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1:00 PM
@Tinkeringbell then we should continue doing that
I was just in a bad school, which was strange, since it was 2 blocks from my home and Des Moines doesn't have non-religious private schools.
my school was christian, but the teachers were non-religious
I tried to go to uni and failed and now I haunt what is the job equivalent of the pre-owned bin at bestbuy
I am non-religious, but I'm also not an atheist
You guys are killing me. I actually need to get up early (for me), so I think I am going to put my head down and take just an ambien. I like the help the other gives, but there isn't enough coffee concentrate in the world to wake me back up in time to call my doctor. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be there or not. (I think not, but I'm not positive)
1:09 PM
Ambien is that sleeping pill, right?
@Jolenealaska Sleep well then :)
Before I go, I'm going to post a wedding picture in the pan.
@Jolenealaska Did you get married recently? Are congratulations in order? :)
Not unless you are actually Scot!
@Jolenealaska Okayyy.... then not I guess :P
1:13 PM
Congrats, definitely, but I haven't yet spoken to Scot. I'm just going to leave him hanging until after the radiology appt.
BTW, "need to know" is real spook talk, Eyes Only is out of the movies :)
Oops, now I know who you are :)
This is sooo weird.
I am confused
@Magisch Ambien is the normal sleeping pill I've used off and on for years. The new pill is quetiapine 50mg. It's a psychiatric drug in much, much higher doses.
@Jolenealaska Quick question: did you already take the pill? That would explain why my mind isn't able to follow yours I guess :P
Considering how well it works for sleep, I'd hate to see what 400mg/day would do.
@JarkoDubbeldam you aren't the only one
1:21 PM
@Jolenealaska Put you to sleep until a prince arrives to kiss you awake? :P
Red herrings everywhere
Something like that
but I have to wash my hair!
But it's too cold
@Jolenealaska That's a nice excuse to use a blow drier: heat and your hair won't be wet for long :P
Blow dryers cause frizz
@JarkoDubbeldam My coworkers were talking about that one during lunch... Thanks for the link though! ... sorta ridiculous... then Cinderella needs to go because it promotes child-labour :P
@Jolenealaska Hmm... I'm blessed with pretty sturdy hair, blowdrying it once in a while doesn't hurt it :) ... but if that isn't an option, yeah, washing your hair when it's cold isn't much fun... Maybe make a smurf hat out of a towel and wear that for the rest of the day?
1:24 PM
same story for snowwhite
@Tinkeringbell Smurf hat would be nice
Anyway, I've do have to go to bed right now. A wake up call would be great :)
@Jolenealaska I wear those a lot :P Once, when my youngest brother was very young, he started pulling it off, and when I said that it hurted the stated 'I didn't know your hair was in there'
I pulled my hair too
@Jolenealaska Hahaha :) At what time should we start massively pinging you? Are you going to leave the browser open and the sound on?
I still do if I'm really stressed
1:26 PM
I never do anything to my hair (I do shower, don't panic), but my hair never goes out of style
@Jolenealaska I used to chew...
I've cut it so short it can't reach my mouth anymore ;)
I pulled out my eyelashes in 7th and 8th grade
@Tinkeringbell oh that is so annoying, I still haven't cut my hair
@Jolenealaska Hmmm... that would have been a pretty sight (not).
maybe my hair is longer than yours
1:28 PM
@Termatinator Probably :)
@Firework Afternoon! :P
@Firework afternoon
And I wake up to this chat :p
