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1:26 AM
Q: What is this creature on the back of Harry Potter 2 Illustrated Edition?

padfootI was just looking at this Dust Cover of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Illustrated Edition) and noticed this creature. My first guess as to what it was was a bowtruckle. But Bowtruckles arent that big. Maximum of eight inches in height, made of bark and twigs with two small Bowtr...

2:15 AM
Q: What is the name of this anime about a guy that goes to a magic school but doesn't have any magic?

ChristopherGot told of an anime about a guy that goes to a magic school but doesn't have any magic. Heard he had black gloves and some students don't want to let him cause he doesn't have magic so he fights them. Can anyone please tell me the name?

3:04 AM
Q: 1980's fantasy I read and can't remember to save my life

Brett AllenRead a series of books and I don't believe it is the Castle Perilous series. As those came out in the end of the 80's and I think I read this other series in the mid 80's.It involved a castle and it was outside of space/time. I think all of the inhabitants were fairly powerful mages. The only ke...

3:23 AM
@Jenayah Strange... I upvoted that answer hours ago as indicated by chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/46706263#46706263 but I had a tab of that post open from before on another computer and when I went back to that computer it showed zero upvotes so I upvoted again. When I refreshed the page it showed 2 upvotes.
I'm pretty sure one is from Mithrandir because I remember when I was first looking at the post it had zero upvotes, and it got an upvote as I was reading it, at the same time as Mithrandir posted this comment: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/46706188#46706188 Yet when I look at my voting history it shows that I upvoted the answer just now and does not show anything from when I upvoted it hours ago.
Never mind. The explanation can be found in your profile. (For some reason your profile has a better record of my actions than my profile does.) Apparently, when I clicked the upvote button the second time, it removed my original upvote but replaced it with a new upvote (though I don't know why it would do that, as normally clicking the upvote button again only removes the original upvote).
My original upvote is the one at 20:40, and was removed and regiven "16 mins ago".
3:53 AM
Q: In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, how were the hostages chosen for the second task of the Triwizard Tournament?

Bertram WoosterFor each of the four champions, the merpeople had "taken what you'll sorely miss". So they took Ron, Harry's best mate, Hermione, Krum's crush, Cho, Cedric's girlfriend and Gabrielle, Fleur's little sister. To us as readers it's pretty clear why these specific people were chosen to be hostages. B...

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5:17 AM
@Jenayah they're fine
2 hours later…
7:08 AM
Q: Why did Hagrid live in a hut?

RichSHagrid lived in a hut away from the rest of the Hogwarts. To my best recollection, the other professors lived in Hogwarts castle proper. So why was he in a hut? Not good enough for a proper room in the castle? Liked being around magical creatures and there were more critters outside the castle...

7:56 AM
@Marvin the continuity and death stones are in the hands of the writers.
Q: Anyone know title off movie

Anders KørupI'm trying to find a movie I saw a few years ago. It's about a spaceship. That left earth to find new home. But something went wrong. So they ended up on earth years later. They crash into earth protection Grid. ( They ONLY find out in the end ) The rest off human population is taken captured...

8:13 AM
Q: Whats the name of this B rated horror flic?

Justin CurrensB rated horror movie possibly named freaks but I can't find it by Googleing it one character has no arms and is like a worm person.... Only saw it once but worm guy is always asking people to wipe his butt trying to remember the name of the movie the director or more info so i can find it

8:43 AM
@Marvin sffnal? I don't see it.
Depends on how wormy the worm person is
I was giving it the benefit of the doubt
I didn't, even though I'm a bit on the fence about it.
Because if it's Freaks, it certainly feels like fantasy, even though it isn't.
I usually go for benefit of the doubt, if confirmed to be off topic close it
Comment on the answer seems to confirm it is likely Freaks too
Not by the OP mind you
@TheLethalCarrot which one?
The YouTube clip, I'd imagine that is the character the OP is thinking of
9:01 AM
Hmm... I'll edit that in.
I was gonna let Klaus do it but I suppose he's seen the comment now and didn't edit it
FWIW why did you put the image before the text? That makes the post flow worse in my opinion
@TheLethalCarrot I did it because it may trigger the querant's memory quicker.
Fair enough, I don't mind it but I do prefer images like that at the end
I usually sacrifice a bit of flow (I agree with you on that) for the possibility of having an attention grabber early on in the post.
Q: What would prevent me from taking advantage of scammers?

