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12:00 AM
@Jenayah Yes.
that's dedication
Did you like the music, by the way? Or was it on mute?
Only the last one had a few hundred comments. (And there are a couple more there about the plagiarism.)
@Jenayah It was playing, but I wasn't paying that much attention to it.
I gotta learn to focus more on the comments, less on the music, then :P
@Jenayah It's not like I focus on comments for the fun of it. I was only checking them to see if they mentioned it.
12:21 AM
@Jenayah - Quick update. The artist was unaware that it had been used and is making further enquiries. — Valorum 47 secs ago
wooops... Whaat have I done? ahah
@Jenayah Maybe you'll get a cut if there's a suit.
1 hour later…
1:42 AM
@Jenayah agreed
2:04 AM
Q: Why wasn't Boomer's Raptor affected by the CNP?

Raymond LeoneIn the BSG Miniseries we see a entire squadron of Vipers be disabled by the CNP so, why wasn't the raptor also disabled?

2:19 AM
Q: Who are all of the characters in this poster?

iMerchantWho are all of the characters identified in the poster?

2:34 AM
@Marvin so many meh
2 hours later…
4:23 AM
Q: 90s or 00s movie about some game

Nikita NeganovI do not remember much, but I think two main characters were siblings and there was some game to play and/or place to enter. The catchphrase I remember: You must be 13 if you're a girl or 21 if you're a boy.

3 hours later…
7:40 AM
Q: How often is William Riker bluffing?

Edmund DantesEnsign Babyface Commander William Riker is a known poker player. We often see him playing with officers under his command. Most of them are aware of his bluffing skills. Isn't it pretty obvious for them that he is bluffing most of the time? Or isn't he? How often do we actually see William Riker...

8:25 AM
@Marvin seven (hattip to @WadCheber).
@Jenayah served justice.
8:56 AM
Q: Did the Muggles see the magical things happening in The Crimes of Grindelwald?

Tommy EvansDid the Muggles see all the magical things that were happening? The Zouwu comes barreling through the town and wrecks cars, then gets sucked down a suitcase. Grindelwald’s big black capes swoop in and cover the whole city. Newt blows some dude following him back with huge winds while everyone wa...

9:09 AM
Certainly looks familiar.
Hm. While I certainly recognise that dragon from somewhere, it escapes me. Tempted to ask on the main site.
10:12 AM
Q: How does the Hogwarts Management know if there are muggle born wizards?

Tyrion LannisterWhen the Hogwarts management know that there are children with magical abilities, they are either sent a letter or special messengers are sent. In the case of Muggle parents, special messengers are sent to explain everything to them. But don’t forget that they will have noticed that there’s ...

Q: Why was my flag declined because the mods were "already aware of this user's struggle"?

TheLethalCarrotNote: This question is asking the moderators to explain why my flag was declined. I don't want people answering to guess why it may have been declined but the actual reason. Recently a user had some struggles coming to terms with how the site works, after multiple attempts at trying to reach t...

@TheLethalCarrot good question.
@Slartibartfast O.o o.O O.O O o.o
At first I thought it was a mis click but they wrote a custom reason so it can't be
10:20 AM
Q: How do you get into Hogwarts if you are muggle-born?

user19616If you're muggle-born how do you get your acceptance letter to Hogwarts if it has 'muggle repelling charms' on it? How, for example did Hermione Granger get her letter and how did she reply to it?

I never write this long reply in a flag in my time
different question
@Mithrandir agreed
@Ankit - I've written long enough responses to flags that it didn't fit in the character limit
One is asking how they get the letter to them; the other is asking how Hogwarts knows about them
Q: How does the Hogwarts Headmaster know whom to invite to school?

JanaSo all wizards get an invitation to Hogwarts at 11... How do they know whom to invite? If a wizard is Muggle-born, then nobody would know about their existence. Or do they register some weird magical stuff being done by them before 11?

