondering what the misinterpretation is.
There's one I can think of but it seems a bit far-fetched.
better to avoid even a bit far-fetched stuff at times
9:35 PM
Fair enough.
Malfoy's hair is, too.
Although his hair may be the only part about him. ;)
His hair is fair, or his hair is far-fetched?
Depends. Is he bald, or fair-haired?
9:44 PM
Q: Do ambidextrous Jedi have any advantages?

BooleanAs discussed in another question, it is made clear that Luke was very likely ambidextrous. What are the advantages to being ambidextrous as a Jedi? Is lightsaber combat or reaching out to the force easier?

Q: Is post-credit scene of Avengers: Infinity War inconsistent with the rest of the movie?

S S In the post-credit scene of Avengers: Infinity War movie, Nick Fury's car beeps. Nick Fury asks Maria Hill, "What's That?" Maria Hill replies, "Multiple Bogies over Wakanda." This scene shows that they instantly got to know about the arrival of ships over Wak...

10:42 PM
Q: How accurate is the depiction of Minas Ithil/Morgul in Middle earth: Shadow of War?

RexIn the 2017 videogame Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Minas Ithil/Morgul is depicted as a walled citadel with a sprawling city at its foot. How accurate is this when compared with Tolkien's writings?

11:17 PM
@Marvin Should that have the tag? The description is just about the first game, so I'm not sure
Q: Trying to identify a science fiction space opera written by a woman that I read between 1976 and 1985

Richardb3530There is a book I read between 1976 and 1985 from the Milpitas, Ca. library. It was a hard copy not a paperback. It is not, To Outlive Eternity/Tau Zero by Poul Anderson, I have that one. It may have been written by a woman or someone whose last name starts with an “L.” A large crew of men a...

Should this exact duplicate be deleted?
A: Helicopter gun god?

Dr. MouseThis question has already been asked and answered: Courtship Rite, by Donald Kingsbury (1982). Original question was entitled "Helicopter gun god?"

Any way to move this to a comment?
Is it a waste of time to answer ID questions which are dupes but only have OP confirmation comments?
@Stormblessed no, but they might be merged
@Stormblessed you can flag it, but as it's a self-answer, meh
@Stormblessed are they closed as dupes?
If not it's your call. You can either flag for dupe-closure, or write an answer and then flag for dupe-closure. If you write an answer, I think it's better to make the most of already having the ID done, to write a great answer. Ie, find quotes, reviews, etc. If you're just dumping a "OP found it, it's XXXX, here's the Goodreads summary", well, it's helpful, but personally I wouldn't upvote
Q: CW answers for story-ID questions where the OP has found the answer?

Rand al'ThorHere's a common chain of events on SFF.SE: a new user posts a story-ID question the question gets a few comments from other users the OP finds the story they were looking for and says so in a comment the OP disappears and never returns to the site. The end result of all this is a story-ID que...

And in any case if OP hasn't been seen in more than 6-7 months don't expect a checkmark...
11:39 PM
Q: Inventor that creates machine that grabs man from future

GeremiaDiscussing the question "Do you consider yourself superior to people in the old days?," poster Matthew here is looking for the title and author of a short story from a scifi anthology with this plot: A man invents a machine that can grab a man from the future and bring him back to the prese...

Q: Where was Karl Mordo in Infinity War?

Cory LaytonKarl Mordo was a huge role in Doctor Strange and there's no explanation for where he was in Infinity War. If Wong was there Karl should have been too.


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