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Q: In the “wizard in rhyme “ series how do wizards normally learn magic?

Abraham RayHow do wizards normally learn their spells/rhymes in the “wizard in rhyme “ series? It’s not very clear to me how they go around doing it.

12:37 AM
@Jenayah Why didn’t the Phantom Lantern have that? Does that make you a White Lantern, not just an everything Lantern?
Who is Sinestro? They keep mentioning him in --Green Lanterns--
How do you italicize?
Are there Gamma Lanterns? Are the Green Lanterns way bigger than the other Lantern Corps(plural) or are they just focused on way more? Also, which Corps are good and which are evil?
(Just realized that was about 50 questions lol)
@CorvoAttano You italicize by putting a * before and after the text you want italicized.
Like this.
What does “For Security Reasons Framing is not Allowed” mean?
Okay, thanks!
1:06 AM
@Jenayah why do the Egyptian Amazons worship the Egyptian gods but still do the whole Amazons thing?
So can anyone help me understand what's going on with this Ice Fantasy Destiny thing?
It's...um Ice Fantasy? In the near future? With sci-fi?
What does this have to do with sequel hook at the end of Ice Fantasy at all?
1:35 AM
Q: anime ID people are on space ship and never land, there's something aboard the ship, it's very dark and eery and old enough to have been on VHS

coobI remember this anime vaguely but it made me feel quite creeped out, I don't think it had multiple parts but it certainly could have Possibly people were cryogenically asleep or something? I seem to recall maybe a black goo involved with the antagonist but maybe not (No, not the episode of cowboy...

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Q: What specific works of fantasy were parodied in The Colour of Magic?

BuzzThis question about magic in Discworld set me thinking a bit. The earliest books in the series are qualitatively different from the later volumes. The Colour of Magic is an episodic tale, parodying a number of other famous fantasy (and science fiction stories). In The Light Fantastic, Pratchet...

@Jenayah I hear Justice League Rebirth is BAD, but are the crossovers good? They seem significant
@whoevercaresandisapplicable Are there any American DC Comics readers? I can’t figure out how to subscribe to Red Hood from DC
3:11 AM
red-hood should be a tag.
Is it possible to make tags that when you use them add tags automatically but only take up 1 tag space such as vertigo adding dc and comics? I think that could make the site easier to use, as questions about comics would be more grouped together.
3:35 AM
Q: Sci fi novel. Ire, Iron and 'voorstrod'

Danny3414I read this paperback sci fi in the early nineties. I have a jumble of memories but not sure of the running order in the book. Two worlds, one slave owning, grim and brutal; the other pastoral but high tech nucleus. On "grim world" they use the near human natives as slaves and are very strict w...

3:50 AM
Q: Is it possible to subscribe to Red Hood and the Outlaws in print and get a discount?

Corvo AttanoDC's website lists print subscriptions for some titles but I can't find if it's possible to subscribe to ones not listed there. I am looking into subscribing to Red Hood and the Outlaws and getting it in the mail/from UPS but can't figure out if it is available at discount prices like that.

4:35 AM
Q: Humans in a hive and marriages arranged by machine

Rob BobblesI read a book or part of a book many years ago. I cannot recall the title, author or anything other than it was about humans (probably) living in a hive. Marriage was arranged and sealed by a machine stapling your and your mate's papers together.

