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Scooby-Doo is an American animated franchise, comprising many animated television series produced from 1969 to the present day. Writers Joe Ruby and Ken Spears created the original series, Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!, for Hanna-Barbera Productions in 1969. This Saturday-morning cartoon series featured four teenagers—Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, and Norville "Shaggy" Rogers—and their talking brown Great Dane named Scooby-Doo, who solve mysteries involving supposedly supernatural creatures through a series of antics and missteps.Following the success of the original series, Hanna-Barbera...
See the third paragraph of the linked section.
That's what I got when I googled "Scooby-Doo stories for adults".
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Q: Trying to remember title of short story I read in the 60’s

MarcThe story begins with a family leaving the city through a long tunnel to go on a vacation. There is anticipation that slowly gives way to anxiety as they are in the tunnel. We ultimately learn about what the tunnel does: it closes off, trapping the cars within, who will perish - a kind of populat...

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Q: Story begins with rich people preparing to leave their home planet and go to a ring that orbits it (which had lasers)?

uhohComments below this answer remind me of a book that I remember reading that began with wealthy families preparing to move from their homes on their Earth-like home planet up to a ring-type world that orbited the planet, packing their "family rockets" with their families and possessions. I remem...

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Q: Does Star Fleet make accommodations for alien crew members?

Allen R. BradyIn the Star Trek universe, alien species are frequently seen working alongside humans, both aboard starships and Federation outposts. Memory Alpha lists close to 50 species that have been established as Federation crew on at least one of the series or movies. Realistically, one would expect some ...

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Q: Man invents legalese to English translator

VBartilucciClassic sci-fi short story, can remember everything but the title. Almost certainly from the 50s or so. A guy invents a device that translates legal documents into plain English. He uses it on his next contract, realizes it's the traditional "We own your every thought" nightmare, refuses to sign...

Is Marvin a feed?
@CorvoAttano Here's how you can tell ^^^ :)
3:42 AM
@Catija That's mod/cm only, looking in cognito mode I don't notice any tells.
@CorvoAttano You can tell by the negative user ID
@Kevin Oh, weird... huh.
@Catija You could suggest to the PMs they put a disclaimer/notice somewhere on that page
There's a lot of random weirdness for feeds... no linked user account, for example...
4:05 AM
Q: Characters whose names are feared to spoken or spelled like Voldermort?

atayenelIn Harry Potter most of the people are afraid to say Voldermort's name and they use the alias you-know-who. I'm looking for other characters whose names are even feared by the public in fantasy stories. A candidate that is feared that much by the common folk could be Sauron, but his name is spo...

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Q: How did Olaf know?

BCLCIn season 2 of A Series of Unfortunate Events, it's revealed that Count Olaf apparently knew, ! In a world where such information is often difficult* to know, how did Count Olaf know? Guesses: I think it's not 3 or 4 because *'Difficult' here is a word which -

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@CorvoAttano on the right menu you have an "info" button (next to "room") which indicates who owns the room, the starboard, and among others, the feeds :)
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Q: Earth type sports in Star Wars universe

SeamusthedogApart from droid NFL style football and board games is there any example of sport similar to ours? ie snooker/pool football/soccer tennis etc?