MonkeyZeusInspired by 20% monthly mining vs 5% monthly trading What would prevent me from investing $1,000 for a month, pulling out, investing with a different scammer, rinse & repeat? This question is not specific to the inspiration question but Ponzi/Madoff/investment scams in general. What stop-gaps d...

@SQB It is a long quote I suppose but meh
9:05 AM
@SQB the fact that they're actively trying to scam you?
Oh, this is nice.
Q: Frequently Answered Questions (by topic)

JoeTaxpayerMembers are welcome to continue to directly edit this FAQ Note The Help Page shows a link to this FAQ. If you missed it, please read the Code of Conduct Getting Started starting-out-investing Best way to start investing, for a young person just starting their career? Oversimplify it for me...

It's a FAQ on meta, pointing to Qs on main.
And featured (likely permanently) so that it has high visibility on main.
Is quite good, something like that wouldn't work here mind you
No, probably not. Although we could keep a list of currently frequently asked questions.
Well we don't really get frequently asked questions
You get a few dupes around the times a new work is out/released on DVD but nothing I'd say is asked frequently
Yeah, you're right. Still nifty.
The most useful thing like that would be current top posts but then that's essentially a mix of the HNQ and the blog's best posts of the quarter
9:26 AM
We could do it for the meta FAQ, though.
9:58 AM
With what on it?
Q: Novel about humans evacuated to two different planets, evil president kills off everyone left behind

NathanI read this novel about 20+ years ago, I remember the story quite well but I'm having trouble finding the title. The novel is split into three threads; the first is people living in a society on an Earth-like planet where they are denied any identity e.g. names - husband and wife have to refer t...

Q: What is with IMDB'S list of most popular "B-movie" horror titles?

Justin CurrensIs it just me or should movies such as Nightmare on elm street (1), 13 ghost, Grindhouse, Dawn of the Dead, Friday the 13th, the hills have eyes and lawn mower man NOT be part of this list of b-movie horror flics!.... I would agree with basket case, Evil Dead, Killer clowns from outer space, Att...

10:18 AM
@TheLethalCarrot a grouped list of FAQs. Identification "how to ask", "how to ask manga", "how to answer"; Topicality "is James bond on topic", "what about science explanations"; ...
And so on.
Fair enough, I have been thinking for a while about creating a meta for all the different story id guides
Just wait a bit, I'm about halfway done.
Oh I wasn't going to go and do one haha
Investigating a memory leak so taking up time
Ah, fun!
Worst part is we're 99% sure the memory leak is in the clients API we're interfacing into
10:24 AM
Q: Who is Rumpelstiltskin's Queen?

Alex DownsIn Shrek Forever After, when Rumpel becomes King of Far Far Away, the Shrek Wiki says that Baba, the leader of the witches, is presumably his Queen, but in the video game, the Fairy Godmother (Dama Fortuna) is his Queen (albeit for a week). So WHO is his Queen?

Good comment on Rumpelstiltskin.
That user was getting better with their titles too... :/
Most of their questions are about stuff they've read in wikia's or heard on YouTube which is not really the best place to pull information from
10:40 AM
@TheLethalCarrot partially related but the user with HP questions made an actual title for their last one
I thought something looked different but couldn't place what it was till I saw this meta on SO
Q: Can we hide the inline tag edit button, please? This is distracting

李哲源It seems that CSS style of Stack Exchange changed again? Now the inline tag edit button for a post consistently shows up, even if you don't hover your mouse over that position. Am I the only one who see this distracting? Since the inline tag editing is a privilege unlocked at 10k reputation, not...