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@CorvoAttano arguably because the Phantom Lantern was created before the Black one and then did not know of the Black 'essence'
@CorvoAttano If you want a new feature for the site you can request it by posting a question on Meta with the feature-request tag. If it's something that would be relevant for the entire Stack Exchange network you can ask it on the main Meta site.
@CorvoAttano long (very long) story short, he's the main enemy of Hal Jordan. He used to be the greatest Green Lantern there was, trained Jordan when he got recruited, but eventually turned to the 'dark sidecar, or rather the yellow side here; the Yellow Lantern Corps was more or less created by Sinestro, which is their oath include Birn like my power, Sinestro's might
Sinestro was also the ruler on his home planet, Korugar, but used the Green Ring there in ways that made him a dictator. That goes against the way the Green ring should be used. Arguably though, he was trying to do "the best" for Korugar.
Also, Sinestro has a daughter, Soranik, who's featured in the Rebirth series. Not to spoil, but she basically was a Green Lantern, and had her days as a Yellow too. The rest you'll read in the Rebirth run ;)
Soranik is the daughter of Abin Sur's daughter (or sister?); Abin Sur was the alien whose ring chose Jordan when he died, and was also the mentor of Sinestro. Soranik used to be one of Kyle Rainer's girlfriends.
I think that's enough "general info" on Sinestro to understand what's going on in the Rebirth run :)
@CorvoAttano no Gamma Lanterns that I know of.
@CorvoAttano the Green Lantern Corps is indeed the biggest. I think there are like, 5 000 Green Lanterns? This is partly because there's one Lantern per sector and they act as space cops, hence the numbers. The other Corps don't have as much members for various reasons, the main one being that they were "created" by DC fairly recently (less than 15 years). Some corps can't really have more than one member, like the Orange one, which is Greed and not sharing ;D
@CorvoAttano there's no really "good Lanterns and evil ones". Sure, most of the time the Green ones are upholding the law but every once in a while you have a rogue. The Lanterns aren't based on your ability to respect a law, just on how much you can feel of emotion XYZ
For instance, one might think the Reds are evil. Well, they are powered by rage but don't always want to go and destroy the world. When you look at them, they're victims first: Dex-Starr was thrown in a river, Bleez was sold as a slave and nearly raped, Atrocitus had his family killed by the Guardians (indirectly...)
Pink ones, for Love, sound like innocent gals right? Well no. Star Sapphires are bit- no really, they can be like super evil.
Etc, etc. Granted, I don't think I ever saw an evil Blue.
Q: "For security reasons, framing is not allowed; click OK to remove the frames" on every page

vaibhavWhenever I open any Stack Exchange site I come across this message: For security reasons, framing is not allowed; click OK to remove the frames This problem occurs not only on my laptop, but on my Windows Phone and office MacBook. This is a screenshot of what happens: What should I do...

@CorvoAttano what do you mean?
@CorvoAttano which ones? Also, yeah, for the most part Rebirth Justice League is... Not good.
@CorvoAttano what Alex said, but in this case I'm pretty sure the Vertigo tag wiki already explains the relationship with DC and comics. At least, it should.
And in any case, people peer review and add them ;)
5:25 AM
@Marvin sounds off topic to me.
@CorvoAttano that's basically called "nested tags" and I don't think the network will ever support that. Mostly because tags should be able to stand on their own and not have a hierarchy.
Which is fine for most stacks, but not for ours.
5:38 AM
Q: How were the Doctor's regenerations revealed to the public in the past?

AndiiI started watching Doctor Who (the 2005 series) sometime during the 12th Doctor's run (and was caught up before it ended), so the regeneration from the 12th to the 13th Doctor was the first one I got to watch "as it happened". What surprised me was that the person playing the role of the 13th Doc...

5:53 AM
Although even the Mother of all Stacks, Stackoverflow, has tags that imply a hierarchy, mostly different versions and releases of .
6:33 AM
@Alex think of Sorcerer's/Philosopher's stone
@Jenayah Yeah but there's at least something resembling a justification for that. Is there any cultural thing that would warrant changing security guide to tour guide or vice versa?
@Alex I honestly have no idea, I didn't even read the book in English
Q: Was Altaira's pet tiger created by Dr. Morbius's imagination?

LincolnManFirst some background info. The Krell were an ancient race that were peaceful, very intelligent, and possessed of superior technology to anything humans made. The Krell lived on Altair IV until they all mysteriously died one night 200,000 years ago. The Krell had created a vast cubed-shaped mac...

I read it in French originally, and went to the first English quote I could find for the question
@Jenayah Eh, you should have posted the French quote instead.
6:36 AM
@Alex might do that when I get to a copy
I don't own the book, hurray for public libraries
@Jenayah It's not online anywhere?
@Alex dunno, I'll browse on the way to work
@Jenayah No need to waste your time over it.
7:05 AM
Q: What magic powers do balrogs have?

RichSJ. R. R. Tolkien wrote: For of the Maiar many were drawn to his splendour in the days of his greatness, and remained in that allegiance down into his darkness; and others he corrupted afterwards to his service with lies and treacherous gifts. Dreadful among these spirits were the Valaraukar, ...