OK, I'm posting that pic in the pan, then I am off to bed. Massive pinging at 9am?
It’s 8:28 AM EST
1:28 PM
@Tinkeringbell my hair reaches about half of my back
Cat says "bed now!"
@Jolenealaska 9 am where :P
@Jolenealaska Oh, give it a pet from me! :) Sleep well ;)
Two hours later... so much ping!
@Firework It's 14:29 UTC :P
1:30 PM
Gonna watch anime, curnchyroll has a sale 😀
@Tinkeringbell 14:30 now :P
@Firework Hahaha Enjoy! :)
Thanks! Be back soon to answer some questions!
@Termatinator Stop it :P I'm already counting minutes till the weekend :P This makes it seem even slower ;)
1:32 PM
14:32 :P, okay now I'll stop
so? anyone good with greeting people over the phone (people you don't know)?
@Termatinator Goede'morgen/middag/avond', U spreekt met <naam>. Ik bel u omdat ...
My go-to :)
Who do you have to call?
oh different reasons, for example if a code doesn't work and I have to ask about it at the store where I got it
@Termatinator Yeah, just use the above. That always works.
I used to HATE such phone calls, but since I realised that sentence works all the time, it's gotten better.
they are about as awkward as it can get
I bought the kindle paperwhite on amazon
40$ off
1:39 PM
black friday sale?
@Termatinator Meh... those people have to deal with it the whole day. If you're not connected to the right person, they will refer you. And most are actually very nice as long as you are nice as well
I once had someone call me back (call center person, mind you!) because I basically admitted I had made a mistake, and I wanted to correct it, but I didn't have my parents credit card ready (was at work). Person called back at 19:30 PM to handle things (they had to work till 20)
Basically, they are all nice person, although they may be a little busy ;)
@Magisch How easy is it to get pirated books on a kindle? :P
Or 'shared' books is a better word I guess.
I thought Kindles were pretty tight on that..
@Tinkeringbell I buy books mostly
I read a lot and ebooks are absurdly cheap these days
I feel like we should make a interpersonal book. [Tags: @Tinkeringbell]
@Tinkeringbell still makes it awkward for me, I can think of one thing that's more awkward
@Magisch That's also true. I have a e-reader from when I used to study, used it mostly to read pdf files/articles for school
I might need to dust that one of, but I like the smell of dusty books better...
@Termatinator Yeah, the feeling will linger a looong time. Having a few successfull calls helps though ;)
1:47 PM
@Tinkeringbell LED display e-readers make my eyes hurt
@Firework Meh... I'm not that complicated, I don't deserve a book :P
Yes, you do
My eyesight is very bad, so bad in fact that I'm nearly entirely blind without my glasses and can't see depth well even with them
@Magisch I had one of the very first few e-readers with an e-ink screen :P
@Tinkeringbell with me it gets less awkward as time goes by, awkward in the beginning of the call
1:48 PM
I use kobo :)
@Termatinator Oh like that....
Guide to not upsetting Tinkeringbell:
Step 1: Bring chocolate
Step 2: There is no step 2
@Magisch step 3: bring more chocolate
1:49 PM
@Firework Hey, cool, nobody ever sends me those.... You can stay ;)
This is my e-reader:
@Magisch I can see without glasses, everything gets tiny when i do that, but I can't see depth with glasses on
Wait, were you going to terminate me soon if I didn’t give you cookies?.
Mine is
@Firework I can't :P So don't worry, but it's also not a reason to misbehave! :P
1:52 PM
I just saw the McDonald’s twitter fail.
@Tinkeringbell it kinda can be a reason
Black Friday **** Need copy and link****
