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@Alex you wouldn't, that why you'd reach out to users asking them to take a look
people usually know how their posts did
I'd help, but I have, like, one network post :v
@Jenayah Arrh, I was in the middle of asking you to help.
And it's a rookie one
Well it's displayed the right way everywhere
Hey look. Editing my HP answer to mention fan-fiction immediately got me upvotes. :-)
@b_jonas I'd put that on the fact that it's an overall good answer, not just the fanfic one n_n
@Jenayah Yes, and the edit improved other parts of it, plus bumped it.
That's why the smiley.
12:04 AM
And Lit seems to have no questions about it yet, so I'll be creating tags.
See this?
Yes! That is 100% the book- I recognized the cover when I found it on Amazon. And then sang a song of joy in my heart as I placed my order! Thank you so much! — Amalthea 2 mins ago
This warms one's heart :D
And I believe the question would be on topic on Sci Fi SE.
@b_jonas a question about HPMOR?
@Jenayah No, not this time.
12:10 AM
@Jenayah Did you ever get one like this?
Q: Oldest YA SF/Fantasy

VerdanI was having a conversation with my daughter this week about S/F books we had been reading and the abundance of books with teen or early 20s protagonists. Recently we have had series like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and other youngsters in Riordan novels. I was trying to think back to earliest n...

@Alex nope
@Jenayah I'm still not sure what it's supposed to mean, but I guess it's a compliment.
@Alex what was the answer exactly?
@Marvin Some of Jules Verne must qualify.
But there might be older ones.
12:15 AM
A: Why didn't the Order of the Phoenix assist in hunting Horcruxes?

AlexThe reason that the Order did not assist in hunting horcruxes is that the Order did not know anything about it. Dumbledore never told anyone besides Harry, and he gave Harry strict orders to not tell anyone besides Ron and Hermione. At the end of Half-Blood Prince Harry has the following conversa...

I don't really expect a "it's so touching" comment when I identify a dragon or stuff :p
It's my highest scoring answer, but I'm not sure what's touching about it.
@b_jonas Two year's Holiday comes to mind yeah
The most obvious book that is YA is probably Deux ans de vacances, but that one is not really a fantasy or sci-fi work.
@Jenayah ^
@b_jonas great minds think alike ;)
@Alex no idea, maybe they were still upset with Dumbledore's death
12:17 AM
And another possible YA one, Un capitaine de quinze ans, is also not really fantasy or sci-fi.
@Jenayah Yeah, who knows. And some moderator (probably without a heart) deleted it.
La Jangada might work. It is borderline sci-fi: the main motivation of the character is sci-fi, but takes up very little of the book.
For the anecdote, Dumbledore's death really took me aback when I read it. It was the first time I read a book with a major death like this one.
Well, also to remember, I was 9.
Still, it was something.
Damn, I can even tell you where I was in the schoolyard when I read that!
@Alex :/
@Jenayah Someone had spoiled it for me in advance.
Others that might be YA are L'Étoile du sud (similarly borderline sci-fi), Les Indes noires (also borderline sci-fi), César Cascabel (not sci-fi or fantasy at all).
After that, it gets a bit difficult to judge which of his books we'd count as YA, for a modern audience, and even more difficult to tell which ones he intended as YA.
12:21 AM
@Alex re - :/
Admittedly, all his fiction works are so SFW that any young adult can probably read it, so I might be trying to collect the specific children's books here, not the YA ones.
@b_jonas well the question itself is unclear - are we talking about YA books, or books featuring a young protagonist?
Those might differ
@Jenayah You missed this one:
Q: Post score in the Top Network Posts borked somewhere

nicaelNoticed in Jeff Atwood's profile: Actual score is 320, shown 322. Also locked in 2013. And then my profile: First has a score of 179, shown 180. Second has a score of 123, shown 122. Neither of these posts got any votes recently.