7:41 AM
@Alex not much else to do when walking to work. And for what it's worth, it's just "guide" in the French version :p link
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Q: Movie/TV-show where music makes white foam come out of peoples ears

BoivieWhen I was younger (20-15 years ago), I accidentally watched something on TV where there's a group of people at a party, dancing. A person comes in with a boombox and turns on his music, which causes people to die, with foam coming out of their ears. This scared me at the time, and it has staye...

9:07 AM
@Jenayah The plot thickens...
@Alex quite the opposite actually, by removing potentially useful info, you slim down the plot :-)
@Jenayah I was thinking of preempting that, but touché.
@Alex ;p
@Alex what was your original question, then? I've scrolled back in chat history, but I can't find it. Yet I understand it is about Artemis Fowl, by the link @Jenayah gave.
9:22 AM
Is it possible there's a mistake in this line of your quote: Juliet had put on her best cutesy voice for the security guide.? My book has "tour guide" – do you have a different version, or did you perhaps type the wrong word? — Alex 3 hours ago
there was no need to pursue further in the comments
Ah, I see.
Searching for "Juliet had put on her best cutesy voice for the tour guide" with Google yields only one result (from a "free books" site).
Doing the same with "Juliet had put on her best cutesy voice for the security guide" yields more results.
Not many more, mind. About 5. But that does include the Google Books version of it. @Alex did you happen to read a US-version?
That would at least explain there being a difference. Not the nature of the difference, just the fact that there is one.
I'm tempted to ask on main.
@SQB I'd say go ahead, there are probably some other differences
If @Alex can confirm having read a US version, I will.
9:32 AM
You read the Brit one then?
I think I did. I'd have to check at home.
I didn't even know there were different versions.
Neither did I.
TIL :)
Q: Film about one alien controlling humans and making them act violently

malatI am trying to remember the name of a movie when I was a kid (90s). This is about an alien (I vaguely remember being a black scorpion-ish type) that was moving from human to human (as they got killed) and controlling their mind, making them act violently. The only scene I can clearly remember is...

9:46 AM
@Jenayah Is accepted though I'd close the old one to the new one... what d'ya think?
I think this movie is story-IDed a lot and I can't decide which one is the best one...
(not all them accepted but some are already dupe-closed, need to look for comment-acceptance...)
Ah fair point haha
16 accepted from a quick change to your search
Dis is gonna be a long day
Meh you don't need to sort them all out haha
[story-identification] is:a "the hidden" isaccepted:yes 1987 yields 4, one of which is obviously something else.
9:50 AM
It's an awesome film, though.
(1987 is the year it came out)
@SQB yeah but not all answers relative to the movie mention it
@TheLethalCarrot why not? :p
Actually yeah go ahead, give me some close votes ;P
Yeah, but 32 is over-counting quite a bit.
@SQB well sure some of them aren't about the movie, but I'd wager a guess at least 7 of them are
9:53 AM
Yeah, so I'm trying to narrow it down.
(I'm excluding the ones with no acceptance of any form)
It's too big for the search box, but the URL has wider restrictions (if any).
@SQB bwahaha this movie had quite an impact on people's minds :')
Do you want to discuss the dupe target here, or do we just wait for your close votes?
12 mins ago, by Jenayah
I think this movie is story-IDed a lot and I can't decide which one is the best one...
10:00 AM
So what are your candidates, from those 10 (answers, I know, might be to less questions)?
IIRC one of them is already a dupe-target ?
scifi.stackexchange.com/q/32244/98028 is dupe-target to four others
Ah, okay.
I like scifi.stackexchange.com/q/154521/98028 because bullet list
Q: Movie where a blind girl has three guys trying to kill her, shoots them with revolver after sensing them

BLASTERSI remember watching a movie where a young girl (16-21 probably) is blind. Even though I don't remember the whole movie the ending of the movie was that there's a house where this takes place, it's that there are three guys trying to kill her. I think she is left upstairs and these guys they come...

