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8:00 PM
call me a junkie but I like those xD
@Jenayah So do I.
@Alex :p
Funny, same bug on mobile.
And I wasn't downvoted on other sites or something
On the other hand... I don't have posts on the other sites :p
one or two on Meta
a single one on Puzzling, which is lost in the mass
8:25 PM
@Jenayah On the bright side, that makes it easier to notice this kind of a bug. I have to sort through reputation changes on four different sites in my recent Achievements to see if everything adds up.
@Alex what can I say... I don't have much to do outside my home stack :p
Well technically I have three standby questions
@Jenayah Not yet...
the WB one I need to rephrase
the HSM one
ok screw it I'm asking the HSM one tonight
and a Movies one
@Jenayah See what a little bit of peer pressure can do?
reporting on Meta. Apparently it's a bug that happens from time to time
@Alex eheh
8:27 PM
I had a math question also that I never posted.
And a Linguistics.
And a Literature.
Problem is, I can never figure out how to phrase those types in a way to make it a real question.
That's also on-topic.
Q: 1980s Kids sci fi Book series

AdamI'm looking to track down a series of short books I read in the late 1980s in the UK. I think they were between 8-12 books quite short (100 pages at most) with a different bold colour for each cover. The plot was set in the future and was about a sports star (not Flash Gordon) who played a game ...

You okay if I mention you as having norepro?
@Jenayah Sure.
8:53 PM
@Jenayah did you also check the score showing on the post itself? In the first of the linked posts that was the discrepancy.
@Alex yeah that's actually how I was reminded of it
My Mount Weather answer had 2 upvotes showing but achievement box only displayed 10 rep
9:32 PM
@Jenayah done
@Jenayah See what a good question we've been missing out on for two months.
Q: Why did Schrödinger choose a cat for his thought experiment?

JenayahWhile Schrödinger's cat thought experiment serves a greater purpose than animal cruelty enjoyment, one of the possible results is a dead cat. Gruesome or not is one's appreciation, but you will always find someone joking about "oh boy this guy must have hated cats". Which leads to a simple ques...

@Jenayah I'm debating signing up to upvote it.
9:48 PM
@AnkitSharma wtf, it looks all broken
10:00 PM
Right, still gotta read that Charcoal thing for user commands
that'll wait a bit still
@Jenayah well if someone can remove that too :) (cc @Mithrandir)
10:58 PM
@Jenayah I can finally join the party! I just got a reputation gain with no notification.
@Alex lol, I'm leaving the party actually, it's fixed on SFF
remains on HSM though
@Jenayah It happened to me here. It's not fixed. (Or it broke again).
oh hey, isn't that your first non-action, non-HP post badge? :p
11:04 PM
@Jenayah Indeed.
And I would have to give you some credit.
@Jenayah Too many of my posts have been because of you.
@Alex how so?
You got a good load of HP posts I didn't prompt, I reckon :p
@Jenayah This one:
Q: The "don't forget to vote" message should not be telling me to upvote answers if I found the question useful

AlexSo there is this message that I saw for the first time today that says: Welcome back! If you found this question useful, don't forget to vote both the question and the answers up. Here is a screenshot: This message asks me to upvote the question and the answers if the question is usefu...

This one:
Q: Top Network Posts showing incorrect score

AlexThere's a post in my list of Top Network Posts that is showing an incorrect score. The second post listed there shows a score of 14. But if you actually go to the post you see that the score is 15. This appears to be the only post on the list that has this problem. And on my Network Profile page...

@Alex eh? Didn't I just taunt you saying you were being pedantic?
@Alex aye can't argue with that one
11:11 PM
@Jenayah To be precise you referred to at as a form OCD, but that's what caused me to post it.
@Alex ahah
This one (obviously):
A: What is the meaning of the Hebrew characters that appear when a soul is absorbed into Ragman's suit?

AlexDaniel Rosman's answer correctly identifies the word אמת (emmet) which is the Hebrew word for "truth". However, there is another Hebrew word in the right panel that is written in Latin characters. In the bottom left corner the text says: ... A new shred of the RAGMAN... forever binded by a pr...

@Alex yeah that I can't argue with either
@Jenayah I'm still looking for some others. Give me a minute.
@Alex indirectly, the Artemis Fowl one, I guess
11:14 PM
@Jenayah True:
A: Why did a security guide become a tour guide in Artemis Fowl: the Eternity Code?

AlexThis only addresses your last question, but I have found several other minor differences. In this answer there are two quotes from The Last Guardian that have very minor differences. The first one is from Chapter 11. This is the version quoted in the answer: Opportunity had presented itself...

There would have been one on this question if Valorum hadn't already posted it:
Q: Which book or source has mentioned Ginny Weasley's name as "Ginevra Weasley"?

Captain MarvelI have encountered "Ginevra Weasley" a number of times in jokes and I recently saw the full name of Ginny on Wikipedia: Ginevra Molly "Ginny" Weasley is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. Wikipedia doesn't have a citation for this name. Is this correct name? If ye...

This one:
A: What are the known memories used to conjure Patronuses?