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While I agree with the deletion of the load of penguin crap, it might have been served with a side dish of comments helping a new user understand what this stack is and isn't. Can a mod comment on a deleted post, for the benefit of that new user?
@Alex well, go post that as an answer on Lit, I guess :D
@Mithrandir ah, you hadn't seen it yet?
I thought (but I've only scanned through the book) that the book focused more on the "whoah, they're procreating!" aspect than the film did. And I'm rather disappointed that the films (spoiler!) never went that direction, either.
@SQB well, there's still time and I guess a Jurrasic World 3 is on the way
@Jenayah yeah, but the cat is already out of the bag anyway.
@SQB what's that mean?
Oh, JW2 I guess?
Still haven't seen it
Some time soon, when I need a no-brainer movie night :p
11:03 AM
@Jenayah "the secret is out" — in this case, the fact that they're procreating. They obviously are in The Lost Word: Jurassic Park (JP2).
My ideal "dinosaur theme park"-film series (whether called Jurassic Park/World or not) would start much like the original Jurassic Park with one important twist: they're procreating. In the original book, they only count up to the expected number of dinosaurs to check if there are none missing, surprising them when more dinosaurs exist. I would expand upon that, making it a plot point: they think they have all raptors covered, but there are more than they thought there were.
@SQB ah, ok!
Then the second film would start out like it did, with people unexpectedly bumping into dinosaurs on the abandoned B-site. Slowly they realise they're up against dinosaurs. At the end of the film, the dinosaurs are hinted to have gone off the island to the main land. Not just a pair via boat, but large numbers.
Then the third film would be Jurassic World; dinosaurs on the loose in the world.
@SQB how? The T-Rex's arms suck when it comes to crawl :/
@Jenayah we'll work something out. Perhaps the park wasn't on an island to begin with.
But instead we got a lot of techno-crap. The dinosaurus-capturing vehicles in JP2 were silly as heck.
@SQB yeah, after all why bother with a boat trip? That's far and all. Put them in Central Park, what could go wrong?
11:08 AM
While the high-tech Airstream of the heroes wasn't much better.
Or the park was on an island but the b-site wasn't — it was somewhere in Costa Rica. Then dinosaurs spread from there.
I'm still rooting for Central Park
Jurassic Central Park
@Jenayah the opening scenes are great.
@SQB yes, openings scenes in Jurassic Park/World movies are always great; this way, you can be sure your afterwards going downhill will be worth it.
(save for the very first movie, which was great all the way)
@Jenayah (very minor) after credits scene, by the way.
Wait, did JW1 start with these two stupid kids? Scratch what I said above. This scene makes you root for the dinosaurs while you've only watched 25 seconds of the movie.
@SQB duly noted.
11:22 AM
@Jenayah my youngest always root for the dinosaurs. He's 9 and has been on a steady diet of Jurassic Anything for over a year. He's seen every film (except the latest, natch) over 20 times, by my estimate.
@SQB don't get me wrong, it's perfectly fine to root for the dinosaurs - just that the movie should try to make you have to pick a side. The two kids? Come on, this brat is better fit for a raptor snack than an actual character
@SQB somehow I imagine your youngest a bit like this :p
Not too far off.
Although he's more like le petit prince — the character, I mean, not just the description.
@SQB as long as it doesn't end like this, ahah
11:42 AM
@SQB oh, so above situation not likely to happen :)
11:55 AM
Q: Need help finding a post/short story, about potions that give you different powers

RealGigexThis was a post I read a few years ago (I can't remember which website). It was a typical quiz of "which power would you choose", but someone took it to the next level and posted a short story that has 8 (or 6) characters who all chose one of the powers, and the story was pretty amazing imo. The ...

12:11 PM
Q: Why are there no Jews in the Star Trek universe?

GalastelStar Trek is famous for its multiculturalism: Chekhov is Russian, Sulu is Japanese, Uhura is Swahili, being Afro-American is an important factor in Sisko's identity, Chakotay is Native American, Scotty is Scottish, O'Brian is Irish, Picard is French. Yet one ethnic group is notably missing from a...

Greetings, Earthlings.
@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy.
12:31 PM
@Jenayah Read anything good, lately?
@Donald.McLean currently reading Orphan X, and the next on the to-read list is I am legend. You? :)
@Jenayah I'm in the middle of re-reading the works of Tamora Pierce (YA fantasy), and watching Doctor Who, season 9 - I fell behind and am working on catching up.
@Donald.McLean never heard of her, and Wikipedia doesn't trigger any memories, but I'll check it out if I stumble across a copy! On the matter of shows, I'll binge-watch what I still haven't seen of Misfits soon, I guess. Next will be The 100's new season (S4's finale brought some kind of new air, I'm curious!), and then waiting to get back home to watch the new Camp Camp and Red VS Blue seasons with the only pal I eventually got to watch it
12:50 PM
@Jenayah I've tried out several series on Netflix. There's some weird stuff from other English speaking countries.
Ascension is a 2014 Canadian/American science fiction mystery drama television miniseries which aired on CBC in Canada and Syfy in the United States. It consists of six 43 minute episodes. The show was created by Philip Levens and Adrian A. Cruz. The pilot was written and executive produced by Philip Levens, who served as the showrunner. On July 9, 2014, CBC added Ascension to its fall programming roster. It was originally scheduled to premiere in November 2014. In October 2014, CBC announced that the premiere date had been moved to January 2015. It started airing on CBC on Monday nights starting...
But don't read the plot section. Spoilers!
@Donald.McLean aw, too late x)
Sounds interesting though, I'll give it a look.
On British series, the original Being Human is really worth the watch!
Gotta be prepared for weird British humor, though!
Two cultures separated by a common language.
US and UK you mean?
12:55 PM
@Donald.McLean these things happen...
Q: What is the origin of the phrase "two nations divided by a common language"?

Mark BoothWhat is the origin of the phrase "two nations divided by a common language"? I have seen it attributed to Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw and even Winston Churchill. The most likely looking source I found said: ‘Was it Wilde or Shaw?’ The answer appears to be: both. In The Canterville Ghos...