Cough cough
@Tinkeringbell I'm kinda weird with the smell's i like
@Termatinator Hah. let me guess? Gasoline? :P
only when it has burned (I mean used with a car)
2:01 PM
(I've been chatting to much today... I just typed 'mvn clean install :)' into my terminal :/)
and I hate the smell of perfume
multivariate normal?
@Termatinator Hmmm... I hate it when people wear too much of it (which is pretty much always)
@JarkoDubbeldam maven ;)
@Tinkeringbell ipconfig /flushdns /release *asn7* /renew *asn7* please :)
@Magisch Hahaha :D
2:03 PM
I just kicked off our slow as hell mail program to send out 3,5k emails
a newsletter
I grew up with a GUI... so I'm not yet that fluent in terminal language. I can do git and maven.... not much else..
@Tinkeringbell Hey, I'm younger then you
3 years younger in fact
@Magisch Yeah, but you've been developing and doing other tricks for wayyy longer
Not strictly true
Ordered iPhone X
2:04 PM
unless you call mysql data entry developing
I only learned SQL when I was 20, and it took till 25 before I ever programmed a 'hello world' :P
odd to learn sql early without anything else
@JarkoDubbeldam I wanted Gamemaster powers on private servers and sure as hell wasn't gonna put in any effort solving tickets
@JarkoDubbeldam Meh.... I also learned to work with a total station and some GIS applications... but no programming, just 'how to run a database query' and 'how to make your own database'
2:06 PM
And yes, 13-15 year old me was a prick
@Firework the phone that is so easy to break
@Firework If I had >1000$ to throw away I'd buy a new pc
If I had $1000 that wouldn't be enough:P
But if you had $999 it would?>
@Firework it's certainly gotten more attention than the planned tweet.
2:16 PM
sometimes I wonder what your voices sound like
@Termatinator Weird :P
@Tinkeringbell are you saying the thought is weird (maybe true), I am weird (probably true) or your voice is weird (completely unknown to me)
@Termatinator That all our voices will sound 'weird' because we've never heard them before and I think everything sounds weird when not in person.
Oh, I don't have that problem, I don't think those voices (when not in person) doesn't sound weird
do you think the radio sounds weird
@Termatinator Sometimes, yeah...
2:25 PM
@Tinkeringbell I met some online friends irl a while ago
maximum overweird
@Magisch Me too... I was the youngest there, while from chat I guessed I was one of the more mature players :P
What game?
Ugh, nice... 'unexplained downvotes'. I have an inkling though...
@Magisch Stupid tablet game: empire four kingdoms
Not a 'real' game :P
I was at a wow guild meetup in northern germany when I was 15 or so
and things started falling apart immediately and I left the guild after that
If someone wants to leave another comment here for the OP, explaining why that isn't a good idea? interpersonal.stackexchange.com/a/7196/1599 I since wrote an answer myself, and don't think it's right to go into fight here...
@Magisch Hah... no, we actually had a nice barbecue and sleepover, and are closer than ever...
2:29 PM
on the guild meetup it was like all dudes 25 and older and one girl who was clearly underage and they were drinking beer all evening long. Nobody wanted to even play wow and several of the old guys tried to hit on the increasingly drunk girl
And it was also boring as hell
@Magisch We made cocktails :) It was fun, but no-one was underage and no one got so drunk they had a hangover the next day...
The alcohol definitely helped loosen things up a little, and avoid awkwardness :P
3:02 PM
Q: Why did my question get bad ratings?

