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1:15 AM
Q: seeking 4 novel series regarding a spy being cloned for different environments

Eric Haines4 book series about a spy being cloned - 1 to breathe in water, 2 others were other types (sulphur or?) for 4 planet system about to break out into war. i read the series in early 1980's borrowed from local library in Australia so likely to be well known author. Each book started off with spy thi...

2:00 AM
Q: What is the species of Gellert Grindelwald's pet?

SageIn Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald, in the beginning of the movie we see some sort of creature living in the prison cell with Grindelwald. It has a long, sticky tongue like a frog. Roughly the size of a small cat. During his initial escape he calms and comforts it before throwing i...

2:12 AM
Q: Are there any indications why Roddenberry chose to make Star Trek a "battleship universe"?

AlmoStar Trek focuses on large, slow (in local space, anyway) ships which behave like battleships. As a counter-example, Battlestar Galactica was in an "aircraft carrier universe", where the big ships don't fight as much directly, but instead send out squadrons of fighter craft. Aircraft carriers i...

This is from Movies & TV Stack Exchange
Q: To which extent does the wizarding world knows about Harry Potter behind the scenes stories?

J. ChorinEverybody knows Harry Potter in the wizarding world, but how much do the wizards and witches knows about, for instance, the horcruxes, the content of the prophecy, the Chamber of Secret, or the event in the Ministry of Magic in the 5th book? Did Harry, Ron or Hermione narrate any aspect of the w...

@uhoh Babel fish beat you to it:
2 days ago, by Babel fish
Q: Are there any indications why Roddenberry chose to make Star Trek a "battleship universe"?

AlmoStar Trek focuses on large, slow (in local space, anyway) ships which behave like battleships. As a counter-example, Battlestar Galactica was in an "aircraft carrier universe", where the big ships don't fight as much directly, but instead send out squadrons of fighter craft. Aircraft carriers i...

2:34 AM
@Alex Thanks, my search skills in chat are nonexistent. I scrolled for a while but apparently not far enough.
@uhoh No problem. In general, questions from Movies & TV that relate to Science Fiction & Fantasy are automatically posted to this room from a feed.
@Alex oh, that's good to know, thanks! btw I don't remember Restaurant having so many SciFi SE questions displayed like this, though I'm not that frequent. Is something going on, or is this common?
@uhoh Are you referring to questions from Science Fictioon & Fantasy or Movies & TV or both?
SciFi SE questions
Yes, Science Fictioon & Fantasy Stack Exchange question
All new questions from Science Fiction & Fantasy used to be displayed in a dropdown feed. A few months ago someone suggested that it be changed to a onebox feed and it's been that way ever since.
Aug 23 at 13:53, by SQB
Since activity in the room has increased lately, we've switched to a message feed for main site questions.
2:44 AM
oic, Make Scrolling Great Again?
Aug 21 at 13:42, by Mithrandir
Would anyone be opposed to switching the new question feed back into oneboxes?
Aug 21 at 13:45, by Mithrandir
@Jenayah So... for a while, there was a feed of new questions into the room, posted as chat messages, oneboxed versions of the questions. This was stopped and eventually turned into the ticker feed (that shows up in the top left) due to low activity in the room and the new question feed was flooding the room. However, I think there's now enough consistent activity to reinstate the onebox feed.
Q: Help find this book werewolf romance

user107276I am trying to find this book where a female had to fight a werewolf in order to keep her position in pack and her mate can’t help her. She ends up shooting the wolf and winning the challenge. I think she had to be converted to a werewolf in order to live after the challenge.

And not everyone was in favor of the change:
Aug 21 at 13:47, by b_jonas
@Mithrandir No, let's not do that. Everyone sees new questions on the main site anyway. Feed meta questions or some questions from Movies if you want (although it's really hard to filter the Movies questions to get all sci-fi and fantasy ones, we tried back then).
I see. I'm sure there are pros and cons, but it will make it harder for people like me to find things (as it may have today).
3:46 AM
Q: Did Newt Scamander participate in either of the two wars against Voldemort and his Death Eaters?

Kyle VDid Newt Scamander participate in either of the two wars against Voldemort and his Death Eaters? Do we ever see him get mentioned in the Harry Potter books or movies to have joined the Order of the Phoenix organized by Dumbledore? We know that Newt Scamander helped in the fight against Grindelw...