@Jenayah I saw :)
I wish they'd stop playing around with the tag/editing looks... making them look weird and personally I find a lot of the changes are worse
Lethal carrots.
@TheLethalCarrot yeah, that's crappy. Especially since it just reads "edit" instead of "edit tags".
Making it worse in my eyes
I object to that use of carrots ;P
10:48 AM
Sorry, having some fun here.
I'll stop now.
A spaceship is SciFi enough for a story-ID right?
Think so, link to be sure?
Unless it's the Space Shuttle, yeah, sure.
Can't link, it's something I'm looking for
@SQB Couldn't think of the word that's why I just went with think so haha
10:56 AM
Q: What vintage movie had this blue floating holographic head talking to some kind of military installation?

uhohIn the comedic music video SPACE FORCE - The Theme Song there are many clips of vintage scifi films, some of which I recognize. This one however, of a large blue floating holographic head talking to some kind of military installation does not look at all familiar. Does anyone recognize this fil...

Basically a Breakout style game but with a spaceship that throws music notes
It's not Audio Surf, is it?
Game id's receive mixed reviews on here but you can't ask on gaming any more soo....
You can, but you need a screenshot
10:58 AM
Aye that's what I mean
It looked like this, but with music notes
I know of one with beer bottles, shooting bottle caps.
But not music notes.
So space invaders sort of game?
Ahah. I played that when I was 6-7 so probably no beer bottles no :p
@Jenayah do we have that requirement here as well? I know Arqade has it.
11:00 AM
@SQB not that I know of but yeah Arqade requires it
We do not
Q: How to ask a good (video game) story-ID question

ValorumWe seem to have a pretty regular number of story-ID questions specifically focused on finding half-remembered video-games stories. Our top tag is story-identification (with over 10,000 questions) and we already have an excellent guide to help people answer them in "How to ask a good story-ID que...

Aaaaand nevermind I found it ><
Yeah dunno why I didn't find it yesterday
Self-answer it. That's awesome.
11:04 AM
Looks a bit half thought out mind you
Yeah, but I read its title in a Muppet Show voice-over: "Nooooootes iiinnn Spaaaaaace!!"
@TheLethalCarrot yeah it didn't have the greatest storyline :p
Well I just mean why mix space and space objects with musical notes. It's like they had the idea for a music based space invaders game but then decided to cash in on space invaders so put it in space haha
11:06 AM
@SQB I don't know
@TheLethalCarrot duh it's some kind of game they sold to parents to enable them to make their kids shut up when they said they wanted a video game, while having this "educational" solfege aspect
Mine certainly fell for it ahah
Well yeah but why space and music haha
My tiny brain can't work it out
(Well I know why, it's to cash in on the space theme but shhhh)
@TheLethalCarrot maybe they salvaged an existing game of theirs
No need to recode everything
Just change the graphics
Except they didn't bother changing graphics either haha
Only for like 3 things
Yeah no it's an indie thing apparently
Website looks like it was coded on a Minitel
Lol, wish more websites looked like that nowadays ;P
11:13 AM
Same page exists in French, now I know where my father downloaded that ahah
Can't read that one... too much French
You're not missing out much
But I am missing out on something? :P
While searching for this thing I was reminded of a Bubble Shooter-like with dinosaurs that I used to play too
But I found that one
Does this bring back memories to anyone? 😂
Not me
11:23 AM
Classic Bubble shooter
But with dino eggs
Aaaaand here you have the complete set of videogames I was allowed to play as a kid
All two of them?
You don't want to know how many I played then
Or for that matter how many I have just on Steam at the moment
@TheLethalCarrot I think you mentioned that earlier in the summer ahah
I have more on there than I'll ever play
11:28 AM
Drop everything and become a YouTuber
Unless you want to watch me play Portal whilst I'm at work on my lunch breaks probably not much point haha
@TheLethalCarrot drop your work
My PC is at work at the moment though :/
Also playing Portal on lunch break is a bad idea
Especially when you get to the dessert
11:32 AM
@TheLethalCarrot don't you have another at home?
Or did you bring the one you built at work?
Brought it into work
Needed the water cooler fixing
I thought you like used it for work for some reason
No idea what you're working on but may have been a waste of mighty gaming computer power
Oh no, I wouldn't do that
Just like this Japanese teacher at school who drives every gamer mad because she uses a MSI only to project PowerPoints on the whiteboard :p
Just needed to fix it and we're moving house so it's staying at work for a bit
My PC is mainly made up of Corsair and MSI parts
And the Intel processor of course
Then a Creative sound card and ASUS DVD drive
And WD HDDs and Samsung SSD
Think that's ti
11:38 AM
Sounds lovely :p
You mentioned MSI
My computer, well, takes five whole seconds to switch between windows
Blame yourself for setting me off ;P
Well I spent quite a bit on mine over the years
It's getting ready for a new GPU... it doesn't need one but I'd like to get a new one
@TheLethalCarrot I was serious!
I'll probably build one when I'm out of school, got a job, long-lasting place etc
And after I get my dog :p
We couldn't have a dog in the place we rented :(
11:42 AM
Ow :(
Move out
Dogs are life
What kind of dog would you like?
We are moving out haha
It changes a lot haha
12:03 PM
What, the place you live in or the kind of dog you'd like?
I forgot how short the first portal is
12:31 PM
Whoops, Jenayah's turned into a dog.
@Mithrandir nah, dogs bark
arf = "eheh"
Be careful saying that to women
12:50 PM
Q: Have the Death officially turned to Nurgle in the timeline of the Horus Heresy book series?