10:21 AM
@Mithrandir even when I wanted to say, stop being a ****, I used provided reason ;)
How about that one, then?
I had the wrong one.
@SQB now we are talking ;)
that seems to be more accurately related (but I prefer my answer ;))
Can I retract a dupe-close vote, then cast a dupe close vote against another target?
10:22 AM
@Mithrandir then mods can merge them
eh, actually looks like one of the lower answers mentions the Pottermore answer already, not worth merging
Time to do retagging, tired of this design is ewww
@Mithrandir ohh
VTCed. Now that looks odd that I answered and VTCed in such a short amount of time...
@SQB you can at-least retract so others don't do mistake of picking wrong dupe
10:26 AM
Or others can vote for a different dupe.
Since it is a dupe.
@SQB now the right one have 2 close vote, so I guess they can figure out
Q: Children's book/story about ghosts allergic to wood

KorthalionI have vague memories of reading a story/book as a child (~15 years ago), and I'd like to rediscover it! Story points: - The vast majority of the world's inhabitants are ghosts These ghosts turn normal humans into other ghosts by simply touching them I think maybe they only come out at night? ...

Q: Why don't lightsaber users turn off their lightsaber midfight to pass through their enemy's defense?

Darth Darth BinksTheoretically if two lightsabers clashed, couldn't one of them quickly switch on and off to ''phase'" through the other lightsaber and insta kill the opponent?

Why only worldbuilding get good mobile design
Cos they actually thought about worldbuilding's design?
10:29 AM
Raised it here
A: Movies & TV updated site theme is ready for testing!

Ankit SharmaMobile site top bar is design-less: Just a shouting plain logo with bright orange/red. But some other site's are better in this context, like worldbuilding: This one is soothing to eye and have site design too.

@TheLethalCarrot sound like some kind of racism ;)
I mean I've tried to get SFF a better design but that won't be happening for the forseeable future
@AnkitSharma stackism, then.
@Marvin My HNQ hopes ^
@TheLethalCarrot but we can bitch about it till we are alive?
@NogShine lol
Oh I've been top bitcher on SFF :P
10:35 AM
@TheLethalCarrot I already raised 4 concern and I am sure I can do more but waiting to see early response first
I can't remember how many I raised on our post
A lot of the concerns apply to multiple sites too
@TheLethalCarrot Aren't you banned then? ;)
@AnkitSharma mine will get status completed.
If that's a joke it went over my head haha
@TheLethalCarrot I raised only one in scifi, they listen and worked on it and messed up
The meta footer, aye that was a good spot
10:38 AM
@NogShine There is nothing about HP which is not asked here yet
@TheLethalCarrot but new footer sucks. On movies also they messed up with header and footer both
I didn't pay much attention to it tbh, there's other things that need sorting
I am happy they are not touching chatrooms
Chat and Area51 don't get any update
Area51 need but chat don't
Who even goes to Area 51 XD
10:47 AM
I do
In my first days, I was so confused about Area 51 and its Meta. I thought of deleting account too
Q: How to delete my account?

Nog ShineI think this question was already asked but it didn't help at all. I tried to fill the form but it says "This operation can't be done on meta. Try on main site." But I can't find a help option on main site. Please help before closing this question.

Q: Is Wonder Woman even a Wonder Woman in DC Extended Universe?

Ankit SharmaIn DC Extended Universe, Wonder Woman made three appearances till now but I never noticed anybody refereeing her as Wonder Woman. Di I missed something or she is not even Wonder Woman in DC Extended Universe?

@NogShine lol
@Babelfish wow that's fast, movie reel si still struggling to post it
@TheLethalCarrot but did anyone call her or she mention her like that?
11:01 AM
Only mentions in that one are from the background not quotes so out of universe yes, in universe it is implied but no one quotes from what I can see
@TheLethalCarrot Lex's files have her logo
nothing else I can remember
I've only seen Wonder Woman so not sure
From some of the script I'd imagine BvS might have something in it and maybe JL but I don't know
11:47 AM
@Babelfish So... you wonder about Wonder Woman?
Damn oneboxing doesn't work with pings...
> What does "bis" mean? – Martha 3 hours ago
Q: What are the Feruchemical abilities of the "God Metals" and their alloys?

AnthelothThere are two "God Metals"; Lerasium and Atium and they each have an alloy. What attributes can they store with Feruchemy?

Most certainly aliens
Q: Why are the fighting scenes are added in the movies that were not in the books?

Shehnaz AmeerWhy has Peter Jackson been widely criticised for including too many 'fighting' scenes in LOTR, Why these fighting scenes are added in the movies that were not in the books, and some are missing (Scouring Of The Shire)? Is it true that the battle scenes in the films is that they downplay the surpr...