A new user named alex answering a Harry Potter question. Oh no.
A: Who is the Professor McGonagall in The Crimes of Grindelwald?

alexIf i'm correct Minerva had a grand mother named Minerva as well http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Minerva

4:03 AM
Q: Why is Parseltongue common in Salazar Slytherin's bloodline?

VerumOn Pottermore it states that Parseltongue is rare except for in the bloodline of Salazar Slytherin. Why is Parseltongue common in Slytherin's bloodline, but nowhere else?

4:49 AM
Q: Did the Keeper of Prophecies hear the entirety of Trelawny's prophecy?

AlexIn the beginning of Half-Blood Prince Dumbledore assures Harry that no one besides the two of them is aware of the entirety of the prophecy: "There are only two people in the whole world who know the full contents of the prophecy made about you and Lord Voldemort, and they are both standing i...

5:19 AM
Q: Looking for a little mindset Harry Potter fanfic

AshleyI remember reading a story about an abused Harry being saved by Voldemort and his death eater. It starts off with a narration about how the Slytherian hate the gryphondors for abusing the first little to pop up in a long time, then goes on to the rescue, the Malfoy become Harry's parents, Vol...

Q: A main character that can transform his arm into a giant cannon?

LeppiWhen I was a kid, about 8 to 11 years y/o I saw this anime a teenage boy that can transform his arm into a giant cannon. Theres this antogist that eats a whole human from that anime and he also stole their abilities after eating them. Btw, that antogonist can also transform his a arm into cannon ...

5:41 AM
Q: Titans and other DC TV serials

asHKDC serials like Arrow and Flash share same universe. Does Titans TV serial share the same universe as these serials?

6:34 AM
Q: How does Victor Stone (Cyborg) replace lost body parts/material

KyloRenThere not much I could do for research on this, but it is a rather simple question with possibly a complicated answer. In Justice league Victor Stone (Cyborg) shoots a missile out of his arm that is constructed from the material that he is made of. Now considering that he is a Cyborg this is ent...

1 hour later…
7:35 AM
Q: Looking for sf novel, starts w/ actor & widow meet timetraveling husband, there was a party, bankruptcy then s cene set on the moon

KarayaaI havent finished this book and i desperately wanted to read it. I forgot a lot about the specific details but i remembered how it started. A popular actor (?) went to this lady's house in a car and she was described like a widow. It was because his husband was timetravelling and can only sho...

8:05 AM
Q: Was Isolt Sayre a Parselmouth or not?

sumelicAfter reading the Pottermore article on "Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry," by J.K. Rowling, its unclear to me whether Isolt Sayre was a Parselmouth. Based on what I remember from reading the Harry Potter books, I would define the term "Parselmouth" as follows: A person who exhib...

8:20 AM
Q: Why was Theseus at the Rally?

Harry JohnstonHaving just seen The Crimes of Grindelwald I find myself confused as to why Theseus and his Auror team were at I thought Theseus worked as an Auror for the British Ministry of Magic? Wouldn't there be a jurisdictional issue, and a potential international incident? Was Theseus part of some ...

2 hours later…
10:14 AM
@Alex sockpuppet! :P
10:50 AM
@Jenayah Yeah, I created a second account for when I’m too lazy to capitalize my name.
Q: What was the spell Newt cast to find Tina?

Shana TarIn Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald we see What the hell was that?! First, it seems like a very advanced magic - how many people can perform the spell? Aurors? Dumbledore? Why they never use such a cool tool if it's available? Does it mean Newt is incredibly skilled in pretty all f...

11:22 AM
Q: Purpose of the Cylon "transponder" from the BSG Miniseries?

LevenTrekIn the Battlestar Galactica Miniseries, we encounter a Cylon device in Galactica's CIC. Gaius Baltar is first alerted to the device by his Cylon companion/hallucination. He tells Galactica's commanders about it, blaming on an alleged Cylon (Doral, who ironically actually is a Cylon). Gaeta obser...