MansNotHotIt's about my answer to this question with currently -4 Score. How can I ask my parents to stop calling me when I'm out or ask me where I'm going? I can and maybe will delete it but i would like to understand why this is considered a bad answer as I stated personal experience and a IPS related ...

lol @Tinkeringbell
You edited the title from question to answer
at the same time as I edited the tag from answer to specific question
@JarkoDubbeldam Body is about answer though...
I changed it again
I made sure to check twice :P
@JarkoDubbeldam Good :)
shouldve been instead of
3:07 PM
@JarkoDubbeldam Yeah, that's a good tag edit. I mostly only use 'discussion' when on meta
> that's a good tag edit.
I agree :)
Is it okay btw to write an answer, and then go downvoting other answers and leaving comments saying 'bad answer' ?
I'm feeling a little hypocritical..
I don't feel bad about downvoting, but I tend to be less vocal
Hmm, but a downvote without explanation is also 'bad'...

It leads to questions like that meta: people downvoted the answer but never explained why (and not all the downvotes are from before the edit)
(I should have stayed out of it)... Why do I always pick the wrong posts to meddle with!? :/
I kind of feel like more information on the OP's past conversation with their parents would be really useful, but I don't have the rep to comment that on the question. (Hi, I'm new to Stack Exchange beyond just reading what over people have done! xD )

Is it not valid to say, "your question has bad assumptions" or "the solution that you're looking for may not exist?" Not that I agree that that's the case here, but is that a valid approach for an answerer to take?
3:23 PM
It is, if you're very, very careful about it... If, for example, people are looking for a polite way to do a sort-of rude thing, you should provide your critique in the form of an otherwise legitimate answer:

So something like 'Don't, no way that's possible' isn't a good answer here.