@NogShine They will probably eventually get an update. It's just that they're already so different from the other sites that updates have to be tested separately, so they're delayed.
12:31 PM
Q: Are there any other episodes of Star Trek that deal with mental health?

AureliusBack when the series was produced, mental health was not as widely discussed as it is today. I recently re watched S5E03 of Star Trek: Voyager ("Extreme Risk") which shows B'Elanna Torres self-harming to deal with the trauma of discovering that many of her friends were massacred in a battle back ...

Doesn't this count as a list/recommendation question?
@Marvin wtf another one of these?
I'd vote to close if it wasn't binding, but I'm not sure enough to hammer it when it seems to have been well-received.
@Randal'Thor Isn't it one of those it's fine cos the answer is "yes" loophole ones?
@TheLethalCarrot That's not an acceptable loophole afaik. We don't let people ask recommendation questions just because they're phrased as "are there any good books about ..."
Let me find the meta, and FWIW I don't really like it
A: How should we handle "any" (list) questions?

MarthaStrictly speaking, the answer to an "are there any..." question is not a list, but a "yes" or a "no". To be a good answer, an answer of "yes" needs to be supported by an example or two, but that does not make it a list answer, nor the question a list question. (I keep seeing this same struggle o...

Does it not fall under that?
12:36 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Hmm, I'm not sure if that reflects current practice.
This is the one I've usually seen cited:
A: Are *all* list questions off-topic?

user1027The ban on list questions is mainly on open-ended infinite list questions. This is touched on in the site FAQ: Please note the following types of questions are off-topic here: ... Questions calling for a list of works, authors, …: What are all the books that have X? Who wrote ab...

TL;DR: finite scoped lists are OK, long open-ended ones aren't.
It is technically a finite list too
I don't like Qs like this FWIW but I think it should be on topic
@Randal'Thor Can we compare it to scifi.stackexchange.com/q/156591/4918 "Which books by Lem involve Artificial Intelligence?"?
@TheLethalCarrot But is it sensibly scoped?
Honestly I haven't watched enough ST to be able to say for sure.
Can someone verify if my edit to scifi.stackexchange.com/posts/199089/revisions is OK, or if I should have commented instead?
I've protected it anyway, since it's attracted an autoflag for too many answers.
12:44 PM
I'm not sure myself either but I didn't want to VTC cos I've had mods hammer them open before after doing so
@b_jonas is okay.
@b_jonas The edit comment is not OK. The edit itself I guess is fine.
Found on Reddit‌​: Kitty Pride
Sorry, you're too late for FotD :-)
@Randal'Thor You might want to censor that
12:49 PM
Q: Is it acceptable for the community to use an answer as Community wiki when it is not marked as such?

AegonSpecifically I am talking about this Question, the answer to which is getting a lot of suggested edits from new users along with some from veteran users. The question's nature is kind of too-broad (Asking to identify over 100 characters) which is why I can partially understand the community effo...

@TheLethalCarrot Already on it.
Jolly good
Holly wood
@TheLethalCarrot someone replied ;)
1:00 PM
Q: Why is Dumbledore saying the Slytherins to go there in the troll attack?

Asif IqubalIn Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone there is a part where Professor Quirell informed everyone about the troll in the dungeon at hogwarts and probably fakes his faint. Then Dumbledore tells everyone to be quiet and tells the perfects take the students of their own house to their own common...

Aye :)
@SQB then do :)
1:36 PM
@Marvin isn't the common room under the lake? Or is the dungeon under the lake too?
1 hour later…
2:57 PM
@Jenayah found it in the process of asking.
A: What is the original work used for this album cover?

SQBWhile searching for the image of the cover to use in the question, I happened across a page where someone had tracked uses of the original artwork. From there, the original wasn't hard to find. It's Dragon Rex by Ciruelo. I recognised it from the cover of his Book of the Dragon, which I indeed ...

@SQB could edit your title, it's a bit vague at the moment :)
Q: What is the original work used for this album cover?

SQBWhen discussing a question about the cover of an album by Conquest in The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, Alex noted that YouTube user Songofwyrd has written a comment on another album: Cover of a Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons novel from the mid 1990s. That's just the artist's dr...

I'd also put like you did on mine, but just a suggestion :)
Anyway, great find ;)
So it's kind of confirmed, they just sat on copyrights :/
Nooo not Blind Guardian too... :(
Q: How can I change which question the current question is a duplicate of?