11:32 AM
@SmokeDetector gone now (cc @SQB)
@Jenayah You are not a privileged user. Please see the privileges wiki page for information on what privileges are and what is expected of privileged users.
11:44 AM
Why is chat only accessible through meta?
It's not
It should be on main''s footer too
I can't see that
Same reason as last year
@Gallifreyan, and what is that?
I assume it goes back to the nuking of Mos and the related fallout
@Gallifreyan, What do you mean, "nuking of Mos and the related fallout", no one can do that to a chat.
12:16 PM
Ahh I see.
12:43 PM
@Sava, Hello
Really disappointed about the language that Shog9 used in Mos. Can't flag it anymore, but I am deeply offended.
Just read that, seems like an excessive reaction without context leading to it.
1:05 PM
@Sava, I won't comment on the reasoning. Just that the language was not acceptable of a Site moderator.
Also why was Himarm the only one banned? Why wasn't Valorum also banned?
Sorry to be questioning after the fact, but I was not there for what transpired.
As a fairly new user of SE and someone who barely ever steps foot on chat, though I've been on chatrooms for long, I agree that the Site moderator shouldn't have sued such language, but he should also have been a bit more explicit about the 'lessons to be learned'.
I've no idea what happened exactly, what topic brought the drama and what kind of reactions from the various people involved, users and mods, led to the orbital nuking of Mos Eisley.
I have no way to learn, and the general rules 'Be Nice' and 'Shut up if someone's uneasy by the topic being discussed" are nice and all when said or written, but the second rule is often useless in practice.
Q: Was Shog9 reprimanded for his use of bad language here?

KyloRenI see that the chat "Mos Eisley" was canceled due to a few users. But what concerns me is the language of a mod for the site, namely Shog9. Being that I was I banned at the time (I have been banned a few times) I was not able to voice my concerns. But I am extremely offended by the language tha...

Still, can't understand why Valorum was not banned for the same amount of time that Himarm was?
1:23 PM
Q: Who is Lita Lestrange?

Diana PotterWho is Lita Lestrange? I know all about how she murdered her brother, but who is she? Is she Rodolphus Lestranges sister?. How does she link with the HP books?

