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3:37 AM
Q: Fantasy Movie ID with Cat Lady

sagilissI saw this movie in the summer of 1998, on TV. It was definitely low budget, but it has stuck with me ever since and I would love to see it again. The things I remember for sure: The main character is a young boy with blond curly hair and his dog His home and family are somehow destroyed, a...

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5:26 AM
Q: Did this character's self-sacrifice grant protection for Newt and Theseus?

LincolnManOne of the big plot points of the entire Harry Potter book series was that sacrificing one's live for the love of another grants that person magical protection. It's why Voldemort could not harm Harry Potter. In the movie, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Does her sacrifice protec...

Q: How did Voldemorte destroyed the horcrux inside Harry by a killing curse?

Asif IqubalTo destroy a horcrux anyone has to do unrepairable damage to the horcruxes and it can't be destroyed using a killing curse. But in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at the last battle between Voldemorte and Harry, Voldemorte shoots a killing curse at Harry with the Elder Wand. As a result, Har...

6:12 AM
Q: Harry Potter YouTube video

Scarlett ChristopherI'm looking for a YouTube video in which Harry and Ginny I believe are soul bonded and they end up getting married so when the credits come by it says Ginny Potter and if I'm not mistaken Hermione and Ron also are soul bonded because it always popped up Hermione Weasley but in any case Harry and ...

6:45 AM
Q: Why is the Asari councilor in Aria's pocket?

KevinIn Mass Effect 3: Video is subtitled with open captions, but here's a transcript for people with crappy internet: IMMIGRATION OFFICER: So you admit you and your thugs are here illegally? ARIA: Yes. And it only took C-Sec three weeks to figure it out. IM...

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8:44 AM
Q: In Man Of Steel, why the scout ship had genesis chamber but no codex?

yurtesenWhat would be the purpose of sending a ship far far away for purposes of colonization and even put genesis chamber inside it but then do not include a codex so it would be useless? Is it a plot hole to cause Zod to need to capture Superman only? As far as I understand, kryptonians are able to ma...

Q: What is inside Batman's ears?

LincolnManThis picture shows Batman missing an ear from his costume. Which made me think, what does he keep inside his ears? Radio receiver to listen to police broadcasts? Radio connection back to batmobile or to the batcave? Super-sensitive sound sensors? Hidden weapons? Tiny little cameras? Accept...

9:30 AM
Q: Why Superman left Scout Ship 0344 in middle of city in Man of Steel?

yurtesenIs it a plot hole that Superman leave Scout Ship 0344 in the middle of Metropolis with a command override key half inserted, waiting readily to be pressed? Not to mention, a ship with an amniotic chamber which can be used for genetic experiments! It is like me leaving my car with keys on ignitio...

Q: Looking for a novel of Temporal erasure

ShysfThere is a book I was interested in but didn't buy. I remember the cover best a man with a device with three antennas was zapping a city block across the street causing it to vanish from reality. The device was described as being able to erase from existence anything it zapped. A similar device w...

10:00 AM
Q: Story about a quantum hedge maze

meson800I read this story about 10 years ago, though I don't believe it was a new story by the time I read it. This story likely came out in the 80s-90s. The main plot dealt with a mysterious garden behind a house, which contained a hedge maze. Entering and exiting the maze would leave you in a slightly ...

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11:03 AM
@RDFozz Ah, I see. Yes, that may make sense.
2 hours later…
1:33 PM
Q: How is the Mary Poppins Sequel legal when the author denied a sequel

UnderverseIn her will P.L. Travers stated that another movie version was not to be made. How is it possible for Disney to make and distribute this movie based on the work of P.L. Travers when the author specifically denied Disney from making a sequel?

1:49 PM
Q: Book from 1970s/80s where the sun was dimmed

Em AlskoI remember a book from the 1970s-1980s where something like "dimming the sun" was done to disastrous results? Scientists sprayed something in the atmosphere. Not Snowpiercer :-) . Thanks for any help.

2:04 PM
Q: When did Batman first use his cape to glide in the air?

Newt ScamanderI have seen Batman gliding in the air using his cape a number of times in the movies and TV shows. I don't remember the exact instances, but here's an image to show what I mean: When did Batman first glide in the air using his cape?

2:27 PM
Q: Why did Diana's mom lead a war for freedom?

Insha DarwaishWhy did Diana's mom say she lead a war for freedom in Wonder Woman? Freedom from what exactly? I thought the Amazons were created to live with man? When were they ever enslaved?

Q: Book about a king who gets immortal

Reginaldo Demarque da RochaSome times ago I read a book but I can't remember the title or the author. The plot of the book is something like this: A King that is sentenced to death, I don't remember why. Then I think he runs away and find a new kingdom where there is a party that one people is elected to be a king and do ...

3:21 PM
Q: Unknown short story - stranded astronaut plants forest as SOS message

hc001The story is set in the distant future, maybe 3000AD+. I think the astronaut is a cyborg many hundreds of years old and he crash lands on this planet. On the planet he finds empty streets and houses, as if people just disappeared. In the houses there are sometimes trapped pets. The astronaut spen...

4:07 PM
Q: What are the titles of all the Tron comics? And are there any Tron novels?

Deanta SaeranI've read Betrayal and I'm trying to find and read any others out there. I haven't seen anything about novels or books, but if they exist, I'd like to read those too.

4:30 PM
Q: What is Doctor Strange holding in this scene of Infinity War?

Kushal BhuyanIn the following snapshot, Doctor Strange appears to be holding something, which in the next shot vanished from his hands. What is that thing? Just anything that he grabs or is it a proper prop?

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5:40 PM
Q: Harry Potter fanfiction with seriously dark Harry

FirefanLooking for a fan-fic where Harry appears very dark and depressed, sometimes even self-harming. He tries to get out of his depression due to his abused childhood and all the surroundings by brushing Hermione’s hair, and it actually works.

6:10 PM
Q: Cousin/Brother(?) of Sherlock Holmes works to thwart an alien invasion

Rob KrolI'm searching for a short story where main character was cousin or brother of Holmes but he was genial thief instead. In this story he accidentally discovers an alien invasion taking place and he and his assistant try to stop the invasion I'm pretty sure that story was written before 1985 was (a...

1 hour later…
7:27 PM
Q: Warehouse full of quiet Android workers that bleed yellow ooze when damaged

bazzThis is something I remember watching on TV in the nineties, and it seemed like an older film. It was in color, though. And it was in English. Here's the scene I remember best: A man arrives in a city that seems deserted, except for a few quiet factory workers taking a shipment into their wareho...

3 hours later…
10:01 PM
Q: Adult swim anime movie?

TraceI had watched this show 6-8 year ago it was a show about people that got into robots to fight kaiju like creatures it was kind of like pacific rim. The main character was a boy/guy that went to school. A girl that tried to control one of the robots had gotten severely hurt when fighting a kaiju c...

2 hours later…
11:34 PM
Q: Has anyone besides Bruce Wayne donned the batsuit and took on the Batman persona?

LincolnManIs Bruce Wayne the only person to act as Batman? Or has anyone else ever wore the batsuit to go fight crime? Why did Bruce Wayne allow somebody else to wear the batsuit? Accepting answers with quotes or images from official sources.

11:49 PM
Q: Trying to find fantasy book about a great walled city holding off huge army

JoeTakes place in an ancient city with many walls protecting it. It was once prosperous and full of people but has since lost its prominence. A huge army over 100000 strong is coming to attack down from the north. A man maybe a general in the old city is forced to defend it as best he can with no wh...


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