AlexThese are the memories that I found explicitly mentioned in the books: First time riding a broomstick. Harry cast his mind about for a happy memory. Certainly, nothing that had happened to him at the Dursleys’ was going to do. Finally, he settled on the moment when he had first ridden a ...

@Alex eh? I referred to the Hogwarts Express scene in book 1 in a deleted comment but I don't remember the tiara or stuff
@Alex that's cheating! :p
A: Reputation notifications seem to be broken again

TarynThanks for reporting this. We're still debugging the issue, but we've tracked it down to the Aggregator that we use to push these. When you reported this, we had a backlog of thousands of items in the queue. The queue cleared, but then it backed up again. We have several devs digging in trying...

@Jenayah I guess you really are older than me:
Sep 12 at 21:11, by Jenayah
@Alex that last one is for you and your CTRL+F dominion :^)
@Alex yeah you tell me you wouldn't have spotted the new HP question by yourself... :p
A: How can this question be a duplicate of a question that is not at all the same question?

AlexI'm sure everyone is sick of this post already, but here's a (somewhat) new angle as to why these questions shouldn't be duplicates. (This was already discussed somewhat in Chat starting here, but I think it should be brought here so it can be included in the voting.) Today I edited my answer to...

@Jenayah I might not have. It came in while I was away for the day.
I'm pretty sure this one (indirectly):
A: Why didn't Harry just buy the whole team Nimbus Two Thousand and Ones?

AlexIt would be too awkward for him Harry does not seem to know how to deal with the fact that his friends are poor. Throughout the series they almost never discuss money, even though Harry spends literally every waking moment of his life with Ron. The few times that money does come up, we find Harr...

@Alex very indirectly then, 'cause IIRc that was about the first time we spoke to each other right?
@Alex ah, alright
11:23 PM
@Jenayah First time in Chat. We had a comment exchange on one of my questions a few days earlier:
I guess the answer lies in the "maybe" preceeding you first emphasis. When you're chased by a werewolf and then have to go back in time and save yourself suddenly mastering the spell you've been practicing on for the whole year, you don't really stop to take a look at your watch. :) — Jenayah Jul 15 at 3:16
@Jenayah Or maybe since he went back in time the half hour happened twice, for a total of one hour. — Alex Jul 15 at 3:17
Wow, did not think of that. This is so meta. But I guess it makes sense, in a way! — Jenayah Jul 15 at 3:19
We're up to eight so far.
If I counted correctly.
humm... I'm trying to find the opposite case
Guess the HSM one qualifies
by the way, Valorum got an answer for that one
('cause of course he does ahah)
Then there was a Meta that I was going to post but never actually did.
Waiting before acceptance though because HSM has even lower traffic than some Creuse roads, so let's see if anyone else's got something
(Creuse = isolated French countryside, often the joke when you want to say that something is not known/populated at all)
11:28 PM
Based on the discussion beginning here:
Aug 17 at 20:08, by Jenayah
@Alex FWIW, I wouldn't feel comfortable doing "non-content" activity on a site where I don't understand 30-40% of the words being used, even if it's to fix English grammar errors on the ones I do understand
oh yeah that
(I've learned some words since, though! :D )
@Jenayah Which ones?
Unless you're referring to subsequent discussions with me.
@Alex yeah indeed, there are the ones in the discussion below the above transcript, the shem, the emmet, the dibbuk, the Talmud (okay, it's a text)
oh there was the heating plate too and the holiday but dang I forgot the words
@Jenayah Pretty good. By contrast, I don't remember any of the French words we've discussed except for the one that I already knew.
@Alex there was something about "speaking about his brother again" or stuff
the ones with un/le
I don't remember another one...
11:37 PM
@Jenayah I remember the English parts, just not the French words.
@Alex IIRC the word that was bothering you was encore
Starting here:
Sep 21 at 5:17, by Alex
@Jenayah How closely do these lyrics parallel the English lyrics? This inspired me to watch a bunch of Disney songs in the Hebrew versions,and I found that they all used very liberal translations. Sometimes they threw in entire lines that weren't in the original.
Staring here:
Sep 18 at 20:24, by Alex
@Jenayah Can I ask you a French question?
@Alex oh right
@Alex oh that were those:
5 mins ago, by Jenayah
the ones with un/le
Starting here:
Sep 16 at 22:29, by Alex
@Jenayah Probably has to do with the comparative usefulness of English and French.
11:43 PM
Starting here (this includes the "brother" one):
Sep 14 at 1:56, by Alex
By the way you have a really good English vocabulary for a Frenchwoman.
2018 CTRL+F dominion award
Not sure if this counts:
Aug 31 at 7:41, by Jenayah
@Alex not much else to do when walking to work. And for what it's worth, it's just "guide" in the French version :p link
And I think that's it.
11:57 PM
And you tried to get me to post an answer here, but I held fast:
Sep 4 at 17:36, by Jenayah
@Alex you could probably make a full-fletched answer out of these comments
@Jenayah Fixed now for me too.
great they're working on it
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