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12:00 AM
@Feeds maybe a candidate for migration? @NapoleonWilson
12:39 AM
Q: Did Mystique or Rogue get their mutation back in the terminated timeline?

Memor-Xin X-Men 3: The Last Stand, after Magneto rescues Mystique and frees a bunch of other mutants, one of the guards goes to shoot him only for Mystique to protect him, being hit by the Serum Darts that strips her of her mutation and to be left behind by Magneto because she "no longer one of us". at ...

12:49 AM
@Jenayah If you have an account you can probably flag it as such.
1:16 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, pattern-matching email in answer (346): Post-apocalyptic book involving the Catholic Church by sonia on scifi.SE
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@SmokeDetector gone now (cc @SQB)
@Jenayah You are not a privileged user. Please see the privileges wiki page for information on what privileges are and what is expected of privileged users.
@Alex facepalms
I'm stupid
Q: Why is it firebenders who can generate lightning and not waterbenders?

noClueFrom what I understand, lightning occurs when frozen water particles in a cloud bump into each other, building up electrical charges. Therefore, wouldn't it make more sense for waterbenders to be able to create lightning strikes? Obviously they gave the firebenders this ability because they are t...

@Jenayah Well not every site is set up to allow migration flags to specific sites.
2:11 AM
Q: Once Upon a Time Season 7: What is the tower at the start of each episode?

user2153235Season 7 made it to Netflix, and I prefer the more gritty and modern atmosphere. At the beginning of each episode, a tower is shown. It's not the tower that Rapunzel was trapped in. It is a modern tower, presumably in the Hyperion neighbourhood. What is that tower? Is it completely fictional...

2:50 AM
And it's now closed (but not migrated).
Q: Saber tooth Tigers?

ZebraI recall a book about some saber tooth tigers that were trapped in a cave in the U.S.A. and either were frozen or just kept living generation after generation until modern times, but I can't remember the name of the book or the author. A little help please?

1 hour later…
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Q: Web story about aliens who twist humans into various sub-humans

ed fryIt was hosted on it's own page and was written much like a documentary about the rise and fall of the human race from the perspective of an alien narrator. There were plenty of illustrations to show the various creatures and 'sub-humans'. Humans advanced and eventually colonized Mars (and other ...

4:45 AM
Q: A movie where the guy used the throttle to control the pitch of the plane and used the yoke to control speed

user85749okay so in this movie I specifically remember this guy using the yoke (control stick) of the plane to control its speed and was using the throttle to control pitch. I think he used the pedals to roll the plane but I am not sure. its a pretty old movie I believe it may have been made sometime betw...

5:15 AM
Q: What was the minimum Jedi status required to have authority over Clone Troopers?

Frank RodriguezClearly not all of the Jedi had command over the Clone Troopers. What position did a Jedi have to attain within the Order to be able to command Clone Troopers?

5:31 AM
Q: PC Game involving a dungeon, deadly traps, and a clockwork/robot girl

FuzzyBootsSomewhere around 8-10 years ago (around 2008-2010), I downloaded a number of Japanese games and tried to get them working on my machine. One of them, which came to mind recently, I never got working, but it had a number of videos in the game folder that I could read in my video player. All of the...

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Necromancer badge for that music-ID :D
@Jenayah In addition to Revival?
Though you have more than twice as many Revivals as Necromancers.
6:38 AM
@Alex yep, badge combo on answer :P
@Alex indeed
@Jenayah Which may be somewhat anomalous. On the site as a whole there are a lot more Necromancers.
I wonder if there's a way to see a breakdown by user.
@Alex woah, really?
@Jenayah Yeah, 4.4 thousand to 3.1 thousand.
Not easy to check on phone
It's funny because on my top three other sites it's the opposite. There are many more Revivals than Necromancers.
6:47 AM
Two if them are betas though aren't they?
Meta excepted
@Jenayah Only one is.
I think that Science Fiction Fantasy uniquely has very few questions with no +2 answers.
@Jenayah It may be on topic for this:
Q: On sites with new responsive theme, word wrap on long titles breaks in the middle of a word

Ben MillerFor sites that have the new responsive theme enabled, where the "Ask Question" button is in line with the question title on question pages, the word word wrap on long titles is not working correctly. It will break a word across two lines. Here is an example from Personal Finance and Money: Max...

