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12:09 AM
Q: Does Wilson Fisk discover that Matt Murdock is Daredevil?

Stijn DietzIn netflix' Marvel's Daredevil season 2, Wilson Fisk is seen eating steak in his cell. Upon drinking coffee, he again feels a bruise on his lip, inflicted by Matt Murdock which he met earlier. He then calls one of his henchmen, telling him to re-evaluate Matt Murdock's file. Does Fisk figure out...

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1:20 AM
^ what's the point of having the kid then? Damn you, lady ;p
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3:16 AM
Q: Looking for a book of scary short stories

TracyThis was a book that I read as a little kid in the late-seventies. I believe I purchased it at one of the Scholastic book fairs at school. One of the stories in the trilogy describes a three story haunted house. The second floor spanned the full length of the house from front to back. It's walls...

4:03 AM
Q: Harry Potter Fanfic, with Snape and a Muggle who becomes pregnant

Mayaso I'm looking for a harry potter fanfic in which Severus Snape is out and about in the muggle world and meets a muggle woman. After a one night stand or more times together, she gets pregnant. When she is threathened or her life is in danger, she is secluded in a secret location under the fidel...

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6:23 AM
Q: What does the color of the Iron Fist mean?

TaladrisIn the Iron Fist TV show, the main character Danny Rand is the Iron Fist, the protector of the legendary city K'un L'un. As such, he can concentrate his energy in his fist, which then glows yellow and gives him extreme strength. Strong enough to blow a concrete wall in one blow or to hurt Luke Ca...

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8:12 AM
Q: I need the name of a anime

Keonta Parhamthe anime I'm looking for is about two ships merging ( one is ran by guys the other is run by girls.) the guys and the girls both have mechs that they control under the right consonances certain mechs can combine to make unique mech. both the guys and the girls have a common enemy. I'm sorry i...

8:43 AM
Q: Why was there no artifcat research in Warehouse 13

ChiffaWarehouse are meant as such -- places where artifacts are, first and foremost, contained. Having said that, I wonder why there is no research into possible combinations of artifacts and their inner workings in general. In the series we see Claudia tinker with (and sometimes improve on) some singl...

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10:15 AM
Not enough featured questions... :/
I'd want to put an "exemplary answer" on a new user's one but did not find such a thing :/
(not in the topics I know what I'm talking about at least)
Q: How did Likod restrain so many Bards?

AdamantThe undead Hull Likod is shown in The Bone Queen, a prequel to the Books of Pellinor, to be only modestly powerful. Cadvan gets the better of him at 15, without any training. Yes, Cadvan is powerful, but still. Nelac manages to drive him out of Bashar and drive him off. He gets the better of ...

10:26 AM
@Jenayah hmm? what do you mean?
@Mithrandir like, rewarding an exemplary answer from a new user to encourage them to stay and keep up the good work
which question?
Well that's the problem, I found no such "exemplary answer by a recent new user"
oh, that's what you mean
I mean I could pick almost any of Thaddeus' comics answer but it wouldn't be the same, y'know
10:30 AM
I thought you were having trouble figuring out how to set the bounty :P
Nah I'm not tired enough not to spot the "start a bounty" button xD
also by any chance do you know where/who I could ask for quotes from a 2012 YA book? 'Cause I wrote up an answer but only had the quotes in French so I translated but it'd be better with the actual quotes
Deviants by Maureen McGowan
shrugs sorry, don't know
I don't have it :P
well if you ever get your hands on an English copy... :D
2 hours later…
Oh, cool.
I hate buying into things based only on the actors, but ... David Tennant may just be an exception.
what's with you and gingers? :p
@Jenayah Not me, Tennant.
ah, okep :p
Also, what's up?
12:51 PM
Actually, I stand corrected: me as well.
Q: Is Rand al'Thor ginger?

PraxisA recent question featuring drawings of Wheel of Time characters got me thinking about this. My understanding is that, in The Eye of the World, Rand al'Thor's hair is described as having a reddish tinge to it. This is consistent with some of the early cover art, which shows him to have auburn b...

