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12:13 AM
Q: Dark/Mystery related cartoon with a blond protagonist

Mattia PaganoI used to watch a cartoon when I was a kid, sometime during the the 2000s(?). I remember that the story was pretty dark, or mystery related. The art style was something like Batman: The Animated Series. The protaganist was a boy, probably a teen or a guy in his early twenties at max. He had blon...

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1:21 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (93): Who are these very unusual superheroes on this 2nd hand T-shirt? by damien dada on scifi.SE
Yep, totally spam
@Jenayah I actually flagged it as Not an Answer.
@Alex retract your flag and flag as spam.
Pretty please.
@Jenayah Because of the link?
1:32 AM
Only because you asked so nicely.
Well if you look at the metasmoke report too it's blacklisted site metasmoke.erwaysoftware.com/post/144314
@Alex :)
@Jenayah The metasmoke report is blacklisted?
No, the link contained in the answer
Yeah, I jest.
1:40 AM
By the way, did you ever check:
Oct 29 at 17:33, by Jenayah
I'll check the French one, curiosity
(No pressure.)
I don't have my copy here so I gotta drop by in a library and think about it
@Jenayah Eh, no need to go to any effort.
Library part isn't hard... Remembering I said I'd check is, though :)
Q: Children on alien planet emerge from stasis/virtual reality early due to fire; group has to fight against hostile and manipulative computer

J. ScottI read this book a few years ago and I think it was published within the last decade or so. A group of children (teenagers mostly) are being "grown" in some facility controlled by an AI, which IIRC has them in virtual reality programs for training purposes (sort of like in Idlewild). They emerge ...

@Jenayah Forget the library. I found it online. It is faithful to the English in both instances I mentioned: Poignet cassé, murmura-t-elle. Allez, viens mon garçon, lève-toi, ce n'est pas grave and Attention au coup de sifflet. Trois, deux...
2:29 AM
I happened upon the worst representative of humanity for a first encounter. Tom M. Riddle.
3:00 AM
Q: looking for a time travel scifi children's book I read

amaraIt was part of a long series written by numerous unnamed writers. In one of the books the protagonist is fighting a fat old man who lives in a motorized chair, who is a wealthy CEO, and is bringing about the end of the world. At some point he discovers that his enemy is his own time-travelled sel...

3:30 AM
Q: In the Transformers aligned continuity, what was The Thirteenth's real name?

TransKasIt was said that before The Thirteenth went into the Well of Allsparks, he had asked Alpha Trion to remove his name from The Covenant of Primus. My question is, was he called 'Optimus Prime' or was he named something else?

Q: Why would hosts in the Westworld control center not know this about themselves?

LincolnManSpoiler! These characters should learn very quickly they are not human. They would have different bodily functions than humans for food intake and defecation. Unless they were programmed to get tired, belch, sneeze, and cough like humans, they would have no need for those actions. They would ...

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6:21 AM
@Alex no "maybe", then
@Jenayah Indeed. It's just the Hebrew translation conspiracy, then.
Which means I should probably get around to finishing the question I started about it.
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7:35 AM
Q: Why did the Laundry allow Lovecraft to publish the truth about Cthulu, etc?

James from NZIn Stross's Laundry Files world, occult government agencies are serious about suppressing the truth regarding eldritch tentacled horrors from another universe. So why did the USA equivalent of The Laundry allow Lovecraft to publish many fictional books basically revealing the truth to the world? ...

7:50 AM
Q: Why were all NS-2 manufactured without the serial numbers

HBhatiaIn the story "Little Lost Robot" from I, Robot, modified Nestor (NS-2) hides himself in a cargo with 62 other physically identical robots. I think one of the main reason why new robot was not easily identifiable was NS-2s did not have any serial numbers. In the story general mentions: ‘But ...

Q: Why did Robert Ford command Bernard to kill Theresa in Westworld?

RichSThis question got me thinking about Theresa's death. In season 1, episode 6, Trompe L'Oeil, Ford orders Bernard (now revealed as a robot) to kill Theresa. This scene shows Ford can control the robots very easily with the right spoken commands from him. Theresa ...