AlexI would imagine this is a fairly common situation, but I haven't found it discussed: I vote to close a question as a duplicate of a specific other question. The asker edits the question so that it's no longer a duplicate of the question I chose. I retract my vote. The edited question is a dupli...

@Jenayah looks like a flyer for Blind Guardian to me.
@Alex thanks. Will vote up.
3:04 PM
@SQB true
@SQB Ironically, it was closed as a duplicate.
Q: About Severus Snape character in Harry Potter Series

Shehnaz AmeerAs Severus Snape might be the most complex character in the series for me to understand.After watching all the series some questions raise in my mind about him My questions are: Why did Snape hate Harry (even though he loved Lily) and try to get him suspended and mistreat him all the time? What c...

Q: Fantasy series - Character has epiphany on mountain

J LewisI'm trying to identify a book and the series it was from, I read it on holiday and I believe it was a late entry in a long running series. All I really remember about the story was that the main character was male, and had some sort of epiphany while on a mountain near the end of the book. I thin...

Holy hell. Some pretty disturbing images tracked on the site where I found my answer.
Probably worth a note...
3:20 PM
@SQB that's not really suitable without a warning in the answer aye...
The link itself is fine.
The page it links to is just for that single work of art, Draco Rex.
It's only if you start looking through the archives.
well sure, but if the site contains NSFW content a note could be useful
Wikipedia contains NSFW content too.
But I'll add a note.
like, this is on the linked site's homepage so...
@SQB you know what I mean
On second viewing, some of the NSFW material may be visible in the side bar. Warning added.
3:27 PM
Do we want a "a Ukrainian power metal band with a proclivity for violating the copyright of works of fantasy art for their album covers"? /s
@SQB I just discovered I'm famous.
1 hour later…
4:46 PM
@AnkitSharma I checked similar question suggestions. But this isn't one of them.
@TheLethalCarrot slowly but surely nuking
I'll do whenever I can be bothered haha
latest edit could use
(and a question mark)
I mean we have it so...
4:54 PM
We also had but... well y'know
Not saying we should get rid of but I don't like tags like that
I know, I know
I nuked a in my latest edit so I hear ya
Ah nice
what song is kitty singing?
#50 is Wolverine, really?
Obviously something by Slipknot... cats are mean
Feels strange to draw Wolverine without his claws out in such an illustration...
5:08 PM
@NogShine I can understand
@Jenayah Doesn't really look like him...
Edit it out, tbh I've seen so many edits on that post today I didn't even realise that user added Wolverine alongside Lector
on phone...
Now that is just lazy :P
5:11 PM
I have answered this kind of post before but that was more clear and interesting ;)
THis one I opted out
Only fixed numbering
I haven't answered anything just fixed markdown in a few places and approved edits haha
A: Who are these people at Deadpool's wedding?

Terry McGinnisThere is a marvel guide picture for it and shows count of 236, contrary to my own comment With inspiration from reddit, manual eyeballing, and the help of Julian, below is the list of characters seen in the wedding:- Devil Dinosaur Snowbird Moon Boy Shaman Sasquatch Guardian Northstar Auror...

reminded me of this ^
It was lot of work
@TheLethalCarrot partly, yeah :P
Because people wanted me to type them all :D
I got written answer in image but not enough :D
@Jenayah Well I removed it now
Aye I remember that one
Oddly enough I hadn't UVed it yet
Probs cos it was back from my lurking days haha
This actually sounds like it could be quite a fun little book haha
A: Children's book/story about ghosts allergic to wood

Andrew WhitwhamRebecca's World by Terry Nation. Here is a review that outlines the plot. It turns out that a very nasty man, Mister Glister, is the richest man in this world, and as he explains to our heroine most seriously, 'I've made it my life's work to make everyone poor', and he has done it by burning...

5:35 PM
Good day everyone (:
@Aurelius hi!
I seem to have the most success when asking questions here on sci-fi (:
just had my first protected question... though I suppose that's not always a good thing
Which one?
@TheLethalCarrot lol
@Aurelius hey
The Star Trek mental health one
A: Are there any other episodes of Star Trek that deal with mental health?

Bob516In various ways a number of episodes of TOS dealt with mental health/depression/suicide, or a an examination of a character struggling with a long-term mental illness, mental health seems to come up often as a plot point. "Turnabout Intruder", mentally unstable women switches minds with Kick. "...

