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12:46 AM
@Jenayah doing alright. You rang?
@Broklynite What do you mean I rang?
2 hours later…
3:16 AM
Q: Resurrection Days by Wilson Tucker

daogLooking for a pulp short-story with similar theme that predates Wilson Tucker's '80's novel. He did write a short version in '60 but there's one prior to that where he must have got ideas from? Title/author unknown. Theme: man dies; wakes in dystopia governed by women; makes bacon using a mental-...

3:32 AM
Q: Seeking a story about a forbidden planet with a genetic virus

YanaLooking for an old science fiction story about a spaceship that has to make an emergency landing on a forbidden planet. Once they land, they find the planet to resemble paradise, populated by a great variety of species of animal and plant life. Each animal and plant is unique, and there are unexp...

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7:08 AM
Q: Why was Guinan on the Enterprise in "Yesterday's Enterprise?"

WVR Spence WestVirginiaRebelGiven that it was a military ship (no families) in that timeline, should Guinan have even been there?

7:38 AM
Q: How big is an elf?

Danny3414Is there any definitive work which gives the size of an elf? In LOTR they are human sized but in Harry Potter they're only a couple of feet tall - in Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom they are a couple of inches.

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9:49 AM
@Jenayah I dunno, you said “oh hey Broklynite” out of the blue in the chat which sent an alert. Thought there was something in particular.
10:44 AM
Q: Star Wars Sith Rule of two question

KasperA quote from "the Book of Sith, page 66" the Force is venom. If it is poured into many cups, it loses its potency until it becomes so diluted it is merely an irritant. Yet pour those cups back into a single vessel and you will have the power to stop a Krayt dragon’s heart. This is the following...

11:31 AM
@Broklynite ah no just that that you popped into chat (y'know, with the avatar inserting itself in the userlist and everything) so I said hi :)
12:24 PM
@Null Agreed. I went ahead and re-added it to a few questions (and there were already >10 tagged before I started).
Q: Tilly = Janeway?

TheIcePhoenixIs their any information or hints that Ensign Tilly is possibly a ancestor to Captain Janeway? The whole Tilly is training to become a captain someday and its a struggle for her and her Red hair lead me to think they may be leading toward this down the road as a Voyager Tie in to connect the ser...

12:56 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer (86): Is there an official Marvel Cinematic Universe viewing order? ✏️ by blackcat721 on scifi.SE
1:12 PM
@SmokeDetector nah Smokey, we already told you it was okay :p
1:44 PM
@Jenayah oh, weird. Well, hello!
Hi! waves
I wish something worthwhile was in theatres right now, it’s my anniversary
ooooh, happy birthday!
2:20 PM
Q: Why didn't the PPDC consider rebuilding Crimson Typhoon?

GipsyDSo I watched Pacific Rim again last week, and one scene stuck in my head since then, the destruction of Crimson Typhoon in the battle of Hong Kong Bay. Compared to the Jaegers that were destroyed in the first movie, Crimson Typhoon is the least damaged Jaeger out of the 4 remaining Jaegers prior...

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3:22 PM
Q: What if Pinocchio were to say something that is neither true not false?

2br-2bWhat if Pinocchio were to say something like "My nose will grow as I say this" or "This is a lie"? Would his nose grow, stay the same, shrink, explode because of the logical paradox, or something else?

4:17 PM
I'm curious, was that last NaA about Half-Life self-deleted or Smokey'd?
To be honest it's plain NaA and not really polite but it wasn't the utter rude we face sometimes was it?
4:34 PM
@Marvin Ah nice. So he got told that his question was too broad, and he edited it to Middle-Earth only: scifi.stackexchange.com/revisions/196116/4
5:05 PM
@Jenayah self-deleted
@SmokeDetector ignore
@Mithrandir Post ignored; alerts about it will no longer be posted.
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8:04 PM
Q: Text and origin of the original "always be batman" quote

guestI found different forms of the quote on the internet and mostly without origin. Which one is the real batman quote? Remember to always be yourself. Unless you can be batman. Then always be batman. And who is the author?

^ not sure how that's on-topic?
I mean it mentions Batman but you really have the same quote with a bunch of stuff
I would be Kimi Räikkönen.
@Loong aye
or should I say
"Just leave me alone, I know what I'm doing!"
wins race
8:32 PM
Q: Was Janet Van Dyne actually visible in the first MCU Ant-Man movie?

CTMacUserWhen the first Ant-Man movie came out, I read that Janet was supposedly visible in the scenes when Scott transitions fully to/from the Quantum Realm. There were screenshots shown, but I couldn't make out anything from those pictures. Were those just rumors, or does she actually appear in some f...

9:04 PM
for this answer which was confirmed by OP to be the one (but not officially accepted yet): scifi.stackexchange.com/a/192619/98028
9:34 PM
Q: Zandor Vorkov in Dracula vs, Frankenstein (1971) - Alternate action scenes with ray gun ring

hrhThis movie is somewhat crude and tacky, yet it added a significant element of science fiction that tempered its trite monster/horror backstory. The bargain basement Dr. Frankenstein in this film sought a biochemical solution to tissue regeneration via a trauma-induced spike of adrenaline. There i...

2 hours later…
11:07 PM
Q: Help me find this animated show/movie?? (Prove i’m not crazy)

JaneI watched this animated show/movie back when i was kid, it was a 2D animated movie that had a group of people who somehow time traveled back in time (accidentally, i think) and the characters were in some sort of show?? (It seems very hazy to me now). I think at one point they were held captive ...

@b_jonas in case it's indeed a MLP one, you might want to take a look at scifi.stackexchange.com/q/196145/98028
oh wait, there's a MLP room now I think?
there, posted it there :)
11:23 PM
Q: Sun and hearts cutie mark

Jen Can anyone tell me what pony, if any, has this sun and hearts cutie mark?

If you had told me I would use this very comic to answer a SFF question
wouldn't have believed it :^)

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