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@Alex already commented there
@Jenayah I'd say that it's more like here when you're late to the party there's nothing left; on other sites even when you're late to the party you can still snag some dregs.
Then use chat for self-promotion ahah
@Jenayah Indeed, I made a joke about your comment.
Nov 19 at 20:29, by Jenayah
@Alex woah, even being in seven rooms frequently? Indeed they're dead.
It's SLIGHTLY suspicious that the date you gave is today's date, minus 25 years... — K-H-W 4 hours ago
Good point ^
Ah, I hadn't noticed that.
7:04 AM
Dumb minds think alike.
5 hours ago, by Jenayah
I'm stupid
Oct 7 at 18:08, by Alex
Wow, I'm stupid.
7:57 AM
@b_jonas @Jenayah No, I've never consumed any Star Wars material: films, books, TV, comics, whatever else there is.
You lied to me! :(
You must be getting me mixed up with someone else.
@Jenayah he don't watch anything good ;)
I (almost) only watch good things, because I actually care about quality rather than just watching any old crap because it's in the cinema.
cough cough hunger games cough cough
8:09 AM
@Randal'Thor you used an unclear wording with me! :(
@Randal'Thor I am not a SW fan either, just for a friend I have seen I - VII ;) That's also because eh gave me I - VI to watch :D before we can go for VII
I'll usually judge whether or not I should watch a movie on what I've heard about it, the soundtrack, and (if applicable) the rest of the franchise. I'll also often watch book adaptations if I'm in a mood to cringe.
@Randal'Thor how do you know for sure it's good, until you've actually watched it?
@Jenayah that's valid point but by that rule you will end up watching everything :D
@Jenayah When?
@AnkitSharma Yay, we agree on something ;-)
8:13 AM
Aug 27 at 14:44, by Rand al'Thor
@Jenayah That's the best justification. I'm not interested in watching more of it precisely because I have no attachment to the whole franchise.
"watching more of it"
That was your phrase!
If you check what I'm replying to.
I know that, I just thought you were applying it to you and SW
Next time include quotation marks </badfaith>
On 22 November 2003, shortly after takeoff from Baghdad, Iraq, an Airbus A300B4-200F cargo plane, registered OO-DLL and owned by European Air Transport (doing business as DHL Express) was struck on the left wing tip by a surface-to-air missile while on a scheduled flight to Muharraq, Bahrain. Severe wing damage resulted in a fire and complete loss of hydraulic flight control systems. Because outboard left wing fuel tank 1A was full at takeoff, there was no fuel-air vapour explosion. Liquid jet fuel dropped away as 1A disintegrated. Inboard fuel tank 1 was pierced and leaking.Returning to Baghdad...
@Alex very appropriate that that very title does the same (for me).
@SQB ?
That incident seems a bit like what that user describes.
8:20 AM
@SQB Yeah, the author even noted that at the end of the question.
Oh, I missed that.
@SQB was there a movie about it? In any case it'd be off-topic
@Jenayah an episode of one of those "Plane Crash Investigation"-like series. (They didn't crash, though; an extraordinary feat of piloting).
@SQB oh yeah, I saw one of these, I think
About the two planes that crashed into another in the fog in the 70s
On March 27, 1977, two Boeing 747 passenger jets, KLM Flight 4805 and Pan Am Flight 1736, collided on the runway at Los Rodeos Airport (now Tenerife North Airport), on the Spanish island of Tenerife, Canary Islands, killing 583 people, making it the deadliest accident in aviation history. A terrorist incident at Gran Canaria Airport had caused many flights to be diverted to Los Rodeos, including the two aircraft involved in the accident. The airport quickly became congested with parked airplanes blocking the only taxiway and forcing departing aircraft to taxi on the runway instead. Patches of thick...
8:25 AM
Yep, that one
Are you versed into plane accidents? :^)
I don't know enough about Stargate to determine whether the questions asked in this answer make it NaA? scifi.stackexchange.com/a/30884/98028
8:58 AM
Nah, just remembered the Tenerife one because KLM was involved and it was the worst aviation accident ever, and remembered the DHL one because it was so extraordinary.
20 hours ago, by Rand al'Thor
I've protected it anyway, since it's attracted an autoflag for too many answers.
What's so special about KLM?
@Randal'Thor had skipped that then
@Jenayah Dutch.
@SQB Oh, alright
9:07 AM
What's the general term for film and tv together? I'm thinking about formulating a new usage guidance for .
Current one is:
> Use for help identifying a story and/or its creator(s), including novels, movies, comic books, entire TV series, etc. Use with another tag to specify which type of media, eg. [short-stories]. For identifying a single episode of a known series, whether TV, film, book, or comic, use [episode-identification].
@SQB Extraordinary aviation accidents?
That is f**king terrifying.
So how long we will wait for FB tag discussion?
I want to wrap up "novels, movies, comic books, entire TV series, etc." in a shorter description, so that there's room to emphasise it's for WoSFoF only.
@SQB I say "screen stuff".
WoSFoF: Work of Science Fiction or Fantasy.
9:09 AM
@AnkitSharma Patience, my young padawan.
@SQB Isn't that implicit by being on this site, if a user doesn't read the site name they sure as hell aren't reading the tag excerpt
True, but extra emphasis wouldn't harm.
^^ true
Unnecessary noise IMHO
On the other hand, site names aren't always as descriptive as they should be. Latin Language takes questions about Greek.
9:10 AM
@Randal'Thor Patience do nothing :
Q: Do we really need this many generic character related tags?