5:59 PM
@Aurelius weird that it's protected. There hasn't been any spam/RA I can see
Or even non-answers
5 answers from new users will automatically protect, I believe, without looking at the question
Oh, manually protected.
12 answers? O_o that's a lot
I understand protecting that, yeah
Especially since the question pretty much encourages one-liner examples.
Lots of answers auto flag a mod to look I beieve
6:34 PM
Q: Why are Star Wars fighter ships crewed with humans and biological sapients instead of droids?

LincolnManWhy do the Galactic Empire, the Galactic Republic, and the Rebellion all use biological sapients in their one or two-man fighter ships? The x-wing, the tie fighters, the bombers, and just about every other small ship had a biological person in it. A special-made droid or even a fully automated ...

6:49 PM
Q: Did Salazar Slytherin actually use the basilisk to kill anyone?

LincolnManDid Salazar Slytherin actually use the basilisk to kill anyone during his lifetime? Or did he only hide the basilisk in a deep, dark, dank place? Prefer answers from canon sources.

7:05 PM
Q: What was the fate of Marley in A Christmas Story (and beyond)?

ValorumIn A Christmas Carol Scrooge is visited by the ghost of his former partner Jacob Marley. Poor Jacob is covered in chains and shackles and seems to be in a very sore state. “You are fettered,” said Scrooge, trembling. “Tell me why?” “I wear the chain I forged in life,” replied the Ghost. ...

7:20 PM
Q: Are the 'Encyclopedia of Xanth' and 'Ghost of a Chance' books part of the official Xanth canon?

ValorumAlthough Piers Anthony is listed as the sole author on all 41 Xanth novels, another author, Jody Lynn Nye also wrote two additional books (Encyclopedia of Xanth and Ghost of a Chance) set in the same fictional universe All of the other Xanth books seem to be part of the same internal continuity....

2 hours later…
9:11 PM
FWIW I texted my friend the two Conquest questions and his answer was along the lines of "ugh, guys have great references but questionable way of showing it" (@SQB @Alex)
Eheh and when I said that my first goal wasn't to trigger a suit or something we went like "oh crap, this discussion of ours from 5 years ago could lead to a metal band's demise... Woops"
So I get that SF Stack Exchange works for a lot of stories, but should there be a separate Story Identification Stack Exchange??
@CorvoAttano No
SF covers a lot of things but questions are sometimes closed that couldn't be asked anywhere else because they aren't scifi or fantasy
I think it's weird, though
Movies & TV for instance had a story-id tag at some point. They don't take them anymore because it attracts low-quality posts that aren't always searchable
9:20 PM
Q: We are discontinuing support for identification questions

Napoleon WilsonSince its very inception this site has struggled with the problem of identification questions and their controversial nature. Over the years these questions have become more and more of a quality and moderation issue and the community grew more and more weary of them and the work they generate as...

There's a story-id tag on Literature though
9:31 PM
@Jenayah to be honest, keeping in mind the masterpieces created as album art by the likes of Roger Dean and Rodney Matthews to name just a few, I say, screw 'em.
@SQB not sure what you mean by that?
@Jenayah I mean they should've paid an actual artist to create an original cover, instead of surfing the Internet for something they liked and could rip.
Ah! Then sure.
Woah, this one is impressive.
9:37 PM
That's it in full.
Rodney Matthews, that one.
That one's by Roger Dean, best known for most Yes album covers.
First one (Budgie) was him as well.
@Jenayah What did he mean by that?
@Alex Well he's a Forgotten Realms enthusiast (and he bought the book since), not sure about the Ciruelo one, so he shares the band's taste in fantasy, but disapproves of their use of uncredited/stolen artwork
@Jenayah Ah, for some reason I was interpreting him as referring to the content here.
Ah! No no the "guys" are the band :)
9:52 PM
Strange. You can vote to reopen your own question but you can't vote to leave it open in the first place?
10:06 PM
Kinda makes sense...
I guess posting your question means you want it to stay open
Except for duplicates which are an exception
Does the date 11/22/1973 have any kind of meaning?
A: When is Wade Wilson "Deadpool"'s birthday?

user107447Deadpool's date of birth is: 11/22/1973

Q: YA Sci-Fi book series - Alien ships attack Earth and steal a family, download knowledge into their brains

Peter SounthararajahA series of young adult books I read as a child in the 90s. The basic storyline, I think, is that Earth came under attack by alien ships that feed off our photon cannons, and they steal a family, possibly a ruling family. They also steal the sun. The children who were taken away are made to grow...