@Jenayah I'm only dropping in briefly, I'm afraid. Stuff to do, but I wanted to post that trailer before Gall does ;-)
'k well enjoy doing your stuff ahah
1:39 PM
Q: How did Sela know that Data was captain of the Sutherland?

NKCampbellIn, Star Trek, TNG: S5:E1 "Redemption, Pt 2" - Commander Sela states: SELA: Yes I know and so does Picard. He's giving us exactly what we need and he expects us to take it. No. We won't step into Picard's trap. We will disable part of his network here, where they're weakest. We'll direc...

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2:41 PM
Q: Where in the books does it say the first victor of District 12 was female?

padfootThis question is directly related to the other one i asked: Who was District 12's First Victor? so props to anyone who can figure it out. When i was researching about the Victors i stumbled across this: Victors Katniss Everdeen Peeta Mellark Haymitch Abernathy Unknown Female Victor (b...

3 hours later…
5:29 PM
@Marvin I've spent an hour looking through both physical copies and PDFs of the books and I can't find a thing. There's a mention that they had two victors total before the 74th, but I can't find anything stating their gender.
5:51 PM
@Mithrandir joke aside, it may have been included by someone who had a non-English version of the book? For instance in French when mentioning the Victor, you'd have to state vainqueur/vainqueuse according to the gender
@Mithrandir maybe you can reply to @Alex
Does it ever actually say that he was the second victor? — Alex 2 hours ago
(though as far as I can remember I do remember Haymitch always being mentioned as the second D12 Victor)
@Jenayah According to Ctrl F nowhere (at least in the first book, which is what the post claimed) does it say that Haymitch was the second victor.
Unless it used a word other than "second".
The only quote I found that explicitly mentions the other victor is: Then he reads the list of past District 12 victors. In seventy-four years, we have had exactly two. Only one is still alive. Haymitch Abernathy, a paunchy, middle-aged man, who at this moment appears hollering something unintelligible, staggers onto the stage, and falls into the third chair.
@Jenayah Argh translations.
@Alex ah, not bad
I was actually reading Harry Potter in Hebrew yesterday and noticed loads of discrepancies.
hmmm... Maybe something having to do with "no victors since Haymitch" or stuff
try a CTRL+F on "last"?
(it's far-fetched :D )
Maybe Effie saying something like "oh my, you did it, nobody did since Haymitch"
or during Victors' Parade in book 2
@Jenayah Might have found something.
But not absolutely conclusive.
6:04 PM
try me
Back home, District 12 is probably in chaos as they try and organize the homecoming celebrations for Peeta and me, given that the last one was close to thirty years ago.
Haymitch was in the fiftieth.
Or when they review Haymitch's tapes in book 2 and they learned that he used the dome to throw this girl's axe back at her
Which would be 24 years earlier.
oh yeah, the Expiation
So either "24" is "close to 30" or the other victor was within 5 years before Haymitch.
6:06 PM
or whatever the English name was
<---- only read the books in French
<---- has only seen the first movie
<---- kinda fell asleep halfway through the second movie
Wow, I'm stupid.
@Jenayah My last comment made no sense
should've been "after" instead of "before" you mean?
If the other victor had been before Haymitch, the "close to 30" would still be referring to Haymitch.
In other words, Haymitch was probably the second victor, because if he was the first victor then the number that is "close to 30" would have to be less than 24, which is a stretch.
6:13 PM
that's still too much "reasoning" for most people to have remembered Haymitch as second
Or we're just sheeple
the hunt continues!
Oh hey @padfoot!
First time seeing you here I reckon :)
Q: Looking for a drarry story

Kiki NHi if anyone can help me identify this story, that'd be great! I read it a couple times a d I swear I bookmarked it on ao3 but can't seem to find it. It was depressed Harry and I belive Draco proposed to marry him because it would be for the betterment of wizarding society. All Harry really wante...