Richard CI have been dipping into the latest Horus Heresy books and picking the ones that seem most interesting after being disappointed by several of the ones around the middle (Damnation of Pythos in particular). Throughout the books I have read I have seen the Emperors Children give themselves to Sla...

Q: Were there humans off planet in Horizon Zero Dawn?

Richard CGiven how advanced humanity had become before it was wiped out by the Faro Virus it is not a stretch to think that there were bases off planet with humans living on them. Has this been confirmed one way or the other at all either in game, or by anyone outside of the game?

1:07 PM
Q: How big is the smallest warp capable ship in the 40K universe?

Richard CIn the Horus Heresy short story Ghosts Speak Not the lead character Amendera Kendel is given a ship for her mission, it is stated this is one of the smallest warp capable vessels in the Imperium. While it isn't fully described it sounds like it might be about the size of the Serenity from Firefly...

@Jenayah that doesn't really need the video games tag
dunno I looked at the first othe HZD question and it had it
aaaaaand it's gone
I don't think questions about games like that should have it but there is inconsistent usage
Q: Why did Cooper not get spaghettificated after entering the black hole?

SHASHANK MittalHow can Cooper avoid spaghettification when entering the black hole at the end of Interstellar? How much time did Cooper spend inside the black hole? Doesn't the time dilation principle apply inside a black hole? If yes, then why did Cooper not emerge thousands of years into the future?

kind of the definition of SFF.SE innit? :p
1:17 PM
1:27 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
Greetings, Hubble guy!
> "Hubble-Man, Hubble-Man, can't do anything a Hubble can!"
2:12 PM
Q: Are there "good" Bounty Hunters in Star Wars universe?

user931Definitions of Bounty Hunter: Google: A person who pursues a criminal or fugitive for whom a reward is offered. Cambridge: Someone who searches for criminals or hunts animals in exchange for a reward. Collins: A bounty hunter is someone who tries to find or kill someone in order to get the rewa...

Q: Perpetual machine idea : Infinitely looping water

GarromI got fired from physics stack exchange because it is not mainstream physics but personal theory.They told me to come here with such question. It is purely theoretical but it may work. I was always interested in perpetual machines but I know it is against laws of physics. But when you can't go ag...

Q: Scifi story about cubes/threads attracted to sentient beings that entangle/kill them

MurphySo, there was a scifi story I read, probably about a decade ago, I vaguely remember the cover featuring a pink cube. Plot points: There's a sort of environmental threat of weird never-fully-explained cubes and threads that are attracted to sentient beings and entangle/kill people. The pheno...