@Jenayah I'd guess the former, but there's a correlation because a good way to write a YA book is to write a YA protagonist the reader can identify with. Cornelia Funke's Drachenreitter is IMO an excellent example for how to do this with a children's book and a children protagonist.
Not your fault, as it doesn't have the tag.
12:25 AM
@Alex duh, if they had tagged it correctly... :p
@Jenayah I preempted you:
1 min ago, by Alex
Not your fault, as it doesn't have the tag.
@Alex indeed
But it has no answer.
And half the comments are about how horrible the user's handwriting is.
Dang, if you want horrible handwriting, I'd show you one of my friend's.
That user's handwriting is quite okay.
@Jenayah Show us! Show us! Show us!
12:28 AM
@Alex have to find a picture somewhere
but I probably have one
@b_jonas Uh, I posted that on the wrong forum. The context is:
in The Reading Room, 33 mins ago, by b_jonas
Ok, you guys win. I'll post a question on Lit about a sci fi work on which I and others already have posts on Sci Fi.
@b_jonas ooooh so that's why I didn't get what you were saying
And I submitted edits to create the tag usage into (to be reviewed), based on the ones on this site.
Q: Is Mike an anarchist in *The Moon is a Harsh Mistress*?

b_jonasIn the later parts of Robert Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, we find out that Manny and Prof are motivated by their anarchist political beliefs. They argue for these beliefs in the new parliment, and I think those beliefs took a big part of what motivated their active participation in t...

^ Since it's a question that would be on topic here, I think I can advertise it here too.
12:44 AM
Q: Is Shadow faster than Sonic?

SammyBoiI know this is a well-known question. But, is it possible Shadow is faster than Sonic? I mean, it could be. Due to my research on google and stuff, I've probably found out how Shadow is faster. So, Shadow has these wheels at the bottom of his shoes. Correct? From that i've realized that his wheel...

I know this question has people who have read Heinlein, much more so than I, and they may have an answer for this one.
Incidentally, if there are two answers for a question I have, like scifi.stackexchange.com/q/157795/4918 , and either of them are satisfying answers alone so that without the other one I'd accept it, then is it a reasonable thing to accept (green checkmark) the answer that is not a self-answer, even against other factors?
This last question highlights yet another tagging inconsitency
bunch of them would need the tag
The non-self-answer is by a high-rep user who probably wouldn't miss the extra rep from the green checkmark.
There, better query: scifi.stackexchange.com/…
@b_jonas you accept the answer which was the most helpful, there shouldn't be any shame if you think yours was better
A: Answering your own question, but don't accept answer

AlexI've answered several of my own questions (e.g. here, here, here, and here). One time I noted in the question that I had a potential answer that wasn't very satisfying and I would post it as an answer. I posted it as an answer but I was hoping someone else would come up with a better answer. The ...

I can't help quoting my own Meta posts.
Even if it's not entirely the same case.
1:00 AM
Q: Where the Prime Directive come from?

Donatello SwansinoThe Prime Directive is the main principle that Starfleet/the Federation follows, barring them from interfering with the development of another less developed civilization. The question I am asking is where did this come from, out of universe? Did Gene Roddenberry or another Star Trek writer base ...

@Alex no shame in that, if you've already developed the reasoning somewhere else there wouldn't be much point in rewriting it
@Jenayah True, as long as my intentions are noble.
@Alex well it's not like you can rep-farm on Meta or whatever
I mean, main meta, yeah
But main meta rep is shady
@Jenayah The personal glory might be better than reputation.
1:19 AM
@Alex well yeah, but that rather applies for main meta only
If you link a Mi Yodeya Meta post for instance, the people who would be committed enough to vote for it would likely already have done so
Dunno if I'm being clear
@Jenayah Somewhat.
@Jenayah Probably not too many of those here.
And the few times I've done so, I don't think it got me any more votes.
Though it's hard to know because there's no notifications for Meta posts.
@Alex my point exactly
@Jenayah I guess you are being clear then.
Q: Make voting activity on your posts available on site metas (what you would get from rep if metas had rep)

Monica CellioChild metas don't have rep, so there's no point in tracking a rep stat or reporting changes. But one of the things rep updates do on main sites is to alert me when there's activity on older posts. On metas, unless I revisit a question I'll never notice that there's been a bunch of voting (which...