8:20 AM
Q: Did Sheldon & Penny Had Sex in Big Bang theory?

RANSARA009We All know The Big Bang Theory is an American television sitcom comedy, in that Main Characters are Sheldon, Penny & Lenard, in 12 seasons of Big Bang Theory does any where mentioned in the Drama that Sheldon & Penny Had Sex with each other?

8:35 AM
Q: Short story about time dilation and knowledge gained

prospective_downpourI've been trying to remember a short story (possibly a Hugo or Nebula winner) that I seem to recall reading in an omnibus of sorts. The basic plot centred around a spaceship going close to, at or faster than the speed of light. In it, something happened that involved the ship's crew, due to syste...

9:06 AM
Q: Book about a man who can freeze time

Adrian WalkerI only read the book(s) maybe a couple of years ago. It is about a man who can kind of freeze time in our modern world and step into the frozen area and do stuff but then when he comes out of the frozen time everything he did in the frozen world was not seen. For example, he was chasing someone b...

Q: Why did Leta study at Hogwarts?

FatalizeCorrect me if I'm wrong, but this is what I got from the confusing flashbacks we were given: Leta was a student at Hogwarts Leta's father is French Leta was sent by her father to the United States. Since Credence ends up in the US as seen in the first Fantastic Beasts movie, we can assume t...

Q: When does Kitiara uth Matar become the Blue Lady?

CherubelIn Dragonlance "the heroes" part, 5 years pass and all of the sudden Kitara is the overlord of the blue Dragon army. Are there any books detailing this or did it just happen behind the scenes?

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10:36 AM
Q: Motivations for intellectual effort

KoinosWhich books/manga/fictions motivates the intellectual effort, especially in math, physics and computer science? (i.e. I found Death Note really motivating) ps: i don't know if it's the correct site for this kind of question.. :(

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12:38 PM
Q: Fantasy film where dwarves are turned to stone, and then used as bowling pins at a regal party

BilkokuyaThis is a film scene which has stuck with me for over 20 years since seeing it as a child. Unfortunately, due to the long time since seeing it - the exact details are hard to recall perfectly. The scene that has stuck in my mind is: There is a big royal party of some kind, lots of fancy dress,...

1:16 PM
Q: Why was Morgan/Ares pressurizing to negotiate peace?

A JIn Wonder Woman, when Trevor and Diana enters the assembly hall, we hear following dialogues from Sir Patrick Morgan AKA Ares. Germany is an immensely proud nation. They will never surrender. Now look. The only way to end this war... Colonel, I need to talk to you outside. ...and restore worl...

1:26 PM
I guess this petition will find plenty of supporters in this room (not) :D
1:47 PM
> Release THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL (and Original Trilogy Theatrical Cuts) on Blu-ray! (emphasis mine)
The important bits are in the fine print, as per usual.
Although I'd be happy with the early '90s colour-remastered versions.
@SQB "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald"
@TheLethalCarrot thx.
2:21 PM
Can some one pass me the can of worms?
The ones I opened.
Leave it on the meta will you?
@TheLethalCarrot, I don't know what you are talking about?
I assume this "can of worms" is in reference to the meta post and it's new answer... if it is just leave the discussion there
@TheLethalCarrot, Why?
You don't need to repeat your message and ping me, I'll reply when and if I want to
2:36 PM
Because I don't think anyone here has any desire to discuss the old room nor the events that led to its closure.
@TheLethalCarrot, Really, I did not see you answering. And you have not answered the question.
@SQB, Why not? B/c , I am not wrong?
It was over a year and a half ago, we like to leave it in the past. That's probably why your question on meta is down voted as well.
and the most active chatters here now and largely not the same as they were before.
So I'm asking you to drop the subject, at least in this room, but preferably in general.
that would be the best course of action
2:43 PM
@SQB, when is my question ever not down-voted? So if I don't drop it, I will flagged? I love this site, flag someone and then they disappear. That is how I have been banned so many times and the last one for a year. Why should I be OK with that?
@KyloRen I'm not a mod, so I can't speak for them. Also, I'm just one of many users. Sometimes I vote a question of yours up, sometimes I vote a questions of yours down. The last one I voted down, since I hate for that old history being dragged up again.
If you've been banned for a single swear word, that sucks. But if you address anything at all, address that, instead of bringing a very bad episode in the history of this site into it.
@SQB, I appreciate the honesty. I am not trying to make trouble. But , things like this is all I have to defend myself as an equal. Just b/c some users flagged me, I was banned. Why wasn't a mod, or an employee flagged for the same thing I was.
That I do not now.
But you have asked on meta and have gotten an answer on meta, even though the question isn't that popular.
I once more kindly request you leave it on meta and return to the subject at hand, which is the release of the Star Wars Holiday Special on Blu-ray.
@SQB, OK, I will comment here again.
Thank you.
2:55 PM
Q: How does Tam know who "Maighdin" really is?