2:28 PM
Q: Fantasy book about a man with a magic box and something involving divine destiny

FuzzyBootsI read this as a paperback around the 90s in English, part of a collection of the shelves of our house (so it might be older). The cover has the protagonist considering the box, which I remember as having geometric designs and a blue motif. Said protagonist starts the book as a rug merchant, sell...

ahah my task bar is rigged
Took me three times of looking at the time thinking "yeah 15h42, I'm fine" before realizing it
Yeah, you've lost me
clock's stuck at 15h42
and I've looked at it three times without noticing it
and each time thinking "meh it's still early"
2:36 PM
Oh it's stuck, get ya now
3:01 PM
@Marvin yeah, let's delete that blatantly off-topic post.
They knew it would be off topic, since they were apparently "fired from physics stack exchange".
@SQB well, apparently the folks there suggested to go to SFF
granted it's a "personal theory" (per OP's words) but They told me to come here with such question.
Hmm... @Randal'Thor, maybe you should have a word with the fine folks over there.
I don't think that kind of thing would even be on-topic for Worldbuilding.
the Physics post was (apparently) deleted though, so maybe someone was throwing a joke?
Which wasn't understood
for this self-answer to rise to the top: scifi.stackexchange.com/a/122826/98028
3:23 PM
@Jenayah Indeed, see this (now deleted) comment:
@Alex aye I saw
@Jenayah Akin to your comment yesterday:
17 hours ago, by Jenayah
Still sci-fi :^)
@Alex indeed
@Alex Clearer version:
3:52 PM
Q: Why didn't Jaime Lannister tell everyone about Aerys's wildfire plans?

RichSJaime Lannister killed King Aerys II, the mad king, a man he swore to protect, to stop the king from burning the city with wildfire. He never told anyone why. Not even his father or his sister. Perhaps not even the other knights of the Kingsguard. (Do the other knights know why?) He finally told...

4:05 PM
Q: YA/childrens book I read in the mid-late 90s, about videogames & crocodiles?

for_esmeI only have a few random memories of what this book is. I read this when I was in late elementary/middle school, so in the mid-late 90s (1994-1998 I'm guessing). I can't remember exactly what the story was about but I do remember: the main character was a young/teen boy his father was possibly ...

I believe the movie you're looking for is "Freaked" (1993). It's a sci-fi comedy and it does begin and maybe? end on a plane and it has a 'worm' guy. — the guest 3 hours ago
Seen that? We might have to reopen.
Maybe, wait for him to confirm now though
@TheLethalCarrot uh, no?
Don't we have a policy which makes it on-topic if the answer is SFF, but the question isn't?
Sure but the OP hasn't said that is the answer
guest can't post their answer as long as it's not been reopened
I'd vouch for reopening
It's a bit tweaked but in case it's a drive-by user there's more chances of a formal acceptance
4:18 PM
I'm not fussed either way but at the moment nothing is saying this is on topic
The OP does not appear to be a drive by user however
Registered true
but eh
I'm tempted to give it the benefit of the doubt. VTROing.
my usual defiant self :p
They did post it on SFF.
For new users that means next to nothing :P
4:20 PM
Wait, it features "Mr. T as The Bearded Lady"? Why have I never seen this film?
@TheLethalCarrot what? They could have posted it on Lit
If it's here, "innocent until proven guilty".
Q: Sci fi book about space military supply ship someone is stealing

ShadelordThe book is about a young officer straight out of academy. He get chosen by the captain of a military supply ship to replace a dead cargo officer. One day he decided to open a crate to check everything is fine with it and discovers that is filled with rocks. He orders locked down of his area and ...

@Jenayah How many times have we had the conversation that people are lazy and post wherever they end up? Haha
4:21 PM
@TheLethalCarrot agree to disagree, there's not that many new story-ID Qs which are blatantly off-topic
Well it's tweaked by the amount of story-ID Qs but you get my point
Nah I agree
I mean I was initially not going to close it but it looked like the answer was almost certainly the one that was posted and someone sent it to queue
@Marvin And FWIW this is most likely off topic... it certainly is if my answer is confirmed
4:37 PM
Q: Why was Luke Skywalker always in danger of being eaten?