TLDR but maybe someone found a workaround in this thread
@Jenayah Funny, I was thinking of that post when I wrote my comment.
1:30 AM
Great minds think alike
@Jenayah Yeah, but you probably just searched for it now. I read it months ago.
But I'll still give you credit.
1:54 AM
@Alex that's very magnanimous of you :p
@Jenayah I've been accused of worse.
By the way you have a really good English vocabulary for a Frenchwoman.
@Alex or, I have very good French vocabulary, and a reliable online translator :p
@Jenayah No such thing.
@Alex eh for one or two words it's okay
for sentences it gets a bit bumpier, granted
Though Google Translate has greatly improved recently
@Jenayah The only languages that I can really judge it on are English and Hebrew. It usually gets the basic idea.
Though I recently used it for French, and it clearly missed some stuff.
2:05 AM
Oh sure it still needs human reviewing
But it isn't as bad as it was years ago
Case in point: If I translate "candyman" to French it gives me "candyman", but if I put in "candy man" it gives me "bonbon homme".
That would be because there's no real translation for Candyman
You're referring to the movie?
Or someone selling candies?
@Jenayah No.
@Jenayah Or giving them out.
@Alex yeah I can't think of an "obvious" word for that
In English, I think that "candy man" would more likely be a man made out of candy.
Whereas "candyman" would be the man with the candies.
2:19 AM
There would be confiseur, but it's the guy who actually makes candies
And I think that "bonbon homme" is just a literal translation of the two words.
@Alex indeed
So I don't know which meaning it would point to.
Q: 2010s (?) YA sci-fi short story book with eerie or disturbing endings; one involving mind control and a baseball player

AngelaSo I read this book around 2013/14 but I’m not sure when it was published. Essentially there were a bunch of short stories with creepy or disturbing endings. I only remember one of them but I don’t know all the details. From what I remember this person could jump into someone’s mind and take ove...

but if you say homme bonbon it's a bit more evocative
order matters
2:20 AM
@Jenayah Tell that to Google Translate.
like, you could picture a guy made out of candy, or who really looks like a candy
@Alex meh
@Jenayah There's a short story about a family made out of sugar.
If I can remember it.
@Alex well, post it as a story-id
@Jenayah I already found it.
"Rain, Rain, Go Away" is a short story by Isaac Asimov. A fantasy rather than a science fiction story, it was based on an idea by Bob Mills, editor of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, but rejected by him. It was instead published in the September 1959 issue of Fantastic Universe and reprinted in the 1975 collection Buy Jupiter and Other Stories. == Plot summary == The story concerns a seemingly perfect family, the Sakkaros, who become neighbours of another family, the Wrights. The Wrights are puzzled at the great lengths the Sakkaros go to avoid any contact with water, such as when...
oh that sounds familiar
it's probably been answered somewhere yet :p
Q: Looking for children's story c. 1990-95 about a family of sugar people

Pam TamIt was in my language arts textbook. As far as I can recall, it was about a family that was new to town. The protagonist befriends a little boy in the family but the boy can never come out when it rains. It is later revealed that the entire family is made of sugar (or maybe it was salt...some kin...