Mat CauthonIn The Gathering Storm, Rand meets with his father. A part of their conversation includes Perrin's exploits: Rand's mood darkened slightly. "Wait. Perrin has been using Two Rivers folk?" Tam nodded. "He needed us. That boy's put on a balancing act to impress any menagerie performer. What...

@SQB, *not comment
Commenting is okay.
@KyloRen "flag someone and then they disappear" is not the case - not all flags are helpful or marked as such. I'd rather summarise it as "display consistent bad behaviour and then you disappear".
Since your return to the site, you've been contributing mostly in a good way. Why not just keep that up and leave the problems in the past, rather than dragging up all the negativity from the past?
3:19 PM
I meant not comment here again
Q: How can the Lestrange blood line still exist?

cantiaIf we believe the story of Leta Lestrange, her brother Corvus No other children of her father were mentioned.. But we know that a few decades later, some Lestranges do exist (mentioned in the HBP) and eventually there are Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange. Any ideas?

@Marvin as expected HP world craziness is always high here and due to this postS I know half story :D
Now I need to get rest half to save my money
So is tag for everything?
> Use this tag to refer to the fictional book called 'Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them', the 2016 film of the same name, or the five-movie franchise it began. Use this tag with the tag.
TBF if we're doing film tags, which we appear to be with TCoG, we should create a film tag. If not can be nuked
we probably do need to break those tags up a bit because each of the five films will get its own tag I'm sure.
So the first film needs a tag separate from the "franchise tag" and from the original book
3:32 PM
Urgh, more retagging to do?
@Skooba Why? We haven't used individual tags for individual instalments of the HP franchise before.
I need to do similar for movies.se too but HP craziness is less there so less work
Either a film tag or merging TCoG into FB
Merging TCoG and so nuking it seems like the best option with how we've tagged HP
Keep it all consistent and what not
@Randal'Thor that was wrong too but people are afarid to touch it due to quantum
@Randal'Thor because when this site came out after most of the films were already released
@Skooba There were films?
3:34 PM
now for new films we need new tags so people can ignore them due to spoilers
Tagging Beasts And Where To Find Them \o/
same reason why every new marvel movie gets a new tag
@TheLethalCarrot No, can't hide spoilers!!!! HISSSSS SPOILERS HISSSS
I'd say for the original book, and for the films, and for the sub-franchise if it needs one.
@AnkitSharma steals and runs to Meta.SE
3:36 PM
@SQB That's a whole lotta tags
I think the first can be dropped
that's what they said about Rosie too
@Skooba go to sci-fi meta, see top posts, close tabs burn PC and run away
But will wait for your post
@AnkitSharma Floof of the day?
@SQB I think calling her floofy will be body shaming ;)
3:40 PM
Q: Who is this bald guy? A sorcerer maybe?

mgarciaisaiaMy little niece was given this toy at Burguer King, but we don't know him. A Google Image search just gave "figurine" as a result. Can you help us give Bald Guy™ a name?

Anyways made so many answers in movie.se today that have to spend rest of day here to nitpick tags :D
@Marvin looks very sad
@Marvin Can you ask some non ID/HP/SW/ST/books/novel question for me?
Q: How does Tam know who "Maighdin" really is?

Mat CauthonIn The Gathering Storm, Rand meets with his father. A part of their conversation includes Perrin's exploits: Rand's mood darkened slightly. "Wait. Perrin has been using Two Rivers folk?" Tam nodded. "He needed us. That boy's put on a balancing act to impress any menagerie performer. What...