Terry McGinnisI have discussed this before but it was a little broad and came with no proper conclusion. So I am bringing the major part of it back as a new question, so it's not really a dupe. Generic character tags we have right now: characters character-motivation character-development female-character...

@Randal'Thor WTF is that?
@Jenayah airplane doing Wheelie?
@AnkitSharma @SQB 's answer here got as much love as we can expect here
@Jenayah You may well ask. Bloody terrifying is what it is.
When was that?
Reverse image search doesn't work on mobile
@AnkitSharma Good reminder. The follow-up post determined that some of them are actually useful, but we should certainly kill .
It's a big job, but we can chip away at it bit by bit.
Like a bird sharpening its beak on a diamond mountain.
TransAsia Airways Flight 235 was a domestic flight that crashed into the Keelung River on 4 February 2015, shortly after takeoff from Taipei Songshan Airport, 5.4 km (3.4 mi) to the west of Songshan in Taiwan. The TransAsia Airways flight, operated with a ten-month-old ATR 72-600 aircraft, was flying from Taipei to Kinmen (Quemoy), a Taiwanese island off the coast of mainland Fujian, with 53 passengers and five crew on board. There were 15 survivors. Two minutes after takeoff, the pilots reported an engine flameout. Flight 235 climbed to a maximum height of 460 metres (1,510 ft), then descended...
9:18 AM
Well shit
@Randal'Thor added.
@SQB Although it doesn't count as a common abbreviation if you're the only person who uses it ;-)
@Randal'Thor I'm making it one!
> SQB: Make it one.
> JLP: Make it so.
Do we really need , by the way? From what I've seen of it so far, it's either or .
9:25 AM
@Jenayah really? For me it do with "desktop mode""
Only this one use seems correct:
Q: What is the source of this Wookiee mp4?

Rogue Jedihttps://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video/CVGZQvjW4AAs1tf.mp4 I saw this on Twitter and I was curious where it came from. It doesn't match any movie footage I know of. It may be from the Holiday Special.

Yeah... Let's take it out of the others and leave it on this one
Oh by the way does someone here have a Dropbox account?
How about the following usage guidance for ?
> Use for help with identifying a work of SF or Fantasy, including novels, movies, comic books, entire TV series, etc. Use with another tag to specify the type of media, eg. [short-stories]. Use [episode-identification] for identifying a single episode of a known series, whether TV, book, or comic. Use [actor-identification], [character-identification], [scene-identification], [music-identification], or [object-identification] for those specific id requests.
I stumbled across this, seemed not only a bit off-topic and I couldn't listen to the music so... (Eh for all I know the file isn't hosted anymore)
Q: Identify this music track used in 50s and 60s sci-fi films dubbed into Spanish

ArielI have a question that maybe someone may be able to help me with. I grew up in South America and all Scifi films from the 50's and 60's were dubbed into Spanish. Very often the company doing the dubbing reused the same music track for different films from the 60s. I remember hearing the same tra...