Are all the questions from the site posted on chat?
@Sava, I think so.
Browing back some it looks like spam and I'm not sure what purpose it serves... Is there a way to hide them?
@KyloRen In general it's discouraged to gossip about suspended users in their absence, as the reasons for suspension are between the user and the mods (or in this case CMs) who suspended them.
@KyloRen Chat bans and site bans are separate. At the nuking of Mos, both Himarm and Valorum were chat banned for the same amount of time. Himarm's site ban came later.
@Sava That's a fair complaint. In fact there was a lot of discussion at the time about what went wrong and what we should do differently, but since it's so long ago now, everything has moved into the past.
Jun 9 '17 at 4:38, by Rand al'Thor
I think the most important lesson for the future is: please don't be so hostile to moderation when it happens. That covers both soft and hard moderation, by both community and ROs/blues. Whether it's flagging, asking for a subject change, or deleting messages, please try to accept and learn from it rather than complaining about censorship, power abuse, or flag trolls.
^ my summary
1:41 PM
@Randal'Thor Being hostile to moderation seems... silly, to remain polite. If a mods say something, you obey, even if you disagree, and bring it up to the level above the mod in question if there is one. If there's none, then now you know the word of god here, and know what the rule is. If you can't abide by it, go somewhere else.
Or, depending upon the rules on the site, you bring it up in private with the mod in question to discuss the issue civilly and share opinion and feelings and such, and, if you're lucky or persuasive enough, you might get a rule changed in the end.
But open hostility towards a mod is an open invitation to being shot down by someone who has that power.
2:18 PM
@Sava hi there! First time in chat? :)
@Sava yeah you can click on the feed's name and select "hide this user" (or something that reads like that)
2:36 PM
@Jenayah First or second, not sure. Thanks for the tip. I guess the posters of questions are bots.
Yeah we have a couple of feeds...
Marvin posts main site questions
Starblatruc posts meta questions
@Jenayah That's Slartibartfast to you! :-)
Thanks @Randal'Thor, blocked those two feeds.
2:42 PM
I miss Obie.
atsitsname watches some tags on Movies.SE (Star Trek and others I think...)
Oh hey messages popping from all around the place
Stupid train WiFi
But we'll yeah what Rand said
@Randal'Thor Just my butterfingers.
What I meant to write was:
Maybe it's just me, but I have to rehide Marvin every time the room refreshes.
2:46 PM
@Randal'Thor now that's a good reference.
@Jenayah You know The Prisoner?!
Sheesh I thought I'd post an id question for that anime my train neighbor is watching but it took me two queries to find it... :(
I usually never find anime-id ahahah
@Jenayah Best wait until you're off the train to do something like that.
@Alex I was gonna say ...
@Randal'Thor r/nocontext on BunnyReddit
2:50 PM
@Jenayah Those letters (and solidus, to be pedantic) mean nothing to me.
@Randal'Thor I can sit through any horror movie and laugh at how stupid it is but the Rover still gives me the creeps after 5-6 years
@Jenayah Well yay! I thought it was just me and Politank-Z around here who know The Prisoner.
Even though it's only basically a friggin 1-meter white balloon
The prisoner is awesome
Oh I do know it, and of you want anyone to spit on the remake with just ask :)
2:53 PM
@Jenayah With an ominous whirring noise, to be fair.
I never watched the remake. I was young when I watched the rerun of the original though. ;)
@Randal'Thor oh I do know it, and if you need anyone to spit on the remake with just ask :)
@Jenayah Remake? What remake? There was never a goddamn remake, and if there was it'd be terrible.
Urgh... Mobile chat + train WiFi makes for weird posting...
Feel lucky that you got wifi on the train.
2:55 PM
There was a truly brilliant Youtube video which I'd like to show to any Prisoner fans, especially if also Doctor Who fans, but it was removed :-(
Always DL anything you like from the web. I got an add-on for firefox that can download video from about any website, so I cna save such things that are likely to be removed.
Anyway, I'll be leaving now, got stuff to do while the sun is still up!
Take care everyone!
@Sava I should have :-(
@Randal'Thor it ran for like 6 episodes and they cancelled it because reception was meh
@Sava keepvid.com is also very useful.
@Randal'Thor ANT video dowlaoder for Firefox works wonder. ;)
2:57 PM
@Jenayah Shush.
Good bye!
@Sava wait, aren't you French too? You know what SNCF WiFi is like...
See ya!
I'm French indeed, and yes, I know, and I also know it's not on every train yet, unless it changed recently.
4G is usually faster and better. ;)
Ok, really gone now! :p
@Randal'Thor ;) kind of like Indiana Jones is a trilogy, amirite?
@Jenayah Dunno. I'm not much into Indiana Jones as a whole, although I heard the 4th one is crap.
3:00 PM
4G drains the battery so much :(
I watched the first two, then meh'ed out, then watched the third one on a plane years later.
IJ is awesome
Normally I don't watch films on planes, but I went "what the hell" and did, just that one time.
By total coincidence, a few days later I was at the place where the final scenes were filmed.
@Randal'Thor We have a moderator who compromises on principles?
Never been on a plane
3:03 PM
@Alex It's not a principle as such. They just don't usually have any films I'm interested in.
(I'm very picky with films.)
@Jenayah Try it out. You might havebetter wifi.
Planes are expensive and a bother with luggage
@Randal'Thor Yeah, if I wasn’t on my phone I could probably find a dozen such references.
@Alex I dunno where you are, but I've never been on a plane with really good wifi, and almost never on one with any wifi at all.
@Randal'Thor Eh, I don’t know where I am either.
I’m not sure if I’ve been on a plain with wifi, but I’ve heard tell of them.
3:11 PM
A plain with wifi? Like out in the steppe?
@Randal'Thor Tou beat me to it. Nor a plane either.
I've never heard tell of a plain with wifi.
But I guess they're good for cybershamans.
user image
Lol, I found that while trying to find the highest altitude snakes live in in Uinta mountains
Darn pedants :-P
@Jenayah Oh, I thought it was while trying to understand why Rand loses his lunch.
3:14 PM
@Alex Rofl. You can talk!
@Randal'Thor It would have been unseemly to make the joke about myself.
@Alex no, I'm trying to determine whether a movie I watched made a mistake or not :D
@Alex Then you'd be from the unseelie court.
@Jenayah Did it?
(yes, I'm picky like that)
Well I still haven't found the snake
I'm considering asking on Biology or Outdoors
3:18 PM
@Jenayah Well good luck on mistake-finding. It’s one of my favorite pastimes.
@Jenayah Even after your last experience?
@Alex I visit Outdoors way more often than I visit HSM, better grasp of on-topicness
Can't speak for biology
@Jenayah So all this talk about a cocoon has been a sham?
@Alex if you want the whole story two characters are crashed into Uinta wilderness, high mountains and stuff, and they stumble across an anti-snake venom syringe in a cabin but I was wondering whether there's be snakes so high
@Alex I do visit other sites, I just don't contribute
@Jenayah Ah, a parasite.
Playing devil's advocate: even if there aren't snakes so high, someone might have thought there are and brought the antidote anyway.
3:23 PM
@Alex no, a lurker :)
@Alex Which site is the parasite?
@Jenayah That’s a positive spin.
@Randal'Thor Varies by user.
Parasite would suck off something without giving anything back
@Randal'Thor movie is stupid and both of them should have died in the crash anyway
Where I come from we call it zeh neheneh v’zeh lo chaser.
Look! More anime identification questions with either magic gauntlets or arm cannons.
@Jenayah Heh heh. And I'd like to find what the largest viper is that has a venom that is an anticoagulant but not neurotoxic. Guess why.
Preferably one from the old world, but that restricts the choices a lot.,
3:31 PM
@b_jonas hmm... Egyptian queen's suicide?
@Jenayah No no. Nagini and Harry Potter, or the snake it was before the Dark Lord has enchanted it a bit to grow by two size categories.
Or three size categories, depending on what size that snake is.
Even the largest venomous snakes are too small for what Nagini did.
Skip down to where we start to talk about Harry Potter.
Wasn't Nagini retconned into a snake-changeling​woman or stuff?
Q: Why everyone thinks Leta is bad?