2:33 AM
Or this example, where I put in il est encore question de son frère and it gave me he is still talking about his brother which may be the correct literal translation for all I know, but I don't think it fits properly as an English sentence in context.
Specifically the tenses.
@Alex eeeh the translation from "il" to "he" feels wrong, since the "il" in this case is the neutral pronoun
Which, granted, is the same as the masculine pronoun
Because French is fun
@Jenayah Would it make a difference if the person had been named earlier in the sentence?
@Alex no, because "il est question" will never be personal; it's a neutral phrasing
@Jenayah Ah, so basically I can't trust Google Translate to help me track down a French citation.
Even if you had Emily as a character, you would still say "Emily parle. Il est encore question de son frère" which you could translate as "Emily is speaking. It's still about her brother/It's about her brother again" if you want to keep the neutral, but you wouldn't change much if you want for "Emily is speaking. She's telling about her brother"
My personal preference would be an all-in-one sentence though, "Emily is yet again speaking about her brother"
2:45 AM
@Jenayah The problem is that I don't think that's what was meant in this case (of course, I could be wrong). I think it was trying to express that the person talks about his brother again somewhere else.
@Alex humm, not really, I'd suggest keeping the keywords and searching with those
For some phrasings you can use Linguee
@Jenayah That also only helps for individual words though, right?
@Alex personal preference for individual words is WordReference
@Jenayah More often than not, though, the problem is turning the individual words into a coherent sentence.
@Alex would you have the complete sentence/source?
2:50 AM
@Jenayah Yeah, but it's complicated by the fact that I think there's a citation in the middle of the sentence which might be messing things up.
Let me get it.
Dans son C. Parva, fol. 293r, Gersonide parle de l'un de ses frères; dans M., p. 104, il est encore question de son frère.
I know that Gersonide is a name.
And "C. Parva" and "M." are also names/abbreviations of names, I think.
Page 36 here:
C Parva and M sound like book/essay titles
@Jenayah That sounds right.
I can even venture a guess as to which book "M." is.
@Jenayah That could be. After all, the subject here is kind of Aristotelian philosophy.
@Alex "In his C. Parva, fol 293r, Gersonide tells about one of his brothers; in M., p. 104, he also tells about his brother/this brother is also brought up/mentioned"
3:03 AM
@Jenayah Ah, finally I get a normal English sentence, that actually makes sense in context.
What a shame that that wasn't even the main sentence I needed from that page.
Thanks a lot by the way.
google.fr/… seems kinda relevant
@Alex you're welcome, don't hesitate if you need French translations :)
@Jenayah Well the one that I really need is on a part of the page that I can't see on Google Books.
Plus I might be overdoing the whole "broken computer fix it" thing.
@Alex do you know of a sentence/group of words that could be on said page?
@Jenayah Yeah, I've tried searching various other phrases that are on that page, but it never shows me the part that I want.
I recently discovered, while fetching a quote for a story-ID, that even if the page was hidden, you could browse through it with the 4-lines preview... You just have to be patient and use the "search in this book" thing with the last 2-3 words in said preview
3:10 AM
@Jenayah Hmm, didn't seem to work for me, but I can always try again.
@Alex no Gersonide reference in my town's library network :/
@Alex well the discovery might just have applied on the very specific book I was dealing with, true
@Jenayah I just tried again. When I put in the last three words on the line it showed me the same preview with those words as the last three words again.
Aw crap
I guess I'll have to get a physical copy of the book.
Less than $20 on Amazon, not bad.
jstor.org/stable/3622455?seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents no idea what it's worth, but apparently if you sign up there you have 6 articles for free each month
3:19 AM
@Jenayah Yeah, I already have an account there. That article is related, but it's not precisely what I need.
Ah, okay!
Paying account or free account? If the latter, is the "6 articles for free" indeed a thing?
Don't really know what articles I could go for but every info's good to take
@Jenayah Free account. It must be a thing, because I'm reading the article right now.
@Jenayah But you can't download it.
@Alex but you can re-read it as much as you want right?
Is it 6 different articles, or 6 readings a month?
3:32 AM
@Jenayah I think so. There's a place to save it. They keep a sort of folder for you.
So I think it's 6 different articles.
4:29 AM
Q: Battlestar Galactica western gunfight

Danny3414Very faint memories of this, probably from the original TV series. I've tried searching for Wild West shootout and variations but no joy. There was like a cowboy saloon and a fighter pilot went outside and had a 'draw and shoot' with a Cylon on the street, there was something about his gun (ca...

5:26 AM
5:49 AM
Q: Please help identify a comic book issue

TheParrotPapaI remember reading this sometimes back in the 90s I think, there's a slim chance that it could have been early 2000s. There's at least two stories that I recall details of. The first is about an alien spaceship landing in what looks like medieval Europe. The alien looks roughly like the biomecha...

3 hours later…
8:29 AM
Q: Vanellope Von Schweetz on the 2019 Disney Princess Annual

Alex DownsOK, so last weekend, I got the 2019 Disney Princess Annual (I'm a male, by the way), I know that all the Disney Princess are gonna be in Wreck it Ralph 2, but couldn't they have put Vanellope in the Annual to promote that film, even if she won't be an official Disney Princess?

@Alex close enough. Any opinions on Smokey in here?
I personally don't like it but when I've been around and SD has posted in here I haven't seen any problems with it
We've had Smoke Detector in this room for two weeks now, so it's time to evaluate as promised. Please post your opinion as a reply to this.
Although I think at least 1 SD message didn't get deleted cos I saw it a while later
3 ones haven't been deleted...
All answers pointed to have been deleted
As spam or R/A
8:45 AM
Q: Is P.O.E.M. India's first superhero team?

user931Brahmand Rakshak (ब्रह्माण्ड रक्षक) possibly first appeared in 2002 with the comics of same name. And then, there's Protectors of Earth & Mankind (P.O.E.M). It has appeared in dozens of different comics and it consists of even more superheroes including the one's who are in Brahmand Rakshak te...