What do you think?
10:06 AM
The answer is pretty lackluster
@TheLethalCarrot indeed but the question is kinda clear
I'd place a bit more importance on a decent answer myself
After all that is mainly what people are there for
@TheLethalCarrot aye
ahah homepage is yellow today :p
T'is what happens when I "clean it up" in the mornings and you fix some old posts :)
@TheLethalCarrot aye
well story-id ones are the easier to fix
10:11 AM
Assuming the answers are one liners aye
If the title is "need the name of this book" you know that can be salvaged
Ah I rather target with titles
Titles are easiest to search for
@TheLethalCarrot "related questions" for the win
speaking of which
aw I've been blanked ahah
Stumbled across this through the "related questions". Since you're still around, you'd want to self-accept it (as well as strengthening the answer a bit, if possible :) ) — Jenayah 18 hours ago
I wouldn't worry about it haha, the more you comment the more you'll be ignored
that's what the network notifications inbox is for
11:09 AM
@TheLethalCarrot TLDR, needs emphasis! ;P
I said last paragraph, and it's all kind of relevant so meh
The Q is most likely off topic anyway, but giving the benefit of the doubt until something is accepted
Same! Needs emphasis :p
Let me nitpick will ya
Well there ya go the
Q: In the chapter 'Xenophilius Lovegood', why death eaters used broomstick and not apparition?

misswordsworthIn Deathly Hallows, chapter 'Xenophilius Lovegood', when Mr. Lovegood summons death eaters, they arrive using broomstick instead of simply apparating to his house. I did not understand this part. I know that upon arriving, death eaters discuss that they were not in hurry and it could be a false a...

That wasn't so hard ;p
11:16 AM
Was, do you know how many key presses that was?
@Babelfish anti-Apparition charms. Next!
@TheLethalCarrot Ctrl+B two or three times, so, between four and six?
Hope you didn't hurt your fingers too much
I do it all manually so [shift] + [8] a few times
Oh hey they fixed editing chat from mobile?
No idea
What do you mean? I don't think anything changed.
It will sometimes send a new message, but usually not. I find it depends more on your internet quality.
11:22 AM
Ok ok
Ahahah our conversation popped half of these The hidden movie IDs back in the homepage
And another one! :')
Yet no single question about the film itself. We have no (need for) .
@SQB This is the version that had "tour guide":
Hm... Intersting.
No idea what edition it is
US then?
That's by Hyperion.
@Jenayah It says "Disney Publishing Worldwide". But I'd guess it's US based, at the least.
Okay, I'll ask.
Wow, there are some ugly covers
@SQB I'm curious as well now.
11:42 AM
Wait, "security guide"? Does that even make sense? Shouldn't that be a security guard? Yet that's what's on Google Books...
My guess is that Eoin changed his mind halfway through that line and no one caught it during proofreading.
@SQB indeed it doesn't.
Oi @Mithrandir do you have a copy around by any chance? :)
@SQB That's what made me check in the first place. I never heard the phrase before.
IIRC I've seen you posting about Artemis Fowl
@SQB most plausible yeah
Maybe it was corrected afterwards?
Would that imply different proofreaders for US and UK versions?
@Alex is it the Disney version? Or is it the Hyperion version?
What's Hyperion, a publisher?
11:51 AM
@SQB It says Disney Hyperion on the front page.
@Jenayah nope, haven't gotten up to that one yet
@Alex "Disney•Hyperion" to be precise.
@Mithrandir ok, too bad
@Alex do you have a publish date for your edition?
Pretty sure I have one that's the same style, though.
11:55 AM
For the record, I think "security guard" makes more sense for the context than "Tour Guide.
@Alex agreed.
@Mithrandir what do you mean, style?
@SQB First Paperback Edition, May 2004"
Hardcover in 2003.
The one on Google Books is from 2014.
Although that's a collection of books 1–4.
I was merely asking if you had a Eternity Code copy lying around, not a particular edition :)
Never mind, I was mistaken in any case
11:57 AM
@SQB all 5 of them? You mentioned 5 results for security guide IIRC
@Jenayah You do realize the implications of Mithrandir having an eternity code lying around...
@Mithrandir ?
@Alex erf
@Jenayah only one on Google Books, I think.
Lemme check.
Rabbit hole detected.
Diving in.
It's even worse if it was correct the first time, and wrong in the compilation.
That would mean someone managed to screw up when doing CTRL+C CTRL+V.
My guess would be:
1) Screwed up in first editions; meant to write either "security guard" or "tour guide".
2) Fixed in later editions.
3) Penguin grabbed Puffin editions (with error) for collection.
12:12 PM
Nitpicking - we have 19 questions. Do we really need ?
The rule is to add a tag for the work.
Might as well start now.
No, I don't think we do.
We don't have stuff though?
I think I saw a Meta about this.
We have a series tag, we don't need individual work tags.
Q: Why don't we have tags for each Harry Potter installment?