@Donald.McLean oh, I didn't have that reference!
One of my other favorite quotes about the English language: paulingraham.com/loose-grammar.html
@xkcd and of course, that bears a slight resemblance to the site favicon
1:13 PM
@Donald.McLean ahah!
1:27 PM
@FuzzyBoots you sure about this and edit?
I'd say just because the writing feels like Worm, doesn't actually imply a tag, does it? :|
Eh, nevermind :p
2:20 PM
@Jenayah good job on showing the new user the ropes.
dammit finally got this gif to work :p
@Jenayah Still not showing up for me.
"Image not found", and when I click on it it asks me to download a file.
@Alex It's nice to see you posting over on Lit as well, btw :-)
@Randal'Thor FWIW, it's Jim Carrey bowing at the end of The Truman show
2:39 PM
@Jenayah Neither "Jim Carrey" nor "the Truman show" mean anything to me :-P
@Randal'Thor WHAT
Except a vague memory of some recent discussion about whether or not the latter is on-topic here.
Rand, this is worse than not having seen Star Wars
Get your donkey out of its stall.
shrug I'm not much interested in popular culture.
Or television.
@Jenayah Oho, you've read the memes page then!
2:41 PM
Same difference.
Some screen stuff :-P
@Randal'Thor you know I poked at you about Princess Leia like three days ago, right? :p
Q: Short story about a doomsday device shown on TVclassic

Skull BearerIt’s set in a TV studio and these scientists are showing off this new wonder tool, which can basically blow up anything. At first it’s shown off as this great thing that can help mankind, then it becomes clear this thing can vaporise entire tank columns and the presenter orders the film feed to b...

Q: Terry Pratchett's discworld : is there an inconsistency in the treatment of magic?

PierreIn The Colour of Magic, we learn that: "Can't tell you. Don't really want to talk about it. But frankly," he sighed , "no spells are much good. It takes three months to commit even a simple one to memory, and then once you’ve used it, pow it's gone. that's what's so stupid about the wh...

@Jenayah Yes, but I didn't know you'd read the history :-)
Anyway, didn't you say you're not interested in Star Wars either?
@Randal'Thor I thought you had it mistaken for some kind of "The daily show" or stuff
@Randal'Thor aye
but not seeing Star Wars is kind of a bad thing because you can't justify why you're not interested in watching more of it.
@Jenayah Yeah, I guessed it was a TV show based on the name.
2:44 PM
Not being aware of The Truman show is beyond that.
@Jenayah That's the best justification. I'm not interested in watching more of it precisely because I have no attachment to the whole franchise.
Go watch the movie!
2:44 PM
@Randal'Thor same here, I hear ya
I think I'd take a lot of convincing that there's any single film that everyone really needs to see.
I'm sure it'll be forgotten about in a few decades.
@Jenayah My wife thinks Star Wars is boring. But she's a mundane, so it's ok.
@Randal'Thor The Truman show, maybe. Star Wars, I doubt it - too much money to be made out of the milk cow
She liked The Truman Show.
@Donald.McLean she knows what's best
(okay, that's bad faith, you can't compare Star Wars and The Truman show)
2:55 PM
@Jenayah Yeah, that's what I meant.
@Donald.McLean Sneaky B5 reference?
I just watched a telepath-heavy episode last night. Bester is such a slimy little sh*t.
@Randal'Thor which is exactly my point - it's up to us, current The Truman show enthusiasts, to spread the word to our fellow mates, so that they can spread it to theirs and their offspring, so that it's never forgotten!
@Randal'Thor Thanks. I've only posted 1 question, 3 answers (two which could have been on Science Fiction & Fantasy, and one which could have been on Mi Yodeya), and 5 comments on others' posts so far, but there may be more to come. Hopefully you won't have to regret saying this.
@Jenayah I realized my mistake right after I made it. :)
@FuzzyBoots :p
@Randal'Thor No, and I don't actually know what you mean, and I'm curious.
3:08 PM
@Donald.McLean Babylon 5 I guess?
@Donald.McLean Referring to someone as "a mundane" sounds like something a Babylon 5 telepath would say. Especially an arrogant one like Bester or Byron.
I guess there's another sci-fi franchise which uses "mundane" as a noun like that?
@Randal'Thor Ah. No, it's just a term I use for people who aren't science, science fiction, or fantasy geeks.
Not that there's anything wrong with that. Obviously, since I married one. :-)
@Donald.McLean ah, yeah, peasants. :p
i'm not a mundane and I find parts of star wars boring, especially the newer outings
@Donald.McLean If you haven't seen B5, I recommend it. Multi-season sci-fi show with a complex plot and character development.
3:12 PM
I think that most mundanes don't have the same sense of wonder that came from watching Star Wars on the big screen as a child, or the first time reading Ringworld, or the first time watching 2001
As opposed to Star Trek (at least what I've seen of TNG), where every episode is a disconnected story and the only 'character' development is the occasional promotion :-)
@Randal'Thor I've seen all of B5, and the movies, and the short lived spin-off series (that I can't remember the name of). Great stuff.
@Donald.McLean I watched 2001 for the first time last Christmas. So weird, what the.
@Donald.McLean Ah OK, sorry. I was a bit surprised that you didn't get the reference, since you seem pretty well-versed in sci-fi in general.
@Jenayah Mundane is an especially useful term at events. Not that I've been to any lately. I think the 1998 WorldCon was my last event.
@Randal'Thor I've probably read or watched at least a dozen or more stories that used the term. And it's been a while since I last watched any B5.
It's become a commonly used term in modern fantasy.
@Donald.McLean Way to make some of us feel young :-)
3:18 PM
@Randal'Thor Way to make him not feel young :p
I realized that I wasn't young the first time I had a co-worker who was born after I took my first programming class. Nowadays, not uncommon to have coworkers younger than my youngest child.
I first started reading SFF seriously when I was in 5th grade. 1974
@Donald.McLean ...my parents were barely born then *is playing the "make people feel old" game*
@Donald.McLean eh, my first punch to the guts by the passing time was two weeks ago. "You remember staring with awe at those giant billboards advertising The Dark Knight? How that definitely looked cool? Yeah, that was exactly 10 years ago. By the way, that's kind of half of your life. Enjoy your day!"
4:13 PM
Q: Pronunciation of "Teatime"