@Jenayah Yeah, but that doesn't carry weight in the votes.
^ no source but it might be some kind of other reference (a joke?), though Google doesn't yield mucjh
10:14 PM
^ "They also steal the sun." is a strong kicker. That probably means that the family they steal is the only ones who remain alive.
@Jenayah It happens to be the case in question is a duplicate.
I didn't mean a system exception, I meant a "feeling" exception
@Jenayah Mostly, but it's not necesssarily a strong vote for that. When I posted that question on physics where I didn't know if it was a physics or chemistry question, that doesn't mean I minded when it got migrated to Chemistry SE.
And yeah, if it's a dup of a question I haven't found, and I too think it's a duplicate, then I don't mind it closed as a dup.
Oh aye stay open somewhere, not necessarily on the first site you posted it on
(But sometimes I know about the dup, but don't think it's a dup.)
10:16 PM
@b_jonas And in that case you can't vote to leave open.
But you can vote to reopen once it's closed.
@Alex Yeah. But I can edit or comment to try to convince others.
@b_jonas Which you could also do if you didn't have a reopen vote...
Oh right, editing kicks it out of close review doesn't it?
I thought it was @TheLethalCarrot who told me once
@Jenayah I don't think it does.
Editing marks some flags as helpful
10:20 PM
Q: Why does an Edit action kick a post out of the Close Votes queue?

animusonAccording to Emmett's answer, an Edit action on a post immediately dequeues it from the close votes queue. But why? That doesn't seem very productive. Just because someone edits a question doesn't necessarily mean it's no longer close-worthy. It seems more prone to abuse, as a user can just make ...

@Jenayah Hmm. Does it matter who edits? Is that also if the owner of the post themself edits it, and they're a low-rep user?
@b_jonas low-rep probably can't edit through queue
@Jenayah Wait, do you mean it only matters if you initiate the edit from a review queue?
Oh, then it's fine
10:23 PM
Hold on. I'm pretty sure I've edited a post from the queue and it just counted it a s a leave open vote.
Aye editing in queue completes the review
At least for low quality posts
@Alex did you edit it with the usual edit button, or the specific "Edit" button from Close review?
@Jenayah From review. I even mentioned it in Chat at the time because I didn't like the fact that it counted my edit as a vote.
Only high-rep users can do that, and they're trusted to moderate responsibly, and if they don't, then the diamonds can do something with them. I don't mind the small internal only inconsistencies in how the moderation procedure works anymore, like how we need two votes to accept a suggested edits, but any one voter can just do an edit on the post themself instead.
@Alex maybe there are exceptions then
10:26 PM
@Jenayah It might have been in the reopen queue, not the close queue.
Even if the moderation system procedure were a bit better, users who got moderation privilages could abuse that, because that's what a moderation privilage means, and eventually we can't do more than logging everything and the diamonds and CMs keeping their eyes open for abuse and warning and eventually banning those abusers.
Actually, it was in the close queue:
in V'dibarta Bam, Aug 10 at 3:03, by Alex
There was a question in the review queue that had three votes to close. I edited the question to add tags, which knocked it out of my queue without giving me a chance to vote on it. If I wanted to vote to close it I could just open the question directly and vote, but there is no such option for voting to leave open. Is there any way to vote to leave open in this kind of situation?
in V'dibarta Bam, Aug 10 at 13:06, by Isaac Moses
@Alex I think your edit might constitute a vote to keep open
I didn't notice this, because I never use the edit buttons or all those extra buttons directly from the moderation queue, simply because the UI of the mod queue is so bad that it's more conveneint to navigate to the post and do the actions right there.
@Alex ah. Yeah, reopen I'm not sure of but I don't think it'd be compelling
in V'dibarta Bam, Aug 10 at 14:59, by Alex
@IsaacMoses Interesting if that's how it works, because I can easily conceive of cases where I would make edits even if I was voting to close. I guess I'll just have to remember to vote first.
10:28 PM
Or I didn't notice it because I rarely do reviews. Yeah, that. Ignore the above excuse.
What do you know, after three weeks of editing Stargate questions, I could answer one even without having seen the show :)
A: What does Woolsey play at the end of Stargate Atlantis: Broken Ties?