> Furthermore, I consider that Char Tags must be destroyed.
@TheLethalCarrot novel = book
@SQB character tags you mean?
Oh I thought you was tying that into ID
3:44 PM
Q: Do we really need this many generic character related tags?

Terry McGinnisI have discussed this before but it was a little broad and came with no proper conclusion. So I am bringing the major part of it back as a new question, so it's not really a dupe. Generic character tags we have right now: characters character-motivation character-development female-character...

@AnkitSharma yes. The original quote has "Carthage", so I thought to be a bit cleaver.
A: Do we really need this many generic character related tags?

SQBNo We don't need any of these tags. They're all meta-tags that add very little info to the questions they're used on. They can't be used by themselves, really. female-characters has 3 followers, character-development has 1 and the others have none. These tags should be deleted.

Specially as it's sexiest tag
It doesn't feel sexist, but it sure as hell is useless
Q: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Tag Them

SkoobaCurrently we have a tag for "Fantastic Beats" fantastic-beasts whose wiki reads: Use this tag to refer to the fictional book called 'Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them', the 2016 film of the same name, or the five-movie franchise it began. Use this tag with the [harry-potter] tag. I f...

@Skooba why not split the two options into two answers so that people can vote on 'em?
3:53 PM
@Jenayah touche.... done!
Q: Who is on this Doctor Who Christmas Card?

BurgiWhen clearing out my desk I found this old Doctor Who Christmas card from my girlfriend. I recognise some of the newer Doctor Who characters but others have completely baffled me. Can anyone help me identify them?

Q: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Tag Them

SkoobaCurrently we have a tag for "Fantastic Beats" fantastic-beasts whose wiki reads: Use this tag to refer to the fictional book called 'Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them', the 2016 film of the same name, or the five-movie franchise it began. Use this tag with the [harry-potter] tag. I f...

4:11 PM
@Slartibartfast I wish I could award a bounty for that title. Good job, @Skooba!
Just watched The Crimes of Grindelwald.
That was... an interesting end. (No spoilers, though ;))
Most likely a misleading end
It's possible.
Hey @Mithrandir, how you been?
Busy. Very busy.
Which is why I'm on vacation from most SE things right now and am just using it to socialize ;)
Or, well, part of why.
How've you been?
4:18 PM
Just seen Disney's Christmas effort for this year. Thin story, stunning visuals.
I guess that shows where their priorities lie.
"The kids won't care if it's a weak story, they just want pretty pictures!"
Disney stuff is... hit and miss. They usually have good music, though.
@SQB Ralph Wrecks the Internet?
@RDFozz no, the other one.
@AnkitSharma I wish you'd stop changing your name on SFF ;P
@Jenayah It's International mens's day so either have tag for both genders or none ;)
Joke's apart, this tag is bleh
@Skooba the remove them from question too
@SQB I gave a little hint, he improvised ;)
@Mithrandir bird ;)
@TheLethalCarrot hehehehehhe
4:43 PM
@AnkitSharma it is? :o
@AnkitSharma what he said
@Jenayah his question and answer are redendent now
4:55 PM
@AnkitSharma Yeah I know I was supporting your point
hehhehehe ok
@AnkitSharma ?
I assume he's referring to what "he" gave "him" during the scene
5:20 PM
@Mithrandir spoiler
5:42 PM
Q: Who would win if I'm inside the Orb of Osuvox's shield and somebody would detonate the Cataclyst outside the shield?

Chico3001In Ready Player One there are 2 huge items, the Orb of Osuvox and the Cataclyst; the first one creates an impenetrable shield, and the second one destroys everything in the current sector. Who would win if I'm inside the orb's shield and somebody would detonate the Cataclyst outside the shield?