An answer that states 'In my opinion, this is the politest IPS approach you could take, and it may backfire like so and so, so it may be better to just do nothing' might be a valid answer, especially if you can back it up by experience/sources or a good and solid reasoning...
We just had a 'fight' about it this morning... basically, if an answer lacks an explanation of how/why, or is just a 'don't' that's not an answer and should at least be downvoted...
Got it, that makes sense. Are rules like that similar for other Stack Overflow communities?
I'm of the opinion that they should also be deleted, but not everybody agrees...
I didn't realize that answers could be deleted, although I guess in retrospect that should have been obvious.
@StevenShofner For the more subjective sites like Parenting and Workplace there is indeed a back it up rule (it's enforced a bit differently though). Parenting also had the 'accept the premise of the question' rule... (we sorta nicked both from those SEs)
@StevenShofner Each Stack has its own context. In some it is easier than in others to show that the question is based on bad assumptions
3:27 PM
@StevenShofner You could take a look at this meta post, it links a fair number of metas about the kind of answers we don't like ;-) interpersonal.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/2135/…
Handy! I should probably look through the metas pretty thoroughly before I dive into anything that I can't answer handily and thoroughly in a way that's clearly proper and following intent.
@StevenShofner Would be nice :) We don't get a lot of users that are willing to do so, so thank you, and welcome to the site :) We need more users like that ;)
Thank you for the compliment! ^.^
I actually answered a question in Stack Overflow today suggesting that the asker's question couldn't achieve their desired goals and suggested instead a different approach that did so I'd been wondering what the rules are like among the different communities for doing that...but maybe I should have asked this question in that community's chat and not slipped it into the conversation over here. xD
Thank you for the welcome as well by the way. ^.^
@StevenShofner You would probably be better off asking that question everywhere, so asking over here doesn't hurt :). Like @JarkoDubbeldam said, every community is very different :)
@StevenShofner Usually you can wrap X/Y answers into an actual answer
3:32 PM
"X/Y answers?"
I do that often, "Here's how you do x, but you really shouldn't because Y and Z. You ought to try A and B instead"
@StevenShofner Answers that challenge the framing or limitations of the question
Like someone asking how they can send 100.000 mails with php's mail()
You'd tell them, but you'd also write a couple paragraphs about what a bad idea that is
Hi @apaul! Did you survive Thanksgiving and Black Friday? :)
Presuming that the question is answerable in the first place? The one I was looking at was asking to essentially use a hammer to screw in a screw. You can get the screw in there...but it wasn't screwed in and is no longer behaving like a screw, you know?
I'm not sure that that kind of question has an analogue in IPS though
@StevenShofner Probably not
If you have subjective limit parameters like "How do I say X while being as inoffensive as possible?" then the answer might be "Do this and this, but it's still gonna be really damn offensive" and that is an answer
IPS isn't like SO where a piece of code has an objective error
@Tinkeringbell 'ello, mostly intact, I suppose. Mom remembered who I was for most of the day. The family gossips were focused on a cousin's quiet divorce, so thankfully they left me alone for the most part.
3:37 PM
Then again, this isn't site policy, this is my opinion as someone who's been here for maybe 3 weeks
@apaul Nice! :-)
so take all of what I say with a grain of salt
That's fair :-D Thanks for the advice, @Magisch and @Tinkeringbell!
@Tinkeringbell eh, not bad for me, for the most part.
@Magisch Stop trying to make policy on my site! ;)
3:39 PM
@Magisch In addition to that, we have a closed/deleted question where the OP didn't provide a 'valid' reason for wanting to do something rude (ask someone if they were pregnant). So, if there's no clear reason for wanting to do something, we might use that as a precedent for close-voting
(I'll look up that meta later)
Snacks and drinks first :P
@Catja Viva la Revolución!
@Catija while the cat is away...
... the @Magisch will play
Stupid holidays.
@Catija yup yup
@Catija how was yours?
@Catija I'm not in the business of making it, but I try to understand it
which sometimes works and other times doesnt
3:50 PM
Testing... testing... imagine this is the non-IPS solution you are talking about on meta, @Vylix. Imagine you are not in this chatroom and I am leaving you a message. How csn I link this into a comment on your question page?
@EnglishStudent click the lil arrow dropdown on the left end of your message and copy the link adress of the "permalink"
Thanks @Magisch, works very well indeed!
@EnglishStudent You're welcome. Welcome to the awkward silence by the way.
I come and go @Magisch. As I said multiple times, IPS.SE is the nicest online community I know of. Our mobile internet connection is however both costly and unstable so I am constrained to be offline more often than online! See you later on the Awkward Silence.
4:05 PM
So... Did the Americans miss anything important yesterday? Seemed like a pretty slow day question wise.
Guess that's a "no"
4:22 PM
@Tensibai ??
Just trying to catch up.
@apaul I think the slow rate is due to thanksgiving
I did wonder if it was joke or serious question in fact ;)
@Tensibai little bit of both ;) I've been scanning through the front page, meta, and the 10k tools. Just making sure I didn't miss anything.
1 hour later…
5:37 PM
@apaul Make sure to use your delete votes as well. we have a long pipeline of closed off topic questions that can't be made on topic and won't be auto deleted
out of votes
@Magisch done
I trust y'all don't just hit delete on anything closed but also verify that the questions cannot be saved
6:00 PM
@Magisch interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/2241/… not sure why this is gathering delete votes...
Q: Best way to tell someone their house stinks?