FanofCometsIn the movie A New Hope, a dianoga in the Death Star's garbage chamber tried to eat Luke. In The Empire Strikes Back, on the planet Hoth a wampa captures Luke and then tries to eat him, on the planet Dagobah, Luke is threatened by a dragonsnake swimming in the water, this is the creature that ate...

Q: 80s Cartoons with robots with "screen" head

McTroopersI remember watching a cartoon, in the late '80s, for which I can't remember the name. The cartoon was surely American, had a light tone and was clearly aimed at kids. It featured three robots as protagonists, that had no legs, could float/fly and that had a kind of TV screen as head (the screen d...

ooooh that last one is familiar
4:57 PM
@SQB 24:50, the worm guy
Yeah, I saw that. I had it muted, though, so I didn't listen for ehr... his requests.
Oh cool, I found a quote for an old story-ID which I wasn't sure about :)
It's update time
5:10 PM
@SQB Definitely this.
see 36:50
There, edited
User was definitely remembering Les Revenants
5:43 PM
Q: Had the Tyranids attacked Cadia, would their very presence clog the Eye of Terror?

ClockworkThe question was worded in past tense, because The Eye of Terror is basically a permanent Warp Rift, a direct connection between the material world to the Immaterium. On the other hand, the very presence of a Tyranid Hive Fleet creates a phenomenon that the Imperium scholars qualify as a Sha...

@SQB Okay, wow, that was a horrible film.
@Mithrandir you watched the entire film?
got time to lose? :p
i plead the fifth
5:55 PM
Q: Was there a wedding scene deleted from the Twilight Zone episode "Jess-Belle"?

Buzz"Jess-Belle" is the less famous of Anne's Francis's two star turns on The Twilight Zone. In it, she plays a vindictive woman, who becomes a witch as part of her attempts to win back her ex-boyfriend. When I saw a rerun of this episode around 1990, my mother was certain that there was a scene mi...

Someone get Jack to watch it.
Or @DrRDizzle.
How was the soundtrack, @Mithrandir?
6:17 PM
@SQB Got a new Bad Movie for you, @JackBNimble :D
Yeah, we're so dead to him that you need a superping.
@Mithrandir I plead the third.
6:56 PM
Was the Black Clover answer self-deleted or did it go through a vote?
I don't think that was it but it had some matching points
too bad
oh my
was looking if I could identify that one scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/159718/…
So I googled dessin animé sorcière cristal âme péchés capitaux francais -sins (cartoon witch crystal soul deadly sins french -sins)
second result is the Youtube channel of a French political party :'D
7:36 PM
Q: 90s B-rated horror movie with a haunted house

DiegoI remember watching a movie when I was around 6-8 (1990 - 1992) in Brazil, what makes the film has benn released probably around 3 years before at least. In this movie there was this house that was haunted by some kind of witch/spirit/demon or something. I remember the title in portuguese having ...

7:52 PM
Q: One Thousand and One Nights sort of Movie

MireczekI believe it was two part TV movie, but I can be wrong about this. What I remember is that it started with description of the wizard believing it is greater then Allah, and thus the Allah has cursed him and changed him to the Genie, but he was not forced to live in the oil lamp, but instead he wa...

8:08 PM
Q: Is there a depiction of Superman where he is an African American?

FernandoRibeiroThe title kinda says it... Is there a comic book, animation or any other media where Superman is depicted as being an African American? I know that there are alternate universes where he is, for example, a Soviet, but I'm more interested if there's a depiction of a black Superman. And I'm even ...

8:41 PM
Q: Harold Pendragon, King consort of Far Far Away?

Alex DownsIn Shrek 2, we are introduced to King Harold and Queen Lillian. But at the end of the film, it is revealed that Harold was born a frog, which must mean that it was LILLIAN’s family who held the throne. In Shrek 3, we are introduced to Arthur Pendragon, who is Fiona’s maternal cousin. So Lillian’...

8:56 PM
Does Imgur work for you guys?
It can't upload one of my pictures for some reason
On site or chat?
Hmm, yeah, seems borked for me too. Imgur's side?
that's what the message says
but since my computer has issues sometimes I figured I'd check with someone else
9:29 PM
Q: Is there a depiction of Superman as a Asian?