@Jenayah Coincidence that we're discussing his question?
@Alex dunno
waves at Padfoot
Wow, I never knew that Steven Chu invented the scroll lock key!
6:29 PM
@Adamant it's on the internet, so it must be true.
@Marvin I'd have thought Draco would have a fairly low chance of getting pregnant, but I suppose it's different for purebloods.
@Adamant see, this is also why I hide the feed.
@Jenayah Conclusive evidence requiring a little less reasoning (but it's from the second book, not the first): This year, for the first time since Haymitch won, the final stop on the tour will be 12, and the Capitol will spring for the festivities.
Well, be back later, roomie made leek and cheese soup :p
@Alex might post that as a self-reply to your above comment then
@Jenayah Well I have one potential way to make it inconclusive.
But it requires reasoning.
6:32 PM
Hey, there are some good mpreg stories. It's just that they're all "Blood Child," by Octavia Butler.
why the heck do we have a drarry tag
Because it's a common pairing?
Btw Dramione for life though.
nice. and are both tags and can duke it out in the tag battlefield.
hia @Jenayah :)
@Alex There are twelve houses, each large enough to hold ten of the one I was raised in. Nine stand empty, as they always have. The three in use belong to Haymitch, Peeta, and me. This might imply that the other victor never got a house in the Victor's Village. Perhaps that means that he/she died right after winning, and therefore there was no victory tour that year. Thus even if the victor had been after Haymitch it could be possible that there had not been a victory tour since Haymitch
Except that this is contradicted by a different quote.
"Long ago, when the Games began, the Capitol had built a dozen fine houses in each
district. Of course, in ours only one is occupied. Most of the others have never been lived in at all."
"Most" implies that at least one other had been lived in.
Unless "as they always have" just means in Katniss's lifetime, or something.
7:20 PM
@Adamant mpreg?
@Alex nah that just means that Katniss has always known the houses to be empty... Victor 1 died before she was born, or she was very young
@Alex ^
@Jenayah "male pregnant"
"mpreg" .... this site keeps adding to my vocabulary in new and unexpected ways. — ApproachingDarknessFish Jun 13 '17 at 3:42
Once upon a midnight drarry.
@Mithrandir I'd say that you can be male and pregnant (because you can), but I really really don't think that's what the abbreviation implies.
@Adamant do I want to know?
> The term is short for Male Pregnancy and is most often used in fan fiction to describe the surprising occurrence of pregnant males.
@Jenayah Of course that's what it means. Male pregnancy.
7:25 PM
No I meant
They're not talking about (for instance) pregnant transgender men, though.
You can identify as male and be pregnant no problem, but I think that's not what the fanfiic tackles
@Adamant yeah that's what I meant
I reckon these "mpreg" fanfic assume the individual has the whole male apparatus and the baby just comes out from somewhere.
Typically, mpreg refers to people whose sex is male, typically cisgender, getting pregnant anyway
@Jenayah Precisely. Cisgender men, XY or XYY maybe, no uterus.
@Adamant Yeah, because it's so easy to grow a baby and push it out without this.
Fetus in the abdominal cavity, if they think about it that much.
7:30 PM
Damn at least put the fetus in the kidney and throw a reference at the same time
@Jenayah Most cisgender men have trouble getting pregnant, but it's much more likely for purebloods, you see.
@Adamant Sure.
unrelated, lol:
> OK, so for those of you in America reading this, over here in England, we call Sorcerer’s Stone Philosopher’s Stone, ok?
Tbh I think some people write mpreg because they have a pregnancy fetish but are attracted to men.
Or they just want to write some male characters from time to time.
Or occasionally, there's nothing sexual about it, they're interested in exploring the social possibilities in a clever way (Butler?)
@Adamant butler?
@Jenayah Octavia.
7:36 PM
ah, the one you were talking about some messages ago
Q: Did Joe Sowerbutts re-dub a couple of scenes for Daniel Radcliffe in Philosopher’s Stone?

Alex DownsOK, so for those of you in America reading this, over here in England, we call Sorcerer’s Stone Philosopher’s Stone, ok? Right, so, on with the question. Some sources say that during the end of filming of Philosopher’s Stone, Daniel Radcliffe’s voice began to break, so the filmmakers, at the las...