Exactly on the character limit, that is.
@Jenayah still there.
Not sure where to rehost.
9:30 AM
@SQB If someone edits it out of the three non- questions, I can fix it with a merge.
(I can't do the edits because I'm already on 4/15.)
@Randal'Thor not sure. Seems legit on that one question.
@SQB on-topicness is a bit iffy though
But thanks for checking :)
@SQB You can always edit it back in after the merge.
Also, is a one-question tag with a penchant for being misused really useful?
Although might work, though.
Hey, does anyone have any strong objections against that proposed usage guidance?
If not, I'll hit the save button.
Fine with me though I'd add a line about fanfic, artwork, video games... Though not enough characters I guess
@SQB alt text and https while you're at it? :) </nitpicking>
9:37 AM
@Jenayah damn, you're right.
> Use for help with identifying a work of SF or Fantasy, including novels, movies, comic books, fanfic, TV series, etc. Use with other tags to specify the type of media, eg. [short-stories]. Use [episode-identification] for identifying a single episode of a known series, whether TV, book, or comic. Use [actor-identification], [character-identification], [scene-identification], [music-identification], or [object-identification] for those specific id requests.
Better ^
@Jenayah where did I miss https?
@Randal'Thor Scene id should be able to be merged now
@SQB answer on first edit
Ah, what did you use for that last one, the parallels between the Star Wars episodes?
9:40 AM
@TheLethalCarrot Done.
On second edit too
I'm editing the Odo one now.
> And Odo the hero, they bore him back home ...
Odo done.
O dodo, ne!
9:52 AM
No dodo, e?
I'm not here much but I just wanted to share something
Apparently there was a sff link in my Google news feed
Keep it there :)
@Randal'Thor that's plain finger-pointing (but screw scammers) but isn't it the norm to destroy user account when they're 1rep spammers? Case in point scifi.stackexchange.com/a/199171/98028
Did you have a flag declined like?
@Jenayah Spam, spam, spam, spam, baked beans, and spam. Gone.
10:02 AM
Spam with baked beans? You're doing it wrong
Try baked beans and corned beef
@TheLethalCarrot ?
@Randal'Thor 'k, so if I run into other cases like that, I shall raise a mod flag to destroy the account?
I assumed you was asking Rand because you had a flag declined, if it was user deleted which it looks to me to be, a flag needs to be raised to let a mod know
Ah no the finger-pointing was towards the spammer
Ah gotcha
Yeah just flag the post and ask for user deletion
I'm pretty sure we've had this conversation before mind you
10:06 AM
@Jenayah You can do.
It doesn't really help that much though.
Aaaaw :(
If their post has been spam-nuked, they're probably blocked from posting anyway.
And I periodically check some lists in the mod tools which help me find spammers to destroy.
Go get 'em
Inspector Tiger?
10:21 AM
dada dada duh duh duhhh Inspector Tiger! dada duh da duhhh
@SQB ?
Inspirobot quote of the day.
10:30 AM
... the heck
> All important people must become a pimp. Also you.
What have you people led me into this time :-P
Oh you guys want a funny site? Sec :P
@Jenayah Sec?
No, gimme a sec
Just to keep you all in the loop...
@TheLethalCarrot That's only a loop if the two parts of the double rainbow are opposite each other.
10:35 AM
Then where would the pot of gold go? :/
It would be evenly distributed around the whole circle.
At least until you find it and collapse the wavefunction.
That's why I saw a shiny one then!
That's the problem with rainbows, tricksy beasts they are.. always promising gold and then disappearing at the last second
"Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration ."
" took a test in transfiguration"
@Randal'Thor Delete the space and shouldn't transfiguration be capitalised?
@TheLethalCarrot I don't think there's consistent capitalisation of transfiguration?
I thought all spells and what not like that were but maybe I'm mistaken
Though Transfiguration is capitalised on Pottermore when used
Do we need the tag? At the very least it is used consistently but it doesn't seem too helpful
It's used consistently so let's focus on something else for now
10:50 AM
Q: Aren't Barty and McGonagall breaking the law of transfiguration?

Asif IqubalIn Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Barty Crouch Jr. killed Barty Crouch Senior and transfigured him into a bone and buried the bone. But a bone can be eaten by dog or other animals. Also Professor McGonagall once took a test in transfiguration in which she practised transforming a mouse ...