VBartilucciMr. Jonathan Teatime's name is, as specified in the book Hogfather, pronounced "Teh-ah-tim-eh". But since there's no marks of pronunciation included, its pronunciation is still under question. The TV adaptation seems to get it entirely wrong, pronouncing it "Tea-uh-timey". Personally I've alw...

4:26 PM
As a french reader, I have no idea. But for sharing an anecdote, the french translation adds a clever pun on this name. Teatime is called "Leureduthé" (= the tea time, with a little mispell) , but the assassin wants everybody to call him "Le redouté" (= the feared one). The pronunciation is really similar ; one syllable only is slightly different when pronunced.. I just learn now there was no pun in the original version :) — Professeur Dronte 55 secs ago
That's awesome (cc @Jenayah)
@Randal'Thor aaaaargh translator must've been Parisian. ><
It's a running joke between my friends and I - where I come from, we pronounce all the syllabs, so the joke wouldn't work as much.
Q: Who has the the largest population in Star Wars universe?

SeamusthedogI the SW universe which species has the largest population? Humans seem to be the most common where as most of the more well know characters don't have a friend/buddie of the same species hanging about with them.

For instance, a bakery is called a boulangerie but most people just call that "boulang'rie" (not pronouncing the e). Where I'm from, we do pronounce that one "e", because we respect French language :p
Meh, it's nitpicking :D
But our way is still better :D
@Jenayah Oh really? I thought that French was always full of syllable-swallowing.
Which part of France are you from? (feel free not to answer, of course)
@Randal'Thor to be fair, yes, most French people do. But then again, not most French people come from the Southern part I'm from :p (deliberately vague!)
4:44 PM
Q: House Atreides slave freeing good guys or agenda?

SeamusthedogIn Dune and subsequent books we learn that Gurney and Duncan had been freed from Harkkonen slave camps etc and pledged loyalty to House Atreides. Did the Atreides see themselves as freedom fighting liberators of the defenceless rescuing people from unjust treatment or was is just a personal battl...

5:22 PM
@Randal'Thor you know, I saw the donkey and thought "oh, he heard what was said above, good... Wait... What is that? How is it relevant? Whaaaaaat?"
Just a fun gif I wanted to share :-P
5:37 PM
@Randal'Thor eheh
By the way, the world is a small place - did you see VBartilucci's reply to your comment? ;)
It happens a lot actually, especially with story-ID questions.
Aye guess so
See a question here, go Googling for more info, find the same question asked somewhere else by what's probably the same person.
@Randal'Thor well some people admit they "re-post" from the original source (different authors though)
Don't know if you're aware, but someone reposted your question on Reddit. Keep an eye on the link, people there might find it :) — Jenayah May 11 at 19:52
@Jenayah Extreme example of reposting from a Stack Exchange site:
Q: Someone scraped Mi Yodeya and is selling it as a book

TrustMeI'mARabbiI invite the users of Mi Yodeya to check out this book which the author has essentially scraped the questions and answers on this site and is selling it. While it might be annoying. See if you can find yourself in there. But is this legal??