Sue D. O'NymI recently went over to a friend's home for the first time in a while. The first thing I noticed walking in the door was the unmistakable smell of cat urine. By the end of the evening my eyes and throat were burning. (They have had cats for years, this is the first time it's been a problem for m...

Q: Responding to and dealing with big disagreements

gmanWhat are some ways to deal with disagreements? What ways should I think about disagreements and in what ways should I respond. Let’s imagine I’m a sports announcer and let’s say I meet someone and the topic of sports comes up and they tell me sports are a stupid waste of time and worthless. sudd...

6:56 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Shortened URL in answer: How can I get my sister to stop asking me to help her smoke? by Sonu Sonu on interpersonal.SE (@Tinkeringbell @dhein)
7:27 PM
I need to keep inform of these things.
Q: Is it time to invite nominations for our 150th day anniversary awards?

English StudentIf I am right in thinking that IPS.SE was launched on June 27, then we have completed 150 days today. (Do the math: it's Nov.27 with five 30-day months, but July, August and October have 31, so 150 days were completed 3 days early: on 24 November 2017.) As always a best answers contest would be v...

7:48 PM
It's oddly quiet in here. Too quiet...
Thinking it's something to do with a holiday in the US
Thanks Giving Ext?
Thanks Giving Extended.
@RoryAlsop Everyone's in a food coma.
@apaul Finally made my last two pies. They're in the oven as I type.
If the pies goes missing you know what happened.
@Catija Still baking?
8:01 PM
@apaul I got lazy yesterday and never made the sweet potato pie.
So, I'm doing it now. Two of them.
@RoryAlsop if I'm not mistaken, most of our most talkative folks aren't US users?
@Catija Your determination is admirable.
My need for pie is intense.
Buying them is cheating.
@Catija true... Floor pie is best though.
8:05 PM
Anyone know that saying: American as spam apple pie?
This is false.
@apaul Simpsons fan, then?
I made a Dutch apple pie two days ago.
@apaul Not technically on the floor.
When I was a kid, my friends and I would hang out at Denny's in the middle of the night. The waitresses would occasionally "drop a pie on the floor" and give us free pie. Mmm floor pie.
@Catija what am I supposed to do when a user is annoying?
Not rude... just annoying?
8:10 PM
@apaul Nice.
More of a "have some free stuff, just don't tell the boss"
@Tinkeringbell Um... move on?
@Catija thought so... wish therewas more...
@Tinkeringbell you say "hi apaul! How was your day?"
8:11 PM
@apaul hahaha :-)
@Tinkeringbell How annoying?
@Catija I've currently got 2 that I'm done with... one is ass-kissing and the other one is leaving comments that go against everything discussed on meta
@Tinkeringbell Feel free to flag.
Repeated abuse of comments is something that we can take action on.
@Catija I'm on mobile... haven't figured out how to flag comments there..
@Tinkeringbell App or web?
8:13 PM
Lemme switch to full site
Link? (Cough I want to flag something.)
@Catija You'd hate me
I'm doing keto right now
so no carbs at all meaning no pie at all
@Magisch Why would I hate you? More pie for me.
The mobile site/app needs work...
@Catija I raised 2 mod flags for you
8:17 PM
@Catija Are you cookie monster but for pies?
@apaul mobile site. I somehow can't select a comment there and flag it?
stack mobile view has never worked properly for me
literally not once, and I've tried like a dozen times
@Magisch it's all I have right now
"request desktop site"
@Tinkeringbell yup. I always have to select "request desktop site" to flag comments, and even then it's awkward because you have to scroll around and pinch zoom.
8:19 PM
No room in this train to set up a laptop
@Magisch Uh... no. I like all baked goods... cookies, pies... cupcakes. Now is just the season for pies.
@apaul yeah... I just did the same
@Tinkeringbell the Android app is pretty lame too. No reviews and the UI is funky.
@Catija hmm inquiring minds want to know...
@Catija what? They’re seriously annoying
8:23 PM
@Tinkeringbell I know. I agree.
Well, at least in one of the two cases.
@Catija lemme guess.... I’ll just have to put up with the ‘compliments’?
I’ll flag all of em as no longer needed
@Tinkeringbell Not necessarily.
Just haven't gotten around to dealing with it yet.
But if someone could explain that that’s what upvotes are for it would make life easier for me...
Don’t be too harsh either since I know they’re just trying to encourage new users... it’s just very annoying and I don’t think it is achieving that at all
@Catija well today is the day....
@Tinkeringbell If it's who I think it is, they mean well. Just a little confused/overboard at times.
@apaul yeah well... it’s getting underneath my skin and I’m feeling seriously uncomfortable and I’m not creeped out easily....
how was the thanksgiving food?
8:34 PM
@Tinkeringbell probably not who I was thinking it was, sorry.
@Tinkeringbell Food was pretty good, the beer was better though. My fam has really good taste in beer, and an appreciation for variety.
@apaul sounds better than my veggies yesterday:P
@Tinkeringbell Eh? I ate lots of veggies yesterday too. Resisting the urge to have leftover Crazy Cake for lunch.
@apaul yeah but you got beer with the veggies :P
And apparently crazy cake
Whatever that is
Kind of an odd thing, but one of my family's favorite cake recipes happens to be vegan. It's an awesome chocolate cake that doesn't use milk or eggs, hence Crazy. Allegedly the recipe dates back to the great depression when fresh eggs and milk were expensive.
@apaul cool... to be honest I was thinking along space cake lines :P
8:43 PM
Space cake?
This sounds a lot more family friendly:P
@apaul cake and marijuana
@Tinkeringbell oh, lol
Yeah.... I’ve got an awful dutch mind:P
Btw... I recommend brownies... they taste much better:P
@Tinkeringbell people often call edibles "special" here, as in "special cake/brownies" usually said with emphasis on the word "special" and followed by childish giggling.
@apaul that’s... childish :P
8:48 PM
@Tinkeringbell That's what happens when you have childish laws :P
Anyway... Where's that other subject... Know we left it around here somewhere...
@apaul hahaha :P how’s the weather over there?
@Tinkeringbell it's been sorta overcast, but the temperature is nice.
@apaul lucky you.... it’s pretty cold here, and I’m stuck on the platform for at least another 15 minutes :/
They’re predicting rain the entire weekend and I still have to go shopping:/
@Tinkeringbell Just checked, looks like we're having highs in the mid 70s all week, lows in the 60s ;)

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