I wasn't thrilled at first, but in the end Smokey's messages eventually self-deleted the way they should, quite fast. It's not frequent enough to be noisy and if the stuff doesn't get deleted, one can ping Mith or SQB who generally aren't that far.
TLDR, Smokey isn't the funniest guy in the bunch, but I'm fine with it.
My problem is we don't want these messages hanging around, sure they should auto delete but they apparently don't always, we still have 3, and although the content isn't shown the user names of these accounts aren't great... we don't want that hanging around
@SQB @Mithrandir care to delete those?
I'd personally prefer them to stay over in the cleanup room dedicated for the bot but they generally don't get posted here when I'm around so I have yet to properly see how effective it really is
And any cons of it in action
I mean it's not a great sign when a bot designed to clean up the network can't clean up after itself... :/
9:10 AM
Those are the imitations of chat. It's just a regular chat user.
It's meant to auto delete before the window it up is it not?
Only if it gets a response within that window.
Although you'd have to ask @Mithrandir, really.
That's a problem in my mind
And we've had offensive content sitting around the chatroom for quite a while
That's not something we want
The message posted here isn't offensive, is it?
Oh wait, the user name.
Aye user names
And user names of troll users are almost always offensive
9:14 AM
@Mithrandir is it possible to have Smokey censor all usernames?
That reminds me that I have a FR to post in main meta
@SQB no
Basically, reset the username to default one when one of their posts has been flagged as spam/RA
Instead just using the number?
@Jenayah Problem is that it's too late to edit.
Or it would've been deleted in the first place.
But I agree with TLC that if the post is offensive, the user name is likely to be too.
Easy to switch back if it's a regular user (I think?), and if the user isn't deleted by mods we'd rather have "answered 34 mins ago by user123456 " on the frontpage than "answered 34 mins ago by Ididnaughtythingstoyourmomma"
I had this conversation with @Randal'Thor but can't seem to find it again in the transcript
Nope can't find the right set of keywords for it to pop on Google
And chat search is awful
9:26 AM
SE search is awful
Would've been around mid August
Dam this is driving me nuts now :p
9:53 AM
@Jenayah Starting from here?
Sep 1 at 10:10, by Jenayah
Partially related. Is there a Main Meta discussion about removing the last activity indicator from the homepage?
@Alex you rock
yesterday, by Jenayah
@Alex blushes
@SQB I personally don't care. I just mentioned it because September 15th was approaching.
10:21 AM
The pedantry compelled, ahah
Indeed. And it led to a good pedantic debate, if I recall.
10:35 AM
What's a bad pedantic debate? :P
Aug 17 at 14:44, by Jenayah
@Alex a "good" debate, everybody's okay(ish). A debate, no modifier... Well, have you been to the Internet recently? :D
Oi @TheLethalCarrot good catch on that Poe one
I'm not too confident that it's correct but it matches enough details that is worth mentioning in case they've muddled the details up
11:23 AM
@Jenayah Not everyone thinks so haha
I suppose the most significant, best remembered parts are what the OP chose to put in the header: "story about a woman who hears a voice that says he loves her and wants them to be together." I score it as a 5% match. — user14111 2 mins ago
@TheLethalCarrot senpai is never gonna notice you ahah
Too bad Anime & Manga doesn't do ID anymore. I'm curious.
11:42 AM
Q: Was there ever an Asian Batman?

casualcoderGiven the recent popularity of questions regarding various portrayals of Superman, I noticed that I don't remember ever hearing about an Asian Batman. I know of the popular Bruce Wayne, an African-American one and even a Russian one, but has there ever been an Asian portrayal of the Bat? (Exclud...

@TheLethalCarrot that's the basis for any good story ID answer. I've had a few weird cases like that.
Aye I've had a couple where some details were mixed or wildly out
11:58 AM
Q: Was Hagrid's hut built specifically for him?

srb1991I came across Why did Hagrid live in a hut?, and now I am wondering whether the hut was buildt specifically for Hagrid, as the Whomping Willow was specifically built for Lupin?