Shana TarIn Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Leta Lestrange says Why would she said that? We do not have any evidences she acted bad at school, actually quite the opposite, despite her being in Slytherin. We also see her as a pretty nice young lady in her adulthood. So what made peopl...

@Jenayah You have to watch the new movie for that.
@Jenayah Yes she was, in the second Fantastic Beasts movie. But I can just ignore that.
3:41 PM
2 days ago, by Jenayah
Still have to watch the first ahah
@Jenayah I haven't seen the second one, but it wouldn't surprise me if you could watch it without seeing the first.
3:54 PM
Q: Why was Mother Ginger banished to the Fourth Realm?

SQBIn Disney's The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, we find Mother Ginger banished to the Fourth Realm. We come to understand that must have something to do with it, but is it explained somewhere? Perhaps in additional material?

4:10 PM
Guess which film I just saw.
@SQB The Wizard of Oz?
@SQB Disney-Pixar Up?
@SQB Jason and the Argonauts?
@SQB Fantastic Beasts 2?
I think he's referring to the movie he just asked a question about...
4:39 PM
I think context is taken into account. For instance, a simple search of the current chatroom turns up 63 uses of the same word, with little or no reprimand. — Alex 54 mins ago
Woops, it would seem half of them are from me :P
@Marvin why the spoiler formatting?
4:52 PM
Probably because it's a new movie
Anyone's got an account on Bikes.SE? I dropped bicycles.stackexchange.com/a/58150 in Charcoal but not deleted yet
Cc @SQB and hurray for Network profile stalk :)
Though a bit more innocent than the previous one
5:09 PM
@Jenayah gone already? Or am I missing it?
Well crap the book sounds interesting now... I'm a victim of spam :/
@SQB nah eventually someone !!/reported it in Charcoal
Innocentish spammy one got deleted too
Gotta give it to Charcoal these guys are reactive
5:47 PM
I guess it's activated charcoal.
Hi, if a graph is hamiltonian connected we can directly say that the graph is hamiltonian, right?
@BuddhiniAngelika wrong room?
Oh, yes sorry
It can be hard to keep track of different rooms. I'm in about seven at a time.
Though I think the worst I've done so far is post in the wrong language.
5:53 PM
Even wrong alphabet ;)
@BuddhiniAngelika no worries :)
@Jenayah Actually it was specifically the wrong alphabet, rather than the wrong language, once we're being precise. The few times that I've actually used another language have been intentional.
Though no one seemed to notice it a couple of hours ago — unless everyone secretly understood it.
argh! neighbour is listening to music loud.
@Alex the "where I'm from we call it [stuff]"? Nope, just thought it was the idiom for whatever that was replying to :)
@b_jonas listen to your music louder
5:59 PM
@Jenayah It was replying to you.
Some Scottish bagpipes should do the trick
@Alex ah crap
So what's it mean?
@Jenayah Literal translation is: "This one benefits and this one doesn't lose". It's a legal term used to describe a situation where one person derives benefit from someone else's property without causing a loss to the owner of the property.
@Alex Oh, you mean the right language but accidentally the wrong keyboard layout set up on the computer? Everyone does that. Me too. You just don't see it much on SE chat where I can edit my lines.
@Alex basically applies to 90% of Stack Overflow's traffic...
6:05 PM
@b_jonas Yeah, I sometimes delete them if I notice in time. But usually it's simpler to just explain.
Disco hits covered as if by Leonard Cohen.
@Jenayah giantitp.com/comics/oots0982.html “Ah, a soulful bagpipe dirge for his departed friend.”
@b_jonas Wait, I'm actually not sure if we're talking about the same issue. My keyboard is aid out properly, but each key has a Hebrew character as well as an English character. Sometimes when I switch to Hebrew for another site I forget to switch it back to English when I come back here.
@SQB so where are the Disco covers of Cohen's songs? :P
@Jenayah Well, back when the term was used it was a lot harder to find something intangible.
6:10 PM
@b_jonas hehe
@Alex ?
@Jenayah Posts on Stack Overflow aren't physical objects.
6:26 PM
@BuddhiniAngelika So by the way what was the answer? :)
6:47 PM
The answer was yes @Jenayah
We can say it is hamiltonian if it is hamiltonian connected
:) :)
If you have any other answer please let me know
@BuddhiniAngelika I'm not big of an answerer on math subjects, rather the occasional wonderer... And graph theory's probably my favorite subject :)
But really the math guy here is @Randal'Thor :)
7:10 PM
Q: Scifi/action film with flying robot/drones