Set in a particular universe?
Not to my knowledge. I don't think it's an Oankali story.
never heard of it
7:43 PM
It's a species from Lilith's Brood and associated novels.
Drarry, Dramione.
What else?
Droldemort? DraGonagall?
@Jenayah That would at least mean that the victor died less than 10 years after Haymitch won.
@Alex so will we have a "Suzanne Collins suck at math" after the JKR one? ahah
@Adamant I think it was @Mithrandir who once told me DVK had heard of a fanfic involving the giant squid, and Dumbledore's armchair
Can't find the chat message though...
Chat search sucks
not me
ok nevermind
@Randal'Thor maybe?
7:52 PM
t'was someone this summer
Aug 16 at 13:13, by Rand al'Thor
in The Reading Room, Jan 22 '17 at 23:25, by DVK-in-Florida
@b_jonas I was once informed about a fanfic shipping a great squid and Dumbledore's chair. At that point, I realized people just treat HP fanfic as a homework in combinatorics.
It was the Hogwarts castle, right?
(a search for "squid" in this room turned it up fairly quickly)
@Mithrandir oh "great squid"
that why "giant squid" didn't yield anything relevant
@Mithrandir aaah indeed
<---- stupid
for this "confirmed in comments" answer scifi.stackexchange.com/a/185130/98028
@Jenayah Well it's not necessarily a mistake in this case.
8:05 PM
sure sure
@Jenayah But, yes, numbers and fiction don't seem to mix very well.
Today's Saturday morning breakfast comic strip is about Aquaman underwear: smbc-comics.com/comic/branding
8:56 PM
Q: 90s (?) short story: a society where everyone is eternally young except one man with the disease of age

fastmultiplicationThe whole world is filled by people whose completion of puberty is delayed, so they stay young forever. Their world is mostly just fun and play, with few people understanding science. One man's treatment fails and he starts to age. They are horrified by his grey hair and wrinkles. He becomes is...

Q: Story Identification: Out of control evolution of humanity in an isolated backup base

fastmultiplicationFar out in deep space, a base that acts like a generation ship was established hundreds of thousands of years before. The residents gradually forgot what they are and where they came from. Now, representatives of humanity open it up and find that those inside have evolved into horrible shadows o...