Currently we have a tag for "Fantastic Beats" Some of the music-lovers here clearly have too much influence.
6:03 PM
> The only difference is their might is enough to stay the Goa-uld's hand.
Is that an idiom I don't know ?
It sounds wrong somehow... I didn't knpow if I should edit it or not
@Jenayah Stay _______'s hand. is an idiom.
thanks :)
What happens if two questions get closed as duplicates of each other?
Q: Can Battlestars actually fly in the atmosphere

Raymond LeoneIn Blood And Chrome during the Beginning, We see a (Original Style) Basestar hovering above Caprica City, and During The Plan, We see a (Modern) Basestar flying through the sky at breakneck speed. So could a Colonial Battlestar hover or fly in the atmosphere?

Universe explodes
6:12 PM
Well I was able to vote as such.
vote yeah, but did they actually get closed?
@Jenayah Not yet; I just voted on them two minutes ago.
I'm wondering if I need to retract one of them.
Why would you do such a thoing, just for science?
@Jenayah Well, technically it's accurate, but science too.
link? :P
6:15 PM
Q: Why Was Hagrid's Wand Snapped?

SlytherincessWhy was Hagrid's wand snapped in two when he was expelled from Hogwarts? Why was he banned from performing magic? Yes, he was expelled from Hogwarts after being framed by Tom Riddle as being responsible for Moaning Myrtle's death via Aragog the Acromantula. But why did he receive this punishment?...

Q: Why Couldn't Hagrid Have a Functional Wand?

SlytherincessI'm wondering why Hagrid isn't allowed to carry a wand or do magic. We know that Hagrid carries a pink umbrella with the suspected remnants of his broken wand secreted inside (CoS chapter 7), and that Hagrid does do magic here and there even though he's not supposed to (SS chapters 4 and 5). W...

eeeeww capitalising each word is ugly...
In the rest of life titles are usually fully capitalized.
Fully capitalised I don't mind
Greetings, Programs.
One capital per word is too much
@Donald.McLean except in this kind of occasions of course
6:18 PM
@Jenayah That's what I meant by fully caapitalized. I should have been more precise with my language.
Title case is a title style, and FWIW policy is to not change it
Anyway, greetings, Hubble guy!
Not saying you were going to change it mind you
@TheLethalCarrot I thought policy was not to edit just to change it... But if you can improve other things in the post... you know ;)
@Alex it's ugly
For the dupe thing I don’t think you can close to a question closed to itself so the reviewers would have to leave closed once one is closed
6:20 PM
@Jenayah I'll take your word for it.
@Jenayah if the only title change is to the style of title that shouldn’t be done
Oct 25 at 16:26, by TheLethalCarrot
@Jenayah Edits that change title case titles to sentence style are discouraged
Oct 25 at 16:30, by Jenayah
@TheLethalCarrot ... there was a tag added too? :p
Oct 25 at 16:30, by TheLethalCarrot
@TheLethalCarrot Maybe closed to itself is a special case, but I know I've closed a question as a duplicate of a closed question.
@TheLethalCarrot sure, no need to bump for that
even without bumping
but y'know if there's a tag to be fixed, typos or stuff...
@Alex aye I mean cto one closed to itself you can dupe to a closed question
6:22 PM
@Alex dupe chains aren't great
@Jenayah It wasn't a chain; the first question was closed as unclear.
If the new question was clear, why close it as a dupe of something unclear?
By definition unclear stuff should never be a dupe-target
it might not be clear but clear enough to know it’s a dupe
@Jenayah It was the same user re-asking his question.
So I told him to edit the original rather than posting again.
Mind you the second one was on track to getting closed as unclear anyway.
6:25 PM
(Though personally I thought that both were clear enough.)
@Jenayah ^^^
@SQB yeah! I should buy it this week, it's finally out :)
@Alex ah! nevermind then
And TheLethalCarrot may be ruining the experiment by only voting on one of them.
And now Jenayah as well.
Lemme vote as they come in review
@Jenayah Oh, only one came in so far?
6:31 PM
I only closed one but they came in on separate intervals
Both in now
I'm just going by the Review History which shows one close vote from each of you.
Refresh it now :P
Goot it.
Jenayah's lagging behind.
When you know how the system works it’s easier to get them straight away ;)
@TheLethalCarrot please, tell us the Great Knowledge
@Alex uh... Actually Jenayah is conducting a statistics experiment triggered by a comment of yours... And so far isn't very surprised of the results :D
6:34 PM
@Jenayah Ooohhh, sounds exciting. Do I get to know more information?
@Jenayah that’d be revealing trade secrets I spent time learning :P
@Alex you'll get the results sometime this evening :P
@Jenayah "This evening" in France?
@Jenayah - a capital offense?
6:47 PM
@RDFozz ahahahah
@TheLethalCarrot pretty please? :)
Q: Vanishing patient

SalilCan't remember the name and author of the story where a traumatised soldier in a hospital vanishes and 'experts' don't understand that poets did this all the time and not a poet can be found anywhere.