12:14 PM
@Marvin or maybe just by him?
@SQB for the background one in that youtube video?
that Black Bat is driving me crazy
12:30 PM
I'm tempted to say original creation, strongly inspired by other scenes
lately more and more anime girls are getting cursed into doing homework for eternity by some lofi chill hiphop wizard, and it's starting to become a real issue
Found it thanks tothat tweet
I think it's legit
Our network speed at work is so bad it reckons it would take a week in the best case to download the new tomb raider haha
Guy claims to be studying at Emile Cohl which is a well-known art school, I don't think they'd take copyright stuff lightly
I'm not entirely sure though since it's only a still, not a full-fledged animation
Come to think of it I know someone who's studying at that school
It's animated on his website.
I'll ask when she's back from her holidays
12:39 PM
aye I posted the homepage at first and then edited into the portfolio
He presents it as his own work, under "professional". So I assume he was commissioned to create that.
Incredibly wasteful, though. She only writes half of a page before flipping to a new one, leaving one page and a half blank.
Back to story IDs, this was a nice surprise. Accepted after 20 months.
A: Kid gets sucked into a video game or TV show

SQBZorg? Could it have been The Battle of Zorn by Lurlene McDaniel? A review from GoodReads: I can't remember much about this title except that it is about a kid who plays a video game and gets transported into the video game world and has to fight the wars going on therein... I lost this boo...

Confused me cos that was last year haha
I remembered answering it, but had forgotten it had been accepted. I was going through my accepted story ID answers.
Ah right
1:09 PM
damn if I don't find this Black Bat Pakistani character I'm boutying the question
there, it's noted in my phone so it's official
Q: Why didn't the Imperials block the exhaust port on the Death Star during the Battle of Yavin?

Michael WashburnThe rebel plan is to fire torpedoes into the Death Star's exhaust port, causing a chain reaction that will destroy the Death Star. One of the Imperial officers tells Tarkin: OFFICER: We've analyzed their attack, sir, and there is a danger. Should I have your ship standing by? Star Wars:...

I found another one
but still no Pakistani Batman :(
1:25 PM
بیٹ مین
That translates very differently to Dutch than it does to English.
What does it translate into?
Ah, of course, this "batman".
The Dutch translation is in line with this use of "batman".
A batman or an orderly is a soldier or airman assigned to a commissioned officer as a personal servant. Before the advent of motorized transport, an officer's batman was also in charge of the officer's "bat-horse" that carried the pack saddle with his officer's kit during a campaign. The U.K. English term is derived from the obsolete bat, meaning "pack saddle" (from French bât, from Old French bast, from Late Latin bastum). == Duties == A batman's duties often include: acting as a "runner" to convey orders from the officer to subordinates maintaining the officer's uniform and personal equipment...
Greetings, Earthlings.
1:53 PM
Greetings, Hubble guy!
2:05 PM
Yeah, that's it, I'm dropping the search for Pakistani Batman.
Too much cheesy 60s-70s comics will have strange effects on one's brain.
There'll be a bounty for that one.
2:36 PM
@Jenayah On questions where one answer is clearly more helpful, that applies. Here, both answers are about the same: the book gives the same number twice in two different places, we found one each and gave quotes.
2:51 PM
Are Hubble guys usually called "Hubbies"?
@b_jonas then maybe don't accept either, or accept yours and bouonty the other one
Talking about bounty, I have a question.
How do they get something to taste so nice when it's just coconut and chocolate?
As you know, I'm going to bounty Pakistani Batman. If someone finds him and posts an image bounty awarded, no problem. But I'd also want to reward someone finding evidence that there were no Pakistani Batman (and then that Wikipedia is wrong), through an interview or something. However, posting "there's no Pakistani Batman" as an answer to "Was there an Asian Batman?" doesn't really qualify as an answer does it?
@TheLethalCarrot my peanut allergy will tell you that there's also peanuts in this stuff
Are they meant to be in it though?
I don't think so
Probably made in the same factory as Snickers or other dreadful stuff
3:00 PM
Probably, thouh nothing wrong with a Snickers
Tell that to people allergic to peanuts
@Jenayah It does qualify as an answer though it's hard to do, you have to try and prove the negative and that isn't exactly easy
@Jenayah Just need to grow thicker skin, you'll be fine
@TheLethalCarrot I don't know someone could go and ask a writer or stuff
@TheLethalCarrot it's not by touch
It's by smell and of course, eating
If you're in a 1.5meter radius and you've eaten Snickers, M&M's, etc... I'll smell it (and feel very dizzy, then system shuts down and stuff)
And if I eat one of those well
Throat swells
3:03 PM
So a severe allergy then?
Temperature rises
Heart slows down
(in a matter of seconds)
@TheLethalCarrot I carry two adrenaline syringes on me all the time to rekindle the heart if I eat peanuts
so yeah pretty severe
Fortunately avoiding peanuts is overall easy at the end of the day
Unlike gluten... Gluten allergy must suck big time
I most likely have Celiac's
Not been tested but a few of my cousins have it, my dad and grandad have it and I'm showing symptoms
oh crap
no bread, wheat and stuff then?
Well I shouldn't have it but it's too tastey and I'm not diagnosed yet so I still have some
Just means I don't feel well for a few hours after having it haha
@TheLethalCarrot don't play with your health :/
3:09 PM
Q: Why do Janek plus at least two other crew members throw their lives away when one could pilot the ship?