9:08 PM
WTF? scifi.stackexchange.com/q/196179/4918 the user has asked over ten story-id questions on Sci Fi SE, but still doesn't know what details to include?
I mean, at least the plot details he mentions aren't useless generic ones, but still.
@b_jonas they're kinda scattered in time though... maybe they forgot
@b_jonas 23 to be precise.
At least he returned to click on the check mark.
that's a good thing
9:55 PM
anyone still here?
@Mithrandir Would you rather see
in an answer?
The important part is the top part
10:11 PM
@Jenayah I'm not Mithrandir, but I vote for the bottom one.
Why not both? Inline the second and put a link to the first.
@Mithrandir That's the current state yeah
second one it is then :^)
@Jenayah Is "19020" supposed to be "1902"?
@Alex et merde
But I don't want to have this as "modified by" :p
I'll edit later
@Jenayah That's why I didn't edit it.
10:20 PM
purely for the sake of displaying "answered by", I have no shame in admitting it :D
If you would have seen my comment and quickly edited it before the five minute window, it would still say "answered by Jenayah".
@Alex thanks! 👍
@Alex true, but hey too late's too late
@Jenayah Yeah, it was already at four minutes when I noticed it.
Unrelated but that one took me back
I absolutely loved those bande dessinées (Franco-Belgian comics) as a kid
still do
@Jenayah still am
10:22 PM
@Alex eh?
"I still do love those comics"
not "I am still a kid" :p
@Jenayah "I still am a kid"
@Alex I meant I still loved the comics, not that I was still a kid
@Jenayah I know, I was "correcting" you.
oooh you were not being a pedant... you were being a troll :p
@Jenayah Aren't those the same?
10:24 PM
@Jenayah If I was actually pointing out a mistake I would be nicer about it.
alright :)
7 mins ago, by Alex
@Jenayah Is "19020" supposed to be "1902"?
As opposed to "Jenayah, you wrote the wrong number."
10:36 PM
And now I understand why I did not understand the question. I misread "symbol swearing" as "symbol wearing" and was trying to figure out who was wearing a symbol.
@Alex tss... use your %@$#€ eyes :p
@Jenayah I was actually using a screen reader with a lisp.
It might have helped if I had ever heard of the word "grawlix" before.
@Alex ( Ah (crap) (please (accept (my excuses))))
^ Lisp joke (a programming language which uses waaaaay too much parentheses :p )
@Alex to be honest that's also the first time I read it :D
Which is why I included symbol swearing in the title
@Jenayah So I learned a new English word and a new French word from that.
@Jenayah So it's your fault!
@Alex it would have been worse if it had only been "grawlix", wouldn't it? :p
@Alex Which one, bande dessinées?
10:42 PM
@Jenayah merde
@Alex ah, ahah
that's French for "crap" or "shit"
@Jenayah Probably not. I would have just looked up the word "grawlix" (which is what I did anyway).
true, true
@Jenayah So tells me Google Translate. Which for some reason is now defaulted to French.
Or that's just the last language I used?
@Alex lol
I guess I'm the one to blame again? :p
10:45 PM
@Jenayah As long as you take responsibility for the good and the bad...
2 days ago, by Alex
@Jenayah Too many of my posts have been because of you.
@Alex and the ugly?
@Jenayah I'd say nothing has reached that level (yet).
@Alex aw c'mon it was an easy reference to catch... :(
@Jenayah I knew it was something, just not from where.
10:48 PM
You might find, though, that I am not so good with references.
It'll come, we'll make it so ahah
@Jenayah By all means, continue.
I may even learn a thing or two.
Ever watched the movie?
@Jenayah No.
Do so sometime :)
10:52 PM
@Jenayah Before or after:
Sep 14 at 18:22, by Jenayah
@Alex if you ever have the chance to finish them, do so. The ending is really great.
Well actually it's a trilogy so start with the first one
@Alex before
@Jenayah Is that because it's better, or because a movie (or three) is quicker than 50 books?
though to be honest, a spaghetti western with badass Clint Eastwood and epic music isn't even really comparable with a bunch of 100-pages novels about a group of 90s kids going after parasitic slug aliens :^)
@Alex well, per the above both aren't really comparable, but the dollar trilogy is a classic... More classic than Animorphs
@Jenayah Well, perhaps when the coffee's ready.
Oct 3 at 4:46, by Jenayah
Reminds that I have to pour myself a coffee and read that huge block of yours at some point haha
@Alex ahah yeah, you watch the movie while I decipher that answer
10:59 PM
@Jenayah You might need a headstart.
@Alex watch the trilogy, then.
@Jenayah Eh, you may still need a headstart.
Q: Short story about a woman grows a spacesuit instead of skin and then floats up into the sky

user2975096I read this story in a single-author collection of short stories circa 2002--2004. The book was a new edition trade paperback, taken from the new acquisitions shelf at a public library in southern Indiana. I assume it was categorized as SF/F, or else my teenage self likely wouldn't have picked it...

@Alex grmbl.
Watch the trilogy, then read all the Animorphs books.
that includes Vegemorphs :p
@Jenayah I'm trying to remember if there's anything else you've ever told me to read/watch that I can throw in here...
I fell like there was at least one comic.
11:03 PM
which one?
Like, DC/Marvel or bande dessinée?
@Jenayah I'll have to search the transcript.
@Jenayah I'm thinking of a specific conversation, but I can't find it.
Maybe this counts:
Aug 31 at 12:42, by Jenayah
@Alex fetch some X-Men comics :)
11:20 PM
@Alex hum, quite not specific. There's 50+ years of X-Men comics.
@Jenayah Well, 50 years seems like enough time for you to read my answer.
That was idle recommendation on my part.
Though IIRC Havok premiered in the late sixties, so you know, that's still 5 or 6 years less
@Alex indeed

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