JonBivSaw a trailer for a film around 1974/75. People were trying to shoot down flying robot/drones. People were Madmax looking. a

@Jenayah I don't think those exist yet, so go ahead.
@SQB meh
7:40 PM
Q: Were the aliens Al Bundy met in the Married with Children episode "Married... with Aliens", real?

LokiIn the Married with Children episode called "Married... with Aliens", Al Bundy was paid a visit by a group of six little green aliens: Apparently, these guys realized that: I was always wondering, were these aliens real or a shoe-induced hallucination?

@Alex Yes, that's what I'm talking about.
@b_jonas Well in that case, we're in agreement.
(And twice while writing that comment I accidentally started typing in Hebrew, but caught it in time.)
Q: Short story about archaeologists on post-apo world finding out about science-fiction

SavaI remember reading that short story in an anthology sometimes between the end of the 90's and the 2000's. It was the French translation of an English story, thus it could be much older. I remember the story being about a group of archaeologists excavating ruins and discussing why the galactic em...

2 hours later…
9:26 PM
Q: What happened to Nicholas Flamel's wife in The Crimes of Grindelwald?

TheAshFrom Philosopher's Stone: There have been many reports of the Philosopher's Stone over the centuries, but the only Stone currently in existence belongs to Mr. Nicolas Flamel, the noted alchemist and opera lover. Mr. Flamel, who celebrated his six hundred and sixty-fifth birthday last ye...

9:52 PM
Interesting. Ignored tags can apparently only be grayed out on the app and not entirely hidden.
Q: In what ways do the Fantastic Beast series contradict original canon?

TheAshMany people have claimed that the Fantastic Beast series contradict original (7-book) canon. Can anyone make a list of all the contradictions?

10:42 PM
Q: Scabbers in the first Harry Potter book

HannahIn the first Harry Potter book, when Malfoy, Crabe and Goyle are going to fight Harry and Ron, why does Scabbers protect them. After it is later shown in the 3rd book that Scabbers is in fact Peter Pettigrew who betrayed Potter's parents, why did he protect Ron and Harry?

10:57 PM
Q: Was there an updated version of Universe (1960) that showed star deaths?

BuzzOne of the Stanley Kubrick's major inspirations for the visuals in 2001: A Space Odyssey was the 1960 documentary Universe, produced by the the National Film Board of Canada and directed by Roman Kroitor and Colin Low. When I posted on Meta last week about the death of Douglas Rain, the voice o...

11:43 PM
Q: Im looking for title of a science fiction series where novel a man travels from planet to planet and helping the inhabitant?

genkersI dont remember much but i do remember each time he is at a new planet there was usially some sort of social/ revolution happeni g and he helps the inhabitant overthrow their oppressor. I think first book he was alone but then gains a companion in his travels.


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