RedCaioIn the question Who killed this Harry Potter character? the asker is talking about events from the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I tried to tag the question deathly-hallows but someone else undid it and it was explained that the "tag wiki description says it's about the objects, not ...

12:15 PM
@SQB "Additionally, are there any other differences in text between editions?" I don't think that's needed there and is a separate question, I think it should really be removed.
@TheLethalCarrot It is a separate question, though closely linked.
Close enough to sneak in.
Yeah, I agree with TLC - that should be separate.
I don't think it's close enough at all
Why not? An answer could be "yeah, the Disney edition fixed a small number of errors, of which this is one; others are 3 typos and X and Y" or "yes, this is a difference between the British and the US versions; other differences are P, Q, and R".
If I asked it as a separate question, and someone answered the first one with an answer like above, the second question would be closed as a dupe.
Q: Why did a security guide become a tour guide in Artemis Fowl: the Eternity Code?

SQBThe edition of Artemis Fowl: the Eternity Code on Google Books, a 2014 collection of books 1–4 of the series by Penguin, reads at a certain point: Juliet had put on her best cutesy voice for the security guide. As quoted in a question. But in the comments on that question, it transpires tha...

Q: A creative online short story written about artificial intellgence?

WafflemanAs best as I can remember the story is about a female protagonist who has grown extremely discontent with her (now) immortal life, she was one of the original programmers who helped create this omnipotent computer which once built, became self-aware, and made “the change”. Where everyone in reali...