To be honest there a few quirks/special cases I’m still trying to work out
And I think they’ve been tweaking some stuff recently
Jul 27 at 9:40, by Jenayah
[edit]and [fantasy.se] are great, I'll deffo use that next time. As for the noise removing, I know the policy, and my stand on that is I agree with it... but new users don't know that, so since it can appear as unwelcoming, robot-like, I'd rather cut that out of posts which have been here for a while. Call me naïve but I kind of like to stick to my principles ;D however if that's a bugger I can switch to stricter edits (or just let someone else do it)
eheh I've changed have I
7:03 PM
Everyone eventually comes round to removing noise... assuming that’s what you mean haha
So @Alex
Inspired by this comment of yours...
I think context is taken into account. For instance, a simple search of the current chatroom turns up 63 uses of the same word, with little or no reprimand. — Alex yesterday
And my reply a while ago
yesterday, by Jenayah
Woops, it would seem half of them are from me :P
And me knowing I don't always apply self-censoring, and also think some swear words aren't that bad y'know
Here's my swear stat sheet in TREU... It's not a glorious one ahah n_n"
"crap" 36/121 ~30%
"shit" 31/63 ~50%
"fuck" 5/15 33%
"prick" 3/3 100%
"bitch" 1/2 50%
"bullshit" 2/6 33%
"damn" 52/142 37%
TOTAL 130/352 37%
bar some which were second-hand word but y'know what I mean
Crap and shit are generally okay in most chat rooms, certainly if you don’t overuse them. Also did you cater for the repeat words which you just posted in those statistics? :P
@TheLethalCarrot nah too bothersome
@Jenayah Can you clarify your numerators and denominators? I'd assume that the numerators are number of times the word appears, but....
@RDFozz number of times I said/total number of occurences
(in TREU)
7:10 PM
So I’m real life it’s off the scale? ;P
Ah, got it now I think. So, you're the only one to talk about what one does to one's finger on a thorn?
@TheLethalCarrot deffo
also I forgot freaking... 14/17 ahahah
@RDFozz exactly
I'm compassionate like that
@Jenayah That was quick for "sometime this evening".
@TheLethalCarrot Yeah, if you mean that literally, that's not much of a curse.
7:13 PM
@Alex Margin is important :P
@Jenayah May I suggest that you left out an important factor, though?
@RDFozz it's not? I thought it was ahah
@Jenayah Underpromise, overdeliver.
@Alex "ass" doesn't count
I don’t think I’ve heard of a use case for that to be a swear
7:14 PM
it's tweaked by Kick-Ass, smartass, badass etc
@Jenayah Not that you left out a word; you left out a consideration.
(be back later, dinner)
"Freaking" is on a level with "fudge" and "darn" - replacements for literal curses.
^^ or, given the stack, "frack" and "felgercarb", etc.
@Jenayah Well just looking at the statistics I might get the impression that you are just a swearing machine. But since I have actually corresponded with you I know that you're not. Most of your comments do not include swearing. So why is it that you have such a high percentage of the total room swearings? I would argue that it's because you have such a high percentage of the total room comments.
In other words, it's not that you swear so much, but that you have so many comments, and even if only a small percentage of your comments contain swearing, it will bee a large percentage of the total room.
According to the profiles, this room averages 1.9 thousand messages per week and you average 756 messages per week, which means that you are averaging 39.8 percent of total room messages. So your 37% of swear instances is actually less than would be expected.
7:52 PM
:o !
Sounds better when you put it this way :)
Yeay for stats!
@Jenayah Well, we could still ban you anyway...
muh :(
@Jenayah But we'd lose more than a third of the room activity, so probably not.
One third... I spend quite some time here :P
Q: Is there a standard afterlife in the Cthulhu Mythos?

