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@SQB hmm... No, was rather me overinterpreting the thing
12:54 AM
Q: Did Gavilar and the Sons of Honor just get lucky?

jamaicanwormWarning: major spoilers from Oathbringer in this question During Oathbringer we learn that Gavilar and some of his friends called themselves the Sons of Honor and sought to bring back the Parshendi gods so that the Heralds would return (presumably to fight them in a Desolation). However, it is l...

1:28 AM
Q: Science fiction story where humanity is so technically advanced that they lack for nothing

chasly from UKMany years ago I read a story (I think it was a full-length novel) set in the far future of Earth where people effectively can have whatever they want whenever they want it. I also believe they had immortality. Their main problems were decadence and ennui. I seem to remember that this was all ava...

^ Wow, the description of this story-id question is so generic that it must match multiple novels. How did cryptarch guess the right one?
scifi.stackexchange.com/q/198705/4918 "Book about an asteroid passing really close to Earth and how the people thought they were going to die, so they made the last day on Earth party" This one also sort of seems generic.
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Q: What is the name of the anime kids, mecha and fantasy series with a group of 4?

SageI am looking for an old kids, mecha, fantasy anime series which possibly aired in toonami or cartoon network or a channel possibly before that. The main cast consisted of a group of 5, with 4 of them each having specific alien-like creatures which could turn into animal-looking robots with trans...

Q: Sinking liner in Crimes of Grindlewald

dean1957Is the sinking liner in the Crimes of Grindelwald the Titanic? If it is the film got the weather all wrong because it was a starry night with calm waters not the rough sea and lightning they showed.

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Q: Why couldn't checkov beam khan to the ship at the end of star trek into darkness, but after khan and spock fight he could?

DuenuardTowards the end of the movie checkov claims there's no way to beam khan aboard ship after spock asks him to because "there is too much damage" and he "can't get a signal"... But after spock and khan fight he is not only able to beam khan, but spock and uhura back aboard the ship......... Like, hu...

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3:08 PM
Q: What context is necessary to enjoy Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald?

ThePopMachineI'm not a Harry Potter fan and have seen the first three or four movies incidentally over the last fifteen-odd years. I haven't read the books and haven't seen Fantastic Beasts. What do I need to know to understand and (hopefully) enjoy Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald?

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Even Stan Lee failed to survive Thanos' snap..
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Q: What happened to the Dark Land in Arda?

user35971I'm not talking about Mordor. I'm talking about the continent between Middle-Earth and the Lands of the Sun. This continent existed throughout the Ages of Arda, until it seems to have vanished after the Downfall of Numenor.

5:10 PM
Q: Sci-fi/fantasy novel where at some point the ship enters a "time warp" where everyone ages rapidly

Evan RodmanI remember a particular scene from this movie from when I was a kid. A young hero and his girlfriend (princess?) Are in a spaceship going to a planet that is in the middle of a time warp where you need to fly in a specific route to get there or be lost forever. This time warp causes everyone to a...

Q: Do Snape and Narcissa have scars from the Unbreakable Vow?

Shana TarIn Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald we see a character with scars from an unbreakable vow. As I personally consider Fantastic beasts to be canon, I was really puzzled - does an Unbreakable vow always leave visible marks? Snape and Narcissa apparently didn't get those as that would be p...

5:55 PM
Q: How come there were no witnesses to the monster when the chamber of secrets was first opened?

Neo DarwinCoS Ch.13 In my fifth year, the Chamber was opened and the monster attacked several students, finally killing one If there were witnesses to the attacks, then how come Hagrid was expelled? Even with petrification, the students must have known that it was a basilisk that attacked them. It's hard...

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7:11 PM
Q: What was Doris's original name?

Alex DownsAs per this question I did a while back, The Fairy Godmother and Doris, I learned that the Fairy Godmother (Dama Fortuna) had turned Doris from a man to an ugly woman. What was her name prior to taking the potion?

Q: In Humans, what are the hybrids?

Wooden13At the end of Humans, they discuss a new human-synth hybrid, but I don't really understand how it works. The season finale discussed the blood getting mixed, but that should have killed Leo. Also, why isn't Leo the first hybrid? They say that he and Mattie's child will be the first, but I thought...

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@b_jonas Indeed.
@Jenayah Agreed
But I don't see that option for flagging
@RDFozz You can only flag as very low quality under specific conditions.
@Alex I'd assume the age of the post could be one.
@RDFozz Yeah, it has to be from within the last week.
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Q: Looking for Jewish Android Girl Short Story

manassehkatzI read a short story a few years ago in a collection of science fiction stories. It may have been a "best of the year" type of collection, but I am not sure. It included stories from many different authors. One story was written by a Jewish author about a Jewish man raising his daughter. His wif...

11:58 PM
Q: What type of electricity does the electrical creature does posses from Black Hole 2006?

Alex AIn the movie: black hole 2006, I saw that a black hole was created or appeared accidentally in a laboratory when some scientists have made an unintentional mistake. However, after the black hole appeared, some people have been sent to check it out, and suddenly and electrical monster just showe...


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