12:21 PM
So much Artemis Fowl popping up
@Jenayah I still think we should have.
@SQB Don't flood the homepage...
Short burst, done.
@SQB I mean, it could make sense when there's a need for it (maybe ASOIAF/TLOR works, or other "hot" tags), but all in all there are less than 20 Artemis Fowl questions.
Would've spread it out if more, but made more sense in one go.
@Jenayah So? Tags are free.
12:23 PM
No, more sense to spread out, especially if you're not goig to fix everything
Did a quick scan, didn't see much to fix. Did I miss anything, then?
It's... not a huge deal...
A quick glance says yes but I'm looking at something else now
Sure, it's best to avoid flooding the front page, but a once in a while editing spree for a small thing isn't that bad.
That makes for new tags with 1 or 2 question in them. I dunno, that feels a bit wrong, given that they're all under anyways (it's not the same as , I mean)
12:24 PM
Ah, some formatting.
@Jenayah It helps people to avoid spoilers.
@SQB fair point
Which is possibly even worse for Harry Potter.
So hum... Will we retag all these HP questions? oO
We should.
We could hold an editing event like we did for Tolkien.
@SQB good luck with that.
12:28 PM
We'd have to flood the homepage for a weekend.
Hello there, Amir.
@SQB you're being optimistic.
Welcome to The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.
The problem with tagging questions with, say, individual Harry Potter books is that most questions span across several books, and even if they don't the answer often does.
@Alex also a fair point. That counters the spoiler part above.
@SQB tell me when you're done with the tagging and formatting - my last edit was a poor one but it was meant to bump back a fairly new question that got drowned by Artemis Fowl ones. I've got another that I'm bumping back to its "right" place after the AF editting ;)
I'm not saying all questions should have individual book tags, just the ones that are clearly about a specific book or a couple of specific books.
12:34 PM
@SQB yeah but what if the answer, as @Alex pointed, lies in another book, that OP didn't tag?
@Jenayah Sorry 'bout that. Took TLC's advice and fixed some minor issues with questions I'd added the tag to. Done now.
@SQB ok, no problem
@Jenayah use spoiler tags in your answer. At least, that's what I try to do when answering a question about an earlier book, that's answered by a later book.
@Jenayah Reminds me of the time I suggested on another site that there should be separate tags for answers.
@Alex that would probably be havoc.
12:36 PM
I don't think it went over well.
Hmmmm. An Alex suggesting Havok.
@SQB aye but the day everyone behaves the same way when Q/Aing, I'll be wearing a skirt :)
@Jenayah I'm going to guess I'm missing a joke there...
@Jenayah Well, I have been accused of being a mutant before, so...
@Alex "gifted youngster" ;D
12:39 PM
@Jenayah That, I have not been accused of.
@Alex Xavier's mutant school is named "Xavier school for gifted youngsters" because it reads smoother on the leaflets.
@SQB might wanna bump back the actual AF question now then...
@Jenayah nah, it's good.
@Jenayah Okay, I guess I should probably stop talking about something I don't know anthing about.
@SQB well it got drowned, so less attention and less chances of an answer :/
We've been on that security guide nitpicking for like 6 hours, I wanna know now x)
@Alex fetch some X-Men comics :)
@Jenayah If I knew what this would cause I wouldn't have said anything.
I thought it was a simple mistake.
12:43 PM
Or you know, just ignore me when I'm making obscure references - I'm used to it :p
@Alex ahah no that's funny actually
@Jenayah Okay, I'll find something to edit.
@Jenayah That wouldn't be very nice of me.
Sep 7 '17 at 7:50, by Narusan
@user89575 That would be great. No, we're all a bunch of nerds wasting our life in front of the computer trying to help people we've never met with questions about universes that don't exist. But it's a hell lot of fun, otherwise we wouldn't do it.
(ignore the "that would be great", this was replying to someone asking if answerers got paid - the second part is the relevant one here :p )
@Jenayah Oh, but I do get paid:
Aug 17 at 17:49, by Rand al'Thor
@Alex How much do they pay you?
Aug 22 at 18:39, by Jenayah
@Alex yeah, I don't know how much you get paid for that, but a hoola hoop always outranks it.
@SQB thanks :p
@Alex well, all the AF questions seem to be on the frontpage. Grab your copies of the books and get comparing :)
12:50 PM
@Jenayah Don't tempt me.
@Alex you know you want to.
@Jenayah If I did everything I wanted to...
@Alex sure
1:12 PM
Can be closed as off topic now the work is confirmed: scifi.stackexchange.com/q/193932/58193
aaaaaand it's gone
@SQB With regards to this, we should not. The latest meta on this, which Jenayah linked above says no
@TheLethalCarrot see also
Q: Do we need separate tags for "The Hunger Games" novels?

GallifreyanI've just noticed that we have the following tags: the-hunger-games, catching-fire, and mockingjay. I'm not familiar with this franchise, but it looks like the last two are individual novels within the series that is the first tag. I think we have a general policy not to use individual works tag...

Q: Does A Song of Ice and Fire need individual book tags?

SkoobaLooking through some tags I came across a-clash-of-kings - 1 question a-storm-of-swords - 16 questions but did not see a-game-of-thrones a-feast-for-crows a-dance-with-dragons the-winds-of-winter a-dream-of-spring Also, I have noticed that some series (Star Wars is the prime example) wil...

Q: Do we need Mass Effect have tags for each installment, or should those tags be synonyms?

SQBI noticed we have tags mass-effect, mass-effect-2, and mass-effect-3. Do we really need a tag for each installment?

I think only the HG made it through.
Well true but I meant the specific meta for HP
aye I meant in a more general "should we have individual tags" sense
1:25 PM
I getcha
Or we could just ask a specific Meta question for AF individual tags :roll_eyes:
@TheLethalCarrot I know and I won't. But that's my personal opinion.
Fair enough, I just wanted to make it clear for the specific case of HP
@TheLethalCarrot ST, SW, LOTR etc probably could "use" it too and then again it's one hell
1:36 PM
LotR: not necessarily, since Tolkien always saw it as one book.
ASoIaF: yes, for the same reasons as other series. The spoiler-factor is probably even bigger here.
Nah ASOIAF doesn't need them
@SQB Citation needed:
A: Do we need separate tags for "The Hunger Games" novels?