@Jenayah The thing is because it's used consistently we wouldn't need to actually edit anything, a mod could merge it. I'm just not sure if we do need it or not
I'm in favor of keeping it
@TheLethalCarrot it's one of those "narrow it down"-tags, innit?
I say keep it.
Fair nuff
While we're on tags, though, I say f#$k the .
11:02 AM
There are a ton of tags like that that can be nuked.
And we'll nuke them one by one.
But seriously, I was going through the tags without excerpts again.
Too broad and borderline off-topic
Too broad, sure, but why off topic?
11:07 AM
Near future and mobiles before mobiles apparently so seems on topic to me
11:23 AM
Q: identify author based on almost no information

Danny SichelI asked John Varley about this directly, but he says he forgot. in his 1986 short "the Unprocessed Word", he cites three other authors whose work in longhand and/or typewrite proves that you don't need a word processor. These are: SK in Maine, SR in Halifax, and DT in Oakland. SK is Stephen Kin...

First instance of actual .
11:38 AM
I wonder, could DT be a reference to a heavy drinking author, instead of initials?
Didn't you forget to add the author id tag, and remove the genre one?
I decided against adding that tag, since I reckon it'll be used mostly in error.
I was on the fence about it, though.
Can remove the genre one though
I just left the tags alone.
I'm still in doubt about .
There may be one or two questions out there that could use it, though, like, "Who said this?"
That one is awkward cos there isn't really a tag that works there at the moment
Unless you re-phrased it to ask who Varley was referring to then a varley tag fits
11:44 AM
Yeah, Varley should be tagged, since it's about something Varley wrote.
Remove the other two and leave it as Varley I think
IIRC @SQB you edited two back in about two months ago and (I think) Ed edited them out some days later
I did?
I think so.
11:50 AM
Would be around this chat transcript
Sep 7 at 10:19, by SQB
I want to search for author is:q [*-identification] -[author-identification] -title:title
Oh well you found it :P
I'm at 5/15; can someone tag this as ?
Q: Author/Title of Short Story about an alien who gets captured by Roman caravan on way to Gladiator arena

Roderic LangerLooking for the author and name of the short story that is about a Roman caravan that is traveling to the Colosseum to sell animals for combat with gladiators. They have all kinds of animals, including a tiger. Somewhere along the way, they've picked up an alien who has claws and seems wicked-...

On it
Too slow
Q: Who drew this depiction of Morpheus (from "The Sandman")?

GallifreyanI've been seeing this image of Morpheus - the main character of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman - quite frequently: Slight variation here and here It appears in multiple articles about the [now bust] The Sandman film; everywhere, of course, without attribution. I set out to find the author, but rev...

I think that's covered well enough by the existing tags we don't need [x-identification] for every possible conceivable thing
11:54 AM
An artist is an author
Or perhaps an author is an artist.
As is an actor.
Who can identify the Creator?
Not even the Dark One.
@Jenayah I think it can safely lose since it doesn't seem to be.
@Randal'Thor can go if you want to
12:00 PM
Ah crap, totally forgot this:
A: What to do with the [author-identification] tag?

AdamantLet’s get rid of it The vast majority of the questions listed are standard story-identification questions. Sure, the querents don’t know who wrote the story, but that’s because they don’t know the story. As long as we have this tag, it seems, people will continue putting in on such questions. ...

Might as well retag it then.
Looks like Ed beat you to it
Did someone say in to a mirror 3 times?
@SQB done
12:21 PM
Q: How can we hear Tyrion pee when he urinates off the top of the Wall?

KyloRenHow can we hear Tyrion's pee when he is pissing off of the Wall? It is way, way down and there is no way we could hear this. What is the explanation?