5:56 PM
@Alex how noble... I don't care about definitions, law loopholes and semantics; if the guy makes money from others' analysis and work (volunteer one furthermore!), it's crass.
Can't seem to find a price though, and mobile navigation is a pain. Has it been removed from sales?
@Jenayah The link leads to Google Books. But all the sellers listed on the side of Google Books either don't have the book at all, or say that it's out of stock. The price listed for the out of stock ones is $15, though.
@Alex yeah I was looking at that but there are only French sellers and they apparently don't have it (surprise...)
@Alex what a joke...
6:15 PM
Q: Romantic manga with time-traveling

Ceci20A police officer (I think) travels back in time after falling of a building while trying to prevent a criminal from comitting suicide. She then trys to prevent said "criminal", who is still innocent, of comitting his crimes. Meanwhile she falls in love with him. Does anyone know the name of this...

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7:15 PM
Q: In DC Comics, are the Atlanteans of Greek descent?

Dubyooel IsadummayI recall this being the case, but I can't find evidence for it when looking recently. This still being the case could be supported by: Having Greek culture and language, architecture, etc Atlantis being a Greek 'myth' They worship and are seemingly under the domain of classic Greek gods, and t...

Q: What if Belle married Gaston and gave birth to a transgender child?

Alex DownsIn the film Beauty and the Beast, Gaston is obsessed with marrying Belle. He planned on having “six or strapping boys, like (him).” I’ve read fan fiction on what if Belle gave birth to a daughter and those stories involved Gaston beating Belle up, but my question is: What if Belle gave birth to ...

@Marvin ...wat
@Mithrandir to be honest I can't even begin to think what should be said
Closed in 5.5 minutes with no modhammer, wow.
8:16 PM
Q: How does Oddjob actually kill people?

King of NESIn Goldfinger, Oddjob throws his hat and cuts off a statue's head early in the flim. However, later on he throws his hat at a fleeing girl and it hits her in the neck, she falls down dead. How exactly is she dying, since her head is still attached and no other evidence?

8:43 PM
@Randal'Thor I'm surprised it took that long. :)
But seriously, I am surprised that a user well on their way to their first k rep would post something like that.
@SQB I haven't been following this particular user's questions, but I do know other users who've amassed a surprising amount of rep despite asking a lot of poor questions.
Heavy on the speculative Shrek questions, though.
@Randal'Thor I have some idea who you mean, yeah.
@Randal'Thor A good third of my questions here have negative scores.
@Alex maybe it's in the name ;)
@Alex Actually, closer to a quarter.
8:57 PM
@Alex I see you've mastered the art of self-replies :-P
@Randal'Thor Is there an easier way to do it than copying the post number from the permalink?
Not that I know of.
Someone might have a userscript for it, if you're into that kind of thing.
@Randal'Thor No secret moderator tricks for this one.
@Randal'Thor Nah, those tend to just confuse me.
9:10 PM
@Alex And once I'm correcting my Chat math, I should note that this was really closer to 11%:
yesterday, by Alex
@CorvoAttano It's not. Only about 10% of the questions are about Harry Potter:
9:32 PM
Q: Star Trek The Next Generation

Alex JonesI have a question. I'm currently watching season one of Star Trek TNG, and I count FOUR Chief Engineers! Sarah MacDougal, Michael Argyle, Charles Logan and Leland T. Lynch! Was one the chief and the others his (or her) assistants? Was this ever properly explained?

Q: Cartoon about aliens marooned on earth

Nu'DaqThe basic concept of this show was that several aliens (who seem to be of different species) crashed the ship they crewed on Earth and had gone into hiding from humanity in a rundown house, possibly for years. I remember the following three: Edno- considers himself the leader of the group, speak...

10:18 PM
Q: Regenerating monsters?

PelagicideIn the initial fight between "the Children of Thanos" and Tony Stark, Dr Strange, David Banner and Wong, Wong opens a portal to a cold, snowy wilderness - presumably somewhere in the Himilaya's since Wong would be familiar with the area and Cull Obsidian falls through, and when he tries to jump b...

2 hours later…
11:49 PM
Q: What do Chocobos eat?

aitíaMy knowledge of Chocobos is lacking in the sense that I'd like to know more about their eating habits and preferences concerning the different types of foods available to them in Gaia/Planet. More precisely, are Chocobos considered herbivore or carnivore; no doubt they must be omnivore?


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