Abraham RayAlong the lines of “is there a depiction of Superman as a African-American?” Was there ANY depiction of Superman as a Asian in the comics or even elsewhere?

Well, we've covered Asian and African American today. Who's up for asking "is there a depiction of Superman being a Native American/Indian/[insert ethny here]"? :p
gotta remind myself to fix the imgur links when it's not borked anymore
they're not on the stack imgur
9:46 PM
Q: Sci-fi book opening with the description of a big spaceship wandering in space

doronweissSeveral years ago while on a trip I ran into a sci-fi book in an hotel lobby, the book started something like that: The ship was big, very big, no one knew how big it really was, it wandered in space... This is not an actual quote, it is just a vague memory - but the general direction is ...

1 hour later…
11:11 PM
I'm able to upload pictures.
oooh indeed it's not borked anymore
I'm still looking for that one killed in Superboy Prime's rampage though
@SQB Is it around the 15th of September yet?
@Alex I'm afraid we're still the 14th aren't we?
@Jenayah Isn't the 14th around the 15th?
Everything's relative.
woah, four accepts in the same day :o
11:17 PM
Besides, in some time zones it's still the 13th.
Well it's even less around the 15th then
@Jenayah That's as many as I have for all time.
@Jenayah I would make the same argument as above.
@Alex and I would make the same argument I replied to your argument :)
@Jenayah And you'd be wrong.
@Alex What? Everything is relative
@Alex maybe expand beyond HP then :)
11:21 PM
@Jenayah Are those less likely to get accepted?
@Alex well by looking quickly at your profile page you post answers to questions which have been around for a while and already have an accepted answer. Not saying that they're bad answers of course (there are some great finds, like the girl who may have doubled a year from yesterday - that was a great one!); just that it's unlikely the acceptance will shift
@Jenayah Can't help it if all the Harry Potter questions were already asked before I was born.
@Alex before you were born? The oldest ones are dated from 2011 - how old are you?! :p
@Jenayah Yeah, slight exaggeration.
Alex is an AI created in '17
11:25 PM
@Alex Beware! You're drfiting away from pedantry...
@Mithrandir True.
It is a shame, though, that answers to old questions don't get much attention.
@Jenayah This was crucial, he must be like Dumbledore, keep a cool head, make sure there were backups, others to carry on. Dumbledore had died knowing that three people still knew about the Horcruxes; now Neville would take Harry’s place:
@Alex well yeah but it kind of seems logic
@Alex hum... yeah?
Whaddya mean?
yesterday, by Alex
@Jenayah Looks like you've taken my advice:
Yeah but I don't see the relation between Dumbledore and us being pedantic
@Jenayah I'm comparing myself to Dumbledore. Just like it was okay for him to die once he had told others about the Horcruxes, I can stop being pedantic once I have appointed a new pedant.
11:34 PM
@Alex glad to know I'm an interim
@Jenayah You can't trust my profile page. I see now that it shows an incorrect score for one of my top network posts. Who knows what else it has wrong?
@Alex I meant the SFF profile page
not the network one
@Jenayah The individual one shows top network posts as well.
@Alex ah, right
When was said post posted?
Maybe it's just something that gets updated twice a day or stuff
@Jenayah December 29th 2017.
@Jenayah Hasn't had any new votes in a while.
11:42 PM
oh indeed
might wanna take it to Main Meta ifyou're up to it
There doesn't seem to be a Q about it: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/top-network-posts
@Jenayah It seems like too isolated of an issue.
@Alex k
And it shows correctly on my network profile. How odd.
Q: Short story about a woman who hears a voice that says it loves her and wants them to be together

Gershon SilinsI’m trying to track down a sci-fi short story about a lonely woman who hears a voice that flirts with her, then tells her that it (he) loves her and that all she has to do is die in order for them to be happy together. It tells her to kill her cat, which she does, and then the voice says, it wor...

@Alex ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
11:57 PM
@Jenayah Perhaps I will take it to Meta after all.
@Alex any other user you can reach to who have network posts?
Which could then have the same bug
to back up your point
@Jenayah How would I know which ones might have the issue?

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