This has three votes to reopen.
Sure, why not? Foley should be on topic for on topic works.
Cos it's on topic?
I don't like the question but it is on topic
Well, I guess the three reopen votes have revealed themselves.
Well we've ided the three reopen votes it seems ahah
12:26 PM
I mean you could just check the queue to work out 2 of them :P
Meh, work
Spoiler alert: It's me and you
:o :o :o !
I dunno, I can see the argument for "scientific explanation" too.
Well, now there's four.
These close votes feel like super-downvotes
On what do you know, bumping that short story alien/tiger got it answered :)
Shame OP disappeared
12:41 PM
@TheLethalCarrot raises hand
I added reopen and down votes.
1:15 PM
@SQB "motion picture" perhaps, though that might be too broad, it also includes web-original videos. "movies & tv" sounds better, it's what our sister site is called
@TheLethalCarrot Nah, let's not rely on that with the new theme :-(
I mean the theme might not be great at the sides, though hopefully they still plan on sorting something out, but at least it still prominently displays the name at the top
People are complaining at least that they can barely tell "meta" from "beta", and that the "Fantasy" in a fancy font looks like "Jantasy" scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/q/11187/4918 (I'm not making this up)
@TheLethalCarrot It displays a fancy logo in which "Science Fiction &" is nicely readable, yes
Science Fiction and Jantasy has been going on longer than the new theme
@TheLethalCarrot Yeah, I know. It's just that now "Stack Exchange" is more prominent as well.
So there are more things to read.
But yes, people won't read tag usage guidances, because the interface for them sucks, and because people don't read anything.
Yup people don't read what they don't have to
1:29 PM
@Randal'Thor plot twist: that's what enabled Viserion to meld it.
Vicerion, jeez ;P
Well, go to that link.
There you go
1:42 PM
@SQB giant.[normalLink].gif gfycat usually gives links to all these that I've seen though
Ah, cool. Thanks.
2:03 PM
@Randal'Thor four now O.o
@Randal'Thor unfortunately
Jcience Jiction and Jantasy sound better and appropriate. — Terry McGinnis Jul 27 '17 at 6:50
@SQB lol
Q: Why has no new Star Trek show been set after Voyager?

nsutilitiesHas there been any official (from the studio or owners) reason why we haven't seen a new Star Trek show set years after Voyager? So far every new Star Trek show or movie is around the original series or close to an already established show: 2009 Star Trek reboot - The characters from the orig...

2:36 PM
3:09 PM
Q: "Painful death is best gift" - from what short story?

AriochIn Soviet times there was one of selected best American sci-fi short stories printed here and there, and I believe it was one of those. I always keep forgetting an author and title, cause the phrase "Painful death is best gift" is just imprinted in me. So, an astronaut form Earth is settling on...

Q: Amphetamine, barbiturate and luminous paint?

Geoff MiddletonI read a story when I was about 14 in 1968ish possibly in the John Carnell series "New Writings in SF" in which, as I remember, there were a man and a woman, one of them strung out on speed and the other on barbiturate. The woman painted herself with luminous/fluorescent paint, I think. Does th...

3:24 PM
Q: Why couldn't Gollum tolerate the elven things?

Asif IqubalIn Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers Sam binds Gollum's legs with elven ropes and then Gollum starts to scream like he was being tortured. Also when he was given lembas to eat he didn't eat it and it seemed to taste horrible to him. Why did it happen? He doesn't seem to be a total dark villia...

4:05 PM
If a self-answer counts as accepted for story ID, this:
Q: Short story told from vegetarian alien's POV observing astronaut behavior, including laughter

Elizabeth McPhee McGeeProbably mid to late 20th century story. I believe the title is something like "Farewell Ilya" or "Goodbye..." The alien tells the story. Actually, perhaps the astronauts are the aliens, since I think it takes place on another planet. I think the narrator is injured, or somehow gets "taken in" ...

is a dupe of
Q: Looking for a short story about an insect-like alien captured by humans on its own planet

AltdudeThis poor creature is taken aboard the spaceship and the humans do not know that it is intelligent. The alien can repeat what it hears, e,g, "pass the sugar". It is able to escape at night and it communicates messages to its fellow aliens. It directs that they turn up the heat of the atmospher...

Self answer does count, assuming the OP isn't saying "it may be this"
Pretty definite "this is it".
I didn't click the link but dupe then probs aye
Get your votes in then, folks!
4:39 PM
@SmokeDetector You can delete that now, cc @SQB
Too late for automatic self-deletion?
1 message moved to ­Trash
Jolly good
5:29 PM
Improved an edit on that Arrow post. Top answer is full of http, will correct that when I'm on a computer. There are too many of them for it to be easily done on mobile
5:42 PM
Q: What is the name of a cartoon / anime that featured a huge orange see-through beast that was controlled by the protagonist

drucomI remember very few details about this. As the title mentioned, it featured who I think is the protagonist being able to take command of a huge 'monster' or 'robot' (unsure of what type of thing it was that, if I recall correctly, was orange and transparent / see-through, seemingly made of energy...

@Jenayah which one? I'm on a computer.
@SQB oh don't worry I'm home and on my computer now, but thanks :)
Okay, cool.
here, done
5:57 PM
Q: Who is Bruce Wayne's / Batman's heir?