JenayahIt's indeed a piece of music made for the show, and as far as I know, it doesn't have a name. On his blog, Joseph Mallozzi, writer and producer of Stargate Atlantis (among others), wrote about "Broken Ties" just after the episode aired, and revealed that Joel Goldsmith composed that piece instea...

The general reasoning is “don’t polish a turd” if it should be closed or deleted don’t edit just close or delete
@TheLethalCarrot Not every closeworthy question is a turd.
@Jenayah Oh! Nice, that's like Rand answering Star Wars questions (he reads all the supplementary books and webpages though, it's only specifically the movies he avoids watching for some reason).
Wasn’t saying they are. It’s just the saying the goes around a lot
10:30 PM
@b_jonas I thought he did watch them? The original trilogy at least? @Randal'Thor
But it's not necessarily applicable in every situation.
And technically speaking it wasn't really a Stargate question, but an ID one :)
@Jenayah Also, I could answer scifi.stackexchange.com/a/171178/4918 story-id question about "The Good Work" because I've seen it mentioned enough times on this site. I haven't read that short story (though I read about redundant work in Szathmári's novel).
@Jenayah If he did, then I'm confusing him with some other regular here.
Ahah I have two answers and they're both ID. I can suggest synonyms for a tag I have no idea what it's about :D
(well, after said three weeks of editing Stargate questions I do have an idea but y'know)
@Jenayah scifi.stackexchange.com/users/31394/rand-althor bio box in user page specifically says "I've never seen Star Wars", so I remembered right.
Anyway, answering one question about a franchise you never watched is easy. I've done it with Star Trek. Answering as many as Rand does is very difficult. Most users don't have that many answers even if they do watch the show.
scifi.stackexchange.com/a/113422/4918 is my one positive rep Star Trek answer
And, I may add, it doesn't actually answer the question.
Kirk saying that they can do something doesn't mean it's safe.
10:36 PM
Aug 27 at 14:43, by Jenayah
but not seeing Star Wars is kind of a bad thing because you can't justify why you're not interested in watching more of it.
Aug 27 at 14:44, by Rand al'Thor
@Jenayah That's the best justification. I'm not interested in watching more of it precisely because I have no attachment to the whole franchise.
In fact, if it was safe, then a saner character would say that instead of Kirk.
That kind of reads like he did watch some SW stuff at some point
17th Revival badge incoming... :)
@Jenayah Oh! That's a good reminder. I'll have to ask my brother to make sure that he also doesn't want to watch Fantastic Beasts 2, so that if he does, then either he can convince me to watch too, or he doesn't have to wait a month to be able to watch together with me.
I retract my above claim. My edit did kick it out of the queue. Not only that, it counts it as if a review never occurred in the first place:
@Jenayah I can't really get any of those here. Basically every Harry Potter question already has an answer.
With a +2 score.
@Jenayah Like I said, he's read a lot of Star Trek. There are people who haven't watched any of the Harry Potter movies, but can answer some HP movie questions.
10:42 PM
@Alex what about other stuff? Didn't you read some Asimov? Or was that someone else?
@Jenayah I've read a bunch of his short stories.
They're probably all already here though.
Read additional stuff, or hone your story-id skills ;)
10 of my 17 Revival badges are for story-id (or music-ID)
@Jenayah Or I'll just have to be satisfied with my 35 Revivals on Mi Yodeya.
11:00 PM
@Jenayah Wow, nice.
Wait, how does the Revival badge even work? I have only 4, but I have 13 Necromancer badges, but from the description it seems that the Revival is a lower grade prerequisite for Necromancer.
(Plus I'm still confused in scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/23654/… about the badge.)
Gotta be the first to answer with a score of 2
but not necessarily the first to answer per se
I got it for scifi.stackexchange.com/a/195298/98028 while John's exisiting answer had a score of 2 at some point
11:16 PM
@b_jonas You're in good company:
Oct 14 at 19:37, by Jenayah
@Alex ARGH this Revival badge phrasing is twisting my mind
11:35 PM
11:58 PM
Q: Title of a movie (or a book?) about Earth being inside a force field or shield that slows time for those inside?

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