Michael WashburnAt the climax of Prometheus, Janek and two other human characters (and possibly more offscreen) make a kamikaze suicide run, ramming their ship against the alien craft and destroying themselves in the process. If they wanted to ram the alien craft, it's not clear why one human couldn't have done ...

I'm sensible enough to know how much is too much don't worry
Plus have you ever tried gluten free bread?
@TheLethalCarrot Man I'm French, baguettes come with gluten or they're not baguettes
Gluten free bread is not bread
@TheLethalCarrot Yes. It's not the same as regular, but not that bad, if you find a good one.
oh right your mom is allergic to wheat isn't she?
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@Jenayah yep, although we generally just use spelt instead
@Mithrandir is the taste much different? (curiosity)
Spelt bread tastes good, although I must admit I'm not sure if it was pure spelt bread that I had.
Also, a couple of years ago you couldn't even have lived in Delft, @Jenayah. There was a huge Calvé plant there.
They make peanut butter.
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@SQB oh yeah I saw those in the house's kitchen
and stay faaaar away from them
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"Death on Bread"
For you, that is; me, I like the stuff.
Especially with sambal.
Q: Do more Israelis die from peanut allergies than Palestinian conflict?

George GraingerIn his song 'Terrorist' the artist Lowkey asserts: It seems nuts, how could there be such agony? When more Israelis die from peanut allergies In the context of the song, he seems to be claiming that more Israelis die as a result of peanut allergies than violence as a result of the conf...

I just happened across it on Skeptics.
The answer is no, by the way.
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That would have been... Surprising, to say the least
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Bamba (Hebrew: במבה‎) is a peanut butter-flavored snack manufactured by the Osem corporation in Holon, Israel. Bamba is one of the leading snack foods produced and sold in Israel. It has been marketed since 1964 with no decline in sales. Bamba makes up 25% of the Israeli snack market. Similar products from other domestic manufacturers include "Parpar" (Telma, since 2000 a subsidiary of Unilever) and "Shush" (Strauss-Elite). Bamba is made from peanut butter-flavored puffed maize. Bamba contains no preservatives or food coloring, is enriched with several vitamins, and contains high amounts of fat...
Israelis have much lower peanut allergies because of that.
As Bamba is made with peanuts, people allergic to peanuts may be severely affected by it. However, a 2008 study concluded that, due to the extensive consumption of Bamba by infants in Israel, peanut allergy is rare. A control group of Jewish children in the UK had ten times higher rates of allergy; the difference is not accounted for by differences in atopy, social class, genetic background, or peanut allergenicity.
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@Alex o yeah, we have those here too. When I was a kid, the joke was to pretend to sneeze then hang one of them from your nose.
Like a gross piece of snot.
What can I say? Kids are gross and weird.
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Is there any way to figure out how often bounties pay for themselves by providing new upvotes to the question?
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