Privado PrivadoBruce Wayne have many years as Batman and had many side-kicks and different children but... Officially, if both Batman and Bruce Wayne retire to take the sun in Miami... Who could be considered the heir to both the title of Batman and Wayne Enterprises? I could think Robin/Nightwing but he was a...

Q: Why did Voldemort choose Narcissa to verify that Harry was dead?

Shehnaz AmeerIn Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2,Why did Voldemort choose Narcissa to verify that Harry was dead? I read this scene in the book, but there was no explanation.

1 hour later…
7:17 PM
Q: "Yearling badge" reputation?

Deutsch PirateI was checking over the requirements for the "Yearling" badge after I earned it on the main science fiction site. It says "active member for a year with at least 200 reputation. If someone has only 190 reputation when their anniversary comes up and then they ahieve ten more reputation a year late...

7:39 PM
@Slartibartfast This ones got to be even more confusing than Revival.
8:13 PM
@Marvin and while we're at it, who is Batman's hair?
8:36 PM
@xkcd I don't get the title text here. The medal on the cover of the edition that cueball has is the Newberry medal, a prize specifically given to childrens' books. Mind you, The Giver is actually even better as an adult book than as a childrens' book, or so I seem to think, but still, the prize is definitely for a childrens' book.
Of course I have no problem with the base complaint about the ending, and it would have been better to leave the ending ambiguous, but the medal is irrelevant in that case.
Also, obligatory link:
Q: What happened at the end of The Giver?

MithrandirAt the end of The Giver, Jonas and Gabe head down through the snow to a place where there is music. Downward, downward, faster and faster. Suddenly he was aware with certainty and joy that below, ahead, they were waiting for him; and they were waiting, too, for the baby. For the first time, ...

9:22 PM
Q: Are the Guardians considered to be the Avengers?

Ver NickWhile reading the description of the film, I noticed one thing: they didn't write just Avengers, they wrote Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. I wonder if Guardians are part of Avengers.

Q: How did Peter rise so high?

Ver NickThe film starts with scene, where Peter is shown falling down from a great height. He couldn't rise so high with his webs. How did he do that?

Q: Is The Turquoise Fairy Pinocchio’s fairy Godmother?

Charming FortunaI’m asking, because I edited the Turquoise Fairy’s Shrek Wiki page since she appears in a Shrek video game and I put her occupation down as a Fairy Godmother and I put Pinocchio down as her godchild. However, someone got rid of that.

Q: Why does this group disappear, in the Wheel of Time? (spoilers for The Shadow Rising)

AyaneThis question is probably not answerable by direct quote, but I hope some answer can still be inferred. Also, I am not very sure what to do with spoilers, other than just eliminating them entirely. I'm really not sure how to format them either, any attempt at making paragraphs in there makes it ...

9:38 PM
Q: What was Wonder Woman doing during the events of Man of Steel?

PremWonder Woman makes an appearance in Batman v Superman. During World War I, she is active. She may or may not have been active in events between these two events, like World War II or Cold War. But why was she not active in fighting General Zod ? Why did she not help, while so much was happe...

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11:02 PM
Q: Looking for a alien story

Ben StrackaStory about how an alien race kinda helps humans expand but then war breaks out with the central races and humans beat the biggest army by sending wave on waves of soldiers. The original race is surprised and confused that the humans keep sharing everything with then. Best I can remember but woul...

11:13 PM
@b_jonas Yes, but I don't believe the winner is selected by children, but adults; so, if adults awarded it a medal, then (by the writer's logic as a child) the book's ending was more likely to be sad. Vevn if adults were selecting as a book for children.
11:24 PM
Q: Obliviation of New York, and in general

MattDIn the first Fantastic Beasts film, the entire city if New York is obliviated with a rain storm to wipe the memories of all Muggles who were witness to the events that nearly destroyed the city. Later, in The Crimes of Grindlewald, we learn that Jacob didn't have his memories erased because it o...

11:55 PM
Q: In startrek 3: search for Spock why do the Klingons jump between Klingon and English?

DaveRGPIn the movie, many of the scenes on the Klingon bird of prey jump between Klingon and English in the same scene, with no non-klingon characters in the scene. Is there any explanation either in canon or from the director/crew as to why this happens?


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