Robert ColumbiaH. P. Lovecraft's stories include several different, apparently independent ways that a person can become an undead creature after their own natural death (being raised from saltes, being reanimated with an injection of West's formula, using the Spanish doctor's process, etc.). Whether relating t...

7:59 PM
@Jenayah Well technically, the numbers are for your total chat participation. But I think your participation in other rooms is pretty negligible compared to here.
probably 40 messages oiutside TREU... tops
Most of my messages are here too. Some of the other rooms I'm in are pretty dead.
Even Mi Yodeya?
@Jenayah Especially Mi Yodeya.
8:06 PM
Recent activity there:
Two in the last four days.
Still better than HSM chat I guess...
in On the Shoulders of Giants, Jul 30 at 12:00, by Jenayah
Hi everyone. I'm completely new here, as I'm usually found on SFF.SE. We were casually joking about Schrödinger's cat and I wondered if it had been explained why the guy chose a cat in the first place. Apparently this question hasn't been asked on the network (see this query). On the Internet in general, I've only found some idle-guessing-looking "pictures-of-cats" website which doesn't seem really trustworthy.
112 days ago and not even halfway through upscrolling...
@Jenayah Ha, the only two people in the room now are me and you.
But it is to be somewhat expected of a small Beta site.
Mi Yodeya, on the other hand, is a full-fledged site, yet still has very little chatting.
Is it less of a "communitiy" or stuff?
8:20 PM
@Jenayah Hard to know. I think a while back the room used to be much more active.
@Jenayah The bottom right number on a room infobox on a user profile ("currently in rooms" thing) is how many messages that user has sent in that room.
13900! :o
13.4k of your 13.9k were in here.
wait no
13 400
Where are those 500? oO
The others can probably be accounted for by comments moved to chat.
8:27 PM
A couple in comments chat probably
but not so much that I remember.
Anyway thanks for the tip :)
And welcome back! Hope you're better :D
3.9k of my 89.9k were in here o_O
@Jenayah I'm still on break until next week according to my self imposed vacation, but thanks :P
@Jenayah Yeah. I'm surprised at how low it was.
Well once everyone is sharing, 3.8 thousand of my 4,382 were here.
Eh? What are you still doing here then? :P
/kick @Mithrandir
8:29 PM
My introduction to chat was through SFF. I guess most of that was before the Incident™.
@Alex woah, even being in seven rooms frequently? Indeed they're dead.
@Mithrandir "Do not talk to me about the Dark Year!"
@Jenayah 1.) You (general) can't kick mods. 2.) You (specifically) can't kick people in general. 3.) That's not how you (general) kick people here. 4.) I'm socializing :P
@Mithrandir eh I'm using kick commands I remember from another chat :P
I know I don't have any kind of /kick powers ahah
Click on user > "kick" on desktop.
Tap on message > "..." > "kick" on mobile.
@Jenayah To be fair, a couple of them are alive and I just don’t talk much. But the others are dead.
8:35 PM
I'm normally in ~30 rooms at once. Most of them are dead, several are bot rooms, and a couple are some of the most active rooms on the network.
...hmm. Does Newt's suitcase still exist?
(The chatroom, not the thing in the movies.)
8:49 PM
@Mithrandir It's frozen.
Oh that's fixable
Not by me.
How did you post all those links so quickly?
I didn't. That's what happens to room feeds after the room gets unfrozen - the feeds try to catch up.
9:03 PM
But they're not shown as from a feed.
The name is Feeds
Ah, missed that icon all the way at the top.
9:44 PM
Q: How did Dumbledore and Grindelwald not get repercussions when their 3-day duel with Aberforth erupted?

Kyle VIf Gellert Grindelwald and Albus Dumbledore how did they both not die or receive magical repercussions when the 3-way duel between Aberforth, Albus, and Gellert broke out? Gellert Grindelwald and Albus Dumbledore both so how did they duel each other with no repercussions when the duel bet...


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