Rand al'ThorAs the site's top expert on the Hunger Games, I should probably weigh in on this. Individual-book tags are more useful in HG than in many other franchises. In Lord of the Rings, for example, the three books form a unified narrative, and I think [citation needed] Tolkien didn't even intend the s...

Mass Effect (the q+a pair is mine): I'd vote differently now.
> The work was initially intended by Tolkien to be one volume of a two-volume set, the other to be The Silmarillion, but this idea was dismissed by his publisher. For economic reasons, The Lord of the Rings was published in three volumes over the course of a year from 29 July 1954 to 20 October 1955.
> The three volumes were titled The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King. Structurally, the novel is divided internally into six books, two per volume, with several appendices of background material included at the end. Some editions combine the entire work into a single volume.
The Lord of the Rings is an epic high fantasy novel written by English author and scholar J. R. R. Tolkien. The story began as a sequel to Tolkien's 1937 fantasy novel The Hobbit, but eventually developed into a much larger work. Written in stages between 1937 and 1949, The Lord of the Rings is one of the best-selling novels ever written, with over 150 million copies sold.The title of the novel refers to the story's main antagonist, the Dark Lord Sauron, who had in an earlier age created the One Ring to rule the other Rings of Power as the ultimate weapon in his campaign to conquer and rule all...
Is that citation enough?
Not Wikipedia itself, but the sources it refers to.
I mean without reading it, it is a Wikipedia article :P
Aww damn it
@SQB You can edit it into the above post.
1:46 PM
@Randal'Thor citation found.
Q: Did the Empire knew the Falcon was going to Alderaan?

iammgDuring ANH, Han, Chewbacca, Luke, Obi-Wan and the two droids have left Tatooine aboard the Falcon just in front of the search troops (they fled under blaster blows). At this point, the Empire know that the "two droids they are looking for" are on board in the Falcon. Did the Empire knew the Falc...

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@Jenayah Well, are the Egyptian gods real within the DC canon?
@CorvoAttano pretty much even if they aren't featured as much as Greek ones
Black Adam for instance is somtimes related to egyptian Gods
I think he even created one at some point...
Kahndaq is basically the fictional country DC uses to throw in ripoffs of Middle-East-like myths
@Jenayah Of the questions that were bumped to the homepage today, I found two differences.
Which is a lot, considering that there were only like 5 quotes between all the posts.
@Alex you might want to add that as a comment/answer on SQB's question then.
In the same nonsense vein than the security guide?
@Jenayah Worse.
@Alex ok, I want to know. :3
Poke @SQB
this is getting interesting ;D
2:26 PM
@Jenayah One is a difference between "sister" and "Sister". The other is where one version starts a new paragraph while the other keeps the same paragraph.
The second one I confirmed via Google Books.
@Alex it's an uppercase difference you mean?
The first might be the post's mistake.
@Jenayah Uppercase and italics.
@Alex well, somebody really screwed up with their CTRL+C.
Q: Book about a young man with a cat sidekick

Marlon FranklinThe details are very vague in my mind but I'm looking for the name of a book I read probably 7-10 years ago. It is about a young man/teenager that lived in a technologically advanced society where everyone had telepathic or holographic animal familiars. His was a cat. They all lived in a cave or...

Q: Trying to remember a book with dragons from my youth

Luke ReedPlease help, I'm trying to remember the title of a book I read when I was young, so must have been published before the mid 90's. It was about a young boy who discovered a baby dragon on the corpse of its mother who had been hunted by (I think) the boys brother. I think the boy then tried to take...

@Jenayah so Artemis isn’t really from Egypt? I assumed it was Egypt because of the gods
2:46 PM
@CorvoAttano IIRC she's born in Egypt among the Bana-Mighdall, but since those were originally Greek she inherited a lot of "Amazon ways of doing things"
(read: smash first, ask questions later)
Though your read the Rebirth Outlaws so I guess you read the arc with the Bow of Ra and her pal Akela?
@Jenayah who wakes me from my slumber?
@SQB nudges
Ah, okay.
So formatting differences, basically.
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